Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Some Mules, Some Culottes and a Satchel Walk Into a Bar ....

... and although I can't come up with a punchline here, I was so cool and and happy wearing them on a very hot evening, I don't mind leaving that title-set-up flapping in the breeze without its punchline.

I found this pair of denim culottes (with the tags still on them!) while closet diving. I vaguely remember putting them in the "alterations needed" pile some years back, and although I don't remember what I was going to do with them, I slipped them right on and was as tickled as if they were a brand new purchase.  This flowy tunic is just one of a dozen shirts and tops I'll be able to wear with these. 

Whether the top I choose is shorter or longer, this silhouette just cries out to me for a dressy heel, so ... ta-daa! Meet my new black mules ... with a tiny, cushiony mini-platform for comfort and that extra height I never mind pretending to own.

When I first saw this little satchel, I didn't mind a bit that it had bright yellow panels on either side, with warm and cool beiges and some subtle black trim.  I love that it's a color interesting a lot of designers this season, but for me it's a problematic color to wear ... just like it seems to be for a lot of women. Seems like everyone and their giddy aunt is wearing it on a tote this year as a good solution, so this little bag seemed like a fun variation on the theme.

And since I'm loving yellow, blue and white together this summer ... ta-da Part 2!  I bring you an inky blue, rough denim shirt (with popped collar, of course) with my blue and white batik culottes.  A yellow belt, the new satchel and I'm set. 

These culottes were only recently a pair of long palazzo pants that I felt looked more like sister-wife-wear on me than a garment meant for traipsing lazily about on the cool tile floor of an Italian villa.  Snip-snip, hem-hem, and there we are.  I haven't seen any printed culottes here in South Fly Over yet, so that's a problem solved.

Nude, buttery-soft leather mules make me so happy with this outfit.  I love these.  In fact, this particular pair of shoes (which I have been looking for more than a couple of seasons!) have inspired me to make a serious effort to wear the shoes I love much more often than the ones I just like or seem merely practical at the moment.  If I got hit by a WalMart truck, I'd hate to croak knowing my especially-beloved shoes where not worn completely out.


At the very last minute as usual, I'm ducking just under the wire to attend the Season Finale of Patti's Visible Monday . Sincere thanks to you, Patty, for the wonderful past year... and I'll look forward to Fall even more than usual for the season premier of your brilliantly cast link-up!  Ahem.
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