Monday, November 11, 2013

Style Choices and the Grim Reaper

It may just be a hangover from our recent Halloween festivities, but I've been feeling more than a little grim this week about how I look. Especially in photos. Although the numbers on the scale remain constant, I feel fat. 
And ancient. 
I hate my hair and my face. 
I even hate my first name. 
We all have days, weeks or just moments like this, and the grimness is transitory (we hope), and often followed by a better, more optimistic week.

As I mused in a comment to someone on one of the blogs, somewhere, it's only been recently that I've realized that many of the favorite clothes that live in my closet today will still be there the day after I'm dead.  Ick!

Barring being run over by a very big truck, or being struck by lightning, or succumbing to a quick and deadly failure of a critical organ, I'm not likely to croak  very soon. I'm in pretty good health so far as I know, so I'll probably live for a quite a while yet, but none of us come out of this alive. I don't mean to be a complete downer here, but it's a fact. (Except for Dan, according to him. He intends to live forever, and I devoutly wish him success with this project.) 

Assuming I predecease Mr. Immortal, he'll have to clean out the closets at some point. Knowing his attention to all issues of sustainability, he'll recycle it out into the world, somehow.

So, at a certain age, I think we all have to honestly assess just what the hell we're saving all the good stuff for!

All of you vintage collectors have to be aware of the wonder of the vibe that's sometime left behind by past owners of your new-to-you garments; mysterious and full of an intriguing and contradictory sense of potential. Selfish cow that I am, I don't want to risk feeling like I missed a lot of the potential fun my favorite garments suggest to me while I actually own them. I want to have worn out and be completely finished with my best stuff when I move on to any other plane of existence.

So, I am making a concentrated effort to pull out and wear my favorite things much more often. Not just the costlier closet inhabitants, and my mother's good jewelry, but the fun stuff ... like the recently excavated $9.00 tutu, or costume jewelry that I bought just because of how much fun it looked to be at the time.

I have recently unearthed two chambray shirts that I really like so much that I've taken the time to properly shorten for better proportion. But,  as many of you know, I'm slow to to adopt new style ideas without first completely over-thinking them. I've been fussing around with ways to wear them where I don't look like a farm hand or an elderly teenager. In the spirit of living-it-up just a little, I've combined them here with some unrepentantly fake sparklies. I love the way this looks on young women, and don't much care if it looks jejune on me. I really needed to have some fun with casual wear this week, and piled on the trends ( ... 'scuse me. Style ideas.)

Blue chambray, my favorite deep red skinnies, my sparkly gold pumps that I don't get to wear nearly as often as I like, and bronze chains, 
rhinestones and pointy things.

Detail ... with me weirdly reflected in
one of the round stones on top!  The reflection
looks like a tiny little matador with a mustache.

A still casual, but slightly fancier charcoal-ish chambray shirt ...
silver chains, baubles and rhinestone necklaces.  Individually fun, but 
much more fun together.  Also, my favorite black coated jeans and 
shoes with a pewter cap-toe pumps that I just adore.

Again, detail. The top necklace needs an extender ... 
I'd prefer to wear this with an open collar.

So, I'm feeling better about everything.  I have two, new go-to outfits for days that bring even a tiny case of the blues. 

 The other thing I figured out is that if I only add things to my wardrobe that I completely adore, and keep on doing it, I might live a very, very long time, and gorgeously ... I'll need the time for all the fun I intend to have playing in my closet!


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Late Breaking Update  11/18/2013: 
I'm joining Patti at her fabulous Visible Monday ! Come over and see what we're all up to!


Have a great week, all!  Thanks for reading, and feel free to let me know what you think about what I wrote, or anything you want me to hear!


  1. Glenda @ So What to TwentyNovember 11, 2013 at 9:39 PM

    I always think of Carrie Bradshaw on Sex in the city and how she would move about town in her fabulous Manolo's. I loved how she was totally over dressed for the occasion. I haven't fully arrived to wearing a glitter dress for day, but a great statement necklace runs a close second! I really like your two outfits...clean and chic :)

  2. I'm in total agreement! Wear the great stuff now. Today. And then tomorrow. Pile on the bling. Rhinestones during the day. Wear the sparkly gold pumps! You look gorgeous!

