Monday, April 21, 2014

Awards, Less Hair and The Arrival of the Hummers

I have to first thank the very lively and lovely Linda Cassidy at her blog A Labor of Life for nominating me for The Liebster award. I had to decline her honor because I've done them so often that I've finally run out of interesting factoids about myself and people to send it on to. I'm so happy, though, that she thought of me. It's always an honor, and I appreciate it. Thank you again, Linda. I have to tell you, she has one of the most fun and interesting Liebster responses ever. 

Go look now!
I'll wait.

Glad you're back. It was fun, wasn't it? 

Now I have to acknowledge and thank one of my favorite bloggers and cherished bloggy friend, the charming Maricel from My Closet Catalogue . She's a lady after my own heart 'cause she loves the words and ideas as much as she does the pictures and the clothes. She's nominated me for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award and I'm thrilled to be in the company of the other nominees. You can see them all at her link!  This is one I can do because it's mostly about other bloggers, some of the ones who make it all worthwhile for me.

The Rules
1. The Nominee of the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award shall display the logo on his/her post/page and/or sidebar.

2. The Nominee shall nominate 14 readers they appreciate over a period of 7 days (1 week) – this can be done at any rate during the week. It can be ALL on one day or a few on one day and a few on another day, etc.

3. The Nominee shall name his or her Wonderful Team Member Readership Award nominees on a post or on posts during the 7 day (1 week) period.

4. The Nominee shall make these rules, or amended rules keeping to the spirit of the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award, known to each reader s/he nominates.

5. The Nominee must finish this sentence and post: ”A Great reader is…”

And following Maricel's format:

The Awesomeness ... And the nominees are (all at once and alphabetically!):

Alicia at Spashionista
Debbie at  Fashion Fairy Dust
Greetje at No Fear of Fashion
Jean at Dross Into Gold
Kim at PopCosmo
Shawna McComber at The Director of Awesome
Vix at Vintage Vixen

"A Great Reader is ..."
Okay, there are a few more bloggers than the rules require, but that's fine according to Rule 4.  There are just some bloggers that cannot be left out. These women always let me know when they read and enjoyed what I wrote.  I'm thrilled when anyone takes the time to read my blog, whether I know that they did or not. But in my book, a truly Great Reader is one that takes time out of their lives to read my blog, and also takes the time to make a comment about what I wrote, whether it is to agree, disagree or just indicate that it made them ROLFTAO.  That conversation is the best thing about blogging for me and is the reason I write at all.   My constant effort is to return the favor, and although I fail sometimes, I keep trying. Those readers and writers are the main reason I love blogging ... the brilliant women and men who are brave enough to show out and off just a little, all in an effort to make their own worlds just a little more beautiful.
Every one on my list is, by my definition at least, a Great Reader and a worthy recipient of the WTRMA.

None of you are obliged at all to play, but please just know you are much appreciated and forever admired.

Less Hair and Hummers are Here

Those of you who visit here often know the hairdo-angst I've subjected myself to in recent months, and this looks like the last, best effort to find a secure and fun hair-and-head-space. I like my new cut a lot, and am just blown away that I can get up in the morning with hair I don't hate. And boy, has my prep time shrunk to almost nothing! My overall proportions look less Hobbit-like, and that's a good thing.

And by Hummers, I don't mean the high-end, odd looking and gas guzzling military/family (?) SUVs. I mean our little Ruby Throated Hummingbirds that have been arriving in our area. I court them with a sucrose feeder that I put out the first week in April. They've finally found it, and I'm wearing my MNG by Mango hummingbird shirt to celebrate the return of my little friends!


Linking up with the Best Colored Patti at Visible Monday
Late Breaking!  Also venturing out to plat at 
Well Shod Cherie's Shoe and Tell Monday .

Come see what all the fuss is about!


  1. Northern mum down SouthApril 21, 2014 at 4:43 PM

    Love the hair and great outfit. How fab to have humming birds in your garden.

  2. How wonderful of you to nominate me! I'll happily pass the award along to my own list next Sunday.
    YES, YES, and YES to the new haircut! It's very becoming and truly fits your Petite proportions much better than the previous two.Don't get me wrong; I love Hobbits. But they're not known for their sense of style! You're a delicate little vision all in white! ;-)


  3. This is a great cut on you,perfect for your proportions. You are lucky to have hummingbirds either in the garden or on that very stylish shirt. Another pair of great shoes from your collection.Enjoy your Spring.

  4. Patti_NotDeadYetStyleApril 21, 2014 at 5:48 PM

    Love, love! this hairstyle, Jan. And the bird blouse, too. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, you look like a star.

  5. A summer haircut and a summer outfit to match. I once bought a used car from an older woman who said she only drove it to follow the Hummers. I thought she meant the big obnoxious car. What an odd hobby. I think she actually meant the little birds. But then you never know.... You look very pretty. That I do know!

  6. Oh Jan!!! You did it!! And you look fabulous! How kismet is it that I've been googling pixie cuts this past week! And here you are, a very favourite blogger and looking absolutely radiant with your new look! Love it!

