Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Suddenly Summer ... Sigh.

In Seattle, we used to tell visitors, "If you don't like the weather today, wait a minute.  It'll change."

Here in Arkansas, if you aren't enthralled with the entire season, hang in there because one morning it will change on you in a few hours.  There is usually a day or so when you start out with the heater on to cut the chill when you get up. Then, on the same day, usually by lunchtime, you'll turn on the AC because it's starting to get uncomfortable. Typically it stays that way.  Hot and humid.

That's how many of us here mark the beginning of summer. This Sunday was the day for me. I flipped on the AC at about noon.  I also mark the beginning of the season  by the day that I can't wear a long sleeve without being really uncomfortable. Also Sunday.   

 I'd wanted to wear this particular favorite shirt one last time ... it's one of those wardrobe love affairs that should not be, but the heart often insists on wearing what the body should run screaming away from. I'm sure if my heart had eyeballs it would make better choices, but no. I've been stubbornly trying to make the Big Shirt idea work for me in spite of my shortness, so I pulled out my coolest sunnies (RayBan all-black aviators) and what I imagine are a cool pair of wedges (which I can walk all day in!  For me, and extra point of coolness.) 

Here's how it turned out.  I'm actually pleased.  
Look! I have a neck!

Here's how I wore it last winter.  The different wintry styling notwithstanding, I think it looks a lot less contrived and less constipated with the shorter hair. 
I like the different vibe the hair lends.  Better proportions, perhaps. (Although, it wasn't a bad hair day if I do say so myself.)


I didn't end up getting to wearing my spring iteration, though.  By the time we were done trying to get a decent photo of the first outfit, it was 90 degrees.  So I ran in and changed into a dress I've been wanting to wear since I got it at the Peter Pilotto for Target collaboration from February.

I was between sizes in this dress, so I bought the larger size, took it in a bit, raised the flippy ruffle about four inches and took in the width of the smock so it sits closer to the edge of my shoulder.  It's fully lined, and I love wearing it.  The ruffle ripples against your leg as you walk, and I did a lot of walking on Sunday.  These little wedge sandals where again chosen for comfort, but I have at least five other pairs of shoes that will work with this little dress.  I didn't like a lot in the collection, but I like the way this one turned out altered to "Jan size".  Happy me.


Linking up, late AGAIN with the Always Forgiving Patti at Visible Monday .  Come see how we're all dressing for our respective weather!


  1. Jan, I think you are right, although I hadn't realised till you pointed it out; the differ ence between the two stylings is less about the boots vs sandals, or the gilet, it's your shorter hair! Opening up the neck of the shirt and shorter hair has somehow elongated you - why, you're 6 feet tall, woman, it's a miracle! Anyway, teasing apart (it's done with huge amounts of love and affection, so it's OK), I really like the shirt on you. The lines are long and sleek, and you look cool!
    The reworking of the dress is genius. I know I didn't see it on you before your alterations, but I can imagine it kinda hung there looking a little droopy. Like this, it's perfect. Colours! I like! Happy you indeed - and clever you too. xxx

  2. Maricel EdwardsMay 6, 2014 at 4:47 PM

    So jealous of that Pilotto dress because, you're right- on me, it was a sack. And because I don't have mad sewing skills, I had to regretfully pass and purchase the more forgiving shirts instead. Ah, glorious flippy dress! I shall admire you on my good friend, Jan, and perhaps pay double the price for you on eBay once the furor subsides and I decide I don't mind wearing a colorful floral sack after all.

  3. Hooray for sewing skills! So sad that they don't still teach it in schools. At least around here they don't. This was an amazing transformation as I watched your hair grow shorter and your body grow longer! Just lovely.

  4. Oh that sleeveless dress, Jan! Adorable! 90 on Sunday! We're still living in the 60s and 70s, but not for long, I'm afraid.

  5. Glenda HarrisonMay 6, 2014 at 5:45 PM

    Supet cute in your Peter dress. And I adore the sandals!

  6. The Style CroneMay 6, 2014 at 7:25 PM

    I'm loving your short hair! It looks perfect with these two ensembles. The flirty sleeveless dress screams summer. Jan, you wear it with incredible style. If only I had your 'alteration skills."

  7. I agree with the shorter hair; you're convincing me to do the same. And I love both outfits, especially that dress. Wow! Hot woman!

