Monday, September 2, 2013

So, This Is What Happened ...

Those of you who have been here before will probably note that I've chopped off my hair. Here's what happened ...

On Thursday evening last, I decided to make a huge jug of hibiscus-raspberry iced tea to put in the refrigerator so it would be all lovely and icy cold when I wanted some. Besides thinking of pre-cooled convenience, I was feeling all motivated to have something seriously healthy and really good for me there to drink instead of my fave diet ginger-ale. Yummy, but not absolutely healthy.

But while I was pouring the just boiled water and bulk tea leaves in a strainer, the strainer tipped toward me, spilling the very, very hot water and very, very hot tea leaves all over my right wrist, top and bottom. I screamed very, very loudly.  When I got my wrist cooled down and iced up, I had a little cry ... mostly adrenalin fueled ... ruefully aware of how unhealthily my attempt at healthiness had turned out on this occasion.

By Friday evening, it felt quite a lot better, and didn't look too bad. I'd almost forgotten about it when I was removing dinner plates from a table of four diners when one of them simply could not wait for me to make a second trip back for her empty plate. She was all but waving the plate at me from across the table and I reached for it, stupidly allowing my ultra-heat-sensitive wrist too near the lit candle at the center of the table. Owwww! I leaned forward to balance as I pulled my hand clutching the pile of plates toward me, and WHOOOSH!  Locks of hair fell forward, too near the candle and a largish chunk of the front ends of my hair sizzled off, along with the tip ends up the side of my face and part of my bangs. My face wasn't burned at all, but the smell of burnt hair and Elnett filled the room. Humiliation at my own stupidity followed instantly.

I was too tired to do more than rinse off the singed ends when we got home, but I could smell burnt hair all night.

While I drove Dan in to the restaurant the next morning, I silently argued the options with myself about what to do about the side of my hair with the singed ends and missing bangs.  Trim it myself? Part it on the other side and do a comb over? My hair stylist was an hour away in the Big City and, on Saturday morning, booked up for sure. Working that evening in the current, asymmetrically fried state was not an option. What to do?

As we drove through the minuscule village where our restaurant is located, I remembered that there was a tiny salon right next to the only real grocery store. I noted that all the parking in front of the salon was taken. I made a deal with myself and the Universe right then that if there was a parking space available right in front of the salon on the way back, I'd pull in and at least see if they could help.

There was a spot, right in front of the door. One of the only two chairs was vacant, but the nice lady squeezed me in. So I now have a chin-length bob that I had not expected to have.

I've decided to like it, since not liking it won't help.   I've been wishing a change of some kind, and my own klutziness made it happen sooner than I imagined. Be careful of non-specific yearnings for change, because (paraphrasing the Rolling Stones lyric) might not get what you want, "but you get what you need." It's an ill wind that blows no good, it seems.

So that's what happened.

Have a nice Labor Day evening.


  1. So glad you didn't hurt yourself more seriously and hopefully the humiliation was worst thing you suffered more than any pain from burning yourself. The bob haircut looks wonderful on you! The length is very flattering! I love this outfit too - the sheer panel and floral print together with the jeans and white heels is a dressier spin on casual. Very fresh and summery. I know you're a little tired of the heat but I would kill to have another two months of summer! Take care xx

  2. Wow that is quite the story! I'm so glad you are OK. The new haircut is super cute and looks like a nice change especially with the heat. I love this top with the sheer panel and pretty print. Summer sandals and great fitting jeans makes an outfit you can wear in so many circumstances. Hope this coming week is a good one!

    blue hue wonderland

  3. Wow that is quite some story! I actually love the haircut. I'm glad it didn't burn so that you needed a buzz cut though and I'm really glad you weren't seriously injured. Wouldn't want you to need to go to hospital and come back worse off.

    Love the outfit. Very pretty colours and floral.


  4. Jan, I love it! I think it's more flattering than your longer hair. What a funny story about how it all came about, but I think this is a positive outcome.