    And I do so love hummingbirds. We won't see them around here until summer, and when we do, we always give a little squeak of appreciation. Love that your shirt has the little wonders on them too!

  7. Jan, you have a fantastic hair, and this cut is just PERFECT on you! Very current, fresh, energetic, fun and sexy. I absolutely adore it (I am a fan of pixie cut of course :). You look so fresh, so Spring-like with your pretty blouse and these feminine shoes and white pants.

    Thank you so much for nominating me!!! I appreciate it and thank you from all my heart. I will probably not participate in the game just because I've done a similar award thingy just recently (which was fun) and nominated a bunch of my favorite bloggers, and I just don't know too many blogs to nominate in response. But I really really appreciate you including my blog in your list, thank you, dear friend!

  8. Pam@over50feeling40April 21, 2014 at 7:13 PM

    You look the shirt...and all are reasons to rejoice!!

  9. Oh Jan, you look so gorgeous with your pixie cut, really beautiful! And you are all ready for Spring/Summer, in your birdy print and white jeans, and those delicious ankle-strap heels. Just lovely.
    Thank you for the award nomination. I like the idea of celebrating great readers and commenters; blogging is a conversation, not a monologue, and without thoughtful and insightful comments, the whole process would be the poorer. And you. my love, are a fabulous commenter; kind, funny, bright, observant, involved. Just the BEST! xxxx

  10. Your short hair cut is pretty. I always love a cuffed denim that proudly shows-off an amazing shoe!

  11. I.Want. Your. Hair.

    The cut and the color are uh-mazing! And I bet you just have to tousle it a bit when you get up and you look stunning. Argh. So much covetousness over here. Sadly, my long hair is one of the concessions/compromises I've made with my hubs. I shall live vicariously through you, m'dear.

    And thank you truly for the humbling shout-out. You don't know how much that means to me, to be on someone's favorites list, especially someone as classy and clever as you.

  12. Our hummers have returned as well. They are one of my favorite Spring things! And LOVE the hair!!

  13. Totally agree with everyone else that your hair looks GREAT! Love your outfit too!

  14. Your hummingbird shirt is SO cute! The entire outfit is so fresh and springy. And speaking of fresh...FAB haircut!!!

  15. Oh my, I love your new hair cut! It's the most stylish hair cut I've seen in a long time and its absolutely stunning on you. See, I told you, you have some wonderful hair.
    Now, just how many awesome ankle strap heels do you own? Love this all cream ensemble with just that little details of hummingbirds. And, by the way, so gald you didnt throw on jewlery with this, the blouse deserved to be all by itself.
    Thank you for the sweet nomination, I'll try to fit that in my schedule this week. I love the idea behind this one.

  16. O...MG! I didn't think your hair could get any cuter...but it did! LOVE IT!!

  17. HappinessatmidlifeApril 21, 2014 at 10:53 PM

    Love your new hair cut! And those heels are HOT!! Are these the ones from Aldo?


  18. Jan, your new do iswo pretty and flattering. Love the hummingbirds too.

  19. I join the chorus - I love your new haircut too! And your blouse. I've only seen a hummingbird once when I did a break stop on a drive across Canada. It was thrilling. I'm glad you get to see them so often. They are magical birds.

  20. Your hair looks fantastic, really shows off your beautiful face and killer bone structure. Love the blouse and get madly excited when I see hummingbirds in India, shrieking like a loon.
    Thank you for the nomination, I'm honoured to be amongst such greatness. xxx

  21. Dawn @ AlterEgoFashionistaApril 22, 2014 at 11:03 AM

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your hair!!! It's totally gorgeous! And the hummingbird blouse is so darling...I love that you're wearing it in honor of their return!

  22. Wow! You are experimenting with your hair non-stop : ) Love it and I love that you are so free about changing it up all the time. I'm lazy when it comes to that. I find something that works and I stick with it forever.

    Thank you for nominating me. : )

    I agreed with everything you wrote about a great reader. I love feeling I have a connection. It's not just me, posting photos of myself and blabbing about nonsense (boring!). Getting feedback and creating a conversation makes it dynamic and interesting.

    I'm terribly behind on my blog reading and posting lately. I have another nomination that I'm supposed to be responding to yet.

    Typepad, the folks that host my blog have been having loads of issues lately and so for a few days my blog has been offline or sporadic. (and right when I host my first ever giveaway! Typical.)

    I wonder if that means I won't be paying them anything for this month? (right!)



    PS I'm jealous of your hummingbirds.

  23. You look amazing! I love the new hair style! You look so fresh and this is perfect for you! And you are so brave to try it in the first place. I would not be so brave to cut my hair that short, but it does suit you extremely. Wow, this must be the blouse that you have mentioned before, so pretty. Lovely all white look!!! You go girl!

  24. Thank you for the award, I am so appreciative. I will try hard to respond to the award on my blog this week. Commenting to me means community, meeting new people and engaging in conversation. My response may not be right away but I get there.
    Your hair to me looked great before and your hair looks cute now too. The color is amazing, I really like red on you. Those hummingbirds on your shirt is something I would wear in a minute, very chic of you to wear white with your ensemble.
    Hummingbirds are so pretty, in my neck of the woods I am seeing Cardinals and Robins.

