Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Spring 2014 Lust List

Yeaaay! Spring finally happened on Thursday, March 20 at 11:57 CDT.

I've been compiling the spring version of my Seasonal Fashion Fixation List since mid-February. It's magical how the official change of season transforms it from just a sad little wish list to an actual to-do list. 
The Quest is on. 
It's Go Time.

I keep the list in a permanent file that I modify seasonally on Evernote. I'm a big Evernote fan. (Not a commercial ... I really just like it.) It's a fancy (and free version!) app that makes it easy to digitally keep and organize all the stuff one jots down on scraps of paper and in notebooks or journals. Best of all, it automatically synchronizes my laptop version with the mobile version I carry around with me on my tablet, so it's great for keeping the Seasonal Fashion Fixation List accessible. I get an especially big kick out the strikethrough function that lets me cross off found items once they're actually in my clutches.  

I know. I need to get a life.

Here's the SFFL, subtitled 
My Spring 2014 Lust List.

(I keep some reminders that apply to every season
 above the list proper.)
Every-Season Revealed Wisdom
"Love it or Leave it!"
"Try it on!"
"Move buttons, shorten sleeves and adjust hems. Otherwise, if it's a big alteration job, leave it."

Keep 'till Memorized for Target Brands ...
(Did you know this? I didn't, and the info helps. If you don't shop Target, then never mind.)
Xhileration: Junior ... very Junior
Mossimo: Red tag is for Juniors
           Black is for Misses
Marona: sensible, basic Misses
Spring 2014 Considerations 
(some season specific admonitions ...)

Don't panic or get too caught up too early* and buy a bunch of stuff ... do what you can and really shop your closet for silhouettes.

Do the purge and put away the winter stuff! (Not done yet. 'Weather too iffy' is my current excuse.)

Minimal thinking; If you don't haz it, cultivatez it. Simple outfits will take few but good accessories.

Neutrals on neutrals with cool accessories look fresh. Tight tops are not good, and fit is key for every item.

New this spring? Long silhouettes.

Consider muted pastels ... tertiary?

Consider darks tones. Black and white feels really doable.

( ...and then categories of wished for stuff and a few rationalizations for why I need the stuff )
...are the exception for early shopping. Your size goes fast, so make up your mind on the basics.

Embrace the mid heel!
(Shoe Carnival has some decent heels this year for around $40)

You also NEED a pair of simple, plain leather, classic black pump!!!! Give the old ones a decent burial, 'cause they've been good friends, but they're dead.

D' Orsay pump, mid heel ... with ankle straps? (Think hard about these! Trendy, but so wonderful. )

Strappy white sandal? LI or LI! ( means Love It or Leave It) No nurse shoes.

Pastel pumps

Cute mules

If new ones try to seduce, hold out for True Love.

Any clutches must fit the Kindle Fire! Bright colored clutches? These can work ... kindle+wallet +phone+mini-keys, and in the bigger bag with all other necessaries for your long day trips.

(Just found this one ... It's cork!  Much cuter and larger than it looks.
From Francesca's Collections.)

Good black clutches of substantial size.

After review, you need:

Black and white striped tee ... boat-neck, decent quality

Crop tops and silky camis to go under ... NO REALLY, GET SOME!!!! Try ON for length.

Black, white, gray or colors Tissue Tees, Layering Tees ... crew, boat-neck ... light weight, should skim not hug.

Art print tops ... these are really appealing, especially structured shells. Be picky about print ... not all "art" is created equal.

Shirts: You need some.

Longer fitted silky tunics ... sleeveless, solid colors ... you could LIVE in these this summer with the right cut pants.

Joe Fresh (at JCP) has some pretty blouses, but they look huge! Try on. These can look madame if you're not careful.

Another creamy white shirt for hot weather ... light weight with sleeves? No pockets on boobs.

Don't buy a lot of jeans. Really, you're in pretty good shape.

Find ankle length, good fitting black twill-ish pants ... sleek ones, please. At least one pair.

And printed ankle pants ... you now know how to easily slim them from the knee, so find some you like. Try on for waist and fit before you buy ... then alter. Small pattern, please, Short-stuff!

Skirts: Dig around, see what you already have.

Midis ... pleated or circle much better than gathered! Make some, if necessary. Drop the waist for tucking. Crop tops will work with these if carefully fit.

