Monday, May 27, 2013

A Modified Leibster and A Brief Memorial Day Note

Here's an obligatory outfit post to start.
(Taken close-to-but-not-really-on Memorial Day)  
And a hint at things to come. You'll be seeing a lot of fans this summer.

                                  A Modified Liebster

Thanks to Debbie at I Love My Lemonade Life for nominating my blog for the Liebster award! It's always an honor when a blogger friend nominates you for a Liebster.  It says they like what you do and want to encourage your efforts and introduce new readers to your blog. Doesn't get much better than that in terms of bloggy support. If you haven't met Debbie, you should. She's an artist at the positive approach to life, and her blog is always a treat to read!

Here are the questions Debbie devised for her nominees and a my answers to them :

1.  What would be your super power if you could pick one?

Most days, my Highest Self would want to be able to manifest world peace and end world hunger. However, my Highest Self is on her annual imaginary vacation, so I'd like to be SuperLottoWoman and be able to magically predict winning lottery numbers.

2.  Fill in the blank. I am a closet ________ fan.

I admit it... I'm a complete GIRL GENIUS  fan.  (Click on link for current page ....)
I love this "gaslamp fantasy" adventure comic strip by Phil and Kaja Foglio. You can go right to the beginning of this long-running web comic and follow the crazed adventures of Agatha Heterodyne . ( Just below the main mast head, click the black and gold button. That will take you to the very first episode from November 4th, 2002. Beware, my friends, this is addictive.)

3.  If you knew the world was ending at the end of 2013, what would you do differently?

Everything. I'd probably do everything differently!!! Yikes ... what a question!  Is it?   Do you know something the rest of us don't know?

4.  Do you push the elevator button more than once?  Do you really believe it makes the elevator faster?

Of course I've done that. Common sense and elevator manufacturers say that it doesn't. However, I've found that it actually helps, sometimes. It makes me feel better, anyway.

5.  What was your favorite toy as a kid?

I had an old fashioned, Victorian era china-doll replica named Anne. I miss her.

6.  You’re in a time travel capsule. 
 Where are you going?

Somewhere I can rendezvous with The Doctor and Clara and convince them to let me tag along for a while.

7.  Why did you start a blog?

So many reasons! But one of the most basic was to see if I'd enjoy blogging. I've found that I do.

8.  Which Disney princess are you and why?

Merida, definitely. She's the most flawed of the Disney princesses. Like her, I'm prone to micromanaging my world, and that sometimes works out badly.

9.  Morning person or night person?

I used to be a night person, but I'm trying to be more of a morning person.

10.  Do you have a daily routine or do you take the day as it comes?

Some days are pretty regimented, but I have a luxurious amount of time to do what I will, when I will.

11.  How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?

Fifty something, in pretty good health, all things considered. That's based on how I feel, most days.


Here's where the modification comes in.  A proper Liebster response would be to nominate eleven other bloggers to go through this process.  Because I'm really bad at knowing who would enjoy a nomination or has the time and energy to come out and play when a nomination is tendered, I'll simply open the process and invite anyone who wishes participate. 

If you are reading this, consider yourself nominated.  Feel free to answer the following questions on your own blog, and make up questions of your own and post them for anyone who wishes to answer.

Or, to make it even easier, you can just post your answers at the bottom of this post!

My questions for you:

1. Summer's almost here ... STYLE-wise, what are you most looking forward to?

2. Conversely, what is your biggest summertime STYLE challenge?

3. Poolside cocktails or water bottle at the beach? (Do you sense a theme  here?)

4. What was you favorite food when you were a kid?

5. What recent film do you most regret missing?

6. What's your favorite perfume?

7. Your spouse (or spousal equivalent or significant other) gives you a little Tiffany-blue gift box, tied up with white silk ribbon. What's in it? (Don't be afraid to dream a little!)

8. Who is your favorite character from any of the Harry Potter books?

9. What will you next pair of shoes look like? (Again, don't be afraid to dream.)

10. What was your favorite subject in school?

11. What was your least favorite subject in school?

That's it!


A Brief Note on Memorial Day

I'm a bit of a military history buff. You wouldn't think it, would you? This particular national holiday always touches me deeply because of it's origins. In my mind, twentieth century military history began with World War I, the war that was supposed to end all wars. It's estimated that 10 million men lost their lives on the battlefield and another 20 million were wounded.  World War II was even more horrific, followed by all the wars since. All this is difficult to think about, but I believe it's imperative that each generation learn and understand the history that precedes it. 

