Monday, January 20, 2014

Less Talking, More Listening

One of the problematic parts of blogging is having something cogent, or witty, or at least marginally interesting to say and then saying on schedule. All that wintry energy I felt a couple of weeks ago has dissipated, and I'm feeling the January blahs with a lot of folks. I don't have any one thing to talk about today. Rather than bang my head against the blank page here (risky for my laptop screen and difficult to do literally) I sensibly gave up and treated myself to a long-overdue session of just checking in on the blogs I especially love out there.

That was more fun than just about anything. I love to work on and write my blog, but I really savored just the pure pleasure of reading what some of my favorite people in the world are up to. I tried to drop a note where it seemed appropriate, but I want you all to know how much fun you all are! I'm sure I missed someone, and I hate that. In fact, I'd love to know any strategies you might have for keeping up. I'm not crazy about Bloglovin' and am still a bit mystified at Google +. I'm about to redo my Daily Reads section and this effort is part of my New Year's Resolution. Ideas? Other platforms?

Here's my "What I Wore" on Sunday to dash into the Big City with Dan. This little sleeveless knit dress is too hot to wear in the summer, so I dug it out to wear this way. Look, another wintry dress! It's from that crazy Missoni collaboration with Target from well over a year ago. Still looks fresh, I think.

And probably the final-ish version of the hair. Working on how to style a textured "do". I like playing with a deconstructed, messy style. Any product or technique recommendations?   I'm pleased that a smaller head has given me a little more pleasing proportion.  I think.  (No "pinhead" or "former fat head" jokes needed, thank you.)


Linking up with the SuperHero Seeker for her Tres Chic Style Bits. She can hold up the entire Pyramide du Louvre by its apex, all by herself ... I know she can 'cause there's a picture on her blog of her doing it!  Go look for yourself if you don't believe me!


  1. You are so damn cute--really!
    I'm feeling the same about blogging lately--same ole, same ole type stuff. Have been perusing other blogs too. I am learning more about the videos too~that has been fun!
    Love your hair. Mine is a bit more asymmetric and my hair is probably thinner than yours so my products wouldnt do for you! xoxo

  2. Oh and I forgot to say how much I LOVE that target dress!

  3. Good friends can enjoy togetherness without the chinwag...and that's how I feel coming here. Whether the content of your post be personal style related or thought provoking matters not to me. Even if your posts are wordless, I feel a friendly connection. Thanks Jan!

    Now, you look smoking hot in that Missoni dress and the boots are killer! That dress will be in style for a very long time!

  4. I think Missoni always looks fresh. It has its own unique appeal. I wish I could see your boots more clearly. They look amazing. I agree with Sue even if you posted with no words, you have such a friendly quality about you.

  5. I love that texturized messy look - it looks so effortless chic! I can't help you in that arena - my hair just always looks like a limpy mess.

    Love this dress on you and how you winterized it!

    As for blog reading, I primarily use Bloglovin' and don't seem to mind it. Just curious, what don't you like about it?


  6. Sue's right; friends can share a little quiet time together, that's just fine. I think we all have the "got nothing much to say but I want to post" blues from time to time... A photo or two, tell us you feel quiet today, and that's all we need.
    Your Missoni dress is a beauty, Jan. Effortlessly chic, that's you. Fab hair, stonking boots (that's a compliment, in case it's a UK-ism which doesn't translate!)
    I joined Bloglovin but don't use it. I just keep all the blogs I follow on my sidebar, and read new posts as the blogs appear at the top of the list. It's sadly old school and clunky as a strategy but it works for me. Since I too am old school and clunky.
    PS. Thanks for your kind comment, Jan. No, I wasn't especially desperate for THAT job, but it would have been handy, local, and not necessitated any childcare. I will keep looking, but it's frankly a little soul-destroying... Ugh. Can I come and work for you please? xxxx

  7. Mrs_Jack_of_all_tradesJanuary 21, 2014 at 7:33 AM

    How lucky of you to get that piece from Missoni's collaboration with Target! I had to go on ebay to find something but they were so over-priced (well, somebody had to make money, right?) I had to just swallow and bid farewell to my dream of owning a piece of the best target collaboration ever! Beautiful dress and you look so elegant and $$$ :)

    I am for sure clueless about this 'blog-social network' or whatchamacallit but am thinking of re-vamping my blog page too.. maybe I can learn from you later, eh?

