Monday, June 2, 2014

Trending Now: My Old Dress ...

In hearing range (in this case, field of vision) of any smart, thoughtful women who give sensible consideration to what they wear and how they wear it, the mention of the word "trend" is bound to bring all kinds of scoffing that can range from good-natured ribbing to downright nasty verbal lashing onto the head of the mentioner. It's a justifiable reaction, especially for the savvy woman beyond the first blush of youth.   Better always, I agree, to wear what suits you, thrills you, and make you feel and/or look amazing and shun popular trends that are problematic for your personal style.

Got it. So true.

But sometimes, a careful examination of a trend can teach you a thing or two about yourself. For those of you who have read here before, you'll remember that I make a deliberate practice of thinking of trends as just ideas. IMHO, one possible definition of a trend is just an idea that a lot of women are adopting, successfully or not. And I'm always interested in ideas about personal style!

One recent trend/idea for the last couple of warm seasons has been that we're seeing pastels again after a long winter's fascination with "jewel tones" and saturated colors, brights and neons. Pastels have been less frequently available in recent years, and I got the idea that pastels translated somehow into the girlish, or the trivial, or worst of all, the grandmotherly (yikes!) Perky pinks and baby-boy blue, and especially the gender-neutral nursery yellow were not my friends anyway, especially close to my face. But all this time, I've harbored an affection for pastels, and I've been delighted to see them around again. Feels like it's time.

(Not here, of course. Instead of the pastel pink coat that I so wanted this winter, I saw every color but. And my Spring Lust List included a pastel pink dress, but I'm seeing lots of brights, especially the corals and hot pinks that have been around for a while. I probably will not be able to shop without tripping over pale pink everything next summer, but not yet. Trends are, in fact, much of what I have to choose from, even if they are a year or two old. That's the stuff of Big Box Country, y'all.)

So I dove deep into my wardrobe archives and found this dress. I'd worn it exactly once, and I'd had trouble styling it but it avoided recycling because I just loved it. I'd bought it trying to make a tea-length dress work for me, and I'd never found shoes to make it look really good. In spite of the fact that I was no taller, thinner or any younger, I tried it on again to see if anything was miraculously different.

Yes. There was a lot different! All this spring, looking at the magazines, I had oohed and ahhed at the pale but dusty pinks and purples, muted blues and cool mint greens. TAA-DAAA! Here they all were with some deeper but still soft hues, right in this little old Simply Vera dress! They had looked a little subdued and poky when I bought it, but no longer. Because I'd seen the colors in a new context, my eye for them had changed and evolved.

Also different was my perception of what proportions work. Hoisting the hem from the top of the calf to the knee looked much better, especially with my newly cropped head changing the way so many of my older clothes look on me. I also jettisoned the self-belt, allowing the dress to fall into more of a column than into an awkwardly divided shape that my short waist created.

I'd worn it originally with plain, light beige court shoes. I decided to try it with newer shaped (and admittedly  trendier) blush sandals with ankle straps. And when it came to the delicate necklace and rings and watch I'd worn before, I just decided to go absolutely minimal ... trending right along .... and was completely happy with the result. (Dan is happier when I wear my wedding rings, and I agree that some jewelry is doable, but there's something liberating about not needing any! )

What was different was my perception of what this little dress could do for me based on newer ideas.  Newer for me, anyway.

From where I sit, it seems that the consideration of trends is just another tool to evaluate new ideas, new combinations, and strengthen a new "eye" based on the ideas presented by designers that please me and excite my imagination. Really, there's nothing new under the sun. EVERY season, there are retrospectives and reintroduction and re-imagining of old (often truly ancient!) ideas about how the body can be clothed. Which is why most vintage pieces can look wonderfully and uniquely contemporary. And most vintage pieces can be firmly placed in the era when they were a re-imagined trend from an earlier period, or a natural extension of a recent idea. The re-imagining is what makes "closet shopping" such a gratifying process, and what inspires our current designers and innovators to bring us "new" ideas.

