Monday, March 31, 2014

Co-Inspirator Women Bloggers

I'm always inspired by my sister bloggers. I recently wrote about a Really Good Hair Day and some choice compliments that resulted, and I was particularly inspired by a comment from the lovely Alice at Happiness at Midlife .

Besides the nice things she wrote about hair and outfits, she wisely noted:
"This is a good reminder to compliment strangers when you mean it - it could really make their day and who knows what kind of day they are having."

Alice is one of my Top-Ten Nice Person Role Models, and you can see why by the thoughtful observation. She's also freaking fabulous dresser, but that's another subject for another post. She also knows what she's talking about. What she suggests is something I've always done because it's a nice thing to do; we all know how good it feels to hear that your best is noted by someone. I also do it to keep my worst nature at bay. It's easy to become judgmental and less than constructively critical when you're looking around you to see what other women are wearing. (Especially when you're not feeling up to snuff yourself.) To curb my natural inclination toward snarky mental comments, I began to discipline myself by trying to find at least a couple of things that I like about what I see other people wear. Finding one thing is easy. Finding additional elements is sometimes a challenge, but it really makes a difference in how I perceive other people in my limited little world.

Particularly older women. You have to mean it, as Alice points out, because you can get yourself in trouble if you don't. It hasn't been that long since I saw a very elderly woman pacing along in her walker, looking very spiffy in the red wool fedora and red leather gloves she'd chosen to go with her tan coat and shoes. I caught her eye and, as I was about to sail past her, I said, "Love your hat."
She said " Oh, thank you. What is it you like about it?"

Nobody does that.

And, from her tone and a surprisingly suspicious look in her eyes, I got the feeling she was taking me on. She might have just been feeling chatty, but I'm pretty sure she wondered if I was just being glib or condescending.

I replied, "Well, I like that particular deep red. And I like it with your matching gloves. You look very polished and put-together. I don't see that often here. "

"Hmmph," she said. "Glad you like it. It was nice of you to say so."

If this was a test, I'm glad I passed it. Clearly she had her BS meter fully charged and operational, like so many of us little old ladies so often do. Yes. But I was glad that I'd actually taken a second or two to take in the elements of her outfit and appreciate it more fully. And I'm glad I said something, because I think she was pleased. But it's always better to mean it, and to leave them thinking that you know what you're talking about. That makes it even better!


Another of my Sweetheart Bloggers List toppers is the delightful Sue at A Colourful Canvas .
Sue is a consummate co-inspirator who has cheerfully showed us all how sewing your own wardrobe can be an art form. At least when the needle is in Sue's facile fingers. She's inspired me to quit griping about not finding any of the spring midi skirts I want, and just get off my butt and make some. So I did. Make one. An easy beginner pattern wasn't as easy as it might have been, and it's still too big in the waist. I've already removed at least 5" off the finished skirt circumference, so how much "ease" does anyone really need, I ask. I'm disappointed that the gorgeous, rosy-metallic fabric reads more like leather, but you get the idea.


 I've got this pose down, don't I?
And look, new shoes!


I'm linking up with three more co-inspirators, the Divine Jill at Everything Just So and the Lovely Adrienne at The Rich Life on a Budget at their How I Wear My project ... this month's subject is The Skirt.  
And, last but not least, the always thoughtful
Seeker at Tres Chic Style Bits linky party!
All kinds of fun up in here!

Late Breaking Link ... 4/7/14
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  1. What a lovely post Jan, good to notice the good in people and be genuine about it. Have a great day.

  2. I was going to say your look lovely in both photos.

  3. I feel the exact same way with blog comments. If I don't have something meaningful to say, I refrain. There's just so much superficial static, what with all the instantaneous social media vehicles out there, that it's difficult anymore to get an honest-to-gosh thoughtful and sincere response. That's why I treasure "inspirators" like you, dearest Jan, for being effortlessly uplifting and stunningly chic in the bargain. :D

    And that midi skirt?! Ooh la la!

  4. HappinessatmidlifeApril 1, 2014 at 1:15 AM

    Awww...Jan - thank your so much for the shout out! And I love that this lady actually tested your comment! Very sharp lady...just like you in this outfit. I am wearing a midi skirt on the blog today but not with any of my sewing skills (since I have none). I think both outfits are great and the length looks good. Mine is a bit longer but somehow I didn't feel like shortie in it.