Wear old sheaths with updated accessories.

Pink. I want a pale pink dress.

If you ever remember to do it, keep looking for that perfect molded-cup minimizer bra that you can buy without taking out a second mortgage. (This is the unicorn of my list .. has been sitting here for at least 3 seasons.)

More Cabernet undies! $12.00 at Dillards.

It is unlikely that I will buy all of the things on this list. They are the ideas that interest me for this spring. And it's high time to look ahead. The photo below is a reminder to me that there is a point where it's time to stop farting around with last season's closet orphans, send them on to a home where they'll be loved and get on with the change. 

Spring is a mean season that way.


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  1. Jan - you are a list-maker after my own heart! I should probably buckle down and make my own so I don't get Mad Hunt crazy or get seduced by the deceptively low eBay prices (goes up when you factor in shipping and, in some cases, tax). I also love your pic. Made me laugh out loud. Literally. :D

  2. Definitely on my list .. a new pair of leather black pumps .. no more of this pleather stuff, I want the real, comfortable, breathable deal ;-)

    Now, where is the rest of your outfit .. lol .. it cannot be that bad :-P

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  3. Um...I'm the one that writes things on my to-do list after I've done them, just for the pleasure of crossing them off. The strikethrough feature would tickle me to no end!

    And Lists!!! I'm so happy you shared a list. I'm easily overwhelmed by all things fashion, and I'm finding bloggers' lists so helpful. We won't have all the same wants and needs, but they absolutely help me to narrow down the possibilities! Your list has great little reminders, like the not pockets on the boob thing! It's easy to get seduced while out shopping, and details like this can get overlooked. Dang, you are giving me good direction on how to write my own list! Thanks bunches!

    I thought you needed cabaret undies...hahaha...but after a quick re-read, I got that all sorted out mentally!!

    And, on the shoes...yes six pairs, but definitely two, if not more, on the return list. I decided I'd better buy even the maybes and get them home to try them out. You'll be pleased to learn that two pairs are keepers...I've worn them out and about. I am a 5.5...one foot is a bit longer, but still short for a 6. And, technically I'm a wide width, but not too many shoes I've found are wide width. This could be where your stretchy tip comes in. By alcohol, do you mean rubbing alcohol? Surely not the Courvoisier VSOP? Although, my toes and ball of foot were a lsore after my outing yesterday; something a shot of brandy might have numbed!

  4. Jan, that is quite a list!!! California has now decided to have winter. Strange. In winter, we had summer. I have a closet full of sweaters that I really never have a desire to wear. I wish I could wear summer dresses all year round. Have fun working on your lists.

  5. Oh I love this post! Well done! You are so organised. I tend to keep all that sort of stuff in my head and one day I am going to get too old to do that. I'm probably already too old. People think I'm an organised person and I laugh. Where did they get that idea? They clearly haven't met you!

    I definitely am looking for some of the same things. I need more spring/summer shoes as all mine are so dark. I love love love tissue tees. Are they still around? I really want some light (beige/nude) cut out booties or peep toe booties. But they have to be mid heel. I think I can manage to keep the booties and the tissue tees in my head.

    Good luck with your hunt.

  6. Aren't you organized? I pretty much know that I need NOTHING. It makes for very boring shopping. LOL But it doesn't seem to curb it. Now I just look for something super unusual. I can normally rely on consignment and thrift stores to offer up something crazy.

    Your hair does look fab. Too funny you didn't like the rest of the ensemble. We will just have to take your word that the rest didn't work out ; )


  7. Honey I just had to smile at your photo. What a cute idea, lol. Thx for making me smile. Great post Jan. Thx for your sweet comment. I am glad I am able to post and comment again. Google was (or still is) given me a hard time.


  8. Love your photo! Must remember for the future! Giggled about the nurse shoes, as I actually wore them in the 60's. In nursing school and several jobs following. Brought back many memories.

  9. You are an organised soul, now I know where I have gone wrong all these seasons, writing the details , good and bad makes such good sense. I am such an impulsive buyer. Have fun finding your spring/summer looks.