Please pause a moment today to remember all those who gave everything in service.


  1. Hi, Jan. A Happy Memorial Day to you to!
    I love they way you styled the floral pants. What a great flowy (so great for warm weather)top and cute sandals.
    I'm not good at participating in the awards things, but the one question of yours that made me laugh was the one about what would I like my husband to surprise me with in a blue Tiffany box....and my first thought was that I'd be so happy if it was a $500 gift certificate to Value Village in disguise. hahaha I've never been into expensive jewelry. I'd have more fun with a thrifting spree. Is that crazy or what? :)

    1. Crazy like a fox! The point of these questions is just to spur thought and discussion. Nice to know your preferences.
      Thanks for stopping by, Lisa. Always glad to see you, and I appreciate your sweet comments.

  2. I was born on poppy day (Traditional Memorial Day) so I'm always fond of honoring it- more than with just a BBQ or Bday cake. I love how it seeks to remember those who died in service, especially since the impetus what the tragic cost of lives from our own Civil War.
    "Let no neglect, no ravages of time, testify to the present or to the coming generations that we have forgotten as a people the cost of a free and undivided republic."

    1. Is that November 11th, then? Logan's quote, right? I had to go look up information on his life... thanks for the inspiration to go learn something more!
      Glad, as always, you checked in!
      Come back anytime ...

  3. Hi Jan, loving your flowered pants and I'm curious to see what you are up to with the fan! You are such a great writer, you deserve an award. Your blog is a pleasure to read.

    As much as I enjoy my coats, I'm glad to finally stop wearing them. I'm looking forward to wearing some summer dresses.

    blue hue wonderland

    1. I love our brief spring. It's almost over before it begins, and I am always envious of those who can wear jackets at all during the late spring-early summer months.
      I'm just going to justify my fans with the clothes that go with them. I'm so glad you enjoy reading my blog. That's the whole reason for doing it.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I am so curious, but sort of afraid to read Girl Genius. I don't want to spend more time online!

    Good questions from Debby, and fun answers from you! Which reminds me, I should go visit her blog again.

    1. I use Girl Genius when I need a brief break or a treat ... I rarely look at it on my laptop, but more feqruently on my Kindle Fire. That doesn't seem so much like goofing off online. Although it is!
      Glad you're stopping by Debbies ... she's got a very cute Superhero post up. Had to be her inspiration.
      Have a good week, particularly at work.
      You're welcome here anytime!

  5. So glad I had the time to drop by your blog today, great post (as always) but a great reminder of what this holiday is truly about.
    You are so gracious to answer these fun questions, and it's always fun to get to know you even better. I won't take up you space, but I love your questions so I will answer them in the morning. Looking forward to the many fans of summer.

    1. Hey, Trina! Will look forward to what you have to say, as always.
      Thanks for reading!

  6. That was a pleasure to read your answers, some made me laugh :) Yeah, to be able to magically predict winning lottery numbers would be a really useful power.

    1. Glad you got a laugh ... that's important.
      Thanks for reading, Olga. You're welcome here any time.

  7. Thanks for sharing a little about yourself Jan! Hope you are having a great extended weekend. I like the power of predicting the lottery numbers...this will help enable my shopping habit to a new level!!!

    Since having my son, I've not seen too many movies. The one that I have not seen yet and is on my list is Les Miserables. I've seen the musicals a couple of times and love Hugh Jackman (so yummy!).


    1. Yup ... I make plans every time Dan buys a ticket. He says it's worth it for the few minutes we take to plan what we'd do with the big win.
      We used to see movies all the time when we lived in town. Here, they dont't always play more serious films. Les Mis is what I was thinking of when I wrote that question.
      And who could not use a dose of Hugh Jackman?!
      So glad you stopped by. Come anytime ...

  8. thanks,Jan!!!
    Great pants ;) LOVE!!!!
    Reva :)

    1. Glad you stopped by, Reva.
      You are always very welcome her!

  9. Your memorial day is a different date to ours. Definitely really important to do every year.

    Your trousers are really nice, what material are they made out of?
    Also, which film is Merida out of? I don't remember her!
    Finally, love your liebster answers. I've had Liebster a couple of times so I won't do it if you don't mind but I shall graciously say thank you!!x

    1. My "flowerdy" pants are denim ... skinny jeans, from a local department store ... VERY on sale.
      Ah, she's from Disney's most recent ... "Brave".
      Yes, this is my third Liebster, and I get it that it can get old. That's why I modified my version ... only those who might wish to play turn up!
      Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments.

