Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Gray, Pink and Disqus-Discuss

Hello! You saw these floral jeans HERE  in an avatar drawing from this spring. I haven't worn them much because I didn't have a top for them that worked particularly well. But now I do with this silky and simple gray tunic. And I found a necklace in my tiny collection that suddenly worked in a way I really like. I don't wear necklaces often, but I don't think this combination works nearly as well without it. (Note to self ... try necklaces more often.)

Nothing innovative here for anyone but me ... just a new combination of items that I feel very happy to wear.

An Important Change: Disqus Comments

On any style blog, I like the ideas at least as well as the outfits. When I read a blog that has interesting content, I try to leave a relevant comment. When I don't have anything to add, I don't. And I assume that bloggers like to get comments about and encouragement on what they work so hard to post. Of course they/we/you/I do. But perhaps some don't.

How bloggers respond to comments left on their blog varies a lot. Many bloggers don't respond to comments at all. I know there are a lot of reasons for this; the high volume of comments on high-traffic blogs, just having a busy life, or just a lack of interest. I certainly understand that. Lots of bloggers that I know may not respond with direct replies to comments left on their blogs, but make an effort to reciprocate by leaving comments for those who drop by to say hello. This seems like a particularly fair and civilized approach to me. Providing there is time and one cares about such things.

But I love comments, making and receiving. My personal goal is to try to respond to every comment within three or four days of receipt.  Sooner is better than later, and late is better than never, I hope. (And this is a good place to admit that I don't reply to nearly all the blogs I follow.  I have way more blogs that interest me than I ever get to read. Please forgive if you expect comments from me and I miss.  And let me know.)

The platform that I have been using has some drawbacks, though. I have missed some on older posts because of the notification process, and that bothers me. I also wonder if anyone ever comes back to my blog to read my replies to them. And I often see the potential for useful continued discussion with some comments, particularly those that include questions.

Kim and Chloe over at Popcosmo recently posted a really useful and astute piece about the fine points of offering and receiving comments HERE. They and a lot of bloggers whom I admire and follow use Disqus, because it promotes conversations and discussions, while allowing the simple, courteous check-ins and reciprocal notes. So I made the change to Disqus, too. I hope it's a good thing for all and an inconvenience for none.

Thanks in advance for letting me know that you read what I have to offer.

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  1. Love you, great job...D

  2. Thank you for being sweet in test mode. Love you back!

  3. This is a particularly gorgeous outfit, Jan. You combined your floral trousers so well, love everything about this look but your necklace and sandals are awesome. I just love statement necklaces...

    Disqus and intenseDebate are both very good commenting systems which I both like.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  4. Love the floral pants, and I think the necklace is perfect, ties the whole look together nicely! I've been getting into necklaces more lately too.

    The comments thing is tough. For a long time I tried to respond to every comment, but with working full time on top of the blog I was finding that I couldn't both respond to each comment *and* compose blog posts. I do try to respond when someone asks a direct question, and always respond to emails. I still feel bad about not responding to all comments.

  5. Thank you, Annette! So glad somebody finally replied, besides Dan, who was drafted! And I appreciate the kind words ... my general taste and eye runs toward more tailored, less dramatically colored outfits than I usually wear, but it's hard to find what I like in my price range. Often the inexpensive items I need with my budget look cheap rather than the understatement I'd like ... I usually just settle for cheap and cheerful.
    I like the idea of IntenseDebate, but it won't fly for Blogger, I understand.
    I think I'll like this. Hope everyone else does!
    Come back anytime!

  6. You shouldn't feel bad ... those of you who work full time deserve all the credit in the world. We need to count ourselves luck that we hear from you at all. I get bollixed up when I start missing posts on the weekends ... that's my busy time because of the restaurant.
    Thanks so much for you kind remarks. You're one of my style icons, and I'd much rather dress like you than me!
    Stop by when you can!

  7. Welcome to DISCUS! When I moved over to SquareSpace I took the opportunity to install DISCUS and I'm very happy with it.
    I just can't comment and visit everybody every week. I really try, but as I network and write guest posts - and take care of my real life obligations - it's just become impossible. I hope my fellow bloggers understand!
    BTW you look like a million bucks ;-)


  8. Thank you, Gorgeous. I have some days when I can devote some time, so I'm lucky. Even then, I miss most of the weekend posts that I'd love to catch. We try, right?
    Disqus ... so far, so good. Getting used to it.

