Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Just a Little Story About How Cool My Husband Can Be

Google says that to make the 101.6 mile trip from my driveway to the Target parking lot in Rogers, Arkansas it takes 1 hour and 37 minutes. But below this information, at the very bottom of the page, in teeny, tiny print, Google added a disclaimer stating that there are lots of variables that may affect the accuracy of this estimate (and blah, blah, blah ...) Well, they were right about that part, anyway.


Sunday morning, September 27th at 8:00 AM, the Adam Lippes for Target collection (or just a tease, a mere taste of the collection; the few sad pieces we get here in Mid-Nowhere) would be available for me to see and buy. I'd kept a small chunk of change aside just for this purpose and was ready to buy.

We got up at 4:45 on Sunday morning to get on the road by about 6:15. Experience told me that the very early start on Sunday morning would make for almost zero traffic and a faster trip. We'd both worked a fairly busy Saturday night, both had head-colds and neither of us had slept much or were feeling particularly perky. But we managed morning animal chores, coffee, baths and showers, and all the stuff one does to get out the door on time.

Still, in spite of our best efforts, we found ourselves running just a few minutes behind and we arrived at about 5 minutes past 8:00. Only three other cars were in the lot ahead of us, but I bailed out of our car and made for the Target entrance at kind of a wheezy trot, with Dan following behind, lugging my purse for me. (What a guy. How nice is that?)

It took only seconds to find the Adam Lippes display; the pitiful, two little racks holding 10 pieces allotted to us out of over 50 pieces from the collection, and then the rack holding the only dress I really wanted.

As is their stupid habit for smaller stores, Target allowed this store only one each for each size of every item. One XS, one S, one M, one L, one XL and that was that. At about 8:07, I realized that there was no Medium where there was supposed to be a Medium. My size. I looked around for the woman who aced me out and there was no one in sight.

Dan is such a good guy. He stayed close and made sweet, sympathetic sounds as I stupidly checked and re-checked the tags on the XS, S, L and XL, hoping one of them was the M and had just been put on the wrong hanger. Nope.

After raging a little and huffing and sighing and blowing my nose, I decided to try on the Large. I was pretty sure it would swamp me, but decided I was at least going to get to try one piece on after hauling my sleepy, congested old self all the way to a far flung Target for this stupid non-event. Dan reminded me to look for the shoes I wanted, and true to Target form, there was one pair in each size. At least Ms. Earlybird McDressGrabber, my arch-nemesis for today, didn't wear a 6.5 and want MY shoes as well as MY dress.

Dan took the L, my 6.5s and the cart toward the dressing room, while I ambled behind, pouting and snuffling as I scanned the rest of the Women's department for other pieces that I might like enough to keep the trip from being a total loss.

When I caught up with him waiting out the dressing rooms, he said, "You know, I just saw somebody head in there, and I think she had your dress."

"Oh, that's just swell," I groused as I grabbed the dress and shoes to try on. "Goody for her."

Just for good measure, I checked each open dressing room in hopes that my M might be a reject and hanging still in one of the empty rooms. No such luck. I chose the open dressing room next to the only other occupied room, and tried on the L. I was swamped by it, like I knew I would be, and decided then and there not to bother with the massive alterations it would take to make it fit. All the while, I could hear the woman who had my M moving around in the room next door, and the rustle of fabric as she tried on her selections. Sad Jan.

I also decided to put the adorable shoes back, because I couldn't be a truly pitiful martyr if I bought them without the dress to go with. No matter that I could instantly think of at least five outfits that would look better with these sweet little shoes.

Dan was patiently waiting for me, and was respectfully quiet as I tossed the L and the shoes back into the cart to return to the racks so some other woman would not suffer the same disappointment. It didn't escape him that I was wearing my Ultra-Mean face, and here I have to hand it to him. It took courage for him to put a hand on my shoulder and say, "Just hang on a minute, Sweetheart."

"WHAT?" Sweetheart snapped.

"The woman who has your dress is still in there, and I don't think that medium is going to fit her. Just wait until she comes out."

There are times in a marriage when the benefits knowing each other really well and all the years of teamwork really pays off. I am sometimes truly in awe of Dan's powers of observation, and just how savvy a shopping strategist he can be. We waited about five minutes, and finally Ms.Earlybird McDressGrabber emerged from the dressing room carrying several items, my M among them. I pounced.

I pasted on my most ingratiating grin, pointed to my M and asked her, "Did that dress fit you?"

"No ..." she said, surprisingly non-startled by a short, grinning stranger with a big red nose, accosting her with personal questions outside the Target dressing rooms.

"Can I have it?" I asked.

"Sure!" she said with a nice smile, and handed over my M. What an adorable lady she was, not at all the sleazy Ms. Earlybird McDressGrabber I imagined her to be.

I gave her my thanks and dashed back into the dressing room to try on the M.  Excellent. Too long (of course) but an easy alteration and a good fit in shoulders, hip and bust. The little shoes came home with us as well, and that is how Dan's sharp eye and good instincts helped me score my dress.

I never knew he had such finely honed set of competitive shopping skills. I'm a lucky girl.


I admit, this little dress all by itself doesn't inspire. However, this styling example from the collection look-book is right up my alley.

In fact, I can think of a couple of other combinations using pieces I already own. My long sleeveless blazer would work, as well as the shorter sleeveless vest. Absolutely worth the trip and all the angst. Success snatched from the jaws of defeat, and all is now well.

Thanks to you, Dan!  You always rock my world and come through when it really counts.


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