Monday, December 30, 2013

Bloggy Resolutions ... Happy 2014 !

It takes a brave woman to list her most personal New Year's Resolutions on her blog. We generally don't make resolutions about the parts of ourselves we already like (although that's not a bad idea, actually!) so it's our least favorite mental private-parts we focus on. Bad habits, bad ideas, bad self-image, bad reactions, bad memories. Bad, bad, bad. And generally highly personal. We list all the bad things we think about ourselves and write vows that we may or may not keep about what we'll do to improve the situation. And frankly, for me this can result in some Serious Bloggy TMI.

This is not the way I want to spend my New Year's self-contemplation this time around. And you'll undoubtedly be glad to hear that. You're welcome.

But since this is ostensibly a personal style blog, and since I do like to consider ways to make the coming new calendar year a better one, here's a list of items I plan on improving in the coming months to make my blog life better and easier and more fulfilling. And as I love a good win-win, they should make positive change in your reading experience as well. After all, mi cyber-casa es su cyber-casa.

So here they are, my 2014 Style Resolutions

Facebook Page
Did you know that I have one for Fort Smith Stylista? I constructed it but have done nothing-zero-nada to promote it. So, I will figure out how to make a button for the page to make it easier. In the nonce, if you'd like say hello, you can pop over to . I will figure this all out someday.

Redesign website:
I'm ready for a change in appearance. Stay tuned.  

Find a better way to keep in touch with bloggy friends.
I have way more bloggy folks I'm really interested in than I know how to keep up with. Lately, it's been all I can do to get my own blog out. As in real life, I need to listen more and talk less ... that applies to my cyber-life as well. This will change.

Try to find some different backgrounds for photos.
My pics are dull as dishwater, and I want to be more creative about this. If I'm going to plaster my mug all over the Internet, I should try to photograph it in more interesting surroundings. So many of you inspire me! This, by the way, is probably more just wishful thinking than a firm resolution. We shall see.

Get a current avatar that reflects the changes.  Sigh. 

(And the following are more wardrobe oriented 
than about the blog ...)

Spend more time recombining items. I just know there are lots of better partnerships in my closet than I'm seeing or using.

Renew, recycle, and reuse! Not a week goes by that I'm not inspired by you repurposing and resdesigning geniuses! (Jean at  Dross Into Gold and Nell at Nelesc Design , I'm  talking to you, especially. )

Continue to try to find a decent resale/consignment shop and actually use it. This is an ongoing project. Bella (the wonderful Citizen Rosebud ) you will always be my hero and inspiration here!

Try it on before you buy it. Really. Take it back if necessary.

Love it or leave it. Also ongoing. This is the most satisfying concept I adopted this year, and I highly recommend it.


Thank you all, who read my stuff and write to me about yours. You are all my coinspirators ... and I thank you all for the happy hours your hard blogging work has given me. I promise to try hard be a better blog-pal this coming year!

I leave you with a shout out to a blogger who is one of my newest and probably my most esoteric style inspirations of 2013: 
Maricel at My Closet Catalogue
We share a love of all things Dr. Who, and she's talked about and shown a lot of Tardis Blue this season. This has to be my Color of the Year for 2013, no matter what Pantone has to say about it.
I give you my take on Tardis Blue ...

I'm linking up with the Always Adorable Patti at Visible Monday to see what a whole bunch of wonderful folks are resolving for the New Year. Join us!

Have a brilliant 2014, everyone!


  1. Love that color on you. Green and blue are my favorite colors to combine. Great goals for the new year. Looking forward to the new blog design

  2. Hello, my dear!
    Nice resolutions for 2014 and I'm going right after this see your FB page and like it. I think it's a great way to interact with readers when you don't have time for a post but yet have something to tell or show.
    I decided not to do any resolutions..... I'm feeling sad and all seems black, so.....
    But you look so fabulous in your blue!!! And the green gives it such a lovely combination. Also your necklace is very nice. I wish I could see it better.
    Well it seems 2014 will be a great year to your blog, hope you'll accomplish all your goals (even the unspoken).
    Happy New Year!!!!
    Love your way

  3. Patti_NotDeadYetStyleDecember 30, 2013 at 3:11 PM

    Glad you shared your Facebook page, Jan - I really like the header art! We'll keep each other motivated for our goals for next year : > You look gorge, and thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  4. Blue and green -- YUM!
    Thanks for sharing your resolutions.
    I wouldn't worry too much about Facebook. Concentrate on G+ instead! G+ is better (never thought I'd say that).

