Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Moratorium on Shopping for Summer Stuff!

I'm done shopping.

Not forever, of course. Just for the summer season. And to further clarify, I'll still be out there in the summer heat, on quest for this thing or that, but I'm pretty much done* with what I'm buying specifically to wear this summer. And I'm not dragging myself through the end-of-season sales that are already picked to death, and particularly picked to death in my size(s). 

Here in Big-Box-Retail-Only-Ville, although it is still 800 degrees F and 110 percent humidity, summer is over but fall isn't even on the horizon. ( It exists only in the mind's eye of fashion magazine editors getting out those September issues in early August.) It's that liminal time when stores look post-apocalyptic ... there are some racks of sad summer rejects in peculiar sizes side by side with some sparsely stocked shelves of a very few new fall basic-basics that, because of the miserable heat, look scary and unappealing. Not much inspiration to be found there. I'm tired of the heat, and yearning for fall.

But here I am, talking like all this is a bad thing. My more conscientious self and my wallet love it because there is a great deal less temptation if there isn't even anything interesting to look at. And with my specifically summer purchases all settled in their new home in my closet, it's time to put them to some harder work. Because there are still a couple of months of high temps to go, there's plenty of time to make old favorite pieces look fresher or more interesting with new playmates, and try some different combinations.

My wardrobe is the only place where I encourage promiscuity, and in my closet, two-timing separates are encouraged to hook up. The more the merrier. I've mentioned before that I think twice and then a third time about any purchase that doesn't have at least two potentially compatible mates already in my closet. But I'm a creature of habit, and I tend to pair the same items again and again when I think they work for me, forgetting other possibilities. It takes some conscious effort to remember to switch things up, but the process can be rewarding ... new-ish outfits!

This is the first time I've declared a moratorium* on new summer pieces so I can devote my attention to thoroughly exploring all workable combinations. And, season aside, this is a great style-moment to be switching up a lot of colors and textures and prints, anyway.

Separates, of course, are the easiest to recombine. (And I pretty much live in separates as they make my proportions easier to manage.) But I tend to reach for pants to go with a top because they just seem easier, but how about some of those cute skirts that are bought with such enthusiasm, but tend to languish in the back of the closet?

Not with a skirt, here but...
Boxy top I don't wear often ... usually with black pants and navy shoes. 
Small changes here, skinnier denims and black shoes.  I'm not sure I like
 this boxy style very much on me, but I LOVE this Asian-fusion print and silky fabric. 
 A summer reject I've decided to work harder .

Dresses are pretty much what they are, but can look so different with a change from old-favorite shoes, belt, scarves, jewelry, bag and outerwear. Again, I'm a creature of habit, but it never hurts to look at a pieces that I usually dress up and try to dress them down. And vice versa. Dresses over pants for that upcoming transitional time between seasons? That's certainly food for thought, and I've seen a lot of you doing it to good effect. Daunting, but if it is doable I won't need new pieces to try it. I have dresses and I have pants. That's a perfect project for this moratorium period.

Dresses with pants brings me to another thing to consider right now: which summer things will make the slide from summer to fall, and how, and with what other pieces. Besides that, I have a very few summer things that still need some alterations to work well. That needs to be done, so I have a lot of wardrobe projects whose times have come.

*Just how long this moratorium-hiatus thing will be in effect is still undetermined. I reserve the right to break it at any time, and declare my personal Pre-Fall season underway. (Which will happen at the Phillip Lim for Target opening on September 15th, if not sooner.) I may well become enchanted with and purchase shoes, costume jewelry and purses at any time, none of which are included in this moratorium.

Wish me luck ...


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  1. Hi Jan- best of luck, I too am on a self imposed summer clothes ban, I have a little winter wish list of things I want to get. Really love the cut and pattern of your top, it's so stylish! Have a good week xxx

  2. Good luck Jan! I think it's a great idea to do this. I think you look sleek and chic in your outfit - it definitely works beautifully for you! More! More! :-)

    I have few true Summer clothes (light dresses, skirts and sleeveless tops) due to the pathetic climate I live in. The rest can transition to Fall by being layered and worn with tights/boots. This year has been exceptional weather wise but I haven't bought anything that wasn't already on my shopping list from earlier in the year.
    I'm also trying new combinations with my separates and with new accessories. This is the way forward for me and I hope to explore it to the max.

