Monday, October 14, 2013

My Carrie Bradshaw-ish Moment ...

This is about as close to a "Carrie Moment" as I've had. (Carrie Bradshaw, not the Stephen King sad Carrie that had the bucket of pig blood dumped on her head and retaliated by psychically burning and exploding her entire town. I've had fantasies like this, too, but that's a story for another day.) If you don't recognize the contraption I'm grasping possessively, it's a "four straight-armed commercial clothes rack". All shiny and perfect and with locking rollers. And although it looks like I'm either making a V for Victory or indicating "Peace, baby" in the photo, I am actually telling you how many of these clothes racks I have! Two! 

I'm so happy.

Dan saw a dozen or so of these sitting on the mall sidewalk outside what had been the Goody's clothing store. The store was closing forever and the doors were open only to liquidate it's fixtures. I've wanted some just like these forever, but I didn't want to stop and inquire about them, sure that they wanted too pretty a penny for them. But Dan wanted to check them out, just in case. He often has a nose for great bargains. (He of the vintage tan cashmere overcoat he got for a song, years ago in Seattle. I don't even own any cashmere!)

"Twenty dollars ... for two," said the very nice young lady who was working the liquidation sale.
"Yes, please!" we said, in unison. "Really ... for two of them? We'll take two! Thank you!"

We were driving our little car, so we had to disassemble them to get them home, but we managed. And I now am on my way to having one of our extra bedrooms converted into a walk-in closet, sort of. Remember Carrie Bradshaw and the walk-in closet of her dreams? It's not in Big's Manhattan town house, but I know how she felt. And Dan gave me that fantasy for a mere $20.00 and a little quality time with a wrench and a pair of pliers. It's only a step, but it is a step. What a guy.


And look ... I gotz boyfriend jeans! Not the most flattering pants I've ever worn, but I surprised how much fun they were to wear, rolled up and with ankle booties from Target adorned with a satisfying number of straps and buckles. 

Additionally, the excellently fitting, perfectly priced black blazer is one less item I have to check off my Fall Lust List. I'm not the one in our family that loves a bargain just for it's own sake, but I have to say I'm a fan of precisely the right thing at a price I can actually afford.   


Monday 10/21
Nope, not deja vu.  I'm joining Traveling Patti and all the gang at Visible Monday  with this little post that many of you have already seen.  Apologies go out to you for that, and I'll try to get back on track fast! IRL, I'm off to try to finish repairing the water heater.  Now where did I put that pipe wrench ...


  1. Jean at Dross into GoldOctober 14, 2013 at 8:10 PM

    When my second child left home a few years ago, I commandeered the bedroom they vacated. It has been such a joy. I call it my dressing/dreaming room. I had shelves put around part of the perimeter, just below the ceiling, so I can have all my shoes at a glance. It's heaven. I still have a single mattress in there so it can be used for guests, but I usually have it set up as a daybed with lots of pillows. I found a silk (!!) oriental rug at a thrift store for the floor, and a small, low glass-top table serves as a place to put a cup of tea, glass of wine etc.

    Your clothing racks are a find for sure!!! I can't wait to hear how the room progresses. BTW, I think you look great in your jeans and boots, dressed up with a trim blazer, and cool necklace and watch!!. Is it Fall where you are yet? Looks like it by your outfit. Isn't it a blessing?!! XXOO

  2. $20.00!!!! A steal if ever there was one. Whenever I go to Ikea, I spend an extra bit of time in their closet displays, the room-like ones....a girl can dream. Okay, loving the boyfriend look for you. Just a bit edgy for fun, yes? And yeah for the black blazer, but if I remember correctly, you are patiently waiting for a navy one to show up. Soon!!!

  3. We've got one of those we take on the road when we're out selling. Ours from from a defunct clothes shop and cost £5 from eBay (but we did have a 40 minute drive to collect it). I can't wait to see a sneak preview of your dressing room! x

  4. Lucky you! I would love some of those racks. The boyfriend jeans look great on you silly girl! And they are stupid comfortable, aren't they?

