Monday, October 28, 2013

Plumbing Problems and Tulle Skirts

As you all know, plumbing problems are the biggest pain in the tuchas. They're not only intimidating, destructive, sometimes difficult and often expensive to repair, but they can make you feel defeated and deprived. In this case, it was a dying pressure relief valve on our water heater, and the failure of this single piece of plumbing hardware took away our hot water, making it really hard to maintain basic hygiene ( yak!) It also deprived me of long, luxurious soaks in my tub, and made it impossible to color my hair.

(This is a new pressure relief valve.  It is not as innocent as it looks.)

The fix for this snafu was simple in theory: turn off the water, disconnect and unscrew this little item, screw another one in, reconnect it, then turn the water back on and you're back in business. The problem is that the little bastards have a tendency to seize up and won't budge. This one was just such a stubborn little bastard. Much heaving and hammering, huffing and straining ensued.  Without boring you with all the details, it took us several days (!!) to get it unstuck and get our hot water back. And when we did, we were seriously proud of our accomplishment. (Dan was the one to actually make it move, but I take credit for taking many futile turns at yarding on the pipe wrench, and the eventual application of the penetrating oil that finally dissolved the mineral deposits that made it stick. )

Reasonably, you ask, "What has this to do with personal style?" The answer is this: the triumph one feels over a big plumbing problem solved is a huge confidence builder. That burst of self-assurance combined with the giddy, celebratory relief of having your hot water back is so heady that you can suddenly feel confident enough to wear whatever you 
damn well want to.

My little black tulle skirt has been hanging in my closet for months, and I've never worn it for fear of looking like a modern Miss Havisham. So full of self-esteem was I that it suddenly seemed just the thing to do. A woman who can help fix her own plumbing and manage excellent hygiene for days without hot water from the tap should be able to wear a tulle skirt with aplomb. 

 I swear that when I opened the closet, I heard that little wisp of a skirt whisper "Now... now is the time ..." in that swishy, scratchy, soft voice that tulle would have if it possessed the ability to speak. I also pulled out the black nylons with the tiny polka dots, just for this special occasion. Woo hoo! I thought my new, black, moto-ish jacket helped push this combination right over the edge. 

 I wore the whole outfit to the restaurant on Saturday evening and had the best time! I'm unlikely to wear it often, but it felt good to try it at least once. And not one person thought it was a Halloween costume. Or said so, anyway.

Here's Dan feeling too cool to be seen without shades. He's not only happy to have the job accomplished, he's relieved that I'm no longer freaking out. He's also wearing one of his Phillip Lim for Target shirts that he found on the clearance rack. He had a good week several ways.   


So ... thanks for reading, have a great week and remember:

Wherever the confidence or inspiration comes from, whether it's from the pages of Vogue or Plumbing for Dummies, it can feel wonderful to grab it and run with it!


Late Breaking News!  At last, I'm in time to link up with the Fabulously Talented and Intriguingly Interesting Spy Girl, Anne and her  52 Pick-Me-Up  linky party!  I'm going to visit with the most interesting women ... join me!


  1. Glenda @ So What to TwentyOctober 28, 2013 at 5:03 PM

    Ha! I love this story. Amazing where a boost of confidence may come from. I have been searching for the perfect tulle skirt for months. I hope I find it soon, or I may have to borrow yours! Love it with the leather. It tells a great story!

  2. Thanks, Glenda! I'm surprised how much of my life circles back around to what I wear ... or not! I have never seen one in stores here. Had to go online. I don't shop much there, and this one is far from perfect. But worked when I needed it, so I guess that counts!
    Have a great week, and I'm so glad you liked my story.

  3. LOVE it. I'll take my inspiration ANYwhere I can get it. And yes, it does often come in the form of surmounting home repairs. Recently mine was a smoke alarm at 2 in the morning. The battery fell out and I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out how to get it back in... for 1-1/2 hours. No laughing - it was incredibly complicated, and the short ladder + glasses that weren't helping + me asleep made it worse. But I got it in. And I felt like wonder woman. I should have celebrated by wearing something daring. Like a lasso. :)
    xo ~kim

  4. You are speaking the truth my friend! Confidence or the lack of it can rule your life can't it? You do have to grab it where you can and let it spread around in the brain.
    I remember in junior high deciding I could be a nerd or not be a nerd, this was really my decision. Confidence really. I guess it is always about facing one's doubt.
    Your outfit is fun and spirited this week. I like the skirt and think you could wear it often especially around the holidays. It looks great with your jacket and cool tights. Your husband is looking fab too!

    blue hue wonderland

  5. Wow you are rockin' this! Yay for a woman (and man) that can fix plumbing. Seriously...all that stuff makes my head explode. The whole look is just sexy cool. You'd never know you had a wrench in your hand only moments before.