  8. Debbie StinedurfMay 6, 2014 at 9:11 PM

    Ahh...my gorgeous friend...it's funny how we don't think things work on us, but others see it differently. The big shirt looks fantastic on you...regardless of hair length. Our weather is the same one day it's winter, then a week of spring, then Bang! 90 degrees. Which I must say, I'm also not a fan of! Ha!

  9. VersatilestylebytraceyMay 6, 2014 at 9:42 PM

    Without the visual difference of the two pictures the shorter hair wouldn't have even occured to me to make the shirt look differently. The pictures really echo your thoughts on it. Wow, those temps swinging like that in one day must really make dressing complicated....

  10. Isn't the short hair working great for you! Big shirts are hard to wear but I think this looks great Jan. Good with the simple design of this shoe. it is the neck isn't it? Love the dress too dear. So many women are are afraid of going short and think it will not look feminine. You are proof that this isn't true!

    blue hue wonderland

  11. I really like your new hairstyle, Jan, no - I love it! You look wonderful in all your outfits. The winter version is a bit edgy, which I like. But your Spring version is fresher, with cleaner lines, and you look fantastic! The dress is such a cutie!! So glad that you got it - and what a wonderful job on alteration too. Happy Summer! :)

  12. HappinessatmidlifeMay 6, 2014 at 11:45 PM

    Bummer that you were only able to take photos with your spring version of this outfit...I like it worn as a loose tunic. But that dress...wow stunning on you and it's Jan-sized which is perfect! We are having some crazy heat waves here to so I know how you feel.


  13. Love the Spring styling of this shirt...cute dress too!

  14. It used to be AC from may for us too, but since we are in a microclimate now, it will never go more than 30 and it always cools down at night. Fingers crossed it will stay this way.
    I cannot get over your gorgeous new haircut.
    Love you in your floral dress.

  15. Your hair really does make a difference, I bet your wardrobe feels new and bursting with possibility now you've had the chop - not that you didn't look fabulous before!
    Love that flirty hem on that floral smock dress. Ultra feminine clothes look extra sexy with short hair. xxx

  16. Helle Jan,

    greetings from germany. You have great pics and you look really beautiful.

    I love aour style on Pic No. 2.



  17. Amazing the difference a new hair style makes, the shirt with you new do a definate winner.
    Your flirty summer dress with your clever make over is just perfect. A wedge always right, style plus comfort.

  18. Mrs_Jack_of_all_tradesMay 7, 2014 at 3:50 AM

    Yup, the hair is spot on. But I think it could also be the leather vest that was the culprit in the winter picture. I have the same 'neck-less' problem whenever I wear my leather jackets. Having a *cough* shorter neck is one but the jacket definitely does not help. Maybe I should consider a shorter haircut or have my hair up when wearing my leather jacket :) By the way, love your summer look and absolutely adore the sandals!

  19. Lovely summer look! I just got back to Finland from (relatively) warm and sunny Britain... On Monday I thought it was going to start snowing again... Fortunately not, but still wearing my in-between-seasons clothes and a warm coat. And this with almost round-the-clock sunshine and a monster of a pollen season...

  20. Dear Jan, here is the same thing about the weather.... we even tell that the "Island is the land of four seasons in a day".
    Loving your new hair style :) You look younger and fresh.
    I also cut mine, but I did one side shorter than the other. Loved it the day I went to the hairdresser, now I'm having troubles to mantain it.
    You look gorgeous in both your outfits!!!! That's such a nice dress and the wedges are great (seems confy and elegant).
    Unfortunatly with some meds I'm taking I've gained some weight :( (crying) and some clothes don't fit me.... Oh well I guess my mental sanity is the priority.
    Love and blessings your way

  21. Shawna McComberMay 7, 2014 at 8:16 AM

    Although I don't like really hot weather, I am chilly enough here on the west coast that I am envying you slightly. I would like between 17 and 24 degrees year round. I like all the outfits but the second incarnation of the black and white one is very chic and I just love love love your hair. It is still a head of gorgeous hair but it allows your lovely face to really show too. The Peter Pilotto dress looks amazing on you and probably due to your tailoring skills. Really gorgeous, Jan! Thanks for sharing it.

  22. This is now my third try to post a commentJan, they all vanish into thin air. I don't know what's wrong I'll try for the last time Love the look on you in the Pilotto dress, looks amazing.