  10. So what were you wearing behind that X, Jan? Had you forgotten to put your pants on? It happens... Do tell!
    You are extremely organised and thoughtful in your approach to your wardrobe, I am very impressed. You know I am an impulsive secondhand shopper, so it wouldn't work for me, but I could definitely do to keep in mind the Love It Or Leave It mantra. Keep us updated when you cross things off, and show us, show us! xxx

  11. I have some photos like this Jan too. In fact I have a couple of posts I feel that didn't work but that was when I learned something so it's only good.
    i agree with your thoughts here. You are organized and thoughtful in your choices. Currently I'm obsessed with thinking about white accessories, sexy heel and cross body bag. They are on my list to purchase for spring.

    blue hue wonderland

  12. Oooo, I luv you as Madame X!

  13. I didn't know about the different color Target tags! Good bit of info there thanks! We all have wardrobe fails, I just don't take a pic that day! :)

  14. Beautiful colors and I love your look! Lovely Read!


  15. Wow, I'm impressed with your list-making skills and organization! I'm not that organized. I shop for clothes like I shop for groceries: randomly and at the last minute. Which is why the cupboards and closets seem bare and my son has 1 pair of jeans. I need to get on the ball!! But I think I like the thrill of the chase and hunt. If you do decide on d'orsay flats - check out Old Navy. The suede-ish ones are amazing & affordable. I looked at a gazillion (truly) pairs and these are the most comfortable and stylish. I'll be wearing them in a post soon. Photos shot, just need to get them up!

  16. LOL, you did such a funny picture.... I had a good laugh, dear.
    But wow, what an amazing list!! You have everything so organized..... I'm very impressed.
    I must put on "paper" what I have in mind.
    I have to check on-line stores, with all the cons they have, because here we haven't any fashionable store, since I wouldn't go to mainland until July.
    Thank you so much my dear for linking with Très Chic Style Bits and for all the support and comment.

    Love and blessings your way

  17. You are funny. I am sure the outfit was great as well. I totally adore the shoes. I really, really, REALLY should make some kind of list. At the very least my wallet (and therefore my husband) will thank me. I don't even know where I would begin. The new rollout is already in my store and I love it all per usual. Sigh.

  18. Mrs_Jack_of_all_tradesMarch 26, 2014 at 3:56 PM

    Jan, I could use some of this myself (don't mind if I do, really). Unlike you I am known to go mindless into a shopping rampage without even thinking. As a result I always buy same thing over and over (that reminds me that I just sent my husband off to LA with a list of button downs, yikes! more button down?) You obviously are a planner and that is really super! Lead the way Jan, and I shall follow :)

  19. LOL! Oh come on, was it really that bad?? I bet it wasn't! The shoes look great at least! This list looks very organised and targeted - things I'm not very good at! Looks like you've got your work cut out shopping for Spring - look forward to seeing the results of more strikethroughs on the list.

  20. What a funny picture, Jan! I always admire your sense of humour. And your organizing skills. To make such an impressive list of everything you want or interested in! That's good. Perhaps I should make my own list, at least a small one, because I often forget what I need.

  21. HappinessatmidlifeMarch 27, 2014 at 1:01 AM

    Love this post Jan! I never knew the color coding on the Mossimo tags. ..how do you find out about these things?

    Looking forward to see what items you make it to your closet this spring.


  22. Dawn @ AlterEgoFashionistaMarch 27, 2014 at 11:58 AM

    LOVE your seasonal fixation/lust list!!! I will be looking into some of your suggestions...and also Evernote! Great advice about the love it or leave it...I will march into my closet straight-away and pull out at least 5 things that have to go! The X on your photo made me laugh out loud! Too bad we can't go out in public that way, when needed!

  23. this is one of the funniest and wisest 'lust list' I've ever read!, black&white, no pockets on boobs, unicorns, everything sounds really sensible!
    I really don't have a list, just a few items I'm in the hunt for. A pair of comfy red maryjanes are the number one. But they're so elusive like unicorns these days!
    Wish you luck, dear lady!

  24. You are so well organised Jan, I am impressed!

    My wish list is in my head and it is changing. Sometimes because I see an outfit in a blog which suddenly becomes a "must have" for me. Sometimes because I see a garment in the vintage shop which I won't miss any longer. I look forward to your newbies and to the dresses pimped up with new accessoreies.