  9. Debbie Baker BurnsJuly 16, 2013 at 6:06 PM

    I don't use Discus so I'll be interested to hear what you think after using it. I don't comment on my own blog because I figure few people have time to check back but I do comment on their blog which I think others enjoy. Debbie @ ilovemylemonadelife.com

  10. So far, there's a more immediate feel to it, but that could be because I'm playing more attention. New toy and all! But my hope is that more discussion can happen when it's appropriate. Will let you know!

  11. You are definitely the master of printed pants! I also like the loose fitting top for warm summer days and the gray looks great with your necklace. I've been purchasing more jewelry to more sparkle to summer dresses also.

    I respond to everyone that writes a comment on my blog. If I posted more than once a week I can see how it does become impossible. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed now with this amount of emails. I like to get comments and know others must too.

    blue hue wonderland

  12. Don't know if I'm the master of anything, but I do know I have found myself with a lot of printed pants this summer!
    Yup ... keeping up with one blog a week is about all I can do. Additionally, I don't look good enough more than a couple of days a week to even bother photographing! Ha!
    Thanks so much for responding, Ann. A pleasure to hear from you any time!

  13. I didn't know you could add Disqus to Blogger. It's good to know - I don't have the time or the patience to keep fiddling with new interfaces all the time. I also don't really have time to respond to comments, and I never remember to go back and check if anyone replies to comments I've left on their posts. I wouldn't be able to keep track if I did all that! Unfortunately, that means it's sort of a one-way street unless I remember to ask for follow-up emails, or I go to the other person's blog.

    That gray top looks great with the floral jeans - you've cracked it!

  14. Love the floral pants. You wear them so well. I do respond to some comments not all. I thought the commenter never really saw the response. I've left comments on blogs and days later I realize the comment was responded to only because I happen to stumble on the post again. Sometimes I respond to comments and I'm not sure if the commenter even sees the reply. And thank you so much for the blog love and your comments on my blog. They make me smile all the time.

    k at www.beautystyleandgrowth.blogspot.com

  15. Interested to see how you like Disqus. I've considered it a couple of times and people have always discouraged me! :-/

  16. I have been contemplating Disqus myself Jan. I've chatted about it with another blogger that uses Disqus and have been tempted to switch. It appears you did not actually lose comments from previous posts...just that the order of the comments are showing by the time/hour which I can easily live with. I may email you privately to find out how you switched over. Jan, you are so brave!

    I love your necklace and hope to see a close up of it in a future post. And aren't grey and pink just two of the prettiest shades together!

  17. HappinessatmidlifeJuly 17, 2013 at 12:36 AM

    I agree with Ann - you've mastered printed pants which is something I just can't get myself to wear yet. Your necklace goes so well with this outfit - total tops it off!

    In regards to Disqus, I recently installed and I love it. I wanted to have a more real conversation with people that left comments. I am pretty sure 99% of the people that comments don not go back to the blog and see if you commented and this way if they have more to add - it's there! Right now, I am replying to all comments because I don't want to be selecting who I respond to. At the same time, I get annoyed with getting Disqus emails that tells me thank you. So the question is - do I just reply to ones that I want to add more to the conversation or do I continue to reply to all so the reader knows I am reading all respond?

    What are your thoughts? See...I can't wait to hear your response and Disqus will let me know if you responded :)

    BTW, love that your hubby made a comment too!


  18. Jan, totally agree with you when it comes to discussing. I enjoy recieving relevant comments and try my best to respond on a timely manner. It's a great way to build blogging friendships.
    Your gray silk tunic was the absolute perfect item to pair with these floral jean. The soft color seems to bring out the floral print to a whole new element, I simply find it lovely, chic and stylish all in one package. And, yes, you should remember to wear necklaces more often especially when they are as stunning as this one. I do agree with Sue, I sure hope to see a close up someday.

