Monday, September 16, 2013

My Private Show ... 3.1 Phillip Lim at Target!

Although September 22nd is the first official day of fall, my own personal fall style-season has already arrived. At 5:30 Sunday morning when my alarm went off, my quest for a few fall pieces began with our very early trip to the Big City Target for the 8:00 launch of the Phillip Lim 3.1 collaboration.

For at least two months, I've been seeing the glossy ads for this, even in all the ginormous fall issues of the Big Important Fashion Magazines. Target spent some bucks on this. Articles touted it as the most talked about collaboration since the Missoni debacle of the previous year. (A debacle only for customers who wanted merchandise that was instantly sold out to crowds and never replenished. Target and presumably Missoni did just dandy.) I've been a fan of Lim's really interesting handbag designs for a while, but only a fan as they are generally beyond my budget by a couple of digits. The big deal about the bags for Target is that they are very like his nearly-iconic-It bag-status "Pashli", but not complete knock-offs of his own more rarefied line. More like companion pieces. What a good idea for EveryWoman like me!

At the very same time Dan and I were hustling our sleepy selves into the car so we could make it to town in time to queue up if we needed to, stores in an earlier time zone were already selling out of dresses, sweaters, tops, pants and especially bags. As I'm writing this there are articles like the one in the Los Angeles Times  by Tiffany Hsu, wherein she describes the line of shoppers waiting and the mini-melee that ensued when the coveted handbags ran out of stock and restocking was attempted. Bloggers from the east coast began reporting that handbags where out of stock online and in stores an hour after store opening. The clothes went fast, but the handbags were, as expected, the stars of the show and disappeared even more quickly.

Photo by Erin Yamagata, Uptown Target, NYC ... see street-style pictures and notes by editor Annie Georgia Greenberg at the Refinery 29 site.

We arrived at about 7:50 and pulled in to an almost empty parking lot. At 8:00 we wandered into the store, all by ourselves. We found one lone employee, hanging a few things on a rack that I recognized from the Lim group. There were only about about eight items from the dozens of items available in Lim's clothing line. ( Rats.) No bags. None. (Double-Rats.) As I was picking out the items I wanted to try for size, I chatted with the young woman leisurely putting out the few items from the collection. I asked about bags, and she pointed at a big pile of huge boxes, all packed with the Lim bags, just waiting to be opened.

I need to call the store today and brag on this nice young lady. She obligingly called another very nice young lady and together they opened the boxes as Dan and I watched, effectively giving us a private showing and lavish choice of all the bags in the collection. They dutifully opened boxes until I found just what I wanted. Both colors!

The dress I had my heart set on was there, but after trying it on I wasn't thrilled or even pleased, so I didn't buy it.

The dress looks like it hangs softly on the model in all the ads, but it's made of very crisp, almost canvas-like fabric that stands away from the body in awkward ways. It's proportioned for a much taller woman, and the back of this dress ended at the top of my calves, and the waist about mid-hip. Sad. I love this print.

However, the same fabric worked a treat on a zip-up peplum shell that fit very nicely.

 (Yessss! I bought this, but no pics of me yet ... too tired to try to make photos. So many possibilities to combine it with, 
so watch this space)

And the print was repeated on a flowy, georgette-like fabric shirt, and I'm happy with the way it hangs from the interestingly cut shoulder. (Happy me. Bought this one, too, and look forward to trying this in several ways. There's a teaser in the title pic at the top of this post.  But for the full treatment ... again, watch this space as well! )

I also bought a navy circle skirt that is just the right length for me, but a mini on the models. Sometimes it works out that way for me, sometimes not.

 The one piece that I really wanted to try on was a navy and black tuxedo jacket, but our store isn't big enough to warrant this item, it seems. Never mind, I'll find one that will probably fit better later on, somewhere else.  (Harrumph.)

After I picked out my pieces, Dan and I wandered around for another few minutes, picking up every-day staples that we usually buy at Target. When we left, there were still no other shoppers for the collaboration. I know it seems a little ( or a lot) silly that a woman my age would be so enthusiastic about a Big-Box experience like this one. In a place where not much of any consequence for the world at large ever happens, these little experiences allow me to participate in the smallest way with other women in the world who look at and think about design, care about the process and don't have the resources to respond to current ideas and dress like we might wish. Just a little good design at a really affordable price comes our way only once in a while, and because it is rare, it has meaning for me when it appears.