    I have been thinking about purchasing a sewing machine for sometime but know that it would probably be a novelty thing that will end up collecting dust.


  5. For a while I worked at a private healthcare clinic, our female patients were often nervous. To relax them I'd compliment them about something they were wearing, a shade of nail varnish or the way they wore their hair. There's always something nice one can find to say to someone - it must have worked as my boss was always getting emails and letters from people praising me.
    That skirt looks fantastic, well done! x

  6. A great post, Jan! I do complement people often because I know I like receiving the compliments and it is often a nice way to strike up a conversation with someone you encounter. I don't do any sewing though. That skirt is gorgeous! I love the shape on you and the colour is stunning! Thanks for sharing your wonderful post. So glad I found you.

  7. Jan I love your outfit so much! Both colourways are wonderful on you. I try to give compliments too and they're always well received. Where I live jogging pants and lounge wear pretty much rule sartorially so when I see a woman of any age dress well it's such a treat! Thank you for this post!

  8. PinkCheetahVintageApril 1, 2014 at 7:19 AM

    The older woman calling you out on your compliment lolzzzz

  9. And you sew too! It looks perfectly done, and not so easy either - look at that waistline - it's not gathered elastic! The drape and length look very attractive on you. And of course, the color. I'm sure you could wear it with just about anything. Or at least I would!

  10. Really nice Jan. Good idea to sew this skirt to get the right length and you nailed it here. Very pretty color that mixes with so much. Cool choice with the blue. The two bloggers you mentioned are some of my favorites too. Love the shoes, so good with this skirt. i think I've learned though blogging to not be so critical on myself. There's so many types of styling out there, no rules just inspiration!

    blue hue wonderland

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE that you made this yourself. Now I want to do the same. Seriously! My DIY Chanel Jacket is on hold but I had fun making my eyelet skirt a couple of years ago, and I think because I took my time and didn't rush, it came out so well. Thank you for the mention and do stop by tomorrow to see the post, you and Sue are my home-sewn skirt babes! XO, Jill

  12. What a funny story about the old lady with the hat! I'll have to try that sometime when I get a compliment. :p

    Your skirt is lovely, and I'm sure it feels even better wearing it knowing that you made it yourself. It's funny, at first I wasn't sure I liked the color paired with mint green, but it actually makes both colors seem a little brighter. Nice outfit for spring!

  13. Trayci - Please May IApril 1, 2014 at 8:37 AM

    Fabulous shoes! Gorgeous colours too.

    Bless the hat lady. At least you passed her test, if it was one. Very cleaver in making you own skirt. I keep saying I am going to and never quite getting round too it!

    X x

  14. I am not a fan of this length skirt, but it is the fashion these days (and in winter 2014/2015), so I better get used to it again. You are a clever girl though sewing it yourself and letting the waist drop a bit so your torso becomes longer.
    Love the new shoes!!
    And I agree with you and Alice about giving people honest compliments. I do it very often and the reward is so nice. Somebody's face lights up, you see their happiness, it warms your heart.

  15. Great story about the lady in red! She definitely had her BS meter up and running. Good thing you were being genuine.
    Jill and I are thrilled you have joined us for HIWM, going up first thing tomorrow morning. We love your skirt! I am very impressed with your sewing skills.

  16. LOL That is too funny about the little old woman. I think the older we get the more sensitive our noses are to BS.

    I decided a while years ago to go out of my way to comment when I saw someone wearing something I really liked. I realized that I personally loved it when it happened to me, so why not make the effort and actually say something instead of just thinking it and make someone else's day? I love the response I get from people. And of course, I'm always 100% honest. What is the point otherwise?

    Bravo for sewing that skirt! You are a much better woman than me. I quite like the colour of it.


  17. Wow, you made a skirt! Awesome! I haven't sewed a skirt since home economics in high school and we had to use a calico fabric .. lol... gawd, did I just date myself?