    Sabine xxx http://achtstundensindkeintag.blogspot.de/

  25. I'm sure your clothes wear great. But I know. I'm allways very critical with my pics too.
    First we had a week nearly early-summer weather. Than snow, cold, rain and wind came back. Brrr. But today... yes. It's becoming better and better..... Sunday we want to go skiing the FIRST time this year. The say, it will have sun... :-) I believe it will be a great day. Have a good time. Sunny

  26. Your idea is great! And allow to have well in mind how to quickly match spring clothes! I do something similar, drawing many versions of my outfits ... including items I wish to buy...( I find drawing a relaxing and pleasant activity! )
    Sometimes I feel fashion is a hard job! ;-)
    I love your mules, especially the second one...

  27. It's a wonderful idea to make a list of what you really need to add to your wardrobe. Shoes are #1 on my "mental" list as well :). I'm thinking about a decent pair of flip-flops-- it's going to be very hot in Houston in late spring and summer. Good luck with your plans! And don't be shy about your outfits :) You always look polished!

  28. Hahaha, with a list as long as this one, you need 40 hours each week to work on it and a very filled wallet.
    You are so organized, I applaud you. I just keep buying stuff that I see and like. Random hits (or not). I am now in the process of giving away everything I don't look fabulous in. That will give some space in my closets. For summer I really have enough. It is only summer for a couple of months in The Netherlands. We have more in-between-weather and winter. So I should concentrate on winter.
    I laughed over your sentence: "... not all "art" is created equal", so funny. Is that what they call a paraphrase? Or am I wrong in this (I often use difficult words in the wrong context haha, like my father also did). I like to add that some art is more equal than other art. LOL

  29. Thanks for your visit on my blog and your comment : it's always a good moment when I read it ! Make a list sounds right : a smart idea to avoid buying another black shirt or a "new" similar pair of jeans ! Have a good week Madeco

  30. I LOVE your posts and your sense of humor, Jan! We would have so much fun shopping together!

  31. Tamera Ferguson WolfeMarch 29, 2014 at 3:59 PM

    I love your "X" citing outfit!!!! Lol
    I do something similar...A wishlist for the season. My unicorn is a denim blouse without boob pockets t hat is slightly fitted with princess seaming or darts. I shall prevail!!!

  32. I'm a fan of Evernote too! Isn't technology awesome? (Some, not all though!) Love that it syncs my iPad and laptop. I admire you for keeping track of a long list of things to buy, reminders, etc. I had no idea about Target's different brands and if they cater to juniors, misses, etc! Thank you for sharing that.

    I'm not making a list for myself, I will probably just check what's in my closet and re-use them. I have clothes that I have not worn as often as I want so I'm prioritizing them all the way to summer. And if there are items that seduce me on my usual thrift haunts, I'll think long and hard and decide if it's "true love" as you say or maybe keep searching.

  33. Just popping in to wish you a Happy Monday Jan.

  34. So glad you had fun! Thank you, Maricel. My wardrobe is a hobby, and as such, I just write down things that I think about it, Including all the want-list. All the lists this spring are so reasonable and short. I feel decidedly un-virtuous and greedy. Oh well. It's love.
    Also, the list does keep me focused.

  35. Will probably catch a pair of pretty black pumps on sale fairly soon. They are seasonless, but easier to find in the fall. And it's not like I don't have plenty of options!
    Seriously, the outfit I was trying to make work ended up completely wrong. So wrong. I just gave up!

  36. I do that, too! You're not alone, but I agree that it is a little weird. Yup, you'll love the strikethrough.
    Amazingly, the list keeps me from not spending too much. I get very focused, and don't just go larking around in stores without purpose. That's how I get into trouble. I have been known to buy something that may or may not be wonderful, just to get it off the list. Hence ... the Love It or Leave It clause helps with that.
    Glad your shoes are working out! Yes, rubbing alcohol. No, not Courvoisier.
    Padded insoles? Probably, honestly, just willpower!
    Thanks for all, Sue! There's a shout out to you on my post of last night.
    Big hugs to you.

  37. I'm organized about this ... it's a hobby, and deserves my attention! As for the rest of my life? Not so much. How dare anyone think we're organized!?
    I hope there are light weight tees around. Hope you find your booties.Summer booties look so good with jeans and light tops! It gets so hot and humid that everything but sandals seem oppressive. I'm a thin cork insert fan. I wear them in the toe box, even with sandals, and they keep my feet from sliding around in the shoe.
    Thanks for reading, Shawna. Glad you got a kick out of it.