  6. Good for you! Not only for the plumbing, but also for listening to that little voice in your closet - "Now, now is the time." I'll try to listen to my closet more closely.

  7. Aya in CouturgatoryOctober 28, 2013 at 11:28 PM

    My goodness, my hat is off to you and your Mr. for the perseverance to keep at that repair for several days. I see myself blowing up in a rage at day 3 and planting a small explosive device that would result in my residence flooding.

    An excellent segue into you looking gorgeous. That entire look blows me away. :D A perfect tough sexy self-confident vibe. I gotta get me some little dots tights...

  8. Congrats to you and your hubby for fixing the plumbing! I think I often take the easy way out and just call the plumber and shell out the $$$. I love this HOT outfit on you Jan! You are just radiating with confidence in this. I have been wanting a tulle skirt so I can fell like Carrie Bradshaw in SATC but in reality the skirt would probably just sit in the closet.


  9. Mrs_Jack_of_all_tradesOctober 29, 2013 at 1:22 AM

    Yay, to the 'power' couple! A man who can fix the plumbing problem is hard to come by these days.. no, seriously! So, you definitely deserve this gorgeous skirt! I love the whole 'goth' take, the skirt is quite feminine but you've balanced it well with the leather jacket and booties, well done, Madame! By the way, the booties are really yummy! Who made them, if you don't mind me asking..



  10. I'm glad your pressure relief was carried over into the closet with that simply magnificent tulle skirt. Gorgeous! Cheers to you and Dan for your domineering spirit - anything for a hot bath. Dan is one handsome dude!

  11. Thank goodness you got your plumbing fixed, it's so frustrating to be without warm water so you must have felt like celebrating! You and Dan look fantastic, love your skirt and Dan's shirt! x

  12. Yay to running hot water! You look fan-freakin'-tastic in the tulle skirt...the way you styled it with the edgier jacket is spot on. And how cool and handyman like is your husband?!

  13. To be a modern Miss Havisham you'd have to wear the tulle all the time...

    If Miss H. Looked as awesome/hot in her tulle as you in yours, her wardrobe choice suddenly makes sense....

    Not sure that's what Dickens had in mind...

    What I meant to say is...

    Looking great Jan!

    It's very early here. Can you tell?

  14. Tamera Ferguson WolfeOctober 29, 2013 at 9:23 AM

    You need to wear that outfit more often--it looks FABULOUS on you!!
    Dan looks quite dapper!!
    LOL to your plumbing story--our hall toilet overflowed yesterday and i spent some qulaity time baling and mopping!

  15. I like how plumbing gave you fashion inspiration!

  16. You are so brave, Jan! Fighting against the akwardness of housekeeping without complaining. It is good that the challenge made you stronger and good that you have in your wardrobe such a chatty skirt.

    You look absolutely fabulous in it!

  17. se├▒ora allnutOctober 29, 2013 at 1:45 PM

    dear lady, to draw inspiration from plumbing problems must be a SuperPower!!, and you look so gorgeous wearing your tulle skirt with your usual sassiness!!

  18. VersatilestylebytraceyOctober 29, 2013 at 1:55 PM

    " I am woman, here me Roar!" You rock in that skirt and deserve it, congrats on gettting back hot water!

  19. I can so see you atop a too short ladder. Who put it up that high? Good for you, though! Half my life is failing to reach too tall stuff! But, yeah, you do feel like Wonder Woman! Perhaps not a lasso, but how about a pair of matching gold cuffs?
    Thanks, Kim for reading ...glad you had fun!

  20. Are you a nerd? Good to know that nerds can look as good as you! Glad you like my outfit! Thank you so much, Ann. I need a slightly sleeker and a little shorter sweater for it, but that can be an ongoing quest, just for fun.

  21. Thank you, Suzanne. Means a lot coming from one of my tulle skirt inspirations. Glad you like it ... I'm especially happy with this jacket. I'm so glad to have my HOT WATER BACK!!!! I was so sick of heating a couple of inches of bath water on the stove! I was threatening Dan with the rental of a motel room until he got it fixed, and with going to the restaurant after closing, stripping down and climbing in the big dish sink. I has a dandy sprayer and there's plenty of hot water there. After he stopped laughing and snorting, he got it done.

