Monday, November 18, 2013

Winter Heat Wave!

Yesterday, the local temperature was 81ºF (about 27 ºC ) and the low was supposed to be about 38 ºF  (  just over 3 ºC )! 
Not sure about the low because I wasn't awake to verify it in the wee hours of this morning. It had been down in the 50s for the daylight hours last week, but it's still warm and into the mid-60s today.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but WTF? I'm completely discombobulated with this weather. Will someone please remind Mother Nature that it's freaking November?

Cancel that ... no doubt I'll have cause to regret my complaints come January or February. But for now, it's difficult to plan how to dress ahead of time. The post outfits I had planned for today were way too cozy and bundled up to wear comfortably, so I opted to punt.

I decided to do more digging in my closet for items I love but don't wear often, and was rewarded with a happy surprise or two that look winter-ish but are cool enough to be comfy in this strange spring-like weather.

This little skirt has been in my closet forever and survived several purges because I just couldn't give up on it. I've just never found any items that worked well with it. 
It's very pretty but it's always seemed an odd length that suddenly  seems much more workable with the current revival of the midi skirt.  Midis are problematic for me, but I just love the length of this sweet little skirt. The silvery embroidered and scalloped hem is enough excuse to keep it!

This top was a surprise for me because I found it very recently on the sale rack at Target after they gave up on the recent Phillip Lim collaboration. I think the original $39.99 price tag understandably seemed high to many of our local Target shoppers. I was tickled to find it on sale, though, and I like the fit a lot. Its jeweled collar has seemed a little wintery until now, and will look great under a blazer or moto later on, but I thought it gave the little skirt a nice excuse to dress up and go out. I didn't actually wear the skirt on our trip to the Big City yesterday, but I'll wear it to work soon. The restaurant is always warm enough to go sleeveless!

The top did get to go to town, 'cause I pared it with coated skinnies, best booties and a little tougher silver watch and chain-link bracelet than I'd usually choose for it. That worked pretty well I thought, and I had fun wearing it.

But I'm especially happy that this nice little skirt has finally found her match! 



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  1. Patti_NotDeadYetStyleNovember 18, 2013 at 5:34 PM

    That a great idea - to look for darker-colored formerly-summer pieces! this outfit looks great, Jan. Hang on for the roller-coaster weather : > Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  2. That skirt and top are meant to go together. It was obviously the reason you kept the skirt. The universe told you to.

    The top works well with the jeans too. What a great find. Can't wait to see what else you find to go with it.

  3. Glenda @ So What to TwentyNovember 18, 2013 at 6:27 PM

    Jan you look hot (as the kids say) in the top and skinnies!

  4. I agree the skirt is pretty, but outfit number two is right up my alley and I LOVE IT!


  5. You are looking all kinds of sexy in that last photo. Those boots are hot! I guess perfect for your weather ; ) You probably got some cat calls in that outfit. Am I right?

    Send some of that heat up here would you? We got our first little taste of snow/rain. It hasn't stayed but it is reminding me that soon it'll be everywhere. Depressing.


  6. What a pretty skirt - I really like the pretty embroidery with it. Have you tired it with a pretty silky blouse? I would think with the neutral color that you can wear it with anything. I love the 2nd outfit - looking so HOT!!!

    And I hear you with the weather, it's the same in Southern CA but not as chilly in the wee hours.


  7. I agree with Suzanne, sexy it is in that last photo! This top looks really useful with so many outfits and seasons. I like the skirt too. I find this kind of skirt the most comfortable. The white embroidery on the bottom is pretty.

    I'm having trouble with the midi business also. I found a great one in a print that fit but the length just didn't seem right. Maybe it will take some time to get used to or even shorten the hem a few inches.

    Send some heat my way, blue hue wonderland

  8. What a punt! I love the shape and delicate feel of that skirt. It looks terrific with those T-strap shoes (my weakness). The top is one you should wear often because it really flatters and looks great dressed up or down.
    I know you're farther South than I am but it's been decidedly colder up here save for yesterday. Don't you wish a sub-freezing winter on us, woman. My electric chair won't get any traction on ice! ;-P


  9. Whoa!!! Miss Jan is very ladylike wearing sophisticated black on black, the skirt embellished with just the right amount of white! And then! Hello JGM...still sophisticated, still black on black, but edgy, powerful, and very boss!