  10. Loved getting your responses to this. Especially that you would like to be in your 50's in good health.

    I've been nominated before but then found when I'd nominate someone else they often didn't participate so since then I haven't really been keen on these kinds of things. I think it is much more fun getting answers to silly and strange questions like the ones you've posed here.

    I love summer for light breezy dresses.

    I too wouldn't care for anything from Tiffany's. I've never been big on "real" jewelry. I'd much rather have a trip somewhere.

    I can't wear perfume because of my Fibromyalgia but if I could it would be Shalimar or Obsession. I wore those when I was younger.

    Haven't read Harry Potter nor have I seen the movies.

    I don't worry about movies I've missed. I'm mostly into arty or independent films.

    Favourite subject in school, Art. Least favourite Math or Accounting.

    Favourite food as a kid either Old Dutch ripple chips or ice cream.

    As far as shoes go the exciting thing is not knowing. It is the discovery of that next hidden gem that keeps a person on the lookout for the next pair.

    Summertime challenges...doesn't that always end up being the dreaded swimsuit?

    Have a great day!


    1. Ah, thanks, Suzanne! Some interesting answers. You must surely be the only person of any age I know who has not read Potter. I applaud you ... you're clearly a leader and not a follower. We always have to drive a long way to see any kind of film ... and only the blockbusters come here. In Seattle, we used to see lots of indy film, old film, European and Asian film ... here its cars, super-heros and rom-coms.
      Art.. yes! Math ... bad. Me too. Anything could be in the Tiffany's box, but I love great jewelry.
      Thanks so much for coming out to play!
      You're always welcome.

  11. I love that Merida is your princess, I go for the flawed types too. Can't wait to see more of your fans! They remind me of my childhood. Do I really have to pick just one Harry Potter character? That's like asking me to choose my favorite child. Not gonna happen!

    1. Oh, good. I have a fan with me everywhere I go. I'm just going to blather on fans and the modern woman for a bit. It's SO hot here, and I even carry them during the winter.
      Don't worry, you don't have to choose. It's ok.
      Thanks for stopping by, and you know you are welcome always!
      Have a great week.

  12. Hi my dear! Loved reading your answers here and wishing you a happy Memorial Day. Those floral trousers always look so stylish on you, they really were a fabulous buy xx

    1. Thank you, Sharon. We had a profitable Memorial Day at our restaurant, and after doing the remembering part, I needed that profitability! So American, huh? But I did have a happy day.
      Glad you liked my "flowerdy" jeans ... I'd worn them earlier, and just needed some decoration!
      Come back any time, you are always a welcome guest!

  13. I love your fan! Nothing like a spot of red to elevate the spirit..
    I must have a look at the fan I bought in China, totally forgot about it.. or maybe I should wait and see what tricks you are planing with your fans for this summer... Sara

    1. Oh, yes ... please show us your fan! I'm just going to go on and on about the fact that I carry one everywhere, and use them often. Its so hot and humid here, and it just feels good to have an on-demand breeze.
      You'll just be seeing a lot of them with my outfits ... favorite accessory.
      So glad you came by!

  14. Hello Jan,
    you look fabulous and like the fiesta has just started. Your floral pants are amazing and perfectly styled with the black top.
    Haha, Merida is my favorite princess too, I love her hot temper. She is like my daughter was as a little girl.

    1. Hello, Sabine! Thanks for you always kind comments. I hope to see a lot of your creativity this summer. I love the way you think about what you're wearing.
      Come back and visit anytime!

  15. I was going to say that Debbie had such fun questions for you, but I think it's more accurate to say that you had such fun answers! Very entertaining. It's funny, I clicked on the Genius Girl link before I finished reading your I was indeed surprised and delighted to see your closet crush. :) Now, dare I read on?

    I am so looking forward to sundresses and strappy sandals. I always find my biggest summer style challenge is looking fresh for more than twenty minutes first thing in the morning. Today, I'm going for poolside cocktails...but it has to be one of those pools that's right on the beach. And I'd have a bowl of neopolitan ice cream, but mostly chocolate please Dad. Hey miss ya Dad, he fought a battle with Parkinsons and Alzheimers. I missed the film about the four seniors living in a retirement community. Would like to see it still. Do not wear perfume, and run the other way if samplers want to spray me. My little tiffany box would hold the key to our very own cottage. Hermione is my favourite HP character, isn't she every one's fav? Next pair of shoes...I will have to dream on that one. At the moment I've got an entire Gravity Pope store in my head! My fav subject in school...toss up between drama and textile design. What does that say about my intellect? Least favourite - Math. My right brained selfie just did not get along with that subject.