  5. Don't worry about your blog. So many readers and commentors can not go wrong. We love you. For your intersting posts, for your eloquency and because of your cute outfits. Please don't stop talking :-)
    But it will be nice to see you upcycling, thrifting and recombining. Have a lot of fun in your wardrobe and Happy New Year Jan! I look forward to your new posts in new year.

  6. I've found you on Facebook - it looks fab! Love your goals and your outfit, the colours really pop! Happy New Year. xxx

  7. Ooh, I love the argyle tights! Your wardrobe resolutions are all good ones, something we'd all do well to strive for.

  8. Pam@over50feeling40December 30, 2013 at 6:34 PM

    I also love the argyle tights!! There is always so much to do for the dedicated blogger. I have just had to accept that all of it will not get done...not while I work full time anyway. Your list is doable and I wish you well with it. You look great to enter a New Year! HAVE FUN!

  9. I, too, am happy that we've become friends ;) and I really like reading New Years lists. It gets me going since I can't seem to ever make one of my own! And YEAH! I simply cannot believe that electric blue is not the color of the year. What's up with that? Happy New Year, Jan!

  10. Thanks Jan for all your thought provoking posts this year. As someone who only managed six posts this year, I think you are doing a fine job in the blogosphere and even though I don't often comment (damn ipod doesn't seem to cope with this) I always read your posts and look forward to the next one.

  11. You know I love you and can't begin to tell you how much your unwavering support of my insanity means to me. My New Year's post is forthcoming but I think you're on the right track with your resolutions. It'll be curious to see how well you do with them.
    By the way, you look like you've taken the Tardis twenty years into the past in that drop-dead-gorgeous outfit, and I mean that in the best sense possible!
    Best wishes for an off-the-charts amazing 2014 (appropriately enough, we're starting the year with a new moon).


  12. The blue and green is singing and the tights are so fab! Your the best blog writer out there. Your comments are so supportive and post are always interesting. Can't wait to see you stepping out and finding a bright color wall to take some pictures of your great outfits!

    blue hue wonderland

  13. Thank you for your post. I enjoyed reading it! Love your outfit and tights in particular. So stylish! Happy New Year, dear friend!

  14. First and foremost, no apologies about any of it!! My God, you've posted about your blog/style resolutions!! How many of us haven't even contemplated them, never mind shared our insights?! You are a wonderful, thoughtful, intelligent blogger friend who isn't afraid to share personal misgivings along with your style triumphs.

    Thank you for the shout out. Sharing inspiration on all levels is what I hope it's about. I'm in awe of your ability to "Bloom where you're planted" as Bella says. Plus, you can rock those heels!!! :-)

    Looking forward to going back up to click on a few of your links. Hope you and Dan have the best year ever in 2014. XXXXOOOO

  15. What resolutions my friend. I think you do a great job on your blog, I feel like I have known you all my life. I appreciate you more than you know for visiting by my blog.
    I didn't know you had a fb page so I went over and liked it. Your color block green and blue top and skirt ensemble is very chic. I really like how you put blue argyle print tights with it.
    Happy New Year to you and your hubby!

  16. Oh Jan, you are brave! If I made New Year's resolutions, it might be to pet the cat more, with more loving intention, and well, just more...oh wait, maybe that would be the cat's resolution, not mine! In all seriousness, your list is doable, but one step at a time, reminding yourself that one should feel joy with all things bloggy. Hah, I'm one to talk. Jan, you look cute and sassy in your blue and green, the very two shades I'm wearing today! I feel like I'm in the company of the best! Enough of my late night ramble...the very brightest of blessings to you and Dan for 2014.

  17. Mrs_Jack_of_all_tradesDecember 31, 2013 at 1:05 AM

    Hi, Jan! I have missed some of your great posts.. been busy here in fact I am steeling some time here while my sauce is bubbling in the kitchen to peek into some of my favorite blogs. Just wanna wish you Merry X'mas and a fabulous new year ahead. You made my year and treasure your funny witty posts! Keep going :)

  18. Hi Jan, have a great and heathy 2014 too.
    Btw the blue tights a fantastic. I like patterned tights very much.
    Have a good time

  19. Oh, my goodness .. those tights are to die for! So cute!!

    I second quite a few of your ideas .. especially using more of what I purchased and less .. purchasing.

    And on that note .. Happy New Years Eve! Will look forward to your evolving blog in 2014.


  20. Jan I wish you a very Happy New Year, full of Happiness, Love and Joy. I am glad I met you here.

  21. Long live the Tardis and its loverly shade of true blue! In which you look smashing, by the way. Like you list. But, don't worry, I won't hold you to it. Those things just seem to self-manifest at this time of year...and I like you just the way you are. awhh.

