Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Head Cold Excuses and The Doctor

I'bh had a berry bad code. Or allergy. Flu maybe. But whatever it was, secondary upper-respiratory nastiness ensued, so I got some antibiotics and a perfectly lovely codeine cough syrup for bedtime that seems to have done the trick. Mostly better now, thank you. 

Codeine notwithstanding, I'm at that stage of recovery when you're so glad not to be miserable anymore that you achieve a natural high.

Not much to report, consequently, and I'm going to post briefly and spend my spare time between now and next Tuesday catching up with you all.

The pony left, and we sighed with relief, happy in the hope that he had just given up his wandering ways and gone back to his family. ( See more about this ... the last two paragraphs will explain the pony.)

And then he came back. I'm beginning to wonder if he's not a message from the Universe to just lighten up and embrace some optimism. Remember to get out and have some fun. Be the pony.

I'm still looking forward to the Burlington store opening. No sign of it yet. I've spent too much time parked and idling in front of the construction fence, looking for signs of progress. I wouldn't be surprised if security came out and asked me to "move along, ma'am." Open, open, open.

See, I've made a skinny scarf! I learned that I can take enough off one side of a wider scarf and have plenty left to wear the wide one as usual. Good to know. Find some styling ideas here .

After a summer of lighter weight, more flattering aviator sunnies, I fell completely out when Doctor Who introduced his sonic sunglasses. Mine aren't sonic, but here is my homage to our very own guitar shredding, technology wearing, Boomer-generation Doctor.


Off to join the True Blue-on-Blue Patti at her 
amazing linkup Visible Monday .  You should
drop in to see all the fall fashionistas!

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