    One of the toughest bits about sewing skirts, is choosing the right length! If I buy a skirt, I usually just settle. But, when I sew, I have to pick the length...always a challenge for me. This skirt looks lovely on you at this length.

  10. I'm glad that lovely skirt survived the purges, it's so pretty and elegant! I really like a midi length, but do find it hard to wear sometimes. Well, it isn't that hard, of course - you just put it on - I mean hard not to feel a bit frumpy in it. A fitted top half usually works for me, to give that 50s shapely silhouette, and that's exactly what your black Phillip Lim top does so well. The outfit looks like a dress at first glance, so chic. And then you go all sexy Rock Chick with the jeans, woo hoo!
    I've just read your reply to my previous comment, Jan - you are such a sweetheart! And I am seething over what the mean woman said to you, what a cow! But we rise above, my love, we smile sweetly, maintain the moral high ground, best booties forward, and rise above! xxxxx

  11. Sometimes it is a good idea to keep things even if you haven't worn them in forever. I'm wearing a belt in today's post that I've had forever and a day and haven't worn it for years, but it has now made it's return. The skirt is really the detail on the hem! And seriously, the weather is completely bipolar. From day to day I have no clue what season it is!

  12. Isn't it nice to get some summer at the end of autumn? Besides the warmth the weather gave you a chance to dig in your closet to find something interesting to wear. Love your black skirt, especially its embroidery. And how lucky you are to find a matching top finally!

  13. This weather is crazy to dress for! I want to look season-appropriate, but man, it's hard when there is no chill in the air!

  14. Sounds much like our weather! I adore the first look, with big skirts being on my hotlist at present, I tend to gravitate towards more dressy looks these days. You look uber chic in these all Black ensembles! Don't mind my prejudice, I am naturally drawn to Black and always find it suitable, whatever the occasion!

  15. Well, I'm also with troubles because of the weather. It's so crazy!
    Jan dear, you look so stylish and pulled of!!! What a nice skirt, love the embroidery and I think you look very well in it. The second look is for sure sexy ;) And what a lovely top that you can wear in so many ways!!!!

    Thanks so much for linking!


  16. Tamera Ferguson WolfeNovember 19, 2013 at 8:24 AM

    We've had the same crazy weather here--it was in the 70's yesterday and today the high will be maybe 40!!!
    I'm glad you kept that skirt--it is STUNNING!! and the top is perfect with it--plus i love it with the jeans! It will definitely mix well with jackets!!

  17. Love the print on the hem of your skirt. Love the top also. Very pretty and elegant too. Thx for your lovely comment Jan. Sorry you won't ever see me without sunnies in the open. Even when it rains I have to wear them and it's not a fashion statement, lol. It's my eyes :-(

  18. This is a special skirt with the lovely detail at the bottom and you wear this length very well especially with this lovely high heals. The shirt is a great match to the skirt. I would add a silver belt to accentuate the waist. What do you think?

  19. I love that skirt, it's fabulous with the sparkly collared shirt!I wish we had a bit of bare arm weather, it's trying to snow at the moment! xxx

  20. Jan, you look amazing in this dress and top. Simple, but very-very elegant!
    I have a "bee" pin for you to look at. What is your email? mine is I have a picture of the pin and can email it to you. Thanks.

  21. I'm envious of your heat wave! And the top is adorable! It's almost unrecognizable from one picture to the next. Great chameleon piece. I love the way you 've changed it up. Enjoy the weather while you can!

  22. Dawn @ AlterEgoFashionistaNovember 19, 2013 at 1:57 PM

    Now, now...we must remember that it's not really winter yet and anything is possible! We've also had weird fluctuations here in northern Arizona, and it's a trick to know what to wear...but you!!! What a darling midi skirt! I, too, would keep it for the killer embroidery! It's a beautiful thing when we can find things that work with special pieces, yes? You look smashing...and have some of the best footwear ever!