  38. Thanks, Becky! Nice that you see it that way. My resources are so limited this year that it really helps to keep a wish list. And in the past, I've actually bought less because of the mutability of the list.
    So glad you stopped by!

  39. I didn't know about the system until I decided to Google the "difference between Mossimo and Merona Target brands." A little wandering around took me to a blog or article (sorry, can't remember where the info came from) that seemed authoritative. I have a few Xhileration tops ... as you know, we can get away with Junior basic-basics like tees and tanks.
    If we're talking about NEED, I don't really need anything. Want is quite different. This is an unabashed lust list, and probably won't find much of it. But it's fun for me, anyway, and I do like keeping a seasonal list.
    So glad you're doing Fashion Week!

  40. Thank you, Suzanne. Glad you got a kick out of the X photo. Seemed the better part of valor to just give up. The get-up really did look awful. I kept thinking it would be okay until it was too late to reshoot. I never get it together to keep a backup ... I end up using them up when I just get lazy.
    Nah, there's only a couple of real "needs' on the list. Clothing is a wonderful necessity that we can use expressively, and that sounds so much better than just blowing money on clothes. I can also use the excuse that I dress for evenings at the restaurant. But it is just an excuse. Your personal style is so distinctive, it's fun to watch what you add and rethink on your blog. Great to see someone working some truly glamorous looks as well as you do!

  41. Awwwh. Thanks, Lenya. You have such a keen sense of humor on your own blog, I'm happy that you get mine!
    I'm so sorry you're having trouble with Google. I wish I had advise for you, but haven't had the same troubles (so far ... hope it stays that way!) Glad it is getting better for you!

  42. Sorry, Judith, about the desperately bad photo. I kept hoping it would look better to me in the morning. It never did, and I was too short of time to reshoot. Ah well. Thought it was better to laugh at myself rather than make sure everyone laughed at me first, and believe me, that would have happened!
    So sorry about the nurse shoes remark. But you have to know what I mean, especially with your delicate legs and feet. White shoes can go heavy looking so fast! Astonishing how much power color and tone have!
    Thanks for reading, lovely Judith!

  43. Oh, darling Jill, I'm not organized. I just accord my hobby better organizational tactics than I bother with for the rest of my otherwise boring life! I just write about what I'm interested in, and in spring, it's the fresh start that a few new things mean to me. Much more of an optimist than an organized woman! Thank you for reading. Glad you had fun with it.

  44. Nothing so interesting, Curtise. I'd just been worrying the last of my winter things like a dog worries a bone ... trying to dredge a last bit of use out of pieces that I don't often wear. I keep forgetting that there's a good reason I don't wear said orphans. (I should stop anthropomorphizing unflattering clothes by calling them ophans ... who would un-adopt an orphan! Insight ! Too bad it's not necessarily accompanied by application.) That was accompanied by a stubborn hope that when I looked at the photo in the morning it would magically look better. Nope. I should keep a trove of emergency shots. I'm lazy about that.
    The whole list thing is a just day-dreaming on digital paper. I just like to keep my fantasies well ordered. It's a fairly recent tactic, and if I'd applied it sooner there would be fewer "maybe I can use it" pieces. Love It or Leave It is the best tactic. You are quite right, not a useful tactic for chazzing (my new favorite word!) but much more workable here in Big Box Hell.
    It also made a usable post topic! Will update when items become available!
    Love to you all there in Blighty, and I so wish I was there!

  45. I only have a "photographer" a few minutes a week, and planning is a must. I just screwed up the planning and wasn't smart about the results. I should quit buying clothes and invest in a camera where decent "selfies" are easier to do!
    Thanks for reading, Laurie!

  46. I saw those! And they are cute ... I just don't look great in flats generally. I've had some that I like, and do have hopes that the pointy toe styles might solve some of my difficulties. They're harder to fit on me than pumps, can you imagine? Will look forward to seeing them on you! That's always a treat!
    Don't be too impressed with the list ... with such limited time and such distances to cover, I need to be on my game. I won't buy nearly all of what's on the list ... much of it will be a try on and a pass. It's not so much of a shopping list, really, as thinking aloud on digital paper.
    So happy you read, and stopped by. Always love to hear from you, Kim!