    Love ya Jan!

    Sue xo

    1. Oh, yes I love Agatha. I'm a bit of a closet steampunk devotee, and Girl Genius is a treat I dole out to myself like you give a treat to a dog for good behavior. You should read the whole thing... you'll be cracked up and amazed at the same time! Really, Foglio's illustrations style blows me away.
      Best Exotic Marigold Hotel? If you mean that one ... you should see it. It's excellent. I love perfume ... I'm fascinated by L'eau D'Issey this summer. Issey Miyaki ... pricey, but worth it.
      Key to a cottage ... excellent also.
      Hermoine, and Snape, of course.
      Had to go Google Gravity Pope ... yes, I see why you might find it hard to choose!
      Drama and textile design ... that says you have a sharp, creative intellect!
      Yes, Math No good. I thank all the gods that are for calculators.

      Thanks so much for coming out to play. You're more fun than just about anyone!
      Have a great week, Sweet Sue!

  16. Floral pants alert!! Boy, you are rocking this look and here I am still contemplating on floral pants on ME. We'll see :) Ok, can I play here? Here we go..

    1)Shorts and kimono.. an experiment I thought of doing :)
    2) Try to cover up (I live in Dubai, remember?) without dying in the heat
    3) Hmm, tough. Mojito on the beach? Best of both ;)
    4) Chips.. God, I miss chips :(
    5)Seriously nothing actually strikes me as really nice lately that I missed. I am a serious movie goer ;)
    6)I am old fashion when it comes to perfume, I have a signature one that I 've used since in my early 20s till now without ever changing. It's White Linen by Estee Lauder
    7)Frankly I've had many from my husband.. he's a huge cliche ;) Bracelets mostly and the unusual one was a tiny heart shape sterling silver perfume bottle which frankly I never used.
    8)Eeer, Harry who?
    9)Dream - Lace up cut out booties. Reality - flipflop
    10) Chemistry, not because I was good but more mischievous curiosity running wild LOL!
    11) Math. Hated math.. still do.

    I love it when you invite us to play ;) FUN!

    1. Yes, more floral pants. Down here, I'll look for something for a couple of years when they first start showing up in the REAL world, but it's invariably at least a year before they show up here. So, like someone who has been deprived of a favorite guilty pleasure, I go overboard when they arrive. It's a specific shopping neurosis. (Wow, gotta write a post about that!) Thanks for the sweet comment ... the very least I can do now is to make them work.

      Yes, please! Glad you want to play.

      Shorts and kimono? Oh yes ... I'd love to see what you come up with. Lots of ways to approach that with all the kimono inspired stuff!

      Covering up in the heat ... yup, same here.

      I'd love to be able to see every movie I wanted. Perhaps in another lifetime... lived somewhere other than where I do!

      White Linen ... Yes, please!

      Lots of little blue boxes? That response from another woman might be annoying ... from you, I'm just glad someone nice like you is getting them. Good on your huz!

      Harry Potter who? I like you anyway. But I am a bit shocked ...

      Yes, you'd look good in lace up cut out booties ... and flip flops.

      So glad you enjoyed coming out to play for a bit! I appreciate it, so come back anytime, Mrs. C !

    2. Jan, you can always download movies that you missed and watch at home. That's what we do here, plus they are in good Blue Ray quality too. Let me know if you are interested and I'll e-mail you the webpage.

    3. I'm whining. Thank you for the offer of the link ... we're actually pretty well set with a world of options on Direct TV ( satellite ) Acorn TV for BBC oldies and goodies, various Roku services, And Amazon Prime. I get so irritated when films like "Scatter my Ashes at Bergdorf's" or "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" are completely ignored by our hicksville theaters here. Horror, action or frat comedies are loved to death, though. Sigh. Mostly I hate not keeping up with the rest of the civilized universe.
      Thanks for letting me bitch. You can always reach me at
      You have a fabulous weekend!

