Monday, January 6, 2014

Still Feeling New Year-ish

As I write, it's still the first week of January, and even though the parties are over, the hangovers have been cured and the overall vibe is back to business as usual,  I'm still feeling all energized and celebratory. In spite of the brutal cold in many parts of the world ( and we're no exception here!) I'm feeling more cheerful and optimistic than in recent months. January always feels like a good night's sleep after a hard December. There's a nice forward momentum that I find invigorating.

I'm still feeling New Year-ish.

And I have a New Favorite Outfit for the New Year.

I really like the way this looks, but besides that, I'm loving what these pieces didn't cost. Everything I'm wearing here was bought for much less than original price, either on sale, on clearance or just from a deep-discount retailer, like my favorite TJ Maxx. That's where the drapey trousers come from. The shoes from purchased at clearance sale at JCP and the sweater on regular sale from Target.
But my pride and joy is this boyfriend-ish, tuxedo-ish jacket at half-off clearance, again at Target.
I can imagine dressing it up or down, and love the way it fits. It's a particular pleasure as my very common sizes rarely make it to the clearance racks. This was one of those pieces that need to be tried on to be appreciated.

And that is, IMHO, the way to start the New Year out right.

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I submitted this coat to the "How I Wear My ..." project for the January subject: "How I Wear My Coat." Thanks to Jill at  Everything Just So and Adrienne at The Rich Life (On a Budget...) for making another great place to show off and out a little!

It's the last of several Duro Olowu pieces I got from the collaboration with JCP last Spring.

Especially happy to be wearing it as it was 13 degrees.  

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  1. Glenda @ So What to TwrntyJanuary 6, 2014 at 7:55 PM

    Jan I wish I had your chipper mood. Mine is somewhat drab. Today my sons returned to school so that means back to the grind of overly scheduled days. I sought peace on ebay today and won a lively pair of Isaac Mizrahi embroidered pumps. I cant wait to style them. By the way, I love your hair cut and color. At first glance, I thought your first shot was a velvet suit. Ive been eyeing a vintage velvet blazer. Nonetheless, velvet or mot, it is tres chic! Please send some of ypur happy mood my way.

  2. Black and White. My favorite colors. Nicely done, Jan!

  3. Love the JCP shoes.. it's hard to find heels that cover the foot. I sure wish I could fit into those Target jackets .. they are cut too narrow for me :-(


  4. HappinessatmidlifeJanuary 6, 2014 at 9:20 PM

    Great find at Target Jan! I just purchased a tuxedo jacket on clearance from Ann Taylor in reverse colors from yours. Thank you for the outfit inspiration!

    And what a fun jacket!


  5. Ooooooh, the Duro Olowu coat! Great Le Smoking jacket too. You scored! Happy New Year!

  6. Your tuxedo jacket is fabulous and that printed coat is a knockout! Great finds, all.

  7. Oh my, I just want to jump through this screen and borrow that incredible coat. Nothing better than owning a fun printed unique coat and double bonus when its actually warm.
    Your New Year's outfit is a perfect gift to begin the year, and I could jump through and borrow that tuxedo jacket as well. I really needed this post today, it helped to remind me to get re-energized. Thank you!

  8. Both outfits are fantastic, you look fabulous, and continue the good spirit celebrating the new year with your stunning outfits! Hope you have a great new year!

  9. You look absolutely elegant and put together. Great outfit.
    And Happy New Year!

  10. Such great pieces on you! All of them are terrific but the Olowu coat is just to die for.
    Not feeling very celebratory up here with these near 0 temps, power outages, and not yet fully recovered from that nasty bug, but I'm working on it.
    Happy New Year, Jan!


  11. You sound perky, Jan! How great that you feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed; and you look pretty damn fabulous too! Love the chic monochrome, and yes, I think that jacket will be a firm favourite. But I have to confess that I am really all about the coat, it's wonderful and I am rather envious of it!
    Stay warm, stay perky, Jan! xxxx

  12. I have some idea of how you're feeling. Yesterday was supposed to be the most depressing day of the year?!, a neighbour told me this. Clearly you didn't get the memo and I hope you never do!
    You look fantastic in that awesome tuxedo jacket and those wicked, wicked shoes. And your coat does you front-cover proud. Looking good. Stay warm.