  25. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww You are soooooooooooooo much better and soooooooooooooooo stylish, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee everything about you and the new hair is just to die for. Well done, my friend

  26. Dear Jan,

    thank you so much! I feel honoured and I am happy to be your reader and I am at least equal happy that you are my reader. Nevertheless I will not take part in the game. I hope you don't mind.

    Your new hairdo is fantastic. Today I had a date with my hairdresser too and when I saw your pic this morning I actually pondered whether I should ask for a short pixi cut, like yours. Finally I decided to keep my bob, because my hair has less volume than yours. You look so vibrant and gorgeous. A very good decision!

    Have a fine week dear!


  27. Love you new hairdo! So cute!

  28. Jan your haircut is just so stylish and becoming on you, I love it! Your smile tells me your love it too. I think this is a great choice and it looks good with your spring outfit. Very attractive shoe and the print on your blouse is fun.

    Thanks for including me in this group of inspiring ladies! I feel the same about my readers and the comments people write. It takes time and I appreciate the effort although I'm passing on participating. I'm trying to reduce my social media time right now. We have a show in 30 days and we are cleaning our house and yard for spring.

    blue hue wonderland

  29. I shirt with hummingbirds! What could be cuter! I love birds, our cardinals are singing like crazy here! :)

  30. Your hair cut is soooo cute! I love the short look on you. Also, love the shoes.


  31. I love your haircut! I think it's funny how you've gone shorter and then shorter again, even though you weren't sure about the first cut. Well, this looks great on you! So does the hummingbird shirt - so pretty. And although I didn't comment on your last post, I have to compliment you on that lovely skirt you wore when you met Trina. It's gorgeous, and your whole outfit was very classy. You must really knock 'em dead in Fort Smith!

  32. It is interesting to see you with so short hair, Jan! I remember how you hated it when you had to cut off your long strands due to an accident. I am glad that you finally like your hair! This new hairdo really suits you.

  33. You look so nice! I think you have found the perfect hair cut ... your hairdresser really did a great job...( I also cut mine yesterday, but I wasn't too much brave and had just a trim!! )

  34. Renae of Simple SequinsApril 23, 2014 at 12:17 PM

    Oh Jan! Thank you for the fun compliments. I love your hair. Isn't it fun to have it short and liberating? Now you want to be bald with me...??? hmmmm? No you don't have to. But I shall be bald by Mother's Day is I get my first chemo on Friday! They guarantee that it will be out by then, isn't that odd that they know the day it will fall out. Strange cancer anyways. lol
    ♥, Renae

  35. Thank you for nominating me! I agree with all your points on what a good reader is. Not because I claim I'm all of those but I think what is important is engagement. It's so easy to cut and paste "Nice Outfit!" and post them in a million blogs but I don't think the reader and the blogger will prosper in their connection.

    I read your blog because I like your style, your humor and your realness. And yours and a handful of other blogs (I try!) to visit because you all truly inspire me.

    When I saw your blog title, I honestly thought you were talking about purchasing a Hummer! Didn't you mention before that you still have a hand crank for your car? Oops sorry! LOL I was hoping I could sing "Movin' On Up" to you..

    I love your shirt with the hummingbird. I wore one blouse recently with a bird pattern as well and I can't wait to put it on my blog.

  36. Loving your new hair, Jan. When I think about the definition of Great Reader, you shine. I always appreciate your thoughtful and articulate comments. Your list of bloggers are all some of my favorites!

  37. Thank you! Glad you like my get-up. I'm having trouble keeping the nectar feeder filled, there are so many, and they've arrived quite suddenly.
    Every time I look at your blog, I'm reminded that I'm a northerner (or north-westerner, actually) who has ended up in our south. A different world for me as well. I identify!

  38. I'm so happy that you're able to play and are interested in it. These things can be an imposition, but I like the idea of lots of recognition with only a little work to respond. Also glad you like the new hair. I've been pretty blue in that I haven't liked the way I look, but this is better. It's essentially the same cut I had in 1968 ... but with a lot more messyness. I'm amazed and feeling liberated because I can get up in the morning, run my fingers through my hair and I'm ready for the day. I put away all my hair do-dads, clippies and ponytail holders and some styling tools ... more room on my vanity! I'm also noting that the clothes I like best look better ... probably just an attitude change coloring my judgement, but I'm going with it!
    Thank you, Alicia, for all the encouragement.

  39. Thank you, Jill. I'm loving the cut, and it's more versitile than I thought it would be.
    Our feeder hangs just outside a window that is near my piano ... lovely to sit there and watch the little dudes. There are so many this year!

  40. Thank you, Patti! I'm feeling feisty with the very short hair ... so similar to my *do* in 1968 ... but much messier. I'm using less of everything ... shampoo, conditioner, spray ... fewer tools, and less time running the hair dryer. A good deal, all around.

