Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Icebound with "The Thoughtful Dresser"

I swore I was going to make this week's post a positive one as my most recent bloggy offerings have been devoted to whining and navel gazing about hair issues.  You've all been patient and very kind and deserve better.

Then a record breaking ice storm hit us here in MidNowhere, knocking out power to thousands here in our part of the world, and we were part of the mess.  Couldn't get out to the restaurant, but then no one else could either.  We woke up Friday morning to no heat or light, and ... AAAACCCKK! ... 
no Internet (!!!)  No matter where you are, these big and inconvenient-but-survivable weather interruptions to our fairly easy lives are a massive pain in the ass.  But unlike the quick devastation of our frequent tornadoes, we saw this mess coming, and were able to prepare at least a little.  We've been pretty lucky so far, as our power was restored late Saturday evening. Wine was opened in celebration and layers shed as the heat came back on.  As of Sunday afternoon there were still 10,000 out of power on the third day in, and as of Monday, there had been over 60,000 in Arkansas affected, and I'm pretty sure they're not done counting.

Peter Benenson, the founder of Amnesty International famously advised the world that we'd all "better light a candle than curse the darkness."   He was referencing other circumstances; a world much more horrific than ours, but the advice is well taken and practical.  At our house, there certainly was some cursing, but candles were lit and we got by.

The Positive Part ...

Even without Internet access,  I had some hours of completely absorbing entertainment  because the friendship and generosity of two bloggers who live approximately 4,404 miles away from me.

Some weeks ago, the fabulous Curtise of her lovely blog, The Secondhand Years , sent me a much appreciated care-package that included a book she though I would enjoy: Linda Grant's The Thoughtful Dresser.  She was so right!   Curtise had been given it by the equally fabulous Vix, who brings us her luxuriant and lively blog,  The Vintage Vixen . Not sure where she got it, but my thanks go out to both of these generous women for passing this book around and sharing the wisdom!  

Because I knew instantly that I would love it, I had been saving it for a time when I needed some serious fun. No time like a power outage to guiltlessly indulge in some serious goofing-off, so I grabbed the book, wrapped up in a big blanket (closely accompanied by the shorter haired dogs and cats)  and camped near a big window.  I read into the night with the help of my "Itty Bitty Book Light" until I'd finished it.  I closed it reluctantly about midnight, and I'm sorry it's done.  As soon as I'm in funds again, I'll be haunting Amazon, looking for more of her books.  Thank you so much again, Curtise ... bet you didn't know you were doing such a grand and comforting thing when you posted this book off to me!

Ms. Grant is one of those women that you just know you'd love to death if you knew her in real life.  She's only a year younger than I am, and although she grew up in England, lots of her experiences are like mine and will be appreciated by our whole generation. Younger readers will get it, too, because we all wear clothes, and the love of them is pan-generational.  She takes on the subject that so many of us dabble around the edges of; why we care about what we wear. Then, she treats our favorite guilty pleasure with a refreshing respect that is completely without apology. 
She often elevates the discussion to the near-poetic.  As in a lot of wonderful nonfiction, the bibliography alone is a tiny treasure, a road sign pointing to other sources of reading pleasure!

The fundamental act of dressing is her subject, too.  Not a how-to or book of style suggestions, The Thoughtful Dresser is a sometimes funny and occasionally heartbreaking group of connected essays and stories about what has often been regarded as a purely a feminine pastime and our weakness .  She reminds us that our love of the pleasures of dressing is, besides being one of our most effective tool of seduction, an effective and time-honored tool used to gain and maintain sovereignty over our own lives.  She writes with the incisive insight of personal experience and passion about our lust for handbags and shoes, and why they are aspirational objects of desire and pleasure instead of just functional items that keep our feet dry and our stuff organized.

What style or fashion blogger doesn't want to know more about the pleasures we take in our dressing rituals and why they are so important in our lives?  Because I interrupted Dan's own reading so often during that snowy day, insistent that he hear a particular bon mot or concept I thought his sociological heart might like, even he wants to read The Thoughtful Dresser now.  It's that good, 'cause he's a picky and serious reader.

A Possible Bloggy-Friend Project:

Because this book seems destined to be passed on, if anyone wants it I'll be happy to send it on.   What I'd like to do is keep it going.  What if we all swear a pinky-oath to send it on and keep it moving?