  22. You look amazing in this outfit and I can't tell you enough how much I love your hair and how well it seems to suit you. xo Happy New Year, Jan!

  23. Happy new year! I love your resolutions - you are such an inspiration.

  24. lifestyleover40.comJanuary 1, 2014 at 4:39 AM

    Hi Jan, thank you for a lovely blog and for sharing your resolution. I have enjoyed your posts very much throughout the year. Be kind to yourself and try to see resolution not as working of the "bad" but improving on the good. Happy and creative new year! Sara

  25. I love this colour combination. It must be in the air as Sue (of a Colourful Canvas) posted the same combination with coat and shoes.
    And you can wear a sweater like this on a skirt. You have hips. With me such a sweater goes straight for my toes and make me look like a stick.
    Happy New Year my dear. Good resolutions. Had to laugh over "I'm going to plaster my mug all over the internet"haha. You go girl.
    My resolutions as simple: be more content. more happy with what I have and push out negative thoughts immediately and replace them with positive thoughts. Me AND my environment are going to profit from it.

  26. It's definitely a good thing to have goals for your blog--that really helps with not wasting any time you spend working on it! I know I need to do better at both the marketing/promoting and communications side!

  27. Jan! You clever, clever girl! (Did I just sound like 11 there when I did that?) I didn't even see this shout out until Greetje commented on my blog and referenced you. Thank you SO MUCH for the mention - I always feel legit when fellow bloggers acknowledge my presence on the style blogosphere. Oh, and those tights are FIERCE! (Do people even say 'fierce' anymore? Well, they are.) I must own them! And stay tuned to my blog because I've been collecting TARDIS blue pieces and I'm thinking of doing a TARDIS blue Tuesday feature, regardless of my week's theme. What say you? ;p

    M @

  28. Ah, curses! You have foiled my usually unfailing Google skills! I can't find those argyle tights anywhere! Care to share from where you procured them? From one Doctor Who fashionista to another? Pretty please?!

  29. Loving the Tardis blue with green, and those tights are fabulous!
    There seems to be a lot of things you are aiming to change/work on this year, Jan, but please only do what you feel like doing, there's no pressure for your blog, or your wardrobe, to be anything other than what they already are - stylish, warm, witty, delightful. I am so pleased to have you as one of my boggy friends, lovely Jan, you don't need to go changing too much! xxxxx

  30. Tamera Ferguson WolfeJanuary 1, 2014 at 4:11 PM

    Happy New Year Jan!! You are looking fantastic in the cobalt blue!!
    I love your bloggy resolutions--
    I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you through your blog and can't wait for what you'll share in 2014!!
    love to you and your furry babies from all of us!

  31. the tights with this outfit...excellent choice, my friend! i like your bloggy resolutions. I really need to start up a Facebook page for my blog. Sometimes it is tough to keep up with our friends' blogs as well as our own blogs. I just do the best I can every day and try not to beat myself up over what I don't get to.
    Happy New Year!!

  32. Great resolutions and you are so brave!! I'm with you on the Facebook page… we used to be so active, but with their new algorithm, we definitely ignore it too often now. We are loving Instagram though! And although I follow people on Bloglovin, I'm like you, it's hard to keep up with everyone I'd love to visit, which is why I LOVE Patti's link-up since it has everyone I love in 1 place :) Happy, happy New Year to you and looking forward to visiting some folks you mention.
    xox ~kim

  33. Love it or leave it is a good plan indeed! No use feeling wishy-washy about something.

  34. Where do I start?
    You are such an interesting writer and make me laugh!!
    I love your pose, a model classic!!
    Great smile :-)
    Fabulous colour combo!
    This top would look as good without that beautiful necklace (unless you were dressing it down with jeans).
    Flirty skirt looks sweet!
    WOW! Love those argyle tights!
    The pumps really make this outfit elegant!
    I don't know how you keep up with so many admiring fans!!
    You truly inspire us!!

    Keep up the good work and have fashionable, inspirational New Year!!!
    ♥ carmen

  35. Sheila (of Ephemera)January 2, 2014 at 1:23 AM

    Happy New Year, Jan! Looking lovely! I admire your resolutions - good for you!

  36. you look adorable in those blue tones and I can only agree with several of your resolutions, most of all the facebook page and connecting more with readers. Thanks for sharing all this and thanks for being there!!

  37. What a pretty outfit, Jan! It looks so jolly and bright and cheerful. I didn't know that blue and green would make such a great combination. And what a great addition those tights are! Fabulous! Happy New Year and good luck with you resolutions!

