Monday, January 13, 2014

A Weather Malfunction!

Last Sunday, our local high temperature 
for the day was 12 ºF.
Yesterday, seven days later, the high 
was 67 ºF and it felt warmer.
Fahrenheit or Centigrade, that's the weather suffering a monster dissociative identity fugue .
If that's not exactly a clinical diagnosis, it's at least some intense identity confusion.
The weather thought it was Spring.
Silly weather!

And since I was out and about in the Big City, it was impossible (for me, anyway) not to notice how other women decided to dress in reaction to this.

I loved the enthusiasm of the True Optimists; the women in tank-tops, short-shorts and flip-flops. Although these items in combination might best be worn at home when you know there's a slim chance of having to answer the door, I had to admire their eagerness to embrace a little sunny warmth after weeks stuck indoors.  Like those guys that put on bathing suits and jump into iced-over lakes for New Year's fun.

And there were Deniers, the women who stubbornly donned full coats and boots. January is still winter and that's that. I felt some sympathy for the visibly perspiring, fully coated and scarf-wrapped lady who grimly soldiered on, all while maintaining a firm grip on her whining little girl. The child was all bundled up in her Barbie-pink puffy-coat and silver-sparkly faux Uggs.
"Mommmmeeeee ... I'm toooooo haaaa-ahhhtt. MOMMMMMEEEE!"

But then there were the Happy Realists; smiling women in jeans and little flats and cardigans. And although they were happy to dress in response to the balmy day, they also brought coats and left them in the car.  (In fairness, some of them also had whining children with them, but the kids were screaming about different stuff. As all mothers know; if it's not one thing, it's another. But the Realist moms did look marginally more serene and markedly more comfortable in the midst of it all.)

My own outfit was my version of Happy Realist dressing. No cardigan, but I am so in love with the black and white blazer you saw last week that I had to wear it again. ( If repeating outfit elements is bad form, I admit to it. Who decided that, anyway?) Beneath, I wore a spring-favorite Asian print shirt that I had hated storing for the winter. No flats, but a pair of burgundy-ish, cloth pumps with a very subtle reptile-esque texture. I don't wear them often enough, so it was a pleasure to bring them out and about with me.

There will surely be more cold, windy, wintry weather on the way, but it was fun to have a brief respite from winter and indulge in a little spring style thinking. And I had a coat in the car, just in case.


And the hair evolves.  It's getting there.


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  1. I heart that top! I have the exact same one! Thanks for showing me yet another way to style it. And thanks for commenting on it's Asian-esque vibe. I've been thinking of doing an Asian-inspired week but had my mind firmly in Japan mode (i.e. cherry blossoms, obis, kimonos, etc.) and I didn't think I had 5 pieces to do an entire week. Or so I thought. You're inspiring me to relook at my stuff and find Asian undertones.

    Also, I totally gave yo a shout out over at my blog. Come check it out.

    I'm wearing the fishnets from HUE. They were a size 1 and they totally fit! Love them! Am thinking of buying more colors but the blue for sure brings me happy TARDIS thoughts. :D

    M @

  2. Okay, I'll be completely honest....I couldn't wait and I just scrolled down to see your hair, and you look fabulous Jan!....Okay, back up I go; one sec....well, Mother Nature is certainly keeping us all on our toes. 67 degrees sounds a delight, but flip flops are for the beach, and as far as I reckon, you're none to near a beach right now.

    You should be in love with that jacket. I am looking forward to seeing it styled in various Jan's timeless, but having said that, they are so many different moods you can create with black and white.

  3. Mother nature is playing tricks out here in CA too. It's suppose to be in the 80s this week! Yikes I don't think we even had a winter which bums me out since I bought some cute sweaters that I have not been able to wear.

    I love this jacket paired with this pretty top! And the burgundy heels are perfection Jan!


  4. Great jacket! The contrasting collar is fantastic. I love your hair too. Color, cut, bangs. It's lovely.

  5. Can I also add another type? The Mixer/Confused? I was just talking about wearing summer clothes and winterizing it by piling on the stuff. Which makes me a confused person or a mix them all season mama!

    I love your new hair! You look fabulous as always. The wine colored shoes are also fantastic.