So, sad little events like these are what keep me connected to the larger world, even if I'm the only one at the party. Frankly, lucky me. 

I had fun!


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  1. VersatilestylebytraceySeptember 16, 2013 at 6:33 PM

    How fun to get the private viewing and first pick. My 26 year old son headed out and scored the trench he had wanted. He was beyond thrilled.

  2. I really wanted this tote in the taupe color but there was no such luck for me since I was not going to part take in the frenzy at the stores. I did order the same peplum top online and we will see if it will work out.

    And what a great experience at Target - those days are rare and it's refreshing to have awesome service.

    If you do stop by your Target again and they have the large taupe tote - would you be able to buy it for me?


  3. KIcking andScreaming 55+StyleSeptember 16, 2013 at 7:00 PM

    Great looking handbags! Can't wait to see how you style that peplum and looking forward to seeing more of that shirt and skirt. You are correct -- lucky you!

  4. Those bags are timeless and great quality which is an absolute must when deciding on accessories. The top is gorgeous, and looking forward to see how you will style it. Phillip Lim is one of my favorites for cropped moto style jackets, wish I was there to attend this event!

  5. Lucky, lucky you. Sometimes a party for two turns out to be the most fun, and in your case the most beneficial. I'm shaking my head and laughing at the same time just picturing your store compared to the one in L.A. with the huge line. Isn't it funny how these silly things keep us women so entertained in life. I'm still visiting here in Omaha playing grandma so I didn't make it to their local Target, but I'm applauding you on your great treasure hunt. Your choices were two of the ones I had my heart set on.
    By the way, any thoughts on that book recommendation?

  6. I would have loved the skirt but I think it may be too short for me. Also went by my Target today and it looks like they are not carrying the Philip Lim items. Looks like everyone will be carrying those bags now so I think maybe I'll pass :) Would love to see how you style the items

  7. Hey, Monica! I really am happy with my two bags ... I've been wanting taupe and had planned to buy the black one without knowing of the other color. Woo hoo!
    Here there's little but Big Box store and their Junior heavy departments. We have a high(-ish)-end Dillards, but don't buy much there except for the shoes and do go nuts there from time to time. Their petites are bought for the senior Senior citizens. I persevere, and once in a while I have some luck!

  8. Hey, Tracey! I didn't know you were old enough to have a son that age! Good for him ... the men's offerings were pitiful here. No coats or jackets, just a few shirts and sweaters. We are so in the middle of nowhere.

  9. I'll admit I've rather soured on these Target/designer collaborations due to lack of merchandise and poor quality. But your bags and top look fabulous, and I'm so glad you were able to find some pieces that work for you!

  10. I'm struck by the similarities of our choices sometimes! I'm sorry you didn't get your tote, Alice! It's frustrating ... it's likely that we won't be back that way for a week or so. It's some distance and we only have a half-day on Wednesday to get the restaurant shopping done. If it looks like we'll make it, I'll drop you a line. I'll certainly try ... they might well have one! It wouldn't break my heart to be able to make a quick stop by there again soon!

  11. Aren't they? Thanks, kid ... I'm happy to have them both. I carry lots of stuff with me because if I'm out of the house at all, I'm always miles and miles away from home! Thanks Norma ... looking forward to trying them out with some items I already have. Closet shopping as I pull out winter and put away summer!

  12. Lim did a beautiful navy blue leather moto for this group, but we didn't see it here! It was pricey at over $200, but would have been nice to see. I'm over the moon with my bags. I need some color in my handbags this fall, but had to own both of these neutral beauties. Love me some tote!
    Thank you, Nicolene, for liking my little top ... I think it will wear much better than it photographs, because it moves beautifully every step I take. Frankly, I'm looking forward to figuring out what to wear it with as well ... still a mystery to solve!

  13. It really was cool, Trina ... they had boxes and boxes and boxes of wonderful bags. Candy Land! So cool it was almost caloric! So glad you're having fun playing grandma ... beautiful infant, of course she is with her genes. I've got to go back and paw through my Kindle library ... it's there, somewhere, whatever it is. Making me crazy that I can't remember!

  14. I'll definitely be showing off what I figure out. I was surprise to learn that our crummy little store was carrying the line ... must be that it's the only one for miles and miles and miles for a lot of people!
    Glad you stopped by!