  3. I love navy blue and black paired together! And I agree, it is that weird time of year when summer is over (at least mentally) and it isn't yet time for fall. The few things I've purchased lately are in preparation for fall to arrive...
    Debbie :)

  4. You look so nice in that outfit. My summer shopping isn't done yet. Our summers are uber long in FL so I am going to probably shop the sales some more.

  5. You have reminded me how glad I am that I don't really shop retail any more, Jan. Your description of the dismal sale rails and the inappropriate and disappointing displays of autumn/winter stuff made me laugh!
    Yes, I am all for working with what you have (in all respects) and promiscuous separates are to be applauded. I think dresses can two-time too, but perhaps later in your season when you can layer them up, I guess it's still too hot for that now. And I rather like dresses over trousers/leggings, I think you could rock that look! But I also reckon there should be room in a wardobe for a wonderful, stand-out, doesn't-go-with-anything piece, just for the hell of it. Sometimes the tricky items just work with everything, precisely because they don't match or are quirky and individual.
    I really like your print top with the skinny jeans - the vertical lines of the print and the longer length prevent it from looking boxy actually, in fact you look streamlined and gorgeous.
    And of course you should always reserve the right to change your mind - moratoria are temporary, after all! xxxxxx

  6. Good morning Jan! You are so right about the sales racks dripping with picked over items this time of year. I've always wondered if in the south the stores get the fall items as early as we do here? Last year it was still snowing in March and April with swim wear in the store displays. Well, your outfit is right on trend and I love the simplicity and eastern pattern. Hope it cools down for you soon!

    blue hue wonderland

  7. Patti_NotDeadYetStyleAugust 13, 2013 at 7:13 AM

    Hi Jan! I am wishing you luck : > I too have a long wait for fall fashions to be not-scary. You do look fabulous despite temps equal to the surface of sun. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday! xoxo

  8. I like that top on you - why was it in the back of your closet? It's flattering :)
    HAHA - love the disclaimer at the end!! I do hope you have more willpower than me! My diet is a great example... the harder I say I'm going to try it, the more deprived I feel, the more I want and crave, the more I give in. Vicious cycle my promises I make :)
    I'm so excited about the Phillip Lim line... and hope Target does it justice!!! Happy window shopping :)

  9. loving the look. Skinny jeans definitely suit you and it looks great with that shirt. I don't see boxy here!!
    I feel similar about all that sale stuff. We actually have some more autumn like temperatures. About 20 degrees, quite nice and I am actually in the mood for it. I did some major summer shopping during my vacation and actually need to give my finances a break. Let's go into shopping break together!

  10. Tamera Ferguson WolfeAugust 13, 2013 at 11:28 AM

    Jan-Ii love that top with the skiiny jeans--it's not too boxy--it looks breezy and cool in hte heat!
    Definitely NOT buying any summer/warm weather stuff-because who knows if it will fit (hopefully NOT) next year?? I'm scoping out Fall/winter stuff as most of what I had last year doesn't fit and is GONE!!!

  11. I did a moratorium in July; I promised myself if I didn't buy anything in July, I would upgrade my iphone. I bought 1 dress on sale; $29.00 and still bought my iphone, which was on sale too for a $99. upgrade. so I did ok?
    Good luck, course with fall looming, who wants summer clothes now anyway? lol xoxo

  12. I wish you good luck, Jan, and not so many options stopping by and misleading you from your plan! When I decided to stop shopping clothes in June we had a market here, where the most beautiful dresses, aladin pants and tunica blouses are sold. It was so hard to withstand, I have to buy at least a small tee. :D
    Apart from that it is fun to play in the wardrobe and to check what could go together and sometimes there are great surprises! So I wish you a lot of fun and and tons of surprisig new looks.