  5. Tamera Ferguson WolfeOctober 15, 2013 at 9:52 AM

    Oh wow those racks are AWESOME!! Dan is the man!!
    Love your outfit---you are rockin' the boyfriend jeans and booties--

  6. Hi my dear! Those boyfriend jeans and blazer look gorgeous, this is my kind of style dressing! Well done on the rails too, what a bargain! xx

  7. How cool! I'd love to convert a room into a closet! Such a dream. Oh, well .. no room in the house for that.


  8. What a great find, those rails would be so handy in my storage space, I've always fantasized about Carrie's walk- in closet, and could live with rails that allows me to have a quick glance of what's in store! Half my problem is not knowing what I've got in the closet! That is a great way to display items allowing you to pick and choose! Your BF jeans are marvelous, I adore them. I hope to fit into mine soon, and plan to wear them with high heel sandals. You styled it very well!

  9. Well aren't you resourceful? Kudos for scoring those racks! I've been editing my closet space for the last several weeks and if I had room for those racks I'd snatch them up, too. Love the outfit, too. The blazer is a stellar cut for you and I especially like it paired with that burgundy shirt. Well played, Madam ;-)


  10. Great score with the racks! Although it does look like you are flicking the V's at us (very rude in UK!). My Italian students(when I was a TEFL teacher) didn't realise that was rude in the UK, and used it all the time!

    Really like the jeans. It looks cute. As does your smile xxx

  11. Not only does your closet look like Carrie's, but SO DO YOU! Not her hair or tutu, but her confidence and ownership of her outfit! You look amazing! Love the new jeans (which do look amazing, no matter what you say) and the shoes look hot! Sexy and smokin' hot! And when Chloe asked for clothing racks, my hubbie said, "Absolutely not! Clothes go in closets." Only. (We have to pick our battles.) So score 1 (or 20) for your hubbie for being so fashion-forward!!
    xo ~kim & chloe

  12. Jan, you look amazing! Love the blazer and jeans! This color (burgundy?) looks great on you as well.

  13. Only last week I said to my husband that I need to get a clothing rack to be able to get my winter clothing and air them out in the garden after being stored in boxes the entire summer. What a great find for only 20$! I love your blazer and accessories..Sara

  14. Dan is a dream! The racks are perfection, as are you in your jeans and boots with "a satisfying number of straps and buckles." You look as happy as you feel! There is nothing better than a dream come true.

  15. I lol at this post - love it! A man's beige cashmere coat - swoon - and for a song - even better well done Dan! Lucky you, those rails look wonderful and I love the bf jeans - honestly they won't be your last - here's to the walk in closet :-)

  16. Great find! Well done Dan! Nothing like a streetside bargain I say! I can't wait to see your walk in wardrobe when it is done, you are going to have a lot of fun putting that together I can tell!
    Where were your bf jeans from? I need to get a pair as I really do like the boyfriend and blazer combination as a smarter take on casual. For a while I took to wearing an old pair of Mr V's jeans but they felt a bit too big on me and no amount of rolling them up got me that boyfriend jeans look even though I was actually wearing my boyfriend's jeans! They were not flattering at all either - my excuse is I personally think the designers cheat and call them boyfriend jeans but cut them more a woman's body rather than a man's. (and it's a good excuse to go shopping for a more flattering pair!)

  17. Thanks, Kelly! (I just had to go chase down your blog ... Following now, so I don't lose track of you again!)
    You know, I edited out about half of what I wrote for this blog. It was about how sad it is to see shops closing here ... then I got political (everything is political for me!) ... then I began showing my ultra-opinionated self. Then I edited. But I do agree. I'm distressed as well.
    Did you get your body form?
    Glad you stopped by, darling new mum. Hope all is well where you are, and that all are thriving and happy!

  18. Hey, Alice! About the dressing-room: yeah, well ... maybe. I'm getting cold feet about moving the bed out, but we may get creative about storing that. I'm hoping for a dressing room that will serve as a bedroom when we so rarely need it. We shall see. Right now, t's a combination box-room, bedroom, and place to stow extra clothes.

    Thank you! Glad you like my silly bf jeans. They are fun to wear ... but I'm not sure just how they are different from plain old Mom Jeans. I do know I want a darker wash in this style. I've added them to my list!

