Monday, December 16, 2013

Lending List and Leather-ish Vest

I'm happy to see that some of you want to read this great book and are happy to pass it on. This shouldn't be too complicated a process. I'll send this book on to the first person on the list (that would be Val Sparkle.) When she's done with it, she can just get in contact with the next person on the list for her mailing address (that would be Alice) and send it off to her. Alice can do the same with Becky and so on.

That way all private addresses stay private. I'll lose track of the list eventually, so please let me know if you want to read the book and I'll try to find it for you. The only thing I ask is that if you borrow it, please send it on as long as there are people who want to read it. (It's a paperback that we're handing off, so who knows how long it will stay in one piece? Just tape it back together and send it on!)

So, in the order they were received, here are the first borrowers:

The Thoughtful Dresser Lending List
1. Val Sparkle of  Late Blooming Sparkle  
2. Alice of  Happiness At Midlife  
3. Becky of  Pink Cheetah Vintage 
4. Pao of  Project Minima 
5. Dawn of  Alter Ego Fashionista 
6. Suzanne of  Suzanne Carillo Style Files 

Let me know how you liked it. I just love an interactive project!

And for those of you who just stopped by to see what is up this week from my teeny-tiny-little-mind , here's me in a faux leather vest, a georgette-ish tunic shirt, jeans and my very-old-but-still-good suede boots.



Drop a line, please, and tell me what's going on with you!


Today, I'm hanging out with our favorite Winter Blooming Patti at Visible Monday
and at "Pretty in Plaid" Seeker's Tres Chic Style Bits

Join us for all the linky fun!


  1. Patti_NotDeadYetStyleDecember 16, 2013 at 4:18 PM

    Thanks for the good review - I am always looking to add to my (large) pile of style books (hoarding anyone?) so I think I'll buy this one. Love your vest and tunic, and (duck!) I am really loving your hairstyle too. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday and have a wonderful, electricity-filled week ahead. xox

  2. See? We all love your hair (ducking behind Patti LOL).

    Love those boots! I don't care how old they are they're classic, gorgeous, and you should wear them more often. Looks like we're going to get an actual winter in the Deep South this year so you'll probably get many opportunities.
    Stay warm (bet you never thought you'd hear that!)


  3. Is it really that warm where you are? Or are you just sucking it up for fashion? Either way, you look gorgeous in all the textures your black and white ensemble has to offer, topped with that great red hair. And thanks for starting up the lending list and putting me on it.

  4. The Thoughtful Dresser is a great book. One of my favorite passages was when Grant compared going to high-end stores to spending an hour in the National Gallery, educating one's eye. I love that you are passing this title around. I also love this look on you, especially your hair, it really brings out that gorgeous blue of your eyes! XO, Jill

  5. I LOVE your boots and you look very stylish and chic! And your hair still looks amazing not just sassy!!!


  6. God, those boots are a knock out! And how key is a leather moto vest in our wardrobes? Keep smiling, girlfriend! xoxo

  7. Hi, oh my your hair is looking so fine! Very great looking outfit too and I like your boots. Perfect length on the tunic and cute leather vest. Have a great week getting ready for the holidays!

    blue hue wonderland

  8. When boots are that fine you need to hang onto them.

    Thanks for making that list!


  9. Very cute--I love the vest and layering... And the boots!

  10. Great layering look Jan! I recently ordered an all sales vest that looks very similar to yours. Sad to say, it came extremely wrinkle and I am not sure how to take wrinkles out of a faux leather vest and it's a bit snug thought I bought my regular size. I may just have to suck it up as a learning lesson to never buy final sales unless I am 100% sure of the sizing.

    I am looking forward to reading the book and will let you know what I think of it.


    BTW- I am hosting a Kensie giveaway, I hope you will stop by and enter :)

  11. Great gesture to distribute the style book! I love your outfit! The layering is very flattering!

  12. Love that leather gilet and your hair is looking gorgeous but most of all I'm coveting those divine boots.

    Did you know Linda Grant used to be one of us? A Blogger! She hasn't posted updated for years -

  13. 1. I am inspired by the great outfit. 2. I will have to check out the book. 3. Thanks for the hugely kind comments on my blog. Merry Christmas!