  6. I love those weather malfunctioning days, it's such a fun break in the rut of winter dressing. I'm going to remember this post for when we have a malfunction weather day, it's the absolute perfect solution, both practical and stylish. Love that you wisely grabbed a coat (just in case), my kind of organized girlfriend.
    I think the best part of this post are the creative names you gave to the different types of women, thanks for the laugh.
    Oh, it does look like I will be there for sure all day on February 4th. Hopefully we can meet up.

  7. Ha-ha-ha, I like your classification,Jan! Something similar happens here too at the start of colder weather. Many locals are used to hot weather and so with the first waves of cool breeze they seem to be freezing and wrap themselves up in sweaters, jackets, scarves and hats. Me and few others, on the other hand, feel happy that the hot days are gone, enjoy the warmness and wear dresses. It is a funny sight when both types go together in the street.

  8. Gosh. You're funny. I like a little good writing with my fashion. It's the English teacher in me.

  9. I just KNEW that jacket would get lots of love, and lots of wear! It's a great in-between piece, a lightweight smartener-upper of a layer. And it looks just lovely over your print shirt. Always with the sexy shoes, Jan - they are your signature!
    67 degrees is nice, but hardly shorts and flip flops weather, is it? And that's coming from a Brit, and we are constitutionally trained to grab any sunshine/warmth with both hands, for fear we may never experience it again. But the Deniers (I read that wrong at first and thought it was a reference to the thickness of their opaque tights...) must have been really uncomfortable! Bet that mum felt like whining too...
    Happy Realism. I think that's a good way to approach life in general. It's pitched somewhere between doom-and-gloom dreariness, and senselessly over-positive affirmations. And you have given it a very chic sartorial expression, Jan! And you hair keeps getting better and better; this is my favourite look yet, just lovely! xxxxx

  10. I LOVE the jacket! And you couldn't have paired it better, it looks so cool with the top. Our weather is pretty much the same as yours. As I type this, I'm considering a bold fashion move to wear a skirt without tights today before it drops back to the 20's tomorrow and I'll need my cable knit leggings to be warm enough. This weekends grocery trip saw a mixed bag as well...Uggs and flip flops were everywhere...too funny.
    ps...last week there was a puppy sighting on my blog, don't know if you saw it or not!

  11. You look so elegant and stylish! Those pumps are beautiful and you wear them in a great outfit.
    I'd be a Happy Realist myself, but the weather doesn't give us a break on this side of the Atlantic. Enjoy!

  12. I was a denier yesterday. Mostly because my office stays pretty cool, so the thick dress pants and sweater were appropriate. I can't wait for spring and dresses and cardigans to return!

  13. VersatilestylebytraceyJanuary 14, 2014 at 8:20 AM

    Love the hair and this outfit! it was nice to wear pumps yesterday instead of boots, but now they are talking snow by Thursday.... I thik our weather has Bipolar Disorder with huge swings of extremes...

  14. Patti_NotDeadYetStyleJanuary 14, 2014 at 8:48 AM

    Yes! to repeating our favorite pieces on our blogs - let's start a movement, b/c I am running out of clothes. Love the hair and the look - perfect for out-of-sync winter weather. As always, thanks for sharing with Visible Monday! xo

  15. I love your hair! I like the bob, but I like the thinned out bob even better.

    Boy, I hope it's okay to repeat elements because my next post will be repeating a top used in about 4 posts recently. It shows versatility, right?

    You're a realist and a pragmatist when it comes to dressing for weather, but you do it in real style!

  16. Hello Jan,

    I am happy to see you not in a cardigan but in this cute little jacket. It's so lovely and versatile, more of it, please.

    Your hairdo is also cute. I love this kind of bob when the cut in the back of the head is shorter than in front of.

    We also enjoy a fairly warm winter, but going out without a coat is not reasonable.

    Have a fine week!


  17. YES! YES! YES! I love love love this look on you Jan!!! Everything is just perfect, the heels, the blouse (gorgeous one BTW) the pants the blazer, you look incredible beautiful!