    Glad to know you're back ... safe, sound and stylin' as usual!

  19. That's a great set of ideas, Jean! The daybed idea is a good one! I'm wanting deep picture molding around the room ... right at my eye level, just above and just below. Seems the easiest way to store shoes in a semi-dedicated room!

    Part of our storage problems are costuming from a couple of restaurant events from the holidays ... we've done Boar's Head Dinners and Dickens Dinners at Christmas. Lots of that to store.

    The racks are, for the moment, sitting in a living room we don't use much. Dan will get tired of seeing them, and I'll get action on the room then!

    Thanks for your sweet remarks about my "blazer and boyfriends" I'm wanting a darker wash pair ... think I'll be happier. I might just throw these in a light dye bath a couple of times and see what happens.

    We've gone from 80 degrees to the 60s this week. Not quite fall, but I managed to wear a leather jacket yesterday all day in town ... so, semi-fall. Blessing? Absolutely!!!

    Are you home safe and sound yet? Love to you both, Jean!

  20. This will be a long term project, if it ever happens, but the room is there just waiting. Full of stuff, some of it from the restaurant costume events, old clothes that we just can't toss, etc.

    Having fun with the boy-jeans (Mom jeans?) and burgundy ... I'm so happy to see that color looking fresh again and available! Thank you so much for your very sweet comment. I appreciate it.

    Your recent comment about proportions and my hair really has helped me gain perspective. I need to remember to think of it more often. I'm so short and square that proportionality is not always easy, and I often just give up. I'm thinking about it again, thanks to you.

  21. We're still just admiring the racks. They are just symbolic of making a start toward a real room conversion, but that won't happen this winter, I'm afraid. But, one never knows ....

    The bf jeans confuse me a bit ... fun to try these. I want a darker wash, and may toss them in with a light denim dye-bath to see what happens.
    I'm giving up on active search for the navy blazer ... I've just tossed it to the universe. You know.

    I'm sweater and boot obsessed ... and have a lot of fun thoughts for fall. New ideas to try now that it's beginning to cool off! Not cold yet, but light jackets are possible, boots finally don't look too strange, so I'm getting happy!

  22. Thank you, Sharon! So nice of you. I'm having fun trying to figure these baggy jeans out. Frankly, these don't seem that different than my old Mom-jeans. Who knew? I'm wanting a mid-rise, darker pair ... will on quest for those this winter as well ... I expect it won't be a difficult task!
    Yes ... I'm enjoying my rails, if only in the planning stages of the room. That's a new word for them, for me!
    And speaking of cross-Pond translations:
    "BTW ... and I'm copying this to all my friends in the UK ... I mean no offence with my little numeric fingers! Here, this just means the number two!!!! I love you all too well to make rude gestures. Please have patience with your dim-witted American friend, and forgive my stupidity."

  23. Hello, Nicolene! So glad you are back safe and sound from Milan! What a great trip you gave us on your blog! So happy you got to go.
    I'm loving my racks-rails ... if only as the potential for organizing our closets, as they are right at the moment! I hope to use them to hang current rotation things ... but we'll see.
    Looking forward to all that you have to show in your coming summer ... your blog is like a pre-season for us up here!
    So glad you stopped by ... I'm always pleased when you do! Thanks for your always kind remarks.
    Enjoy your week.

  24. So kind of you both, ladies! I appreciate that comparison! Yup, I was feeling pretty smug. Happy with the racks-rails and outfit as well! Thank you so much.

    Dan's really pretty much a clothes horse, and would dress differently were circumstances better. He did score two Philip Lim for Target shirts yesterday ... on clearance. I'm astonished that he found them so late, but thrilled because they look pretty cool on my old Senior Citizen.

    As he's figuring out, his chivalry and bargain-pouncing has ramifications. He has given tacit approval and is now a part of the dressing-room idea. We shall see how it works out, or when it does. Stay tuned.

  25. Thank you, Oksana! Nice of you to say so. Whether it's burgundy, wine, oxblood, etc., I'm just thrilled to see deep reds with blue or brown in them ... and for them to seem fresh again!