  23. What a great dress. And what a good idea to buy the larger size and alter it (you clever little minx).
    And I took a look at your longer, long sleeved B&W top. I think it looks very good. The trick is wearing skinnier trousers with it (which you did). And you left the top bit unbuttoned. In the winter photo the blouse looks buttoned up and the jacket adds to that silhouette. I don't think the hair has too much to do with it. But you might be right. The shorter hair might elongate you.
    As for all those pairs of shoes you have... I am sure they will work with the dress (I can remember a couple). There are so many colours in the dress. But the wedgies look nice too and comfort is a great thing.

  24. A gal in my office has that dress and it just looks awesome on her and looks great on your too. Something about that print is just extra special :-)

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  25. Oh no.. have written something and it´s all gone :(
    But.. I will try it once again!!! :)

    Dear Jan I think we have the same weather and the same weather conditions. You go outside, the sun is shining, everything fine.. after 2 minutes it´s raining, cold and stormy.. after 5 min. the storm is gone.. blue sky and the sun is shining! :)
    So it´s hard to find an outfit which is always perfect.
    At any rate I can not wear sandals yet. Yours are very elegant and perfect to your wonderful colorful dress (you look SO cute in it!!). I also love the first outfit with the blouse and the trousers, very elegant and a beautiful pattern.

    have a wonderful week dear Jan
    many greetings from Far-Away

  26. Jan sizing at its best! See, I so wish I had that talent, if it doesn't fit just right (perfect actually), it's not coming home with me because I can't do anything about it. I remember seeing this dress and thinking, Oh its so fun but way too long, and there you go and fix it up perfectly. Love this version in the Jan size.
    And what's not to love about the oversize shirt and your skinnies? Seriously girlfriend, you look fabulous in this style. On the next cooler evening, this outfit is a must!
    Can't say enough about your new hair style. Hope the weather half way cooperates with you.

  27. I wore my Peter Pilotto this week, too - no photos yet. I opted for the white graphic pencil skirt because I don't have your talent for alterations. I have to tell you, you reshaped that dress expertly. I passed on it because I thought it looked too squared-off and sacky. The silhouette you've created is a definite improvement over the original. I like the "Big Shirt", too, but the Pilotto is a stunner ;-)


  28. I love that big shirt. It's hard to believe it was to hot to wear! The print is gorgeous and it doesn't look too big on you at all. I can't believe you did all that altering to fit for the summer dress. That's so much harder to do than just making a dress from scratch, I think. But it looks terrific on you, you certainly know what you're doing - and with a lining too! Way to go, girl.

  29. I just love reading your posts Jan ... "I'm sure if my heart had eyeballs it would make better choices." lol - I always have to smile! Speaking of smiles, I loves yours!! :-)

    What a flirty, little summer dress, colours are bright and summery. Love your hairdo, really suits you. You have my favourite model pose, very polished and shows off your outfits!

    Wish I could wear my new summer dress, but it's not warm enough yet. :-(

    ♥ carmen


  30. I think the open shoes make a difference too. You made me giggle. I think in lots of my photos I look constipated. Rachel xx

  31. Love the dress -- so colorful and fun. Smart alterations! Now it looks perfect. I also was thinking of buying something from this collection, but could not find anything that would be flattering for my body type :(

  32. But you DO look very good with the long shirt! The dress is fabulous and the colors are perfect. Your criteria for choosing shoes is mine too, for most days. And you always leave a smile on our faces when you post. Welcome, summer!

  33. Fabulous looks! I myself am a big shirt/tunic fan,I like them over leggings. So you're from Seattle? What an awesome town. I have a cousin there I've visited. It has a very Euro feel to it. My folks next door in Oklahoma are burning up around there (literally, unfortunately). It's still chilly my way with the heaters on...sigh.

  34. The red white and blue dress looks great on you! And wedges that are comfortable all day are a good choice in shoes!

  35. Jan, I can understand why you love that shirt so much. It is very pretty. Now, the dress looks very good on you, love the colors and it goes well with the wedges!!

  36. Good thing you know how to beat the weather - and you do it while looking so gorgeous, too! I love that tunic-big-top on you! It does look great with your pixie haircut, although I think the problem before was more the vest's fault than anything to do with your hair. The new dress looks fun and comfy, very usable in the heat. I think it's going to be a crazy summer!

    Yes, you have mentioned that Dan used to live near where I am. And you used to live in Seattle - my favorite of the places I've lived! How did you ever end up in Arkansas?