  18. Well done Jan! I love this kind of skirts and I know it is not easy to find an appropriate. Even if they are fashionable at present. Perhaps you may accent the waist with a large belt. That is always my simple solution when the waist is a bit too wide.
    Your new shoes are very cute.
    Sabine xxx

  19. Oh it's so true - if we like to receive a compliment here and there (and we do, we do!) then it's good to give a few too. I like the lady in the red hat's follow-up question - she was just keeping you on your toes, that's OK! I agree too that it should be sincere, otherwise it's just flannel and a bit embarrassing. I try to be complimentary, but only when I'm moved to do it because I really am impressed. If truth be known, I am more likely to be rolling my eyes at the general populace in their fleece and ill-fitting jeans. Ugh, such a bitch (in my head...)
    Now; your skirt.
    Jan! You made such a lovely skirt! It looks as though it fits perfectly, even if you say different, and the shape and style suits you so well. Lovely in both versions, but the minty/aqua green edges it. Delicious!
    And I really mean that. xxxx

  20. Glenda @ So What to Twenty!April 1, 2014 at 5:35 PM

    A lovely skirt Jan. From my end it almost registers as leather. The color is beautiful with your complexion. I love the simple way that you styled it with the white top and neutral pump. The skirt is making the statement. Very nice.

  21. Clever girl, your skirt is perfect for your Spring days ahead, great colour and the length is perfect on you.The mint shoes are just such a pretty colour.
    Interesting comment from your red hat lady... glad you passed her BS test. Giving genuine compliments is so rewarding.

  22. You made your skirt? It looks fantastic! I was eyeing some vintage patterns in a store window today, but the shop was closed. When you make things that look this great I'm really inspired, whether I get around to it myself or not. The pairings give this outfit such different but equally great looks. I enjoy complimenting others too - but, yes, only if I mean it. That was the great joy of street style photography. You've definitely nailed the pose!

  23. Tamera Ferguson WolfeApril 2, 2014 at 12:47 PM

    Great post Jan!! I love giving genuine compliments. Sometimes that little bit of encouragement can make someone's day.

    Who hoo on the sewing!! I love the skirt. The style is really flattering on you and that fabric is gorgeous. I really like it with the aqua!!

  24. I love this post! I also try to compliment or say something nice to a random person every time I'm out. And not just saying something nice just for the sake of but meaning it, exactly like what you wrote about. After giving birth, that was only then I realized how hard it could be for moms. So I somehow gravitate towards complimenting moms with babies because I know one positive thing can make their day. Saying their baby is cute is not considered because all babies are cute!

    Congrats for making that pretty skirt! I love the color you chose and the end result is polished. I don't know if you used to sew before but you did great. My eyes gravitate towards the styling on the right. The blue/teal and the rose make a great combination.

  25. beate of bahnwaerterhaeuschenApril 3, 2014 at 4:47 AM

    beautiful skirt! love the color and fabric! gorgeous job for a beginner!
    as a dressmaker i know that "ease" in a skirt´s waist is not necessary. in contrary - the waist(band) should hold the skirt in it´s place. use a interfacing that is not flexible.
    great story with the old lady - we should mean what we say - always!

  26. Debbie StinedurfApril 3, 2014 at 5:04 AM

    That is your signature pose my friend! Love the skirt. And you and Alice are so right about random comments. I don't do that often enough and I need to start!

  27. Haha, the BS meter - glad you passed her test with your honest compliment :) I'm always so amazed by Sue's sewing abilities - she makes me wish I had some. And I'm absolutely impressed with you sewing your own skirt! Go girl! It looks fabulous in your signature pose!!!
    xo ~kim & chloe

  28. Jean at DrossintoGoldApril 3, 2014 at 7:24 PM

    Yay!!!! You're sewing!!! That skirt is gorgeous and by no means easy!! I'd be terrified to try to hem it especially. Your new shoes are so very delicious, too. I love pointy toe shoes. I look forward to visiting some of the bloggers you mention. I've been so very out of it! Love you. XXOO

  29. What an interesting exchange with the red-hatted lady. I'm glad you passed the test. PHEW!

  30. Thanks to both, Elsie. Just was over at your place. The LBD and your jeans and sandals knock me out, and the blue dress was lovely but I'm loving your dark, pinstriped pumps! Clothes and food, food and clothes ... two things that occupy my life as well!

