Monday, June 16, 2014

Liked It So Much I Did It Again!

I just had to go back and get this second shirt-dress, just like the one you just saw last week, except in a black, gray and white print.

Lots of mini-style forays for me in this one little look. No pop of color this time ... staying clean-lined and minimal and monochromatic.

Python ... I don't wear a lot of animal prints. I've known and liked some very nice real-live pythons, and loved one particularly charming ball python (or royal ... python regius) who was pretty adorable with a very nice temperament. Even for members of her species, who are generally fairly docile, she was a peach of a python. They get their name because, when freaked, they roll up into a ball. She was good company, and liked to hang out, draped over my shoulders when I would watch television or read.
Haven't decided if wearing an obvious print in a very un-snake-like fabric encourages the use of real skins, or discourages it and takes the pressure off the market. I very much hope it's the latter.
Consequently, wearing this print makes me a little self-conscious, but the fabric is so cool and light I get over it fairly quickly. Just a fashion victim, conscience be damned.

Skinnies ... this cut is new for me; Old Navy "Rock Star" with a side zip. Great skinnies to go under long tunics with flat front. Not quite leggings, not traditional jeans but with back pockets. I love the fit.

I'm getting a great deal more wear from this watch with a white leather strap than I imagined. Like white shoes, it feels fresh with things I'd never imagine it with.

I haven't so much suddenly started carrying a clutch as remembering to photograph them. This one holds the Kindle Fire and the other necessities easily. As with this dress, I liked this clutch so much I did it again, except in creamy white.

Speaking of my Kindle Fire ...

I'm such a Senior Citizen. One of the reasons I'm behind with my correspondence, blog visits and comments and responses and sewing is that I just discovered Bluetooth super-light headphones. Really, they're ear-buds attached to a StarTrekish,  almost weightless,collar-thing, sort of a space-age torc. And with it, I can not only talk on the phone ( imagine that!) I can connect to my Kindle Fire and listen to all the music I own. With astonishing sound quality. I know you all know about these things, but I'm a little behind in the tech department.

The really time-killing and insanely fun part of this is that a couple of days ago, Amazon announced the start of their Prime Music feature. With Amazon Prime, there are umpteen bazillion songs and albums you can get at no extra charge. Prime membership is now $99.00 a year, and at that it's a value for us, but I've had that much and more fun the last couple of days, downloading and play list building.

Picture me bopping all around the house (ALL around the house!) in my jammies, dancing with the dogs! I'm so happy. I have about 35 minutes of high energy work out plays that, if I dance my way through all of them, I need a hit on the inhaler. (We shall see how long that enthusiasm lasts.)

The currently playing list includes;
Raise Your Glass (Pink)
Brave (Sara Bareilles)
Carry On, Wayward Son (Kansas)
Go Your Own Way ( Fleetwood Mac)
Grenade (Bruno Mars)
I'm Alright (Kenny Loggins)
I Only Want to Be with You ( one by Dusty Springfield, another by Bay City Rollers)
Jump ( Van Halen )
Saturday Night (... yes, another BCR favorite ...)
Relax (Frankie Goes to Hollywood ) (...yikes...)
Glory Days ( Bruce Sprinsteen)
Kyrie (Mr. Mister)
She's So Mean (Matchbox Twenty)
Sharp Dressed Man (ZZ Tops)
... and I'm just getting started.

Gotta go ... the poodles want to tango. Tell me what songs make you dance like nobody's watching!

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  1. I love your outfit and your playlist but not sure I could cuddle a python without feeling utter terror. The Bay City Rollers always make me dance like nobody's watching. If it makes you feel better you are more technologically advanced than I am. I have an ancient hand-me-down ipod from my son and I plug it into some speakers. I do have a very basic smartphone but barely know how to use it.

    OH I also meant to say, I've heard that Old Navy Rock star jeans are really good but was disappinted to find I couldn't get a good fit in them. Yours sure look great with your outfit!

