Monday, March 10, 2014

The Short Rules

I'm a rule follower, most of the time. Often, there are great reasons to have at least a few rules. I obey the laws that keep us all stuck together as a culture. I'm a fan of laws that keep us from accidentally or deliberately killing each other and ourselves. I respect the basic social niceties. I try to be kind to everyone's kids, at least cordial to other adults, and respectful towards my elders (whose numbers are growing fewer every year. Yikes.)

But, as a child of my generation and one influenced by an especially feisty political era or two, I understand that civil or social disobedience can be justified. This applies particularly to fashion rules that are applied specifically and often arbitrarily to us petite flowers, the short women.

I've been thinking about proportions for short figures quite a lot lately. And when I start thinking a lot about something I begin reading a lot about it. If you are tall and don't care about this subject, I won't mind a bit if you click through to a more pertinent blog with issues that interest you. I wouldn't blame you a bit. Speaking of tall women, a lot of you are my favorite people, so please don't think that I hold your height against you. Lucky you, damn it.

In reading about proportion and all the rules regarding proportions, nowhere did I find a rule geared toward making tall women look other than ... tall. I hear you tall ones have your own style challenges, or so I'm told along with all the other urban myths. (Oh, boo hoo.) But overall, TALL, it seems, is good. Short must be bad, then, because there are all kinds of rules devised to make us look not so short. Designers use models of various shapes, colors, nationalities, creeds (and recently) cup size and waist circumference. But I don't see any shorties stomping down the professional runways. These days, a young girl can (and should!) aspire to be anything she desires, but should a she be a genetic shortie, then she is is gently steered away as early as possible from the naive and hopeless desire to be a fashion model. ( I admit there are myriad reasons to discourage a daughter from a career on the catwalk but I'm talking the difference between "perhaps you shouldn't count on it, sweetheart"  and  "no way, short-stuff, never happening, hahahahaha!" 

 It's not that everyone (or anyone) should want to be a model, but it's always seemed unfair that short womens' shoulders are not considered worthy enough to hang couture upon at all when trying to sell it to women who are sometimes short. Almost always shorter than the model. Nor is this a plea for more short models, but for the understanding that short women live different lives with their wardrobes.

So, as both a rule obeyer and a short woman, I've done way more than my share of hemming up and taking in and considering how to make a particular shape or silhouette work on my frame. But this year, I'm going over the fence, running amok, and with premeditation and malice aforethought I'm going to break some of the rules that are there for my own good and designed to help poor little me look taller.

I'm NEVER going to look taller. EV-ER. Maybe in a photo with teeny-tiny props, but in real life everyone I meet is going to know I'm short no matter how I dress. The concept of proportional dressing promotes some great ideas about how to look good, and how to make your choices work in that mysterious way that only the wisest aesthetes can define, but nothing is really going to make my legs look longer or give me an extra inch in height. Except a good pair of honest high-heeled shoes, and I have that wired.

This outfit demonstrates my current resistance to some current short-girl discrimination.

For years, pants cut at the ankle or just above were unfashionable because they made everyone's legs look short (see?) Now they're hot again and, amazingly, no one minds that they still have that truncating effect on legs generally. But we little 'uns must take great care 'lest our already short legs look that way.  What?

We are encouraged to wear only shoes with tones that are similar to the color of our legs if we don't want to look short, yet we just came out of a season where flat-finished black leather was pushed hard for the sake of minimalism. Nobody's legs are that color, so we wore black tights. And to complicate things further, black leather shoes are great for spring, only this year they are d'Orsay-delicate with darling, daring and fresh-looking ankle straps. Which I shouldn't wear because ... well, you know.

No long tunic shirts that "cut you in half visually"... I'm sorry, but this shirt doesn't look bad. I love this shirt in all it's hummingbird-print springy-ness. And I love these boyfriend jeans that really need to be rolled up a bit to be fun and look like something other than the dreaded Mom Jeans. Worse yet, I am in complete, passionate love with these little ankle-strap shoes ... they are navy and not black, and that makes me adore them even more.