  38. Jan, I saw your age posted on another blog and I was shocked. You have inspired me to get busy and do a little work on my exterior so that I can even remotely reflect your very fine self. Happy New Year.

  39. Thank you! I bet you'd use more subtle versions, 'cause you have excellent taste, young lady! I've made my resolutions, and will work on them as 2014 rolls on. Will do it a bit at a time, especially when I can't think of anything else to write about ... blog fodder!
    Enjoy the New Year!

  40. I hope you are feeling better as we ease into 2014. The new year can be a dismal time for lots of people. Please note that my resolutions were pretty superficial, just for fun mostly. I don't often make serious personal resolutions as it just feels like a failure if I can't live up to high standards. Sometimes I just have to get down and wallow around in my blues before I can feel better. Whatever you do, respect your own feelings, learn from them, and do whatever it takes to feel better. You deserve to feel good.
    I'm reminded why I didn't do much with this FB page ... I don't check FB very often. I use it for business as much as anything, but this will get me there more often!
    Keep blogging. Your posts are lovely. Look at your statistics sometimes ... there are more people reading than commenting, I'll bet! And Tres Chic Style bits is growing!
    Have a brilliant New Year, darling Seeker. I love the thoughtfulness of your blog .. it's unusal to see depth in a style blog. Your audience may be small right now, but it's a smart one!
    Big cyber-hugs if you like them!

  41. I remember why I started the FB page, but I rarely use FB and am a rotten post- friend. I tend to use it for the restaurant, and tend also to get posts I don't want to read from local "conservatives" that I'd prefer to miss completely. Conversely, they're not happy with my "Lefty-ness" and I have no intention of engaging on that with them. Fools errand here, and I still need them to come and eat at the restaurant, no matter what stupid politics they espouse. I clearly don't have a handle on how to manage FB ... maybe I'll get better this year. Style ought to be a safe subject ... you'd think, wouldn't you?
    Thanks, Patti, for helping me keep my act together! Enjoy this young New Year!

  42. Adorable Anne! Thank you ... so kind. In trying to get the color right, it's more navy than cobalt. I love how this outfit moves with me. One of my favorites.
    I need to sit down and read about how to deal with Google +. I don't like how it looks, and am not sure what it really is. That's important for my enthusiasm. FB isn't any better there. You're probably right.
    One of the things I didn't mention as a goal was drawing more. I'm not driven. I don't NEED to make art, and that has always been a serious impediment to making any. I like to do it, sometimes love it, but never need it. But I often wish I'd done more of it ... and the only cure for that is to indulge! Such a chore, right? Arrrrgh. My piano is sighing from neglect as well.
    I'm full of New Year enthusiasm and trepidation in equal measure.
    Thanks, Anne, for dropping by. You are my hero every time you post!

  43. Thanks, Sabine! I'll follow your advice ... makes my world easier to live in. I do want to make some changes this year, and will use them when I don't have anything else to write about!
    Enjoy this very young New Year ... I wish you wonderful things!

  44. Hope you are happily lounging on the beach when you check your mail and read this! Enjoy!

  45. Oh, thanks! Glad you liked them. The whole outfit is more navy than cobalt, and the color adjustments work better on some screens. It's more sedate than it looks here, and feels wonderful when I walk!
    Who knows if I'll get any of it done? Great for built in blog posts in the coming year, though!
    You are absolutely one of my petite role models, so I watch what you do closely ... keep it up in 2014, please, 'cause I need help!

  46. Doable ... that's what I was going for! And thank you ... the tights are fun, but not very substantial. They're One-Size-Fits-No-One-Well , and I really need a shortie size!
    So happy you stopped by, and hope you are having a lovely young New Year yourself!

  47. Yes! I do that too, even though I made my own.
    I tried to adjust the color of this almost-navy outfit ... in my photo files, it looks much better than sitting on the blog. I have some learning to do!
    Happy New Year to you, too, lovely Connie. Hope it's a brilliant one for you.

  48. Awww. So sweet. It's the quality, clearly, as evidenced by your blog! Not the quantity. Glad you had fun, here ... I aim to entertain and provoke just at little!
    So happy you dropped in, and I wish you a fabulous New Year!

  49. You're so adorable, Alicia. Thank you so much, as always. I've planned my resolutions so they can be spread out over the year ... for times when I am otherwise uninspired. Method to my madness!
    I love this outfit ... it's a lot more navy than it looks here. The color is just right in my photo files, but hotter than I wanted it to be here. I'm learning, but functions seem to change without notice!
    I sure need your wishes for a successful new year. Glad for the new moon, as our business plans are about retrenching and redefining and seeding.
    It seemed to me that there's been a snap-change in the general prevailing energies the last day or so, and I hope that I'm not just feeling too hopeful. Can one be too hopeful?
    I don't think I ever answered you neat note about spirituality ... gotta do that soon. I'm a slug.
    Enjoy this young, tender New Year energy, and know I wish you a brilliant 2014.