  3. Brava! This is a lesson for us all!

  4. Mrs_Jack_of_all_tradesNovember 11, 2013 at 11:58 PM

    Super! Both of them are FABULOUS! I love the red skinnies and darker blue but the grey on black is equally stunning! Also you did brilliantly by balancing the 'tougher' denim with those pretty necklaces.. one of my favorites of yours definitely!

    p.s. I have the same 'hangover' issue almost everyday.. bummer!

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

  5. Yes to wearing all your great stuff now instead waiting for that special occasion!! I really love both outfits and can't decide which one I like better. I want to let you know that you do not look like a farmer or an elderly teenage (love this!!). You look like a great fashionista that you are :)


  6. Yes, yes, yes! Wear what you love and give the rest away to charity (or flog it on ebay and go for a dirty weekend with immortal Dan)! Go to the supermarket in your ballgown and wear sparkly jewellery with your pyjamas.

    My Mum & Grandma were both inveterate hoarder and having to deal with bags and bags of unworn stuff made their deaths even more depressing.

    Love the chambray shirt with the bling and how good those skinny jeans look on you. I hope you're over your hate stage 'cos you look bloody gorgeous to me (but, yep, I have phases like that, too!)

  7. Ah yes, the reality of our mortality once we pass a certain age. Another thing to consider are the diaries of our youth ... lol. Just throw open the closet and deal with each item. (I love Vix's suggestion of going to the supermarket in your ballgown and sparkly jewellery with your pjs)
    You look stunning in both these outfits Jan and all I can suggest is carpe diem dear, capre diem ... just go for it and have some fun.
    You look fabulous so I don't understand why you feel fat, however, I do understand feeling that way. So much so that I'm back on my eating plan and trying to drop a few pounds and working out and doing pilates to blogilates youtube videos - I'm feeling a difference but wish it would change quicker.
    Have a stunning day
    Sassy Style

  8. Ahhh...but you do look fabulous love. Both outfits look killer, I can't decide which I like more. Oddly, I've been having the same kind of week. I've been carrying around a few extra pounds (a few when you're 5'2" is an issue), and since I don't yet own a proper flash for my camera I've had to really crank up the ISO. I've noticed this makes the pictures not only noisy, but it also really emphasizes the age in my face. I've been trying to embrace it, but sometimes it's easier said than done. So this week I'm going to try and wear only fabulous outfits and maybe buy a nice flash for my camera!

  9. Wear it now! All that stuff you've been saving for best, the things which make you smile and feel good - wear it! (Yes, I'm doing my Stern Voice!) What do we keep things for, why do we wait? Who cares if people wonder why you are dressed fancy? People ask me where I'm going all the time, as though I must have dressed up for some special occasion. (My usual answer is "here!")
    My girls have already earmarked a few of my bits and pieces for themselves "when you're dead, Mum" so some of my wardrobe might live on. But I intend to wear the hell out of it first!
    I think we all know what you mean when you acknowledge how you feel about yourself at the moment, Jan. But it will pass, and listening to positive feedback from others (and doing your very best to believe it) helps, I find. Age, size, shape; none of them either confers or denies style and beauty. Those things are separate entities, and you have them both in spades.
    Love the shirts (such a great fit) with the slim fit trousers, heels and blingy necklaces, that's a fabulous look on you, Jan. And that quirky little reflection is amazing!

    Chin up - you may not be immortal (leave that to Dan the Man) but you are bright, beautiful, honest, thoughtful, clever, and so damn stylish! xxxxx

  10. I love both of these outfits! You are looking chic and expensive, I mean this in a good way. A bit of JCrew and Theory mix. Super cute jeans with the shoes. Yes, wear the good stuff is a wise thing to do. I do think looking good and feeling good go hand and hand. Today I'm sanding gesso so old jeans and sweater for me.