  41. Thanks, Connie! What an odd thing for her to say. Perhaps she meant she used it to drive from Mexico to the east coast of the US. If it was only once, and that's the only use she got out of it, then you got a good deal on your car! Hard to follow the little flitters any other way. I imagine her driving it through yards, and gardens, hopping curbs, etc.
    I'm loving my hair ... fun styling it. It looks a little consipated here, but I'm getting the hang of it!

  42. Such a nice idea for an award! I get comments from some of your ominees and they are always to the point and sometimes make my day! Your new hair looks fantastic and the color more lively than ever.Thanks for all your kind comments and support.

  43. Are you thinking of cutting your curls? I've seen some adorable curly/wavy versions ... wash and go!
    My hair is so straight, and I'm so thrilled that I can get up in the morning, run my fingers through it and go. Perhaps not just that every day, but not very much more!
    Thank you so much, Sue. Glad you like my hummy-blouse. They're thick this year ... so tiny still and will get fat later. Lots of cardinals, jays, mockingbirds, orioles and scissor-tails ... sparrows and gackles of all kinds. And my special joy is our doves ... they coo into the late evenings. We have lots of them. There's a lot I don't like about living in Nowhere, but the birds are a gift. Some Celtic mythology tells stories of the birds carrying the wishes of men to the gods. Lovely idea.

  44. Thank you! You were part of my inspiration, you know! It's liberating, isn't it? I like the way it changes the way my clothes look, too. I am using a lot more sunblock on my neck and shoulders ... they haven't seen so much sun in years!
    Don't worry about not participating in the award. Please know the honor was mine to nominate you. I've stopped doing the ones that need a list of clever factoids about myself. I've run out of folks to nominate, as well. What appealed about this one was the focus on readers, and that was nice, but I found my list had some cross-over with Maricel's list. I'm just happy you stop by.

  45. Thank you, Pam. I've been pretty unhappy with my hair in the mid-length ranges. I'm not really a middle of the road personality ( or hair length, it seems.) I love the edge it gives my wardobe, and I especially love how easy it is to manage.
    Kind of you to stop by!

  46. Thank you, Curtise. I try to stay positive about hair changes, but I've been more miserable than I let on. But I'm happy that I actually got a huge improvement, and I'm much better satisfies with the attitude of the cut. I'm getting better at making it look more like I want it every day ... and I had no idea how much less time and energy it takes to maintain. Less product, many fewer tools and more space on my vanity counter! I also like how different my clothes look with my smaller head ... proportions really are improved. Let's see how long I can make it work.

    It's always a concern that I'll unintentionally impose on my bloggy friends with these awards. I liked this one because it's about our readers ... tried to send it on to bloggers who have sufficient numbers of readers to acknowledge. There's always the danger of overlap, too. There are only so many who comment regularly.

    I'm always so tickled when I see your comments come through.

  47. As I said, you are part of the inspiration. Glad you liked my outfit. Those little white shoes are a big surprise. Didn't think I'd brave a white pump ... EVER. Like Wendy says, "Never is the next big thing." Smart lady.
    Thank you for dropping by!

  48. Awwwh. Thanks again, Maricel, for everything. You're right about less work with the very short hair! I love just getting up, raking my fingers through it and letting gravity work it's magic while I have coffee. A good cut is everything. Your long hair suits you to a tee, it looks brilliant always and you really must love it. Dan has an wide range of styles that he likes and things look good ... he has hated it that I've been unhappy with the hair, and is thrilled that I've finally got it right. He likes the gamine thing, and although I'm way to old to play the little French street style, there's an edge to it that I like better than the bob. Senior street urchin, perhpas. It's a bit contrarian, and he likes that too. So do I, as that is a big part of my attitude!
    No it isn't.
    Yes it is.
    Great readers award. Did it originate with you?

  49. Thank's Britt! Seems like a lot of us are making some hair changes these days!
    And the birds are eating us up here ... I can barely get time to refill the nectar without them frantically flitting around looking for it. I need to remember to do it at night. Lots of birds of all kinds out here, and it's one of the few things I really enjoy about seriously rural life.

  50. Thank you, Elsie! Your blog is one of those that I find really interesting and spend more time looking at your styling and analyzing than I do many places. You have a highly personalized aesthetic, it seems to me, and some seriously good taste. Elegant is the first word I'd use.
    And then, there's the food. But it's always about the food for me. And the shoes. Food and shoes.

  51. I really admire your hair and I remember your concerns when you made the cut, so you inspire. Not just me, I know ... lots of us. Would that I had your figure to go with it! And taste.
    So happy you dropped in for a visit!

  52. I love your new hair! It's chic and gamine and feminine and really suits you! Love it! Okay, I'll say it one more time. I love it!
    Thank you so much for nominating me. I did an actual double take when I saw my name. LIke you I am just as much of not more attached to the words involved in this blogging venture, I am a writer and a reader before I am a photographer or viewer. Having said that, some bloggers take amazing photos, create fantastic art and dress and photograph them selves so well I am in awe.