So I've come to the conclusion that trends and new ideas are:
1) the same thing, and only good or bad depending on use. And ...
2) useful information for the evolution and education of my own taste.

I won't admit to the ignominy of being a "trend chaser" but plead guilty to using the ones I like to my advantage. Don't mind if I do, thank you.

"Trend aware, don't care!" That's me.


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  1. What a great post, Jan! I've been having similar feelings myself about pastels and looser tops and anything I've been afraid to try because it might look "wrong". I'm challenging myself to be brave and try the styles and colors that give me pause, because I may end up with a gem, like your dress. I know it's not new, but I think it's terribly on-trend at the moment. Raising the hem was brilliant, as are those sandals. "Boho Chic" is all the rage in Music City right now so I'm treading carefully into that end of the fashion pool. Hope I don't drown ;-P


  2. Love this post! I try to look at trends as a "challenge" - as in, how can I use this trend in a way that looks good on me. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't! By the way, I think you look fantastic in that dress, and I think it's perfect with your shoes.

  3. What a tremendously insightful post! I especially like that last call to arms. I may just pick up my musket and join you. "Trend aware, don't care!" indeed. I think as long as you know your body - alluring bits, limitations and all - you can pretty much sport any "idea" regardless of it being au courant or not. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. I still maintain that there is no room for a denim jump dress in any woman's wardrobe! You look adorbs in this dress, btw. The pastels are terrifically set off by your hair!

  4. Well said, Jan! I agree with you. For one thing, we can only choose from amongst what we are presented with so those of us who don't wear vintage are going to end up with some of the latest trends. I do what you do and don't wear something because it is trendy but because I like it. Sometimes something that is trendy and doesn't appeal to me does after awhile because my eye gets used to seeing it and so I see it differently.
    Your dress look great and I'm glad you found a way to make it work for you. I always jettison the self belts. I usually find they are total crap anyhow so even if I want to belt the garment I will use a different belt.

    I always enjoy your thoughts and your writing. Oh and before I forget-I love your shoes too!


  5. I actually really like trends. When I look back at styles past it's the successful trends that really stand out and delight. Trendy is a word that perhaps means trying a little too hard to stay current. What I do know for sure is that you look very cute in this outfit. Your new short hair gives kind of a flapper vibe to this look. Boop a doop!

  6. You've done it again with your ever talented use of the written language and given us an entertaining and insightful fashion lesson on trends. You really need to just take all your posts and publish a fun book.
    The best advice you gave here was the re-imaging of closet shopping. It truly is a rewarding from of creativity. This new (old) dress is one of my favorite summer pastel looks I've seen all season. Great choice of shoes and simple (no accessories), the dress speaks for itself.
    As for pastels, themselves, I have always had a passion and love for them and probably always will.

  7. HappinessatmidlifeJune 2, 2014 at 11:57 PM

    So well written Jan. I am always tempted by trends and see how I can make it my onw. I am glad that you made this dress work for you and making the right changes to make it a Jan dress. The pleats and the colors are so unique on it.


  8. gorgeous!

    very great job to give that old dress a new life! trés chic!

    i have an old degree as fashion designer and some "insight" in the theme - you hit the nail on the head! bravo!


  9. I never think much of trend, but what I like and works for me.
    You are fantastic and I am very honour to have you amongst my blogger friends.

  10. I honestly don't know what the trends are at any given point of the year, unless I read it on a blog or occasionally glance at the style pages in my weekend newspaper. And I don't shop in "normal" shops to know what's on offer either, so I am pretty useless really! But of course, trends are exactly what you say, ideas about colours and shapes. I think what bugs me is the insistence (in some quarters) that something is in/good/the current trend, or its polar opposite, out/bad/shouldn't be seen dead in it. And that makes some people ditch perfectly decent clothes, and move on to the next thing, in an endless cycle of trend-chasing consumerism.
    Your approach, obviously, is far more intelligent, thoughtful, and reasoned. What else would we expect from clever Jan?! Looking at clothes with fresh eyes, ditching preconceptions, trying things out, rediscovering and adapting what we have - all this makes perfect sense. And I just love the dress, and what you have done to make it work for you. Colours, shape, length - fresh and cool and pretty. Lovely! xxx