    Sabine xxx

  13. Phillip Lim for Target? Oh I am so jealous!
    I did laugh when I saw your heading because I know exactly what you are talking about. I have been thinking pretty much the same thing myself having hoovered up far too many bargains in the summer sales that was sensible given what's left of summer. Am cursing the September editions of the magazines celebrating Fall - bah humbug! Am promising to wear more of my summer sales grabs and not purchase any more summery things in much the same way as you (that is to say heavily caveated if something interesting came along - yeah Phillip Lim for Target would be that kind of something!)
    I like your Asian print boxy top and think it really works for you, but know what you mean - it feels like you've been enveloped with fabric (have experimented with this kind of style and felt similiar misgivings). I could see the top working well loosely tucked in with a pencil skirt or belted. That might cut the boxy feeling down by adding a bit of a waist to it.
    Looking forward to these late summer wardrobe projects - I shall embark in kind with some of my own in the knowlege there is a kindred spirit in Arkansas trail blazing the way. Always a pleasure to read your posts!

  14. Yeah, I'm sorta done buying summer stuff (and I also have the right to refute that!) .. I got that high low maxi at Target and well .. I can't see buying anything else. Oddly enough as someone who LOVES hot dry weather, I am looking forward to fall .. mostly for the change of palette .. from summer brights to those deep purples and maroon colors.

    Monica, www.pear-shape-gal.com

  15. I keep saying the same thing - then I find something utterly amazing for a song so I buy it LOL!
    I like your top, and I'm seriously wondering if a wide belt would break up the boxyness. I do think the print slims and elongates you just as it is so it's much like wearing a horizontal stripe. I always love the fact that you wear your exuberance on your sleeve - even when you're wearing a sleeveless top ;-)


  16. That's exactly what I was thinking about during my shopping last weekend. The summer is coming to its end (though the weather will stay summery here for at least two more months) and it is kind of useless to buy new stuff now. But I'm afraid I can keep such moratorium only if 1) there is nothing interesting on sale 2) I stay at home. And from the experience I know that the second variant works better for me.
    Good luck with keeping your moratorium.
    I like your Asia inspired top, it looks good with the skinnies and the print is really lovely.

  17. A very simple but gorgeous outfit! Sometimes it´s so true: less is more! ;)
    I love dark blue and wear it very often. It is not as strict as black and it always makes a beautiful silhouette.
    I'm also done with summer shopping. Everywhere you see sale and it is always so hard to go by. I always think, oh I'm just looking and then I'll buy something ;)

    Dana, Germany

  18. End-of-season sales are way overrated. You're right, they're so picked over. I can't remember the last time I found anything great!

  19. Given that the majority of my wardrobe is thrifted, I am less exposed to the retail 'seasons'. And I like that. It's still summer here. I have zero interest in fall clothing, or fall come to think of it, and end of summer sales have little appeal to me. Perhaps it's because I find summer clothing more disposable, for lack of a better word. End of winter sales may mean a quality wool sweater or winter coat, but end of summer...well, I'd rather be at the beach enjoying the sunshine.
    I love your tunic, and the skinnies...Classic! If I may...I find the silhouette on top a little boxy as you say. I think a pop of colour at the neck...red beads or a little print scarf perhaps...would give balance to the tunic.

  20. Your outfit looks 'sleek' and not boxy at all. Mixing it up is good for the brain; better than a puzzle as far as I'm concerned.

    So happy to hear that your moratorium doesn't include shoes and other accessories. That should give you plenty of room to play. Knowing your love for shoes, you are sure to have plenty to check out until September!

    Thank you for your thoughtful comment on SC. I always look forward to reading your beautifully written perspectives.

  21. I LOVE this look on you, Jan. I think it looks very stylish and put together. I really like tops that hit me right about there. So funny about your promiscuous wardrobe. :D

  22. HappinessatmidlifeAugust 14, 2013 at 11:05 PM

    Good luck on your shopping moratorium for summer items. I didn't even know about the Phillip Lim for Target line until I saw it on another blog. I am excited about this collaboration - the clean lines of his items and the colors are perfect for fall.

    It's funny that your comfort zone are pants...I struggle with pants and I am making myself wear pants to work at least once a week. I am a pencil skirts and dresses kind of gal.

    This is a great top paired with the skinny jeans, it balances out the lose top perfectly!


  23. Sheila (of Ephemera)August 15, 2013 at 12:09 AM

    I find myself skimming over the summery things in the thrift and consignment stores - where is the leather? I need sweaters! But I'm still keeping an eye out for those good in-season bargains.

    I like the boxy shaped top on you, Jan!

  24. I really like this look, Jan! The dark blue column and the two vertical lines take away an hint of a boxy look. Dark blue goes so well with your lovely hair colour.