  50. Thanks, Ann! That's astonishing praise ... but now I'm going to have to try a lot harder to come close to living up to it!!! I'll crack under the pressure! Nah... I'm inspired.
    Dan and I thought about getting out and about to photograph on Wednesday, but we had (as usual) too much to get done for the restaurant even on New Year's Day! We're determined, but even that's sometimes not enough. I'm looking around more, though, and that's a start. We only have a few hours a couple of days a week, but it should add an element of fun to our week that we could use.
    Keep enjoying this very young New Year ... big cyber hugs to you, Ann, if you like them!

  51. Thank you for reading! And for your own very pretty blog. There's always something interesting to look at over at your place! The tights are fun, aren't they? I'm kind of into mixing patterns by using tights as one element to use. Don't manage it often, but it's fun!
    I know your New Year will be a brilliant one, Oksana!

  52. Misgivings ... I haz um! No doubt there. But it's just part of thinking about how and why we dress. Being short has it's own set of challenges, just like being very tall, and being very round adds to the issues. And to pile more circumstances on, I also live in Junior Land as far as the shopping goes. And age ... of COURSE we should consider it. It's an inevitable part of life, if we are lucky, and our last hurrah. Time to be thoughtful about all of it, at least for me. I'd like to get this time of life right!
    Hope you stay well, and happy and productive and inspired this year. Know you'll be brilliant as always! Big, big cyber hugs, Jean.

  53. VersatilestylebytraceyJanuary 2, 2014 at 1:52 PM

    Love everything about this outfit! I think Pantone got it wrong every designer I saw in stores had variations on the cobalt blue.... You are a brave woman to list those goals and I wish you luck in achieving them!

  54. About G+ -- I sat down for a bloggy chat with Heather of The Style Confessions and Arash Mazinani -- it's in the 40+ Google group and I just flagged it with your name.

    About the drawing -- I struggled A LOT trying to do "a drawing a day" or whatever. (This isn't even fashion drawing specifically -- ANY kind of drawing!) Assignments really help me. Currently, it's the drawing every week for the 52 Pick-me-ups. I feel that I MUST at least get that one drawing done. It's fun to do -- ONCE I'M DOING IT -- but, oh, if I think about "being in the mood" or you know, all those excuses.
    A VERY helpful and inspiring book is The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp. If it's a habit, then it's no longer a chore. One just feels odd and unbalanced if one doesn't do "the thing".

    Honored to be your hero! Wishing a wonderful 2014 to you!

  55. Hi Jan - Love the blue you you! I'm not up on Pantone for Spring 2014 - maybe you're ahead of the designers. I've always wondered exactly where they come up with trends ahead of the season. Thanks for commenting on my shawl - so nice when someone takes notice - I haven't worn it out in public yet so the feedback was appreciated.

  56. Love cyber-hugs||| So, they're sooooooo welcomed :)
    Thank you so much my dear friend for your words of support and kind words that touch me. May the Universe listen also to them....
    I like a bit of thoughtfulness in my posts, I need more than just style or fashion, Sometimes I don't do it more because it takes me a lot of time, to forget my mother language and think in English and trying to find the right words. It's very time consuming.
    I hope that the New Year, beginning with a New Moon, gives us energy and good karma.
    Big cyber-hug!!!!

  57. Thank you, JT ... you're just the nicest lady! I don't get around as much as I want to, but I'm trying to find a way to do things better and keep up. Glad you liked the outfit ... it is pretty dull without the tights! The whole outfit is less bright than the photo. It's much more navy blue than cobalt, and the skirt is, amazingly, almost the same tone as the top.
    Happy New Year to you kids as well ... hope this is a brilliant year ahead for you.

  58. Please note ... I never say when I'll get them done! The list is one I've had in the works for a while ... sort of a to-do list for the blog, and another list of wardrobe concerns. And they will serve as fodder for blog posts, when I can't think of anything to write about. Not brave, just planning ahead!
    Ramble away, here ... anytime. I understand every word!
    Thank you, and all things wonderful for 2014 to you and yours, two and four legged!

