Monday, October 7, 2013

Going On Quest and Wish List with Bullets

It's here. It's That Time of Year. There is almost a hard-wired, instinctual quality to my desire to go On Quest when fall arrives. It's elemental. I raise my snoot to the wind coming from the Big City, and sniff the air for the faint spoor of delivery trucks bringing Fall/Winter 2013 items into the shops. My pulse picks up and the blood rushes a little quicker in anticipation of the hunt.  Predatory stalking analogies for my enthusiasm are only a slight exaggeration.

On a more realistic level, this is more about another kind of human satisfaction, so perhaps it's better to say that I'm officially On Quest. I've gone from just thinking about and longing for fall and winter items, and now I'm actively looking for specific things to freshen up what I've drug from the back of my closet from last winter.  This is a favorite activity.

The Quest is deeply thematic in our Western culture and is pan-cultural in all its forms. It's been analyzed and defined, and tales of our heroes on quest are immediately recognizable to every child who has ever heard a fairy tale or read about Harry Potter. Some of the elements present in every good Quest tale are not limited to but include;
  • Tasks and processes that requires lots of effort from hero
  • Obstacles, forces, creatures or nemeses that try to prevent the Hero from her quest
  • Travel of some distance
  • Distracting and seductive, exotic or romantic elements
  • The search for a hidden or difficult to obtain object of extreme meaning, love, spiritual fulfillment, or magical power

Does that or does that not perfectly describe trying to find some particular new item for your fall wardrobe on a weekend trip to the stores, shops or Mall? It does from my perspective, but I'm up for it anyway.

Real life Quest Elements include;
  • Parking, or lack of it
  • Other people's screaming children (bless their dear little hearts...)
  • Fellow shoppers unconscious of others while in mobile phone conversations (especially those that I don't want to hear) 
  • Nonexistent or difficult sales staff 
  • Lack of selection and/or sizes
  • Finances are always a force to be reckoned with
  • Travel: everything I want is at least 40 miles away
  • Distracting or seductive elements: it's the magpie in me that causes me to gravitate to "that shiny object over there" instead of the task at hand. (The good thing about it is that I've obtained some of my most beloved clothes and accessories that way.)
  • Certainly, my wardrobe has meaning for me, if not exactly spiritual fulfillment. And I know for a fact that some clothes are simply magical.

I'm not a window shopper. I don't usually browse unless I'm looking for a particular item, and since I only have three or four total hours available per week for this sometimes problematic activity, I tend to get organized in planning the process and can exhibit a serious "singleness of purpose" when I'm about it.

Like all heroes, I'm armed with my special weapons or virtues. In this case, that's my seasonal Wish List. I began work on it a month or so ago, when I began reviewing last winter's wardrobe. Happily, after they've been a few months in storage, I can look at each item and make a quick decision whether to rejoice and welcome it back into rotation, cull it completely or put it on hold. It's the keeper items that send me On Quest. This year, I'm extra pleased to report that I'm good on a lot of basics due to paying closer attention to what I was doing last fall!

After review, I begin adding items to the list. Some of the items I'm looking for this fall are;
  • Chain necklaces in various metals 
  • A bright handbag or two to pair with neutrals ... and I'm looking for a lot of neutrals
  • Replacement Breton tees and crew neck pullovers and tights, perhaps textured stockings
  • Looser silhouette pants ( It's past time to figure out what Boyfriend Jeans actually are and how I might try to wear them ... sigh....)
  • Mid-heel pumps (yummmm ... )
  • Select colors in above the ankle booties (already have plenty of black, need cordovan or oxblood!)
  • That elusive Navy blazer I've wanted for two seasons now
  • An additional interesting A-Line or fuller skirt or two

Within the list are some general conceptual maxims and caveats;
  • Don't panic or get too caught up and buy a bunch of stuff ... do what you can and really shop your closet for silhouettes.
  • Simple outfits will take great accessories ... not many, but good ones.
  • Minimal thinking ... you haz it! All will be silhouette and textures.