  13. You are so quick on the draw ... Fast Glenda. Glenda the Quick!
    My chipper mood didn't last the day, so I joined you in Drabville after I wore out in the evening!
    Wooohooo! Mizrahi pumps deserve congratulation. I'd say so. Looking forward to seeing them! I does feel good to get a perfect deal.
    I'm better today, after getting Disqus comments working again on my blog. I hereby send you energetic vibes, but I'm guessing it's already a done deal and I hope your sunny mood is restored.
    So glad you like my "mop" and blazer-thing! Always happy when you approve, my Petite Icon!

  14. These boots have been through the wars, Charlotte. They have the coolest lug soles that you can't see, but that feminine heel that just elevates them instantly. Deeply discounted Ralph Lauren from a couple of years ago. Thank you. Rowr right back.

  15. Hey, Connie. My wardobe is now officially overstocked with black and white. But I sure love this blazer ... and I've a couple of sweaters that just leapt off their racks at me. I'm enjoying the combination a lot as relief from very dark solids this year. Glad you like it! Kind of you to say and stop by!

  16. Am more stunned today than stunning, but a mood that good was bound to even out! Thank you, Nicolene. Best wishes from me to you on the New Year, and I intend to have a much better year this time around than last!

  17. Thank you, Maria! Thank you for reading and stopping by. Hope you're having a good one as well!

  18. And to you, Sabine! Glad you like my stuff! So happy to hear from you always. It was sooooo cold here when we took both of those pictures ... I look really tense in both of them. Little "frozen" smiles and frozen fingers. The wind was blowing, and I was miserable. Not much sass going on that day!
    But it's nicer this week, I think, although it's rain and light snow tomorrow. Just warmer! Ah winter ....

  19. Feel better, baby girl. Kind of you to stop by, though. ank you so much for the nice comments. I do like my Olowu coat. I took about 4" off the bottom and almost that much off the sleeves!

    Hang in there and take very good care of yourself. I insist that your power stays on. Rain and snow here tomorrow, but I'm going to Fort Smith if it kills me. I've so got cabin fever!

  20. Perking right along. As I told Alicia, I've got monster cabin-fever and if I have to look at another piece of chicken (all that's in the freezer!) I'm going to lay an egg. I WILL go shopping in Big City tomorrow, in spite of the predicted snow and rain.
    Thank you for all the very nice comments. I love that coat too, and will probably wear it tomorrow. It was about $15 on clearance (from $70) and I've taken 4" off the bottom and about that much from the cuffs. It was worth it, cause it fits just dandy now. Roomy enough sleeves for a sweater (jumper?) under, and that's a rarity right now. A real coat.
    So happy you could drop in ... you know I'm so thrilled when you can!

  21. So thrilled you are joining me and Jill this month for How I Wear My: Coat. Your coat is one of my favorites this month (am putting the post together right now).
    Love that very cool blazer you're wearing, too. Beautiful and sophisticated look!

  22. Oh, hey Mel! Was it? I wonder why. People getting their credit card bills? Bored with their holiday toys? I felt a little crappy later in the evening, but not depressed. Hmmmm. As you say, I didn't get the memo. I never get the memo! ( Yikes ... I looked it up. It is! Because people go back to work. Huh. More divorces filed, too. Well, there we are. )
    Thank you ... yes, those shoes are even more wicked than in the photo. Love them. And so happy you like my coat. That seals it ... if you and Curtise like it, I'm cool.
    I'm so happy you came by. If we EVER get out your way again, you shall have cocktails. Lots of them.

  23. So sweet, Adrienne! I sometimes do get my act together! Yup, that blazer is about a sophisticated as I get.

    Nice to have a months notice for the challenge ... that helps the slow-pokes like me. Thank you so much. Will look forward to seeing all the coats!

    I heard from Jill this AM ... it just occurred to me that you're on one coast and she's on another. It was 12 degrees in NYC this morning. Is it cold in CA ... or cool?