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

  8. Very pretty dress with the black jacket. I'm loving seventies prints these days and yours is a beauty. This Target collaboration was sensational wasn't it? You always write something interest even when you say you are not. I really struggle with writing. The pictures are easy, but writing is a battle. Your hair is adorable. Are you getting used to it? I have used Aveda "witch hazel" hair spray forever to add a bit of texture. Nice hairspray that is light holding.

    blue hue wonderland

  9. Love the patterns on that dress, and the colors look so good on you!

    I know what you mean about keeping up, with both writing and reading. But I don't stick to a schedule - I just post when they mood strikes. And I also skip around from Google+ to Bloglovin' to following links on other blogs. So much to read, so little time...

  10. I only use Bloglovin'. It keeps everything in place and is easy to navigate or edit. I would be lost without it really.

    I love the colours of this dress with your hair.

    January and February are the worst months around here. I've been sick for most of January so we are almost at the end. This winter seems to go on forever this year and is terribly depressing. It is the worst winter we have had in 20 years I think.

    I vacillate between wanting to work harder on my blog to wanting to stop blogging altogether given the day of the week and how I'm feeling. In the end I keep at it for the friendships and connections that keep me from falling in a big pit of winter despair.

    So thanks for keeping me out of the pit lady!


  11. lifestyleover40.comJanuary 21, 2014 at 10:11 AM

    Very nice outfit Jan and I also like your hair... I enjoy reading your blog, it is often witty and always very well written but I do not have expectations and posts with a nice outfit without any words will also be very well received. May I mention that I sense a lot of self criticism lately... be good and gently to yourself... I like you just as you are.
    And thanks for your kind words in my latest post.. Sara

  12. I am always happy when you stop by to say hello, Jan. To keep in contact it is not necessary to tell romans.
    Some days I am eloquent, at least in my language, some days I can not find the right words. But friends, even blogging friends, understand me even stumpling, I feel.
    What makes me also happy is to see you in your weekly outfit. It is always a pleasure. The print of your dress is so lovely. The blazer and the boots go so well together with it.
    I am glad you are satisfied with your hair do now. I like it.
    Have a great week my dear!
    Sabine from cold and rainy Bavaria

  13. Like Curtise, I'm old school. Just the old list. That's why it sometimes takes me days to catch up on mes amies. Your hair is so cute and how about Anne's painting of you????

  14. Great look, I love your suede boots with this knit dress!
    I follow my favourite blogs via Bloglovin'. Just today I read that the time for Google+ is yet to come this and next year and it is indeed a bit awkward to use, I try my best ;-)

    Annette | Lady of Style

  15. I have to say that reading your blog - and your comments on mine - is one of my favorite things to do. I've decided that I'm going to add a little more content a little less often to mine. G+ seems to be the best way to keep up, and it's leaving Facebook in the dust. I'm trying to get everybody I enjoy reading to post their updates on G+ because I think it's the best social media outlet for bloggers or special interests.

    That dress is to die for! I love a good Missoni - and that's a great one! Your hair just gets better every time. You look sassy (and we both know that you are!) and youthful. I hope you have a nice warm hat to wear this week. You'll need it ;-)


  16. Nice to start my day with a smile, Paula. What a nice thing to say. I LOVE your videos. Nice to have fun with something you're good at, I'll bet!
    Yup, more asymmetric but mine is pretty thin and fine... I just hide it well!

  17. So nice of you to say so, Paula. I don't wear it often enough. It's too hot to wear blazers here most of the year, but I'm using them more this winter a coat-as-cape over!

  18. I have been too gone for too long. YOUR HAIR! Sassy, sophisticated, wow! Love your stripe-y, chevron sweater dress. Perfect for cold temps!