    Your outfit is darling and I love the hummers on it and the summery freshness of all the white! I treasure my avian visitors and am on the hunt for a hummingbird feeder which I both like the look of and which does not leak. I used to put out bird seed but in my current location it's not a good idea.

  53. LOL. Great readers indeed! No, it did not originate with me, which is a big part of a falling out I've had with the person who nominated me, but c'est la vie and the whole dust up just reminded me to appreciate the blogger friends I've made who are undemanding and unfailingly supportive. Just like you. :)

  54. Debbie Baker BurnsApril 24, 2014 at 7:02 PM

    I love your haircut! I have been back and forth over keeping mine long or going for a pixie. I love this! And I can imagine it is so quick to dry which would be such a bonus. Like the shirt...I like anything with birds on it. I've got to get my hummingbird feeder cleaned up and refilled. It's great watching them, isn't it? Debbie @

  55. I'm getting a trim tomorrow. I seem to be going a little shorter each time. I have been eyeing the pixie cut, but don't think I'll get that far tomorrow. Hummingbirds are never thick here...a sighting is much rarer, and therefore, extra precious. Here, we have seagulls, crows, stellar jays, robins, chickadees, wrens, starlings, sparrows, titmouse, finch, towhee...I'm probably forgetting some...gosh, you've really got me appreciating just how much life birds add to our lives! Thanks Jan!

  56. That´s a pretty top, Jan! Congratulations on the awards, you deserve both and hey, I´m digging that shorter do. That would be perfect for the super hot summer days to come soon. ;)

  57. Thank you, Trina. Kind words are always welcome ... I appreciate it. Glad you like it. It looks a little constipated here .. a little up-tight, still, but I'm working making it work! MUCH faster, lots less product ... wake up and run my fingers through it to get out the door in some version of "done". Not perfect, but how much can I expect out of a hairdo?
    Don't make me count my shoes, Trina! Leave me a shred of deniability! I'm not shoe addicted. I'm not!
    I am.
    Several. That's all you get.
    Seriously. I love them. I know they'll be dated before I wear them out, but each one is a bargain and are work shoes. Ahem. Love this style, but won't let my strapless pumps get their feelings hurt.
    Funny you should mention jewelry ... I try things and end up taking most of it off. I have always worn rings, but the approach is different. I love it, real or costume, but the need for judicious application seems to apply these days. I am going to wear earrings from time to time, because suddenly they show! New fun.
    Thanks for playing the award game. Hope you enjoy it.
    I still haven't stopped talking about our meet up ... I had the best time!

  58. Thank you, Darlene! I admit to having a lot more fun with it. Easier, faster ... there's risk of looking a little uptight, but that's something I can learn to avoid. You're so kind, and I'm so happy you stopped by!

  59. Nope ... those are from Encore/Shoe Department. Very inexpensive and really comfortable. 3" heels are lots of fun, and really allow me to rock a heel at work in complete comfort.
    Glad you like the hair! I'm still shaking hands with the idea, but it could be True Love.
    Thank you for all!

  60. New do, birds too! Thanks, lovely Lisa!

  61. Mel, you should see them ... the feeder hangs at eye level outside a window near my "command post" couch/computer station. There are little darlings by the mini-swarms, bickering over territorial use of the feeder. Four or five birds at a time, zooming around, very, very fast and tiny drones, diving and feinting at one another like fencers. I have to change the feeder when it's dark, else they just freak out that the big, sweet THING that they feed from is disappearing! There's a bush right next to the feeder where they sit between feedings, often for minutes at a time. Something you don't often see.
    I'm an urban girl, and there's lots I hate about living so rurally, but my 'critters do a lot to offset the strangeness of life here.
    Thank you for liking my hair. It looks a little constipated here, but I'm working on the cool factor. So far, the less I do to it the better I like it!

  62. Thank you, Vix! You say the nicest things. No one but you has ever, EVER mentioned bone structure and my face in the same sentence. Glad you think it's good! I certainly never hear "beautiful" except from Dan (but that's his damn job, you know?) So, thank you again. From you, it means a whole lot!
    You would not believe the mass of battling hummingbirds, warring like little very fast and very tiny little helicopters, diving and swooping at one another. The territory around this feeder is still being contested. Adorable as they are, they are really aggressive little buggers. A huge privilidge to watch them go through the season here. I'll always be a displaced urbanite, but the animals make it worth it.

  63. How's you footsie? Need to stop by and see what you're up to.
    Awwwh ... thank you. Glad you like the hair. As I've been mentioning, it looks a little "clenched" but I'm working on making it work for me. That shirt is a favorite. It was love at first sight!

  64. Now would you say your hummingbirds are life-size on your blouse? Are they that tiny? Nah. Wouldn't this be the perfect outfit for two different color shoes, by the way... Yes, I think it would. You have become a master at getting your hair cut short and each time I think, yeah, this is it, that looks good, and each time I think it looks even better than before! How do you do that? Congrats on receiving even more awards, girl. And thanks for a list of recommended blogs to check out beyond those I already knew. What a resource you are.