    We all feel down about our selves at times, I know I do too. Aging isn't for sissies as my Dad says. Yesterday I gave three large bags to Savers of clothes from the early 90's. Nice things, but am I really going to wear them? I do feel better about things doing this.

    blue hue wonderland

  11. dear lady, I'm glad you've decided to wear all these fabulous bijouterie, and have fun with your clothes, you look gorgeous wearing your chambray shirts and shiny necklaces, such a pretty combo!
    And I'm a huge fan of wearing whatever you want just now, and never save anything for a special moment: because every day is Special!!
    besos & Viva la Vida!!

  12. Fat & grim? I don't see it at all! Young & hip? Yep, that's what's showing here! Must be the sugar aftermath and nothing else because you look amazing!
    I still pine for things I gave away. I'm a hoarder at heart and a simplistic Swede in my aesthetics, so my days are constantly spent tugging and pulling between my natural tendencies and desire to keep life simple. I never know which side will win. Naturally, neither does.

  13. Hello Jan.
    I agree with you, wear your good pieces, what are they for? Besides it's a waist of money if they keep stored lol ;)

    You look so lovely and stylish in both outfits, but I like most the one with the deep red pants, well maybe I'm bias, because I like that colour a lot.

    As for the way you're feeling, I sooooo understand you..... I guess I'm with you in that now.

    Thank you so much for linking up, much appreciated!!
    I'm so happy to meet you too.


  14. You are certainly not fat and grim! You are beautiful and youthful. I only found your blog a few weeks ago and one of the reasons I follow you is because I love your style and think I could learn a few things from you. I don't just follow anyone, ya know!

    PS -- Love that grey shirt and love the jewellry.

  15. Aya in CouturgatoryNovember 12, 2013 at 9:13 AM

    I love both of your outfits! Those shirts look like such a perfect, tailored fit. I don't think the look is teenager-ish at all. (In fact, one of the things I think distinguishes women from teens is clothes that fit properly and flatter! That and women can carry a pride and confidence that is special hotness.)

    May I say that while age-defying looks aren't the thing that define a woman, you're one of the bloggers that made me exclaim "Holy shit!" aloud when you mentioned your age because I thought you were over a decade younger?

    I'm starting to feel the whiff of mortality and the speed at which life happens, and I imagine that comprehension will deepen over time. Now that it is, the women I most admire are ones I see who visibly embrace life and themselves. I think dressing in whatever one likes is a lovely reflection of this.

    In my mid-twenties, I had a period of great concern about skirts above my knees and dressing for age appropriateness. Then I saw my mother, who it's safe to say is older than I, wearing short flippy skirts and she looked amazing. I haven't worried about it since! I'm looking to my style blogger heroes as inspiration for how I can dress elegantly, sexily, and joyfully in the years to come.

  16. It is funny you mention the bit about your closet and then passing away. My husband and I have recently started going to Estate Sales. One of the companies that puts them on is called The Next Move…which I am sure you can image is quite macabre considering the fact that 95% of the people using that service "moved" into a casket and are now buried 6 ft under. It is their relatives or the government that is reaping the benefits now. A fact that is not at all lost on me when I am there peaking my head in their closet and going through their stuff at the sale. What is worse is when some of their neighbours come to the sale and start talking about them. It totally creeps me out. I'm learning to get over it, but it certainly makes me think about who will be going through my stuff and grabbing pieces once I am gone.

    I do love your outfits and I think you always dress classy. I think you need to banish that ageist from your brain. She doesn't belong there and is taking up too much space. Along with any other negativity. As you pointed out…we only live once and you'd best make it count.


  17. see how clothes can lift that grim mood of yours? You look wonderful and this reminded me of that little poem about an "old lady" who now wears her best perfume to the bank....Know the one? Why save the good stuff? Time is running out ( am thinking of this as a birthday looms.....) xoxo

  18. I think what you are experiencing is November. I've had a case of it too. Blech! You manage to look wonderful in spite of it, and it's better to look good than to feel good if you know what I'm saying.