  23. Wonderful in both ensembles, but I am very partial to the skirt one, lol
    You always write wonderful commets, my dear Jan. You can tell they come straight from your heart.
    I am terrible drawing and many other things, but I was always good at putting clothes together, lol
    Love and sunhine, dear friend.
    Don´t you ever leave meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  24. Renae of Simple SequinsNovember 19, 2013 at 4:37 PM

    Oh Jan, You are so fun! Thank you for your nice compliments on my post. Glad you could see the legs, shoes and feet. that's important. hahahaha. Did you know I have Blog Hop now days? It is on Friday. Come on and join it. It will be great fun.

  25. Don't you just want to pat yourself on the back when you find the perfect (closet) outfit? I love closet shopping, especially when you make a grand discovery like this one. And, yes, I totally agree, the silvery embroidery alone is worth keeping that beauty. I even think those funky booties you are sporting around town would look awesome with that skirt and paired with a tight tee shirt or even your denim one from the last post.

  26. I love this dressy peplum top with the pants, Very sexy! We have the same problem in New York, 60s yesterday but 40s today. I love this blog, will definitely start following. And thank you for your very kind words on my post, it made my day when I saw it. :)

  27. You should never throw away that skirt. It's one of those that only gets better with time. Imagine. You give to the thrift store, someone else buys and will have hit the mother load. Keep it. It's beautiful and I like how you styled it with your blouse. Nice.

  28. That skirt is gorj and you look super fantabulous in it. Am coveting that Philip Lim top but am too self-conscious about baring arms. :/

    M @

  29. I saw the heavy fabric and jewel collar as wintry, and had been hanging on to it to begin wearing it soon ... but the poor skirt had never had an outing at all! Glad they got along well!
    Yes, I know I'm going to be sorry I ever mentioned too-warm fall weather. I know better but just can't stop myself!!!!
    'Preciate ya, Patti.

  30. Hi my dear!! I love the detailing on your midi skirt, it's very pretty indeed! Your new top looks amazing with the skinny jeans, very stylish and you look fabulous! Take care and have a great week xxx

  31. I allways love how you conbine your pieces! This top is grea choice for all opportunity. I specially ike with the skirt and high heel.

  32. Isn't this top wonderful? I'm happy that you got it for a better price! Love how you pair it with those skinnies and look gorgeous Jan!!!


  33. Mrs_Jack_of_all_tradesNovember 20, 2013 at 12:38 PM

    It's Wednesday and I am finally here! (I visit blogs twice a week, you see.. Monday and Wednesday but I couldn't find you on Mondays somehow) Anyhoo.. Wow! are you sure you were not in Dubai? We've been blessed with 28-29 the last couple of day! This outfit of yours is purrfect for Dubai. The skirt pairing is so elegant you belong on the designers' promenade in Dubai Mall, brushing shoulders with the rich Arabs toting around their Birkins ;) and the one with jeans is so trendy and perfect to hang out with moi at Laduree sampling macaroon! How does that sound? Well now, c'mon get on that plane!


  34. Jean at Dross into GoldNovember 20, 2013 at 10:18 PM

    Whoa, I'm looking at the comment just below mine from Mrs. Jack of All Trades!! Rubbing shoulders with the uber-rich, or sampling macaroons (even better!!) You do look ready, I must say. Very elegant and wonderfully put together. You make warmer weather almost look desirable. I'm taking notes. Have a wonderful, glorious week!!!

  35. Mrs D from Hello the MushroomNovember 21, 2013 at 4:31 AM

    I wish I could say the same about the weather here - it's ass freezing cold!
    Love the Philip Lim top- love the Target collabs! Got loads of stuff on sale the last time I went to America. I wish we had Target here as well!

  36. Thanks, Ann! Wasn't shooting for sexy, but for slimmer than my most recent baggy bf pants. I think it's the booties ... skinny heels do it every time!
    I'm not seeing any midis here. None. Lots of maxies, all body-con knit or flowy and transparent. May have to make one myself. I'll be falling all over them in a year or so. Sigh.