You will be seeing more of these ankle straps making my legs look short this season, 'cause it's True Love, and we get a pass because we don't choose with whom we fall in love. Please don't faint when I wear them with midi skirts. You know why I'm not supposed to wear them, but get ready 'cause here I come in them. It'll be okay, 'cause I already know I'm short. I think they're pretty and that I look nice in them. Or, if I am honest, that they look nice on me. If anyone is mean enough or brave enough to tell me otherwise, I say bring it on.

I'm going to have some fun this season.


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  1. HappinessatmidlifeMarch 11, 2014 at 12:30 AM

    I don't really much into these fashion rules. I actually prefer to wear my jeans/pants cropped at the ankle rather than regular length and I love to wear flats with it. Some days, I do feel short when I wear this combo but most time I just don't care. It's a style that makes me comfortable.

    Love this on you and it does not shorten you at all.


  2. I think you look beautiful here, and to be honest with you, I have never even thought that you are petite. You know yourself and know how to look great!

  3. Nicolene RichardsMarch 11, 2014 at 1:36 AM

    What a brilliant piece of writing, you are a great orator! I am on a mission to challenge fashion rules, although they don't strictly count as discipline in the sense of creating order, I find them way to constricting to adhere to ( if it suits me:):)) ! I love the way you cheekily turn up your jeans, and allowing the shirt to layer over the pants, perhaps also a deviation of previous style rules, much to my liking! Great outfit!

  4. I've never thought of you as short, I am too. If it could change one thing about my appearance it would be to be 6 inches taller so I dress tall instead in 6" heels and long, unbroken lines of fabric. It seems to work 'cos people assume I'm a tall girl.
    I'm not a fan of rules either. Its terrible to limit ourselves and rule out possibilities. Lets live life without limits, this is the 21st century after all! xxx

  5. Don't we all worry about something? Forget about it. And enjoy yourself as yourself. Right on sista!

  6. If this were an essay, I'd give it an A+, not just for content - even though you articulated EXACTLY what this fellow shortie has been thinking for quite some time - but also for voice, because lady, you've got it in spades! Oh, and extra credit for that fab bird tee - I'd been thinking of picking one up meself but I already own the yellow version and I resisted the urge.

    I've long since thrown out the "rules". Learned them via Stacy and Clinton of What Not to Wear fame then slowly weaned myself off them. Heck, if Picasso can throw out the rules of art and emerge victorious with Cubism, then there's a chance for us, right?

  7. Patti_NotDeadYetStyleMarch 11, 2014 at 7:54 AM

    I'm with Pao: right on, and sing it, my sister from the 1960's! Wear what you love and btw, you look fab in these jeans. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday. xox

  8. PinkCheetahVintageMarch 11, 2014 at 7:56 AM

    You look fantastic!!! I'm taller, but have short legs for my height :(

  9. The interesting thing about all these "rules" is that we all seem to know them, we've internalised them, but then there comes a point when we question and rebel against them; and the fun really starts! I can accept that some styles suit (or don't) certain body shapes, but I also know that sometimes, playing around with proportion and experimenting can yield fabulous results. My friend and I used to play a game of deliberately choosing items to try on in a shop which we thought were "not us", wouldn't suit us, etc. And quite often we ended up having to reappraise those "rules", those "not us" pieces worked just fine.
    So yes, Jan, keep breaking the rules! You look great in this outfit, so it just goes to show what a little experimentation and throwing out the rule book can do! Bring it on indeed! xxxx

  10. Amen sister! Let's both of us have fun breaking the rules. I will say one small thing in favour of rules. *Sometimes*, knowing said rules gives us a better understanding of an overall look. We can look at a photograph and better understand why the silhouette may appear in our eyes to be flattering or not. Then we can gleefully break any and all rules as we choose. Does that make any sense to you?

    You are rocking this easy, boyfriend look! I'm glad you're on the boyfriend jean train; you wear it well. The shoes are gorgeous...paying particular attention to shoes these days as you well know. In my humble opinion, the strap doesn't distract in the least from the lengthening effect of this shoe.

  11. I'm short too, but I wear whatever makes me confident and happy, and it looks like you do too! :)

  12. Glenda @ So What to Twenty!March 11, 2014 at 3:26 PM

    You know Jan, I am 5'1" and I never think about the fashion rules that someone else has forced upon us to make us appear taller. I don't understand why I would want to be taller. I'm very happy with my size. I believe that many fashion rules are antiquated and should retire. By the way, you look marvelous!