    Temperatures are already cooling down here in Germany although we usually have very nice and pleasant late summers and humidity is barely known here in the mountains anyway.

    Currently I am taking my summer outfits on a transition into autumn but I am not yet ready for a full autumn style!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  25. What a fun and thought provoking post, Jan! Like you I'm having a pre-autumn break from clothes shopping - it can be just as enjoyable to try to breathe new life into old items can't it, mixing them up to give you the buzz of the new! I love that boxy t-shirt on you with the lovely jeans, looking great!

  26. Oooh. Me too, I have a Fall Wishlist, and have been adding wishes to it! Helps to keep my very limited shopping time focused, and even if I don't have my list right in front of me, it helps me to week through all that I"m looking at with a better organized eye. I manage to remember a lot of it ... must be the writing it down.
    Thank you for your sweet comments. I appreciate it ... and you have a dandy week, yourself. Always happy when you drop by!

  27. I knew when I was writing about this that the concept of actually wearing what one already has is not ground breaking blog fodder. But actually focusing on doing it with the idea of elevation in mind seems a bit more worthy of aspirational writing! So, I'm with you in exploring it to the max.

    Shopping the end of season sales sounds like a good thing to do, doesn't it? I'll admit that it can be great when higher end items that happen to be classic go on deep discount Here in trend-ville, I'm learning that it's not always that, and when I edited the Dark Hole of Calcutta that doubles as my closet, I found much of what went was sale stuff. So much here is dated when it gets to the stores in the first place.
    Thanks for the kind words and support! I've looked at the picture of me in that top long enough that I can see where it works better than I thought! Happy me. (The opposite is so often what occurs!)
    Have a great week, and thanks so much for dropping by!

  28. Thank you Debbie ... I like this top more all the time! So far, I'm holding out ... four whole days now (?!). I persevere. It's still plenty hot here, so I have lots of time left to try to actually enjoy my efforts.
    Thanks so much for dropping in ... a treat to hear from you!

  29. Your taste is so excellent that I'd shop them with more confidence if I was more like you! Here they're long too, not quite so much as Florida, but it's our longest season, too.
    Thank you so much for the sweet remark ... I really miss your blog, so I'm glad to see you drop by!

  30. Oh, yes ... one of a kind pieces have to be really special, but that's what defines them, of course! I have a few, and as I know you know, they're met with that first-love flutter in the chest ... these are the clothes with the silkiest voices, no matter what their construction material is!
    I'm liking this top more and more, 'cause it is saved by the long front lines. Thank you for commenting and reinforcing!
    Always so good to hear from you. I see from your most recent post that you're back from your trip, and I'm looking forward to popping over and seeing what fun you had!
    Have a wonderful week ... I'm so far behind already!!!!

  31. Thanks, Ann ... it is in the mid 70's and I'm enjoying it so much! So extra thanks for sending me some cool breezes!
    Yes, our stores (such as they are) manage to jump the season with the rest of the Western world. But there's not much that's actually very interesting until the Christmas season, which now starts well before Halloween!
    Thank you for your very nice comments all around ... always happy to hear anything you have to say!

  32. All of what you said, back at you Patti ! I really liked your commentary on women's mags ... a subject with some meaning for me. Interesting discussion with the comments. All your posts are, and I read your whole posts as often as I can.
    You're such a peach ... thanks again for all.

  33. One of the reasons I value the magazines and their runway stuff is that it helps me re-educate my not-sophisticated eye. There's little to see in the real world here. I'll have to get used to the whole silhouette that a square top gives, and I'm happy to hear that you think this one works for me.
    I don't know if will-power is an issue ... I'm just so fed up with the stores looking decimated! And I'm finding myself all inspired by my own rhetoric! I'm having fun putting some new combinations.
    And I only said I was done with summer stuff ... bought a tiny pink gold and black pave-fake crystal ring that, come fall, I won't take off until the pink "gold" wears through to the sterling silver! Ha. That's my idea of a moratorium!
    Thrilled to hear from you, as always. I really appreciate your feed-back!

  34. Like you, my budget is pushed to the limit as well. Am saving up for an up-coming blow out with the Phillip Lim collaboration with one of our big-box, chain retailers, Target.
    So happy to hear you're having some lovely weather ... summer clothes do really look best on the very young! And you always look lovely.
    Thanks so much for your nice remarks ... the more I wear this top, the more I like it. Always a treat to hear what you have to say!