  15. Having pieces from most of the recent collaborations, I can tell you that the quality is just that inconsistent. It's odd ... the shirt is just average Big-Box quality in it's execution, but the peplum is put together like a brick house. The bags look well made to my eye, as well ... the sewing is nice, the hardware looks and feels substantial, the lining is nice and all edges are well finished. The nicest thing is that there's no brand name on the bags except on the nice zipper pull, and it just says "3.1 Phillip Lim" followed by an infinitesimal Target logo bullseye ... you can barely see it. Nice of them! Especially for the very few bucks I paid! I wish my budget would tolerate trips to shop in better stores, but this year's minimal trendiness makes for a little more careful construction in many less expensive (cheap!) brands. Nice for me!

  16. I went a couple of hours after Target opened. Nothing like the Missoni mayhem. I also tried on the dress and I agree with you the print was great but the fabric was too stiff. The bags were all sold and my store didn't get the men's collection. I'm glad you had such a fun time and almost a private showing! This is a fun post, I'm thinking many of the bloggers would have checked out the collection. Enjoyed read about your experience!

    blue hue wonderland

  17. How wonderful to have a private show, when so many across the country stood in long lines. Worth the early morning hour! Will be watching 'this space' for more! The bags have a great shape and it's always a good thing to find what your heart desired.

  18. Indeed, lucky you! You didn't have to stay in a long queue, you were the first to browse through those bags and found exactly what you wanted, you bought two tops in the print you liked and the skirt of the right length and you had fun! Like the bags you chose and those printed garments look interesting, so am looking forward to see you styling them in different ways.

  19. Fabuloussssssssssssssss

  20. Lucky you! How absolutely cool that you got to peruse those bags at your leisure. Isn't it a sweet surprise to still find people who are as kind as that sales girl?
    Debbie :)

  21. That isn't sad, it is really cool that you got first dibs on the collection. And didn't you do well?! I am so for knowing what you like and buying multiples on the spot if something works. One of my favourite stores,Whistles, did a range in dark forest green, a wonder- colour for me. I bought trousers, a scarf and a top from the same rail!
    Cannot wait to see the close up pics of all your spoils!

    P.s please do send in praise for the sales assistant, praise can be so rare in retail (expertise here!).she probably was pleased to please you. You are exactly the sort of customer I used to love working with xxx
    Ps it is secret squirrel, I am logging in from my phone while on a work trip.

  22. Good morning! Fun is allways the best one can have, isn't it? :-)
    To try cloth on is the best I can do to get rid of the wish to buy Most of the time it doesn't fit very well. A good practise to save money.
    Have a good time.

  23. Hi Jan!! wow, didn't you score well! The bags look totally gorgeous and you can tell they're a designer collaboration. I really love the pattern on your shirt, so different and so chic! The salespeople you had were very kind and how lovely you could take your pick!! Have a great week xxx

  24. I forgot about this event until I saw your post :-(

    I think most of Target's capsule collections are sized very differently from their regular clothing. As a petite woman I find a lot of the capsule pieces are meant for longer waisted, slimmer, less buxom women. However, I too take advantage of the mini skirts that are the perfect length for me.

    I really like the pieces you managed to score, especially the bags. How cool was it to be the only one shopping the collection? Well played - and I can't wait to see the photos of you in your finds ;-)


  25. I think this experience was a dream come true. OK you did not get the tuxedo jacket, but you don't know whether it would have fitted you. Or whether the material was nice enough. As with the dress.
    Your blouse and peplum look ssssooooo nice.
    What I find incredible and a dream come true, is the fact that they are sold out everywhere and in particular the bags and here you are, choosing at leasure from the whole range. Terrific. Women will envy you for this. I have no idea what happened at that store. Perhaps your own little angel, giving you a nice break?
    Great bags.
    Now you can stick your thumb in your month and be a happy contented baby (joke).

  26. I was already jealous when I first heard about the 3.1 Phillip Lim collaboration with Target - simply because we do not have Target here in Germany or in Europe.
    I am so happy for you that you found what you where looking for, sometimes shop assistants can be helpful!! The bags are fabulous and classy.

    Looking forward to your post with the lovely peplum top too!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  27. Tamera Ferguson WolfeSeptember 17, 2013 at 1:05 PM

    YAY to living in the boonies!! You got to get two PRIMO purses and I can't ewait to see how you style the print shell and skirt!!
    Your hubby deserves an award. Not many would get up at the crack of dawn, travel a distance, potentially have to stand in line--just so their wife can buy a pocketbook!! Give him a hug for me!!!