  13. Hi Jan - It's all about proportion. I know you know that. I'd love to wear short sweaters and jackets but I look like I'm wearing something that's too small for me. But I can wear long tunics that would be down to your knees. You've got it right, cause you always look great!

  14. Hi Jan, I think the cuffed pants and ankle straps look great. You look confident and happy and everyone will be looking at your smile and fantastic hair anyhow! You should break as many fashion rules as you wish to. It's way more fun that way! As someone who is tall, I am compelled to point out that models are tall AND skinny. Most of us tall women are not skinny so we don't identify with the models any more than you do. I feel most fashion is made for skinny people. Tall and not skinny gets called awful things like "big". Regular women's clothes are made for up to approx 5'7" and tall clothes, which are not easy to find if you don't live in a city, start at 5'10" but I am 5'9". We tall people come with an assortment of figure types which come with their own sets of rules, to be followed or broken as desired. I have spent most of my adult life wishing I were a few inches shorter. Oh that grass, always greener elsewhere, isn't it?

  15. Lovely Jan, I never go by those stupid fashion rules. I think every style works for everybody you just need to find the perfect item for yourself. Those cropped jeans look super great esepcially with those strappy heels :-)


  16. My vertically-impaired soul sister LOL! Sweetheart I think it's much more about how you carry it off than it is about rules and regs. I actually think the shirt gives you a longer line. I've got really thick ankles so I wouldn't do the BF cuff and ankle strap but it truly is nice on you.
    Remember, dynamite comes in small packages ;-)


  17. All this said, you look great Jan! I'm on the shorter side also and I love ankle straps on shoes in particular. Blogging has made me more aware of the rules, guess I didn't know them before. What a pretty pattern on your blouse and fab with the blazer. I'm looking forward to see what you wear this spring!

    blue hue wonderland

  18. Jan, well I am tall, 5'11" to be exact but I do not follow any rules but mine. We are supposed to have fun with style, and as long as you are pleased with it, what has anyone's rule got to do with it? You look absolutely FABULOUS and yes please, bring on the midi skirt and those shoes.

  19. Rules, guidelines, whatever we call them, good for society in general, I agree but when it comes to what wear a big no. Do what works for you( I always have done). If that outfit breaks rules keep doing it, as everything works so well, including the shorter jeans and ankle straps. Enjoy your new season ahead!

  20. It's a gorgeous outfit! It's fun, and I don't think it has the wrong proportions for you at all.

  21. Oh Jan! I've often thought about all the time in my life I've spent hemming and altering and ordering the petite sizes only available on line. Days and weeks and months of time. Just cuz I'm a shorty. Yet I wear flats and big pants and all the things that make me look smaller. The best things come in small packages.

  22. No following any rules will make a short person look taller as you rightly mentioned, Jan. If you are petite than you are petite. I don't think that you would look any greater wearing shoes without ankle straps or full length jeans instead of these cropped ones. As I told you before I never knew that you are short until you mentioned it. Which means everything is all right with your proportions. Look forward to see more of you breaking fashion rules

  23. Mrs_Jack_of_all_tradesMarch 12, 2014 at 2:21 AM

    Short? No, Jan.. it's petite! I think besides some pieces that are obviously made for the models to strut in, we, the petites can rock about anything. The cuffed jeans would look better in a slightly tapered cut like the ones you have on. Tunic? No problem! A shorter jacket to layer with would help with the optical illusion. I am bummed now as I am so into the slip on sneakers trend and knowing that I might not look that flattering in them is so disappointing. Love the shoes, I have something similar and they are gems :)

    p.s. Haven't been blogging as in visiting blogs much lately.. a bit disturbed by the missing jetliner news knowing that it could happen to anybody, even my other half :(

  24. That game sounds fun, though most of the time I hate trying on clothes. How often did you end up buying something that you thought didn't suit you?