  11. I do take some heed of trends because its good for business. Everything is a rehash of something that's gone before so I'll people watch & read hipster blogs and snap up the vintage version - pastel shades, midi skirts, lace-up ankle boots, high waisted "Mom" jeans, sequinned boleros.
    Personally I don't like wearing what's popular - when the "boho" look was big 10 years ago I packed away my gypsy skirts and shaggy boleros and snapped them up second hand when the trendy tired of them.
    Love the dress your wearing and still will two years down the line regardless of what's "in". xxxx

  12. This just proves how clever you are Jan, you were already one step ahead of the pastels trend, just a season early.The saying everything old is new again is so true in the fashion world.
    Enjoy wearing your reworked pastels,

  13. Patti_NotDeadYetStyleJune 3, 2014 at 7:19 AM

    My new favorite thing to say: "Trend aware, don't care!" Well said, my gorgeous redheaded friend. I like this dress, and it suits your coloring perfectly - I'm wearing similar colors in my post. I think you can wear it for as many more years as you choose, and look fab. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xox.

  14. Excellent post! And the dress looks fabulous, Darlin', simply fabulous!

  15. You look smashing! The outfit looks very modern now. I think that sometimes it takes our "eye" a while to adjust to new trends, too and "normalize" what once was new. I agree that trends are a great way to get new ideas for styling items we might already own.

  16. Obviously you saw something in that dress, since you bought it in the first place. Maybe it's not trends as such but timing... this dress needed your new haircut, different shoes and a different attitude to work. And when the timing was right, all the pieces just fell together.

  17. Totally agree about trends! I only follow them if they appeal to me, but I still wear something I like whether or not it's trendy. Glad you found this dress again, it is fun to take something out and see it in a new light! :)

  18. life style over 40June 3, 2014 at 9:01 AM

    This is a great choice, as the middle section of dress creates an illusion of long, lean body which is very flattering for you. It so happens that the flower print is also very trendy this summer. Well done. Sara

  19. Isn't it nice when you can go in your closet and find something you haven't worn in forever and discover it all over again? Especially if you like even better on your second discovery.

    I'm still very hesitant with pastels. Like you, it often takes me so long to get used to a trend. By the time I like it, it has long since passed.

    The colours do look fabulous on you. Great outfit.


  20. Jan, you look fantastic - beautiful dress and great complimenting shoes! I love it - trends are ideas. Great writing, as always, you've got a gift! Trends are not evil or offensive, like anything else in life - it's how we use it, our attitude, that's what matters. Hugs! xxxx

  21. Northern mum down SouthJune 3, 2014 at 3:38 PM

    My 21yr old daughter keeps me up to date with what's going on and sometimes I can dive into the back of the wardrobe and see something with fresh eyes. That dress looks lovely on you, it's a great shape and the colours look fabulous with your hair. Great you have rediscovered it.

  22. VersatilestylebytraceyJune 3, 2014 at 4:02 PM

    I think trying not to be outdated and aging ourselves even further is the key to why adding in a few pieces is important. We are intelligent women who don't want to become clueless and look like it! Of course not all trends need be followed. No cropped tops for my stretch marked stomach! Lol

  23. Great article Jan, just like reading a fashion magazine! A lovely summer dress and it needs to come out of the closet more often. The sandals are perfect and will go with anything, also this shade elongates the legs, I need a pair!

    ♥ carmen

  24. What a pretty dress and what a good thing you did not throw it out. Really fun with that pleated front bit. Indeed a good idea to get rid of the belt. With your hourglass figure you don't it. How did you hoist the hem? Did you sew it and cut it (in that order if it is like a sort of jersey)? Or did you just pin it for the photo? LOL

    And I agree with you on how to treat trends. Trend are like anything you see: a painting, your neighbour, streetstyle... as long as it provides inspiration.