    Getting used to it, perhaps. I'm learning to "train my eye" ... the chief virtue of the glossy fashion mags, IMHO ... and get used to seeing the silhouettes and shapes. Whether the'll work on me is another thing, and I'm slow to learn that experimentation is better done in store try-ons than at home with the demoralization that a style failure and the consequential necessary return brings! I am SO short!

    So glad you stopped by. You always give me something to think about!

  37. Darling Alicia! Thanks for you kind response ... I really love this skirt, and am looking for ways to wear it a lot!
    Oh, no ... NO SNOW! NO ICE! I'm so with you. Even the threat of snow here makes everyone stay home, even if it never drops a flake! Kills my business, which kills my spirit, and that's not good. We get the ice beneath wet slushy snow and it's impossible!
    I was in Alaska almost a decade, and the snow there is fluffy and dry. Four studded snow tires and you could go anywhere ... I wonder that folks don't use them here. They help a lot.
    My chair fantasy for you would be a second chair with all the bells and whistles for winter ... including studded snow tires.
    Let's hope for a mild winter for us all here. Too warm to snow but cool enough for winter wear!

  38. Sweet Sue ... always glad to hear from you! Such nice things you said! Not sure I deserve such high accolades, but glad you like my choices!
    I so know what you mean about skirt lenghts. I have to alter everything. This little black skirt would have had to come up from the waist, and more than I wanted to mess with. I hate putting in zippers! Glad I was too lazy to bring it up shorter!
    I may try to make one, one of these days ... pattern fitting is a pain in the butt, but it might be the easiest option!

  39. Awwww... thank you, our Adorable Curtise. What nice things to say. Glad you liked my choices ... always means a lot coming from your aesthetic. You have it right about proportions. And for me, I think keeping bulk at a minimum and a fabric that falls rather than poofs or clings is the answer for my shortie-ness.
    I particularly like this peplum shape ... not a big ruffle at the waist, just a subtle flair from the fitted top. I don't find many of these.
    I need to tell you that the mean lady looked less than at her loveliest when she decided to be so nasty. And yes, we do smile and take the high road. And seriously, while I would personally NEVER, EVER take revenge, nor permit anyone in my kitchen to do so, she should be aware that it's never smart to be mean to anyone who is preparing her food. Just sayin'.
    Has Debenhams promoted you to Ruler of the World yet? If not, they're not paying attention. I mean it, Curtise, you look just completely HOT in black. Think of it as just an additional look for your already brilliant arsenal of personal style tools.
    Have a great week, kiddo.

  40. Yup ... it's those pieces that just tug at your heart, just a little. Thank you for liking my choices. Trying new things while running for cover of my old faves is as schizophrenic as the weather. But it's also what's fun about bothering to dress up at all, isn't it?
    Have a great week, Debbie. So happy you stopped by to chat!

  41. Actually, now that I think about it, it was kind of fun to get a warmish day, but not often. I want cool weather ... I'm a northern climate kind of woman in a southern region.
    But I did find a bulky sweater that I think will go with my skirt ... stay tuned. Thank you so much for your encouraging comments!
    Have a great week, Olga. Love hearing from you!

  42. Looks like we had just the one day, Britt. The last couple of years here have been so strange, weather wise. I like not having to buy much hay until so late in the year ... during that drought a couple of years ago, we started in late July! That's money I could put into my wardrobe!
    I'm always so tickled when you stop by ... hope you're enjoying basketball season more than the football this year!
    Either way, have a great week!

  43. I feel pressure to adopt color during the summer in our miserable heat and humidity, and it is cooler. But I really am more comfortable in darker solids, and really like the myriad of "vibes" that once can obtain in black. I think I'll try to write about "vibes" soon. Thanks for the inspiration! (As always...)

  44. It's been cooler here the last couple of days, so I'm on firmer style-footing, weather-wise. Am happy getting to actually wear my jackets and blazers. Gotta get out my scarves soon ... we have that taste in common! Thank you so much for the kind encouragement, and for such sweet compliments!
    So nice to have another linky party for women who are past their most callous youth! Don't be discouraged if it's slow to grow ... I know it will be a success as soon as word gets around! Getting out and about to lots of blogs really helps I know!