  47. So glad you found it funny ... that's always at least part of my intent! I try!
    Mine is such a fantasy list that I may never buy half of it. It's mostly what I'm thinking. You understand, I know, about limited availability. Like you, I have to plan ahead. If you make a list, I hope it works for you when you do get to the mainland!
    Love to hear from you, Seeker! Hope you're having a good week.

  48. No, really, the outfit sucked. I was just trying to make a piece I don't wear often work just one time. Then I waited to see if the photo looked better the next day. That didn't work out well!
    The thing that makes a list work for me is that it's fun to compose. I'm not an habitual list maker, but I tend to write about what I like. And I likz my clozzze!
    Must be insanely hard to avoid temptation in your place! Like a diabetic in a sugar plant, I'd imagine, at least sometimes. At least if you succumb to temptation you can blog it for redemption!

  49. No, I've done my share of hard-core shoppy-shoppy as well. I always feel like such crap afterward. Seriously, with such limited time and everything so far away I have to have a strategy. Blogging keeps me as organized as anything. It's funny, but some of my most satisfying clothing combinations come from choosing a blog idea first then dressing to match the idea. Also some of the worst, as was the case here!
    And I just feel better when I plan on digital paper. It always feels more justifiable if I have an idea to accompany an outfit! So glad you read and wrote to me ... I'm always so pleased when you do!

  50. Yup. It really was bad. Before blogging, I might have worn it anyway, but my discernmnt skills are better these days. Old bitches-new tricks, it seems, so I can be glad for that!
    I'll probably not find everything I'm looking for, but like all the best quests, it's the journey and not the destination. Thank you, V, for stopping by. So glad you did!

  51. Sometimes all one can do is laugh. It just was so awful, I created "Madame X" just before I published the post. Ewww. Glad you got a kick out of it, so it wasn't a total loss.
    I've always written down what I'm thinking about, mostly to clarify my process. Too bad I'm not as obsessed with a more worthy topic ... my wardrobe is a current obsession and hobby. Seems I'm not alone in that!
    And a list does serve to keep one better focused, I admit!
    Hope you're enjoying your spring ... I'm so far behind, as you see.
    Thanks Olga, for reading and writing!

  52. I'm nosy. I recently Googled "difference between Mossimo and Merona Target brands," and after a little poking around ran across an article that detailed the info. It seemed authoritative, although I can't remember where I found it.
    I'm pretty sure I won't get everything on my Lust List, but it will be fun to try.
    Thanks, Alice. I appreciate it that you stopped by!

  53. Or just wear a badge on a lanyard around our necks, declaring a pass on looking decent for the day. Glad you got tickled by the photo. I'm chucking the most offensive piece of the X outfit ... sending it on to a decent home to someone who won't hate it. It was a piece I bought because it covered a lot of flaws, but made me look 100. Lesson learned.
    Thanks, Dawn! So happy to see you show up here!

  54. Thank you so much, Senora Adorable! Glad you liked my attempts at humor.
    Just for fun, I just did a search for red mary jane flats, and you are so right! They are hard to find! I'm looking for a pair of ankle strap D'Orsay mid-heels or just strappy sandals in red. .. not much luck there either. Perhaps later in summer.
    Thank you for stopping by. So happy to hear from you!

  55. Thank you Sabine. I have a lot of plain, fitted sheath dresses, and they look a little tired right now. I get into trouble trying to jazz up dated items, sometimes. That's what happened with the X photo ... not a dress, but a top I always am sure will work MUCH better than it does.
    It will have a new home soon!

  56. Oh, I hope you had a good time! That's the way to love cold weather; if you have snow, don't just complain. Go skiing! Lovely thought, Sunny.
    So glad you stopped by!

  57. Lovely idea, Dan. My formal education is in painting, and I hardly ever draw ... I just don't get around to it! I think my problem is that I love words as much as images! Keep drawing, lady!
    I haven't seen a single pair of mules here, yet! Those are just ones I want, but it will probably be forever before I see them here in farm country. We have real mules here, but so far, not the kind we wear on our feet!
    Have a great week. I'm so happy you stopped by for a visit, Dan!

  58. I think I told you that yours are the first flips I've seen this summer, at your blog! It will be almost as hot here, I think. Let's hope we have as mild a summer as our winter was cold and nasty!
    I wasn't shy ... just grossed out by my own outfit! Trust me, it was better not to show it!
    Thanks, Oksana. Glad to see you!