    I also like your top. And if I'm ever out that way again, I want to come to your restaurant!

  5. What a crazy story and glad that you didn't burn anything besides hair. I think the new hair cut is great on you. I love this top too. I remember the madness this Target collaboration created. Again - we share the same taste as I have this top as well. Haven't worn it in awhile so thank for your the reminder to use it before it gets cold here. Have a great week!


  6. Oh Jan! Oh Jan! So relieved that the hair episode didn't turn even nastier. And I LOVE {I know I shouldn't shout}, truly love, your hair style!

    Noting the pretty top, but really lusting after those sandals.

    Make sure you keep some aloe on that burn, and however did you end up in this little town you call home?


  7. That might be the best "story behind my bob" ever! Ha! I've actually never heard of anyone having a story behind their bob... :) You look supremely pretty with the new 'do.
    Debbie :)

  8. My, what a story! But thanks to it you've got new hair style and I really like it. Lovely top you're wearing here, so charming print and nice colour.

  9. Aww, thanks. I'm glad you think it works. A lot of to-do about getting a hair cut, but the event chain seemed ironic and pitiable enough to report. Nothing hurts right now but my pride! The burn was the worst of it, and it even took an age spot or two with it. Gross and TMI ... sorry.
    I meant to note but forgot that this outfit was part of my remix project. I usually wear this little top with white or navy slacks and a closed toe pump, navy. I've been concerned about white shoes with darker pants, but these seem to be strappy enough to work. The top is so weightless that it's nice to wear in this heat.
    Speaking of which, I'm sending you the last weeks of our summer. Please wave some of your rain our way. My pasture will thank you!

  10. Pretty well has to be better, I think. Thanks, Ann. I'm glad you like the hair ... it is much more comfortable, and, as you know, has more styling possibilities than one might think!
    Yes, the top is weightless and simple for summer. Wore this outfit to work last night, and was happy all evening.
    Yup ... getting better, but it's not a very high bar to jump! Seriously, I'm better all around!
    So glad you dropped by on an off- Monday, Ann. Appreciate it.

  11. It was just such a strange set of circumstances ... but worked out okay.
    I'm glad you like my hair ... I miss it long, and perhaps most of the length could have been saved, but the options looked more like a mullet than I was comfortable with! We'll see what I can do with it.
    The burn is soughing and peeling today ... all looks well underneath. I was worried as the skin on it was eggplant colored yesterday. Ew.
    Easy-peasy outfit for a strange day, but it worked out ok!
    Speaking of healing, I'm sending healy thoughts your way. Poor baby. Doubly happy you stopped by, considering how crappy I know you still feel.
    Hang in, and know how many of us are thinking of you.

  12. Yeaaaay! Thanks Val! That's nice to know. It was just such a piled-on set of circumstances. Everyone here has what i think of as a Mom-Bob, and I wanted to avoid that. Then again, long hair is as ubiquitous, so length doesn't seem to matter. I just want to keep a bit of edge to it, and I'll be happy.
    Glad you like my little top ... it's utterly weightless, and I save it for the hottest days.
    I would so spoil you at our little restaurant!

  13. See? Great minds!
    That little top has no weight to it all, and is so handy in intense heat. that it's just a touch dressy makes it better.
    So happy you liked my hair! Our taste is so often similar, and that's reassuring.
    Great to hear from you, Alice.

  14. Things are absolutely strange here, but getting better. As I said, it's a low bar to jump! I feel a lot better with positive feedback about the hair. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm. It's taken to heart, dear Sue! Not completely comfortable with the cut, but finding it nice to have it away from my neck this summer.
    The sandals are completely comfy, and I'll miss putting them away for summer, but there's still time to wear them!
    Burn is better today ... sloughing, and looks untidy but healing well.