    I had to laugh over your minimalistic approach to jewellery. I once removed my wedding ring and that I found Ron sitting in his chair with a very serious look on this face. His wedding ring was on the arm of the chair and he said: "If you don't wear your wedding ring then I won't either." Clearly you had to read between the lines. Which I did. Never took it off since haha.


  25. I love Simply Vera Wang clothing although .. most of the dress don't fit me (so sad!) .. I still buy a lot of her colorful tops.

    I love this dress with the pleated waterfall front .. it's so pretty and perfect for the warmer months.


  26. Hello you!!! Great, really fantastic hair cut. And a very pretty dress. Have a good time.

  27. This dress is beautiful Jan, good you did not recycle it because you look amazing in it. You've styled it well with those sandals. Ha the wonders of looking at trends, eye opening indeed!!! :)

  28. Debbie Baker BurnsJune 5, 2014 at 6:54 PM

    I love, love this thoughtful post! It's such an original, and thrifty, way to think about trends. I ended up saving it to my computer and sharing it on my FB page. You are an excellent writer in my book! I love the pastels, myself. With my coloring, soft muted colors are best, but you know how we's fun to wear whatever you want. These colors look good on you. I like how you wore the dress as a column and the length is perfect. And thanks for the compliment on my new short hair! I am loving it. It was a big step for me because I have always been a long hair girl at heart, but I am loving my almost pixie do. I may have it trimmed just a tad more to get the true pixie look. I had been thinking about it for some time while I was laid up with my ankle and right before I got mine cut I saw your new cut and it was confirmation because your's looks great on you! Debbie @

  29. I read this post and thought to myself, she is just like everyone of us. We all fall in and out of love with our clothing year after year and never think to have it tailored or altered. I am so guilty of having too much stuff that I don't wear right now even after a closet purge. Since I am not out in the corporate world anymore I yearn for occasions just to wear my clothes. THANKS!! I am now following you via Bloglovin.

  30. great approaching to trends as Ideas, you can take them to play with and learn a pair of things!, and love how your new hairstyle is changing your way to consider some old pieces!,
    And pastels are not my cup of tea, but I agree with you: I'm considering them in a different way these days!
    Your dress looks elegant and cool, and really fits you nicely!!

  31. The dress with the bib waterfall (whatever you call that design) is beautiful! Glad you kept it and the new shoes work. I'm pretty sure the nude footwear you used before worked well too.

    I like your take on trends. I agree that they should be categorized as ideas but I'm sure designers and fashion houses don't have us in mind when they introduce trends. They charm the younger audience into acquiring, purchasing and hoarding the latest that they offer.

    I like pastels but I did not have a lot in my wardrobe. I'm not planning on adding more unless a great deal comes my way. I love my colors too much to fully embrace the trend. Truly enjoyed your post as always!

  32. Hello, Alicia! I'm so behind. Another strange week. (I've a foundling brindle boxer who has adopted us ... older girl with separation anxiety, but the most charming temperament otherwise! )
    Isn't this a weird time for dressing? Beyond the weather (which has been nuts here this week) there is kind of a blocky aesthetic that's around big time. Suddenly, chunkiness is encouraged! It brings up a lot of questions for me about what I want to accomplish with my daily clothing choices. I'm trying to consider new shapes, but there has to be something really lovable about new purchases. And adapting old items to new ideas is always a necessity. Even if I had no financial constraints, I'd want to keep wearing favorite pieces.
    I burnt out on Boho looks recently, but still own a few pieces if I want to channel my inner Stevie Nicks.
    You have enough personal style presence to knock us out in whatever you wear.
    Thanks for liking my dress. It's nice to see it in a different light!

  33. Thank you, Lana. Glad you like my dress and shoes, 'cause they make a favorite combination now. And yes, there's lots of trial and error ... I think I'm under half for successful attempts, but that has to be part of the fun. So happy you stopped by!