  25. even thought I'm not short, I can understand how you feel about breaking some of those rules!. I'm a huge fan of Factor Fun when dressing up, so I'm glad you did it and wear your pants and shoes, and long shirt, and all those clothes that really you like and enjoy, and you look gorgeous!!
    I believe everybody deserves pretty clothes to enjoy and express through fashion!, but that's not happening really.
    I'm also quite bored of reading/listening about what fat girls would or wouldn't wear. And I NEVER gonna look pretty, slight and delicate like Audrey Hepburn. So, I'm also ready to break some rules!!
    You're inspiring, dear lady!

  26. I so agree !I'm short too and it doesn't mind. Like my grandma said (she was shorter than me) : "you're tall enough to rule your own life ! " . Thanks for your visit : you look fantastic !

  27. :) You should enjoy what you wear! I'm not terribly short, but where I live and in my own family I am among the shortest. It doesn't have to be seen as a bad thing though you're right, so much fashion advice is given with the idea of "You don't want to look as short as you actually are!" I figure that short people tend to look younger--two of my little sisters could be mistaken for my elders because they're 3 inches taller than I am....and eventually, looking younger will be a good thing. :)

  28. Ooo, I soooo wanted that humming bird blouse that you're wearing from JCP, but when I tried it on.. my arms are too bulky and I felt like I would bust out of it. So the medium was too small and the large was a bit off in the shoulders. But I do ~ l o v e ~ that print. See, petite has its advantages :-)


  29. I am known for my candidness (some say infamous for my rudeness). But I can say honestly that I like your outfit very much. So you must have done something right with the colours and the proportions. Only... it is no use asking me as this is an area I know nothing about. Just know you look perfect.
    PS indeed darling shoes.

  30. Hello my dear.
    You look just adorable, stylish and beautiful.
    As a pear shape I have a lot of rules saying how I should dress.... and I LOVE breaking them if I feel good with something :) (well social niceties are another field, lol)
    I laugh with your quote "If anyone is mean enough or brave enough to tell me otherwise, I say bring it on"
    Yes, let's have some fun!!! This winter is becoming to drive me crazy.....
    Thank you so much for linking with Très Chic Style Bits and for all your support.
    Blessings your way.

  31. I'm in love with wearing what I love! Your beautifully written post is a tribute to self expression and your choices are perfection in my eyes. Keep it coming Jan!

  32. Oh Jan, I love this post and not just because I'm a fellow shortie! You look wonderful and I love every bit of your outfit! Especially the ankle straps lol! There were a few 'rules' about not to what to wear as a short person that I chose to ignore a while ago and I'm happier than ever :-) That's one of the reasons I dislike very high heels and/or platforms on short people - they simply scream short person trying to be tall even more!! I used to be guilty of doing the same thing - I'm so short I make 3 inch heels look super tall - then stopped and put a limit on the heel height that I feel both comfortable with and that look best on me.

  33. Your confidence generally ( or at least the confidence you project ... which is even more important!) is, I'm guessing, one of the reasons you dress so well. You have a great sense of personal style, and while I've followed your blog, I've watched you expand your style in great ways! Glad you like my look, and that you think it works okay!
    I do have to wonder if I missed the mark with this post ... nobody thought it was particularly humorous. I really though it was funny. Hmmmm.

  34. Thanks, Natalia, mistress of the most beautiful blog! I appreciate your very kind words. At my age, I hope I've gained some self-awareness. I can still surprise myself, though, and buck the system a bit! So happy you dropped by.

  35. There was lots of truth in that statement! I think I sort of failed with this post, though. I was trying to poke fun at style rules, all of them, and my own short-person acceptance at my great age. Part of my frustration is that some rules don't work for me, and I get nervous about breaking them because I've Ignored rules to my peril in the past. That's probably a common issue, and I thought I'd made it funny at my own expense ... just a little. Oh, well, one of the life-rules is that when I think I'm at my most amusing, I'm probably not!
    So glad it rang some bells for you though ... I identify with your response, I really do!

  36. Wow ... I love it when you like a piece of mine, Nicolene. I hope some folks found it as funny as I meant it to be ... can't tell if they did or not. The whole thing about style or fashion rules is that sometimes they really are sound. Some of it's just nonsense, and it's hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Cheeky! I really like that. Thank you!