  14. Ahh, it's so good of you to organise passing on the book, Jan - spreading the love! And you look so svelte and chic and a little bit Rock Chick in your leather gilet (oh, OK, faux leather-ish), jeans, gorgeous tunic with the sexy thigh split, and fabulous boots. Do you sing? I can just imagine you as the lead singer with a cool band, tough yet touching. Please say this was you in another life, don't burst my fantasy bubble! xxxx

  15. You look Great here and those boots are everything. Visiting from VisibleMon. Happy Holidays!!

  16. Add me to the list, please!! Love this fun and close knit blog group even though my husband laughs at my "invisible friends." And the layering in your look is fantastic. We also got hit with freezing weather. After 2 weeks, the ice on the sidewalks is finally melting. Jeez, it's not even the coldest months yet!! Bring on the layers for real!

  17. Dawn @ AlterEgoFashionistaDecember 17, 2013 at 11:56 AM

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the boots - they're fabulous! Great choice of tunics, too. I like your styling it with a vest...I don't understand why, but they can be so hard to incorporate! Thanks for getting me on the Thoughtful Dresser "to read" list...I'm so looking forward to it!

  18. Great outfit, Jan. Those dark colors are looking great with your hair color. I must try this layering idea with a little vest on top as it is very young and sexy. Sara

  19. A really great outfit. Especially the mixture of the different fabrics is totally convincing!!!

  20. Hello Jan,

    your layering with the vest and the gorgeous blouse is well done! A very cool and rocking outfit.

    Sabine (

  21. VersatilestylebytraceyDecember 17, 2013 at 2:57 PM

    I ordered a copy on Ebay and will pass mine along after I read it. I will make sure to give your original post a link back and ask others who follow to give you the credit... Love the moto vest and dress!

  22. Your outfit is awesome. I love the edginess of the vest with the pretty patterned blouse. Xlnt pairing. Also I have to add that I LOVE your hair. It looks really great.

  23. Love that vest! I just saw a faux leather vest in a store and really liked it. I wouldn't have thought to pair it with a beautiful flowy blouse. Great idea! I like the OTK boots too--even slouched a bit they look great!

  24. ohhh I love the vest. The whole outfit is great. ( looking at your haircolour I am thinking of taking that plunge tomorrow, had a few streaks added the last time and I may just do it)

  25. Great look, Jan! That is the way I often dress here myself during winter: a tunic over pants plus a vest. But mine is faux fur vest, not leather. I guess the snow storm is over and no more problem with electricity. Can you imagine that here in Nepal we face 9 hours (for now) electricity cut off every day? So we had to buy an inverter and a generator not to spend our evenings under a candle light :)

  26. I love your jacket : very rock and roll style ! And your boots are amazing: thanks for your visit !

  27. Looks rock but in the same time elegant and ladylike! Love the tunic, this colors and the pattern. Great style dear Jan! :)
    Your boots ar great.

    Have a wonderful weekend
    and many greets from Germany
    Dana :)

  28. Absolutely fabulous ensemble Jan! Love all the layering and the boots provide the perfect grounding.

    I have taken out my copy of The Thoughtful Dresser and am enjoying it for the second time. Thank you for the inspiration.

  29. Mrs D Hello the MushroomDecember 18, 2013 at 9:19 AM

    Great outfit, very punk-ish!
    I would sign up for the reading list but I take too long to read any book, it wouldn't be fair on everyone else :)

  30. Thanks for the book suggestion Jan! I've ordered one from the the library. I don't share books well, and I'd rather have the large, impersonal library annoyed with me than the wonderful people who play here. What a great idea. And a great outfit!

  31. Just a quick Hello and you look smashing Jan. I am in a hurry but will be back later on.
    see ya

  32. WOW Jan, you look smashing, dear!!!
    Love all the details and the way the whole look is grounded.

    Thank you so much for linking and all the support you give me and the Linky.
    You are a wonderful person and I'm so happy to have met you.

    Sending Love your way

  33. Tamera Ferguson WolfeDecember 18, 2013 at 1:20 PM

    You are looking fantastic!!!! I love the little leather vest over the flowy top!!
    Could you add me to the list???
    Hope you've all thawed out from the ice storm!! They say we will hit 60+ this weekend--crazy!!!