    The short answer to your question is "the witness protection program" but while that's funny, it's not real. My folks brought running quarter horses back here in 1968, and I stayed on the west coast to finish school ... up to Alaska for a decade, then Seattle. Dan and I came back here to be with the folks in 1994, but we didn't have nearly as much time with them as we had hoped. They're both gone, but we invested everything here. We're on the "home-place" with the remaining cow-horses and pets, and have our little pub-restaurant. Stuck, really, and we miss urban life. We'll get out someday, we hope!
    So glad you could stop by with encouraging words ... I need them this strange week. Cyber hugs, kid.

  15. I don't usually go on so much about a haircut, but this was all just too strange a series of events not to write about. So happy to hear you like my new 'do. What a high compliment ... thank you so much for reading and stopping by!

  16. Thanks, Olga. As I think of it, I haven't cut my hair off because so many style-gurus command us old ladies to keep it short. I've been afraid of giving up and in. The trick to keeping myself happy will be if it stays looking fresh and modern. I'm glad you like it, as well as my little top ... it weighs nothing and is great in the heat!
    Have a great week. Thanks for stopping by on an off-Monday!

  17. Tamera Ferguson WolfeSeptember 3, 2013 at 1:50 PM

    Oh my Jan!!! How are you feeling now??
    I must say the new 'do is ADORABLE--I love how swingy and fresh it looks!!
    Take care of yourself!!!

  18. Breathlessly I read your story and finally I'm so happy that only your hair and not your face or anything else was burnt. I really like your new hairdo, not only because there is no other option. It suits you perfectly and accents your lovely face.

  19. Oh my Jan. I am glad you didn't hurt yourself more seriously. Although it was pretty bad enough, tho. But I must say, your new 'do is gorgeous. It's suits you. You look so pretty. And I like your outfit. Beautiful blue color of both pants and top. Lovely shoes too.

    Get well soon.

  20. Ouchee, I am glad you were not seriously hurt. Like on skin (harder to heal than hair). Jeez, the dinner guest can bloody carry their OWN plate in to the kitchen next time. Grr. I like the cut though (glad the hairdresser had a space), it draws attention to your gorgeous smile.

    As you mentioned over at my house (!), mine seems to be thinning a bit too. Am stocing up on vitamins, and it might just be that it is darker now with the new colour.. So I notice shedding more now xxx

  21. You look great!!

  22. Better today, thanks, Tamera! So glad you like the result of all my run-ins with too-hot things. Makes me feel better. It does move nicely, and feels better in this weather.
    I forgot to mention one of the other nice things the little-town stylist did for me ... you'll appreciate it, especially.
    I had my little poodle, Bijou, with me when I stopped by. She didn't mind at all and just threw the big "bib" tent thing right over us both. Bijou poked her head out to watch what was going on, but didn't make a peep. Wasn't that nice? Wouldn't have happened in a big town salon.

  23. So kind of you, Sabine. The more I mess with it, the more I like it.
    So glad you stopped by for a bit of a chat!

  24. Thanks, Lenya ... silly story about all my clumsiness, but it worked out in the end. Nice of you to like my new 'do. I'm pretty sure I like it, too.

  25. So kind, SS. Glad you think it works for me ... I'm glad for all the reassurances!
    I was getting some serious patches and losing lots. My doctor said the only cure was continual minoxidil, but that's because I'm 800 years old and it's not surprising that pattern hair loss is happening. It's all back now, but scary for a couple of years.
    If you get a chance, check on your thyroid levels when you see your doctor. It's an easy and safe fix, and is often a cause of thinning hair in younger women. Hair is so important! (Especially since I don't look good in a hat!)
    Thanks for the check-in!