  59. I thought of you at mid-night, New Year's Eve here. I was looking out the window, onto our dark pasture and the farms beyond our fences. One sad little firework was sent up, way in the distance. It labored up, up, to just above the trees and houses, and exploded into a kind of sparkly-ish, gray, little spray. Just one.
    I had wondered earlier if you got a good look at the amazing display that Dubai planned? Was it wonderful? I though of you when I saw that little sparkler. Did you take pictures? Do post, if you did!
    Thank you for the year of kind remarks. I try to amuse, and think out loud about things that occupy me. Glad you liked them. Back at you, I loved every post ... you are one of my petite style icons! Did you know you are an icon?!
    Enjoy this still young New Year ... and hope for the best in 2014!

  60. Happy New Year, Sunny! Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked my argyle tights ... they are unusual. Me too, I'm loving patterned tights this year!

  61. Dear Lenya! So glad I met you too. I'm still in awe of the black skirt. Beautiful! Hope your year is full of all your wishes coming true!

  62. As I told Sue, my "resolutions" were pretty much just my to-do list, renamed "My Resolutions." I'll give myself the whole year, and by then, who'll ever remember I made them! So kind ... thank you for all the encouragement and nice remarks. Like Anne Bray, you're an art and style hero for me. So glad you stop by when you can. *Awhh* back at'cha.
    Hope this year is MUCH easier on your psyche than last year!

  63. Hi Jan, thanks for your nice comment. You are great in cobalt blue ! I wish you a amazing new year and I hope we'll continue to chat. !

  64. You are one very brave list and share your new year's resolutions. I wish all the best with your resolutions. Thank you for always stopping by...I need to learn from you and get more active on the bloggy world! Happy New Year!!!

  65. Your resolutions are helping me a lot! As a new blogger you've itemized stuff that I probably do not focus on, thank you for that.

    And I love your color combination. I have a coat in similar colors and I'm feeling inspired to wear that very soon!

  66. Lisa ... you're always such a sweetie. Thank you so much. Glad you like my mop ... I'm getting there. Happy New Year to you, too! You're off to a great personal start.

  67. Thanks, Mimi! I appreciate it. They are really just my mental to-do list that I finally formalized. You are too kind. That's what I love about reading all the blogs ... the inspiration I get from everyone, including you!

  68. Yes, I must have missed making my point in my blog ... because that was part of it. Sort of ignoring the bad for a change. Most of my resolutions were just my to-do list for my blog, but formalized.
    I'm invariably inspired by your blog, and will look forward to what you have to say (and wear! Especially that ...) in the coming year!

  69. Hello again, Greetja! I cannot tell you how much I'd like to look like a stick if it meant I had a figure like yours! I'm always so pleased when you have a laugh about what I wrote.
    I'm a worrier, and I always find myself speculating about the worst possible outcome ... I've learned to just notice when I do that. That has been the worst battle and the best victory when I did learn. I don't manage it all the time, but most of the time. I get what you mean.
    Looking forward to much more from you this year!

  70. As I've admitted, my resolutions are just my to-do list, just fleshed out on my little blog! Your communications skills are excellent. That was a lovely essay you wrote on your ambitions.
    Good luck this year ahead ... I'll be checking in to see what you're up to!

  71. Sorry I'm so slow getting back to you! I meant to drop you a note, but stupidly forgot it. Glad you were happy to be included. I got such a kick out of your NuWhovian Tardis blue posts. The feature is a great idea ...I'm feeling a little sad that there won't be more Doctor until Fall. I never think I'll love the new one. But I always do ... fickle creature that I am.
    I got my extremely cheap Argyle tights at Rue 21 ... I don't recommend the quality at all, and they are much more navy than they appear. "Hue" has some lovely abstracted snakeskin-esque tights in the perfect color, but alas ... I can't do medium-large at 5'0". So. Patterned blue tights are tough to find, as you know. Good luck. I'm glad you liked them with these two Phillip Lim for Target pieces. Thanks for saying such nice things! I'm looking forward to seeing what else you come up with this coming year!

  72. Do you even have Rue 21 where you are? At my advanced age I was almost afraid they wouldn't sell to such an old lady. Very, very junior. But tights are tights. Let me know please, if you find another, better version. I'll do the same, of course.

  73. I actually just saw a Rue 21 at the mall the other day but didn't know what it was so didn't stop in. And hey, I shop regularly at Forever 21 so I don't knock junior clothing. I figure, if it fits, I can rock it. :D

  74. I went on a manhunt and found a pair of Pretty Polly argyle denim ones on ebay. Crossing my fingers that they'll be an appropriate blue. Also found some blue and black houndstooth Hue ones on ebay and just purchased those. They were a M/L but at $5 they were worth a shot. If they fit me, then I may just go to the Hue site and pick up those snakeskin ones you were talking about. They are gorj!