  59. You're right. I tallied up the items and they amount to 19 items! But I as that includes separates and accessories, and only one dress I can excuse it all for work wear. Ahem. And shoes don't count.

    Seriously, I won't get all of this stuff ... partly because I won't be able to find the right items here! And it will take me all the months of spring and summer to wind up the list.

    It's nice to dream though. I have to clean closets soon. Our summer is the most difficult season to dress for ... very, very hot and humid.

    A paraphrase is, according to a dictionary is "a rewording of something written or spoken by someone else." So is seems like it might be, but it's really a common Americanism used to make a sort of a pun. The original phrase is from our Declaration of Independence, part of our seminal political theory:
    "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness."
    We often use this very familiar phrase it to point out that beyond the rights of humanity, equality is not absolute. Yup ... I meant it to be funny.
    I messed with the phrase to point out that while much design is designated as "art," that doesn't mean that it's all good. For me, if something truly deserves to be called art, it has intrinsic value.
    "Created equal" is archaic in form. We'd probably say "created equally" today, but that alters the meaning a little, and removes the poetic elevation that was intended, I think.

    Greetje, you are the most interesting woman! And I'm not using an iota of irony or sarcasm there. I'm always thrilled to read what you have to say, on your blog, or here!

  60. I'm so guilty of buying too many of what works for me! I'm glad you liked my post, and I'm always pleased when you drop in. Thank you so much!

  61. Wouldn't we? I'm always up to go looking for clothes! And no trip is complete without a carb- loaded lunch and a glass of wine or two.
    Glad you had fun with the post. I worry that I'm taken too seriously, but most people get it. It's my fault if they don't. I don't use emoticons to keep myself aware of how easy it is in modern communication to get the whole tone wrong and insult someone! Yikes.
    But thanks again. Always glad to see you!

  62. Ooooh, oooh! Have you tried any of the Western-wear stores? They often have slightly nipped in denim for Pleasure Horse-type riding and competition. Room to move, but with a femininie waist and flare. Even at Tractor Supply! There probably will be boob pockets, but maybe not! I'd look at that kind of on line store. Good luck, Gorgeous!
    So happy you stopped by, and hope that you have a getting-better-fast week!

  63. Evernote is so handy for my writing and business projects, I'd hate to lose it. I love it that you can jot notes with a stylus now, and that they handle images so well. Extremely handy for my husband as well.
    I just stumbled upon the Target categories on a Google search, and they are handy. It's primarily useful if I need to know to grab a medium in Women's or a large in Junior brands.
    I'm really sticking to the True Love admonition. It's saved me money and energy! My big fault is settling early in the season for what will just-do, instead of waiting until the stores go into full swing in April or May or even June.
    Thanks for the reminder ... I know there are things from last summer I need to get out and consider!
    Love to see you stop by, Karen. So glad you did!

  64. Thank you, Lenya! I'm so far behind. Hope you have a great week, too!

  65. I thought you were referring to: all men are created equal but some are more equal than others". Cannot remember who said it. Nice you find me interesting. Makes me proud of myself. "See?? Somebody thinks I am interesting". I would so like to meet you.

  66. I do tend to live in sandals for July and August, but the ones I have don't appeal to my chunky shoe fetish. ;-) Great tip about the cork insoles. Thanks!

  67. I'm not sure that's a paraphrase, though. A paraphrase has the same meaning, just different words and the Declaration asserts a fundamental equality of all men. Orwell was saying, essentially, that all animals (or men) really aren't treated as equals.
    There has to be a name for the device, but I can't think of it. Epigrammatic, maybe? A satiric epigram? An ironic-satiric epigram?
    If I find out, I'll let you know. Where are Oscar Wilde or Dorothy Parker when we need them?

  68. Nicolene RichardsApril 4, 2014 at 2:00 AM

    What fun to share in your planning, great entertainment apart from being inspirational! Most of the shoes are sensational! You are a remarkable orator and strategist with great style!

  69. I agree, but it said paraphrase on the internet talking about Animal Farm, so.... I took it for the truth. Wrong... you cannot trust internet. And I knew what George was trying to say haha. (So very true, unfortunately.)


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