    Ok, maybe not.

    Live long, prosper and be gorgeous!

  19. Tamera Ferguson WolfeNovember 12, 2013 at 5:07 PM

    Great post Jan!! I love both of your blinged out chambray outfits!! I am so copying this idea as I just thrifted a new chambray shirt to replace the one that was too big.
    I'm more worried about what will hubby (or daughter) do with all my craft stuff and Christmas stuff when I leave this mortal coil....

  20. YES! Life is short. Buy the shoes; wear the bling; kiss that guy; laugh, flirt, flaunt, repeat.
    Smart cookie tailoring those shirts because you look like a knockout! Not hicky, not junior, just really jetset-cosmo-trendy. The necklaces are to die for as a great style elevation to the lowly chambray shirt.


  21. Oh, these outfits are CUTE! I have a lovely chambray shirt .. hanging in the closet .. I may try this look tomorrow.


  22. Oh you little worrier. Have a look at my email and you will feel better. I think you look wonderful. Always. These two outfits prove that again. And apart from that you have what it takes to really shine: personality !!! A great personality.
    As for the outfits I like them both. I don't mind the necklace being up that high in the grey/black outfit. That also looks nice. Both pairs of shoes are divine.
    Let your light shine darling. And never, NEVER save clothes.

  23. Love both outfits. You make them look so jazzy. I'm with you on breaking out the good stuff. Sometimes, I dress up just to work here at home, believe it or not. But mostly, I sit at home in my gym clothes at least half the day, until I get some work cranked out! Current style dilemma: how to make a blouse and slacks a little more jazzy--because in truth, that's what i want to wear most days when I work at home. Ideas?

    You look lovely as always, Jan!

  24. Oh Jan, I have to say these are some of my favourite looks on you! Also I totally identify, I reached a point a couple of years ago when my closet audit started that I decided to wear everything more and it meant not saving the 'best' dinner set or cutlery for 'special' occasions either. Everyday with family and friends is special enough :-) I'm hoping to build on that fully in 2014!

  25. Hello dear...I like your style...And your pictures always have such an elegance..

    I would be very glad if you also visited my blog and follow me if you like it..Just let me know so that I can follow you back

    Thank you...


  26. Thanks, Glenda. You may not show up in a ball gown, but you have the best eye for proportion for us petite flowers that I ever saw. You have extreme flair, and your choices always inspire me. Glad you stopped by, and so happy you read.

  27. As I was writing the part about vintage collectors, and the "potential of the past" in each garment, I was thinking of your brilliant way of using your collection. You inspire in ways I'm not even sure you can imagine.
    Glad you liked my post, Judith. That's enough to make my day better, no matter what.

  28. Hi my dear!! I definitely agree these two outfits are one of my favourite looks of yours- I adore denim and how you've paired the shirts with these statement necklaces looks really stylish and you do look lovely in both outfits! xxx

  29. How nice to rediscover a few fave pieces and reinvent them with a new look. And the bling rocks. You look great! I've been looking at myself lately and not liking a lot of things, but I know I'm being too hard on myself, and I find dressing up and putting on a much-loved piece always makes me feel better. And it may sound morbid but I HAVE thought about what would happen to my extensive closet if I were gone - what member of my family want to sort through it all, sell the good stuff and donate it all to an animal welfare charity? Xo

  30. LOVE this post, Jan. So sorry about your temporary mood, but you have me cracking up...from the hating your name to the immortal one. haha
    Both of these outfits are truly divine and you look absolutely gorgeous. Talk about pulling something out of your closet that flatters to no end and can give your spirits a lift! I keep telling myself that I want to wear my "outfit favorites" MORE...and eliminate the less appealing riff raff. I have weekly imaginary therapy sessions for this issue. haha

  31. Thank you! Glad you had some fun with it. My primary urge is to entertain, and although I might offer information, I don't feel qualified to teach anything about style. But if you found some fun and an idea you liked, I'm thrilled! Glad you stopped by!