  37. You are absolutely gorgeous! Love your top and your dress. Wish I had the talent to alter things for myself! Have a great weekend.

  38. Ha-ha, I can say same thing about the weather in my native Belarus. Unpredictable and changeable. So, in one day you were able to wear two different outfits. Have to say I am in love with the dress. What an amazing print and lovely design! And the sandals are great too, almost bare feet, just the right type for the hot weather.

  39. I love the print of that long shirt, Jan! I think you should wear them with shorts and convert that long shirt into a shirt dress with a belt. And yes, I´ve just incorporated shorts and shirt dress into one sentence and belt too. ;) The weather there is so like here too, winter jackets in the morning and sleeveless shirt by mid day. Welcome to the weird weather club!


  40. Mrs D from Hello the MushroomMay 9, 2014 at 3:14 PM

    The short hair suits you so well!!!
    Love the floral dress, looks so cheerful!

  41. Deborah @ Stylish MurmursMay 10, 2014 at 4:33 AM

    Hi Jan, I am struggling to keep up with my blog reading:( I had to tell you how fabulous your hair looks. Just stunning. And I so hear you on how quick and easy a short do is. I love your shirt. It's really more of a tunic? Perfect styling with the slim leg pants. The shirt is really quite a statment in iitself so the simplicity of this styling is perfect for it. Just gorgeous. Oh and I adore that dress!

  42. SabinaSabina WertesMay 10, 2014 at 7:59 AM

    First of all thanks for stopping by Jan! Appreciate it. And this dress is one amazing color party. Love it! xo Sabina @Oceanblue Style

  43. Stopping by to wish you a Happy Mother's Day, Jan!


  44. love that dress, almost purchased it but I did get the skirt from that collection

  45. Nicolene RichardsMay 11, 2014 at 12:28 AM

    Hi Jan the length of the dress is perfect and gorgeous on you! I adore the print and would live in a dress like that in such heat!

  46. "A lot less constipated" -- girl, you make me laugh!!! I love seeing the progression of your looks. And you've given me a kick in the pants about taking clothes to the tailor if they don't quite fit off the rack. I'm so lazy about that! I think you do look cool in the big shirt - very hip!!
    xo ~kim & chloe

  47. I'm down for the big shirt idea anytime! You nailed it Jan! And I also love wearing similar lengths even though I'm also lacking in the height department.

    I prefer how you styled it now versus the winter-styled photo. Maybe it's the magical hair, it changes the whole look!

    Great work on the Target dress! I'm guilty of not always having things altered especially for pants. I used to sew and I received a sewing machine as a gift. I need to motivate myself to take it up again.

    Happy Mother's Day!

    - Karen

  48. Thank you! I don't think the hair makes me look taller so much as it does more proportionate from top to toe ... there's a child -like quality always to us short people when we have larger heads. It might even be imaginary on my part, but you know the power of that! And as before, not much will really make me look taller. I like that shirt so much better with this hair, though.

    Teasing is okay ... I'm teaseable.

    The dress was just too wide and too long by quite a lot. The size down "fit" in that it was fitted across the butt and knee with the ruffle hem ending at the top of my calf ... sort of what I think of as a
    "rumba dress" Not my best features, down there. So I ruined the shape and made it over to suit myself. I sure am not a great seamstress (sorry, cannot use the new term "sewer" ... just won't!) but I faked it will this time!

    It's a great dress in our intense humidity, so sleeveless weather is here for me. It was fun to wear!
    So happy you dropped by, Darling Curtise! I'm late again, but will get it all done eventually.

  49. Awwwh. So nice, Maricel. Thank you. I'm not sure this dress was an easy one to wear for a lot of women.
    Being able to alter things a bit has been a necessity, and I don't do it as often as I should. But it's one of the reasons it never bothers me if I see the dress on anyone else when I'm wearing mine. Nobody else wears Jan Size like I do ... they might well wear it better by all reasonable standards that count, but it doesn't look exactly the same!
    Gotta tell you ... the furor subsided a long time ago on this collection. Check the sales racks in store. I saw one the other day!

  50. Thanks, Connie! I'm glad to see so many women sewing again. Everyone, including boys, need to know how to thread a sewing machine and sew a seam, and it's a skill kids ought to be able to learn in school. I love the posts about fabrics and technique written by these contemporary fabric-stylists (won't say *sewers* ... just can't get around the heteronym!)
    Thanks for liking what feels like pretty big evolutionary step for me. Don't know if it makes me look any taller, but it makes me look more "regular" and less childlike like some of us shorties do. I think it allows me to wear some items better (if not well, exactly.)