  22. I'm sorry. What? You clothes don't talk to you? Really? Might be time for me to go back into therapy ...
    I'm so happy to have that stupid, stupid task over. Hot water is just about everything.
    Good to hear from you, Sparkly Val.

  23. I didn't consider C4. Next time though, just a smidgeon...
    I did get out the big hammer. We tried every leverage tool we could find, but after the thing soaked overnight in Liquid Wrench, Dan went down and bought a cheater bar another 6 inches longer than the one we had been using. Both of those did the trick. Sometimes size matters.
    Thank you for liking my outfit! I thought it had a lady-like turn as well with the silver chain and sparklies. Hadn't worn it before the Chanel- necked moto-esque jacket came home.
    So happy you stopped by!

  24. We tried early on, and we couldn't get one to come out in less than a week! Small town life. I was ready to pay anything! So glad you like my tulle skirt ... I have the best excuse to wear party clothes much more often than most women. The restaurant can be a pain, and it's not a great money maker, but at least I can dress up if I want and it works fine. Up to me to set the tone!
    Get one, and think DATE NIGHT! You'd look fab with your great legs.
    Thanks for all, Alice!

  25. That's part of the glory ... Dan is many wonderful things, but handy is not one of them. He has massive perseverence ... has to, living with me, and never gives up. We are still proud of projects we do together.
    Thank you ... I feel like I'm back in art school, all goth and in black. Having the best time with dark neutrals this fall ... that's really my element.
    Booties are by B Makowsky. They're my favs from last year, and are holding up well!

  26. Thanks, Mel! Costumey for me, that skirt, but fun when I have the chutzpah to wear it. SOOO glad to have hot water back. And he is looking pretty cool for a Senior Citizen, yes? He's much more of a clothes horse than he seems.
    Glad to see you here!

  27. I let it heat all afternoon and then soaked for an hour. I was soooo happy to be back in civilization. Thank you, Vix ... nice of you to like my skirt. It was fun to show out a bit. And Dan does look pretty cool in his chambray shirt. One of my faves.
    Have a great week, V!

  28. Yay, indeed. I'll never take it for granted again. That's the thing .. Dan's not handy. Great cook, pretty decent horseman, but not handy. That's why it was such a big deal to do it ourselves.
    Thank you for liking my outfit ... fun to put together and wear. Young for me, but okay to show out once in a while!
    So good to hear from you ... come by anytime, Debbie!

  29. Uhmmmm. Yes. Probably no danger of dressing like Miss Havisham, and will probably sucessfully avoid any comparisons if I only wear the outfit occassionally. ??? I think.
    Thanks! Glad you liked it! Kind of you to say so.
    It's been early for me for a week now. I identify much more that you know!
    Glad to hear from you, though!

  30. Oh Lord, plumbing disasters, what a nightmare! Glad you and Dan the Stylish Man got it sorted in the end. And that the ensuing burst of confidence led you to your gorgeous tulle skirt! I can't tell you how fabulous I think you look, Jan, and the tights, wonderful heels and jacket are the perfect accompaniments! xxxx

    Not only did you successfully thumb your nose at Mercury/Uranus Rx, you dressed the part of fierce fatale supreme! I am in LOVE with this from head to toe; wear it more often.
    Dan looks terrific, too. Men generally look more relaxed when we stop freaking out LOL!


  32. Oh bravo Jan!!! Well done for fixing it!!! I've had SUCH issues with my hot water heater over the past three years anew went without hot water for 2 months at one Stretch. Indeed, during my wedding it was broken so I had to go to a friend's to shower!!
    That skirt works a treat! No sign of Miss Havesham!! X

  33. I'm having a hard time finding shorter sweaters this season. Everything seems longer and with a band on the bottom which isn't the best for me. It will be fun to see what you come up with for this cool skirt!

  34. Congrats on your plumbing fix! I recently fixed a small toilet plumbing problem as well .. mine was simple though, but had me perplexed for days. I couldn't figure out why water was dripping from the toilet lid down the side of the toilet. Finally, I opened the lid, flushed, got soaked .. as there was a small hose that became detached .. I re-attached the hose and all is good. Not quite the same ordeal as you, but yes, I feel quite accomplished!