  19. First of all, you look great! Love how the grey lightened the black for a summery look and the necklace looks amazing. I didn't wear necklaces much either, but my daughter got me started and I found it's a way to add color and interest. And my mom stopped wearing them at a certain age, so now's the time to enjoy!!
    Hope you enjoy Disqus. Not certain it's "the" answer, but it's worked for me w/out too many hiccups and no problems! Thanks SO much for the shoutout - that's so sweet of you :) I had fun e-mailing with you and glad to get to know you.
    xo ~kim

  20. Tamera Ferguson WolfeJuly 17, 2013 at 11:31 AM

    Cute cute outfit--and you definitely need more necklaces in your life!!
    Like you i try to respond to every comment I'm given.
    I may look into Disqus when i make my move later this month!

  21. I've always assumed upon replying to comments on my blog that people were getting the comments sent to them via email. Now though I'm not sure that is true. Kind of useless replying if the person doesn't get to see the comment. Some blogs I comment on I get direct emails in response. Others I don't. I don't understand! (screaming and pulling out my hair)

    I do know I love those pants and sexy shoes.



  22. PinkCheetahVintageJuly 17, 2013 at 2:07 PM

    I have always tried to figure out the best way to engage with others and I've used Disqus on other blogs. I think it's good. I am always so behind on figuring things out...

  23. Redheads always look great if they wear greys. And some rosy spots. Great outfit. Have a good time and enjoy your life.

  24. Hi Jan,
    Think you look fantastic in this outfit. The grey blouse compliments the floral pants really well. And I just LOVE LOVE those shoes on you! For some reason, those type of shoes just don't look good on my feet...believe, I tried!!! Have a fabulous day!

    P.S. You are really good with leaving comments whenever you visit. I and among other bloggers do appreciate that!

    Mama in Heels

  25. I love Disqus because I get the reply right to my email. I don't enjoy comments where I get ALL comments .. so I never check that box. Like you, I leave comments on blogs that I really like and want to engage with the blogger .. it's nice to get to know someone.

    And .. nice pants! I wish I could do floral or print or .. something, but my lower body screams noooooooo!


  26. Debbie StinedurfJuly 17, 2013 at 5:40 PM

    Great outfit...I love the gray tunic...and yes try necklaces more often! I've been curious about disqus too...
    Debbie :)

  27. Firstly - looking good, Jan! You certainly have a flair for floral trousers, cool blouses and killer heels! I think it's your signature look - with either a fan, or a fabulous necklace!
    Now, comments. I don't reply on my blog, though I sometimes do privately via email (if an email address is available) or I continue the "conversation" via a comment on the other person's blog. I know certain bloggers reply to comments on their blog, as you do, so I make an effort to pop back to see what you've written, though I would struggle to keep up if everyone I follow did that. I think conversations can happen in the exchange of comments on blogs; themes continue, questions get answered, relationships develop. It's all good, however you do it. And of course comments are hugely appreciated, theybarebthe point of blogging, for me - otherwise, I am just taking photos and talking to myself!
    I ALWAYS love your comments, Jan. (Willow loved Lucy's comment too!) I think we would get along famously, and fondly imagine us laughing raucously and chatting non-stop over cocktails. If I can imagine that from our comment exchange, we must be doing something right, right?! xxxxx

  28. These floral pants look really good with the grey tunic. Actually grey colour suits you nicely which I can't say about myself. The necklace looks great with this outfit, too.
    In the beginning I replied every comment on my blog. But then I got the feeling that nobody cares to read them. So, now I reply by going to the person's blog and leave my comment there. Seems more fair to me.

  29. Such darling pants! I would love a pair of those. They look versatile. I had one pair of floral jeans that I liked very much but they were so limiting...I could only wear one or two colors with them. They were so hard to style that I ended up donating them recently.
    I used to respond to every comment religiously. And though I still try, I don't get to them like I used to which makes me feel a bit guilty. I have always thought that if someone takes the time to leave me a comment, they deserve a few moments of my time to respond. My only excuse is that life has gotten busy lately but I am thinking I need to devote more time to replies.

  30. It was a pretty easy transition, Val. It sounded complicated at first, so I just jumped in. You can retain all past comments, and you have considerable choices and options. Do me a favor, please? If you get an email notice for this reply, could you let me know? I'm not sure how this works with everyone. Testing mode, still.

    I just want to promote conversation where it is warranted. I sure don't want anyone to feel obliged.

    Oooh. I wanted to mention that I do like the ability to edit my own replies. Frustrating to see a typo after I hit send!

    Thanks Val. Always a pleasure.