  35. You won't be sorry by cleaning out all the too-roomy garments. It's too easy to dig out the "fat-clothes" when you go a little overboard and feel stuffed. This is from one who knows! Don't make that an option ... you're a smaller person now and need to dress the figure you have!
    (So proud!)
    Thanks for your very sweet comment about my square top ... I really love the construction, which can't be seen easily in photos. I't a Cynthia Rowley, which i paid almost nothing for, and all the black parts are sewn-in piping ... very rich up-close.
    Will wear it this winter, I think, too. Stay tuned!
    So happy you're all doing well. Thrilled when you stop by, so thank you!

  36. I'd say you did wonderfully well! You always look like a million bucks, even if you don't have that much, and are one of my style-icons! I'm always tickled when you can drop in with a comment!
    Have a great week!

  37. I really believe that one has to take advantage of surprise events, like your market finds. You are a master (mistress?) of making great combinations. I wish I had your eye for that.
    I'm always so glad when you have time to drop by, Sabine. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with this fall and winter!

  38. Thank you, adorable V! Yup ... these Target collections are always a bit of a big deal in my very little life. Dan and I work together at the restaurant on Saturday nights before the Sunday morning, 0'dark-30 "opening", which means we get home late and tired, then have to get up very early for the 45 minute drive into the Big City. Because we are so deep in Fly-Over, USA, the selection is always partial and minuscule at best, so I'll be damned if I let some teeny-boppers get there before me and snag all the few good sizes.

    Dan, in a massive show of chivalry and husbandly helpfulness, watches the cart while I'm trying on stuff. He's even been known to go back for sizes! Then, whether I'm celebrating or whining, he takes me to breakfast. There are some very cool things this time for the fellas, and I can see some of them on Dan ... so we'll have to tag-team each other!

    Boxy-tops: that lace that you wore with the lime? Perfection. You're my hero. I've decided I like my blue and black one because of the lines. And I think it's also (for me) a matter of educating my "eye" ... or getting used to this tricky silhouette. Even the tall, skinny ones look squared off, and that seems to be the point. I learn slowly, but I learn eventually.

    Thanks so much for your always kind, knowledgeable and helpful replies. I'm always delighted to hear from you. And thanks again for the shout out ... much appreciated!

  39. I get that! And I yearn for some rich, deep colors too. It seems that the older I get, the less kind summery colors treat my aging skin tones. Since anything pretty much goes these days, but I still like the richness of the deep, warm colors against the gray background of winter. That's why they look so rich, I think!
    So happy, always, to hear from you. Thank you.

  40. Oh, I'll be buying ... just for fall, and there's not enough of that yet to tempt here. So thrilled you like my top ... we are kindred bods, I think, and I trust your advice from one shortie with a high waist and discernible rack to another. I'm liking this blouse more and more ... sometimes you just have to see it on for a while.
    I know, I know ... I need to come out of my shell and say what I really think, don't I ? Sad, really.
    Have a great week ... so sorry I'm so slow getting back to all. I'm always to pleased when you stop by with a comment. Thanks again for all!

  41. Thanks Jan for all the insightful comments about our art. You nailed it with your descriptions. Dean looked at your writing and it put a jump in our step this week! You are a great writer and obviously know quite a bit about art. Is there anywhere we can see more of your artwork?

  42. I am sooo with you! I've been finding myself reaching for summery "bargains" and realizing I won't be wearing them for that much longer (cool temps come fairly soon here in Northern Illinois.) I don't need anything else right now!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  43. Wow! So kind, Ann, and thank your huz for his enthusiasm. Dan was seriously impressed with your wonderful work, just like I knew he would be. I spent a ridiculous amount of money at a pretty good art school (Cornish Institute , now Cornish College of the Arts,) did pretty well there, but just lost my fire after I got out and had a hideous year at the University of Washington masters program. I was warned it was awful, but didn't listen. Good school, not for art. Quit, divorced, diagnosed with systemic lupus and just got sidetracked. I was never driven to create ... seems I'm a dilettante. My little body of "real" work is all gone, sold, etc. I have a couple of pieces left that I'll photograph one day and send you pics.