    I think your outfit looks fabulous. The jacket really pulls it together and makes the tulle skirt look ultra modern. Spouse looks good too!!


  35. Oh, noooooo! Toilets! There's no disaster like a toilet disaster! My suggestion is this ... sounds like you did the mopping, so sounds like you've earned a new tulle skirt! Or some other hearts desire ... but you gotta wear it. With all your recent personal goal successes, you should be in Confidence City. 'Cause you're looking so great!
    Thank you for the kind remarks. I really appreciate it, and Dan says thank-you as well. I wish we could get together for a play date for the furries!

  36. I'm beyond impressed that you and Dan do your own pluming. No wonder you felt confident and put together an outfit that expressed your accomplishment. Leather with tulle is a magical combination. The two of you make a dashing statement!

  37. Oh how I've missed you and your entertainment. I'm open mouthed impressed, you as a plumber! I will have you know, not in a million years would the thought of even trying to fix my own plumbing enter my mind. I'm giving you a standing ovation right in fron of my computer for both the plumbing achievement and the incredible ensemble from the result. You most certainly know how to rock the tulle. I'm just hoping it doesn't sneek back into hiding. That little piece of tulle could be worn in so many fun ways. A plaid shirt and denim jacket with some cognac boots will get that little piece through winter.

  38. I love the all black girly-edgy look! As for ¨plumbing quick fixes¨, my husband is usually the patient one while I insist on calling a real plumber, lol. :)

  39. Dawn @ AlterEgoFashionistaOctober 31, 2013 at 10:47 AM

    YOU LOOK HOT< HOT< HOT! I love that outfit and you totally killed it! I bought a brown moto jacket recently and my friend, who owns the boutique, told me it would be a life-changing piece! I'm starting to believe her, as I see others making awesome statements in leather.
    Sorry about the are so right about how problems therein can bring us to our knees, but then also elevate us when we fix them!

  40. Thank you, Wendy. I've decided I'm incredibly shallow these days, and everything in my little life goes back to what I'm going to wear. But I ask myself, "If not now, when?" Now is good. It's feeling a bit creepy to realize that some of the pieces I collect now will outlive me ... so I'm gonna wear 'um. Should have thought like this year ago.

  41. Sabine! I thought I'd lost complete track of you. The lost is found! I thought I had you on Bloglovin', but it seems not. You are now, though. So glad to hear from you!
    So happy you like my chatty skirt. So many of my clothes whine and beg to go out ... I'm surprised to find out that other people's clothes don't talk to them.
    BTW ... there was LOTS and LOTS of complaining! I just didn't tell you about that part.

  42. Muchas gracias, Senora. Drawing inspiration from plumbing hassles is just making a virtue out of necessity. Not much else to do if there's any fun to be had from plumbing issues. Rewards are important!
    Sassy ... I'll go with that! So glad you like my tulle skirt! I have to be feeling brave to wear it. Thanks for dropping by!

  43. I've been hearing Katy Perry's "Roar" since I read your comment ... it happened to be playing when I read it! EARWORM! I've had worse ones, though.
    So happy you like it. I AM glad to get my hot water back ... I'm still feeling grateful every time I turn it on.

  44. Nightmare. YES! It was. So happy it's over. I really love my hot water supply. If you like my outfit, then I'm thrilled with it. Know I must be doing something brave. The last couple of days I've been aware that some of my favorite clothes that I have now now will probably still be in my closet when I die, so I'm going to have some fun with it before I go.
    Nothing planned for that soon, but one never knows.
    Dan found the most amazing blue-gray Asian "chop-mark" pattern shirt on the Old Navy clearance rack for $3.49 yesterday. I'd steal it if I could make it work. I don't have his nose or luck at all ... I'm proud off him, but envious!

  45. Holla backatCHUUUU!
    Dunno if I thumbed my nose at it, but feel like we might make it through this one with at least bits of skin still on. This Mercury Retrograde has been one of our most challenging ones. I had to go read about Uranus Retrograde, but now that I'm aware of it ... it pretty well describes my Aquarian (January 31)responses. In my recent experience, it's resulted in what I'd describe as almost saving graces ... internal changes that come from setbacks, and urges to power through no matter what. Thanks for the note on that ... my understanding of Astrology is little more than just cursory, but there is stuff I pay attention to.
    Glad you like my little get up ... I felt cool in it all evening. I finally had to ask myself if I was ever going to wear my little tulle skirt, and high time it was. Thank you, Adorable Alicia, for your kind words!
    You are so right about Dan's stress levels ... I don't even pretend that I wasn't freaking out, all around the house. WORD!