  26. Thanks, sweetie! Glad always to hear from you, and reassurances right now are especially welcome.

  27. Jean at Dross into GoldSeptember 3, 2013 at 4:41 PM

    I would call it serendipity because you look fabulous and if you're like me, you wouldn't have had to courage to cut voluntarily. I really, really like it. Like, a lot. Sorry about the burn though. XXOO

  28. Oh Jan! Poor you! Burns are SO sore, I hope the wrist is feeling a little better. As for your humiliated pride - well, that will heal too, if it hasn't already.
    But now the hair, oh the gorgeous hair! Out of the ashes of disaster rose the Phoenix of Beauty! I really love the cut, it suits you so well, your little local hairdresser did a fine job. I wish you could see it through our eyes, you still seem pretty unconvinced.... But you look beautiful.
    Such a lovely top too, and oh la la, very stylish sandals. (I have sworn off using "sexy" as an adjective. But they are.)
    Hibiscus and raspberry iced tea, despite its burning properties when spilt, sounds delicious.
    PS. Anti-wrinkle spray? No, I haven't tried it, didn't know it existed. Could do with some for the dress (though I am dumping it, cannot bear the lint magnetism a moment longer) AND for the face. Youth in a can? There's a thought! xxxxxxx

  29. That was why I wrote about it ... it WAS serendipity. Kind of. So glad you guys all seem to like it. My old hair was getting ... old. So all's well, pretty much. But much better now that you weighed in. Always happy to hear what you think!

  30. I'll add my voice to the chorus that your new hairstyle looks gorgeous.

    And if I may about you saying you are clumsy or klutzy- my coach thinks it's when one's mind is somewhere else or there's a lot on your brain (such as a jerky diner waving her dang plate in the air!) that makes accidents. It doesn't mean you are uncoordinated.

    Heck, she says I have good coordination and I managed to get my pinky finger up my own nostril while I was washing my face.

  31. So glad you guys like the cut... hard to decide on my own about this sort-of choice. I'd figure it out on my own, but it helps to get feedback from kind women. I'm feeling better about it. And it's not like having it long was so interesting, or that i wore it a lot of different ways.
    The wrist turned a nasty shade of eggplant for a day or two, but is now sloughing. Ick. But it feels somewhat better. Lobster pink, actually, right now.
    I have to laugh with you about "sexy" ... I'd never mind the concept, but I sure hate feeling obliged to try to look that way. Old feminist stuff at work, but feels right. Since these little sandals don't look in the least suggestive, I can go ahead and be happy you think they are a good idea!
    And yes, the tea turned out great... slightly sweet as it has dried cherries in it as well. How cool is that?
    We have this stuff here, called Wrinkle Release ... for cottons and similar fabrics, Great for polo shirts and tees that seem like too much trouble to iron, but need a little attention. Quicker, easier and cheaper than steam. All-American laziness! I'm completely for that.

    Not really sure about spray face-anti-ager. Probably, though! They have everything else. Need to get me some.
    Have a great week, Curtise. Hope Eldest is enjoying the elevation!

  32. Aya ... gotta' say, that's the funniest thing i ever read. Really. The sad thing is that I've done exactly the same thing. And, since I wear my nails just a bit long, it hurts to do that! So, your admission was amusing and comforting at the same time it was an affirmation that I am, indeed a klutz.
    Glad to hear that you agree about the cut. I'm beginning to feel happier about it 'cause of all you nice women.
    Glad you stopped by to chime in ... I'm still laughing and feeling happier about my hair. Thank you.

  33. I'm afraid I'll have to ticket you for impersonating a Palsied person - me specifically! Those are definitely my kind of stunts you pulled, lady!
    I like your hair better this way; seriously. I'm sorry it took such convoluted pyrotechnics to get you here but it really, truly is beautiful ;-)


  34. Ummm ... I thought I might get honorary PP status, but it seems not. No, so typical of me, too ... not usually in related events, though. Glad you like the hair ... I know I can count on you to be frank! Really, good to know.
    Glad your Disqus is back!

  35. Jan! Oh, I'm so sorry about your mishaps and I'm so glad you didn't seriously hurt yourself. I must say tjat I absolutelyI LOVE your new hairdo! It looks amazingly chic and very flattering.

  36. oh my gosh, that sounds like one heck of an experience. First of all, you look Amazing! I adore the cut, they really made it work for you and it gives you some freshness!! Hope your hand is doing better? Btw, love the outfit! super cute top and the shoes!?