  19. Tamera Ferguson WolfeJanuary 22, 2014 at 2:55 PM

    LOVE this outfit--the dress is really stunning!! Definitely very chic "winterized"!!

    I'm with ya on no inspiration. Since I've been stuck at home I'm not going anywheredres sing in anything suitable for blogging and and I'm boring myself!! That's why I love reading and seeing what all you bloggers are doing!!

  20. I love this outfit! So chic! I bet you turn the heads of the good people of Arkansas every time you step out of the house. I love the bold pattern on the dress against all that black and those scrunchy boots are divine!
    On the blogging front I have no advice for you because I struggle too - I am still using Google reader can you believe! It still seems to work despite threats it would be taken away so I keep using it! I can't make much sense of Google+ and Bloglovin either. And time wise I can only read or comment on a few blogs at a time now as well as post less frequently. In order to get the right balance overall I've had to just accept that I can't do it all. I do tend to come back to a blog after some time not visiting and do a big catch up in one session. Always love coming here!

  21. Glad that's the effect, Sue! Thanks for all the kind words. They're always special coming from you.
    This is kind of my version of high-low. Boots are Ralph Lauren, the blazer is Philosophy. Not very high, but elevates the Target Missoni a little. Beyond being a pretty good dress, it's a bit of memorabilia from that very popular collaboration.
    Have you got your new Target yet?
    I'm looking forward to trying the heel-to-outside-foot-yoga-walk in my stilettos. Have you tried it yet?

  22. Thank you, Glenda. Sorry about the boot photo fail. They're suede slouchies (Ralph Lauren) that I've worn a couple of winters now. They still look good and are holding up well with a little extra care.
    This best spot for photos at my house has both the virtue and vice of north light, and it's always tricky to shoot dark contrasts when any other values are present ... especially with our point and shoot. It was cold as the dickens and Dan was in a hurry, so they are never as sharp as they should be!

  23. Ha! Dan the Huz is less than enchanted with my short hair. We had that long conversation about opinion expressed as "Fine. It looks fine." My shortening wasn't voluntary (accident with a candle!) but it is time for a change, even if it's fate-enforced. Hair Karma can be a bitch.
    I'm going to give your product recommendation a shot. I tried another product from their line but it was way too stiff with too little hold. You wouldn't think that would be possible, but it is. Yours sounds like a better choice for my needs.
    Thank you so much for you kind words about my dress ... we were five minutes late for their opening, and I was fortunate to get this one. Since then, the enthusiasm here for these openings has faded, and I am often the only die-hard there very early.
    So happy you dropped by ... always glad to hear from you.

  24. Your hair always looks polished and contemporary. If it's limp, then you know how to make it look otherwise! I like your recent choppier cut, BTW.
    I'm having a hard time learning how to do this "effortless hair" thing ... it takes forever, and is not straightforward as it looks. Whenever I consider letting my hair go gray, I remember how limp mine gets without color ... it helps a lot, whole head! Thanks for your sweet remarks about it, though.

    Bloglovin encourages me to loose track of those who don't post often. And I just don't like the way it looks. That institutional blue-gray background might be grand for showing off the color in the blogs, but it just looks ...sad.

    I'm always tickled when you drop by ... you are one of my style icons. Not as many petites around as I'd like to watch! We should start a club.

  25. Awwwwh. You guys are so sweet. I'm all about the words and the ideas (such a surprise!) so I feel a little awkward when I feel too lazy to write. Not blue really, but out of my element. Glad you kids don't mind.
    Stonking. Great word, and happy you think my boots are. And thank you for liking my Missoni-Target sheath ... its one of the items i like better with my hair shorter. I didn't expect how different my clothes would look. Effortless? Ha. I'm still figuring out how to work this thing.
    I think your way is probably best suited to my needs. And an edited list on my browser toolbar. I'm going to have to rely more on my side-bar list which I have put off updating because it's a bit cumbersome on Blogger.