But the really big caveat that I've repeated like a mantra is this:
Hold out for True Love. Don't buy it if it just appeals. All purchases must be True Love or nothing.

We'll see how I do with all that. Stay tuned.

At last we had a cool day where a jacket was needed! This is a recent bargain from DKNY. The top part is knit, with a wide, peplum-esque finish on the bottom. Dan loves this outfit ... he's a fan of Breton Stripes, deep wine colors and the fact that I was wearing Chloé.

These Bandolino pumps are a recent Wish List acquistion: oxblood or burgundy pumps.   (Check-mark!)

(Much closer than the color shown in my photo, and you can see a little of the tiny, reptile print of the shoe fabric. )


It's  Visible Monday at  Bird of Paradise Patti's Not Dead Yet Style party!  Great women doing great things.  Check it out for lots of inspiration!  


  1. Wow, you look fabulous! That jacket is a killer find. I'm pretty well set with my wardrobe right now, am trying not to accumulate. The only "quest" items on my radar are random pieces I can use to dress up my basics for a party or dressier (than usual...we're not talking Black Tie here) event.

  2. This is a fabulous outfit Jan! Everything here is working a beautiful harmony. You are wearing the stripes in a fun way with the jacket. Beautiful leather detail on the jacket and those shoes add just the right amount of interest.

    Enjoyed your description of the hunt. I'm finding there's so much to like out there in the world of clothing right now. You are smart to make a list and buy only what you really love. I'm looking for a longer skirt. Found a good one at the thirft store and went back the next day to buy it but it sold.

    blue hue wonderland

  3. VersatilestylebytraceyOctober 7, 2013 at 8:38 PM

    I have a constant list in my head and have done a great job getting ready for fall. My favorites are colored ponte blazers, a grey faux leather jacket and new burgundy boots.

  4. Love your outfit and shoes. So elegant! Mid-heels pumps --yes! I need them too.

  5. HappinessatmidlifeOctober 8, 2013 at 2:40 AM

    Great list Jan. I am such an impulsive shopper that I tried keeping a list or budget and it never seems to be followed. I am not sure what measures I need to take to curb my shopping habits.

    Love this outfit on you. The leather details on your blazer and cut is just perfect!


  6. that jacket! I think I searched for about 6 months for the perfect navy blazer, so I do understand the quest.

  7. Patti_NotDeadYetStyleOctober 8, 2013 at 8:07 AM

    I enjoyed this post so much, Jan! You made me feel more accomplished than I thought I was, overcoming all these barriers to find my Holy Grail jeans : > You look fabulous in your new pumps and Breton top. Thanks for sharing all the joy with Visible Monday xoxo

  8. Boy, you summed it up in the challenges that a lot of us face in our Quests. And just in time, too. I plan to do some shopping this week, and I'm going to try to stick to certain silhouettes. I'll have to remember that I'm looking for true love, not just a fling!

  9. Incredible outfit! You always look great in a peplum and this silhouette shines on you.

    You thoroughly describe the quest, which is exactly how I feel at an estate sale. Shortness of breath makes an appearance when I find many treasures in one spot. I am very random in my process, and don't usually have a list or a plan. I admire the fact that you do!

  10. Ah, the Quest! Are you on the Fool's Journey, starting at 0, or do you feel you've moved ahead in the path toward's fulfillment (you know exactly what I mean)?
    I'm on a similar quest myself. I find it especially difficult to find good quality sweaters that fit properly. They're either too boxy or the sleeves are too long. I'm finding it easier to procure jackets of various weights because they're more readily available in Petite sizes and the sleeves can usually be altered.
    I LOVE your jacket! The entire outfit is really perfect on you. Yay, Fall! ;-)


  11. This is a great jacket, I am sure it will serve you very well... I do not have a list for winter yet as my winter clothing are still stored away and I can't remember what I have in there.. maybe in a month time, when the weather will cool down I will begin thinking about it.. Thanks for sharing. Sara

  12. Tamera Ferguson WolfeOctober 8, 2013 at 12:27 PM

    First--your outfit is adorable. I REALLY love the top!! That's the second one i've seen recently on blogs that's a dark red/wine with a navy/black stripe. I think I NEED one!!
    I make a "wish/want" list every season (fall/spring). since I thrift about 90-95% of my wardrobe--it helps me be more focused on what to look for. As I've had to replace almost everything from last fall (too big-YAY) I limited myself to a palette of black/white/grey/teal/green/blue/purple/fuschia. Everything matches-no orphans, and it has made finding stuff so much EASIER as I'm not distracted by all the goodies!!!!