Let me know via Comments if you're interested, please.  

Thoughtfully dressed to go into the Big City, pre-storm, to stock up on some 
provisions for the correctly predicted nasty weather ...
This is an old, very warm faux fur-lined (and washable!) coat by Tribal that I wore with my also growing-elderly Ralph Lauren lug-soled boots and my Phillip Lim for Target shirt.


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  1. Jan, you are so gifted in story telling. I have been collecting fashion and style books since my preteen stage. This one sounds like a great read. I think I will buy it on Kindle. Your coat is lovely. I spent last Friday vintage shopping and I found several with the faux fir collar. Very chic!

  2. That coat, and those boots: loooooooooooooooooooove. Losing power is definitely no fun, especially in the winter.


  3. You will think I'm a little crazy but I really miss winter. I do. The snow days. The frozen toes. The runny nose. The wet socks. The whole thing. And don't worry about your hair obsession. Hair is a GREAT BIG DEAL! It is. Really. It is. This book sounds like a "must read." If you & Vix & Curtise loved it then that's the BEST recommendation ever. I love your boots. So Victorian. You must have been inspired by the lack of heat. And your hair looks terrific :-)

  4. Gorgeous coat! Coats are so important right now, and I've been seeing some that really make me drool.

    I've just drafted a post where I also complain about my haircut and try to think positive, while we're having a cold spell that's breaking records. At least our power didn't go out, though. Can't wait for the snow to melt though.

    The book sounds interesting. I'd love to read it, and then pass it on to whoever wants it next. What a great idea!

  5. I can't imagine being in the cold and without power! Not fun! I am a glad you had a great book to read. This sounds like an interesting book - I would love to read it then pass it on. I am in love with your coat which looks so warm & cozy and those boots Jan!


  6. Well done and good for you for lighting a candle instead of cursing the darkness! Love the outfit, the coat is awesome! My husband and I travelled to Norway last year where the Norwegians taught us that there was no such thing as poor weather, just poor dressing. I adapted to the weather conditions, put on layers and voila, the weather never held us back! I hope you have a great day pursuing the cold!

  7. So glad the book brought you some much needed comfort in your moment of need! It's a well travelled issue, I picked it up in a secondhand bookshop in India!
    Love your coat and those boots are incredible. Stay warm. xxxx

  8. It's so hot here in Tampa... Hard to imagine all that cold!! I love reading and the book sounds great, so I'll get in line for the book share!

  9. Ahh, something to add to the emergency supply kit - a good book. along with my hand-sewing, that is. Here in the Midwest we had snow, but not bad and no outages. You handled it so very well. I'd love to read The Book. And look at you, thoughtful, warm, and gorgeous!

  10. Aya in CouturgatoryDecember 11, 2013 at 9:53 AM

    Oh, I'm sorry to hear about your power woes, but I'm glad you were prepared and that you had this gem from your lovely friends to keep you entertained. (: It's so hard to want to do anything other than read under covers when you're cold!

    I am in awe of your lug soled boots, by the way. You should wear them with everything.

  11. Mrs_Jack_of_all_tradesDecember 11, 2013 at 12:09 PM

    Whoa! That sounds like a crisis.. no power, no internet.. it could mean spell trouble with capital C but looks like you have your drills and wardrobe prepared for this kind of weather. Glad you are at least warm in that glorious coat and still manage a beautiful smile regardless :)

    p.s One can never go wrong with a good book at times like this, good ole book, no the kindle ones.. useless without power! Stay warm :)

  12. amazing how the no internet has the power to disrupt out lives so badly

  13. What a stylish coat, I need one like yours :). You look terrific! And I'm glad that everything is back to normal again at your house.

  14. Sounds like a great book, just what is needed for a power outage. I love this coat. It looks warm and so stylish in a ever so cool way. The boot are lovely too. We all need good ones for getting around in the winter weather. Your hair is looking fab today. Are you feeling good about this cut?

    blue hue wonderland

  15. Your coat is fabulous (and washable : so great) ! I'm glad that eveything is back to normal in your house; it's pretty cold here too in Normandy. Have a good week !