  51. It's so humid as well ... I live in dresses like these some summers. Then I grow tired of just dresses, and stop wearing them. So I'm in a dresses mood again, though, with the skirt-top variation.
    Hope your spring stays cool and elegant ... like you!

  52. Thank you, Glenda. I'll wear this little dress a lot this summer. And these sandals are among my most practical purchases this summer .... they're super comfortable. So happy you stopped by!

  53. Thanks, Judith! I'm having lots of fun with the short hair as well! It's not common here, and that's nice, too. It's kind of a big deal to make this large a change, and I'm feeling it in more than one way. And I'm happy you like my dress. It's so hot for so long here, and the humidity is getting nasty already. Just the kind of thing I need, this dress.
    So happy you stopped by!

  54. Thank you Sandy! Nice to meet you (especially when you say such nice things!) and I'm so glad you dropped by. Glad you like the outfits, and especially happy to hear when someone likes the new hair ... it was the end of a process that was more difficult than it needed to be.
    I popped over to your blog to see "your house" and bookmarked it immediately! Charming!
    Hope you had a lovely Mother's day and I congratulate you on your gorgeous daughter's birthday ..,. and Happy Birthday, belatedly to her, of course!
    I see in your avatar with very short locks, then in your recent posts with a bob. (Reminds me, I need a new avatar with new hair!) Which do you like better? I just couldn't make the bob work for me.

  55. Thank you, Jan, for saying such nice things.

    I'm always torn over the hairstyle dilemma. For me: shorter hair (such as your new style) "lifts my face", makes me look a little younger (I think) and is so easy to care for. Plus it shows off my ears thus earring collection. Longer hair is no longer an option for me as I age. I have very fine hair; I tried growing it last year, but once it gets past my shoulders, it just hangs there like a wet blanket on my head. Also, it gets a little dried out from styling products and devices. So, the longest I can go is a bob. I like a bob because it's fairly easy to style and I feel more feminine with more hair. (Although I must say, I feel quite sassy with a good short cut too.)

    These days, my hair length is dependent on how I feel on a daily basis. If it's working today, it stays. But if I wake up for more than 3 days in a row and it's not looking its best, AND if I can get a quick appointment with my stylist, then off it comes! And your current cut is one that I particularly like because it still has some length. In the past, whenever I went short all over my head, it ends up taking just as much trouble to style as a bob does. Plus in the heat, I tend to get what I call the "ga-gingies" where stray bits of hair stick out on my head as if they went sproing (like in the cartoons) or as I put it "Ga-gingie"! (Not an attractive look no matter how much laughter it brings to ones life!) Many years of trial and error (and really bad hair) have taught me to keep some length on my head.

    But you know what? In the end, it's only hair; it's grows back pretty quickly. I've had lots of fun experimenting with different short cuts as well as with color. Don't we all have a love/hate relationship with our hair.

    You, my darling, look marvelous!

    See you on the blogging network,

    PS - I must do a blog post on this! Thanks for the idea.

  56. Hey, Debbie ... such kind comments, as always. So glad you like the shirt ... me too, now. I've always loved the shirt. It was one of those pieces that I grabbed up, thrilled my size was still available, and fell for it instantly. Not so much on me ... hard to put my finger on it. Oversize for so long has been dubbed as dowdy or worse, "fattening." But not this one, but I just had the worst time making it work for my eye. You are quite right about how we see things, often in distorted ways. And some things just work better in real life! It flutters and flows when I move, and that make a difference.
    It's hot now, but I'm liking the rain. The non-tornado-stormy kind of rain, though!

  57. You are so right ... I get the "Gagingie" phenomenon! Not split ends, but just sticky-outy-ends, yes! I've got thin, fine hair also. Color helps so much, and I've been using minoxidil (Rogaine ...ew, I know) for several years. Saved my hair completely. I know what you mean. I've also got two cowlicks on my crown ... and they're not the cute kind. Bane of my hair styling efforts!
    I'll look forward to your posts!