  31. Yes, that's the problem. I want to be available but not insistent. I also assume if there's a comment section available, that folks appreciate hearing from readers.
    Thanks for your sweet and helpful remarks. Always glad to see you around!

  32. It was easier than I imagined. Their help section that gives the procedures looks much worse than it is ... much of my fear came from techno-jargon that I was unsure about. It's pretty much just press the buttons and fill in the blanks.
    Please let me know if you get an email showing this post, will you?
    And thanks ... I will try to get a closer shot of the little necklace. I find close ups so distorting with my camera that I usually don't ... I'll try the macro setting. Duh.
    Love to you, Doll.

  33. Oh very cool Jan! I just received your email, and when I hit reply, it brings me right back here. Anne at SpyGirl has the same, and it really does add to the communication. Having said that, I have always come back to read all your replies...they are so personal and newsy.

  34. Read not to Sue above about the macro setting! Ha! Will do, Trina.
    Thanks for your sweet comments. Simple outfit posts don't usually need a lot of extra chatter, but the ideas sometimes do, and as you know ... I'm all about that part. You are a "thoughty" dresser, and I don't get over as often as I'd like ... I do look, just get tied up at business stuff and forget to get back.
    Always a pleasure to see you, T.

  35. Not yet seeing a down-side, Wendy. Some things I was concerned about (losing past comments and a more complicated procedure for guests) are not issues, as far as I can tell. Will let you know if it goes south in any way.

  36. Thank you, Kim ... always happy when you like my outfit, 'cause I'm an admirer of your taste. I'd like more of the molded plastic-style necklaces, but I'm stuck for color. Not sure what colors I want to buy, and worry that the style will be gone before I get it right!
    And more thanks, again, for your help. I almost wrote to borrow Chloe to help me ( nice to have a teen in residence for technical help!) but I did it all by my own bad self!
    So far, so good.

  37. I'm liking it so far, Tamera. I sure don't overlook comments as they come in, and although I try to get the VisMon comments for others done before I do my own, that's just a habit I now have the wherewithal to change. Seems I can now write from my email, and I like the nudge. I'm going to try in future to catch comments as they arrive.
    I think Disqus at least deserves consideration. Oh, another thing ... they have an actual customer service that will get back to you in hours, not days. That's a plus!
    So happy when you stop by, BTW. I appreciate your kind remarks on my outfit. Thank you!

  38. Thank you Marla. Miss your posts, lady!

  39. Awww, sweetie. Sorry to make you crazy ... but in point of fact, they don't unless one subscribes. I'm not yet completely sure how Disqus will work that way.
    Thanks for liking my outfit and sweet remark ... I appreciate your comments always, cause you are my idea of a "cool girl"!

  40. Not like you have anything else to do, kiddo! What with kids, huz, business, etc. Disqus was pretty easy to install, so you might wish to give it a try. Took about 5 minutes, with careful reading of instructions and no swinging from the chandelier by my knees. That's a plus, huh?
    Thanks for dropping by ... always fun to hear from you!

  41. I'll remember that, Sunny! Thank you so much for the kind remarks and for stopping by. Always glad to hear what you have to say!

  42. Wow! Thanks for the help! I like this. Cool!
    You rock, as always. I'm always away from home long hours on Wed. Fri, Sat. and Sun. so I miss posts that I want to see, but that's a lot of catch up. Maybe this will make at least replies easier and faster!

  43. I cannot imagine that there's ANYTHING you can't wear. Everything looks good on you. However, thank you for your sweet words ... always means so much coming from you. Stop by anytime at all, Janise!

  44. Yep ... that's what I'm learning to like about Disqus. I've been looking for a way to keep up better on weekends, and I hope it helps me keep up a little better. (That's my busiest time ... our best days at the restaurant.) Thank you for your sweet comment. I'd listen to my lower body if it screamed at me, too, but I'm sure you're lower half is too critical of itself!

    Did you know your pic and name header doesn't link to your blog? It does take you to your Disqus profile, but doesn't show your site.

    Just wondering ....

  45. Thanks, Debbie! So kind of you. I'm liking Disqus so far ... and it was easy to install. Believe me, I'll be hollering if it does stuff I don't like, but I think they're pretty responsive to what people want.
    See you soon!