  13. Heels - awesome. Pants - beautiful. Top - so pretty. Blazer - so cool. Necklace - I want it!!! Total outfit = absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Jan you are looking amazing.
    And YES YES YES to your Mantra. It's mine too.

  14. Hi Jan - love those shoes! Wish I could still wear heels - I stick to kitten height because of the MS. I too seek a new navy blazer (my husband flaunts HIS cashmere navy blazer every time he gets it out of the closet!) Let's call it what it is - "The Hunt!".

  15. you cant half rock a pair of heels! I shop in the exact other way to game idea whats in my wardrobe or what is required! i call it 'nutcase thrifty fashionista treasure hunting' xxx

  16. To find the holy gral is a promenade in comparision with the adventures of a shopping lady. Your post makes my smile - thank you Jan! You are a heroine and hopefully a successfull one when the quest is over.

  17. Love your list and wish I was that organized. I have lists for everything else in my life (too many, my life is overrun with post-it notes). But shopping is more impulse for me: find it, crave it, find it for less. It's a hunt. Or if I have an event, then I scramble. Like I said, I should get organized. I'll think about this for a while, in fact, I'll add it to my to do list "get an organized shopping list." OH, I have the most amazing blue blazer - by Lilly Pulitzer! Ponte Knit. Highly recommend it.
    xo ~kim (and chloe)

  18. So that's quite some epic journey you are undertaking there, Jan... Armed with only a list and your wallet! I am impressed by your organisation and precision, you could have been a military strategist. I have no list, no quest. I really don't need anything. I browse, randomly, and swoop on anything secondhand, colourful and a bit mad. It makes me happy, and I am quite happy for my wardrobe to be a jumble of all sorts!
    I must say that outfit really does suit you (can see why Dan likes it, mmmm yes I can). It's pared down, simple, but fitted and sophisticated and - oh dammit, I am trying so hard NOT to say sexy, but that's what it is! I think it's the jacket that does it. And the heels. And the very well-cut jeans. You look beautiful. Now go. Quest. Return triumphant with the spoils! xxxx

  19. What a great wish list! I don't even attempt to shop during the season. It's LA! Love your t-shirt, you paired it really nice. As for your wish list, I zoomed in on the chains. I love taking old chains and repurposing into new necklaces. You should definitely try the thrift stores.

  20. Fall shopping. One of the great joys. No bathing suits to try on. Long sleeves, boxy sweaters. I love it! You are quite organized. I'm very impressed. You look terrific in stripes. Good call to get more Bretons. And you're right, some clothes ARE magical.

  21. Dawn @ AlterEgoFashionistaOctober 8, 2013 at 9:46 PM

    You look absolutely adorable! I must say, you are totally organized and I'm impressed! I usually go shopping and just find things that appeal...instead of particular pieces. They can be so squirrely to find! Your mantra of loving each piece is so true, and I'm getting better and better at doing just that. Are we headed to the perfect wardrobes???

  22. You look ever so chic Jan. I don't know...this look is somehow different from your usual...or maybe it's just that the colour palette is more autumn.'s the silhouette! The jacket gives you a lovely hourglass shape, and I believe the t-shirt is doing the same. The gold chain is elegant and draws the eye up. All in all, very well done! Love the shoes too. I'd be wise to have some sort of a list. I firmly believe in the power of intention...write it, read it, believe that it will show up, right price, right size! Have fun in the city!