  2. Patti_NotDeadYetStyleJune 16, 2014 at 7:31 PM

    Love the long-over-long and those fab wedge sandals, Jan. And your playlist too - now I have "I'm Alright" in my head and I am seeing a dancing gopher. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xox.

  3. Glad you did it again - because it's worth seeing again! I love it all, and if I could maneuver a side zip I'd look into getting a pair of those jeans.
    I'm in LOVE with your playlist, too. We have very similar tastes in music (surprise, surprise). I got some bluetooth headphones complete with microphone for Christmas.
    I'm going to need to see some photos of all these wonderful doggies soon. I'll tell you a secret. We may be "having another baby" soon as well ;-)


  4. Aha! You're definitely brianwashing me into wearing my Rogan dress. This pairing is too faboo and I even have a pair of Rock Stars! Although I've sworn off skinnies until I reach my target weight, I can certainly file this look and make it a celebratory outfit. Love, love, love!

    Also loving that playlist. I'd be more excited about Prime if I didn't already have songs lined up on my Grooveshark and Google Play accounts but thanks for giving me more songs to groove to.

  5. I can see why you got this one. it's a great look on you! A dress so nice she wore it twice. I have a few things that I wish I could get in other colors. When you find a good thing.....hmmmm...I took a hip hop dance class in the 90's so whenever I hear old school hip hop I go crazy. It embarrasses my family to no end!

  6. The Bay City Rollers? Really? No! (OK, I'll come back to them later... I had no idea they travelled across the pond to fame if not fortune in the States; reading your blog is always an education, Jan!)
    But first - if it ain't broke, wear the same dress! It's such a great look on you, cool and chic but funky too, and I love the big clutch bag and sassy wedges.
    Snakes. Not for me, I prefer my pets with fur - I'm traditional like that.
    Kindles and headphones and Amazon Prime, oh my - I have no idea about any of this stuff! So that must make me even more of a Senior Citizen. Oh well.
    Loving your play list, despite my surprise to see the BCR. They had a TV show here in the UK in the mid-70s, called Shang-a-lang (what else?) which we called Shag-a-lad, because we were childish. Well, I was 10 or 11, so that's not surprising.
    I dance all the time. The kids and I were grooving to You Should Be Dancing recently, Happy always makes me move, so does Harlem Shuffle, Rock and Roll by Led Zep, and check out I Just Can't Rely On You by Paloma Faith, you might want to add it to your list!
    Keep dancing, Jan! xxxxx

  7. HappinessatmidlifeJune 17, 2014 at 12:47 AM

    If it makes you feel any better, I don't own a bluetooth speaker for my iPhone. I still use the speaker feature. I just got the email about the Amazon Prime music and need to check it out. Have a wonderful week Jan!


  8. When I mentioned seeing Eric Faulkner from Bay City Rollers at The Acoustic festival the other day i was amazed that so many Americans and Canadians knew them. He's really good live, amazingly!
    I'm a huge fan of reptiles and despite that own a few snake and lizard skin bags (which I've inherited - not bought!). I love the print on you. I've got a 1960s catsuit I must dig out and wear, its been at least a year since i last did.
    Jon bought me a second hand Kobo for my birthday and download loads of stuff to read. Its perfect for the beach but I still love the feel of a battered old paperback. I have an MP3 player somewhere but I feel vulnerable walking without being about to hear so tend not to use it.
    Show me the tango-ing poodles! xxx

  9. I really like this shirt dress on you, not surprised you bought another. Not a fan of animal prints myself but definitely don't think they encourage skin wearing. I'll happily potter round the house to any swing music x

  10. se├▒ora allnutJune 17, 2014 at 5:29 AM

    even cooler than previous outfit, and so elegant!, and love that subtle oriental vibe!
    Python print looks sophisticated on you!!
    (I'm a rock&roll dancer, particularly classic ACDC songs! and The Clash!)

  11. oh, I love black and white for summer! It's very classy and timeless. And shirt dresses are the best, so versatile. I would feel good about wearing a fake animal print, because it says you don't want to use the real thing. Anyone who wants to use real animals will do it anyway. Great look!