  16. Look at you, all toasty and gorgeous, Jan! Ugh, sorry to hear about the loss of power, but on the plus side, it offered the perfect opportunity to snuggle down with the book! I'm so pleased you enjoyed it, I knew you would. I liked some parts more than others - her obsession with obtaining particular bags/shoes irritated me, but I enjoyed the stories, both from the author's own life and family, and those of other women. And I appreciated the recognition of personal style as something other than mere feminine frivolity.
    Is it frivolous to say I love your boots? Maybe - but I don't much care! As always, you prove the point - a woman can be beautifully dressed, take a keen interest in clothes and style, and also be intelligent, aware, thoughtful, and an able writer. That's a great combination! xxxxx

  17. Awwww! Thanks so much, Glenda. So kind. I struggle to write a little, but Linda Grant slays me with her crafted prose. Dan is finishing it up, and he appreciated whole chunks of it that I had not noticed, so it is one to keep. I'll be getting it for my Kindle as well. Let me know, please, what strikes you about it ... that you'll love it is almost a given! Amazon has become our book repository, our digital library in ways we could never have imagined decades back. During the storm, I used my Touch and bigger Fire quite a lot, and Dan read straight through on his big DX and little Fire. We'd definitely make a dive for them in case of fire!

    Do you have a detachable faux fur collar that you can move from cardigan to jacket to coat? I'd be surprised if you didn't. My mom had one (it's still in her "hope chest") but it was real ... fox I think. To ratty to wear now, I think I remember, but she wore it in SOCAL in the 50s.

    So glad to see your note!

  18. Thank you, Terry! It's a keeper, this coat. Glad we had a bit of warning, and were able to keep cooking with a gas stove. The problem with that was the desire to cook and eat everything in the fridge, both for comfort and economy. I'm now trying to undo the caloric damage! Wow ... a real mini-disaster for so many of us here ... we're a tubby state.
    Have a great week, Terry. Glad to know you!

  19. No, Connie ... I get you. Winter is a favorite season, particularly for dressing. Me too, but I don't like snow like I used to, especially on the weekends. This was event was dangerous from a treacherous ice accumulation. Our restaurant is out in the country, and it's slow enough this time of year without snow and ice. Everything stops, and we lost out bread- and-butter-weekend business. Nothing bad on the way, though, so I look forward to a bit of recoup in a day or two. Wish me luck!
    I'm in hair purgatory. I barely know myself in the mirror, and it's still a work in progress. Thanks for the empathy and nice comments. More changes to come.
    There are all kinds of reasons to love the book ... hope you get a chance to read it some day. It's a pip!
    Have a great weekend, and thanks so much for the encouragement!

  20. Thanks Val! I've put you down as first claimant for the borrow. I think you'll get her wry and sometimes dark humor. Will get it to you as soon as I'm in funds, probably after Christmas. (We lost a critical bread-and-butter weekend, and have had 3 tables total (!) all week ... our slow season, but this is storm fall-out still. My comfort is that we're all in the same frozen boat here!)
    Feeling only marginally better about the hair, but I think it has to do with my cabin fever. I so get what you mean. Winter is great, but it can be dangerous.
    So kind, your notes about my coat. It's a fun one ... I think of it as my Jeremiah Johnson coat, and love the snuggly fur lining. It even has fur lined sleeves!
    Drop a line to me at kelts@centurytel.net with your snail addy, and I get it out ASAP, with the emphasis on the P !
    Wishing you a warmer week!

  21. Hey, Alice! I always miss the coast, and especially now. I'm such a displaced Old California Girl. Thanks for the sympathy and empathy and nice comments on my coat. It's fun to wear ... I especially love the fur lined sleeves ... ultra cozy.

    I'll be sending the book to Val Sparkle first as she was the first to speak up ... and she'll send it on to you. I'll let her know ... and probably post about the process in the next few days. Will probably repost on Visible Monday, too.

    Enjoy your weekend, and stay warm!

  22. Hello, Nicolene! Boy, Arkansans can sure take some lessons from the Norwegians. I lived a decade in Alaska, and it never stopped us either. However, most of the really northern (and I'd guess that the very southernmost parts of your world) have very "dry" snows and have well established modes for dealing with it. In Alaska, we put on four studded snow tires, plugged in the block heater overnight, and off we went in any weather. Here, it's traditionally been a very mild climate in winter and hot in the summer, and ALWAYS humid. That means very difficult ice accumulations, with very wet snow to make the ice worse. They just don't do studs or tire-chains here. The just the threat of any snow here is apocalyptic to most southerners.
    Thanks for the sympathy and good wishes, though ... I can use it. Glad too, that you like my coat. Snuggly and substantial, not to heavy, and washable!
    Have a great weekend, and I'm so happy to hear from you!