  23. Love colour palette of this outfit, Jan! And the longish stripy top/shorter jacket combination is very flattering, I like it. You are so organised! The only time I make shopping lists is when I'm having a party at home and need to cook much and so, I make a list of products not to forget some ingredient. Not so with clothes. If I need something large, like a coat or boots, then I just remember that. All the rest I buy spontaneously.

  24. Love the jacket and I agree entirely "hold out for true love". Now, if you could find a way to get me to throw out all those old clothes I never wear and don't particuarly like, yet can't seem to let go of, then you will have solved all of my satorial issues.

  25. Hold out for True Love. Don't buy it if it just appeals. All purchases must be True Love or nothing.
    Now there's a mantra to live by, Jan! That jacket is sensational on you and shows off your fab bod a treat.

    I'm an emotional shopper, I buy what makes my palms sweat and my heart beat faster, that's why I have a wardrobe stuffed with fringed catsuits, feather boas and backless psychedelic maxis and not a sweater, pair of jeans or cardi to my name!

  26. Hi Jan,

    Oh you are soooo good. So organized. I wish I could do that. That looking through your fall/winter wardrobe and making decisions (I never do that). Such a handy wish list. That mantra!! (I should so that. I recognised everything you said about the quest. Your posts are a joy to read.
    And your outfit is the best. Perfect. I wish I had it, although it would not look the same on me...(must remember this more often). The necklace is just that piece of brightness that finishes it.
    I had such a laugh again. Over: "screaming children: bless their dear little hearts.." hahaha
    For some stupid reason I cannot find your email address anymore. Oh well, I will tell your through this comment. A little typing error in the first paragraph: "are only a only a slight exaggeration"... a bit too many "a only".


  27. Wonderful outfit! I just love your DKNY jacket with the contrasing peplum, the burgundy shoes and the matching accent of colour in your top.
    And hah! Your real quest elements were a stark reminder of why I do most of my shopping online these days. Firstly I find it hard to get to the shops during opening hours with the day job and the dancing. Should keep me out of trouble right? Wrong! I wonder that online retailers wouldn't serve you better located where you are? I often find after traipsing into London I can't find the size or model I want in the stores I visit and there it will be online when I get home. Postage costs are often pretty reasonable compared to travel costs to go shopping (especially if we are talking 40 miles) and most of them make it so easy (and it's usually free) to return items.
    I admire your plan of attack, it is good to have a strategy and it does help stop senseless shopping for the sake of it to have a hunting list. And agree - holding out for true love is the only way you should shop. Look forward to meeting your new true loves!

  28. Agree your mantra!
    Real fall look, great example how combinig sporty pieces give elegant apperiance yet.

  29. I looove your jacket! I bought one from NY&Co and it is nearly identical looking minus the lapels. It is ponte and faux peplum. However, I am not crazy about how it falls on me. Maybe I am too short for it. It did not come in petite so I can often get away with regulars - figured I'd give it a shot - but ehhhh, I just don't know. Anyway, I love your blog and this post...I completely relate!!

  30. We could totally go On Quest together. I too am an efficient shopper, go in with a list and a budget and strategize for maximum odds of success. Window shopping is a waste of time. You are so perfectly polished for fall in navy and wine. The pumps are perfection!

  31. Hi Jan!! This is one of my favourite looks of yours-totally adoring that beautiful blazer and it looks so chic with the striped top and trousers, you've nailed it here!! I'm loving oxblood for Autumn too, it's such a versatile and pretty colour! Hope you are well and having a good week xxx

  32. Hey dear Jan :)

    another amazing outfit! It looks elegant but not to much. I love these kind of shoes, very nice pattern and the color is gorgeous.
    But I love the most... your smile! :)

    have a wonderful week
    Dana, Germany

  33. Parties, but not Big Formal ... yes. Part of my whole modus operandi is dressy-casual to seriously-dressy pieces that can go dolled up or down ... I don't ever go too casual at the restaurant, because then customers think they can treat you badly. You wouldn't think it, but it's true. It hasn't been that long since one of them (a woman my age) actually said to me "You're all dressed up ... you used to be nothin' but a lil' old waitress." Stupid cow that she was, it still smarts. I've found chronically overdressing helps quite a lot. I love to entertain, and that part of owning a restaurant has always been satisfying, but the truth that one tends to be treated according to the way one dresses has great meaning for me in our business.
    So (please excuse the above rant) party clothes are a constant for me. I know exactly the kind of pieces you are talking about. They're my work clothes ... and that's it's own fun!