  58. Hey, Tracey! Yup ... I'm convinced it makes all the difference, and whether I'm wrong or right, it still colors my judgement! But photos help with that, and at least in this case, I think the hair makes a big difference.
    Our spring seems unusually steamy this year. It's the humidity that's miserable. But, good news ... the hair seems to hold up better now, too! Yeaaaayyyy!

  59. Thank you, Ann. So sweet. Lucky for the world ... this is as short as I go, and the hem shadows my old knees better than the photo shows. I took it up because it just overwhelmed. I'm enjoying it, and will wear it often.
    I hope to be able to see some photos of your upcoming show somewhere. Please send me a link if there's any promotional sites or anything much about it on-line.
    I sure miss your face, but perhaps you'll come back some day. That's always an option.
    Always happy when you stop by. You've been so much inspiration for me!

  60. Thank, Natalia ... I hope I manage my short bright hair as well as you do yours. It feels extra good. I may grow it out someday, but I'm pretty thrilled with it right now! Glad you like the outfits, and I'm having fun with the surprise in the mirror that the hair makes with almost every outfit!
    I'm so glad you dropped by!

  61. Glad you approve, Alice! That has meaning for me! The photo with the boots and moto vest was the winter version. And, yup! I'm loving my flippy dress. Nice in the heat ... our humidity is the killer!

  62. Thanks, Darlene ... I appreciate it that you stopped by! Gotta make that wardrobe stretch into the seasons!

  63. I'm so happy that you're new climate is so moderate! Not only more comfortable, but much easier to dress for, and will make you life so happy as that's one of the things you already do best! We need to form a club of ladies who wear the crop ... I've decided I'm in good company with you! Thought you might like my flirty floral dress ... you'd love the way it moves!
    Always, so glad to see you here ... thanks so much, dear Sacramento.

  64. Yeaaay! That's good news to hear that you think so. Everything looks different in the mirror now, and the old reliables are giving way to some things that I liked but didn't wear much. In that, it's a money saver as I'll be doing more closet shopping for a while.
    I'm so happy with this dress. I won't remake everything, but some dresses are worth it.
    So happy you came by for a visit!

  65. Hello, Jennifer! Hope your spring in Germany is just how you like it! Thank you so much for your sweet remarks. Nice of you to visit!

  66. Thank you Jill! We have a lot in common with our shapes, and I'm thrilled when you like an outfit of mine. I do love this little dress, and am liking those shoes especially ... so comfortable and just enough height.

  67. That's part of it, for sure. I remember when we took that photo ... my shoulders were up around my ears anyway, just from being frozen! You're right. You look so lovely in your long hair, but up could be fun!
    This moto-photo is one of my favorites with mid-length hair. It's not so much the length as the width. My face isn't really round or quite square but it is "big" . I have big face. Big features. and kind of a blocky head. I've just convinced myself that I look more proportionate with a smaller head. And then, there's the vibe. That's a word I want to write about sometime ... I'm looking for a less conservative vibe. My taste in clothing runs to the conservative (that's relative, isn't it?) and I want a less feminine vibe to go with my shortness and pokey wardrobe. It's not probably going to ever be perfect, but it's a little more iconoclastic, especially here. Gotta keep it modern looking, and that's the challenge.
    I love this dress ... it's so humid already. I know it's warm in Dubai. Is it humid too? I miss the dryer climates I've lived in ... but it's not bad for the skin, I must admit!

  68. And I forgot to say thank you ... I so appreciate your very sweet responses to what I show up in!

  69. Hey, Tiina! So glad you stopped by. Thank you so much.
    I lived in Alaska for over a decade, and I remember the seasons ... there we said our seasons consisted of mud and snow. And people have no idea how much pollen can be in the air in the cooler climes. We had blooming rag-weed called "fireweed" and it made me miserable.
    I hope your spring and summer are as lovely as possible there, very soon!

  70. Hello, Seeker! Sorry I'm so late in reply ... late for everything this week!
    Thank you for your always sweet remarks. I'm always interested in what you think.
    I saw photos of you from some time ago when you'd just had your hair cut in what sounds like a similar way ... you looked beautiful in it! Very chic ... you must have fit in well in Paris! Have you looked at them recently? Perhaps there's a clue there!
    Have patience with yourself and your hair. I'm still getting the hang of mine, too. It's challenging, isn't it?
    I understand about meds making you gain weight! I've had that problem, too. I'm lucky that I whined so long to my doctor that she found a replacement for it that didn't have the same effect. Have you asked about that? You have such a nice figure you can probably get away with a bit of extra weight! Doesn't feel that way, though, does it? I get it.
    I don't know if it's true for everyone, but appearance is so important for so many of us, and how we perceive our looks can make the difference between a bad day and a good one. At least that's true for me! Sanity is everything, though. Please know that I think you have a beauty from within that all of us love, but you're not a plain woman! I envy the exotic-ness of your look and style, and the more adventurous your outfits are, the better they look on you.
    I hope you have a holiday coming up soon. You deserve some self-pampering!
    Take very, very good care of yourself. We love to see and hear from you, all of us!