  65. Thank you, Suzanne. It means a lot to me that you like the hair. What's been driving all the change is that initial accident, or my hair would still be long. Mid-range ANYTHING doesn't seem to be my comfort zone... except maybe my obsession with midi skirts ... and when I couldn't have it long, I was pretty sure I wanted to go short. I had to replace a hair stylist and bully another to get them to let me do it. This is bringing on a rant ... the great woman who accomplished this last cut flat out told me "no" that she wouldn't give me a very short cut. I followed her advice and finally put my fat little foot down. I know it's well meant, but there's the assumption that as we get older, we don't really know what's good for or on us. She's a very kind young lady, and talented ... I'm so happy she finally relented, 'cause it's a brilliant cut. She was afraid I wouldn't like it, I think, and I appreciate her concern. But I need to be able to have this extreme change.
    It looks a little "clenched" in this photo, but the less I do to it the more I like it. So much less dinking around. Less product, less time ... less, in this case, is more!

    I didn't mind inviting the bloggers whose comments I rely on. It's not a huge imposition on time, and you guys are all aware of the value of readers and the elevation that good readers can do to enhance a blog topic. Do it when and if you have time, and enjoy it.

    Sewing is making me behind in everything as well. I'm sorry your platform host is making you crazy, and I hope it's resolved by now. I'd ask to have my bill at least prorated! Can't hurt, and they might.

    The hummers are wonderful ... lots of them out there right now, battling it out for the nectar-feeder and surrounding territory. Agressive little darlings!

    I hope your coming week is better than last week!
    So glad you took the time to drop by!

  66. Thank you, Anja, for your sweet remarks and the encouragement. I'm very glad you come to hang out with us older ones. Your youth and enthusiasm and creativity inspires us, and I hope we give you the understanding that the girl lives on in the older woman, and that your enthusiasm for personal style and design need not dim with age!
    Glad you like my hair! Such a production. Taking it very short was the only logical next step. I didn't like it as it was and I'm happy that it worked out well ... no place to go from here except a shaved head or go through the grow out process again. Best choice, don't you think!?

  67. I'm happy it pleased you, JT. Take your time and respond only when ready and at your leisure.
    The outdoor birds are busy right now, here. Besides the humming birds, we have cardinals, blue jays, mockingbirds, sparrows of all kinds, robins, gackles and my lovely doves... there are several pairs who hang out here. I miss the city so much, but spring here brings my bird friends ... love that!

  68. It's short now ... like yours! You inspire, as always. I thought you might like the hummingbird shirt! Thank you so much, Sacramento!

  69. Don't worry at all, Sabine ... I just want you to know how much I appreciate your readership!
    Thank you so much for your always kind comments. So glad you think my hair works. Your bob is lovely on you, and doesn't it feel great just to get a trim? I wish you a wonderful week in return!

  70. Thank you, Oksana. Enjoy your spring weekend!

  71. No worries, Ann ... just know your input is valued and appreciated whenever it appears. Thank you for reading. Glad you like my hair. It's easier to mess with every day. You surely get how fast it dries and so many of the other advantages of short hair. I love the big change in how it makes all my outfits look. An unexpected pleasure. Better than half a dozen new outfits for a boost in personal morale!
    I'm in frustrated mode myself trying to organize closets for spring. Wish me luck. Speaking of luck, you kids won't need it for your show, 'cause I know it will be brilliant!

  72. I'm such a city girl ... I miss urban life every minute, but the spring birds make it better. Cardinals, yes ... they're here too, along with mockingbirds, jays, gackles, sparrows of every kind and my lovely doves ... lots of them this year.
    Glad you like my shirt. It's one of those items that I feel better about every time I wear it!

  73. Thanks, Monica! Can't tell you how much I'm enjoying my new cut. It's having a surprising effect on my whole wardrobe ... almost everything I have looks better! Well worth the risk for me. Glad you like my shoes, too. They're happily very comfortable.

  74. Thanks, Val. I should have followed my yen for a pixie early on, but no one who cut my hair was willing to do it. Glad I got assertive, 'cause I love it. I finally decided that at 64 years old, I am old enough to have the hair cut I want. It makes all my clothes look much different ... who'd a thunk it?
    Thank you for liking my hummy shirt! They're madly busy right now, dive-bombing all comers to establish territory.
    Glad too, that you like my skirt! There are women who dress well in Fort Smith, I just don't see them much! So, I don't knock anyone dead, but I like to do the best I can with the limited resources of the area.

  75. Thank you, Olga. It's lots of fun. I've been really unhappy with the middle lengths. It's not in my character to be happy with half measures. There are compromises, of course, but better to for me to make the leap, most of the time.

  76. OK in order of your post: First:yes Linda has a lovely Liebster respons. I totally agree on her wish to be able to teletransport. Gosh how I want that. I would be round for coffee at your door in no time.
    Second: thank you ever so much for nominating me. But you did promise it did not entail any work on my part. Please don't think I am ungrateful, but I just do not have the time to comply. I will cherish the thought that you like me (likewise).
    Third: what is ROLFTAO?
    Fourth: hair: Oh my G.. You did it again. Although I think I like it, I need some time to get used to it. I was a big fan of your last hairstyle, so I need time to adjust. And can I please see more pictures? You are always so modest with your amount of pictures.
    Fifth: Lovely outfit. Of course the blouse and trousers are great, but the shoes are splendid. I would buy them instantly.