  26. Thanks, Sara! I'm pulling sweaters from boxes right now, and welcoming back old friends. Some will stay, some will go back into rotation.
    So glad you like my blazer, etc. Means a lot, coming from you! Thank your for dropping by!

  27. I couldn't reply to your reply - I am not offended by the V sign! I do it all the time to my screen (at pesky rude emailing people!). Hope it hasn't diminished your buys. I just think the cultural differences we all have are so interesting xxx

  28. First congrats on the bargain!!! And I am so happy for you Jan that a dream has come true (()) I would love to have one of those too *envious ;-) second thing I wanna say, you look absolutely great in thse boyfriend jeans. The whole outfit is cool, stylish, classy, sophisticated you name it. You look GORGEOUS!!!
    have a great weekend

  29. You have done so well !!! On all accounts: jacket, booties, boyfriend jeans (YEAH) and looking awesome.
    I annexed a spare bedroom when my stepdaughter left (I waited a proper 1 1/2 years before confiscating the room). It was a small room with a window and I did not want to block the window, so I only put in 3 small cupboards of 60 cm each (23,6 inch each). But 3 m (118 inch) high. It was sheer luxury at the beginning. So much spase.... everything is filled now and I cannot find half of my things. Deeply ashamed by so much luxury.
    And your husband is the best. I love it when a man goes out hunting to satisfy his woman. Which is what he did. The hero.

  30. Oh yea! You're going to have your very own "wardrobe room"! I have one of those in our spare bedroom (plus the large closet in our bedroom my husband so graciously gave me while he took the little tiny one.) It's fun to have a whole room to play in. These clothes racks will be amazing! Can't believe the price! Love your boyfriends and blazer.

  31. I'm so sorry to be slow getting back! (Not altogether bad ... just the *stuff* of hot water heaters, heating systems, employee drama. Just stuff.)
    Dan has his moment's doesn't he? You may be seeing him on the pages of my blog again soon ... he has some Philip Lim sales items he needs to model!
    Thanks so much, Lovely Judith. I love having options, and bf jeans mean one more choice! Hope you are enjoying your Colorado fall. I think of you so often.

  32. You are clearly psychic. Found the pair of darker wash BFs yesterday (ON SALE... my size ... almost Never Happens!) I snapped them up like I was starving for denim!
    So glad you had fun with my goofy post.
    More silliness to come, I'm afraid!
    Have a great week.

  33. Starting with this:" BTW ... and I'm copying this to all my friends in the UK ... I mean no offence with my little numeric fingers! Here, this just means the number two!!!! I love you all too well to make rude gestures. Please have patience with your dim-witted American friend, and forgive my stupidity."

    Then ... Thank YOU! So fun, but a while down the line for finished product of a closet-dressing room. Glad you like my BFs. I got the pair here from Target sale racks (that in itself is astonishing ... my size of what I want actually on sale!) and then another darker pair from Old Navy ... also on sale.
    I had a chat with a couple of much younger sales girls yesterday about just what makes a Boyfriend jean. Is it a cut? Kind of. Men's don't work well if you are not a rail already. So far as we can determine, they are fitted in the hip .. any rise ... and looser in the thigh to the slightly pegged ankle. Often cropped, always at least distressed and often destroyed. I'm keeping it simple, 'cause the ones I have say "boyfriend" right on the inside waistband. My question is how are they different from my old Mom jeans? I'm guessing it is that they are worn lower on the hip, slouchier all around.
    So sorry to be slow getting back ... I'm feeling Mercury Retrograde more than usual!
    Have a great week ...I hope all has righted itself in your world and things are smoother.

  34. Thank you, Sweet Squirrel. I agree about the interesting, but it's less fun when you unintentionally risk offending. I know that most of you understand that I'm an ignorant colonist, but it bears apology anyway.

  35. It won't actually come true for some time yet, but it's a start! Thank you, Lenya ... I like the BFs a lot, and they're fun to wear. I'm glad you liked my outfit!
    Have a great week coming up. I'm behind already and it's only Monday!