  32. That mood was just one that happens sometimes ... not very often, but to everyone, I think. Usually when "I'm under-slept."
    I'm cautious about wearing denim as it is so often worn here for it's original use; work clothes. So, I had some fun, but it usually doesn't work so easily for me!
    So happy you had fun, though. Here's to fewer "mirror-shock hangovers!"
    Glad to hear from you any time ... thanks so much for your kind comments.

  33. Wow! High praise, indeed, from one of my role models and absolute authority on adding statement pieces! A little whining seems to garner all kinds of kind words. (I will try not to abuse the kindness, though!)
    So glad to hear from you, Alice, as always.

  34. Vix! Hey there! Dan really liked your idea ... schedule conflicts leave him disappointed for the moment, but soon!
    Thanks so much for your sweet remarks. So kind! And yup, I'm in a much better mood ... got there pretty fast after I actually put on my "jools" and sparkly heels!
    And, of course, after reading all the kind things you coinspirators had to say. What would we do without all of us!?
    'Appreciate all, Vix. A pleasure whenever you drop by!

  35. OMG, Wendy ... your reminder had me scurrying to get rid of diaries! Thank you!
    Yup, and there's nothing like a little carpe diem attitude for making your own fun by raiding your own closet. It also occurs to me that I'm wasting money on the whole deal if I don't get some cost-per-wear action going!
    Part of the "feeling fat" is inculturated, and nothing cures it for me faster than looking at the thoughts and struggles that we all go through ... all the women and girl bloggers who so bravely tackle this issue ... speaking of diem carpe-ing. Thanks for the encouraging words as well as the very kind comments!
    Good luck to you this winter ... are you a cold weather eater? I am, and it's particularly tough on nights when Dan makes chicken tarragon and crab bisque at the restaurant!

  36. It's hard when we're as short as we are!!!!! (And you have at least 2 more inches than I do!
    Actually, I find that carrying a bit of extra weight helps keep my face fat ... which I hated when I was younger, but I value every little glob of fat right now. Until they slip down to my jowls. And so far, if I grin real wide like I usually do, even they aren't too bad.
    I look scary in flash photography, so I don't allow it ... ahem!
    I'm a lot less blue this week, and you guys always help me avoid feeling that way, at least not worse than I could! Yeaaaayyyy for sister-bloggers. Especially short sister-bloggers!
    Thanks for the support, and very kind words. I appreciate it a lot when you stop by!

  37. Thank you so much for saying nice things, yet again. I hope you were entertained!
    The whole reason I feel free to whine a bit about the "God, who is that hag in my mirror" days is that I know we all feel it from time to time. Glad to be able to report success in feeling better as soon as I put on my "jools" and fancy shoes.
    It's not been that long since an especially nasty woman customer said to me " You're all dressed up for a little ol' waitress ..." The women with her were clearly mortified. Instead of what I desperately *wanted* to say, I cooed "Why, I dress up to show my customers how much I value them." Not true at all, but she smiled happily. (May her rash never heal.)
    My daughter is going to be shocked at just how little is left for her! (She's a bit of a pill, worrying about inheritance issues, sometimes. Cute in kids, not so cute in middle aged women.)
    I don't have many really grim days about my looks, and I get out of them pretty quickly, Friends like you guys are indispensable for the cure! But I'm practicing my preaching about wearing the fun stuff more often.
    And I will remember the kindness of your words, Curtise. All kidding aside, you're just astonishing and amazing and a genuinely decorative and Pretty Person... a real pleasure to know and watch as you evolve! So glad you dropped by for a chat.
    I can't wait to hear about your new job!
    Big ol' hugs to you kid, if you like them!