  34. And, thank you for your nice remarks! I'm always happy when you like one of my outfits. I particularly admire your taste!

  35. Thank you, Ann! I appreciate you kind thoughts and comments always, 'cause you always look so great, yourself!
    I agree... there's lots of fun to be had out there this season. Big changes back to softer dressing, and different shapes.
    Longer skirts ... have to laugh, because I'm so short that every skirt is longer on me when they're right off the rack. I have pulled a couple out of the back of the closet that I never figured out how to alter (elaborate hem area) or just never got around to shortenin ... they hit just above my calf. Sometimes inaction pays off ... and if I hadn't loved them in the first place they'd be long gone by now! Will show off later in the season when I get hosiery sorted out!! I'm loving them with sweaters again. Hope I make it work for me....

  36. Thanks, Tracey! Great stuff you mention. I dyed my own oxblood boots last winter, but hardly wore them. Will drag them out again this year and actually get it on! Yes ... these heels look so much better IRL ... fit like a glove and the mid-heel is so easy to wear. I'll wear them out this winter. So glad you stopped by!

  37. So glad you liked my outfit, Oksana. With shoes ... it's always do I love the general shape of the toe, and will I wear the color ... then the heel height. These just go all day!

  38. Yes ... sometimes impulse purchases are the best, as your great wardrobe attests!
    Poverty helps! Sort of kidding ... but this slow time of year at our restaurant governs my spending quite a bit. Selectivity (and a list) helps me a lot. Winter is easier as I think cold weather styles just last more years and are easier to adapt and freshen, year to year. SoCal weather makes that problematic, I remember, but for all our summer misery here, we do have real winters.
    Hope you are in Hawaii, having a wonderful time right now!

  39. So glad to hear that, Debbie! Not one in sight yet, but I can hope. Blazers are tricky on me because of my ample rack and short waist. I really don't want a very soft knit, either ... I crave structure this year.
    Have a great week, kid!

  40. See? We all know how brilliant you are, and glad something I wrote made you feel accomplished. That's a word I'd use for you, among many other good ones! Anyone who finds perfect jeans is excellently cool, dude. The minute I find mine, they stop making them! (Buy in quantity when it works, Jan!)
    More joy to come, I hope. Thanks for all, pretty Patti.

  41. Good luck to you Val, going On Quest. Hope you've had good shopping so far. The more I think about dressing myself ( I really am just a tall hobbit with no hair on my feet ) the more I think about shapes and silhouettes. Photos sure are a reality check for me there.
    True love always wins out, I'm sure. I always know it's the Real Thing when I bring it home and don't feel any need to justify my acquisition. Just like I did with Dan!
    Looking forward to seeing what you came up with!

  42. Wow. Thank you, Judith. I always know I'm on the right track when you like what I've done! Our Lady of Great Taste ... that's you!

    Ha. I know that feeling you describe. Then then there's that moment just before you look at the price tag ... "can I afford it or not" ... always a bit of harmless drama that keeps us happy when the answer is yes!

    I'd imagine that estate sales require a bit of a different strategy than Big Box retail questing. I've never been to one. Farm auctions yes ... but not an estate sale! (I'm such a hick in so many ways!) Seriously, I'd imagine it takes a completely open mind to effectively shop such random presentations. I'll put that on my bucket list!

  43. That varies from day to day, minute to minute! Probably a little less "hey-ho, whatever happens is good" than the Fool, but that element is there, and hope it always will be. I'm still on the low road on so many ways. The older I get, the more I see elements of myself all over the board ... that's the treat of actually getting old. Survival!