    I did find these on amazon. Perhaps we could both give them a try? They offer free returns after all. Then we can be twinsies! :D

  75. Jan I just LOVE your outfit! It has all the elements I love and wear even blue/green together. Tardis blue lol! Thank you for sharing your resolutions and may 2014 bring you Health, Happiness and may all your style dreams come true!

  76. Here's a link to the Hue tights ... I was mistaken, not snake but crocodile. Rather Madame Vastra-like, I thought.

    I live in Junior world down here. Not much but Big Box and one decent department store in my travel range. I pick and choose ... probably good in the long run as there's a youthful cast to even the most classic, conservative items.

    M/L isn't a horizontal problem for me, goodness knows, but a vertical one. Fine in opaques, but patterns disappear 'cause my legs aren't long enough!

    So happy you had fun with this.

  77. Hey, Curtise. Don't worry ... my resolutions are just my to-do list that I already have planned for my blog. Yup, no pressure except the self-imposed kind, and it's just 'cause I just can't resist messing with what's already working.
    Thank you! Glad you like my Tardis outfit. It's what I'd wear to be the oldest Companion ever. I thought you'd love the tights!
    Nah ... not many basic changes for me at this stage of life. I'm so happy you find some good qualities. You're always so kind. Looking forward to the coming year and seeing what you say and wear ... and the kids and cats, too.

  78. Oooh, very Vestra indeed! And I see they're available in S/M? Are you smaller than that? I may just buy these! Anyhow, I was actually referring to these at HUE:
    They're on sale so I may just splurge and buy both! :D

  79. Hi, Jan, and Happy New Year! I tend to avoid resolutions - my sister always made them and they never went anywhere, so I was easily disillusioned. However, I'm also thinking of sprucing up my blog - it does feel like it's time for a change. I look forward to seeing what you do with yours. Maybe a Tardis blue background?

  80. Ah! Those are cute as well! I've got a couple of purchases I need to make, and a haircut (!!!) this week, but I really need tights before I wear what I think of as my "Most Elderly Companion" outfit again. Probably the Vastra-legs. What a trip.
    So glad you started all this ....!

  81. Thank you, Tamera! Hope you are having a brilliant New Year as well!
    2013 seemed longer than usual, and at my time of life, I should be happy about that ... but it was a crummy year. Not completely without good moments, though, and you and yours were part of the best ones!

  82. Thanks, Debbie! I'm actually pretty hapless on Facebook ... I don't really like it very much generally , but I've enjoyed seeing posts from bloggers I know who maintain FB versions ... shorthand when you find something you enjoy, it can just be posted. More casual than a blog post in many ways.
    I share your frustration over keeping up. I need to make a more specific list on my browser of daily reading blogs.
    So glad you stopped by, and Happy New Year to you too.
    More puppy pics in 2014, please!

  83. Hello, my friend, I do apologize for taking so long to respond to this wonderful post. Life does have a way of getting in the way of blogging with friends. First off, I don't care what the color experts say either, I am loving your choice. And, those tartan plaid tights are The. Best. Yet. This entire outfit is so much fun yet very stylish at the same time. I love every single item you have put together.
    By the way, I'm thinking of joining my husband next month for his meeting in Bentonville, if it works for your schedule. Will you be at your wonderful pub/restaurant on Feb.3 or Feb 4th? Also do you have a personal email to get in touch with you or is it best via Facebook?

  84. Hey, Kim! I'm just not accustomed to FB friendships. My own account is for our business, and I'm not "friends" with most of the people who are there ...cordial, but not friends. Gotta practice. I'm more a "words" person than a "pictures" person ... as if that is a huge surpise to anyone who had made it through one of my posts. I'm addicted to the organizing effects of Vis Mon ...Patti the Pusher!
    And I know that both you and Chloe will have a brilliant 2014. So looking forward to your very interesting topics! Big cyber hugs to you, Kim!

  85. Saved myself a small bundle NOT being enchanted with items on my shopping trip today. What a liberating idea. Glad someone suggested it to me!

  86. Wow! Thank you, Carmen! What nice things to say.
    I aim to amuse, so I'm glad you got a laugh.
    After much effort, I've found my "pose"... too little time, and it's too freaking cold outside to be creative. This is the way I and the clothes look best in -10 degrees!
    Tardis blue ... glad you liked it. Closer to navy, truth be told, but it looks different on screen!
    The necklace was a no brainer ... the only blue one I have, and gold is perfect, I think.
    I'm so happy you liked the whole outfit and attitude ... it looks much more discrete than it does here. Lovely to walk in. The skirt is a joy to wear.
    I'm slow to respond to all, but I get there in time, I hope. It's my greatest pleasure to read blogs and write and discuss. I'm inspired by the bloggers like you!
    I can't wait to see what wonderful things you send us this year!