  46. Oh, my poor baby! I sure do hope your water heater is no longer an issue! Don't you hate hauling very hot water from the stove? I swore to Dan that I was either going to check myself into a good motel until it was resovled, or climb into the big sink at our restaurant and take a hot bubble bath after we closed. He wasn't averse to the second, but I was afraid he's try to take pictures.
    We got it done.
    Glad you liked my skirt! So kind of you.
    Please send me a link to your blog, young lady. I can't find it! I lost a bunch of links recently and am having trouble getting them all back!

  47. This is always the case. I deal with the band, but I need a little proportion control here! Everything is too long. Hard to find sweaters in my price range in petites. Some of the cropped pieces look like they might work for my short waist, but they tend to be boxy, and that's not what I want either. I also like a boat neck and they're harder to come by.
    Here's to both of us finding just the thing!

  48. Oh, thanks you for all, Judith! We tried to get someone out to help, but we would still be waiting for an appointment! So, that leaves us. And you can learn to do anything these days with the Internet! Strength is sometimes the issue ... but we do what we can!
    Dashing ... what a great word. I'll take it! I aspire to dashing!
    I'm so happy to have my hot water back!

  49. Been missing your face as well, Trina!
    "Needs must when the devil drives..." and for us, there was no way I was going another day without hot water. It's hard to get a plumber here, they are few and very busy, and VERY expensive. Couldn't get one to come out in a timely fashion, so we gave up and just did it.
    I really needed to do something fun ... this was it!
    Plaid shirt, probably! Good grunge idea. Denim jacket? I'm so completely over them ... they're just work clothes here, and when the really old guy at the feed store wears his better than I do mine, it's a sign! Context, context!
    Such kind words, Trina. So glad you're back.

  50. Hello, Che! When we get rolling, no telling what we can do! So happy you liked my gothy look! Reminds me of my old, art-school days.
    So happy you stopped by're welcome always.

  51. They are and she's right. These days they just work so well with ... EVERYTHING. Have an oxblood one that I'll show off soon. Am loving the tomboy-girly mixes that they make possible. Will look forward to seeing yours!
    Thank you for your kind remarks ... I had fun with it.
    Elevate is right ... I feel like I'm in the lap of luxury now, everyday. Counting my blessings!

  52. Hey Jan! I'm so glad you've got hot water again. What a trial you and Dan were put through, but you came out on top, and that's what counts. A perfect time to debut the tulle skirt I say. And you've styled it beautifully. I think it's marvelous that you have the restaurant to dress up for. are the hostess with the mostest! xo

  53. I love the look! The tull with the biker jacket and those dotted tights! awesome! Got some similar pieces in the closet. Definitely need to recreate this!!!! Lovely!

  54. You really don't need to be on a high to wear this outfit. It is lovely and it does you proud. Very modern and fun.
    You say you live in a small town. Are there more fashionable women like you there? Or are you the only, lonely one and are all the other jealous of you?
    Tell your husband I think he is a hunk.

  55. I LOVE this post and well done to both of you! If I managed to solve such a plumbing problem, I'd feel just as confident and euphoric. And you look just GREAT, leather and tulle with the little polka dots - adorable - I love it all!

  56. Jean at Dross into GoldNovember 1, 2013 at 7:38 PM

    I love a woman who can handle plumbing and tulle!! You look spectacular and sexy. XXOO

  57. Me too! I'm about to color my hair, and am so happy to have lots of hot water! It was horrid without it. Thank you for the empathy!
    The restaurant explains a lot of what I wear ... I dress up a lot. Then on our forays into town for restaurant and home groceries, guess what? We dine! Those are sort of our date nights.
    Glad you like my Lady-Biker- Senior Citizen-Ballerina look. I'm falling in love with patterned black hose. Count on seeing more!
    Have a great week, Adorable One!

  58. You should ... it would be so much more appropriate on you! In truth I am probably too old to wear this in any iteration, but I have to act-out every once in a while just to remind the universe that I still maintain just a little control over my world, and to leave it alone!
    Thank you for your sweet compliments. Always a pleasure to see you here!