  46. Ah, I think I just fixed it .. I've added my blog. Thanks for the alert :-)


  47. Thank you, Curtise. Always so sweet. I have to admit, I wear similar items a lot. Works well for Fridays at the restaurant, and Sundays and Wednesdays in the Big City. More necklaces are in my future, at least a few, I think, cause this really improves these pieces.

    My intent here was not to ask anyone to do otherwise, but just to clarify what my goals are, and how comment styles affect me. I know you get that, but think it bears clarifying ... I may do that publically, soon. Didn't mean to criticize.

    And I think your style is dandy ... works grand so far as I'm concerned. You are quite right about the various ways conversations happen! On occasion when I absolutely wanted you to see what I wrote on my blog, I just reposted at your place. I hope people stop by to read my replies, but won't ever, ever be offended if they don't. My blog is not THAT interesting, and is worth just what people pay for it.

    And I swear by all the gods that claim me, you will have cocktails bought for you if I EVER get to travel! Oh yes. Dan too.

  48. As Curtise says, I think that's the most civilized way. Hard do know if our replies are read or even wanted without some response. I'm always acutely aware that people take valuable time to respond to my blog, and it's important to me to let them know I like it!
    And speaking of that, thanks for your kind remarks ... these pants were surprisingly hard for me to style for summer. I love the right color of gray ... always strikes me as lady-like and self-confident. Happy to hear you think it works!

  49. Cool. Kim from Popcosmo gave me the same heads-up, so I'm just passing the good Karma on!

  50. Nice for someone else to have some cool, gently-worn pants there, too. Thank you for your kind note and comments, Adrienne. I'm only seeing them with peachy-pink, dusty variety and hard to find, grays, charcoal black and a couple of shades of creamy white. But I've seen a taupe that's a combination of gray and cool peach that works pretty well, too.
    Not a lot, but I really like the colors that do work with them.

    Busy is sure part of it, isn't it. For my part ... come visit when and if you can, or have anything pertinent to say. Otherwise, not to worry. My life with the restaurant runs counter to most peoples' in terms of time to get things done. We're working weekends when everyone else is off. Bloglovin helps a little as a filter, but I miss a lot of great posts I'd like to admire!
    Glad you could stop by!

  51. Dear Jan, Another great outfit built around a gorgeous pair of floral pants. Loving the necklace. I myself have begun to play with this accessory that I have neglected in the past.

    I appreciate your discussion about comments. I read every word of every comment that I receive and am grateful, as I know the time and effort that goes into it. However, I don't respond to comments on SC unless there's a question. I've found that I need to manage my time so that I can explore other areas of my life, because I could find myself in blogland 24/7 if I'm not careful. Following the blogs that I love and commenting is very important to me, so that's where I put my energy.

    I always appreciate the thoughtful and interesting comments that you leave on SC. You are a brilliant writer!

  52. Hi, Jan. What I got was an email notification, and I read your reply in the email and then clicked the Reply to Jan button at the end. It took me back here.

    Now I'm noticing a lot of bloggers using Disqus. It seems pretty popular. I hope it works for you.

  53. The floral jeans with that top looks so chic and your necklace is pretty too. Makes me want to go out and buy some floral pants. Thank you for commenting on my blog I really appreciate it. I have left comments on some blogs and never received a comment back and that's okay. I like to respond back to comments because I appreciate the feeling of community.I had Disqus on my blog a while ago but I had to take it down because it was slowing the system down.

  54. Thank you so much, Judith. You say the nicest things, and I hope I can live up to high praise.
    At my age, I have suddenly began to notice my neck, and it feels a little odd to adorn what might best be hidden. But it seems not, so I'll try to do it effectively.
    As you point out, time management is what it's all about. It's always good to be read when one writes, and I appreciate you taking the time to comment here. Consistency seems to be a key element to forthright operations, and it's always reassuring to know what the policy is for favorite blogs. Thanks for sharing your expertise with me and all of us!
    Have a great weekend in beautiful Denver!

  55. Thank you, JT, for such nice comments. Your blogging habits seem to be the most workable for most people, and a "best practice." Hope I don't get a slow down because of Disqus ... thanks for the heads up.
    Did you know your pic and name that shows on your comments doesn't link back to your site? By that, I mean your Disqus "comment" account doesn't show your site under your name. I've found it helps people find me. You may not want it to ... then just ignore me!
    So glad you stopped by, You're welcome any time.