  34. Probably won't bring my musket to the rally. You really are one of those women whom I look to when I want a considered opinion on new or old style ideas. Thanks for your kind words on my dress. Hope I have some special places to wear it this summer. As always, I'm so happy to hear from you!

  35. I'm so with you on your attitude to trends. Nobody is holding a gun to your head to buy into a trend that doesn't suit you (except the fashion police - but we know better than to slavishly listen to them by now). I too like new ideas and trends offer just that. They also offer a chance to buy into clothing styles and colours that you do love or do flatter you. I buy into icy pastels when they are in fashion because they suit me better than powdery or muted ones which I try to avoid. And if boho, victoriana or baroque is in fashion I'm all over it because I'll wear it whatever happens to be in fashion.
    Love this dress on you! This is such a fresh and pretty look with the blush sandals but I think the icing on the cake is the column shape of the dress you achieved from leaving it unbelted - it adds a new level of sophistication to a floral dress.

  36. That dress is really pretty on you. I can't imagine it with a belt, that would ruin the flow of the design, wouldn't it? It has a watercolor feeling about it. Column style dresses seem so clean and minimal accessorizing works well with this one. I'm glad current trends got this one out of the closet for you with new eyes, Jan.

  37. The dress is very beautiful -- feminine and elegant! I like the pleated detail very much!

  38. Some days, when I'm perusing the racks, it seems like a lively sort of challenge to use Big Box clothes make up a wardrobe I can live with. Lots of junior looks, or the other, dowdy end of the spectrum. Other days it's demoralizing. But it's still a challenge, and what I have to work with. And nothing is more annoying than actually trying on an item that I swore "I'd never" wear, and finding it looks good. Grump, grouse, harrumph.
    As you know.
    Thanks, Shawna for your kind remarks about my dress and for reading my stuff.
    Good to hear from you, so far away, that you have similar issues with availability. Just good to hear from you 'cause you're you, actually! Stop by any time ... always interested to hear what you have to say!

  39. It does, kind of, doesn't it? Looks to me like what the elderly, plumper woman Jean Louise Finch (Scout, from To Kill A Mockingbird) would have looked like! I'm sort of charmed by that thought, actually!
    Good definition of trendy. Trendy to bash trendiness, but perhaps even that is a good omen, indicating that we are paying attention.
    Thank you for your sweet comments on my dress. It's been bothering me, hanging in the closet loved but unused. It was a pistol to alter the hem with that pleated panel in front, but that made it better than wearable. I retained the original design that had the pleated portion a bit longer, and wonder if I should have, but there it is.
    So happy you stopped by!

  40. Thank you, sweet friend. Kind of you to say so. Glad you enjoyed the post. This little dress is a lot to look at, isn't it? If I haven't worn or even seen any pastels in a while, I start looking for them. Seems fresh after seeing so much camel and beige, yes? And there's lots of subtlety in their color spectrum. Something for everyone, I think.
    No one looks better than you in your pastels, so say I !
    Good to hear from you, as always, Trina.

  41. Awwwh. So kind, Alice. This dress was a challenge from day one ... and it's Dry Clean Only, as I have no intention s of ironing those pleats every time I wash it! But I'm happy everyone seems to like it.
    Hope you're having a great summer, 'cause you're looking like you are!

  42. Thank you, Beate. I appreciate your expert opinion ... especially when you agree with me!

  43. You don't need to think about trends ... you are the TrendSetter, my dear Sacramento. I've drawn so much inspiration from you, especially involving prints and mid-lenghts skirts of all kinds. Some of my favorite ideas. Thank you so much!