  31. Well. I'm all full of myself now. I believed you all the way to "stunningly chic" but you can lie to me anytime. I'm so happy I met someone who relishes some good, old-fashioned hyperbole as much as I do!
    So kind, Maricel! Made my day.

  32. Darling Sue ... I have no skills! I haven't made a complete garment since 1963. My few skills are not just dusty (as I wrote Vix today,) they are thickly coated with the Grime of The Ages.
    Seriously, I'm thrilled that you think it is well done. I read the instructions lots of time, didn't take a single short-cut and learned a lot. My first lapped zipper! The skirt is meant to sit 1" below the natural waist. So I measured myself carefully, but it was HUGE.
    Are there some pattern makers that have more reasonable "ease" than others? This was a New Look pattern with all the possible sizes. I never thought to look for "finished garment" measurments on the pattern.
    This skirt was a test of the pattern, actually, for another that I really want to not screw up.
    I have a beautiful piece of black embroidered Chinese satiny-stuff, with dragons chasing all over it! My strategy this time is to fold the pattern back a bit before I cut it, then put in the zipper first, and adjust from the other side. Everything is equilateral, so does that make sense? I'm also going to rely on the finished waist size of the one I just made ... similar fabric weight and drape, etc. Needs to be a wee bit smaller ... I was sticking my stomach out in the pictures a little to keep the band up where it needed to be! And I HATED doing anything to make my stomach look bigger!
    I take it back that I have no skills at all ... I can damn-well put in a lovely hem, and like to do it by hand. I've hemmed 90% of my pants, dresses and skirts over my lifetime.
    NOBODY is as glad to see rolled up, cropped BFs than I am!
    Any advice would be appreciated!
    So glad you liked my shoes ... more to come!

  33. I'm so impressed that you created your skirt! Sue is an inspiration to me as well.

    I agree. It's important to 'mean it' when giving compliments. I've begun to smile at strangers when walking down the street. It's not a verbal compliment, but it makes me feel open and I love it when I get a smile back.

  34. Dawn @AlterEgoFashionistaApril 4, 2014 at 10:16 AM

    Such great advice about giving compliments and meaning it! Yes, our BS-o-meters get much more acute as we age. (I know 'cuz I read it in a menopause book by a famous female doctor, who's name escapes me at the moment!) Bravo for making that beautiful midi skirt...I used to sew, too, and also need to get off my butt and make something delightful! Thanks for your great inspiration and sharing about your favorites, as well!

  35. Nosing in on your last sentence. I sure hope you two get together. I just feel it in my bones, that you'll have the BEST time ever! At least until the three of us meet...

  36. Ugh...the dreaded fit issues. You know, it's been the BIGGEST bane to me since I picked up sewing again. I have absolutely no memory of having fit issue problems when I sewed garments when I was in my twenties. I would shorten things, but that's it. I guess it's true that our shapes change from the garment industry's ideal silhouette as we age? I don't know. It doesn't help that there are a gazillion sizes on one pattern piece now two, unless you're sewing a vintage pattern that is. I have found Vogue to have less ease. Having said that, my local fabric store has been discontinuing Simplicity and New Look patterns and selling their stock at $1.50 to $2.00. Needless to say, I've been buying a few. And they do seem to have a LOT of ease. I've been going down about a size from what the pattern envelope says. Your idea of folding the pattern lengthwise is a good one. I also have simply moved the pattern .5 - 1" past the fabric fold if I want a skirt piece smaller. I say, put your skirt on, grab the extra fabric and then mark with pins. That will give you a better idea of how small to go. I thought this skirt had a waistband attached, but now I'm wondering if it has a facing instead? I agree with Beate; if it has a waistband use a heavier interfacing. If it's faced, I still interface the facing, but I don't find much point in using too heavy an interfacing. Because of the cut of the waistband area, the fabric will naturally want to stretch, so be sure to stay stitch along the top of each skirt piece. And yes, sew in the zipper in one side seam, then baste the other side seams together and try on. I find on myself, I like it to feel snug at that point.

    If your current skirt is too difficult to take in, think about hand sewing elastic to the waistband area. It it's sewn in all way round, I don't think it will affect the overall look of the skirt.

  37. The color is beautiful with your complexion. I love the simple way that you styled it with the white top and neutral pump. The skirt is making the statement. Very nice.