  45. Rachel tryingforsighsNovember 21, 2013 at 2:47 PM

    It's very chilly here so I'm wrapping up in sweaters!! I love the top and how you have styled it with the skirt and jeans. Both looks are very elegant :-)

  46. I'm glad you like my skirt. I just love it, and am glad that I held on to it long enough for the length to feel appropriate. I just love to dress up!
    I sure hope we have a mild but cool winter ... enough rain, no snow (kills my business!) or if there is snow, let it be mid-week and melt by the weekend!
    Hugs to you and babies, as always.

  47. Oh, dear. I apologize for the assumption! Sorry to hear that your sunnies are such a necessity. Although, they keep you looking very mysterious and elegant. And it is a good excuse to have a great collection of high quality sunglasses, both stylish and effective. You are lovely in them, or out, as your photo shows!
    Thank you for your kind remarks! It means a lot coming from you, as you have wonderful taste in your own choices.
    Have a lovely week, and know you are welcome here always!

  48. I think it's a great idea, and I have a very slim sliver leather belt that will be just right! Thank you! So glad you liked my skirt, and my shoes. They're among my current favorites!
    So happy you stopped by, Sara. Always makes me happy when you do!

  49. Awww, thanks Vix! I'm happy you like it! I remember thinking last time I saw photos of your boots that you're all ready for fall and winter weather, and in fabulous style. I hope it only snows when you want it to!

  50. It is curious to see you in your summer dress while here we are awaiting the first snow. You must be happy, winter is not so long in your part of the world as it is here. But now let's talk about more important things.

    The peplum top is a great finding and the perfect compagion for your cute little skirt. I love that skirt and its marvellous decoration at the hem, it looks like embroideries.

    Have a fine week, dear Jan!

    Sabine xxx

  51. Wow ... thanks for getting back to me so fast Oksana! So happy you like my outfit. I love to dress up!
    Great about your bee photo ... I'd love to see it, and any others you might want to sell. You can always reach me fastest at . Can't wait!

  52. Oh Jan you look gorgeous in that ensemble! Wow! I am especially crazy for that skirt. And hello? Speaking of bobs? Yours is smokin' hot lady! Bob Hall of Fame! Is it longer in the front? XO, Jill

  53. Thank you dear for the support on the linky party...... sometimes I feel discouraged, but I will keep trying for now.

  54. I agree, the weather is crazy!!! I check it on my phone more often than emails these days:) Both looks are so elegant, love the top a lot!!!!

  55. More of a heat "moment" actually ... one day only! It's in the mid 40s today, and damp. So, I can bring out the sweaters!
    Glad you like that little piece. It is, as you note, highly versitile. I've half a dozen jackets that will work with it!
    So happy you stopped by, with such nice things to say. Thank you. And have a great week!

  56. Thanks, Dawn! You live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, I think. Enjoy your fall!
    If you like my skirt, then I'm a happy woman. Thanks so much ... the embroidery makes it really special. I love to dress up, and this is a natural whose time has come! So glad you like the shoes, too ... they're a specialty!
    You're welcome always.

  57. Adorable Sacramento! What nice compliments from you. I thought you would like this skirt! You would have put it together with a perfect mate long ago. And yes ... you do know how to put clothes together!
    I'm always so thrilled when you stop by!

  58. I'm glad you like my silly posts, Renae ... I am to amuse! No, I didn't know about your Blog Hop. I'll have to come over and see what you're up to! Sadly, with the restaurant, I don't have much time on the weekends to post or do more than catch up with a few replies (like this one.) I'm not home much from Tuesday night on till the following Sunday. Thanks so much for the heads up, though, and I'm so happy you let me know about the party!

  59. Oh, thanks Trina! I'm so far behind in replies! Glad you liked my choices. As you know, I'm a complete admirer of your aesthetic! Yup, booties and tights, and probably a chunky sweater. Hard to tuck for me with no torso length to speak, but I'm working on it!
    Have a great week ... I think of you so often!