    Job hunting: every time I think I'd be better off working for someone else rather than myself, I think about trying to find a job here, at my age and with my bad attitude. Not a pleasant prospect. I identify with your anxiety about the search. You have my wish that you find just what you want, on the terms you want, and at a salary that will make all your dreams come true.
    Our place is a little gastro-pubby place, so your accent would give us street cred! Much cooler than we deserve!

  26. Thanks Mrs. C! That collection was the only one to make a big stir here. So many were disappointed that there's much less interest. Hoping to find a piece or two from the Peter Pilotto collaboration, but my expectations are low as this one is geared to a young crowd. Still ... I might find a top or a dress. We shall see. Not much fun to be had here in my range, but these collections are no-guilt candy for me.
    I'm thinking Curtise's low-tech, old-school suggestion is probably my best option for blog-keeping. Too many of you guys have been to kind to me and too much fun to miss!

  27. Everything is nostalgia these days, isn't it! Thank you for liking my Missoni-Target piece. It's one that I like better with my hair short than I did long. Must be the neckline looks better with an actual neck emerging from it! My long hair hid a lot of ageing flaws and shadowed an old neck, but I figure it's time to ignore it and go with it. It's getting a bit easier to deal with, but I'm still on the dumb end of the learning curve.
    Oooooh ... Aveda! In Seattle, I used little else. I do like the Witch Hazel spray, what a lovely light smell it has, and you're right about the texture boost. I have to chase it down in the Big City, and have lost track of a supplier. Good idea and still a good buy. I really liked their Madder Root Shampoo, but it's more than I like to spend these days on shampoo!
    Who needs writing when you are a visually creative beauty like you? And you're no slouch at writing your blog!

  28. Thanks, Val. So nice to hear from you, especially with kind comments. I'm pretty much using those two for catch up, but want to do better. I think Curtise's old-school list on her page is my best bet, but won't quit either Bloglovin or G+ yet! You are too right ... so much to read, and less time to do it every week!

  29. I hate it that you've been feeling so cruddy ... what a hard year it's been for you. Young lady, you are going to love post-menopause. Perimenopause and the middle of it are not always easy, but seriously ... so cool to have a lot of the reproductive stuff behind you. Then there's all the other stuff you deal with. I hope that for you a lot of it will go into remission as you age ... astonishingly, it did for me, and I feel better at 63 than I did at your age.

    Thank you, Suzanne, for your very high quality blogging. I'm glad you keep at it, 'cause your viewpoint would be much missed. I'm particularly reassured by your kick-ass, grown up style ... and you would be pleased if you know how often I try to spring-board from your outfit posts.

    I haven't been in the pit for a while, but I know what it looks like down there. Glad we can be of help in return for all yours!

  30. You're so nice to reassure me, Sara, and I'm happy you like my hair. Such a project ... hair is never a snap for me!
    I'll have to watch the tone of my posts. I don't have a great deal of advice to offer in a serious way, and the outfits I show are offered as my attempt at solutions to the common style problems I think about. I probably rely too much on what I imagine is self-deprecating humor. That's one of my ways of problem solving, but it may well sound whiny. Balance! Believe me, I'm chronically self-indulgent in the name of taking care of myself! The older I get, the more I relish it.
    Yours is one of the blogs I miss too frequently. I'm taking steps to correct that soon, as soon as I figure out how to do it!
    Have a wonderful week, Sara.

  31. Hello, lovely Sabine! Like Greetje, you give me personal glimpses of places that I'll only see if you kids send the pictures. Always a treat! Every time. And I'm so happy to see your outfit pics as well ...always thoughtful and interesting.
    More satisfied with my mop, but not completely. But my stylist won't cut it much shorter ... she says my features are too coarse. And she won't say aging, but I'm guessing she means that, too! At least for hairstyles that flatter delicate faces ... of course, they have to be the cuts I like! Oh, well. Nice to know she has my best interests at heart, and I know she's right even if she exaggerates just a little. Harrumph.
    You have a great week, as well, Sabine.

    From Jan, in cold, beige and gray Arkansas.