  23. What a beautiful coat. It is funny to see all these coats appearing at blogs. We don't want to take too many pictures in our silk blouses, standing outside in the cold, now do we? Of course your boots are great too. I love these lace-up boots.
    It is times when I read a post like this that I feel sad about my inability to express myself in English as well as I can in Dutch. The audience I reach is wider, but nobody is going to accuse me of eloquently writing... Oh well. let's not complain, at least here in The Netherlands we don't have your kind of weather haha. Oops... sorry my dear, should not tease you.

  24. Jan you made the best of the situation. We never had a power knock out in winter but some day a knock out of the heating for one day. I wore a warm winter coat with fur lining inside the house.

    I love your winter coat, it looks cosy, warm and very stylish. Particularly with that cute high lace boots.

    Take good care of you!


  25. Thanks, Vix, for all! Coat and boots are about to be worn out this winter. I have others, but these are what I just *want to wear. The boots are much better looking in person ... as so many things are!
    So glad you picked up our little book ... in India! It does have some legs, this book. Dan finished it last night, and I already have a waiting list. See what you started?
    Have a great weekend and stay warm where you are, as well.

  26. I have a list started, and you're on it. Stay tuned, I'll probably put up a new post very soon with the process. Which will be extremely simple!
    In spite of the bad weather here, I'm glad to have seasons that are marked. I grew up in California where it was the same wardrobe except with a sweater in late fall, and a coat on the worst days of winter. And I was a decade in Alaska, where there were only two seasons ... mud and snow. This week, though, I think my husband would trade you places gladly ... he's fed up!
    So glad you stopped by!

  27. You look fabulous!! I love your coat! I am sorry to hear about the power!

    Feel free to visit my blog as well! You will find topics such as health, NYC fashion, personal growth and motivation between others! <3



    New Outfit Idea Post: Soft Torn Tones

  28. Thanks so much for the sympathy ... I have been so whiny lately, but this weather was a legitimate gripe. Nice that we could prepare for it, at least a bit.
    Yup .... nice to have the book, but the power was out longer than it took to read it. I spent quite a lot of time with my Kindle Touch as well. The battery lasts forever in it ... days and days when the web connection is off. You can read for forever. I just loaded the next books on my list and read on. Dan's old style DX didn't let him down either, so they really are all pretty good. The Fire tablet only has about 8 hours, so I marshaled my resources there, but I did use it a bit.
    I am going to buy "The Thoughtful Dresser" for the Kindles ... I know I'll reference it in the future.
    Hope your weather out in Dubai continues to be kind ... but no more cloud bursts for a day or two would be a good thing!
    Have a great weekend coming up!

  29. No kidding! Good that it doesn't happen more than it does. I'm surprised we don't go down more often ... the infrastructure is so old here that it has whiskers.
    You have a good weekend, Linda ... so glad you stopped by!

  30. Not quite normal ... we lost the weekend business from the storm, and that hurt as it is most of our week's income in those two days. We've had a grand total of 4 tables this week so far, and I needs to pick up very, very fast. Keep your fingers and toes crossed that our weekend here is better! It's our slow time anyway, and this doesn't help.
    So glad for my bloggy buddies all over the world ... you guys help keep my spirits up. A couple of decent nights will do the trick.
    Thanks for the nice words, Oksana. They help a lot.

  31. Glad you like my faux furry coat ... it's a security blanket these days. I appreciate the cheerful words as our business isn't up to snuff yet, but I'm in the same boat with everyone else.
    Glad you like the hair ... I trust your instincts. But no, I'm not having an easy time with this ... like it better, but having a steep learning curve with it. I've never used much product, and what I want to do requires some new stuff ... my experiments leave me looking like a more than usually over-the-top Sharon Ozbourne or a demented, short, pudgy Jane Fonda. Not what I'm going for at all!
    But, I persevere.
    Thanks, Anne, for all. Have a great weekend!