  38. Sorry dear for my delay..... I haven't been well....
    You are right Alice and Sue are such inspirational fashion bloggers, as you also are my dear.
    Loving both combos, the white shirt with the necklace is fantastic. That skirt is something.... I want a pink skirt for Spring.
    Thank you so much for linking with Très Chic Style Bits.
    Love and blessings your way

  39. Looking like it might happen this time! Never fear, we'll let everyone know we managed it if we do! Stay tuned ...
    (And the three of us ... wouldn't that be grand?)

  40. And you wore that gorgeous skirt beautifully! I think the length works for you. I spent quite a lot of time looking at your outfit, 'cause you put it together so well. The length works for you, I think, because of your slim ankles. No shortie in this photo!
    I bought my machine, a very basic, inexpensive Brother, so I could make basic alterations to the stuff I find that "almost" fits. Nothing elaborate in mind, but I'm glad I have it. It's useful if you know how to use it, but might be more trouble than it's worth for a working woman with minimal time to dink around with it.
    Thanks, Alice, for you kind comments. As I said, you're a special lady!

  41. Thank you Vix! You have it, I think ... there's nothing like a woman-to-woman compliment no matter what age. I can imagine how nice it must have been for your patients. I know you can turn on some lovely charm that's as authentic as you are.
    You're a sewing inspiration for me as well. Loved that little retro print skirt you whipped up recently!

  42. Isn't it a great ice breaker? I find myself getting chatty in long lines at the grocery checkout. An easy start is that kind of pleasant comment right.
    Glad you liked my skirt. It was a challenge, and fun, but sewing is slowing me down in getting around to all my favorite blogs. Yours among them! Thank you for reading and writing to me about it.

  43. you're inspiring and so lovely that you're sharing your thinkings about compliments and how they can cheer up the day!!
    (and love your new self sewed skirt and those turquoise shoes!)

  44. Thank you, Trina, for your always kind comments. Glad you like it! It was quite a project and am working on another. Everyone will be sick of seeing them on me!
    We're so looking forward to seeing you two kids!

  45. Here, it's jeans. And flannel. And band-tees. And running shoes. Fun to dress up a bit when we go out and at our little restaurant. And especially nice to see women doll up a bit here. Thanks so much for your kind comment ... so glad you liked it.

  46. I believe it was an outright challenge to see if I was really paying attention!
    Thanks for stopping by, Becky!

  47. Yes, well, it's not really very competent sewing, or confident at all. I do LOTS of basting and pressing and re-doing! I remember a bit of technique from my grandmother, but it was 50 years ago! I'll get better, I hope. I admit, thought, I'm tickled with my skirt. It turned out just as I hoped it might, and I'm going to make another in a Chinese brocade. Thank you so much, Pao. Means a lot to me that you think it's a good job.

  48. Thank you so much, Ann. I always feel like I've done well when you like what I've devised! Really, the photos help me learn what works and what doesn't work as well. I am quite taken with this silhouette ... lots of ways to wear it!

  49. So nice to be in such fabulous company, Jill! You and Adrienne throw a pretty darned good party. I've wondered if you finished your jacket. I had fun doing some sewing ... hadn't made a whole garment since 1963, and that was a LONG time ago. I'll never be as cool as Sue or as talented, but I will have the skirts I want! Thanks so much for dropping by, and for your very nice remarks.

  50. That does sound like something you might say, Val! Go for it, and let us know what happens! Thank you for saying nice things about my skirt! Actually, I hadn't planned to wear it with the mint, but they were hanging next to each other and they just hit it off I think you can wear just about any colors together if they are the same degree of saturation and a very similar tone. Just a theory.

  51. I looked and looked everywhere here. Nada. Nuttin'. None. No midi skirts ... just short ones. And I really wanted one, so I decided to try. Next year, we'll be lousey with them. Thank you ... glad you like my shoes! Both very comfy as well.
    So glad you popped in!

  52. Yeah. I know. They're not the most flattering shape for me ... but I love the idea of them so much. It's the way they look with shoes, I think. And they feel marvelous when I walk.
    I'm glad you liked my shoes!
    Believe me, when you say you like something, I know you mean it!
    Glad you stopped by, though. Happy to hear from you!