  77. Wow, I haven't seen your lovely haircut! (So sorry, you are so lovely coming to visit me but for some reason, Disqus and I don't get on that well all the time- it's a miracle it's loaded today!) You look so pretty with it like this and I used to love your long hair- you obviously suit all hair styles- surprised you had angst over it, though I've always been a bit traumatised any time I've had a dramatic hair cut!x

  78. First of all, thank you!!!! I'm honored to be included on your list :) And what an amazing list it is!!!
    And secondly and wow - you look even more gorgeous! How is this possible. You have a genius hairdresser! How did she/he do it again?! I've been dying to cut my hair short (again). And now I'm desperate to do so, but only if I was guaranteed to look as stunning as you. My daughter has begged me not to do it, but.... hmm....
    And lastly, those pants and shoes say you are hot - in a I'm not stalkerish sort of way. But you are. Did heads turn when you wore this out? I'm sure they did. You just lost about 10 years in this photo! Can't wait to see the next.
    xo ~kim (and chloe)

  79. Mrs_Jack_of_all_tradesApril 28, 2014 at 9:05 AM

    Whoa, pixie!! And very, very nice! You look at least 10 years younger than your typical 45 (yes, I refuse to think otherwise) and this makes me really considering on following your footsteps! I love it and this whole bird of paradise plus white and ankle straps really compliment the hair cut. Two thumbs up and 2 more (had to borrow from Mr for that). On another note, I am touch and humbled that you have added moi to this list of great ladies.. thank you :) It is easy to keep coming back when I know I will be pleased and glad that I have done so. Keep writing and inspiring and I will be here..always! :)

  80. Thank you, Dan. I'm really glad I did it, and I'm enjoying the change. My hairdresser did a great job, and I'm so happy she did it for me, even if it was against her best judgement. She's usually right, so I was lucky.
    Hope to see you at next Monday's Visible Monday ... I'm sure you'd have some fun!

  81. Renae, when you went short, I was so envious ... even more so when you told me you cut it yourself! Liberating indeed, much easier and lots less time!
    I'm wishing you every good thing with your treatments. There's nothing good about losing your hair, but I've seen some shave the remainder and be brashly and boldly glam during the process. My mother grew very in love with makeup when she was in chemotherapy, and allowed herself to have as much fun as possible with it for the first time in her life! You already know how to do that, and I know you'll make the best of it all. My hope is that it's all effective, and that you go through it to complete success.
    Thinking pink, and it's all about you, young lady!

  82. Yup, this is a good year to "put a bird on it". They're everywhere!
    And while my car does have an automatic ignition, it's ancient and the ugliest car in the parking lot, every time. My husband just loves it ... his is even uglier. But my little purple monster gets 35 mpg and is paid for, so that's something. Wouldn't have a HumVee as a gift.

    I'm so glad you're blogging and reading and considering what personal style means to you.
    Always a pleasure to read what you're up to!

  83. Thank you! Glad you like it. I'm having to learn to "step away from the styling tools,
    ma'am .. just put the curling iron back on the counter. Easy now, just show us your hands ..."
    Hands, seriously ... my fingers are my best styling tool, and a bit of product. Lots less time involved, less of everything, and it makes every item in my wardrobe look very different. That's a lot of change for the cost!
    I'm happy you like my outfit ... you know I think your taste is admirable. So often, I imagine myself in a particular outfit that you've put together that I especially admire, and I can't see myself carrying off what you wear so beautifully. So I'm a fan, and I appreciate your kind remarks especially.

  84. It is, isn't it. These little awards can be problematic, but this one was fun because it was a chance to acknowledge some great women. And I know what you mean about making your day ... their comments really can do that. As did yours! Its been a problematic and consistently annoying week ... just little stuff, but a pile of little stuff. Comments like yours can go a long way to balance the scales. Thank you, Angie!

  85. Awwwh! Thank you, Shawna. I'm pretty old for gamine, but I know what you mean, and I really am tickled that you think so. When cropped hair fans call it liberating, they aren't wrong are they? Less time, less product. Less really is more, sometimes.
    I'm glad you're pleased by the nomination. You're a new bloggy friend whose readership I really value. You're as opinionated as I am, and that's always a draw for my interest in return! Your thoughtfulness is such a pleasure for me, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of what you come up with this season!
    Good luck with the feeder. Simplicity is so important to a leak-free feeder. The fewer joints and seams the better! We have a little fenced in side yard that is pretty much devoted to bird feeding. Dan's put up a little seed-feeder on a metal pole that the squirrels and cat's can't climb. They love it especially in the winter, and we're the local sanctuary against dove hunters, too.
    Poor little hummy-dudes came in sooooo tiny and thin this year. They're already getting a little fatter, and soon the girls will disappear for a bit to nest seriously. I miss urban life a lot, but this helps make up for it!