  28. How exciting, you got a private bag presentation! The bag you choose is gorgeous in both colors. Look forward to see you in the skirt, I am curious howy you will style it.

  29. After trying on that dress, I went back and looked at the model ... she must have been 8' tall and 100 lbs. Glad to get your take on it, too. It was actually a kind of eerie feeling to be there with NOBODY else. Either women here are not paying attention, don't care, or are a lot cooler than I am.
    Glad you liked my strange little story.

  30. It was nice, for a change. I felt privileged, and I rarely feel that! It was, after all, just Target, but I regard it as a badge of honor if I can make anything work at my age from a junior oriented Big Box.
    Thank you for reading, Judith. Always a pleasure.

  31. As I was saying to Ann ... it felt a little strange, in retrospect. But I did have fun ... so did Dan, actually. He liked breakfast afterward the best, I'm sure.
    Good to hear from you Olga.

  32. Thank you, Sacramento. Means a lot, coming from you!

  33. Yes, she and her helper were just the best. So kind when they didn't have to be. Made my day ... I did call to brag on her, and the store manager was happy to hear it.

  34. I did, in fact, call to brag. The store manage knew exactly who I was going on about, and he was happy to hear something other than complaints about his people. He promised to let them know I'd called.
    I'm treated well far more often than I'm treated badly, and Dan and I firmly believe in acknowledgement. We also believe in "tip-karma" ... one has to spread around a bit. People here are typically rotten, rotten tippers.

    I did have fun, and will publish pics one of these days soon.
    Thanks, SS, for taking the time to drop a note!

  35. Hello, Sunny! You are so right. I must take the time to try things on these days, especially since we live so far away from stores ... makes it hard to return items that don't work.
    I'm trying not to buy anything that I don't just love this season.
    Glad you could stop by!

  36. Lucky you! Nice that they obliged you and opened the boxes.

    That print on the shell is gorgeous. The colours will be amazing with your hair colour.

    Too bad about the tuxedo jacket. It sounds cool.


  37. I'm so in love with this pretty print ... it has ginko leaves, and cherry or plumb blossoms and cut-paper pieces. I particularly love Asian inspired prints, and hadn't had an for some time. Nice to acquire some that work. It's one of the things I like about these collaborations ... I can buy different items in prints I particularly like, and get more mileage out of an idea.
    You have a great week, too.

  38. It was great, I admit, but at the same time I worry that If there's no turnout at our store, we won't get any at all, next time. Glad for my bags ... they will work the entire winter and then some. Still so hot here ... 91 today. Looking for rain, and a little cooler days. Soon enough, I know, but I'm ready for some fall.
    Glad you stopped by, our Alicia.

  39. Quite right, and I think the blue tuxedo miss simply means I'm destined for a better one.
    As I said to Alicia, I worry that low turnout will make the company skip us next time around. Part of the problem may be that it's still so hot here ... hard to think of fall clothes when you're still wearing summer things.
    But yes, I am quite the contented baby about my luck, so you are right on the mark!
    Glad you liked my scores!

  40. One of the ideas that I liked about Lim's approach to this collection was that he intended to appeal to a range of ages. I hope that happens more often these days. The pieces I wanted translated well to my old-lady style, I think.
    The staffers were wonderful. I called to brag on them, and I hope they hear how much they helped me.
    We don't have TopShop, or H&M (near us, anyway) but the world is getting to be a smaller place, so who knows in the future!
    Love my bags, and I'm happy that you like them, too.
    Thank you so much, Annette.

  41. I suppose so, Tamera. But if a woman gets a bargain in the boonies, is it still a bargain if no one is there to see her carry it?
    Kidding , but only sort of. I miss urban life a lot, but it sometimes works out okay out here. Once in a while. Okay, almost never. But that makes this instance so much sweeter!!!!
    Dan is a bit of a fashion-fan, for my sake, I think. He understands the value of presentation. But he gets the biggest points for having worked 12 hours at the restaurant on Saturday and still getting up on his day off. Bless him ... I'll be sure to give him hugs from you. He loves his fans.! (He did get breakfast out of it, too.)

  42. It was fun, Sabine. I'm thinking about styling all the pieces, but the skirt will definitely take a sweater and tights and boots, or just the right shoe. Gotta dig out my sweaters before I decide!
    Thanks for dropping a note. Always so nice!