  38. Hey, Anne! Do sand by hand or do you use an electric sander? There's nothing like sanding gesso for your arms, back and front! I know you know what I mean!
    Such kind words ... they mean more coming from you! Looking good in the mirror, for me, is a sure way to set up my day ... and make me nicer to everyone else. Sad and shallow, but true!
    Your dad was right!
    I'll make a trip to Savers (at last, a *store* we actually have here as well!) at the end of winter, when I've figured out my mistakes from this year's questing!
    Thanks for all ... can't wait to hear about the show.

  39. Gracias, Senora! My new word for the day "bijouterie"! They are that, aren't they. My little mini poodle is called Bijou, so I should know that word and it's extensions. Thank you, and for your very nice remarks. Glad you liked my combos! I am one that has to work at feeling like every day is special, but it's an idea I need to repeat every morning ... good reminder!

    Have a wonderful week, Lovely Lady Allnut!

  40. You have a great sense of humour and I love your name Jan! We all have days when we look in the mirror and criticize our reflections! When that happens, I know I need a good night's sleep--they don't call it beauty sleep for nothing.

    You look fantastic in both outfits.

    Good night *yawn*

    ♥ carmen

  41. Hi Jan, I sand by hand because most things are 3-D. Oh yes it's good for the arms.
    I thought of your post as Dean was leaving for an appointment this week. I was sitting in my pajamas by a space heater and thinking about my shoulder. Last year I had frozen shoulder and now some pain again. As he was going to the colon doctor he looked at me and said "Stay positive, be happy, think youthful and stay sexy!" Now you just have to smile at this, especially from a man who is getting an "not so much fun" exam!

  42. Thanks, Kim, for the sweet support. (I'm so behind in getting back to all ... please forgive!) Yah... just had one of those days, but it did get better quick when I chased some fun.
    Know what you mean about pining for items once they're gone. I still miss a gray lace skirt I gave away because I couldn't find a top for it.
    I've decided to make another category in my pruning list. I'm going to cut some slack to items that just don't have mates, like that little skirt. The next post for 11/18 includes a skirt I've had for years that I'm just now finding ways to wear. It did fall into the category of never worn, but not because it wasn't loved. Just problematic.
    Wish I were more concerned about simplicity ... I'm not a hoarder (yet!) but I always see the potential for items I should pitch ... "No wait! I could use that for such-and-such .... I need that!"
    Sad, and very un-grownup.

  43. Hey, Seeker! I didn't feel that way long because I'm easily cheered by dressing up. Clearly, I'm shallow that way ... but Dan can just throw any old shiny thing at me and I'll go play happily in the corner!
    Thank you so much for your supportive and very sweet compliments. That always helps, too!
    So sorry to be so slow in reply ... oddly busy week.
    Glad to have a place to play with kids my age at your link-up!
    You're always welcome here!

  44. So kind of you to say so! I'm happy that you're enjoying my blog, 'cause I aim to entertain. (Sorry to be so slow in reply ... oddly busy week!) The best thing, for me, about all our blogs by women of a certain age is that we can be inspired by each other! And I love writing about what I manage to figure out!
    Welcome ... and stop by any time!

  45. Hey, Aya! What a boost! I sincerely appreciate your support and huge compliments. So kind of you, you young whippersnapper!
    I hope that we can all consider our age thoughtfully. The decades behind me carry all the meaning I've accrued in my life. That I have many fewer ahead than behind has to have an impact on how I see myself. Just trying to stay interested and interesting while I do it.
    Tell your mom ... "Yeaaayyyy, you!" from me, please. Excellent way she raised her daughter!
    Glad you liked my little matador ... and knowing you were reading my blog at 7AM is seriously impressive. I gotta be careful of what I write!
    Sorry for being so slow to reply ... much busier week than ususal. At least I was away from the computer a lot!
    Have a great week, Aya!

  46. Awwww. Thanks, Suzanne ... always great to hear from you! You're always such a sweet supportive, bloggy buddy!
    The Next Move ... yikes! Is that the Canadian Sense of Humor? (Actually, I kind of like it.) Hope I can take steps to avoid that before I croak! No nosey strangers.
    I hope my consideration of age and mortality isn't just negativity. But I agree that it doesn't do to dwell on it. Making it count is, indeed, the right idea. (Not completely sure we only do live *only* once, but that's another converation!)
    Sooo sorry to be so far behind in replies ... more time away from the clone here that I expected!
    Have a great week, S!