  34. Glenda @ So What to Twenty!December 18, 2013 at 11:04 PM

    I have a similar piece of leather as yours. Mine is a short sleeved jacket. I've only worn it once. I can't figure out why I don't pay more attention to it...

  35. Oh my! We are on the same wave length with the leather and print. Love this on you and now I have to pick up The Thoughtful Dresser. It's on my Amazon wish list and I hinted to couple of people to get me a gift card from there so we'll see.

  36. Again with the "duck". Please.
    Yup ... these old boots are keepers. They are over the knee, but are getting a bit limp as the suede stretches fast. I've learned that less flexible better might work better. But these make great slouchies, and fall into a satisfying puddle.
    Hard for me to see Arkansas as the Deep South. You're right; It is, of course, but culturally, it doesn't have much of the graciousness that gives the American South the saving grace of old-fashioned good manners. It's rougher and tumble-y, and stays relentlessly stubborn about it's independent, hillbilly ways.
    Oh wait, you were talking about the weather! Sorry. I'm grateful for the style concept of layering ... works as well here as everywhere else. I'm enjoying the temperate winter day today and I hope you are too!

  37. It was pretty warm when that photo was taken ... in the 60s. It's bouncing around from just above freezing to the mid 60s. That when strange stuff happens. Seems like we are at the edge of the Jet Stream so often, and fronts often collide. It can be 20 degrees difference between home and the restaurant sometimes! Wierd Weather Central.
    Thank you ... glad you liked my effort at playing with the elements.
    Hope you like the book when you get it. I expect that you will.
    Thanks for all, and for playing!

  38. Hello, Jill. Thanks so much for your sweet remarks. And as you know, the hair is a work in progress. Big changes for me, and although enforced change can be difficult, it can also be fun! (More of that, please, universe!)
    With this book, ideas just kept resonating. That part; it's why the glossies have meaning for me. I don't see much on the streets here, so I rely on you great women and the magazines. Those are my eye training tools. It takes me a while here, because even the most conservative elements of forward fashion momentum can draw stares of the unpleasant kind. I'm a little timid style-wise, as well. As the world gets smaller with technology though, it's getting easier to adopt the new, because we don't have to wait to see street style on our own streets.

  39. Thank you, Janise! I stole your fake fur/Breton tee/ leather pants look yesterday while we were in town. My coat is longer than your crop, and it didn't work as well, but it was fun anyway.
    So kind of you to share your style ideas. And VERY kind in your remarks to me and others ... much appreciated. Glad you like the hair. I'm working on it!

  40. Wow! Thank you, Paula. High praise from one of my favorite fashion-forward stylists! That little moto is working hard this year, as are my boots. New heel caps, a good brushing and they have another year in them.
    If I don't smile in photos, my jowls droop! So I will definitely keep smiling.
    I have "mean face" when I'm not consciously trying to look pleasant!

  41. Thanks, Ann! Glad you like where the hair is going. It's still an issue, but I persevere. Glad, too, that you like the proportions in this outfit. I have only so much control over that, and I'm not sure I really understand the style-rules about proportion, but I know they make a difference. Just like any design element.
    I can't wait until the holidays are over. A hard time for us here in Nowhere. But last evening was the first sign of life for a couple of weeks ... we begin a mild pick up just before Christmas, and it stays a bit perky until just after the New Year. Things go into the doldrums again around mid January, but by Valentine's Day, we're back up and running. Winter here is really love/hate for me! But, we persevere.

  42. Thanks, Suzanne. I know you will like the book. I actually was thinking about you when I started this project. Some nice doses of reality about what place style (in it's broadest sense) occupies in many of our lives.
    Have a great week, kid.

  43. Thank you! So glad to hear from you ... helps me keep up!

  44. Hey, Alice ... and thank you!
    I've had some luck pressing the back of faux-leather with a fairly heavy press cloth (thick as a linen table napkin) low heat and some patience on smoother-backed fabrics. I also have had luck putting it in a Dryel bag with a lightly moist, terry washcloth. Pop it in the dryer at very low heat for a few minutes. The bag protects the synthetic, and the moist heat helps. You have to watch it closely to make sure it doesn't get too hot.
    And if it's snug across the shoulders and back ... you can ease it out a bit with a steam iron on a very low heat setting, a press cloth and patience (again.) They take a bit of gentle, even stretching if the fit is not way too tight.
    I know all this stuff as I'm too cheap to buy great leather. And I hate to send things to the cleaners. It's the chemicals I don't like, although they're better nowadays.
    Good luck!