  37. I got news for you, kid. You ALWAYS form a long tall column, and I'm another one to be surprised that you're not a tall willowy girl ... you are superbly proportioned, Vix. No surprise to you, I know. Your self-awarness is one of you best qualities, I'm guessing. Never self-conscious in an awkward way, and never self-centered, narcissistic. You just understand the space you occupy. That's a talent.
    You don't like rules? I'm shocked, I tell you ... just shocked! Shocked and appalled.
    Dan says he never thinks of me as short. I understand completely why you might not ... I'm only a photo against a brick wall on the blog. So thank you, Doll, for saying that. Makes me happy.
    But Dan's spent way too much time looking for me in a crowd. He's lying through his teeth, bless him!
    I gotta have a few rules or I'd put too much salt in everything!

  38. Okay. I see from your response that I didn't get this right at all. I was trying hard to make you all laugh. I did not want to come off as pathetic. Rats.
    Nice of you to sympathize, anyway ...
    Wait a minute ... aren't you one of those TALL ones? Okay, now I get it ....

  39. Awwwh. Thank you lots and lots, Maricel! That made my day. Takes me back to school when I built my entire self-esteem on grades! I miss being in school, every year, every fall.
    I'd go back but there's not a campus within reasonable driving distance!

    Actually, I think this was a fail in some ways. From the responses I got, not many (none actually) thought it was funny, and that was absolutely what I was going for. I wanted to entertain more than complain. I've just always wondered why it was so damned important about looking taller, and why I wasn't tall enough. I found out when I got my first kitchen cabinets that I couldn't reach. I never knew ours were extra short for my short mom and dad!
    I still feel irritated that some of Stacy and Clinton's stupid rules actually have some practical value for me ... I don't want to look nice at the expense of my high ideals. Wait ... yes I do!
    Thanks for liking my piece, kid. Oh, BTW ... the shirt is a filmy and very tailored chiffon-type thing and not a tee. I'm looking forward to letting it be seen better the warmer it gets!

  40. Thanks, Patti, dear hostess. Thanks for liking my bfs ... they are a challenge for old ladies, I think, 'cause we can easily look like we just never gave up our Mom jeans. Same danger as with cardigans, I think. I think I just look like I need my sweater 'cause I'm old and cold from poor circulation, and that's not cool or age-ironic at all!
    Hope you were a little entertained!

  41. Oh, I know how you feel. A lot. I'm short with a short waist and short legs. Weirdly, that makes me sort of proportional, doesn't it? Yikes.
    Thanks your sweet compliment ... made my day!

  42. BLARGH. I meant tee. ;p

  43. It's me Jan! The tongue in cheek prose did indeed shine through! So don't doubt your writing style!

  44. There should be a short girls club. If it means anything ... you have great proportions, 'cause you don't seem short in your photos! So happy you read and stopped by to say hi. Thank you for your kind words.

  45. I have a clear idea why I'd want to be a bit taller ... I wouldn't have to alter everything I wear and my worldview of life-at-armpit-level would be vastly improved. But I don't see the value in denying myself style ideas that I especially like in hopes of *looking* taller. Never gonna happen.
    Seriously, I'm a fan of some fashion rules ... the personal kind that one develops over a lifetime of developing our won tastes and learning to dress for effect. Beyond that, it has to be pretty convincing.
    Thanks so much for your nice comments, and I'm glad you like the end result. I'd hoped that people found it funny, but I'll settle for all the sympathy!

  46. Thanks, Karen. Speaking of short sweaters ... I'm in short, short-waisted heaven with the cropped sweaters and jackets all over the place. I haven't bought many, but I need to get on the stick before they're gone! No danger of over-sharing ... all but the most abbreviated ones hit right at my waist. For one,brief, shining moment, there was Camelot and there were sweaters that fit me there!
    Thanks for stopping by wit nice words!

  47. Thanks, Shawna for dropping by, particularly with a sweet bunch of compliments and nice things to say! I'm glad you liked what I put together.

    Yes, we all have our whiney bits. Trust me, I know about no shopping and living far from a city. We're also rural, and in Arkansas. It's rural even in the most densely populated cities. I feel you there. Not much petite stuff, in the same way.

    I also get the tall-skinny thing, but at least you have half of it whipped! Culturally, the heirarchy of how smart, attractive, powerful, rich and trustworthy people are perceived stacks up from the top with tall men, followed by tall women, then short men, then .. at the bottom ... short women. Second place is way better than dead last.