  32. I think that's the way to go, Connie ... update my lists.
    I'm writing from Heaven, 'cause I died of happiness at Anne's painting of me as a very tall, skinny woman! She has the unique ability to see the inner woman that's way taller and thinner than the outer me. Such a talent!
    Thanks for your sweet remark about my hair. Such a project!
    Glad you stopped by. You're welcome anytime at all!

  33. Thank you, Annette. I actually have a pair of shoes that match this dress ... very 60s round toe suede with tall, sturdy heels and that chevron on the toe. But it was too cold to wear them that day. Will have to restyle for later in the transition from winter to spring! I'm so happy when I get your stamp of approval. You have the best taste. I want to be just like you in my next life!
    Yes, I'm leaning toward my own old list, but am fooling around with G+, just because I want to figure out how to use it!
    Have a great week ... stay warm!

  34. Wow ... what a nice thing to say about my blog, Alicia. And it's easy for me to return the compliment. I'm always ready to read anything you write.
    We keep Facebook for the restaurant, primarily... everyone still uses it here, and I rarely check it. I see that it's pretty redundant, but like it for the occasional thing that I don't want to devote a whole post to.
    I felt the cold air on my newly nekkid neck this morning for sure!
    Prodigious chilly!
    Have a grand week, lovely Alicia, and stay warm.

  35. Alison! There you are ... your's is one of those blogs that I don't catch enough, and am so glad you are back in touch. I've taken steps to remedy that. Miss you at VisMon!
    Glad you like my mop ... can't take much more off, so I better figure out how to wear it.
    Thank you for the sweet comments ... I'll be over to see you soon!

  36. If I Paypal-ed you some money, would you pick up some Peter Pilotto for me this spring? Am loving the Target lookbook but despair of scoring anything from that line. They're vultures over here! ;p

  37. Hello, beautiful you :)
    Oh dear, I feel so related to you sometimes, looking to the blank page without knowing what to write in another language than my mother one.
    About Bloglovin' I like it a lot, it's where I read the blogs I follow. You can make list with the importance of the blog and place it there. Some lists you consider less important if you have no time to check them you can go there and mark all as read and start again.
    Google+ is becoming a must, I have been reading a few articles about it and it seems to be the future to bloggers to get exposer and be reached by search engines. It seems that it's going to be more important than Facebook.
    But back to your outfit, it is fabulous!! Very chic and amazing pattern in some kind of detail.

    You made me have a good laugh with the SuperHero thing :)))
    Thank you so much for linking and made such supportive shout out.
    Love your way.
    Btw - Yes, we have some alike hairstyle ;)

  38. That could be complicated at my end. We live about 45 minutes from our Target and although we go in to town a couple of times a week to supply the restaurant, I don't always make the trek across town to go there. I'll be there on that Sunday, and can send you photos of what's available, but who knows what would still be there when I got back to the store. We're seriously rural, and mailing is difficult sometimes. I don't want to say no outright, but getting to our crummy Target is a bit of a production number for me ... more than popping in on the way home!
    Additionally, they send us just token pieces ... rarely the ones I want ... as a "small" store.
    All that said, I'll be happy to try, but it could get strange logistically for me. Let me know more about how you see the process working. Arkansas is often more like a third world country than not.
    I note that the Target collection is going to be carried at ... that might be easier and you might actually get the pieces you want. Probably better than through Target on-line.
    Let me know what you think. I'm flattered that you'd trust me to help you! Wish I could be more encouraging.

  39. Jan! I heart you so much! You are the most beautiful person ever! I suppose I should've moved the stick-my-tongue-out emoticon right after the comment about shopping. I was just teasing, you know. I would never think to impose. But it's a true testament to what an amazingly GOOD person you are that you not only entertained the thought but were so gracious about it even when it posed a serious logistical nightmare for you.

    I will be stalking the collection online, never fear. Maybe we can simply exchange opinions on the collection since you might see it in person whereas I'll be stuck with digital images.

    And of course I rust you to help me. I respect your style aesthetic immensely. If I only had a tenth of your class and polish... :)

  40. Besides living so far out in the boonies that I get all impressed by a new feed store, you have to remember that I'm an annoyingly literal person. Sigh ... I hate missing humor. Don't feel you need to resort to emoticons. I should be able to figure it out all by my lonesome. Urk.