  12. Oh there are so many songs I love to dance to. I'm like you...very eclectic tastes.

    Love the black skinnies and the clutch is fantastic.


  13. Excellent list, I like your taste (and the outfit too, lest I forget, I like long over leggings), my favorites are there (esp. Kenny Loggins and Frankie Goes to Hollywood...yes, yikes). Let's see on mine there'd be Poker Face-Lady Gaga, Happy-Pharrell Williams, I am who I am-Lara Fabian, Forgiven, Not Forgotten-the Corrs, Alors en dance-Stromae (French), 20 ans-Zazie (French)...those are the top movers and shakers I can think of at present.

  14. Great post and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who likes to buy two of the same thing (driving mocs) - I mean if it ain't broke?

    I'm an Amazon Prime member and just got the info on the music, but haven't checked it out .. yet.


  15. You've got me dancing right along side of you with that play list. I was also so excited about this new feature and have been doing the same with the music all week, best way to clean the house. Maybe we should have a playlist sharing post . . . now that would tell a lot about a person.
    As for you outfit of doing it again, I don't blame you one bit, love this look and absolutely adore the long tunic blouse, perfect summer addition(s). So, how is it, carrying a clutch? Because I'm really super duper loving that clutch and its size. Where did you find this at?

  16. VersatilestylebytraceyJune 17, 2014 at 7:01 PM

    Dancing around the house like a crazy lunatic and embarrassing my children is on of my favorite hobbies! I love your music list and would have to add some Bon Jovi! I enjoyed your story regarding the snake, although I can't imagine myself liking one ever...don't understand friends that have them and their appeal... then again I have a rabbit I adore!

  17. When I like something a lot I will try to purchase more than one too. And this dress is flattering and classic! Your haircut is sassy cute! Are you enjoying it?

  18. I used to be a bit uncomfortable about snakes, I imagined them being cold and unpleasant to touch. But one day I decided to overcome my discomfort and touched a big snake while in Sri Lanka. Its skin was nothing as I had imagined and so, I even put the snake around my neck. Love your minimalistic look here and I too hope that wearing this kind of snake print will discourage the use of real snake skins.

  19. Dancing around the house, accompanied by your eclectic playlist, the most fun way to exercise.
    The python print tunic is very stylish on you, specially over the skinnies. I am all for a repeat if the look works well first time round and yours surely does just that. Love that large clutch.

  20. Snake fabric. I tend to think it discourages people to buy the real thing. They can be sexy in the pattern, no need to buy leather. So I hope with you.
    As for the dress, how about opening the top a little, so you get a V-neck. You are always on about how you want to elongate that part, so I thought I would put in my two cents.
    Lovely clutch, glad you bought it in creamy white as well.
    As for the music, did you never have an MP3-player? Or an Apple phone where you created play-lists on through i-Tunes?
    I don't have a wireless headset yet, but my phone is always with me and I have a plug-in head set, so I am good.
    The song that makes me dance like crazy is: Buona sera by Louis Prima..... "Buona sera signorita, buona sera, it is time to say goodby to Napoli.... ". Probably before your time (even before mine, but it is such a classic).

  21. Northern mum down SouthJune 18, 2014 at 2:33 PM

    Dancing around the house is to be highly recommended. I love a bit of Dusty Springfield. That top looks great on you and the snake print is fabulous. I think it would stop people hankering for the real thing. The cut of the skinnies works very well too. Love the idea of dancing poodles, Alf and Annie never join in!

  22. Jen, your new shirt dress is terrific. I'm currently looking for a similar one, but haven't had any luck so far. Love your entire outfit!
    I'm not a big fan of pop/rock music -- some tunes stuck in my head and then I can't get rid of them :). Recently I've been listening to jazz music --it's very soothing :)

  23. I really like this shirt dress! Python print looks chic on you!

    Alena &

  24. Thanks for your lovely visit .You look very chic in python : clever girl ! If I was more closer, I'll take a seat in your restaurant with my family ! Take care and courage for next week end ! :)

  25. So much to relate to in this post! I'm behind too, as I'm having just the right amount of fun in real life. I love the silhouette of shirt dress with skinnies, which is a look that sustains me. And the python print is 'to live for.' I tend to think that wearing animal print celebrates animals and discourages the use of real skins. I hope for that!