  18. Thank you! I so appreciate the shout. Your blog has been a big year-end gift to me from me via you! Love your style, writing and dressing. Please, when you get a chance, send me some of your moxie and chutzpah!
    "Oh, yeah!" to your fishnet print from Hue. They look great and very Whovian in attitude.
    I've almost worn this top to pieces, as well as another version of it in a tee-shell with the black sheer panel up top. I love the young designers with an Asian aesthetic ... looks less authentic on a short, ancient old-lady-Gaelic type with a bright red mop, but there we are. Garung, Jason Wu, etc, and am eternally grateful for their collaborations at stores I can find locally here in Nowhere and afford when I do get there. I'm torn about sustainability, but have to hope my other efforts balance out the bad Karma of buying Big-Box!

  19. You are so honest, Sue! Makes me happy just to see your name appear anywhere ... I'd stop doing just about anything to read what you write! Well, maybe except providing CPR for a loved one, or one of the pets .... but just about anything else.

    Dan saw one of those women, and remarked that flip-flops used to be called "thongs" in our day ... and they were. Different thing, thongs, these days. Thing-Thongs ... what a great sounding name for an underwear line!

    Probably won't have to look at that jacket again, Sue, until I pair it with a dress and sandals this summer!

    Glad you like my hair. It evolves. Going back to the salon tomorrow for a tweak, but will try to learn to live with it for a while after that. Sigh. I'm in hair Limbo.

    Thank you for all, adorable Sue!

  20. Hey, Alice! Thank you for the nice words, as always. Who knows what the weather will get up to these days! You still have a little time for winter, but not much, I admit. Skiing trip at Tahoe or Aspen so you can use the sweaters? If I had the funds I'd do that!

  21. Thank you, Jean. I sure am suffering a lot of angst about my hair. I'm just resentful that I had to start cutting it, and now I can't stop. Stay tuned ... I promise to try to keep it funny!

  22. Oh, yes. They sort of fall with the Realists in my book. But by all means, and I understand what you mean. I'm more often in the position of the Confused, myself. Every change-of-season, in fact!
    Thanks so much for you kind words ... the hair is wierd for me, because I didn't want to cut it in the first place, and now I don't want to grow it back out, but I don't know how I want it to look! Glad you like my shoes ... they don't photograph as rich as the fabric on them is. Perfect heel height, also.

  23. It was fun! When we leave the house, we're miles and miles from home all day, usually, and that means lots of stuff in my big bag and a layer or two for emergencies!
    I'm so excited about the 4th ... I left a note on your VM post comments and was just talking to Dan about it. Consider the 4th ON! And let me get a little closer to the date for our scheduling place and exact time, please. Thrilled to meet you, finally!

  24. Highland FashionistaJanuary 14, 2014 at 4:57 PM

    LOVE the hair, and I'm with the weather realists on this one. When January gives you a break, you say thank you and put on a t-shirt, not a snowmobile suit!

  25. And it's people like you that make me forget the angst of growing my readership and help me focus on building friendships instead. Thanks for your kind words. Chutzpah and moxie well on their way...

    So I'm thinking since we're probably similar in the vertically challenged department, you'd probably make that Vestra pair work for you so I say you grab it! The color is much darker than we both anticipated, though. More navy than TARDIS.

    "Ancient old-lady-Gaelic", my foot! ;p

    Sustainability isn't even on my radar when it comes to clothes. Does that make me a bad person?

  26. I do love that jacket .. and sure you should wear it again and again .. it shows versatility in your closet. Plus, who can wear it once and toss it ? Not me!


  27. Love the hair!!!!!!!!!Right on sister, this is fabulous. Great layers and downright perfection.

    blue hue wonderland

  28. Love your blazer, Jan. Both outfits (from last post and this) look great. It takes on a totally different look by changing out the shirt.

  29. I am from Sunny (most of the time anyway) Florida. It seems that the weather here has been all over the place. I love your black and white blazer. I have a blog as well, I would love for you to stop by it. I just recently started blogging.

