Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Fashion Dreaming in the Hinterlands (Part Two ...)

Speaking of Red ...
The photo of the burgundy colored bag (at the end of my last post) represents only the tip of the iceberg that is my lust for Oxblood. No, not the blood of oxen, but the warmer-than-wine red that we have not seen around much in the last few years. I've missed it a lot, and trend watchers claim that it's all over the place for Fall 2012. Particularly in leather. This incredibly beautiful boot by Stuart Weitzman are way beyond my budget, but they're the inspiration for what I'm seeking. (And because I'm not seeing much in this color yet, I'm thinking of dyeing a pair of tan boots the precise color that I want ... more on that later.)

This deep, blood red is not the only version I've seen and re-fallen for. Cooler wine colors, garnet and ruby tones are beautiful as well. Way back in a sweater drawer, I've found a couple of classic, deep-red sweaters and tees that I had forgotten I owned. Check and double-check. If I hadn't been taking stock, I might have missed them.

I will never own this cape by Jason Wu, but I can dream.  I can also remember it when its much less pricey relative appears.  And isn't this a tasteful way for grown women to wear leather or coated jeans?

Duffey's Shoe Repair
And apropos of the delicious fall task of shopping your closet, don't forget to pull out last winter's boots and shoes to see what you need. For me, part of that task was noting the sad shape of some of my boot heels. And that means a trip to the cobbler or boot maker or shoe repair. Did you know we have a good one in Fort Smith? Duffey's Shoe Repair at 2311 Rogers Avenue (479-782-6274) is quick, friendly, knowledgeable and they do a very good job for a very reasonable price. If there ever was a year to spruce up last year's more costly items, this is the year.

I'm personally happy to report that my black, brown and tan boots from recent years will work just fine, and it will be nice to take my old boots out for a walk again!

Fall is a time to renew old friendships with those classics from last year, and all this stock-taking will help you bring home new (or new-to-you) pieces that will play well with those tried-and-true buddies.
Now that the closet is roomy, you know what you have to start with and where you want to add, let the shopping begin!

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