  24. High 60's and scarily dry around here. There are talks of drought and worries about the wine grapes. Hoping for some decent rainfall one of these days...soon!
    Hope you are staying warm.
    Look for the post around 7:30 tomorrow morning your time!
    Thanks again for joining us! We are thrilled to have you!

  25. I will wave all moisture your way for a bit ... hope it helps. We're in the middle of what passes for "wine country" here as well ... not really the same for a lot of reasons, but I get the weather concerns. After a terrible drought two summers ago, we're back on track. We have a spring fed pond for our most of our horses, but even that was in jeopardy and hay was a small fortune for a big round bail, if you could find it.
    Better now, but no telling what future summers will hold. Scary.
    Thanks for the heads up ... I'll look forward to it! So kind of you.

  26. Happy New Year Jan! Glad to here you sounding chipper and ready to take it on. I love the coat, what a creative pattern. It looks great on you. The boots are so cool and ready for the cold weather. I also like the basic black. All great items I can see you mixing in many ways. Your hair is looking pretty!

    blue hue wonderland

  27. Brrr! I didn't do too much after Christmas shopping because I spent all my money on a new (to me) iPhone. The Dillard's New Year's Day sale was GREAT, though. We got there right before it opened (Along with about 600 others!) and scored some amazing deals. I got 3 dresses, a top, and two pairs of shoes for $100.

  28. Thank you for joining us for "How I Wear My: Coat". Your picture was one of my particular favorites. You look so beautiful! XO, Jill

  29. Hi Jan, I am always late I know 'sigh' anyway the first outfit, Jan I fell in love. this is just PERFECT!!! You look like out of a magazine. Chic, elegant, sophisticated and yet YOU! And those heels, they are darling. Jan you look absolutely great!!!

  30. Tamera Ferguson WolfeJanuary 8, 2014 at 4:04 PM

    Jan--that tuxedo coat is a fab buy--I can't wait to see all the ways you can style it!!
    And the print coat is AMAZING--just gorgeous--and I'm loving those lace-up boots, too!!!
    You are gorgeous and classy as always!!
    Stay warm!!

  31. Jean at Dross into GoldJanuary 8, 2014 at 8:14 PM

    I think you look especially sophisticated here in both outfits. I love how black anchors them. Your hair and footwear are also looking fabulous!! Stay warm!! XXOO

  32. What great looks! Getting a bargain is the best feel good factor isn't it? I love getting goodies I've been eyeing up for ages when they finally go on sale at serious discounts. I love the way you manage to make Target look like a million bucks. The first monochrome outfit is seriously chic and that tux is a great buy. And that Duro Olowu coat is beyond fabulous! Love the print and it looks wonderful with the boots.

  33. Dawn @ AlterEgoFashionistaJanuary 10, 2014 at 11:56 AM

    Great jacket, for sure, but I'm loving the shoes!!! They totally tie it all together, and the look is awesome! I also really like your wild coat and the tall boots...warm and so chic! I just heard that we will be getting a TJ Maxx in our town - this is tres exciting news!!!

  34. You look beautiful!!!
    I'm so sorry my dear about my delay to drop by, but I've been with some issues. Hubby had to go to ER and too busy at work....... crazy week :( and it was my Bday.
    Thanks so much for linking and for the great support!!!
    You're the best!!

  35. You are officially my New Year's Shopping Champion (#GoBritt)! We came into town as it was our day off anyway, but I was afraid of the crowds. I should'a been there. Impressed! Visible Monday women would love to see you in your finds! You should join us!

  36. Hello Ann ... a joy when you stop by, every time! I love this coat, too ... it's much more substantial than it looks. I took four inches of the hem, almost that off the sleeves and reset the shoulder pads. You've been an influence for me with additional coats. You look so great in yours. They're also one kind of item I see at sales that actually something I want. I so appreciate your comments!
    Hair? Stay tuned. More changes coming ... see this coming Visible Monday!
    Hope you still like it then!