  17. I agree, history must be an imperiative for each generation. How sad that people rarely understand.In Hungary, we do not have special day for memorial. For me, that would be important: I have a son, and never wanna see him in uniform.
    Love the black based floral frinted pant - such a versatile piece

    1. So glad to see you! I've missed seeing you on Visible Mondays. I'm glad my little addenda to my otherwise silly style post had some meaning for you.
      I'll pop back in and make sure I have you on my Favorite Blogs list ... that navy dress you wore in last post was excellent!
      Have a great week,

  18. Ok, guess it's easier and more fun to play here:
    1. Looking forward to wearing lots of sundresses, skirts and sandals, sandals and sandals. But to be really truthful, most looking forward to lounging by the pool in a swimsuit.
    2. Biggest challenge, finding dresses and tops that are not sleeveless.
    3. Water, but I do prefer mine with some cucumbers, watermellon and mint, that's kind of a cocktail, right? haha
    4. French Fries and the sauce (oh, how I miss those).
    5. Hemingway & Gellhorn, couldn't talk hubby into that one. Next time it's a girls night out.
    6. Jo-Malone Nectarine blossom & honey, perfect scent for summer
    7. Oh, I love those little blue boxes, I would be happy with anything my hubby picked out. But I would love the little eiffel tower charm with two tickets to Paris tucked inside.
    8. Sue, is correct, Hermione is everyone's favorite.
    9. A pair of valentino pink pumps, (a girl's gotta dream a little).
    10. English literature, basically anything that had to do with reading or writing.
    11. Math, and I'm seeing a pattern with all of us creative, fashion gals.

    Thanks for the opportunity to play.

    1. Thanks, Trina, for coming out to play! I know how busy you are, and I don't want these to be an imposition on anyone.
      Sandals ... me too. I've just aquired what I've been thinking of as the perfect summer sandals for me, so I'm stoked! No swimsuits, as there's no pool, lakes here have snakes, and we're landlocked (no beach.) I grew up by the ocean, so I guess I had my share ... probably better to have it in a time of life when swimsuits look good automatically!
      I gotta go sleeveless ... people have to put up with my arms.
      I'm not much for cocktails, but like a chilly white wine when I'm near water in the summer.
      I miss cheap, greasy fast-food tacos.
      Don't worry about missing H&G ... I looked forward to it, saw it, and was sadly unimpressed. The dialog was stilted,and the actors miscast (too pretty.) I really wanted to like it, too.
      In the blue box ... just what I'd like!
      Ooooh. Valentino pumps. In pink! Yes, that'd be you.
      I think you're right about the pattern, but it may have something to do with how girls in the old days were exempted from having to be good at math ...

      So glad to hear from you!
      Have a great week, kid.

    2. Jann,
      Snakes are you kidding? i would stay out of a swimsuit too. I didn't see an email for you and I wanted to link back to your fun orange and blue post on my blog tomorrow. Hope you don't mind. If you do, I'll remove it.
      Have a great weekend.

    3. Oh, thanks Trina! Nice to get a shout out. You have a great weekend, as well. I'm hoping for customers at the pub.

  19. Love the floral trousers and the fan, Jan (such a poet I am...) If it EVER gets hot enough here to need one, I intend to waft myself with a fan, they are so stylish!
    I'd like the chance to drift about in dresses and sandals this summer, but dread the challenge of revealing my upper arms and pasty legs... but I can face such challenges more happily with a cocktail in hand.
    I always loved anything fried and salty as a kid and still do, just add in extra heat/spice now too!
    I am a Perfume Whore, and have no loyalty at all; I can leave the Tiffany box, thanks, though it might be nice to own a decent piece of jewellery with a proper gemstone before I die. Can I have a really good watch instead?
    Never read HP (the older 2 kids have and loved them all).
    I still need those good in-between shoes (bright colour, not sandals, not wintery/boots).
    English Lit and History were my strong suits, Maths and PE my betes noires! (Still the case.)
    Thank you as ever, Jan, for you wonderful comments on my blog, I do love hearing from you. xxxx

    1. Hey, Curtise! Do you come across many fans in your vintage travels? You'd look right at home with a fan and a martini glass in hand. ( They work with pint glasses, too.)

      So happy you did the Modified Liebster!
      Anything but driving is easier with cocktail in hand! (I found the easiest, most streak-free self tanner if you want to hear about it. Banishes the Pasty Appendage Syndrome effortlessly.)
      Yup to fried and salty! Don't do them much as both make me fat. But I DO hot-spicy lots, too.
      Watches go into Tiffany boxes, I'm sure.
      You always surprise me with that ... I think you have the cutest shoe collection. Many of them seem seasonless to me!

      Thanks for stopping by, you are welcome as the rain, always.
      (And that means plenty welcome here in these parts!)
      Have a great week.

  20. You look fabulous Jan!! And not just for an "extreme citizen" either! ;) I'm so kidding...that was your word, not mine! haha Those floral jeans are so bright and colorful and I love the flowy tank...I want all of it! Congrats on another Liebster!

    High Heels and Training Wheels


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