    Music and dancing! The world needs more of that!

  26. Love this one too! I don't like snakes, but I do love a good snake print...I have snake print shorts! Speaking of technology...I just got a new phone and had to buy the 'for Dummies' book to go with it!


  27. Debbie Baker BurnsJune 22, 2014 at 4:19 PM

    I'm always the one wanting to blast music at my house with my kids telling me to turn it down! But it makes the housework go so much faster and pleasantly. I haven't tried Amazon Prime or those headphones but it sounds like a fun thing. I get caught up in things all the time and forget what I should be doing. I've been slow on returning blog visits this week, too. About your other thing you talked about. I tend to buy multiples. My favorite flats are exactly the same, but in black, silver, red and zebra. I figure when you find a good in mass quantity...especially if it's affordable. Debbie @

  28. I love the image of you dancing around the house with your doggies! You know how to have fun, Jan! I love the snake print tunic and I'm sure no snakes were hurt in the making of it! Adorable with the Rock Star skinnies, white watch, and clutch. So chic! OXOX

    Dawn Lucy

  29. Hey, Shawna ... hope to get back by your place ASAP to catch up with you. Interesting stuff going on at your place. (My weekend starts today, Monday!) Dan and I are behind technologically for a lot of reasons. Part of it is where we live in a very rural area, another is that we don't have young folks in our immediate family, and a third is that youthful employee's incessant attention to phones has made Dan resistant to adopting texting and other media tools. I try to keep up as we've begun to find ourselves at a disadvantage in not knowing.
    Thanks for dropping by! Glad you liked my second iteration outfit!

  30. Hey, Shawna ... hope to get back by your place ASAP to catch up with you. Interesting stuff going on at your place. (My weekend starts today, Monday!) Dan and I are behind technologically for a lot of reasons. Part of it is where we live in a very rural area, another is that we don't have young folks in our immediate family, and a third is that youthful employee's incessant attention to phones has made Dan resistant to adopting texting and other media tools. I try to keep up as we've begun to find ourselves at a disadvantage in not knowing.
    Thanks for dropping by! Glad you liked my second iteration outfit!

  31. Glad you liked it, Patti, though I'm sorry for inflicting an earworm. "I'm Alright" is one of those isn't it. Ooops ... there, I did it again. Sorry.

  32. Thanks, Alicia! Glad you had a little fun with my post. You know how fun those headphones can be. My car is so old that there's not even a crappy old tape deck, let alone a plug for extermal media. So this has been a fun addition to my rural live ... my own music in the car! All uptown now!
    I have a half-assed idea for a deep summer post or two featuring the dogs and dog inspired outfits (classic shift and heels with the poodles, mixed prints with the terr-uhauha, etc.) but haven't quite got it together yet.
    Looking forward to a new-kid photo from you soon!

  33. Glad you liked my second iteration. I've got my fill (for the moment) of waistless looks for the moment, but it will be a good go-to when I'm fried and frazzed and lacking creativity.
    Glad to see you loving your summer! Thanks, Maricel.

  34. Hey, Connie! I'm bad about buying multiples, but there are certain things, like a specific style-brand of T that is a great fit or a special shoe I particularly love, that I go after like I do chocolate. I try to limit that though, and make sure it's true love every time.
    I CAN see you all hip-hop up in there!
    A pleasure, Connie, to see you here!