  37. And you are so kind, Jill. I'm glad I don't have to rely on my looks for blog fodder ... but I do like this coat a lot. It's substantial, and I did lots of alterations to make it work better for my short, compact frame. Pink is next? Thank you for hosting a link that allows a month ... it's what I need nowadays, and feels like more time to get to check in with everyone!
    Good idea.

  38. Never worry about coming late to the party here ... glad to see you when you drop by! Thank you so much for your extremely sweet remarks. I feel like I'm on the right track when I suit your tastes! Speaking of sophisticated, your skirt photos of late are nothing short of amazing. I'm obsessing a bit on these, and may have to make what I want! They're hard to pair with tops for me, but I'm working on it.

  39. Today is the day I get over to your blog to say howdy. I've been thinking a lot about you, lately. I'm not psychic but your face keeps popping into my head. I think it's because I haven't been over to see you lately. Hope all is well at your end of the world.
    Yup ... I'm going to wear that tuxy jacket through spring. Can't wait to wear it with strappy black shoe-sandals and a silk shell with white jeans.
    So sweet of you to say nice things! Thank you, kid!

  40. Hey, Jean. So nice of you. I love me some dark neutrals right now, but don't need to dress entirely in dark. I think I'm on to something when I just black or dark to base, and ad color or just lighter toned neutrals for a secondary element. Sylvia's 40+ project is giving me some ideas! I get worn out by color sometimes really makes me tired to see lots of it. I've been looking at my blog posts with summer brights, and the photos are the most inauthentic of all my shots. Still considering this subject and may write on it.
    And you and your stylings are my inspiration for a coming post, so stay tuned. You are just the best, Jean!

  41. Yikes! Is your hubby okay? I hate that ... and you've been feeling low anyway. Happy Belated Birthday, anyway! My own is at the end of January, and even that is too close to Christmas! I'm thinking about having it legally changed to June. I wonder if I can do that?
    Thanks for your sweet remark. I appreciate it. I hope your life is getting less complicated, Seeker ... so have a better week!

  42. A gorgeous tuxedo jacket, and you wear it like royalty. No wonder it's one of your favorites. And the coat. Divine!

    Just read your resolutions and I can relate to several. Blogging seems to be a reflection of my personal growth! So grateful that you contribute to my process!

  43. Fun Jan, can't wait for the new hair! New year, new hair? You are getting me thinking myself about a change in mine.

    I remember your coat at JCP. I tried it on and thought it was great, well made and super fabric. I wish I had purchased it. I also like Joe Fresh clothing. I have some of the cotton pants that I love the feel and fit. I watch Worthington coats and skirts. JCP has some great deals.

  44. What a style-ISH post!! ;-)
    Serioulsy, you look terrific!!!
    Fabulous jacket and I love the coat!

    ♥ carmen

  45. I missed this post. Been so busy, sorry. As you know from your next post, I love the jacket. Your shoes have inspired me (so to speak...) to buy similar ones. My left foot hurts like hell in that shoe, but I am determined to make it work. They have little tassles on the front.

  46. I'm so slow ... missed that you dropped a note, and hope you forgive my lateness! Better late than never, I hope! Thank you so much for liking my blazer. I'll try not to wear it out before spring. It will make a great transition piece.
    And glad you liked my coat as well. It won't work with everything, and that makes it a special pleasure when I can wear it.
    You are absolutely my role model for continuing growth. Stasis is death for so many organisms like us, so onward is the only way to go! I'm right behind you, Judith!

  47. Thank you, Carmen. Sorry I'm so slow to get back to everyone ... it's been a week for me! I appreciate your kind words, Queen of Capri!

  48. Me too, Greetje. I hate it when our rural Internet gets knocked out, and I'm behind as well.
    Do you have a good cobbler? One of the very perqs of living in a rural area is that there are two good bootmakers in our area, and they can do wonders with my shoes. Can your shoe be stretched to make it more comfy? I understand, though ... tassels are worth the effort!

  49. I have a very good cobbler but I am trying to do it myself with a wet sock haha. I have put a photo of me, my shoes and my sock on my blog facebook haha. Have a look.


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