    Thought you might be interested, even just a little, in this pdf ... someone's dissertation, I think :

    I found it really cool that one of the conclusions was that although most very tall women wished to be shorter when they were young, when they became adults, most had changed their minds.

    I'm just guessing, but I'd say that tall, even tall-ish women mean they'd like to be average height when they say they'd take off a few inches if they could !

    I'm so happy you stopped by and took the time to read! You're welcome as the rain, anytime!

  48. Thanks, Ani! So nice of you to stop by and reassure me. And I'm glad that you like my outfit. You're welcome anytime!

  49. I knew I could count on you to laugh! THANK YOU! This bunch of bloggers is a tough audience ... hard to tell when someone's kidding in print, I know. And I find lots of sweetness in all the sympathy and reassurance. I'll always take more of that, please!

    It takes another shortie to get it, I think. So happy you had fun with it, and that you think the outfit works in spite of all the rule busting. You rock, as always.

  50. Oh, cool. You had me worried. Glad you got it, and glad, too, for the understanding shoulder to whine into! You're a great pal, you know?

  51. Yeah, but you've got some great legs on you. We all have our sensitivities, but your tallness, I assure you, is as elegant and graceful as can be. I struggle with proportion, but I'm getting better about fit. Honestly, I got by for a long time, with things as they come to me right off the rack. But I decided that I was sick of things fitting poorly and that I deserved at least clothes that fit, especially as an old lady. So I dutifully do my alterations, I'd rather not have to, but there we are.
    Glad you liked my out-of-the-box moment. I'll try to do it more often! Thanks for dropping by, Zalina. Glad you did.

  52. On the shorter side of what? You must be at least 5'5" or 6"! If not, you are the best proportioned woman I ever met. You look pretty tall to me! My hat is off to you, as always.
    Thanks for stopping by to say such sweet things, Ann. You're like that. And we all love you for it. I'm in particular love with this blouse, 'cause I'm a humming bird fan. I'll put out the feeder the first week of April, if not earlier ... I check the sightings charts and everything!
    I remember a story from when I was a little girl that said the little birds carry our wishes to the gods. Pretty thought.

  53. Lucky you, Elsie, and you're a pretty lady as well. You have to enjoy having it all going for you! I would! Nah, life as a short person isn't so awful. ( I'm not crazy about living a life at arm-pit level sometimes ... I just don't get in crowded elevators in the dead of summer. Ick.)
    I was largely trying to entertain with my post, and went for some admittedly cheap laughs. But I don't really understand why I should avoid wearing things I like to look taller ... I might look rested, better, pretty, cute, awake, furious, curious or happy, but I'm not going to manage even a millimeter taller. May as well wear what makes me look good, I'd think, and not worry about what won't ever happen! I think that's pretty good odds.
    I'm so happy you stopped by, and especially with all the nice things you had to say!
    Stay tuned for the ankle straps. Everyone will be sick of seeing me in them!

  54. You're a doll, Jill. I tried to entertain with this post, more than complain, but at least I had my say, and I hope that I made you laugh, if only a little. Glad you like the outfit and agree that it works. Thank you so much for all the nice comments, and I'm getting ready to enjoy the season, for sure!

  55. Thanks, Val, as always for your nice comments. I hope you had a laugh at my long post, but I'd always rather look good than get the cheap laugh I was going for!

  56. Please tell me who called you rude, and I'll go beat them up for you. It would be a lot better if I had to get on a trans-oceanic flight to find them ( any ocean will do) and I couldn't do more than a good tongue-lashing, but I volunteer if you need a champion. Just please don't make me go after little Thjis who was mean to you when you were 6 years old. He's probably big and mean by now. Or candid, as you say in Dutch. (Please laugh HERE!)
    Glad you liked my outfit ... that's the best thing you can say to me, pretty much.
    You are the kindest woman ! Thanks for reading and stopping by to say such sweet things.