  35. BCR ... oh, yes. We didn't hear a lot from them, but what we did was good. Largely identified with the bubble-gum set here, though, but a guilty pleasure from some of us 20 somethings back in the day. I personally like any band whose drummer works for a living.
    Thanks for the suggested music ... I'll go hunting on YouTube when I get a chance!
    Happy you like my second iteration of the long-long thing. Is that lazy blogging or what?
    Yup ... I love snakes ... you always know where you stand with them. They just want to be warm and fed. Dead simple, and you can always count on them to be just what they seem.
    I forget that e-reader technology is late getting to your shores. I also forget there are not the really empty rural areas in the UK that we have here. Amazon is a cultural life-line for a lot of us. Part of my devotion to Kindle is that real bookstores don't exist here. There are some big chain stores, but are mostly toy stores and way expensive and all a long way from home. I'll always love my paper books, but at last, with ebooks, I have access to the kind of diversity I've always been used to in the city. I thought I'd be a paper book pureist, but I took to ebooks instantly. They're always lots cheaper than paper, I read lots of books at no cost ... makes up for a lack of decent libraries here, too. I use my Kindle Fire to draw and paint, read my books and mags, and am now a lot more interested in collecting some music. We use Amazon so much for stuff for the restaurant, the Kindle is a natural substitute for an iPad. Frankly, Amazon is one of the tools I use to be able to bear living in Bumfuzzle at all.
    So happy you stopped in for a chat ... I'm so behind with everything!
    (Somebody is about to have a birthday ... wonder what she has planned?)

  36. Thanks, Alice! I hope you find some cool stuff for your Prime collection!

  37. I was a twenty-something when I first heard BCR here ... they got relegated to the bubblegum set, but they were a guilty pleasure! I had no idea they were so old ... almost my age, within a year or two. They were tight, and I love a good percussionist, so it was fun to find their singles available,
    I really enjoyed my snakey-period. I worked with a bird breeder who introduced me to folks at our zoo in Seattle, and fell in with the herpitological crowd ( isn't that a picture?) I get these fascinations where I have to know everything about whatever it is I'm obsessing over, so I had a little collection that I eventually sold to our zoo. They can be surprisingly loveable.
    Paperbacks and ereaders; I'm with you. I still love my paper books, but here where there are no decent bookstores with any variety, the ereader has become a life and sanity saver for me.
    Tango-ing poodles ... hope to do so later this summer. They don't tango often, you know.
    Gotta do a "dog-days" post deeper into summer!
    Thank you for stopping in for a chat, Vix ... I'm always delighted to hear from you, lady!

  38. Thank you, Kezzie! We love all kinds of music, and swing can be hot. Certainly the ultimate dance music, I think.
    Glad you liked my outfit ... I'm not an animal print fan either, but the cut of the dress and light fabric overwhelmed my objections. Thank you for liking my second iteration!

  39. Oriental ... yes, it does have that, doesn't it! So glad you pointed it out. I'm not by nature a very streamlined personality, and I tend to like elaborate things, but sometimes simple is all that I want. Glad you like the second iteration!
    ACDC! You are a rocker-girl, aren't you! So happy you dropped in, dear Senora!

  40. Thanks, Laurie! I've always been resistant to shirt dresses ... can't quite get away from the dowdy way they looked and were worn for so long ... but this seems to work. No short sleeves and the light fabric changes the vibe, I think.
    Thanks, too, for stopping by ... glad to hear what you have to say!

  41. Thank you, Suzanne. Did you get a chance to check out the strapless?

  42. Thanks, Shanni! Must check out your suggestions ... that would be wonderful!
    Gaga! How could I leave her out. Bad Romance, I think, is my favorite. And Born That Way.
    Thanks, too, for liking my second iteration!

  43. Hey, Monica! Hope you've found lots of Prime music to collect. I don't know what we'd do without Amazon here. We use it for business stuff, and almost all of our books, magazines and music, now. Technology has kept me from losing what's left of my mind here in the wilderness!
    Glad you liked my second iteration. Thank you!

  44. I swear to you, V, that I'd have to be institutionalized without Amazon and our satellite connections to the big, wide, world. There are no decent book stores near, and I have to have a variety of reading material at all times. I love finishing a book late at night and the ability to buy another in 60 seconds so I can keep reading. I like a lot of history, and Dan has to have his journals and esoteric political stuff. We've both collected old textbooks that we wish we'd kept. Music is not as important to me as books and periodicals, but it's fun to have some things I really like to listen too, or just move to when I want to. I'm such a couch potato!
    Thank you for your sweet comments on my second iteration of that dress-over. I'm also a lazy couch potato ... wait, that's redundant, isn't it?
    Sleeves on that magnificent jacket: No alterations???!!!! You are the most fortunate creature alive. It was, indeed, a perfect fit. That really is a memorable outfit, V. And that was a really interesting side-issue. Thanks for listening to me wag on and on!