  36. Thank you Greetja! This is my second attempt at reply ... my internet has been on and off all day. This is so Mercury Retrograde!
    Glad you liked my " BFs and Blazer" that you inspired! All your fault!

    Your room sounds wonderful. Mine will take some time to accomplish, but I'm full of dreams for it. I want a molding rail on at least one or two walls, just for shoes. The racks are still in the living room, but we'll manage it in the coming months!

    Dan is the best ... you'll be seeing more of him soon as he got some Philip Lim bargains out of the collaboration with Target, all on sale, so he's extra happy. It does him good to know he'll be in the blog from time to time ... he actually plans a little for it. What a guy.

  37. Hey, Lovely Lisa! Second try at reply to you ... internet is in and out today.
    Thank you for the nice remarks ... especially for my "BF and Blazer" combo ... I'll be wearing similar match-ups a lot this fall and winter!

    The dressing room will be a bit of a long project, but worth it in the end.
    Have a great week, kid!

  38. He sure is. Lucky girl. And I know all about computers. I need a new one, mine is old and has rotten tricks. But I am contemplating whether to by a Mac or a normal taptop. Difficult decision. And I will mail you a photo of my little room as soon as I have cleaned it up. Might take a while haha.

  39. Patti_NotDeadYetStyleOctober 21, 2013 at 4:26 PM

    Woo-hoo, what a great find! And the bf jeans and boots too - wonderfully chic and sassy. Thanks for sharing all the fun with Visible Monday.

  40. I love your BF jeans! They appear to be very flattering on you. You should wear that color jean more often. They really look great with the booties.

  41. I had to write since you are on top of my photo for Visible Mon - I am your newest follower. Your blog is wonderful and I am nominating you for the Liebster Award - you can see more about it at my blog:

    Keep rockin' those jeans - they look great!
    All the best, Mimi

  42. Years ago, I worked in retail and that style display rack was called a Bloomingdale. So when you shop your closet you can say I got this at Bloomindales! Fun!

  43. What a deal! Nice work Carrie! What next, designer sweaters in your oven? Ha ha!

  44. What an amazing outfit, I love everything about it,
    especially the blouse, what a great color!

    Culture&Fashion Magic

  45. Jean of all TradesOctober 24, 2013 at 1:25 PM

    Terrific find! Those look much sturdier than the collapsible ones you can buy retail. Every woman deserves a Carrie closet. I love those booties too! I can see potential for wearing them with lots of outfits.

  46. Glenda @ So What to TwentyOctober 24, 2013 at 4:38 PM

    I would possibly smother my husband with kisses if he found me a rolling rack. Funny...the things that fashion lovers die for! And might I add you look great. Boyfriend jeans take some getting use to. With mine I figured, if I am going to invest in a psir, I want them super baggy and with rips.

  47. Do you have some hot water? I could have guessed that you are a handy gal at fixing things! We are always doing the same. I'm missing your post this week. We are getting ready for a show so time is pressed here too.

  48. Thank you, O Fabulous Patti. So kind, and I hope you kids are having the best time anyone ever had in NYC !

  49. Thank you, Zalina! I'm so happy you like them. They still look and feel like Mom Jeans to me, but they are fun to wear. I'm a bootie convert, and never thought I'd wear them!

  50. So happy to meet you, Mimi! So glad you like my goofy blog. Glad you liked my BFs ... a new style tool for me. You sure gave us a pretty post ... I could almost sniff the lavender!
    Thank you so much for the Liebster nomination. I really appreciate your thinking of me ... I have to decline, though, and am sorry for it. I've just done a few and am wearing out my welcome with my bloggy friends I must nominate in return. So nice of you, though! And I am following you right back!

  51. How fun is that? Great idea. I've actually still got some black satin shoes and a butterfly top from Bloomies. When we were in NYC, we wanted to dress up for a very special occassion, so I bought some things there.
    Yes, my racks are not on the list of "save if there's a fire" items, but they almost made it. They *are* on rollers .... and I do love them a lot!

  52. Thanks RB ! I'm embarrassed to think about all the places I've considered co-opting for storage. I do use my oven a couple of times a year. But that's not very often ... hmmmmmmm ....