  53. Nah. Not a better woman, certainly. More stubborn, maybe. ( But the jury is out on that one!) Glad you like it.
    It is nice to get compliments. I may not always be 100 % honest, but close. I'll often like how a garment I wouldn't like on myself looks on another woman. And it's context, too.
    But it always feels good when they light up ... I know.
    Happy to hear from you!

  54. Yup! Me too! Except it was in junior high home ec. I made a shift dress, and it was the last thing I wanted to be doing! But don't worry about dating yourself ... mine was in 1963. Yikes! Thanks for your sweet note. I appreciate it.

  55. Hello, Sabine! Yes, you wear this style of skirt really well ... I thought of you when I made it. Sadly a belt won't work with this skirt as the band sits below my waist, but I'll bet around to a quick alteration one of these days. Not hard, just a matter of doing it!
    Glad you like the shoes ... I'm very pleased with both pair. I've worked entire evenings in them both, and if I can do it, they become "work shoes" and guilt-free purchases!
    Have a great week, Sabine ... so glad to see you!

  56. Yes, me too, I'm ashamed to say. When I'm feeling crappy about how I look, it helps to go into Big City and I feel better the minute I look around. That's not as mean as it sounds, I hope. Getting out in public helps me remember that women come in all shapes and sizes, and that I'm not as odd as I think.
    So glad you like my skirt! Good thing, 'cuse I want more from this pattern, and everyone will have to look at them all summer. It was fun to drag out the sewing machine.
    Hope you're having a good week, young lady. Thanks so much for everything, Curtise!

  57. Yes, I get the leather look. It does on mine as well. Happy you liked it, Glenda. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  58. Thanks, Jill! I'm looking forward to wearing it this summer with sandals and a little sleeveless top. I love trousers and dresses, but I'm so happy to see this style of skirt back in retro-rotation. Glad to see you here!

  59. Yup! Thank you, Mel, 'cause I had a good time feeling triumphant when I remembered stuff like how to cut a pattern out! It's been such a long time since I made anything.
    I wish I could find another way to stand! Working on it ...
    Glad you stopped by, kid. Always tickled when you do!

  60. Glad you liked it, Tamera! And glad you like my skirt ... such fun, and I'm glad it turned out well. I hope you're feeling better, SuperModel.

  61. Thank you, Beate. So happy you like it. Actually, I was talking about the pattern's built-in extra room. Yes, I used a fusible facing and twill tape inside the upper waist seam. Although the pattern was way too roomy for the measurements, there were some great tips in the instructions.
    I'm so pleased you stopped by!

  62. Gotta do something about that pose, I know. But there's a good reason so many women stand that way for their photos! Working on it ...
    Glad you like my skirt, 'cause I'm pretty proud of it.
    Hope you're having a great week!

  63. Hello, Kim! And thanks ... glad you liked it. More to come, as this one was a test run fore some seriously gorgeous fabric I really want to wear ... so I hope it's a good thing! Gotta find another way to stand, sometimes!
    Isn't Sue amazing? She's really made me aware of why making it myself is more than just copying someone else's pattern. Lots of creativity possible, and always your own. Not sure how much I'll do in future, but it feels damned good to successfully put in a zipper!

  64. Phew, seriously. I felt like I'd hurt her feelings if I didn't come up quick with a rational response. So glad she was happy.
    Good to see you, Wendy. Hope you're having a glorious California springtime!

  65. Patti_NotDeadYetStyleApril 7, 2014 at 3:40 PM

    And you too, Jan - inspiring us with your fabulous outfits and wonderful outlook. xo

  66. Oh, God, yes ... moms! I see these lovely women, sleep deprived and worn to a frazzle. But it is the soul of bravery and optimism to put on a red lip and a cute top for hauling the kids to sports, play-dates or piano lessons. They need to be acknowledged as beautiful creatures, and not just a life-coach and chief facilitator for their families. Whenever there's a birth among the women I know, I try to make sure the new mom gets some attention ... it's so often just about the baby.
    Glad you like me skirt! I hadn't made a whole garment since 1963! I've done lots of alterations, and apparently those skills translate.
    The mint wasn't planned. I just had it hanging next to my mint shirt, and you're right that it pops next to the cooler color! Happy accident!
    Thanks so much, Karen! ( I'm running so late this week ... gotta get out and about!)