  60. Hello, Nell! So happy you dropped by! Weather in NYC ... yikes! The biggest surprise on my first trip there was the humidity!!! Always a problem here, but today is cooler and drier, and chill enough to wear a leather jacket! Glad you liked my choices here!
    And 'back atcha" ... I will be looking at your blog a lot, and with great interest! I love to have something to read and think about, as well as the eye candy!
    Have a great week, and come see me again soon. I publish on Mondays (sometimes Tuesdays). Ooops ... gotta run, Dr. Who, fiftieth anniversary show on ... just time to watch it before I go to work!

  61. (I gotta get faster at replies .... they are important to me and a big reason I do this blog in the first place! ) Thanks, Zalina for your very sweet comments. No, little skirt will have a home for the foreseeable future. The embroidery needs occasional repair ... it's pretty delicate, but easy to do. I might well be it's last owner as it is so easy to ruin ... but as long as it's fixable, I'm in business. Good to know how to embroider!
    Have a great week ... thinking about you, today, in your great weather. It's just above freezing here this AM! There's no pleasing me!

  62. Carmen ... I didn't make the connection between you and Jean of All Trades! Your daughters blog is one of my favs! And now I have yours. So happy to meet you! Glad you like my silly blg ... it's often more about the words than the fashion, but, in the end, it's always about the clothes!

  63. Hello, Sharon! Thank you for saying nice things about my formerly lonely little skirt. She's the kind of skirt that only needs a couple of friends ... I can tell she's happier now! You're so kind.
    I'm getting my "comeuppance" now ... it's just above freezing now, and snow is threatened for tomorrow. I know intellectually that it isn't really my fault, but it somehow feels like universal justice!

  64. There you are! I must go see what you're up to! I miss seeing you on Visible Mondays! Thank you for your very nice remarks. Always a pleasure to hear from you from so far away. I'll pop by the minute I can!

  65. Darling Mrs. C ... I'm so far behind I'll never catch up! I've been away from the computer this week much more than usual, so I'm running late at everything. I'm always just happy to hear from you when you show up!
    What kind things to say! Good to know I'd fit in ANYWHERE in your neck of the woods. Macaroons? I've bought a lottery ticket, and as soon as my ship comes in bearing my fortunes, I'm buying a plane ticket!
    I'm sorry I complained about the unseasonable warmth .. it's just above freezing this morning, and threatening snow for tomorrrow . Nooooooo!
    Have a great week, kid!

  66. Jean! I've met your MOM ... on line of course! What a neat lady. Of course, you know that. Thank you so much for your nice comments ... good to know I have one outfit ready for shoulder rubbing with the rich and famous. Not holding my breath, though ... just glad to have hay in for our mares before Thanksgiving!
    You have a glorious one yourself, kiddo!

  67. Hey, Judith! I hoped you would like this skirt ... it has a luxe quality to it that is fun to wear. Thank you! Don't think I turned any heads ... but it's a nice wish to send to a little old lady in Arkansas! :) Hope you are staying warm ... I've got my wish (for my sins!) and it's turned cold at last. Now it's threatening to snow tomorrow!
    So happy to hear from you, as always.

  68. Oh, Mrs. D ... I did a bad thing. While I was complaining about the unseasonable warmth, Mother Nature obliged and gave us threats of snow tomorrow, freezing weather today! My ass is, indeed, freezing. My husband has always said that my backside gets so chilly that he wonders how it can be attached to a living person. Ew. That's a cold butt. TMI?
    I'm off to Target today as Sonia Kashuck has come out with a very inexpensive (okay, cheap) fragrance line, one of which I'm already hooked on. I depend on Target for some particular things that I just can't get elsewhere!
    Have a great week.

  69. Awww .. milk is important, though. And a better buy, ultimately! I love this top, and the other printed version ... two of my faves. Glad you liked my jeans with it. Gotta mix with jeans, or it's not a great piece!
    So glad I met you ... will look forward to your blogs. You are always welcome here!

  70. Oh, Rachel ... at this writing we are just above freezing and with a cutting breeze! I should have never complained about the weather! Thank you so much for your kind remarks! I'll be looking for a sweater and coat today myself! So glad you stopped by!