  56. Yeaaayyy! It works. Thanks for the help, Val. I appreciate it.
    Have a great weekend!

  57. Just so you know dear Jan...and I have told you this before...your comments and commentary are BY FAR some of the most astute and relevant of any that I read. I have often "followed" you around the blogs and just say "ditto" because you have the ability to write what I am thinking in a MUCH better way than I ever could.

    When it comes to my own blog, I am a LAZY blogger, and often forget to reply to comments people make on my blog (because I often read them on my phone, and find it hard to type from that format) until it seems too late to be worthwhile. I suppose I really ought to make a better effort on that front, although since I couldn't even get up the gumption to update the blog itself this week perhaps I may be over-reaching there.

    Love you!!


    A Matchy Matchy Midlife

  58. Just glimpsing Alyssa's post below mine...I have to agree. I love reading your posts. You have a way about writing that's pleasant and articulate. And you're a big sweetheart too....always leaving such nice comments on my blog and others.
    Another point I agreed on was that I think I must be somewhat of a lazy blogger too. haha I "look" at blogs more than I comment, but I do try to comment some as well. And sometimes reply to comments on my own blog, but sometimes not. I never think people really ever come back and read the replies, but maybe they do. I hope you like the Disqus feature you're trying.
    Oh! And I almost forgot! I love your tunic and necklace with these pants. I like this kind of top because it can be dressed up (as it looks here) or dressed down for a more casual look with jeans, etc.

  59. I have to be honest. I always have problems posting with anyone who has Disqus on their blog.

  60. I love grey and pink and this outfit is just wonderful! Adore those jeans - wish I could wear some with gorgeous heels too. The tunic is a great shape and the necklace is adorable!

  61. That's such high praise, Alyssa. Hard to have words to respond to it (there's a thing that doesn't happen often!) so I can only send my thanks with mutual admiration and affection!
    I probably ought to repeat here that my intent here is not to critique anyone else, but to think out loud about what I want to accomplish and why. What I really understand is the time limitations that blog replies take, and it's good to know how the rest of you guys that I regularly correspond with feel and think about the process.
    Alyssa, I'm always just glad when you stop by. Know you've had an extra busy summer, and I know I'll hear from you when you can. Not sure lazy is so much the case for you as otherwise occupied with Life.
    I had to really work at getting rolling this week, myself!

  62. Awww. You're the big sweetheart! So kind, Lisa.
    I'm finding so far that Disqus is more helpful than not, but that tweaking needs to occur. There are nice controls available for the individual blogger, I'm just not yet used to the process.
    I'm with you in that I don't get to comment on every great post that comes out. With the restaurant, weekends are so busy that I don't get a lot done ... just sneaking in a few minutes of comment time today, but am out the door in a couple of hours for the night, and will be gone much of the day tomorrow. So I'm a weekday kid, when everyone else is working!
    Glad you like my pink and gray ... I'd imagine that palette would look fabulous on you!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  63. Welcome, BlueRidgeGal ! Nice to meet you.
    I'm guessing that you mean Disqus is a problematic system for you to use in some way, and not that your problem is the blogger using it.
    Given that it's hard for you to use, I'm extra pleased you made the effort here.
    Can you tell me what about Disqus makes your comment-life difficult? Would be nice to know and see if there's anything I need to tweak to make it easier for readers! You can email me if you wish ....

  64. Ooooh! Nice to hear from you! Thank you so much ... that means a lot coming from one of the women whose taste I most admire!
    Hope you're having a good weekend ... mine is improving. Rain on my pasture, and the AC at the restaurant is holding up. Knock on wood!

  65. Hi Jan, this is Secret Squirrel (dothefashionmaths). I post comments on Patti's blog that uses Discus, but always comment as a guest, as my blogger profile (google) wants to use my real name. And no one would know it was me. Do you have any idea how I fix this?

    No worries if not (I am not overly techy).

    Back to clothes - glad those gorgeous jeans are getting some wear - the grey top and necklace goes very nicely with them xx (p.s getting a lot of compliments on my Japanese paper fan, still!)

  66. Aww, so sweet of you! I'm a big believer in buy what you like - don't worry about the trends. BUT, if it's just a fast trend, then buy it cheap, haha. Look around, the blue one I bought was under $20. So, I'm not worried about it going out of style! And let us know if you need more help. Always happy to help our blog friends!