  37. I love your shorter hair, so chic, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Spanish women don´t wear hats, for weddings wear fascinators, but only a few wear hats at all.
    have a lovely Wednesday, Jan.

  38. What a beautifully told story. I adore the hair style, it suits you very well and is extremely chic. Bob cuts are so timeless and elegant! You rock that style! Hope your wounds have healed well!

  39. First of all, I'm relieved that you weren't injured and that your entire head of beautiful hair didn't go up in flames. Even though you somewhat safely emerged from the experience, I'm sure that you felt traumatized by this close call. A beautifully told story, but frightening as well.

    I do love your new hair style, with your chic ensemble of jeans and floral top. Take care of your Dear self!

  40. Well, well, well... what a story! And what a hazardous person you are to be with. Although the danger is mostly for yourself. You must have angels looking after you, as these events could have easily gone wrong in a more serious way.
    And about the bob.... LOOKS GREAT ON YOU. Perfect. If you had planned it, I would have said the same.
    Your outfit is also very nice, especially the shoes, but I am focussed on your hair.

  41. Oh my! What a way to get your hair cut. And it really looks good too. Isn't that the way the universe works sometimes...? Insult and injury until you just go with the flow and do it. Well, you're looking pretty darn cool in your ensemble complete with very cool do.

  42. Thank you, Lisa, for your sympathy. So nice, and I'm even further comforted that you like the result. I'm more used to it, and it takes much less time to dry! I have a blind spot about bobs ... seems like every women and her dog has a similar cut here.
    All you kind ladies make me feel better, though. I value your feedback.
    Thandks for dropping in, kid!

  43. Anja! Thank for all your good wishes. I like the idea of having some freshness to my style. The hand is better but still looks pretty nasty. The outfit was just another remix. I usually wear this top with dressier trousers and a closed pump. It's a great top (weightless) for the heat.
    So happy you stopped by!

  44. Glad you like my accidental bob, Sacramento.
    Women here wear baseball caps (I don't !) cowboy hats (I have when I rode quite a lot) and some wear big hats on Sunday for church (not my style.) I try not to stay out in the sun long enough to need one ... I love the shade!
    Thank you, lovely lady, for stopping by. Always a thrill when you do.

  45. Glad you liked my tale of misadventure. I didn't write it only to whine ... although I wouldn't hesitate to do that if I needed sympathy! It was such an odd string of events, though, and pertinent because I / we do care about our hair!
    Glad you like the result, Nicolene. Thanks for your sweet comments and kind wishes.
    Loved your posts about fashion week! Exciting!

  46. Thank you, Judith. I'm such a know-it-all and fussy old lady that I'm always surprised when things like this happen to me. And rarely in meaningful sequence! I wouldn't have gone on about it had it not turned out well in the end, and I'm so pleased you (and everyone else) like the outcome.
    So glad you liked hearing the story ... and I'm always so happy when you drop by. All is better now!

  47. Yup, that's me. A dangerous party. Or a human lightning rod! I just need to pay closer attention when I'm dealing with hot things. So glad you like the bob. Nice to hear from you, especially.
    This outfit is the simplest remix. I usually wear the top with dressier pants and shoes. But it was pretty much just something to wear with the new hair!
    Have a great week, Greetja.

  48. A do more or less like yours, now that I think of it. I'm part of the bob club now. So happy you think it works for me too, Pao.
    I was definitely going for cool in a literal way ... just under 100 degrees here that day. The little top is weightless, so it was extra nice. And it helps having my hair off my shoulders! What a concept.
    Mostly, though, I'm tickled to see you out and about after you long absence. I don't think you realize how much you're missed in our corner of the blogiverse!
    Have a great week, lady!