  57. I'm shocked that you'd wonder about ankle straps, with your incredible dancer's legs. But as a sister shrimp, I do believe that you had at least a tiny twinge of rule-breaking anxiety. I'm also really surprised that you don't have cropped trousers already. I do admit that I take in the width of some of them from the hem to the knee or above. I'm really looking forward to you in crops and straps ... please do one in solidarity when time and wardrobe permit! You'll do it brilliantly, and I'd love to see the higher end version done with your typical super style and confidence.
    As always, I'm delighted when you read and stop by. Especially when you say such sweet things! Thank you.

  58. (This isn't an ad from Disqus ... it's really written by me, and there's no considerations or payment of any kind from the provider. Damn it, anyway! )
    Have you ever considered adding Disqus to handle your comments on your blog? It makes real conversation of replies, and I think you might like it. I've been happy with it so far, no glitches or screwups. It's easy to do, and free.
    Just a thought.

  59. Thank you, Olga. I'm surprised you didn't see me as a shortie ... but I'm DELIGHTED! Thanks for the wonderful comments! They are courage and confidence building, and can use all I can get. Petite ... I have to use that more often than short and square! Sounds a lot better.

  60. Thank you, Mrs. C! I appreciate you kind comments ... I'm grateful for the styling tips, too. Why don't slip-on sneakers look good on you? I don't really care for the shape of the shoe to begin with, but you can pull of just about anything you want. I'm pretty sure that if there is a flattering slip-on out there to suit your style, you'll find it there in Dubai!

    I know you're fretting about that jet ... it's a frightening mystery, isn't it? Now I read they're looking as far away as the Indian Ocean. I join you in hoping the mystery is solved very soon. Hang in there, kids. I wish you all the best.

  61. You inspire me on a regular basis. No one does color like you ( except maybe Sue at A Colourful Canvas) and I love how you create layers with so much charm and high-style! And you always have the cutest shoes!
    Nobody looks like Audrey Hepburn, but you always look pretty. Really pretty. You have your own considerable magic!
    Thanks so much for writing and reading my silly blog. I'm always so pleased when you stop by!

  62. I'd love that, actually! How does it work? Or do I have to have Blogger? Sigh. I'm a tried and true Wordpress supporter but sometimes it's so darned limiting (as evinced by my T3 linkup that's not as pretty as most).

  63. Works on Wordpress, or so it claims. Let's see ... Patti uses it, and Kim and Chloe at PopCosmo, and Anne SpyGirl as well ... can't remember others, but seems to work for a lot of bloggers.

    I'm not sure how to explain how it works, but I like it that when there's a comment it comes in via email as well, and I can see when anyone comments on my blog without actually going to the blog to check. Makes it easy to carry on a thread. See, you just thought I was really conscientious about checking for comments, huh?

    Go here for their marketing stuff and info;

    I geared all up for a big switcheroo dither, but it was easy. Just read through their steps. And you have access to a bunch of computer geeks, I'm sure, so you ought to sail through it.

  64. Your grandma was right! And thank you for dropping by with such kind words. I'm still looking at dresses in my closet to see if they need cutting apart into a top!

  65. Excellent point ... I get that a lot, even at my advanced age of 64. It does make a difference, especially if you keep just a little meat on the old bones. See?
    So happy you stopped by to remind me of that very good thing about being short!

  66. I'm sorry that it didn't fit you! I've still got to alter the sleeves as they are quite long, but I always have to do that. I am a little annoyed to see them on deep discount the other day, but not in my size, so that felt just a tiny bit better! I'll wear it again soon in a real spring outfit. Thanks, Monica, for reading an dropping by!

  67. I'm so happy you got a laugh, Seeker ... that was the whole reason I wrote it. I put this outfit together in a rush and while I was in a bad mood. Just to cheer myself up, I just put on some of my favorite pieces and hoped it would work. When I saw myself in the mirror, I thought about how many rules I'd broken and that I liked it anyway. I wrote to entertain, so I'm glad you liked it and didn't take it too seriously!
    Thank you for stopping by. It's always a treat to hear from you.
    Hope you are having a great week!

  68. You are always so kind, Judith. I'm glad you liked my post, even if you are a tall, willowy one! Thank you for reading, and for stopping by. I'm always so pleased when you do!

  69. The downside of my honesty is that criticism hurts. The upside is that when you get a compliment, you know it is true and meant, and not just flattery.
    Thank you for your kind offer to beat people up. I am going to think who would be the best candidate hahaha. And yes I did laugh. Loud.