  67. Wow! Thank you very much, Jean. I'm delighted that you think I did a good job and that it's pretty. I know you're being sweet about hems ... but it is one sewing skill I can claim. I've done hems on every pair of trousers or skirt I've ever had, and most dresses, with the exception of roll-up and cropped pants.
    So glad you like my new shoes, too. I've worn both pairs to work, and they got me through entire evenings at the restaurant. So glad, because now I can call them "work shoes" and wear them guilt free!
    I'm so far behind, I'll never get caught up. So happy you had a minute to stop by!

  68. Isn't she? She makes sewing so much more than just slavishly copying a patter. Her clothes are so much an individualized statement of her lovely, rich personality!
    Glad you like my skirt. It was so satisfying to get to wear it.
    Smiles are a gift, aren't they. It's always seemed to me that when I make eye-contact and get a smile, it's as if the other person is saying " I see you." That's important, isn't it.
    So happy to hear from you, lovely Judith!

  69. Must be because we've heard so much of it by the time menopause comes along! Glad you like my skirt. It was tons of fun to finally get to wear it. Thank you so much, Dawn.
    Hope you poor foot is healing faster than projected. Have you looked up any DYI sites that give turtorials on how to spring decorate a cast or boot?

  70. I hope you're feeling better soon! Thank you for your nice comments, and I'm sending some cyber hugs along with my gratitude.

  71. Well, I know I've done something right if you liked my post and my skirt, Senora! Thank you so much, lovely lady! I had so much fun making my skirt ... and my shoes are so comfortable that I can call them "work shoes" and wear them guilt free!
    Have a great week!

  72. Thank you, Patti. I wish I wasn't always so late getting to the party, but I'm just always behind, Mondays are the first day of my weekend! Glad you had a moment to stop by, especially bringing nice comments with you!

  73. Sheila (of Ephemera)April 8, 2014 at 12:32 AM

    I am in awe of anyone who sews, and BTW, I would have loved if this skirt was in leather, Jan! I adore the length on you - your waist looks so tiny! I'm so happy to see that style come back in.

    I am a big fan of complimenting strangers, but that old lady was right! You have to really sincerely mean it, or it comes off as false (at least to someone with a sharp BS meter!). Such a great reminder for us all.

    So sorry I don't visit you more, Jan - life is so busy, you know? :)

  74. I don't agree with you that the shape is not the most flattering for you. I think it is fine, make another one. I particularly like the minty green outfit.

  75. Highland FashionistaApril 8, 2014 at 5:27 AM

    That colour combo is AWESOME. Thanks for the inspiration!

  76. Mrs_Jack_of_all_tradesApril 8, 2014 at 8:26 AM

    I am a fan of both Sue's and Alice's blog too. Alice is a true pairing expert and Sue, she's just brilliant! I wish I live next to her so that I could get her to make me dresses, LOL! I love the new shoes.. the color is perfect with the top and I am a huge matchy-matchy fan :)

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades

  77. I wish I could sew- but my talents are lacking. You pose well, and look smashing in your skirt and bateau neck tops ( I love the aqua stripes!). Kudos to you for sharing the love- compliments and letting people know they inspire you just make the world a better place. Glad you are in it.

  78. Thank you so much! It was a complete accident. I hung it next to the tee, and the shoes were nearby. I sometimes have to be hit over the head ...

  79. Matchy-matchy is still fun. There's a sense of having "got it right" when colors work together. I'm not sure they'd be so fun without the complimentary pink between them!
    So glad you stopped by, as always!

  80. Awwwwh. So kind, Bella. Nobody spreads the love, or does more for the blogging community (as a group and individually) as you do. Any creativity I can muster is often connected to the ideas of others around me ... watching the ideas bloom. Madly, as is so often the case for you and the best ones!
    So happy you stopped by, Bella.

  81. The last few months I am absolutely in love with that midi skirts! Look gorgeus on your dear Jan :)
    And the shoes are amazing. Not too high.. perfect :)
    Also wonderful and very tastefully chosen colors..

    have a wonderful week
    Dana :)


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