  41. No worries. I should try to be less facetious but it's hard when I'm in the midst of teaching satire to my students.

    On a completely unrelated note but speaking of my immense respect for your fashion sense, care to chime in on two of my fashion dilemmas?

    1. So I won the Zappos prize over at 40+Style. Should I use it to purchase a pair of classic white pumps (don't own any) or use it toward partial payment on a pair of Doc Marten boots with a Union Jack design? (seen here:

    2. I would like to invest in some fun hats. Which color do you like better: red or burgundy?

    I'm being literal this time and would appreciate a sincere opinion. :)

  42. You look terrific!! Fantastic pattern and colours to brighten up January!

    I suffer in this bitter cold and have the winter blahs; blogging helps!
    I love my cozy, warm bed and want to hibernate!

    Stay warm!
    ♥ carmen

  43. Brilliant dress. Don't know about the jacket you are wearing with it. I need more photos. In this one photo it seems you lose your waist, which is a shame. But it can very well be it is just the angle you had your photograph taken. Or is it a coat? No problem then.
    I had to laugh over your "pinhead" and "former fat head" haha. So you succeeded in bringing humor into this post as well. I always want to do that too and sometimes you finish a post and think "blah.. Just a post with "this is what I wore"... Nothing interesting or funny". Well you cannot win them all the time.
    As for your hair style. I liked the one of your previous post just a little bit more. It was slightly longer. But as I said, it is just one photo. I have not seen you move. Copying your hair style with my thin and little hair was not such a good idea I believe. We will have to wait and see.
    As for following other blogs: I either open the blogs of my blogroll in alfabetical order or I use Feedly. Some blogs I follow by email which is the easiest for me.

  44. Sorry to be slow ... nutso weekend thus far (my work-week runs through everyone else's weekend.) You overestimate my taste, but I love the idea of your dilemmas. I'm sure they're solved by now but I'm happy for you that you had the kind of dilemmas you had! How fun, and well deserved by your efforts at 40+!
    The Zappos dilemma: I'm guessing you're going to get the Dr. Martins. I'll bet you'd wear them a lot, and with great enthusiasm and pleasure. White shoes? Meh. I find them problematic 'cause I feel like, on me at least, they stand out like blue lights in the rear-view mirror no matter the cut or style. Sandals, maybe. I'd bet you could find them faster than these very specific Docs. So I vote the Docs. Was I right?
    Very cute hat ... and I can imagine you in either the red or the burgundy. Shades of red, cool or warm, can be touchy when casting color on the face, and I bet you already know your best shades. That leaves the burgundy, and I love the color to begin with. It would look particularly nice on you, I think, so I'd go with that if I had to be the one to choose. (And what a good thing for you that I'm not!)
    I'll be interested to see what you choose!

  45. Hey, Seeker! I think the list is a workable solution for me, either via Bloglovin if I'm going to use it at all, or on my own. Very nice suggestion, and I will see how that function works.
    Thank you also for your nice remarks on my dress. I need to wear it more often.
    And I'm glad you liked my SuperHero note ... great photo!
    See you Monday!

  46. Nice to hear from you, Carmen. Glad you like the dress. It's been very cold here the last couple of days, but promises to be warmer and more pleasant today ... and as I'll be out and about a lot of it, that works for me!
    Hang in there, January is almost over!

  47. Actually, I think the blazer works better than in this not-great photo. But I see what you mean. This jacket fits well, and it does curve in at the waist better than you see here. One of the things I like best about this very straight sheath is that it skims right over my bust and hip to create a straight line ... I envy that kind of look on other women. Creating a waist is often not a priority for me ... I have one but don't feel I'm so huge that I have to show it always.
    It's quite easy for me to look like a bag of potatos tied up in the middle with string. I agree, this was not one of my best photos ... I also agree on your estimation of the hair. Not a good hair day, and I'm still learning how to wear this cut. Styling product seems necessary, so I'm shopping for it!
    Feedly? I've not heard of that. Will look it up. Email subs are nice, arent' they?
    See you Monday ... hope I look better then! So glad, always, to hear from you, Greetje!