  70. Thank you, dear Fellow Shortie! I know what you mean about very high heels and platforms. As you know, I wear some pretty high heels, but only rarely a platform. I try to keep my heels delicate or tailored or classic, and 3 - 3.5 are such a good proportion now, I'm thrilled. My one platform love is a pair of black suede Michael Kors strappy sandals, and even those have less than a half inch of lift. It's very tall wedges what look strange to me on short women.
    One of the things that bugs me most about being short is my own kitchen cabinets. I want my whole life at waist height, but the world won't cooperate. But the worst is restaurant chairs. My legs dangle when I sit back in them and fall asleep. So I always have to have a booth! Poor me.
    Thanks so much for your very sweet remarks, and I'm so glad you stopped by!

  71. Short?? I never tough that you are short -petit. Your outfit is in proportion and you look great Jan. I'm looking forward to see more breaking the rules outfits.

    Joly Look

  72. You look marvellous in your rebellious outfit, Jan! Keep on being yourself.
    You look happy and you feel good in this outfit, that is the best advice.
    Sabine xxx

  73. I never thought you were a "shortie"! Maybe I am height blind but I love a lot of bloggers style and photos, including yours of course, and never considered height in relation to the clothes they wear. Maybe because each of you has a unique style and the way you women come across is very attractive, breaking rules or not.

    I'm a small girl myself and to be honest, never considered the rules first before I wear something. If I like something, a color, a style, a print, then I will wear it. I wish I know all the rules but I've always been in the fringe or maybe even several levels away from being aware or in tune with the trend.

    I love your style and your confidence in wearing clothes you love!

  74. I don't play nicely with fashion rules. In every day life, I'm a rule follower, but not in regard to clothes. I'm short as well, and honestly I don't really give any consideration to "short girl" rules. You look gorgeous as always...I love, love, love the hummingbird top!

  75. Rules are made to be broken, ma petite fleur. You look fantastique!

    I had my "moment" as a model back in the late 70s/early 80s. I'm 5'4".
    A friend of a friend had an opportunity to show his line to the buyer at Bendel's. His (short) fit model was unavailable and I volunteered to do it. He had to coach me on walking properly and swooshing the fabric (they were bias-cut hand-painted silk dresses). "Squeeze those dimes, girl!" It was fun, but weird being a vehicle for the clothes and not a human.

  76. Oh, Monica, I hear you on the bulky arm issue! It's happening to me a lot these days! I think they're using girls with stick arms as fit models these days.

  77. I think they are cutting corners .. literally, which is dumb because all this stuff ends up on the clearance racks and still .. half the population can't wear these shirts or jackets with a teeny tiny arm circumference.


  78. To be honest, the first thing I thought when opened your blog was how happy you looked! And then, how feminine you looked wearing those wonderful shoes! After that I started reading the text...I am a tall person and can say I rarely felt confident with myself! Now that I am almost 50, I don't care it anymore. ... I think that there is something undefinable which makes you a special person, and besides, are just downsides that makes a woman unique...
    I hope my poor English is not too hard to understand!! Have a nice weekend!

  79. The only rule I follow now is how I feel about an outfit. If I feel good in it I wear it.And I don't take fashion and its rules seriously anymore,I do what I want and have fun with dressing.

  80. Thanks for the link-it sure is interesting! I suppose you are right and if I could wavea magic wand and shrink I would probably choose 5'6". Perhaps because I have not ever been in a position to feel the need to assert my intelligence or power, I have not developed any appreciation for my height. Usually when we are focusing on what we don't like about something we perceive what someone else has to be better. In the end it's best to just move on. My brother is 6'5" and he says that 5 of those inches are really quite pointless and sometimes a hindrance. His wife just hits 5' tall and she never has any complaints at all about her height.

  81. WOW! This look is amazing. Who cares if you are short. I've always been short, and never worried about looking tall. Sometimes it's even fun to play up petite heights. I LOVE your bird shirt.

  82. Hooray to ankle straps! Fashion rules are meant to be broken, always. ;) You always look gorgeous any way you dress up. I´m a great fan of long tunic shirts which I also call as shirt dresses because I wear them as a dress because I´m tiny, hahaha!


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