  43. Thanks, Suzanne ... it was a bit of luck and a very nice couple of girls! I love this print ... so happy to have two very different pieces with the same. I like being able to do that with these collaboration collections.
    I'll just get a better tuxedo jacket later on, when I can wear it comfortably!
    Glad you read and stopped by!

  44. I like the thought of you getting a private show and congrats on scoring two great purses!

  45. Jan, you'll make that young woman's day when she finds out you called the store to "brag on" her. I hope Ye Olde Target knows how lucky they are to have employees that go to the extra trouble.

    Great finds, by the way. Looking forward to seeing more of your new acquisitions soon.

    Now, shall I admit I'd never heard of Phillip Lim until you mentioned him here? Shall I also admit, that since our new Target opened in July, I've been in once. For batteries.

    Because of your sharing here, I might actually go check out the local Target and see if the Canadian stores are carrying these items. Mr Lim and Target owe you one.

  46. Take it from me, you are sooooo lucky!! Your shopping experience sounds like heaven! I don't go near collaborations in my city as the fear of being trampled by the marauding hoards outstrips my fashion lust for the collection. I stalk such things online and am left cursing and often emptyhanded when the site crashes. You look marvellous in the shirt in that fabulous print. Can't wait to see what you do with the peplum top (so you!) and circle skirt.

  47. Highland FashionistaSeptember 17, 2013 at 5:42 PM

    I'm so glad you got in there! Like you, the items I had been stalking are not available online….such is my lot living across the pond. I DO have a few items in my basket though…that peplum being one….Can't wait to see it!

  48. I LOVE that print, and I usually don't go for prints. I have to admit I wondered about the style of that dress when I saw it on the Target site. It looks super cute on the model, but I don't think I could carry off that shirt tail hem. The blouses look great as do the skirt and the purses. So glad you enjoyed yourself!

  49. The printed dress does look really nice. I know how you feel when you like something and it just does not fit right. But you got the circle skirt. You can do a lot with skirt. You probably got the better deal with the skirt. Look forward to seeing your outfit.

  50. VersatilestylebytraceySeptember 17, 2013 at 8:34 PM

    He had to go to two stores and was out first thing... by how fast things sold online, I imagine people in more rural areas probably missed out a lot. I was a young mom at 21 with him.... he loves men's fashion and I love when he shares his finds with me.

  51. Congrats! The bags are amazing. Great purchases! I'm happy for you.

  52. Jan - I was only kidding (well maybe 1/2 kidding) I can't imagine living in such a small town. I am pretty sure there is at least 5 Targets within a 10 mile radius from my home.

  53. No, seriously ... won't kill me to look! I'll hollar at you if we get there and I find it.
    Small town indeed! 440 population where the restaruant is and 200 or so where we live.
    See why I get so excited when there's something cool around, even at Target?

  54. I really like the Asian-influenced print, it's very pretty. How funny, that some shops have frenzied hordes of customers clearing the racks like locusts when these collaborations are unveiled, while others (like yours) are quiet and uneventful! But that's good for you, right? The top and blouse are lovely, and the bags look as though they will be real go-with-everything workhorses.
    As you know, I am not a retail shopper at all, so the whole collection/collaboration thing passes me by. I remember seeing the media reports of H&M stores being swamped and merchandise being fought over by shoppers when there was a Stella Maccartney range for H&M a few years back. I was a bit bemused by it all, I must say!
    It's great that you contacted the store about the good service you received, people are quick enough to complain so it's nice for staff to receive positive feedback too. xxxx

  55. I love the items you bought, Jan, this skirt looks absolutely lovely. Waiting to see it on you... Sara.

  56. Being a total non-fashionista I have to admit that I've never heard of Philip Lim but that sleeveless blouse and the one you're wearing are definitely things I'd pick up in a charity shop and admire as the prints are fabulous. The skirt looks a great piece, too. Delighted you received good service and find it wonderful that you were thoughtful enough to pass your compliments on to the shop. x

  57. Oh my, lucky you! I am so sad that we haven't got a Target here. Have been wanting pieces of several collaborations in the past. There is no store doing anything similar here in my area. Glad you found (almost) all the things you were looking for. Can't wait to see you wearing those cute clothes and both bags look awesome. I would have gotten the medium satchel in purple and the mini satchel in yellow, but both yours are amazing!