  86. I'm so thrilled to see you back in action, Debbie! Thanks for your kind comments! I probably wouldn't have cut my hair at all if I hadn't had a run in with a candle that prompted the first cut. If you are really longing for a cut, get it. It will grow back and there are lots of ways to style it these days. But only if you really like the cut a lot, and really want short hair! It's fast and fun and has a little more edge than longer hair. Less really can be more!
    Get that feeder out and ready for the season!

  87. Thanks, Che! Glad you like the hair. And you're so right, 'cause it's going to be very hot and humid here, very soon.

  88. Nope, not quite life-size ... but the little birds did seem extra tiny coming in this year.
    And you're right. I have blue and orange pumps to pull a "Helena". Probably won't but I sure admire her chutzpah. She's little and disproportionate like me, and I love how she handles it.
    Actually, my current and still unfinished skirt iteration really is begging for a Helena, and I have one planned in your honor. Stay tuned.
    I think I'm finally getting my hair into a livable shape for me. There's lots of "stuff" around hair for me, and I'm just ready to regain some control over the process. I'm astonished at how different my wardrobe looks with this crop. Less is definitely more this time.
    Thank you, Pao, for all your kind remarks. I'm always tickled when you stop by.

  89. Don't worry even a little, Greetje. It gets tough to nominate readers when we all make the rounds for one another! No need to play. Please do know that you're appreciated and very well liked indeed!
    I hope you like my hair eventually ... it's still looking a little "constipated" and up-tight, but I'm learning that "less is more" in lots of ways with this style. Less is much, much more in terms of fussing with it, and I need to learn to do less with product and tools. Good to have a summer project ... like I need another one! I'm enjoying it a lot, though. I know you'll give me a final verdict when you decide. I can rely on you!
    Nah. Probably no more pictures per week ... I'm lucky to get even one that I can stand. I'm NEVER happy with them. But you will see at least one a week, and from me, that will probably be enough!
    Glad you like the outfit and shoes. Comfy shoes, pretty shape, great price ... all I need to take them home!
    I'll be over to see you at your blog soon ... Dan got such a kick out of the King's Day post! I need to catch up with everyone!

  90. Oops. ROLFTAO ... an internet acronym for Rolling On The Floor Laughing Their Ass Off ... more commonly seen as ROLFMAO , laughing "My" ass off. (Would that it literally worked that way!)

  91. That's okay, Kezzie ... I just cut it. You haven't missed a thing. I'm don't get to your posts as often as I'd like. I'm so glad you show up at Visible Monday ... that's how I keep up.
    Glad you like it. I was all angsty about it because the original cut wasn't planned. I burnt a chunk of it off and had to start the process with a bob. It's much better for my psyche now that is't one thing or the other, and I have regained the illusion of controll! Ha.
    Thanks so much ... I'm always so glad to see you here!

  92. I did make a pretty good list, didn't I! I'm pretty proud of all the great women who take the time to read my blog, even if it's once in a while. I don't get around like I'd like to, and I know it takes effort. I'm always thrilled when you stop by with a comment or information I need. You're very, very good about helping, and I've benefited a lot from your willingness to share what you know!
    So glad you like the hair, and that you're prone to overstatement in your compliments! I often look rather more stunned than stunning, but I can see that this cut might be a surprise. Kidding aside, thank you so much, Kim! My hair is so straight that at least that part of the cut works for me for a change. It actually like it a lot, and have to figure out something nice to do for my hair stylist because she was nice enough to do it against her best instincts.
    If you like your hair short, this is a great time to do it. I'm seeing lots of curly crops that look so good ... I always wanted curls,and still would trade my hair for curly in a hot minute.
    Boy, I hope it does take a decade off. Again, probably overstatement, but it does make my clothes look very different attitude-wise. You're such an adorable woman!

  93. I got as far as LOL. Thanks for updating me.

  94. Dan and you both read my blog? Separate from one another? I am very flattered.

  95. I often show him your cultural/travel posts when he gets home. He doesn't do much Internet stuff as he's at the restaurant all day, usually, but I save a bunch of my "day's catch" to show him, and record his favorite shows. This one in particular because it looked a lot like the behavior of our local sports fans and their team colors everywhere. More fun though, at your end, because your country keeps it's collective sense of humor. Ours, not so much! You are definitely a favorite!

  96. Jean at Dross into GoldApril 30, 2014 at 11:25 PM

    Better late than never, I hope. :-) I saw you were up to 98 comments and I thought I'd better just admit I'm a slacker. First of all, thank you so much for thinking of me when you listed the Great Reader nominations! I probably won't manage to get it together to play, but maybe next year I'll remember and have a moment to respond!!

    In the meantime, know that you are a joy of a blogger!! Your comments are deeply appreciated and your posts are REAL and intelligent. Plus you always wear gorgeous shoes!! Your hair saga resonates with many of us, I'm sure. I love this new cut, and the fact that it's easy?!! OMG. It's a keeper for sure.

    I love hummingbirds and often see them on my balcony. Your shirt is totally cool, too. Keep up the good work. :-) You're looking great!!


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