  67. Hey, darling SS! Hmmmm ... I'm guessing that the quickest way to have your moniker like you want it is to create a Disqus commenter's account. It won't affect your other identities, and it's very alike and no more difficult than logging in to Wordpress so you can leave comments on WP user's sites. I'm pretty sure you can use any name you want to for the public part of your name.

    Below is a link to Disqus' instructions page.


    The other advantage is that you can link your site to your Disqus account for ease of communciation with anyone who sees it and wants to see your blog.
    I'm uncomfortable having to join every site out there to comment, but I'm getting used to the demands of the various platforms ... some just seem easier and more advantageous than others.
    Hope that helps.

    Thank you so much for liking one of my favorite wardrobe combos!
    And again, I'm delighted to know you're having fun with your fan. Pretty and practical ... what's not to love?!
    Have a great and summery week!

  68. Jean at Dross into GoldJuly 22, 2013 at 11:11 AM

    When I have the bandwidth and some tech help, I'll have to investigate. In the meantime I want to thank you so much for your comments on Dross. I feel
    your love and empathy. I'll be posting a brief update soon and have been trying to send thank you's to friends who have commented. Just haven't been able to get around to everyone. BTW, you look great in this outfit. I also rarely wear necklaces but I plan on trying more. It definitely sets off your outfit perfectly. Xxoo

  69. Hang in there, Adorable Jean ... we'll just be here when you get more time. Thanks for taking time out to comment on my silly blog ... you are always so nice.
    Know that you're in the thoughts of all your readers and friends.
    Big hugs and lots of love to you, Jean.

  70. Nicolene RichardsJuly 23, 2013 at 1:08 PM

    I suppose it is common courtesy to reply if another blogger leaves a comment, but considering the time required to do so, I hardly ever respond but always try to at least visit the blog from where the comment originates. Your outfit is indeed very refreshing considering it's mid winter in Cape Town, making me look forward to summer!

  71. Yes, it looks like that's the most accepted form, and I'm personally happy when anyone stops by! I'm talkative though, so no surprise that I like the chat. Hope you're having a good week down there!

  72. Oh I love your gray outfit, very chic.

  73. Love your pink and grey outfit. You always wear floral trousers so well! Comments comments - always a hairy issue. I am pretty time strapped and that's why I don't reply to comments very often. I prefer to go say hi directly with a comment on the commenter's blog. If I have the luxury of a spare moment I will go through my blog feed and comment on posts I find there. But I have no "strategy" - there are blogs I just read without commenting aplenty these days. I admire people who reply to comments and comment on many blogs, but equally am very sanguine about those who I follow and don't reply to my comments on their blogs. I feel like saying I don't have the time is some kind of cop out but it is seriously the case and I don't like to have to feel guilty about not being able to make time for it when there are more pressing issues offline like my increasingly tough day job, my creative night job and finding time for my partner somewhere in between. I do though come back to read all your replies to my comments here. Because I feel you hold a real conversation I enjoy continuing.

  74. Thank you so much. It's become one of my favorites, suddenly. Loud pants, soft top!
    I appreciate you stopping by.

  75. Glad you popped in to read this. Thank you for all. The change to Disqus will, I hope, make it more convenient for anyone interested in hanging out here at all. Know you're extra busy, as we are with festival season at our door. I understand reading much more that it's possible to comment on, so please feel comfortable if and when you are moved to stop by. I have Mondays, Tuesdays and a bit of Thursday and Friday to get it all done, and just like to chat back and encourage when I can. I have other bloggers like you to thank for quite a lot of that, and try to pass it on.

    But, I do understand time and energy constraints, and life and family and work. Hope blogging is always just a side-dish to provide a little extra flavor!

  76. Thank you so much Jan, I did it! I am spectacularly slow at techy things so thanks for the clear instructions. I even added my blog avatar! Xx

  77. AHeartandSoulStoryJuly 28, 2013 at 3:08 AM

    You look so fab in this outfit!! I love the pants. You got great legs for them! I would love to wear more printed trousers but feel my hips are just too wide. Well, maybe one day. So glad you joined disqus. It definitely works well for me!! Lovely look and even with my late comment, wish you a nice day!

  78. floral jeans are super.I like it

  79. very nice style ,get the coolest fashion and gear this season ...vist ==> www.ahappydeal.com


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