  58. Hey Jan...this all sounds a bit surreal. Are you show you didn't unknowingly win a contest on your local radio station...whisked by limo under the guise of a minivan...and given the privilege of shopping without competition? What a fun experience! I love the pattern on the peplum shell, and those handbags are timeless beauties. And the skirt? Love it! It has that flirty, flippy Sue feel to it. Can't wait to see you give us a twirl if the mood strikes you. I wonder if our stores got the collection in as well?

  59. Sounds like so much fun! You lucky duck :-) The collection looks pretty colorful.

  60. Thank you, Bella! It is what it is down here ... and for me, it's about doing the best I can with what's here. It was fun, even for Dan, and the bags make me happy. Nice of you to drop by ... you're always welcome.

  61. I hope the manager wasn't just blowing smoke when he said he'd pass on my compliments. They were great girls, completely.
    Hope you found something when you dropped by your Target. We were back in Wednesday for a piece that Dan wanted, and found all the bags pretty well decimated, but a surprising number of clothing items.
    I've been watching his designs with interest the last few years. When I see a bag that particularly appeals to me in magazines, it's often his. I also am impressed with his stated desire to market to a wider range of women ... size, age, economic status ... without sacrificing design quality. That's a plus for me.
    Glad you are out and about!

  62. You are always kind, V ... seems like I won't have to fear crowds here! Hope they continue to present the collections here at all. Thanks for your nice remark about my "logo" pic of the shirt ... I do have a neck somewhere, it's just a matter of finding it.
    The experience was both fun and disheartening. I fear that we'll be completely left out next time around (Peter Pilotto, 2014 spring) if folks don't start showing up. I've vowed to try on more things which means making the trek into town. These days, I want to make sure it's love and not just lust or (worse yet) a temporary infatuation!
    What I'm finding strange is how different everything looks with my not very dramatic hair change ... I'm not sure what works and what doesn't because I'm never confident of the hair these days. I always appreciate your feedback.

  63. I'm in good company then. Hope you like your shopping from Target. I sometimes embarrass myself that I'm so stoked about events like this ... getting our Target here was such a big deal. We are one of the last communities in the US to have a new one, I think.
    Looking forward to figuring out what will go with the peplum ... options, options!

  64. The print is really interesting, isn't it. Cut paper and Asian themes in neutrals with just a little color. I thought the dip in the back of that dress might translate well with tights or skinnies or leather trousers ... perhaps on someone, but not on me. Had fun, but was still a little dismayed at the lack of interest here. It's generally what I don't care for living in a very rural area ... there is no best of both worlds, and I'm basically an urban creature!
    Glad you stopped by ... thank you.

  65. I'm fearing that the circle skirt will look much better in motion than it will in a still photo ... it fits well and drapes nicely, but balance will be an issue for me. I have some time before I begin to wear it here, so will work on that.
    I appreciate your kind thoughts, Zalina. Thank you.

  66. Thanks, Oksana. Glad to see you drop by. I'm particularly happy with the totes ... I carry one often, and have lots I want (not need ... just want) to carry as I can't seem to manage a small bag! Carried one yesterday and it is a keeper. That little pocket on the side is dandy for my phone and a quick reach.

  67. Hey, Curtise! Yep, good for me right now ... not so happy for the future, I don't think. Many of the little stores (like mine) didn't get anything, and I fear Target will do this to us next time. I'm embarrassed that I get so excited over such mass-marketed stuff, but it's this or not much else for us. I'm happy with my pieces, and the bags were a very good value ... I always need a tote as I'm incapable of carrying a little one. Every time I edit, I get far from home and want something I left.
    I appreciate your supportive, kind comments. Always. You're such a doll, in every way.

  68. Hello, Sara! Looking forward to putting new items with old ones for the fall ... one of the things I like best about this time of year. Now, if it will just get cool enough to allow tights and heavy leggings, booties, boots and jackets!
    Thank you for your nice comments, and for stopping by.

  69. Hey, Vix! Don't think I would have known him either, except that I would often see a bag I really liked in ads, and often they would be his. I cannot resist a beautiful photo of a beautifully designed thing ... be it clothing or horse harness!
    I'm happy you like the prints ... they are what I wanted most out of the clothing line. Having our tiny little restaurant, in a land of notoriously lame tippers, I'm especially tuned to above and beyond efforts. She was a very nice young woman, and I will always appreciate her kindness.
    Hope you are recovering in glamorous languor from your surgery by now, and have lots of people treating you like royalty with lots of pillow-fluffing and grape-peeling happening on your behalf! But mostly, I wish you effective and pleasant pain meds!