    Back to the mundane ...
    They put out some dandy crew neck sweaters at Target this week. I gave up on sweater sleeves a long time ago! I just push them up, but you know how big that makes your rack look ... that sounds odd, but I'll bet you get that! So, sticking to light weight pull-overs is always my solution. Love my jackets ... know what you mean. I almost always have to shuck them at the restaurant, though, as I get to dashing around, and that means a pretty layer underneath ... or at least a workable layer.
    Yes ... Go Fall!

    So glad you're around!

  44. Thank you, Sara. We're only having cooler mornings, and by afternoon it's time to go sleeveless again. I'm glad for the cooler evenings ... happy to be able to wear sleeves again! Now that I'm a little familiar with the kind of items you have in your closest, I'm guessing we'll all have a treat seeing you dress for winter when it arrives.

  45. Run to Target, Tamera! They've got a fresh shelf of 2/$21 striped, semi-fitted tees just out this week. That's where this one came from. Tees are one thing I think it's fair to buy new ... thrifted tees can be so worn out. There's a lot of ethical stuff around all of this, particularly Big Box stuff ... we all just have to do what we can.
    You have quite a list of limit colors! All my faves ... I'm so happy you are getting to revamp your sizes because of your health successes! Size shouldn't matter, but it does. You're about to enter a world of easier shopping but that's sad to say and a sad statement of the way our culture perceives size, shape and age. I've been where you are, and I'm glad for you, though!
    Have fun, dearest!
    Smooch the pups, please.

  46. Thank you, Lenya! This necklace is one of my favorites ... you can't see the leather strip that holds it together ... it can be very long and look quite different with the leather as part of it's design, or it can be tied off and tucked in for a shorter, cleaner chain.
    I'm so happy you dropped by. I appreciate your very kind comments, always. Your posts are always so much fun!

  47. Hello, Karen! Glad you like these ... they'll be workhorses for me this year. I regard my ability to still wear heels at my age as a blessing that might disappear at any time! I love kitten heels on a woman ... they always look so elegant and sophisticated.
    I get what you say about your husband's blazer! Dan has a camel cashmere overcoat, made in England, that he got years ago at a vintage shop in Seattle. I'm pea green every time he wears it. This season I may treat him for a new lining for his coat ... beginning to need one.
    Happy Hunting, lady. I hear the baying of the Hounds of Fall as we speak!

  48. Thanks, Jane! That's really a sweet thing to say, particularly to such an old lady. I'm thrilled to rock anything.
    I remember being a mum to a little kid ( I only had one ... you have three!) and how it changed what I shopped for and how I did it. I raised my daughter in mostly an urban environment, so shopping was easier. And I did a lot of thrifting in Seattle ... it takes a whole other set of skills. Your wardrobe is such a delight because of your approach to life. Adorable you!

  49. When I'm on the move and have something in my sites, I've noticed people seem to get out of my way. It's all in the attitude, Sabine!
    Seriously, you're the best! I appreciate your good wishes and will carry this thought with me when I next obsess on some item or other and go out after it.

  50. I've a knit one I used last spring, but not really what I want ... real navy, good twill, lined, narrow lapels, single button, mid to low stance ... good fit in the shoulder. (My list of specifics may be part of my problem ... too specific. I'd make trade offs if I could find "close". Alterations always necessary for me.
    The list making, for me, is what I do to keep patient until our very late fall actually arrives. Like doodling. It seems like actually starting the process, rather than just wishing. Maybe it is!
    You guys are just the best for stopping by. I just love it when you do.
    Thanks so much.

  51. I can be scary sometimes. You wouldn't think it to look at me, would you? I was George Patton in another life, I'm sure of it. As I was saying to Kim above, it's all just a ploy to kill time 'til fall arrives.
    I've been doing a lot of thinking about why I dress the way I try to, what I like and why. I've been though a lot of phases and dressed to communicate always. Right now, it's to feel happy when I look in the mirror, so I can communicate that. I'm so happy when you like what I wear ... not what you'd choose, most of the time, but so glad you try to understand and support my choices, Curtise.
    I'm writing this after seeing your post from today with your Jagger lips tee, black tulle skirt and gold fishnets ... you are just the best sight I've ever seen. I just love you for wearing this so elegantly to school ... that's what the kids loved ... how you wore it, not just what you wore. I'll stop by to gush in person, but I just had to say... WOOOOOOOT WOOOOOT!
    Clothes are cool, aren't they?