  30. Rachel tryingforsighsJanuary 15, 2014 at 11:06 AM

    Hi Jan
    Your hair looks lovely and is such a great colour. I love the tailoring of your jacket, it looks extremely elegant. I am the type of person that ends up cold as I am not the greatest lover of wearing coats. I always feel too restricted! xx

  31. Fabulous indeed Jan. I love thate whole ensemble and want the shirt.
    Much love, my dear friend

  32. Jan i loved your comment re; disturbing on my blog. It made me smile. Altho there are some stiffs here in the burbs that DO find it disturbing lol. Just wanted to say it gave me pause ! Xoxo

  33. Oh your hair is adorable! But ...OMyGersh! You CRACKED me up with the comment about my blue boot's color!!! I laughed and laughed and laughed. So cool that you got my humor in that!! LOLOLOLOL

  34. Your hair looks great! This made me laugh because your description of the true optimists describes what seventy percent of the UK dresses like at the first sign of any sun after a long winter - no matter what the temperature actually is! Come to think of it there's even a significant number that dress like that when it's winter.

    Here's that wonderful jacket again - it looks great over a splash of colour and burgundy shoes always make my heart beat faster.

  35. Great observations Jan! I love your outfit - tailoring always gets the vote from me - it's a great silhouette top to toe - oh the shoes are gorgeous! So happy to see you again :-)

  36. Dawn @ AlterEgoFashionistaJanuary 16, 2014 at 11:27 AM

    Love your theme today - I'm always amazed at the range of coverage one sees on any given day...mostly it's people wearing shorts/short sleeves when it's windy and cold, or even snowing out! We're having consistent days in the high 50's-low 60's...very nice, but it's all a hoax! We know jack Frost will rear his cackling head all too soon...probably right when all the buds decide this is the real thing! Great outfit...I adore how you always pull the elements together...this time with the burgundy shoes and the top - brilliant!

  37. Tamera Ferguson WolfeJanuary 16, 2014 at 1:23 PM

    I'd love to see that blouse without the jacket--it looks gorgeous!!
    I saw people pass by my house in shorts and hoodies in the 8 degree weather. CRAZY!!
    That jacket is so gorgeous and versatile I can see you wanting to wear it every day!!
    Love to your furbabies!!

  38. We have unusually mild temperatures here in Germany, the warmest January ever according to the records, no snow and I love that!
    Me too, I start mixing winter and spring pieces as I cannot wait for real spring weather. Wearing heels instead of boots is certainly one of the current pleasures. I love the colour of your heels and the corresponding blouse.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  39. Hilarious!! And You are dressed perfectly for the weather. Layers, as my husband would say!
    I guess I would be somewhere between a True Optimist and Happy Realist. While on vacation in Denver we had a warm day and I have to admit, I wore short sleeves and was freezing in the shade. So, maybe my tendency is optimism -- won't my family get a kick out of that since I'm always warning them of the perils they might face (but that's my job, I tell them).
    xo ~kim

  40. Mrs D of Hello The MushroomJanuary 17, 2014 at 6:27 AM

    Love the outfit, particularly the blazer!
    The coverage issue is something that keeps me wondering all the time. Here in England people sometimes go out wearing close to nothing, while I'm all wrapped up. It gets to the point of seeing ladies go out at night 'looking sexy' in skimpy dresses with no tights or jacket when it's snowing. As a southern European I really don't get it!
    PS: I thought of you the other day - I saw the Peter Pilotto collection for Target and it's gorgeous. Too bad I don't have any trips scheduled to the US :(

  41. You are such a good writer. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Thank you for the entertainment (MOMMMEEEE,!! Haha)
    As for the saying "repeating outfit elements is bad form"... Never heard of and it sounds to me like total rubbish. I mean... No I won't even dignify it with another comment.
    Your outfit, my dear Jan, is so good!! Would not mind possessing it myself, all of it. You look like a million dollars. I bet heads turned. And I love your hair. If I could, I would take your photo with me to the hair dresser and say: this is what I want. But alas, I don't have such marvellous hair. Hmmm. Gonna try it anyway.

  42. Golly. Thank you. ( I never know how to take understatement in comments. It's rarely used.) Seriously, I mean to provide some fun and humor, so if you got a kick out of it, then I met part of my goal. I'm happy you dropped by.