  70. Those went fast ... we never saw the purple here. I saw the yellow satchel first day, but they are gone now. We stopped back by yesterday as we had to come into the Big City, and Dan had decided he wanted one of the man-bags from the collection (he is the rare guy to carry one here!)
    Thank you for you always sweet remarks, kiddo. Always happy to hear from you.

  71. That's it. Really an eerie feeling to have NOBODY else show up. I like your scenario about the contest. I also have to remember that our community is heavily into their church attendance on Sunday mornings, then out to eat at the big chains. That may account for the strangeness.
    Yeah ... the skirt does have a Sue-ness about it! That alone is reason enough to buy it! Probably no twirling ... I'm not much of a twirler.
    I know at least some of your stores got it, and you new one probably did, for sure!
    So good of you to drop by ... always tickles me when you do! Thank you, Sue.

  72. It was fun, if a little odd. I was glad Dan came with for company!
    Just dropped by your own blog ... thank you for posting the Modern Muse and Fendi fragrance breakdowns. I like knowing in advance what the structure is and don't often have opportunities to sample these very new items. I'm glad to know, for instance, that vanilla is part of the Modern Muse duality you mention. I don't really care for vanilla in perfume (love it in cookies!) but if it is subtle enough, it can calm down some of the more exotic notes like patchouli. Oddly, I don't mind them together as a dry down, but don't care for them seperately! Lovely blog, yours!

  73. Bag update ...
    We popped in yesterday when we were in for restaurant biz, but sorry to say no totes of any kind left, and no taupe anything. Looks like everyone around here got busy later on Sunday. Wish I could have snagged one for you! Sorry, sorry, sorry.
    I was surprised when Dan wanted one of the guy-bags ... we did manage to find him a nice leather one. He's so cool he has carries a man-bag (murse?) and this one looks just a little dressier than the ones he usually uses.

  74. Enthusisam is never silly, enthusiasm is what makes life worth living. In one of his books, Paulo Coelho wrote a great passage on the importance of enthusiasm, I wish I could remember which book it was, but google searches highlight that he seems to have touched on it in most of his books.

    Somewhat less elequently, I explored Dr Phil's maxim "What matters to you, matters" in this blog post from years ago:

  75. You are too sweet for looking Jan! And how awesome is your hubby that he can carry a murse :) My hubby would look so awkward.

    I am heading home to Hawaii in a couple of weeks and my sister is 99% sure that there will be a ton of them there since no one there cares about stuff like this. We shall see :)

  76. Well, heck, if you're going to Hawaii ... you'll find lots of cool stuff. Can't wait to see travel pics from Hawaii ... everyone's favorite state for vacation, I think!

  77. Dixie was given similar reviews like yours on her blog. Check out her post (she is a lovely lady).

  78. I work in Fort Smith, and I was telling a coworker my afterwork plans to go to Target today. I mentioned that I hoped there were some lingering Phillip Lim pieces in stock, and she assured me "no one in Fort Smith cares about Phillip Lim." So I googled "Fort Smith Phillip Lim" and here you are!! ha! While I hope you left some goodies for me...I'm glad to see another fashion-minded gal in the area! LOVE the blog!

  79. Look! Somebody from Fort Smith!!!! It's been a solid year since I began this little blog, and don't think I've had a single comment from anyone in town or environs. THANK YOU!!!!!
    And so glad you like my strange little blog. I may write about a lot of old lady things, but I hope you'll find something to interest you.
    The last we were in was on Wednesday afternoon, and there were some things left ... hope you find what you want! I was shocked that no one was there. Why do you suppose that is? Church? Football season? Really, do you think no one else knows Phillip Lim?
    I'm flummoxed. Please, drop a note to let me know how it went for you!
    Britt, you made my day. Month maybe ... so nice to meet you.

  80. Jan,

    I think my comment could have been said better too. I wrote it over breakfast intending to be encouraging and later in the day it occurred to me it might have come across as preachy instead (I'm not a morning person).

    If you have ever listened to Jillian Michael's podcasts, you will know she often comments that when people say something to you, often they are really talking to someone from their past. I also wrestle with my interest in fashion, having been bought up with a strong protestant work ethic and constant messages that what you look like on the outside is not important, so I think I may have been talking to my mother with that comment.

    Interestingly, I recently listened to a religious podcast with a conversation between people who are openly religious and who work in fastion. I thought it may touch on this topic, but instead it became clear that the concept was completely foreign to them all. They saw fashion as an expression of their faith and had no conflict about it.