  47. Thank you, Paula. I hadn't heard of of that particular old lady, but I'm so with her! I wear my best perfume whenever I can for exactly the same reason!
    I'm so glad to hear from you ... I need a better way to keep up with the bloggers I love to read, like you. Bloglovin' isn't a very appealing way ... gotta make my own, more accessible list.
    When I get time ... suddenly I'm away from the computer more that I'm accustomed to be! Sorry it took so long to reply!
    Have a groovy week, Paula!

  48. Possibly. I love winter, but it's hardly winter here. I think it was a slow weekend at the restaurant combined with staying up too late, too many nights in a row. Feeling much better now ... got some sleep!
    Sweet of you to like my looks ... I always feel better when I play dress up in the big costume jewelry box!
    Sorry it took me so long to reply ... I've been busier than usual this week and at odd times!
    Have a great week ... so glad you stopped by!

  49. Hello, Lovely Sabine! So nice to hear from you. Thank you for your very kind comments. I'm feeling a lot happier this week. And I'm sorry for being so slow to reply. Busy week, and that's good!
    Your daughter will just carry on your traditions ... but she'll be a very old lady when it's her turn! May you play in your closet for many, many years to come!
    So glad you stopped by!

  50. There you go! Glad to give back some of the inspiration I get from you all the time. So happy you needed a new chambray shirt for the reason you did. Yeaaaaayyyy you!
    Hope you can play with your craft stuff for decades and decades to come!
    Have a great, furry-mom week. (Kona, our chocolate lab-greyhound mix had a big surgery this week and had to go back this AM 'cause he pulled out all his stitches last night! Arrggggh. He looks like he'll be fine, but his incision at his hip was about 8" long! One of the reasons I've been slow to answer this week.)

  51. Yup to all of that! Dan says no to the flirting ... unless it's with him. Duh.
    Thanks, Alicia! So nice of you to like them. I was pretty pleased to teach myself how to shorten a shirt with tails!
    I'm getting into my big, statement necklaces this year. Must be that "statement" making comes much too easily to opinionated old me!
    Natural match!
    So sorry it's taken so long to get back to everyone! I was away from the computer a lot this week ... extra trips to town, dog surgery (all is well, there) etc.
    You know I'm always thrilled to hear from you.

  52. Yeah, I'm a fussbudget ... that's American for worry-wart. And thanks so much for your soooo-sweet email, and all your support. I didn't mean to be such a sad-girl ... but you all made me feel better fast! That and playing in the costume jewelry box!
    I'm taking your advise, and in the next post (11/18) I'm wearing a favorite skirt that I don't wear much. Hope you like what I did with it.
    I'm lucky that my work clothes are often my dress clothes as well!
    So sorry it's taken me too long to reply ... lots of little, extra stuff this week that took me away from home and my clone-computer!
    Have a great week, dear Greetja!

  53. Hey, Crystal! Thank you ... so glad you enjoyed my silly and slightly morbid post. And sorry I'm so slow in reply. Crazy week.
    You strike me as a real-thing kind of girl in the jewelry department. But would you enjoy a big, glam-costume jewelry necklace with your blouse and slacks? I'm having fun with them, and they're meant to be worn very casually now, instead of with ball-gowns, like they were when we were growing up. Bracelets get on my nerves while I'm typing on the computer, so maybe that wouldn't work!
    I have a Queen Bee costume jewelry ring that is so over-the-top that I've never worn it out of the house. But I wear it sometimes when I'm working or playing here at home ... just love it too much to let it languish in the box!
    So happy to hear from you!