  45. Thank you, Nicolene! I've got to get over and see what you're up to! I'm so behind with every blog I really like ... I save them for best, then don't get to them! Your sweet remarks always flatter, as you're on my list of best-dressed women!

  46. Gilet! That's the word I was looking for ... I'm so happy you knew I wasn't talking about an undershirt! Thank you! These boots have been miles, and because I'm devoted to suede protection spray, they've survived spilled Bearnaise and butter splatters at the restaurant. New heel caps and they're good for another year. They are meant to be over the knee boots, and they used to be. But like their wearer, they have lost their fight with gravity and are stretched out. Suede, you know. The boots, not their wearer.
    Yes! How cool is it that she used to blog! I'm sorry she's not among us; still blogging, I mean.(!) She's just the kind of voice we all need to hear.

  47. 1. Thank you so much!
    2. Do that! It's a good one.
    3. You're welcome, and Merry Christmas back at you!
    Stop by any time!

  48. Wait ... wait! Just let me sit here and bask in that Joan Jet fantasy for a few minutes.
    I sing brilliantly in the shower, and better in the car. Accoustics count you know.
    Seriously ... not really a singer. The following is the only song I've sung in public as an adult. Don't know the title, but the lyrics stick with me ...

    "It was early last September,
    As near as I can remember.
    While strolling down the lane in tipsy pride,
    Not a word did I utter, as I lay down in the gutter.
    And a pig came up and lay down by my side.
    Not a soul was I disturbing,
    As I lay there by the curbing,
    'Till this high-toned lady stopped, and I heard her say ...
    "You may tell someone who boozes,
    By the company she chooses!"
    So the pig got up and slowly walked away."

    I sometimes sing that for customers at the restaurant when Dan is slow getting their dinner out to them. It doesn't get them their meal any faster, but they become very quiet and stop whining at me.

    Dan sings though. He actually takes vocal lessons. Lovely baritone, decent range ... and he is fearless.

    You are endlessly kind, Curtise!

  49. Oh, thanks! So glad you dropped by ... nice to see you here.
    Happy Holidays to you as well!

  50. Thanks, Kim! Poor old boots seem to have made a splash. They are dramatic, a bit.
    Done .... you're on the list in my Evernote file. I think you'll like the book a lot. It's really delicious for people like you and me who obsess over things sartorial.

    Dan gets a kick out of reading a lot of the comments. We're both more than a little lost here in AR, and he is happy to see me in contact with what we both see as "the real world".
    Hope you get some warmth, soon. I'm hoping for no bad weather in January and February of this coming year, when our worst usually hits. I can't afford snow!

  51. Thank you, Dawn. Glad you liked my get-up and my saggy old boots. They once were over-the-knee, but like me, have lost their battle with gravity and have stretched out. Ew.
    Know you'll love the book!

  52. Those boots are great, love the heel! And I also love the tunic, very elegant yet casual at the same time. You look so pretty Jan. I still admire your new hair do. You look fantastic girl!

  53. Sara! So glad you stopped by. Know you have a moto vest somewhere in your closet, and I'll look forward to learning how to do it better when you show me on your blog. Seriously. I get so many ideas from your choices. You have a wonderful, very sophisticated style about you that I always admire.

  54. There she is! As I said at your place ... I miss you! I need to make up a better way to keep up with those people I most admire ... and you are one of them! Thank you so much. I'm glad to see you out and about!

  55. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you, Tracey! Great idea ... as I said, this copy is paper, and who knows how long it will last. No credit necessary. Will be good to have another copy in circulation. I hope with our lending that we won't be cheating Ms Grant out of her royalties, but I see a few folks are buying retail ... I'll be getting a digital copy to keep. Thanks for helping keep it all rolling!
    Thanks, too, for your kind remarks about my get-up!

  56. These are such great tips Jan!! Thank you for taking the time out to share them. I will give it a try and see if it works.

  57. My copy of the book arrived at the library yesterday. Within minutes it started to snow. Now I too am ice bound with the Thoughtful Dresser.

