Thursday, October 29, 2015

Down the Rabbit Hole ; Google Search

It's cooling off here in Arkansas. Finally and at last. We're getting some rain and that's all to the good. However, we're entering the doldrums as far as our business is concerned, and fuhball (every FREAKIN' NIGHT!!!) and huntin' keep folks here from dining out as much. May the World Series be decided quickly. Halloween (very, VERY big here for private parties and events as we're in a low population density and very rural area) and the state university Homecoming all happen this coming weekend. That means we just have to settle for the leftover non-U of A grads and the few non-sport addicted curmudgeons who turn out all the lights and flee the trick-or-treaters. 

 Pickin's, as they say, are slim for our little destination gastro-esque pub/restaurant.

While things are fiscally dismal challenging, it's no surprise to us and happens every year. Given that we do everything we can to minimize the problems and maximize the positive, we grit our teeth and persevere until spring. I've learned to save some great books to read ( Amazon is my almost unending source of free/low cost digital reading and gaming and movies via their Prime program. Cannot recommend it highly enough! ) I keep some interesting DIY projects on the back burner to fire up when needed. I record and we binge watch the best of the fall television, too. During which I try NOT to EAT.

And I try to allow myself the freedom to fall down the most interesting rabbit holes that Google search provides. Here are a few random, Googly things I've discovered or revisited of late ...

On a recent Google for "style role models 5' and over 60 years old," I eventually came across these style notes on Ruth Bader Ginsburg (one of our three women justices on the Supreme Court of the United States ... ahem.) She's one of my top ten admirable women of all time, with her style sense only an eeensy-weensey footnote in her long life of great accomplishment and service. At 82 and 5'1" she sports her trademark gloves and statement necklaces in ways that look more editorial model than elder stateswoman. I'm all admiration that she manages to look sleek and chic and beautifully dressed with a sparkling-dry bit of humor and more than just a little mature edge. And this she serenely rocks while helping interpret the Constitution of the United States of America, and thereby shape the world we live in.

This is how I want to dress at 82. (RBG is center here, in the white and black jacket.) I love the gloves she matches to every outfit (sheer black and minimal ones here... a style habit she picked up during a bout of chemotherapy and happily kept.) And I want to be able to chat and sip champagne with another Supreme, Elena Kagan)

In theory, a crocheted collar and gloves would read sweet and elderly.  She combines them and achieves a cool factor that works with her no-nonsense features and sharp intellect. 

Read the article and see more HERE at The Cut. 


Completely apart from Secretary(and presidential candidate) Clinton's  politics (and in this highly polarized political season it seems everyone either loves or hates her, so I ask that you suspend your left or right leanings for the moment) a Google search for "Who is dressing Hillary Clinton" netted this weird little article. See what I mean HERE .

She and I have a lot in common physically, and share short body-to-head proportion, short legs and a down-turned mouth and serious expression when listening or concentrating (yes, we both suffer from Resting Bitch Face, but stay nice, please.) And because of this, I am amused by this author's imaginative but completely unrealistic cut-and-paste of her head set atop the shoulders of catwalk models wearing outfits that this editor thinks might work for her. Real-life proportions are blithely disregarded. 

I do this to myself, though, in my head. Doesn't always work well for me either, but I found it interesting to see what these designers think what might spin well for our age group.

And I'm reminded that she finally got out of Arkansas, so maybe there's hope for me yet.


I've mislaid my link to one of my favorite guilty on-line pleasures, so I had to run a Google search for "Girl Genius online comic" and am happy to share this nerdy-steampunky adventure by Seattle denizens Phil and Kaja Foglio here at the very first episode. "A Gas Lamp Fantasy Comic" promising "Adventure, Romance, MAD SCIENCE" this elaborate epic has been running for a bunch of years, so prepare to fall down a deep, deep rabbit hole when you CLICK HERE .

I don't think the Foglios would mind me promoting their comic by using this image ...


And in nosing further around the links provided by this search, I found this brand new super-hero comic for the most die hard fashionista, Heroine Chic. It's about the strange challenges facing a novice stylist and designer serving a postmodern super-hero clientele. Only a few episodes to catch up with, so CLICK HERE for the fun.

Again ... just promoting the 'toon.


Gratefully hurrying over to the Well-Traveled Patti's 
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(Thank you again, Patti, for the extra time!)

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