    An education is never wasted, though, and I still mess around with figure drawing ... you've seen my little sketches for the blog. I'm interested in digital painting, but I don't work very hard at it. Typical! What I really liked, I've decided, was being in school. I like the academics best.
    So, I can still talk a good game, it seems! Ha.
    I will follow you guys with interest.

  44. I totally agree, I am not buying any summer items now. I am shopping my own closet right now and wearing what I have. Time to coordinate.

  45. I'm in shock that it's in the very moderate 70's today. After decades of predictable weather, we're seeing big changes. The horrible drought last year, then the rainiest summer ever. It's been hot but not as bad as last year by a long shot. Plenty humid, though, of course.
    I appreciate the lucky wishes ... I'm way too susceptible to stay away from a great deal!

  46. Yes ... you have it exactly. Putting new combinations together is what I do when I'm staying away from the summer sales!
    Thanks for your kind compliment on my blue top ... it's going to be one of my favorites. I'm always happy when you stop by, so come back any time!

  47. I miss the thrill, but it's going to be worth the wait, I hope! Fall is my favorite time of the year as far as style goes ... so I intend to be well prepared when I add any new pieces! This year, I hope to have a better idea what I want to keep, what to store and pull out and what to add. Stay tuned!
    I don't get to see all of your wonderful posts, but every one I do is a pleasure. Thanks for stopping by, and you're welcome always!

  48. I remember a few memorable finds, but most of what I sent on to new homes were impulse items on sale. Nice to know I'm not really missing much.
    So glad you dropped in, Wendy. 'Preciate it!

  49. Hello, Gorgeous! Kind of you to like my tunic ... may try a little color on your great advice! Thank you.
    I love your ability to distance yourself from the traditional fall frenzy for new clothes. I imagine that I'm not going to buy a whole lot this year,and I hope I'll spend more time re-thinking, and perhaps adapting things.
    I have a note to drop to you on unrelated stuff ... gotta get it done, though. Been crazed with just work stuff since we chatted ... but it's all good-busy. Change is good ... change is good ... change is good ....

    Have a great, late summery week, Sue. I'll be in touch,

  50. I'm always inspired to go on and on when I see your blogs, Judith. So much to think about. And always an inspiration to try new things my old-self!
    I appreciate your response to my top ... I'm growing very fond of it, and won't feel self conscious any more. Perhaps I can find ways to wear it differently and better yet!
    Thanks so much for stopping by ... feels like a visit from royalty!

  51. Seems like just the right time to do that, doesn't it? Will watch what you do with interest! Thanks for coming by for a visit, JT ... come by anytime!

  52. Highland FashionistaAugust 16, 2013 at 6:56 AM

    That makes two of us. Summer stuff is easy to buy, easy to wear, easy to pack, and therefore easy to buy. I however, only get to wear it when I go home to the US, or go on vacation. So there is a finite amount that I really need. Unfortunately. that said, I am looking for a pair of black heeled sandals right now, lol!

  53. I so agree with you! I love this outfit on you, so chic, especially with those heels! Have a fabulous weekend.


  54. 1st ... So sorry I'm slow getting back to all!
    2nd ... Thank you, Lisa, for your always sweet remarks. This length seems to be where most tops hit me. Not quite tunic, not quite the right length for a blouse, but I try to make it work . Heels help with proportion I think. And glad you got a tickle out of my post ... I always try to amuse.
    So happy you dropped in for a visit, as always!

  55. (Sorry for the delay getting back to you!)
    Yep ... I'm all stoked, and hope I can get the pieces I want this time. We only get a tiny part of the line in stores like ours ... and it's a struggle for us to participate in collaboration openings because of the 40 mile distance. We try to make an event out of it, and I've got Dan at least a little interested in some of the men's collection.

    You are looking great in your pants ... if you're going to be blessed with athletic legs, then I hope that you can continue to find ways to show them off!

    Thanks for your nice remarks about my top ... I'm happy to be more comfortable in it than before. Your comments help.
    So happy when you drop by, kid!

  56. I sure miss the Pacific Northwest weather ... and I hope you enjoy your fall. I know I'll be jealous as you begin to wear leather, sweaters, etc weeks or months before they'll work here. My consolation is that someone very nice is getting to do that!
    Thanks so much, Sheila ... I'm working to adjust my eye about squared off shapes. I may never be entirely happy in them, but I'm starting to see what the silhouette is all about. So happy you stopped by!