  49. Arghhh! What a story! I'm surprised I've never done the same, I'm notoriously clumsy!
    Your hair looks utterly gorgeous, shows of your beautiful bone structure a treat! x x

  50. Hello, Vix! It took two related klutzy events to get me to the hair cut, so you ought to be okay if you just limit your events to one!
    Thank you so much ... that's one of the nicest compliments I've had! I'm pretty much the pudding face of the family, so no one has ever acknowledged that I have any bone structure worth mentioning. What a sweet thing to say! So happy you stopped by. I appreciate it!

  51. Once I read the sentence about hair cut, I cheated and scrolled down before reading the fantastic story that went along with it. First off, Love your attitude towards life, it does more to show what kind of person you are than any splendid, creative outfit you put together. Second, the mistake was meant to be, it's a sensational make-over, truly great cut and fits you and your personality to the T. I'll keep this in mind when I'm needed a change, although I'll just keep your story in mind, no need to reenact, right?

  52. Nope, no need for reenactments, Trina! I'm relieved that it seems to work as well as it does, and really appreciate the reassurance you've all sent. Still staring in the mirror, not quite sure what to think, but I've decided it's at least no worse than it was, and the split ends are thoroughly cleaned up! Less time to dry, too.
    Really, petty stuff in the long run, but my odd events of the week that made me force a biggish style decision seemed worthy of a telling.
    Besides, I'm now a bob-ette ... like you!
    So happy you stopped in to help reassure. Kind lady!

  53. Oh sweetie, I am so sorry for all the bad stuff! The good news is, that haircut is FANTASTIC for you!! I love it so much. I hope your wounds (those physical and mental) heal quickly and without pain.


  54. Aww, thank you, Alyssa. I appreciate the sympathy a lot ... my burn is smarting a bit today, but healing. It's turned out to a bit more of a burn than I first thought, but no permanent damage. Probably no mental stuff, other than greater awareness to PAY ATTENTION when you're around heat!
    Hair is all better with the cut (and we all know what's important, don't we?) and I am a bobber now ... I've always admired your cut, so I'm giving it a try!
    Happy to see you here ... you know it always pleases me when you drop by.

  55. KIcking andScreaming 55+StyleSeptember 5, 2013 at 7:28 PM

    Wow -- so sorry! But, I love the cut, it looks great! Love this outfit, too

  56. Thank you! Strange circumstances ... but look, we have the same haircut now! How do you get yours so piecey and casually tousled? Cut or product?

  57. ....On good days I optimistically believe that we are where we should be, experiencing life as intended. And fortunately, most days are good days. I mean, in the big scheme of things, we've both got ever so much more than most women in the world. But, it's, I don't know...confusing, frustrating, disheartening...when life isn't playing out quite like we thought it might. Glen and I sold our large suburban home almost ten years ago. We didn't buy another home right away; my Dad was dying, I was afraid to leap into home ownership again, yada yada yada. Meanwhile local real estate prices madly jumped through the stratosphere. We've been renting ever since...quite comfortably, and in a lovely place, but...well you know. We feel kind of stuck too. Kind of without roots. Anyways, your posts always brighten my days Jan! xo

  58. Here, I think you address what I see as the subtext to my whiny story. Things always work out, one way or another. And it gets better, most of the time.
    I'd like to believe that we are where we should be, like you, and that we all have much more of an effect on the world than we can imagine ... so it's far better to put out the best you can. I've tried hard not to have huge expectations. Good thing, too, considering how they've worked out recently.
    I'm glad you get what I try to write about ... and that I entertain you sometimes. That's great!

  59. Firstly, I LOVE your new hair cut! It suits you and you look more chic! Secondly I've had my fair share of being burnt and singed too :-) I do believe sometimes the Universe just knows and makes the change happen for us. Enjoy your new look!

  60. Isn't it awful? Lucky I didn't go completely up in flames. We only think we're in control of things.
    Having a bit of problem with the new cut ... it's a style that can either look very fresh or really I-gave-up-on-long-hair-and-don't-quite-know-what-to-do-now. Depends on some some subtlety in the styling. I'm working on it.
    I can't say I'm bored with it, though. Very glad you like it ... your taste is great.
    Thanks for weighing in. It's much appreciated, and I'm always happy when you stop by.