  52. Good idea ... I'm kicking myself that I let all my Mom's big chains go from the 80s and early 90s. I've kept her good stuff, but am kicking myself that I didn't keep more costume jewelry.
    Thanks for your sweet remarks. Yes ... I know you'll start thinking about fall at Christmas!
    So happy when you stop by!

  53. A lot of the Breton shopping is twofold ... Dan, the huz, has a thing for them, but he does because he likes them on me! And my best cotton tees got attacked by some bug that chewed on the shoulders of several of them. So, it's replacement time. Thank you for the very nice compliment!

    Ye gods, bathing suits! So glad I never swim anymore, and that I live in a landlocked area. Makes not being able to afford cruises much less annoying. Less fun than shopping for jeans that actually look good.

    I'm only organized in my dreams ... one list does not organized make, in my case. Just antsy for fall to begin, so I'm dreaming on paper.
    So happy you dropped by ... you are more than welcome any time!

  54. From your mouth to God's ear! The True Love Only Rule makes a little spontaneity possible. Corollary to the rule: if you happen upon something you can't live without, the item is then considered ON the list, and is therefore a necessary purchase. See?
    Thanks, Dawn, for the encouraging words! Love to see you here!

  55. I keep putting my navy blue twill, fully lined, single button, mid to low stance blazer out for the Universe to supply, but so far not even a glimpse. Put in a good word for me if you are out and about the Milky Way, please.
    I love blazers ... too hot to wear them much here, but I try. I wear necklaces more in winter as they don't make my neck raw in cooler weather. Base metals reaction.
    If you say I look chic, then this outfit goes into rotation. What do you think of it with ankle boots and rolled up, dark wash boyfriend jeans?
    I'm so happy I met you! So happy when you drop in for a chat.

  56. Thank you, Olga! You know color, so I have to assume it's working! Your lovely spontaneity is evident in your joyful wardrobe! A list would just get in your way.
    I've been confessing today that the list is really just a way to get things moving ... a way to make fall easier to wait for, I guess. A first step.
    Had some luck in town on Wednesday ... my first "boyfriend jeans" and a navy and deep red strip sweater! More stripes. Time to stop now, after the black and gray one I want, that at is.
    Have a great week, lovely Olga. So glad you came by for a visit!

  57. Hmmmm. That's a hard one. It's late in life, I know, but I'm learning to pitch or consign. Frankly, we ran out of closet space. When Dan and I began to find things we'd never worn (Dan's particularly bad about it, as he loves getting something for practically nothing. That kind of bargain ... legal theft, practically) we decided to weed. With the understanding that we were making room for the next phase.
    Just gotta pour a glass of wine, get some opaque trash bags (so you can't see what you've pitched and regret) or boxes if you're tough ... start with bags, I think!) and separate what is trash and what can move on to another woman's wardrobe who will love it and wear it and spritz it with perfume ... help your unloved items find their forever home. Just not in your closet. Really the wine in a pretty glass helps. Having a ruthless friend present helps a lot, too. She'll also help with the wine.
    Good luck, Isabella. You're already a cool woman, so just pitch to renew!
    So happy you came by to let me jabber!

  58. Thank you, Vix ... I just love it that you said that! Nice of you!
    That's what I wish for us all ... palpatating hearts, the sense that the item must be ours, the moment when we realize we MUST have the object of desire ... we all deserve that. Whether it's a navy blue blazer or a fringed catsuit.
    Clothes are just the best things ... keep us from running around nude at the least, and elevate the spirit at their highest and best.
    Thank you for all.