  43. Poor jacket deserves a break, and the other items in the wardrobe are whining from lack of attention. It has a good home, though, so all is well. I'm just weak about the shoes. Could have done better here, I think, but it was what I wanted at the time. So that's alright.
    I get grown women in deep summer gear in deep summer, but wishful thinking and wardrobe choices can be problematic. Overly-Optimistic might have been a better designation.
    Poor Mum, with too many coats. I had the feeling that if had been coats shed, there might have resulted in fewer tears, but who knows what caused the overlayering in the first place. A rush out the door in the dark of early morning with no time to change the nighty for real clothes? Maybe. No matter what, I'm sure the mother was uncomfortable as well.
    I've had such a stupid week, and am glad the hair is working, at last. Thanks for liking, our Curtise!

  44. Today was cold and nasty after several days of temperate weather. I'm learning. "Take a coat" is my mantra.
    Hope you are warming up as we speak ... good to go bare legged when you can. It's an affirmation that spring will eventually arrive and that we are waiting for it!
    Did I miss the puppy? Gotta go back and look!

  45. Hello, Maria! Thank you so much for you kind words. I love a good pair of heels ... they really change up an outfit, as you kinow! I hope your springtime arrives just when it should, that you have enough rain and sun, and that you enjoy the rest of the winter!

  46. That's not denial. That's office-wear! I'm looking forward to seeing you in that gold and navy leopard pattern dress! Have you worn it on line? Send me a URL if you have ... I was sorry I didn't buy it myself!

  47. I get so annoyed when the fashion press notes (often caustically) when Flotus repeats her wardrobe pieces. I wonder when we started expecting our First Ladies to wear something new whenever they appear before the press. I love it that she maintains a thoughtful closet, and obviously has pieces hat she loves. Her repeats are creative, and I like that, too.
    Saw your new hair today, and shout "brava" to you. I'm settling in to my current hair incarnation, and getting used to it ... actually, I can almost appreciate it!
    BTW ... deep inside, I am still one of those little girls with string straight hair that envies your curls to this day! Curly hair ALWAYS, ALWAYS rules.

  48. It's got way short in the back, Val, and longer in the front. I like it this way right now, but who knows. I'm now a short haired woman with a long haired mentality I'm still surprised that my neck gets cold.
    I'm so happy to hear that you think I'm sensible. It's not my usual mode!
    Glad to hear you got the book! Use USP Book Rate, then! It may be faster that way, Excellent.
    Re: repeating wardrobe items: I'm annoyed with the press criticizing Flotus for wearing her wardrobe more than once in public. We all do. It's how it ought to be, regardless of position. She does it with style and it's clearly a conscious effort that I, as one of the lowliest of the hoi-polloi, appreciate for the empathy.
    Thank you for the kind words, Adorable Val. Glad you liked the book! Looking forward to hearing more of what you thought of it.

  49. Jean at Dross into GoldJanuary 18, 2014 at 10:31 AM

    Hi Jan!! Fun post and you're looking GREAT!! Sleek and artsy-upscale, if you have to categorize. :-) I love your hair metamorphosis, too. XXOO

  50. Thanks, Sabine! Gotta pop over and see what you're up to, kiddo! Glad you like my jacket ... I'm putting it away for at least a week so my little world won't get tired of it! Glad, too, that you like my hair. It's even a little shorter now, and it's easier to deal with.
    Hope your winter weather is just how you want it to be. Today it's sunny and chilly here, and I'm enjoying the light!

  51. You are so nice to say so, Lenya. I don't match up to your glamour, but I do take inspiration from your gorgeous outfits ... you've been looking particularly spectacular lately.
    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. Thanks for dropping by!

  52. Thank you .... glad you like the hair. It's getting there.
    Weather realists. Precisely. It's sunny and chilly here, but not tooo cold, so I'm scrounging in the closet for something a bit less dreary to wear to the restaurant tonight. Sunshine is such a balm to the spirit and psyche, sometimes.

  53. Thanks, Monica. Glad you like it ... I admire your taste, so it's nice to hear.
    I notice that the press and social media criticize Flotus and the Duchess of Cambridge and various high profile women when they show up to public events in outfits they've worn before. And what a long memory for that kind of thing they have with the aid of technology! Not only do I not wish to wear once and toss, it's not an ethical practice in my book. I suppose people who can afford to do it are entitled to do what they want with their clothing, and that there's always the option of passing clothing on, it's a message of extreme consumerism. Additionally, it shows a lack of understanding for women in the real world.
    And I'd hate to have to toss this jacket ... what a good thing that I'm not a celebrity, huh?