    (You can find the podcast here if you are interested:

    I will add that I wouldn't worry about appearing goofy if I was you. Your blog stands out for me because, while the topic might be handbags or shoes, you always manage to weave in a deeper theme that I often ponder for days after, even if I don't manage to leave a comment.

    Looking forward to you next post,
    - Isabella

    P.S. I don't post to my ephemera blog anymore, but you know me from my current blog

  81. Mrs_Jack_of_all_tradesSeptember 21, 2013 at 10:50 AM

    See, Jan.. living in Fort Smith has its perk! Great bags and love the grey color. I'm heading to LA, SF and a few small towns in between next month, hoping to browse through some Target store too :) Missed your posts and hope to catch up!


    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

  82. Please say hello to my home state ( I'm a San Diego county girl, but love me some LA shopping. Gotta love SF for all the best reasons, too. Sigh.) Hope you have the best time!
    You are so right, it has a perk. They're that rare!
    Thrilled you're back up and running ... thanks for the fly-by and the sweet comments!

  83. Sounds like you had a lot of fun Jan. The skirt is darling. And the bags are gorgeous. Love the gray one. And the yellow one isn't too bad either ;-)
    Have a lovely Sunday

  84. Yup! The yellow was way too small ... cute cross-body bag for a woman who needs to carry less. Thanks, Lenya for dropping by. For the nice comments and your wish for a good Sunday ...I had a great one, in fact!

  85. I bought the dress and bag I was looking for! I really think no one here cares about that sort of thing. I spoke with the sweet girl at Target who was checking me out...and she said most of the items from the Neiman collection were donated! *gasp!* I purchased Missoni items WEEKS after the I just think the interest isn't there. Glad to meet another local lady! :)

  86. Yeaaaayyy, you! I had trouble with the Missoni pieces I wanted, but saw others much later as you did. I wonder if more stock came in. The last I saw this time was that most of the bags were gone. Will have to stop by on our trip in on Wednesday.
    Thanks for letting me know. I'm so happy that you got what you wanted. That's always the best, yes?
    We care!

  87. Oh, cool! Thanks so much, Greetja! So nice to meet another lady down here. You're a peach!

  88. I think I have just discovered the problem that keeps me kind of frumpy - looked at these clothes and decided without ever trying that they were too young and wouldn't fit my mature body. It could be true, but maybe not. I think I will keep reading and maybe get a little more adventurous. Thanks

  89. I'm sorry to have missed your comment, Maggie! Very sorry, 'cause I try to answer everyone within a week!
    I'm going through a frumpy feeling week, now that you mention it! I've been feeling like I just don't care for the way I look, no matter what new things I try. So today, I just slipped into my favorite outfit, and added one new thing that I hadn't worn with it before ... in this case, a statement necklace. That usually helps, and it did today.

    I'm concerned about flattering garments, and it's sometimes hard to tell what works for ones age or not. My guidelines are these: nothing that shows too much that I don't want shown ... good fit ... color or print that I genuinely like ... current style ( I really want to look like I'm paying attention to the world around me!)... some classic element about it . Then, if it's not silly or obviously for teeny-boppers ... I'll give it closet space, at least until my eye adjusts. "Too young" is really a pitfall. Age is much less of an issue than it used to be. Sticking to your taste is critical, as long as your taste is allowed to evolve.
    An important issue is, as you point out, sizing. This collection was a lot S, M and L. I'm very short ... 5' ... and wear an 8 in Women's sizes. So the M worked for me, but I also wear a L in a lot of junior clothes because of a little larger than average bust.
    I hope you do something about feeling frumpy ... you probably aren't! My question to myself when I'm feeling less than brave about changes is "If not now, when?"
    Never hurts to try things on, if you remember it's the clothes that don't fit you, not you that doesn't fit. That's their job.
    Stop by any time ... so nice to meet you!

  90. I'm very sorry that I didn't get back to you much sooner, Dixie, especially after your very nice note to me earlier. I fixed that, and have your blog marked ... I'd lost you! I really love your blog ... you have fabulous taste!
    Do you know, I haven't carried anything but the black bag ... I was so ALL over the taupe one. Gotta get over my favoritism. After a month carrying it, I've found I love it for going to town with essentials plus a dressier clutch! Nice for a day shopping for our business, then going out for dinner!
    Thank you so much for your kind remarks. Hope to be in touch soon!


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