  59. Oh yes, do try it! Hmmm...Where did I read you commenting about boyfriend jeans...Sabine's house I think? I look forward seeing this look on you. Your booties are heeled, yes? I think I would try the jeans rolled so they sit kind of half in half out of the's sort of hard to describe my thoughts. And maybe add your Philip Lim handbag? Dang, you so stylin'.

  60. love your 'True Love' mantra, sometimes it's hard to remain faithful to your own heart, because many shiny pieces try to distract you from The Quest!
    I'm also on the quest of that elusive blazer, but mine would be purple or green or magenta (I'm opening my mind to any possibilities!). I don't want to resign myself to any appropriate blazer, I want a good fit and a pretty color in my size, sigh!
    It's always delightful to read your posts, dear lady, you're so witty and stylish!

  61. Thanks for your positive message : I apreciate ! Your shoes are amazing : I'm looking for shoes like these, in burgundy. A great match with navy or jean... Have a nice week end !

  62. Thanks, as always, for your very kind comments, Greetja. So glad you had fun with this post! Thanks, too, for catching the error ... gotta go take care of it before I forget again! I really appreciate that gets blind to seemingly obvious errors after a while. You can always reach me at . Here is fine, too.
    You've been my inspiration this week to acquire a pair of boyfriend jeans ... I need a pair of darker wash, still. I like the very soft treatment of the denim better than the stiffness that's usually there. Now I just have to figure out a way to wear them,
    Have a great week!

  63. Norma VanV of Kickn&ScreamnOctober 12, 2013 at 3:57 PM

    Sorry, I'm late to this blog party. Love those shoes!!!!!
    I'm so envious of your ability to plan your wardrobe and purchases!

  64. I'm late getting over here, but, look amazing in this outfit. Love this color combo. I don't know how in the world you're keeping your hair looking as if you JUST stepped out of the salon! It looks fantastic.

  65. Those oxblood boots you wore a week or so ago are grand. Memorable! So kind of you to say such nice things, Sharon. I'll wear this black blazer a lot, and stripes are a favorite here. Hope you have a great week, too. Thanks a bunch for stopping by ... always nice to hear from you!

  66. Hola, Senora! Actually, the True Love rule makes it easier to buy the "shiny pieces." They just have to meet the True Love criterion, and that automatically puts them on the Quest List. See? A rationalization for every impetuous purchase!
    I found a lovely green and black blazer the other day ... didn't fit well, though. I need to remember the wisdom of your approach. I shouldn't be so particular if I don't want to miss great stuff. Thank you for the reminder.
    Thank you so much for the very nice comments, and I'm glad you are entertained when you visit!

  67. Thank you! I'm so glad you dropped in to say hello. I appreciate your very nice remarks a lot.
    I wish you a wonderful week as well.

  68. Sorry I'm late getting back to everyone. Worked my ample fanny almost off this weekend, and am slow getting back to the real world. Thanks for appreciating my shoes ... my feet look weirdly fat in this picture. I'm wide in a lot of places but my feet are not one of them. Cameras just lie!
    I don't know if it's planning or an unhealthy obsession with clothing.
    Blogging has taught me to be much more careful with my purchases, I think.
    Have a great week, Norma ... thank you so much for stopping in to say howdy!

  69. That's high praise coming from you! Thank you. I'll tell you a secret ... don't tell anyone, promise? Okay. I do my hair, then Dan takes the pics and off we go for the real part of the day. When the shutter snaps, the hairdo is 4 minutes old at the most! At the end of it, the hair is as droopy as I am!

  70. Nice of you to apologize. But you do not need. I understand completely. Everyone must look what is there to do first :)

    So gorgeous if you can see in the photos a beautiful smiling woman. You can almost see through the screen your zest for life and the joy of blogging. I find that very very nice. Furthermore, of course you have a great refreshing and lovely taste and always write so funny. It is really fun to read your posts and see the photos.

    have a wonderful week and...
    keep on smiling ;)

    Dana, Germany

  71. Oh, how did I miss this post?! I lovelovelove the dark red shoes. In fact, that whole outfit - please ship it to me!

    I will be very interested to hear how you get on with your shopping list... Xxx


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