  61. Hi my dear!! I'm so sorry for the accidents you endured but I must say your hair looks totally amazing and really suits you! I do hope you are feeling better, have a great weekend! xxx

  62. Jan, you took your bad luck and made it into something amazing. Great hair, great attitude. Hope your wrist heals soon so you can forget your accidents and enjoy your wonderful new look!

  63. KIcking andScreaming 55+StyleSeptember 6, 2013 at 4:47 PM

    LOL ... you wear it much better than I, though. How do I get it piecey and tousled? Purely accidental -- I'm going for the straight, chic look of your's, and it never works!

  64. Jan, I am glad nothing more serious happened to you and I hope your wrist will be ok.
    I have to say I love your new hair style, maybe I even prefer it to your longer hair which was great too!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  65. lifestyleover40.comSeptember 9, 2013 at 6:31 AM

    What a story! I love every thing about your hair, the length, the cut, the color...
    I even think this length is the best for you. The blue shades of your outfit, by the way, bring out the beautiful shade of the hair. Great post! Sara

  66. Your hair looks awesome! Its a great look on you. The hairstyle perfectly frames your face. Love the outfit too

  67. jane@flightplatformlivingSeptember 9, 2013 at 4:30 PM

    i have to say that i hope you do like it because I think it was an amazing thing to happen because i adore adore adore it on you!!! really that length is fabulous xxx

  68. Thanks, Sharon! You're so kind to say nice things about my enforced do. I'm at the point where I still don't recognize myself, and only miss the good-hair days from the long-haired days. If that makes sense?
    Hope you are having a great week, and that the summer is still hanging in for you!

  69. Miss your blog, Laurie! Hope all is going well for you. Thanks for the kind wishes ... hand has almost finished peeling (ick!) and am still figuring out the hair. Pleased you like it!
    So happy you stopped by!

  70. Thanks, Annette. I appreciate you kind wishes, 'cause it is getting better fast. Glad you like the hair ... you seem to be in company with your preference. It will grow if I end up hating it, but so far, so good!
    Have a great week, and I hope you are enjoying a few more days of warm weather.
    Drop by anytime!

  71. Sara! Thanks for stopping by, and I appreciate your nice remarks about my strange series of events. Glad you like the hair ... so does everyone else, it seems. This little top has so little weight to it that it is perfect for our still hot days. I'll be sorry to put it away for the winter.
    Hope you are still enjoying your holiday!

  72. Thank you, lovely Zalina. Glad you think it works for me. I'm always happy when you come by for a chat ... you are welcome as can be at all times. Have a great week.

  73. More than anyone I know, you have the knack of making a whole fondue party out of a packet of melted cheese ... so thank you! Glad you think it works for me! Think of you often, and am trying hard to catch up with everyone, O Adorable One! So happy you grabbed a minute to stop by.

  74. Oh, dear .. what a chain of events! Hair looks great though! Perhaps the 'powers that be' decided that change would be good for you?


  75. Highland FashionistaSeptember 17, 2013 at 5:45 PM

    I really like the hair. I think it suits you. Think of it as the universe telling you to get a haircut ;) glad you are OK :)

  76. Looks that way! I'm getting used to it now, and my hand has healed up. Glad things have settled down now, and am getting a better handle on how to give this ordinary bob a little edge. Welcome to the world, Jan, of beachy-spray and styling paste!

  77. Thanks, kiddo. I've joined the Bob-Squad it seemed. Who new my hair would actually work this way? Hand is all healed, and astonishingly young skin under the burn! Took off a tiny age spot or two.
    Seriously, thank you. I'm doing much better and am adjusting!

  78. That's is quite a story....fortunate thing, you did not get any serious burns or anything. You look wonderful with this haircut....perhaps that was a sign for you to get this hair cut;)

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