  54. Thanks, Ann. It's getting there. Always thrilled to hear from you, and happy always when you like my outfit.

  55. I'm thinking the white lapels and trim may help me take it pretty handily into spring. Thanks so much. So good to hear from you, Lovely Lisa!

  56. Hello, Donna. Thanks for dropping in, especially with nice things to say about my blazer ... I'm really taken with it, and need to put it in the closet for a rest. I'll definitely pop by for a visit! Nice to meet you.

  57. I'm so slow getting back to thank you for your sweet remarks! They are much appreciated. Hope your weather has improved ... ours is sunny and chilly, but not miserable today, so I'm satisfied. It is good to get back to shoes, isn't it!

  58. Hey, Rachel! Thank you ... my hair has been a trial for me this winter, and am almost happy with it today! I like the fit of this boyfriendy jacket ... it's easy to wear, and not restrictive.
    My husband is like that with coats. He won't drive with on on, and consequently cold a lot of the time. I bought him a big rough knit cardigan with a manly zipper and fairly cool design. He's wearing it to drive, so we both feel better. I hated to see him grit his chattering teeth and drive off in a cold car! Way to tough a guy to warm it up first!

  59. Hola, Sacramento, darling girl! Thank you ... so happy you like it. Always happy when you like what I'm wearing. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  60. You really have the legs, and you know how to dress the rest of you to pull it off. You're never tacky or trashy ... and short skirts can get that way on everyone, very quickly.
    Stiffs in the burbs could use a bit of playful shakeup from time to time!

  61. Hello, darling Alicia! So glad you came by for a visit, and glad you like where the hair is going. It's even shorter, and is getting to where I don't hate it. My stylist won't go much shorter (what a bully, but she's right.)
    I was thinking about how annoyed I get when media criticizes Flotus when she repeats an outfit at public events. I'm glad she does, and am happy to see her high-low focus and her patronage of young designers. Of course we re-wear things!!!! Who doesn't? That's what I was referencing. I personally love to see closet remixes ... it's the creative part of closet loving!
    Hope your weather is nice there today. It's sunny and chilly, but not awful. I'm cheered after a rotten week!

  62. Hey Renae ... glad you got a giggle. That's my goal, for the most part!
    You have more than a little edgy-girl popping out these days, and I really like it. Suits you!
    Glad you like the hair. I have to put away all my long-hair stuff ... no need at all for ponytail holders and the like.

  63. Hello, lovely Annette. Glad to hear your winter has been mild ... so far! It can change so fast this time of year. Thank you for your sweet comments on my outfit. I especially value your approval on my choices!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  64. you look fabulous in your 'happy realistic' outfit, and really love your b&w jacket!, I think you know how to manage that crazy weather!

  65. Me too as I seem to latch onto favorites and wear again and again . . :-)


  66. You look great ! I'm another Happy Realistic , because the weather is mad in France too ! Thanks for yor lovely comment !

  67. My dearest I know I have no excuse for just being here now!!!!!
    You are my most supportive blogger and so I can't be forgiven. But I can't deny that I hope you forgive me.
    I loved reading your post, you're funny :)
    But you look amazing!!! Your blazer is awesome and you look polished and chic. Love all in your outfit.

    Thank you so much for linking with Très Chic Style Bits” and all the support you give to it.

    Love and blessings your way.

  68. Hey, Kim! Glad to hear from you. Layers ... yup. The only way to get through winter in the south is lots of layers. It's cold again this morning but will warm up considerably this afternoon, so I'm thinking in those terms again.
    You describe a new category ... Optimistic Realist! Now there's a way to conduct your style life. Not only do you put a coat in the car, you have layers with your sexiest undies at the bottom!
    And yes, me too ... I get all enthusiastic about the sunshine, wear a light top and end up putting the coat right back on.
    Hope you're enjoying your Sunday!