  48. haha, a bag of potatos tied up in the middle.. LOL
    I have a vivid imagination and I see the picture.
    I get your point of not always showing your best point. I have long legs and sometimes choose to shorten them f.i. by wearing cream boots up to my calves or by wearing sneakers, low crutch trousers and a long top. If you have something nice, you can go easy on it. Otherwise you get bored.

  49. As always, you look gorgeous! It is so hard to keep up with everyone...I feel ya on that one.

  50. Love the pattern on the dress - very Missoni! I'm curious why you don't like Bloglovin'? It's saved me! I do like it, although I do NOT think I see everyone's posts on it. I think it gives me the most popular ones, not everyones. But I can quickly scroll through and decide which ones to click on - it's been a lifesaver for me. But, since we were never on Blogger (although Chloe was) I never got used to it!
    xo ~kim (and chloe)

  51. I haven't pulled the trigger on the Docs yet because it would mean paying out of pocket the same amount as the prize voucher, they're that expensive. But I did purchase the burgundy hat. Good call on that. :D

  52. With a dress like that, you don't really need to say a word. Sometimes pictures really do speak for themselves. And to me it says, Hello, I am one fun, vibrant, outgoing, loving, and creative lady. You should really take a moment and get to know me. Anyhow, I love the dress and love you.

  53. I really love this look, Jan. I think it's sleek, chic, and elongating. I have so few dresses in my closet because I cannot find anything I like on me. Although I've been dabbling in wearing belts...I personally am really NOT a belt person, so this look appeals to me very much. hahaha That's exactly what I feel like many times when tryyyying to be belted...a sack of potatoes tied in the middle. lol

  54. ah. this dress is perfection. Why don't we have a Target over here! I would have gone crazy on several of their collections already! Love the hair as well and hope you had a great B-Day yesterday!

  55. Such a lovely dress, and yes, still fresh and fab looking.

    I do like Bloglovin', so I don't have anything else to suggest other than maybe you just play with it some more? One thing I like about it is that you can categorize all the blogs you read, which for me, is hundreds! Some days I just want to read style blogs, and other days I only want to see the cooking and recipe blogs I follow, or family blogs, or craft blogs...

  56. Yup ... see, here it is 8 days later and I'm just now getting back to say thanks for getting it!

  57. Hey, Kim! Glad you like my dress ... I'll wear it more this year.

    Bloglovin' ... that's what I don't like about it. You have it. It is awkward, and I find it difficult to find everyone I want to see. I also think the layout is unattractive (not sure what I'd do to improve it, and see the need to keep it neutral to show off the blogs ... just don't feel good when I go there.)

    I also don't like that when you click on a blog it's not direct to the site. It's a bloglovin addy that you go through, and it makes linking and saving difficult.

    I need to get my own sidebar updated. That may not solve the problem, but it will help, I think.

    I do like Disqus, though! Different thing, but I appreciate your help in learning the ropes!

  58. Wow! That's a lot for a little dress from Target to say! Good news for me that is says all that!
    Love you back!

  59. Thank you, lovely Lisa! I should wear this one more.
    It's tough to hang a dress on a "rack" isn't it! Ha! I love my belts, but they don't always work like they probably should. It's tricky! I really like separates, but I've learned that sheaths are pretty easy to manage. I'm surprised you don't find dresses more workable ... you have a lovely shape. Depends on the dress, doesn't it?

  60. Thank you, again, Anja! We waited forever to get our store here, but it's a little one ... not one of the superstores. They come in handy for all kinds of shopping, though. You have similar bib-boxes there, yes?

  61. Thank you, Natalie. This dress reminds me that I need to dig in the closet more often.
    I think I need to spend more time customizing my Bloglovin' feed, but there are things I don't care for on it ... mostly logistical. Don't like it that links are not direct ( all goes through a Bloglovin' address) and don't find it appealing visually. I don't read a wide variety of blog types, and that may make a difference. Thanks for the feedback ... you bring up some useful points.


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