  45. Oh, yes ... to me you are a young one! It always feels to me like everyone but Dan and me are tech savvy. I'm always surprised to know I'm not the only one who isn't absolutely in the know!

  46. Hello, adorable Greetje! Glad you share my hope for all the animals whose skins make them vulnerable.
    The dress neck is open, actually. It just isn't made to stay that way. I'm not crazy about v-necks on me, although they're supposed to be flattering. But I like having the comfort factor of an open neck in summer!
    No, I never did get an MP3 player. I'm not an Apple fan, generally, and never have a cool phone ... just utility there. So you see why I'm having so much fun, even if I'm late arriving at the party!
    Oh, yes! I know that Louis Prima tune! It's from my childhood, and Dan and I listen to a wide variety of jazz styles ... it's all we play at the restaurant. Mostly straight-up, cool jazz, on internet radio ... one of our favorite stations is Russian. Really well curated and a very long loop of excellent tunes!

  47. It is fun to bop around the house, isn't it? Interestingly, the dogs don't really understand what I'm doing when I'm wearing headphones and they can't hear the music. The sit and look at me, tilting heads side to side like they do. A few tentative jumps and wags, but mostly consternation! Not that they get dancing, but they are used to me responding to sound ...that they do get!
    Glad you like the second iteration of my long -over- long dress ... thank you for all!

  48. Jazz ... we're fans, too. It's all we play at the restaurant. I'm guessing jazz is pretty popular in Russia, 'cause we play a fabulous station from there on our internet radio. RU4? Really well curated selections. Pretty sophisticated stuff!
    Glad you like the second iteration of that dress. I'm just lazy, I guess.
    So happy you dropped by!

  49. Thank you, Alena! Glad you like it, and happy that you stopped by!

  50. Oh, thank you! You'd be welcome any time at our restaurant! So glad you like my second iteration of the long-long look. I always like good wishes for a busy weekend!

  51. It's never possible to be really caught up, is it? Too many bloggy chores, and a real life to live! Glad you think the prints ease up pressure on the species.
    Thank you for all, lovely Judith. It always means much when you stop by!

  52. Thanks, Debbie, for all! I see how Stevie and Company could get on your nerves ... I can't listen to anyone all the time. Some songs I didn't care for originally can wear better over time, too. Glad you like my second iteration on the dress over jeans!
    Yup, I've had my share of snakes as pets, and they can be wonderful as long as you accept them as they are. No anthropomorphism works with snakes, and affection is a one way street with them. But they can like your presence if you're warm and non-threatening. You don't wear them around your neck, pythons particularly unless you're very confident that you are stronger than they are, but more draped across your shoulders. They love the warm stable place and will hang out with you as long as you're not making them nervous.

  53. I have a whole selection of For Dummies books ... they're really good to give your a thorough beginners grasp of lots of otherwise complicated processes! You're in good company!

  54. Jan, this outfit is perfect! You look simply stunning - I'll come back and visit again. :) Love everything. And your hair looks fantastic too!

    I am much behind you in the tech department, but Justin knows tons, and we do have Amazon Prime. You inspired me to build my own playlists!! Though I don't have such earphones just yet! :)

    The snake story sounds exotic to me. I picture you snuggling with your python on the couch... watching a movie... I only have cats and had dwarf hamsters for a while. :)

  55. That's a very cute outfit and I LOVE your clutch, Jan!!!


  56. lifestyleover40.comJuly 25, 2014 at 4:28 AM

    I love how this outfit gives you a long lean look, Very clever and sophisticated. I am going to suggest something similar to a client of mine. Thanks Jan, for sharing. Sara


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