  69. Hello, Mrs D! Thank you ... glad you like my blazer. Will be great this spring, I hope.
    Oooh .... Peter Pilotto! I'm all excited about the February release at Tar-jhay. I'm not going to get up so early this time, but I'll see what's there mid-morning. So many of pieces in this collection have raglan sleeves; not an optimum shape for moi. And I'm not going to drool after a specific piece, as we don't get many of the good ones here. There will be considering and trying on. I love the team's design aesthetic, though.
    I'm starting to watch print proportions more closely as a very short old lady, but I won't let that get in the way of a good time!
    Hope your coming week is a good one!

  70. Hello, lovely Greetje. Glad you had a laugh. My pleasure!
    I should explain the "repeating elements" thing. Our First Lady, Michelle Obama, is often poked in the media for wearing a dress, or a top, or a coat more than once for major public events. She knows how to mix things up, and I'm glad to see a woman in her position dressing more like the rest of us. That the press criticizes her for that is, indeed, rubbish. It's an American thing, it seems, and we even note when the young Duchess of Cambridge repeats. It just bugs me when I hear it.
    And I know some bloggers give up because they feel pressure to wear something new for every post. Also rubbish. It's not the number of items in our wardrobes, it's what we do with them, of course. Or it should be.
    Thank you! Glad you like my remix. I'm going to put the blazer away for a little while (a very little while) as my other clothes are complaining about unfair styling practices. There is talk of forming a union.
    My hair is awfully thin, and I've never done well with layers. But the stylist "under cut" and gave it a lot of texture while maintaining some long layers. Your hair looks wonderful, always, and shows off your face and figure to advantage ... but I understand the urge towards change! I'm so happy you like what I've done with it!
    Have a wonderful week coming up!

  71. I'm so glad you stopped by, Anne-Marie. It has grown cold again here, so spring is still far away for us too. I'm so happy you liked my outfit. It will be a good transition item from winter to spring, I think!
    Have a wonderful week!

  72. Hello, Lovely Jean. You know I love it when you stop by. Thanks so much for your kind remarks. I've been called artsy, but never upscale! That was nice to hear. Part of my challenge is having very limited time to shop, limited stores to shop, and a very limited winter budget (like the rest of us!) so upscale is high praise indeed. Made my week, you did!
    The hair evolves. It's at a point where I can live with it, I think, so I'm feeling better. It's been a hard winter for bad-hair days, but I see a better year ahead!

  73. So glad you stopped by to say hello again! Crazy weather must truly be world wide this year. Hope you have some sunshine, and can comfortably wear that wonderful tie-dye blouse.
    Have a wonderful week!

  74. I'm just happy to see you when you show up! I had no internet for a couple of days, and am behind with everything bloggy, so you are not alone.
    So glad you got a laugh from my post. And that you like my blazer ... I'm going to have to try to wear other combinations so it will still feel fresh when spring comes and I can wear it with white jeans and a print top!
    Hope I can think of something to write about tomorrow!
    Have a great week, and I wish you lots of sunny, happy days, Seeker.

  75. It was a compliment, I swear. I'm told I sometimes come across as quite severe in my writing but, once people meet me, they realize that it's really just my sense of humour and I'm not severe at all in "real life."

  76. Strange, it seems very unsustainable (is that a word?) not to reuse clothes. Insane really. I am glad Michelle and Kate giving the good example.
    I am very surprised your hair is thin. You must have lots of it then. My hair dresser under cuts as well.

  77. Oh, oops. I know you meant it kindly. I was just playing with your serene and dry comment form. Badly, it seems! I didn't mean to give you a start! I have Resting Bitch Face ( or so I recently found that it was called ) and am constantly being commanded to smile or being ordered to tell strangers what my problem is. Huh? Usually I'm just squinting at my thoughts or concentrating on something. So I empathize with being thought severe.

  78. My wit is dry at times, even caustic, and often missed. Glad you caught it.

  79. Darling Senora ... I keep trying to reply, but I don't see them here. Are you getting a lot of odd, reapeat mail from me? At any rate...
    Thank you. I know color is your specialty, so I'm pleased you like my black and white attempt for pseudo-spring weather!
    And whether it's a repeat or not; have a lovely week!

  80. I had my hair cut like you today.... Now my head looks a bit like an egg. You obviously have more hair than me. I won't despair (yet). Usually after a day or when I have done it myself it is better. Keep your fingers crossed for me. LOL


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