  44. You're quite right, as always about mad consumerism. Among those ethical failures the fashion world promotes is the completely insane idea of never wearing an outfit twice. Who, in their right mind, would do that, or even want to? Nice idea for retailers, but no good for anyone else. I like to keep things fresh as much as the next woman, but with about a two year cycle, that's easier than ever. I have a set of favorites that I'd hate not to be able to wear often!
    One of the magazines had a regular column about What's In and What's Out. Generally, what's Out is what's newly available here. Utter nonsense ... it takes a while to get a look right and I want to roll around in it for a couple of seasons at least when I have a success. Come to think of it, I haven't seen that column for a while.
    Glad you like my dress!. I'm now looking for places and event s to wear it. Dan has a B-Day coming up that really needs to be celebrated .....
    Thanks for all, Curtise. I'm so behind. Thanks for your patience as well.

  45. What I find endlessly appealing about the most interesting and boldest of the vintage enthusiasts (... that would be you) is how Right Now you always look, regardless of the era you're wearing. It's always the woman, not the dress ... or jumpsuit, or trousers.
    Hate to tell you, Vix ... what you're wearing becomes popular by definition just 'cause you're wearing it, you trend-setting-widely-read-gorgeous-creature-blogger, you!
    Glad you like the dress, Vix ... I think it's pretty, too. Thank you! Bit of a pain in the arse to alter, but some of my best dresses are that!

  46. Didn't think of it that way, Jill! I appreciate that. Vera Wang is like that. Some of my favorite pieces are from her collaboration line for Kohl's tend to stay fresh looking. She's a favorite roll model ... much skinnier than me, but a similar age and a woman with an aesthetic and attitude I admire a lot!
    Thank you for stopping by!

  47. Yes, you are! It's all about saturation and attitude for pastels!
    It's hard to imagine the simplicity of this little dress looking too old fashioned. I admit that I don't like to appear "dated" because I'm concerned that that sometimes reads as a choice made by a woman who isn't paying attention. For good or ill, that's what a lot of my wardrobe additions are meant to say ... that I'm aware of the larger world and of the ideas out there. In our very insular local world that actively keeps some of the bigger, newer ideas at arm's length, that makes a big statement. I wonder when I got so confrontational? I also wonder if I lived in an environment were only new and exciting were valued, would I react the same way?
    I do know if I spent less time navel gazing, I'd get more done!
    Thanks for all, Patti. So glad you're around.

  48. Thank you, Shani! Glad you liked it!

  49. That's nice to hear ... thank you! I know what you mean about getting used to an idea. It's a familiar feeling when I finally recognize a use for an on-trend item I may have previously pooh-poohed. There's a little relief that I'm no longer being stupidly resistant, a little excitement about trying something new, and a touch of guilt at being sucked into a trend.
    That said, I'm pretty sure that I'm not falling for knock-off Celine shower shoes as a non-sportif item. First because less expensive iterations of this shoe immediately revert to cheap shower shoes, 'cause that's what they are. Additionally, they make me look like Daisy Duck, proportionately.
    So happy you came by. What a treat!

  50. That's it, exactly. Vera Wang, even in her inexpensive line for Kohl's department stores, tends to be ahead of the pack just a little, and that's part of it, too.
    Thanks for reading, Tiina. Glad you stopped in!

  51. Some of the most interesting women I know use trends like that! Glad you enjoyed my little blog post, Laurie. Thank you so much.

  52. Well, thank you, Sara! Glad you like it. It is a pretty feature, that chiffon pleated panel, isn't it? It doesn't show particularly well in the photo ... it's not floral, but a sort of pastel marble print with some saturated optical olive. Interesting, I thought.
    So happy you came by to say hello!

  53. It does feel good. Some things just have potential, and I'm happy when they finally resolve happily. Some things just take time for me. I'm not an early adopter, usually.
    Pastels, I think, are as problematic for redheads as they are for everyone else. Additionally, it's an age issue. Like cardigans, they can look elderly on me if I've chosen a bad combination of fabric, cut and color.
    Always feels nice when you like one of my outfits. Thanks again, Suzanne!

  54. Here, it's hard not to be trend-dressed. I sometimes look at myself and count how many trends I'm wearing! Often it's everything, if you count past trends that have become classics. And that's another subject entirely! Thank you, Lovely Natalia, for dropping by with such nice things to say!