  32. It's cold again, here, tonight. But I'm so grateful for the heat and light that's back on. It's still a mess here, and people are not getting out and about like we'd like to see for the restaurant. But we persevere ... and if we make it with a bit of business this weekend we'll be fine.
    Dan and I both enjoyed the book. He finished last night and like me, was sorry it was finished. Now that's a book on style!
    Stay warm and safe, Judith ... so thrilled you dropped by. Thank you for the encouragement. Much appreciated.

  33. Almost back to normal ... but it's warm and there's light! Thanks for your good wish for the week. I'll apply it to our weekend at our restaurant ... we really need one!
    Stay warm and dry ... and have a lovely week yourself!

  34. When it dawned on us that the power was going to be out for an extended period, the first thing I decided to do was read that book. I really had been saving it for a treat, and a treat was never more needed! Thank you again, Curtise. Dan finished reading it last night, and really liked it ... he still surprises me, although so much of this book is about human behavior beyond just clothes, and that's his pleasure.
    The red shoes had me weeping. I'd seen photos of that exhibit, I think, at some point.
    I'm not designer focused at all ... I can be impressed by them, of course, but they're not the measure of good design. We love our shoes and handbags, but they can come from anyplace as long as they can seduce me!
    So glad you liked my boots ... me too, and they're good enough that I will get years yet from them. I wear them too much, but like your black coat, I really think it's a matter of all the different ways it looks with different clothes. My boots are like that for me.
    As Ms.Grant says, there are no depths without surface. Right now, those frivolous things mean much to me, so they are not just surface issues to me. It's hard this time of year, because of the nature of our business and where we are, to feel cheered by much. You and this book cheered us both enormously.
    Thank you for all your kind words and encouragement .

    Goofy Jan will be back soon ... as soon as she thaws out and gets past Christmas!

    And oh, yes ... the "book lending list" is getting bigger! This little book will get out and about this year!

  35. Thank you, Greetja! Our coats are important as they're only out when it gets cold. Glad you liked mine. The textures look much better IRL, of course, as they always do. And I'm thrilled that I can just throw it in the wash!
    I think you are wondrously expressive in English! Every time you write, I'm reminded how hard it is to master another language. Americans have been awful about this for years. My mother's generation were not exposed to other languages in school, and I had a bit of French and Spanish, but just a smattering was considered enough. There's hardly any emphasis on languages here now at all ... and I think it's appalling. As our nation's demographics change, I think we'll be sorry we are not at least bilingual. I think it's a great courtesy to speak second and third languages, and a mark of true sophistication.
    You can tease ... just remember that it may come back at you! i have a long, long memory!
    I've got to get to a bunch of your replies before too long. I'm always so pleased to hear from you ... I think you are perfectly eloquent!

  36. Thank you, dear Sabine. I'm always so glad to hear from you. Thank you for your encouragement. We're not completely back to normal yet, but the heat and power are back, so I'm good.
    You take care as well ... winter is wonderful, but the cold always needs a little extra respect!

  37. Dawn @ AlterEgoFashionistaDecember 13, 2013 at 11:55 AM

    Great coat, stellar boots, decidedly awesome bundling job to go out for provisions! We always hear about tons of people being without power after storms, and I often think about those who are without for days or longer...how do that manage in the winter??? Glad you had candles and THE BOOK...I would love to read it, as well...maybe after Val? It might answer some questions and address guilty feelings that I've had about my love of fashion, too! Thanks!

  38. Lucky you to have something to occupy yourself with when the power went off. I'd probably have been sleeping! LOL Well...that and freezing since it has been -8 for a few days now. I just hate the cold.

    I'd love to get on the list for that book.

    It is so strange to see you all bundled up. I love that coat!