  71. Jill, love the midi and they are a problem for all of us! They always seem to look better on someone else. Mine have been in the back of my closet for a while, maybe I'll get lucky like you and find them partners!

  72. Hello, darling Sabine! We got our first flakes yesterday, but not enough to even mess up the windshield. It's miserably cold out today, and it looks like my warm spell is gone until spring.
    Thanks, too, for liking my little outfit! The silver-white at the hem is embroidery! There were some snags and unraveling on the hem that I fixed (I can do pretty fair hand embroidering!) and this skirt is the only one in my closet that has it's own matching spool of embroidery thread!
    You have a lovely week, too, Sabine! I

  73. Sorry I'm so slow getting back ... I've been away from the computer much more than I usually am! And hello, Jill! So glad to see you here.
    And am flattered that you like my bob-by-necessity. It is just a wee-little longer in front, like yours, only a little more exaggerated, right in front. It's still a work in progress. I think I'm going to take it up about an inch all the way around. Not quite ready to grow it out yet. I want to see if I can find a way to love it.
    I have to admit, that when I see a a woman whose style I admire as much as I do yours is happy with her bob, then I have to be pleased when you like mine!
    And thanks for your compliment on my skirt and top combo. It's grown too cold to think about wearing it without tights and a sweater AND coat in the last few days! (I should never whine about the weather!)
    Have a great week, Jill.

  74. I'm feeling bad that I haven't got back to your place to admire you in front of your new car! You look amazing in front of it ...! It's a beauty, just like it's new owner. Good for your husband! I'll be over as soon as I can to admire it at your blog, as I properly should!
    Thank you for liking my skirt and peplum solutions. I'll be wearing the skirt with a sweater soon ... stay tuned .... and the top can go with a faux leather trimmed blazer or jacket!
    Good to know our weather is like the Netherlands today. It's the same here, big drop in the temps and spitting snow. I should never complain about anything!
    Have a great week, Greetja. So thrilled for you and your "ride!"

  75. Hey Paula! I'm happy to finally have a way to wear this skirt. I've come to the conclusion that it's a matter of training the eye to wear this length again. That's really the best thing about reading the fashion magazines ... I get used to seeing new ideas and shapes. I rarely see them IRL here ( I know you know what I mean!) so I'm inspired in other ways.
    Thanks, Paula , for stopping by. Have a great week!

  76. Gorgeous!! I love the skinnies and the black top - so amazingly chic! While you are having a heat wave, we are freezing our patooties off. And snow is expected this week, just in time for T-giving travel, which should totally mess up our plans to see my hubbie and family. Nightmare. And it will also mess with my outfit. Both are serious tragedies!
    Happy holidays xoxo ~kim & chloe

  77. Sorry sorry Jan, haven't had time to get back to you sooner. Honey there's no need to apologize. It's just I am very sensitive to light, always was. Yeah you're right about the excuse to build up a large collection of sunglasses, lol. There are some pics of me without wearing sunnies outdoors, squeezing my eyes to tiny slits. Jan I always will visiting to your blog. I love to and I adore your style, you are always so chic and elegant, I love it.
    kisses sweetie and you too have a fabulous week.

  78. Jan, I couldnt agree more that we get used to a new idea, and even if we don't like it at first. it grows on us!

  79. Oh, Kim ... so sorry that you're on tenterhooks about the weather. They predicted doom and gloom and ice today here, but was no big whoop. Just cold and a little damp. No whoop at all, in fact, so maybe they'll be wrong. Wouldn't be the first time!
    I know your outfit will adjust, but no hubby is, indeed, unacceptable! I wish you great weather, and a lovely holiday, just as you want it to be.
    And thanks, Kim, for your sweet remarks.

  80. Awww ... you're such a sweetie! Thanks for all, lovely Lenya.

  81. Now, if I could just learn to love really boxy styles, I'll be in business. (Nah, never gonna happen!)
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  82. i really love this top on you and with the skinnies it is a perfect match!!! The booties are a dream come true!!!! You look awesome, as always! Sorry for dropping in so late, work has been so busy, but always love to read your posts on my way to work!!


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