  55. Thank you! So glad you liked it, 'cause this one was a fun one to show. That's not always the case! Nice to have the young around to keep us smart ... lucky you! You're right, the rediscovery was the fun part.

  56. Oh, there'll be crop tops in my wardrobe, just no tummy seeing daylight. Here's an interesting trend to think about. Not only do we see them with inches of midriff showing, but as a color block layer, or just a sweet, short shirt with another layer or a cami combined with it. I'm not ready to show it just yet, but I'm playing with it as an accommodation for my short waist. Stay tuned!

  57. Wow! Thank you, Carmen! I often read some pretty sharp commentary in the more sophisticated glossies, and I'm always looking to see what really "smart" women have to say about their process.
    Yes, I hope to find occasions to wear it ... it's Dry Clean Only for several reasons, and I don't like doing that for another set of reasons, and it's so hot and steamy here. You see the issues. But Dan's B-Day is coming up soon, and he like this dress, particularly.
    I should have photographed the shoes separately. They have a little rose gold metallic as an under layer peeping out at the heel and under the toe. That I chose no jewelry made more sense if you can see that ... I love rose gold and wear it a lot. And nobody every believes me when I say these are comfy, but they are. The heel is not atmospheric, and they fit well at the toe!
    I so appreciate it that you stopped by, especially with such nice comments!

  58. Thanks, again, Jill. I'm so far behind ... I'll never catch up. But I have fun with these when I can participate. The two of you come up with timely and appropriate themes ... broad enough to be interpreted, and I always learn something from the women who show up!
    Kind of you.

  59. I re-did the hem, on machine and by hand ... hard to see here, but it was a pistol. There where three lengths to be considered, as the front panel and it's under layer had to be done separately! Thank you ... glad you liked it.
    As the years have gone by, I've become more careful about sunscreen on my hands and arms, and I don't like getting my rings gunked up with it. So I take them off, but sometimes forget to put them back on. My engagement ring almost wore through, so I wear other stone rings with my wedding ring and a little diamond eternity band Dan gave me years ago. He's patient about all that, but I know he likes to see me wear at least the basics! They can be so touchy, these guys!
    When we opened the restaurant, years ago, Dan lost so much weight that his gold band slipped off and we never found it. So he has a replacement, and I really like to see him wearing it. I'm more the jealous type than he is!

  60. Thank you, Monica! Her tops are great, as well, aren't they? I like her design elements and aesthetic a lot, and I think her line works for us older girls and the younger ones as well.
    I hope to wear it for some nicer occassions this summer ... it's a chore to wash and then press the pleats, so it will be Dry Clean Only, I'm afraid.

  61. Hi, Sunny! Glad to hear from you. I'm glad you like my changes!
    Enjoy your summer.

  62. Thank you, Elsie! Glad you like it. It's pretty pale, even for me, and after seasons of deep colors (which I love even better than pastels) it's refreshing to my eye. Love these sandals ... they are almost like jewelry as they're patent leather, and have a rose-gold metallic trim peeking out on the heel and under the toe.
    So glad you dropped by!

  63. I hope I will enjoy. Mothers heart is a little bit affraid. The older sun get graduation for study some weeks ago. And tomorrow morning hes reaching out for a big trip with his friends. Have a good time. Sunny

  64. This dress is beautiful!!!!! The article was very on point with respects to the theme that trends are really like ideas. Some work for others and some simply don't. Glad you held onto the dress though, as it is very pretty. Ayana

  65. I think we are both the same when it comes to jealousy, Ron and I. But we don't give one another reason for that.

  66. Hey, Debbie! I'm just tickled you like my writing and thinking ... I never do anything without overthinking it first! And thanks for all your kind remarks on my dress ... it's a keeper now, in spite of the fact that it will be Dry Clean Only, 'cause I've had enough of messing with those pleats to last me forever. They were a pistol to alter! Don't see myself ironing long pleats back into shape!
    I predict you'll take your hair at least a bit shorter before all is said and done. I REALLY like the change for you, and there's no time like summer to get the hair all fun and choppy!
    Let me know the minute your do!