  39. I wish I had the time to join you and read the book, but with the moving, the baby, Christmas, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Join Share-in-Style as you are today.
    Love and sunshine, dear friend

  40. Hello my dear Jan, I'm so sorry if I just dropped by now, but I've been thinking of you!!!!!
    You look gorgeous in your coat and the lace up boots are amazing.
    Oh I'm sorry you had without power, the worst thing it's the lack of heat.
    Here the buildings have no central heat so sometimes it's colder inside than outside..... lucky for us we don't have negative temperatures.
    The book sounds really interesting!!!
    I would like to read it, but it's so complicated to mail it to my little corner, in the middle of the ocean. I would see if I could find a translated one.
    Thank you so much for always appear in the linky and the kind words you say.
    You so deserve the shout out I did!!!!
    I wish you all the best, my dear.
    Big hug

  41. Thanks, Dawn. 'Preciate your sympathy. And thank you so much for liking my "rig".
    I'll publish a list of requests later today in another post. There are a few ahead of you, Dawn, as I'm simply putting them in the order they came in. Hope you enjoy it when you do get to read it.
    In the mean time, why feel guilty about loving fashion? As it's really about the "presentation of self" seems to me that it's a highly personal prerogative, and that if we all have to wear clothes, we should probably do a good job of it!
    Enjoy your week! So happy you wrote.

  42. It was almost too quiet to sleep. I wasn't aware of how much noise the refrigerator, the heating system, the electronics in the house all make even when they're off. Creepy! And listening to everyone chewing made me crazy. Something I never imagined would bother me!
    Will put you on the list and publish later today.
    Thanks so much ... glad you like my coat. It's a keeper as it's warm, cozy, ligth weight and washable!
    Have a warmer week, Suzanne

  43. Sacramento! So good to hear from you ... I'm just happy you had time to stop by. Enjoy this very busy time, lovely lady, with your family and friends. I may not get to join in this week's Share In Style, but I will definitely go and admire everyone. I'd love to participate soon, though!

  44. Thank you Seeker... I know how busy it is these days for everyone. Even though this is our slow business season, there seems like more to do to keep going!
    I hope you do find it *The Thoughtful Dresser* in translation ... it has some very interesting ideas about clothing as a human habit and not just the vagaries of fashion.
    Your posts and comments are well written always. I admire you because you have more than one language ... I wish I did. Americans don't put as much emphasis on languages than other countries, and that's not good. Everyone ought to have more than one!
    See you at your link later today or tomorrow!

  45. Awwww... thank you, Greetja! The feeling is mutual!

  46. Tamera Ferguson WolfeDecember 16, 2013 at 2:21 PM

    We got the snow last week and brutal cold. The furbabies are not happy campers!!
    The book sounds amazing and I'd love a chance to read it and pass it on!
    You are looking adorable all dressed up for the cold weather!!

  47. VersatilestylebytraceyDecember 16, 2013 at 6:37 PM

    Great use of the time and what a fabulous idea to pass the book along. How about I buy my own copy and start a second one going around the blogesphere?? Maybe that will be my New Yearl's Day post to see how many bloggers it goes to for 2014.

  48. Glenda @ So What to Twenty!December 18, 2013 at 11:02 PM

    Would you believe I don't have a faux fir color. The only bit of fir I have is on the detachable hood of a sleeveless buffer jacket. I tried one on yesterday, but for some reason chose not to buy it. I think because it was very cream and I feared it would always need cleaning.

  49. Jan that coat is GORGEOUS!!!! I just keep looking at it. The complete outfit is absolutely beautiful, the boots, so so chic!!! Love love love the look on you. Definitely a color that suits you very well.


  50. You're on the list, kiddo! Only our biggest dog, Daisy the Aussie Shep liked the snow. I'd suggest "outside?" and they'd give me that doggy-verson look of "Are you crazy? "
    You're so kind, Tamera! I look a little shell shocked in this photo.

  51. I was reading about your ordeal just before we were advised to turn off our Internet for a few days. (A totally different cause for not having Internet; yours is much worse, of course.) Ours was because our Internet usage went through the roof and they are trying to solve the problem. It wasn't me--honest! We've been going $80 over every month for the past three months till I noticed the bill! (Paying by Visa, we don't always check, but I will from now on!) We have not changed our habits and have always been well below our usage allowance.

    Sharing "The Thoughtful Dresser" is fun--what a great idea! You did a wonderful review of the book! You're an excellent writer: funny and interesting!

    I love your coat! I had one in black and LOST it (faux fur and washable, although I never had a chance to wash it!). How can anyone lose a coat (it's not a small thing to drop unnoticed)???

    I have a similar one in pink but shorter. I did a post last spring "Think Pink" wearing it.

    Stay safe, stay warm!!
    ♥ carmen

  52. i am now going to go find this book. It sounds good!

    Also, i love your boots!


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