  54. Wow ... high praise from you, one of my style icons! Thank you for saying so! Sorry to be so slow getting back this week. Unexpected business!
    We decided long ago to use the good cutlery and china as well. It's just us, but we have way more fun if we don't just use the everyday dishes. The problem with it is that they cease to be special if I use those pieces every day, but we're lucky enough to have inherited the treasured pieces from 2 great-grandmothers, 4 grandmothers, and our own mothers. So we have some depth to play with, and keep strata of the good stuff. Sadly, it's almost all about food and food presentation. Can you see how the restaurant industry comes naturally to us! We live for food.
    So glad to hear from you!

  55. Thank you, Chadlen. So nice of you.
    Glad you had fun, and you're welcome here any time!

  56. Hey, Sharon! I know you love your denim ... high praise from you as a denim expert, and so happy that you think I did it right! I'm obsessing a bit with these great, gaudy pieces. You'll be seeing more of these here ... so much fun.
    Have a great week, and come back soon!

  57. You have absolutely the best excuse in the world to notice changes, but you are looking absolutely glowing and a Yummy Mummy indeed! And yes, you must be too hard on yourself if you don't appreciate how Post-Postpartum Pretty and Pulchritudinous you are looking!
    Thank you, GC, for your kind support.
    So happy you dropped by ... you're always welcome!

  58. Awww ... thanks, Lovely Lisa! Yes, my mood was temporary, but I'm so pleased you got a kick out of my silly stories. We all have days like that, or at least minutes. I'm trying hard not to even give closet room to things that don't at least go with my favorite pieces.
    Speaking of therapy ... I'm having a blast playing in the "bling box" ... this season has brought so many fun and inexpensive pieces, that I have managed a few new ones. Really cheering to wear them!
    Have a great week, lady! So glad to hear from you!

  59. Camen, you are SOOOO right about a good night's sleep. We've been on the go much more than usual, and busier with just "stuff". A good night's thorough rest helps a lot.
    Glad you liked my post and that the outfits worked! Lots of fun making myself feel better ... helped, in great part, by comments like yours!
    Thanks for all ... you are welcome here anytime!

  60. Wow, wow, wow. First off, without going down to read everyone else's comments, let me tell you to just hush your negative nancy thoughts right this second young lady. You are beautiful, truly, both inwardly AND outwardly. These two glamorous and on trend without being lamb ish outfits prove your exceptionality. And if you need to hear more of this every darn day, then I will send you an email saying so for as long as you need it. I heart you. So smile, and look forward with relish and joy in your heart.


  61. Renae of Simple SequinsNovember 19, 2013 at 6:14 PM

    Fun details Jan. I love detailed close ups. I guess that is why I always try to do them, because I feel the art and fashion is in the details.

  62. What would I do without bloggy buddys like you? Not to worry ... we all have days like this, and a good scrounge in the closet with a raid on the junk jewelry box can right just about any bad mood.
    But I'll get in a funk more often if you'll write nice things like all of the above!!
    You're the best. I'm fine now. The mood did get me to take out the things I really love and wear them more ... so it's all good.
    Hope you're enjoying your hiatus. Do come back someday, though. We all miss your face!
    Big old cyber hugs to you, Adorable Alyssa!

  63. I have a hard time getting the focus right ... it may be because my camera was dropped by SOMEBODY named DAN. Harumph. But yes, I got my inspiration from you to do this, actually! You good influence, you!

  64. You're so sweet Jan! That's wonderful - I would love to have so much heritage too!

  65. I had a good chuckle about this post, I know the feeling of hatred for whatever it is that comes up in the mirror but refuse to say it out loud as I would create an audience for my own grimness. However, I enjoyed your post extremely and find it refreshing and very true. Your outfit is fabulous, love the chambray shirt, it's kind of liberating wearing anything remotely boyish, hence my weekend visit to a department store to buy a male shirt, in Pink! Nice post! In fact, this post made my day!

  66. Girl friend you look fabulous!!! And the necklaces are gorgeous! No matter what your age is - you do not look it! Tell me if you are using some wonderful creams & I will go out & get it!!
    So enjoy your blog!


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