  67. Wow, I know about having a closet full and a change of career. The best thing about having our restaurant is that I can dress up all I want to when I go to work. Hasn't always been that way. I'm trying hard to love what I've got, make it lovable with alterations if it isn't, or get rid of it if that's not possible.

    Glad you liked the post, so thank you so much. I'm not qualified to tell anyone else how to dress (not sure I can dress myself!) but I do like to think out my challenges on cyber-paper and see if anyone else runs up against my same issues. I'm short and round and have enough "boobage" that it gives me additional problems ... if it's not that, it's something else!

    If ever there was a time when corporate wardrobes can turn casual with this trend toward minimalism and tailored silhouettes. I'm also a fan of being crafty enough to construct events just so I can wear something. Like going to a movie on a hot day so I'll have an excuse to fling a jacket over my chilly-AC-sensitive shoulders! I'll watch your solutions with interest!

  68. Hola, Senora! You may not wear pastels, but your brights are your signature! I still haven't gotten over the blue outfit from last week you wore with the mixed earrings. You have to be the coolest lady in your town!
    Thank you so much for your sweet remarks ... I'm always flattered when you like what I've done!

  69. Hey, Karen! Glad you like my dress ... it was a bit of a production number to alter, but I'm glad I did.
    I'm not convinced that grown up women are not more often considered than they used to be in terms of retail focus. I'm guessing that lower heels becoming trendier, and the concept of glasses as a hot accessory might be a response to older consumers. Even crops are shown in layers for those of us who might not want to show skin. You're right that we don't get enough consideration, though.
    A great buy is absolutely the best way to introduce a trend, or something untried or unusual to your wardrobe. I'll bet you find something before summer is over! Just guessing here ...
    Thanks for stopping by and having such nice things to say ... always interesting to hear from you!

  70. Hello, V! I tend to go on about the subject, and have before, of course. So often, I'll look at myself in the mirror just as I'm about to go out the door, and think of the advice to never wear more than one trendy item at a time. That would mean going out the door half-dressed.
    I'm a sucker for new approaches to old ideas, and as the fashion police here are pretty much laissez-faire types, I don't feel a lot of pressure. And, for my sins, I love what I imagine must be an ironic fashion joke. Tough for me to pull off, so I can only admire the women who do!
    So happy you like my dress. The weight of the fabric really wants to fall uninterrupted from the shoulder, and the self belt that came with it ruins the line of the pleats. Glad you like my solutions.
    Thanks so much. Always pleased when you can drop in.

  71. Thank you! I think it's a pretty one as well. It did come with a self-tie belt, and I saw it on a manikin with one, but it's better in the breach than the observance. Believe me, no one loves her rings and bracelets and necklaces than I do, but they just seem too much in multiples. A biggish watch seems to work though. Funny.
    It was a pistol to alter, super stretchy fabric and three areas to be considered ... the chiffon panel with PLEATS to alter, the shorter panel beneath that and the rest of the body hem.
    So I'm happy it's wearable, but it will remain Dry Clean Only!
    Thanks, Pao ... glad to hear from you.

  72. Thank you, Oksana! It was hard to alter the length, especially those pleats, but it was worth it. Happy to be able to wear it ... perhaps next to Dan's birthday. Nice to have a dressier dress among all my casual ones for summer!

  73. Thank you! I'm feeling pretty pleased with the results, and glad to make something I love work better for me. So happy you stopped by, Ayana!

  74. Poor Sunny ... Empty Nest Syndrome? Try to relax about your son's trip, and enjoy the extra time for blogging!

  75. So pretty on you! And yes, trends can give us new ideas and convince us to try new things. I wasn't very excited about the return of pastels. They wash me out! But I can wear them as accessories and that's fun. We take the trends and twist them to suit us! Great topic of discussion, Jan!
    Dawn Lucy


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