  53. Thanks so much, Sara! Loved your Halloween post, too. Wonderful photos. Glad you're enjoying *Sleepy Hollow* ... wasn't sure I would, but we're into it now!

  54. Thanks, Jean. It's gotta be a sin to love pieces of metal so much.
    Booties are going to have to be re-heeled much sooner than later. They go with just about everything. I've had to stop myself and tell them that the rest of my shoes need to come out to play once in a while!

  55. Yep! So right ... Dan is still coasting on his success there. He loves being mentioned on the blog!
    Thank you, Glenda, for you kind remarks. Your approval tells me I'm on the right track.
    I'm forgoing destruction for the moment ... just the distressing is big enough leap for me. Baby BF steps for this old girl! I don't think I'm cool enough.

  56. Yes! At last, late yesterday! The freaking pressure-valve went out and was frozen in it's setting. We both reefed on it, and pushed, and pulled and used a half gallon of Liquid Wrench. We even tried to call a plumber but, happily, not one could come out in less that a week from now. Happily, 'cause Dan went down and bought an extra foot of cheater bar, and it finally budged.
    After it came out it took 4.5 minutes to finish the job.

    I cannot, WILL not be without hot water !!!!!!!! We are such wimps. Not really handy, just feeling strapped a little and stubborn. This was not complicated, just hard.

    Show!!!! Please document and post. Dying to see the work, and of course, what you wore! Yeaaaay, you guys! CanNOT wait to see. Video please. Stills until you get the vid edited.

  57. What a great find these rolling racks! Applause to your man for insisting to check the price out. Nice boots and they really look good with the boyfriend jeans. Love the whole look, very cool

  58. Mrs D from Hello The MushroomOctober 25, 2013 at 5:30 AM

    Now that was a real find!!! For $20 I bought a plastic one, that started getting wonky already, with the weight of all my clothes...
    I'm trying to get into the boyfriend jeans bandwagon but I find that I keep putting on weight and the ones I've got don't fit me properly. d'oh! It looks very good on you so it makes me want to go running and get rid of all that weight!

  59. Thanks for your message ! I agree with you because I 'm a bargain's hunter too. Have a great "Carrie Bradshaw" moment !

  60. I thought you were throwing peace signs. :) Great find! LOVE your boyfriend jeans. They look polished with a blazer and ankle boots!

  61. Norma VanV of KicknandScreamnOctober 26, 2013 at 1:55 PM

    I'm late again! I love a juxtaposed casual/dressy look and you do it well! I'm particularly envious of that ability, as well as those fabulous clothes racks.

  62. Congratulations on the 20$ steal on the racks! It´s been a while since I´ve worn boyfriend jeans, looking at you right now makes we want to wear my one and only pair of bf jeans and with booties too. :)

  63. Currently they are serving as "jungle gyms" for our cats, but one day they'll hold my clothes. Thank you, Olga, for liking my combination. It's nice to wear jeans beyond my skinnies, but I'm not giving them up just yet! Have a great week!

  64. I know just what you mean about the racks they sell retail ... not much substance. I'm still cooing over them.
    They must have shrunken in the wash! That has to be it!
    Thank you for your kind comments, Mrs. D ... always so happy when you can stop in for a chat!

  65. I'm so glad you enjoyed sharing my Carrie Moment. And happy you stopped by, too. Have a fabulous week!

  66. So sorry I made such an international error! Glad it translated here in some positive ways, though. My jeans are inspired by yours, so thanks for the idea. Glad you liked the treatment ... I try to keep them age appropriate at least, and I think the blazer helps!
    So happy to see you ... I'm so far behind!

  67. Me too ... always late! But we get there eventually, and that's what counts, yes? I'm so tickled you thought my experiment with casual-polished combinations worked well. That's a great compliment indeed coming from you.
    Have a great week, and know you're welcome here any time!

  68. Awww ... thanks! Love my racks!
    I won't have a complete collection of BFs, either ... but I have a couple of pair, one a darker wash. I may pick up a faded black pair, if I run across them, but that's not likely here. They're fun for a change.
    So glad to see you out and about, and happy you stopped by!


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