  58. Thanks, Olga ... so kind of you as always. Know I'm on the right track if we have similar habits. I'd fogotten my fur vests ... gotta drag them out. Not today, though ... it's 65F. Like spring!
    9 hours a day? Conservation measures? Wow. Would love to know more about that ... drop a line when you have a chance.
    Have a good week, Olga. Enjoy your generator!

  59. Thank you so much! Never too old for rock and roll ... even if we move a little more slowly!

  60. If I'm going to try to wear moto, it has to be in a ladylike way. Way too old to try to look too tough! Glad you liked my efforts, DJ ... you have a great weekend, as well!

  61. I'm going to buy a digital copy for my collection. It's one I know I'll want to reference. Glad you're re-reading ... it's just a lovely experience to want to replay! And thank you, Judith, for your very sweet comments on my rig. It's a lot more flattering outfit on the move than it is in a still photo. The tunic bottom and sleeves flutter and flow a bit when you walk! Fun.

  62. I think you'd love it ... hope you can find a copy locally. Glad you like my Senior-Punk stylings. Ha! So glad you stopped by, Mrs. D!

  63. Oh, enjoy it, Laurie. I hope you're not completely snowed in there. Canadians know how to deal with winter, and I'll be you have snow tires on by now!
    Stay warm and have fun. Looking forward to our Christmas Day treat from the Doctor.

  64. Thank you, Lenya ... just glad you got a minute to say "howdy!" Take care, and have a fun weekend.

  65. Awwww ... I'm so happy you liked my look. Such kind things to say, Seeker. This time of year brings out the worst in me, sometimes, so you might not think I'm so wonderful if you knew me! I'm just happy to see really grown up women paying attention to the fashion and style world, and feeling free enough to come out and play. Thank you for all your efforts.
    Really ... you'll grow Tres Chic Bits ... just stay patient and get out and about to let people know about it.
    Have a great weekend!

  66. Thank you, Tamera! This is a look that would look great on you, I'll bet.
    Consider yourself on the list.
    We're thawed out, and at 61 degrees. Go figure. Looking for some thunderstorms, but not much more than that. People still go out to eat in the rain!

  67. Thank you, Wendy. Saw your work featured on WhoWhatWear a couple of days ago. Hope your holiday sales are as hot as you are!
    The one piece I haven't found this year is a sleeveless blazer ... Santa will probably let me down on this one. Time to go closet diving and make like Jean at Dross into Gold!

  68. That's interesting, Glenda! I don't think I've ever seen a short sleeved moto! But you'd look lovely in it I bet. How cute this year with a skirt and lady shoes! Or any way you chose to wear it ... you have the chops, lady!

  69. We are on the same wave length regarding Amazon cards. From your mouth to Santa's ear. I'm not nuts about gift cards, ususally, but one from Amazon is excellent. I have a huge wish list there!
    Thank you! And I'm so pleased you dropped by!

  70. Awwww ... thank you, Lenya. If you like it, I know I'm on the right track. The hair is a work in progress ... a whole new world of product is out there for a cut like mine!

  71. Very nice outfit, really very nice. What a good thought to put a long top underneath that short jacket. Darned... I must steal this idea. I copied a look with high suede boots over coated skinnies last week. Worked very well. As we say in the advertising trade: "better to use a good idea you stole than a bad idea of your own" LOL.
    What is it that I see at your waist? I that a patch of grey? Or is the blouse see-through, you naughty girl?

  72. Oh, I do love an interactive project so put me down. I'm looking forward to reading the reactions from the others just as much as reading the book. I also love the interactive process of blogging and seeing your cute little smile every week.
    You did such a great job of mixing textures and styles with this fun outfit. Love putting the leather vest with that soft floral blouse, brilliant idea.

  73. This is an awesome outfit the way you've added the leather on top of such a chiffony blouse. I love your book project! I'm going to try to dig up a copy locally. And I love your hair the way it is now - the colour and cut really make your eyes pop. I've missed too much over here and I'm off to catch up!

  74. wow, you look absolutely amazing! The leather vest looks so cool and I love the style mix. you rock the vest like it's nothing difficult to pull off! The boots are cool as well, have been looking for a pair like yours, so pretty!

  75. Very beautiful outfit on you! I like the long shirt with the faux leather vest! The boots are o.k.
    Best wishes and a Merry Cristmas!!


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