  59. So sweet, Greetja! I'm glad you like it.
    More women like me? I dunno. I don't see very many of them as I don't know many of them. It's an area of big farms ... we have a tiny 45 acres, and our nearest neighbor has 300 but doesn't live on it ( just cows.)
    The town itself consists of two bank branches, two gas (petrol) stations, a farm equipment dealer, a plumbing-electrical-hardware shop, and that's it.
    Our business is about 20 miles away, and I don't know many women there, either, 'cause it's just tiny, also. Our customers come from some distance, usually, and quite a few of them make an effort, but I generally over-dress for our world here. It really makes a difference how I'm treated.
    I told Dan you think he is a hunk, and he told me to tell you he admires your taste!

  60. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. There's just something about home repairs that makes you feel like Wonder Woman. Even if you just helped! Euphoria is the exact word ... there is that element of altered reality for a while!
    I'm so falling in love with patterned black or dark hosiery. I'll have to watch it or I'll overdo it.
    So happy you stopped by ... always happy when you do.

  61. Hello, Adorable Jean! So happy you liked it. And so happy we're all seeing you again. Glad you had lovely travels, and I so hope you were able to relieve a little of the gloom of a difficult year. I'm glad we're seeing the end of this one!

  62. Can I just say I am applauding you taking the bull by the horns to sort out the plumbing yourselves? We were recently shocked by a plumbing bill to change over two taps and fix a mechanical plug hole in the sink. It made us think we ought to get to grips with some of that sort of thing ourselves quick smart!
    Love the tutu!!! Even louder applause for you wearing it! I love this ensemble of all black. The tulle, polka dot tights and boots are feminine and fun and the jacket smartens it all up.
    Dan looks very cool indeed!

  63. Dan and I would get along fine! LOL
    Seriously, you two must be so different from the rest in a small town in the middle of nowhere.
    I am different from you. I need the city. Always did, from when I was a child. I hate the middle of nowhere. Don't even want to go there for holidays. Oh well, it takes all sorts preferences to keep this world interesting. Would be totally boring if we all wanted the same.

  64. Glad to hear you were not fixing the pluming problem IN the tulle skirt.

    Popped by from Spygirl's Paint it Black.

  65. So glad you linked up! You look bewitching in your all black ensemble.

  66. Thank you, Marla ... my favorite shy girl. I sure miss your posts ... hope you blog again someday!

  67. What a grind this all was. I'm so glad it's fixed. Am feeling grim because now we need to contend with the heating part of our home AC/heating system. Probably won't be much of a to-do because the AC and fan still work, but its another chore ... probably one we can't fix ourselves. Rrrrrr.
    Thank you for the very sweet remarks! I'm always so pleased when you like anything I've put together. It was fun to wear as well. I'm quite taken the idea of textured hosiery this year!
    Hope all is going better for you and yours. I will be so happy when this Mercury Retrograde is over.

  68. Hey, Tami! Cool to meet you ... hope to see you around the sandbox more often! I don't get it together to play at Anne's like I'd like to, but will try to be a bit more organized in future! She's such a cool woman!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  69. Anne ... you throw such an interesting party. Hope to catch you this Wednesday or shortly thereafter! Also hope you're recovering and feeling much better. Thanks for stopping by!

  70. Perhaps not so different ... neither of us are very comfortable in our rural environment. We miss urban life every single day ... we've tied ourselves here so firmly that it's difficult to get out. Somday, maybe. I love my horses and all the animals, but we're so isolated, and so different from everyone we know in what we like and think. But we have each other!

  71. Ah... if I look at this sentiment and the words "every single day": I would say: move.

    But between dreams and reality there are rules, regulations and practical objections (freely translated after a Dutch writer).

    You would probably have to say goodbye to the animals which is hard as you get very attached to animals and you are responsible for their well-being.

    And of course there is the matter of making a living. Usually the biggest problem.

    My advice: get filthy rich. Buy a raffle ticket.

  72. Renae of Simple SequinsNovember 7, 2013 at 7:27 PM

    Great ensemble Jan! I love your booties. I need your booties. I saw some cool booties at Savers in Sep and didn't get them. urgh. I cut my hair (literally, yes I did the cutting) and posted about it on Sep 26th. Check out the details on my post. I am loving it and many like it, too.

  73. I am catching up on posts! Don't the two of you look fabulous? Lovely to get a glimpse of your man in Philip Lim. And I am so with you on DIY progress needing to be celebrated. It is equally important as sartorial concerns! I am glad you wore the skirt. I have a similar wafty skirt stuck in my wardrobe, I will try to get it out and wear it too xxx


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