  87. Of all the bloggers I know, you are one of the women whose looks I most admire. I don't get over as often as I'd like, but it is a genuine pleasure when I do. You have some seriously excellent taste, Sheila. I'm sure your huz is a faboulous guy, but that's one handsome hunk of kitteh you got there in Vizzini. Thanks for all, Sheila ... you are welcome any time.

  88. Anja! Thank you so much. For writing and reading this year ... your youth and enthusiasm for style is inspiring, and I'm glad we met.
    I know your 3014 will be great!

  89. Thanks so much, Olga, for everything this year. I'm so pleased to have met you, and I'm always so happy when you drop by. Keep writing please! I love your magic-carpet blog that will let me travel with you!

  90. So kind of you (assuming you meant that you were shocked at my age ... you might mean you were shocked at how bad I look!) Seriously, thank you so much, and I appreciate your good wishes.
    I have to apologize as I'm having trouble connecting your guest name with a blog ... have we met before? Let me know if you do, so I can stop by and say hello.
    Regardless, I'm glad you dropped by, and know you're welcome any time.

  91. Hey, Tracey. Thanks so much, but I really adjusted the color too far ... it looks much more navy blue in the image I used, and that's closer. Not sure what caused that. I really like this combination, and it's a fun outfit to wear.
    Hope you New Year is going well!

  92. Hello, Karen. Nah ... that was a little attempt at humor. Pantone is sort of a self appointed arbitrar and authority of designer color palettes. They announce one every year, but nobody died and made them "King of Anything". There's a marginally interesting article here if you are interested in it .. (yawn ...)

    Your shawl should be mentioned! It's lovely, You will surely get a chance to wear it right now, if it's as cold where you are as it is here!
    Thanks so much for your kind comments. I like blue a lot but don't have as much in my wardrobe as I'd like!

  93. I'm happy you liked my Tardis blue ... okay, Cobalt! So happy you dropped by and had at least a little fun. See you soon!

  94. Wow ... you seem plenty active to me! I don't get by your place as often as I'd like. You have one of the most beautiful blogs around, and that has a lot to do with how lovely your are to begin with! I really depend on Patti's Visible Monday to catch up with everyone at least twice a month!
    Know your year will be just brilliant!

  95. Hello, Karen! And thanks for your kind remarks. So nice of you!
    I highly recommend Patti's Visible Mondays for getting out and about.
    Your blog is one of my favorite new additions to my list! Hope you continue to write regualarly. We have quite a lot in common in spite of our very different ages and lives! You're welcome here any time!

  96. Awwh. Thanks so very much! It's really very much more navy than cobalt ... the color in the photo I put in is not nearly so saturated. Gotta figure out what happened there! I appreciate your good wishes, and return them to you with my wish for a brilliant 2014 for you and all yours!

  97. Darling Val ... you must be thinking I'm like your procrastinating sister! The book will be on it's way to you tomorrow or Wednesday. ( The 7th or 8th) I'll drop you a note via email when it's sent. Been broke and stuck at home, not in town as much lately to send out mail!
    Thanks so much for your always nice notes. So kind. My resolutions are just things I've been meaning to do on the blog for quite a while. I've never been nuts about how it looks. It may take a while, though. I'm slow to make changes, sometimes, as there are so many cool choices! I figure I have the year ....
    Have a wonderful 2014, yourself!

  98. No worries, Trina! Happy to hear from you anytime. I'm doing well to get to everyone once or twice a month! Thank you for all your sweet remarks ... happy when you like what I put together!
    As of this writing, I can be pretty much wherever you want me to be, whenever you decide! Love to entertain you at the restaurant! So fun to see you!!!! Either FB or . As the time gets closer, we can make plans. I'm so tickled!

  99. We are 16 days further in the year and already four people have said to me things like: you are relaxed, in a good mood, happy.. How come?
    I must have been a right miserable person before my turn to Positive. I use that word as a mantra, when a fit is working its way out of my body. The other day I could not find my bag and I was in a real hurry. I wanted to storm upstairs to turn everything upside down (no doubt screaming and yelling) when I stopped and said to myself : "no, no, no, this is not the way. BE POSITIVE... Ohmmmm." A friend then said: what is the matter? And when I replied: I am looking for my bag, it is yellow, she responded: it is right here, next to me on the sink". Problem solved. By being calm. I am liking this.


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