  57. Thank so much, Annette! I hoped the lines, both vertical and diagonal would soften the square shape, and it seems I was at least a little right! I do like navy blue and I'm happy there's lots of it around.
    Suddenly the weather has started to moderate here ...about two months early. We shall see if it lasts. It was cool enough to wear a sleeve yesterday, and that NEVER happens here in August. I love the transition time, and am enjoying my efforts to make the most of summer combinations late in the season!
    I can rely on you to provide inspiration as your climate takes you into fall before we get there ... no pressure, of course!
    So happy you came by for a visit, Annette. I always enjoy it a lot when you do!

  58. Hey, Emalina ... so happy you stopped by!
    I like a long term project, and you are right. It is fun to put some serious effort into changing up what we already have. It must be that buzz you mention that I crave. Very apt description!
    Glad you liked my shirt and jeans. So kind of you to say so!

  59. I always feel especially obliged to wear what I buy as a "bargain" ... I need to justify the purchase in my own head. I've got to learn not to be so seduced by low, low prices on what is basically junk to begin with! And the best way I know to avoid that is to NOT shop deep sales.
    There are sales, though, and then there are SALES. I also need to learn how to tell them apart!
    Glad to see you stop by, Cindy. Always a pleasure!

  60. Really, it can be lots of fun. It really is the creative part of having a closet at all. If we're going to have the extended summers that we have here where I live, then I'd better learn to enjoy the time without breaking the bank. And fall things are often more than a little "spendy" by nature. Better to save a little more to get better quality there, perhaps.
    So glad you popped by, JT. I appreciate it!

  61. I really like the dark top above, I think the boxy cut works well with your skinnies and I like how the pattern draws your eye to the centre. Beautiful shoes too.

    I need to replace a few workhorses that have all worn out at the same time, but am with you on not shopping for the more creative bits, and to make more innovative combos from the beautiful things I already have. Like you, I prefer trousers but have some nice skirts... Xxx

  62. I just told my daughter the exact same thing, now we can go on moratorium together. By this time I feel the same way, I have absolutely no desire to go out shopping or hunting for summer apparel and I'm not ready to think of autumn quite yet. I actually enjoy closet shopping (from my own) and finding new ways to mix things up. You did a great job today of hooking two items together, they are a match made in heaven. As always, I enjoyed your words as much as your outfit. Thank you, dear friend, for the laugh.

  63. Dawn @ AlterEgoFashionistaAugust 19, 2013 at 11:41 AM

    I keep thinking of imposing a moratorium on myself, but I don't want to set myself up for failure! But, you picked a great one...soon fall fashions will look pleasing, as the stores get all stocked up with new pretties to tempt us! Then again, you have shoes, jewelry, and purses to keep you going, anyway...very do-able. Good luck!

  64. I persevere. I bought shoes last week, ostensibly for fall, yet here I am wearing them on VisMon of the 20th. Not really buying for summer, as I intend to wear them this fall. That's within the rules ... has to be!

  65. Thank you, Janise. So sweet of you. Thanks for dropping by!

  66. Thank you, SS. I'm growing fonder of this outfit by the day. I saw the same top on a TV presenter today. Not sure what difference it makes ... perhaps it's just fun to know someone else likes it too!
    Trousers now belong so thoroughly to women ... I remember when that wasn't the case!
    Good luck shopping for basic-basics ... might be a very good time for that.

  67. Really, I want readers to have fun ... my style adventures are way less interesting than most, so one has to pack in some added value for the reader! Your posts are always so beautiful ... and you're a dandy writer as well. And great looking! I still remember the first outfit I saw you in.
    You're an inspirational knockout, Trina.

  68. It's happening faster than I realized. When I wrote this post, the shelves were empty. Sunday's trip to town showed me piles of new things, and the beginning of the "fall good stuff." Am holding out bravely for the Phillip LIm- Target thing.
    But I can still by shoes ... yesssss!

  69. For me, and here, this top is almost fall. I'll wear it with a light jacket this fall, and perhaps a long sleeve black tissue-tee. I've got a wish list for fall as well, been working on it after seeing the fall magazines. Just a few ideas right now, but there are bound to be more later!
    So happy you stopped by. Thanks for your always kind remarks!


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