  71. Hello, Shawna! Thank you so much for your nice comments, as always. I'm having fun with the hair, and all the difference it makes in how I think my wardrobe looks. I'm sure much of it is just my perception, but that's important!
    I'm envious at my end, too. Your weather looks good to me ... you'd probably hate the humidity. I know I do!
    I hope your weather gives you a little warmth before full-on summer!

  72. Poor, baby! You've had tough times with commenting, haven't you? I wonder if it's from my end? Haven't had many complaints about this from anyone else.
    Well, this one came though! And I'm glad it did, because I'm always glad to hear from you.
    Thank you, and I hope this becomes easier for you. You're always welcome here!

  73. I'm so far behind, Greetje! I've got to come and visit your blog ASAP and get today's blog up fairly soon so no one thinks I've disappeared. You're sweet to be so patient.
    Glad you like the dress ... it was a good project, I think.
    Glad you're getting used to the hair ... I'm not sure it will ever make me look taller, but not quite so boxy in overall proportion. We'll see!
    Thanks so much. I'm always really glad when you drop a note!

  74. Thanks, Monica! So often, I like things IRL so much better than in photos ... I certainly think I look better that way. This print translates so much better up close ... and the dress moves so well. So glad you stopped in for a minute!

  75. Hmmmm. Seems Lenya is having similar problems. I wonder if it's our connections around the world? But you did get through, so I'm glad. Copy before you send so you can just paste it in when you write me, perhaps, until this gets better. I have to do that with a couple of women I write to in the UK.
    Looks like lots of us are having some extra changeable spring weather.
    It's almost too hot here to wear closed shoes, for much of the summer. The humidity is so high!
    Thank so much for putting in the extra effort to write. I really appreciate your comments and always look forward to hearing from you! Thank you so much for all.

  76. We made a quick trip up to Rogers yesterday, and I was sad that you kids weren't there! We went back to Changs, and I'll write a little more on my blog later. Hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day, darling Trina!
    Thank you for such sweet comments ... you are always so kind. Glad you like my Jan Sizing! If I couldn't do alterations, then I'd never buy anything!
    No cooler evening, I don't imagine. I might be able to wear it to work if the AC is blasting, though.

  77. Can't wait to see the photos of it, Alicia! Know this little skirt will be adorable on you. I tried it on, but I just don't have the legs for it. I sure did like it, and am happy you bought one. I'm seriously pleased that you like what I did with the dress. It was quite a lot of work, but worth it, 'cause it's a pleasure to sashay around in!
    I'm so far behind in everything ... gotta get the blog up today ... Disqus has been uncharacteristically cantankerous today ... so I thank you for your patience. Hope all is well at your end of the world. I imagine it's getting hot there.
    On our way up to Rogers yesterday, we listened to a replay of Prairie Home Companion originating out of Nashville on Saturday. Thought of you!

  78. Yes, it's true I'm not a big fan of hot and humid. We are somewhat humid here year round but it's not usually unbearable.

  79. Awwwh ... thanks, Pao. Nice comments from you always mean much! Glad you liked my efforts. I'm never sure what I'm doing. My skills are pretty catch as catch can, and I punt as often as not. I'm gonna wear the little dress all summer, so it was worth it.
    It gets so humid here. I keep cool by going sleeveless .... it's such a relief from the heat.
    Hope your spring is just the weather you want it!

  80. If no one gets tickled at my posts, I'm probably not doing it right. Some are serious, but I try to entertain. I'm not much of a fashion plate, and I won't pretend to tell anyone how to dress. I can only hope to identify with the trials, insecurities and rare but satisfying triumphs that we all experience ... and make some bad jokes. Thank you so much for liking what I post. I wish you a perfect spring and coming summer, Carmen!

  81. Glad you got a laugh, Rachel. That's what I can do! Thank you for stopping by.

  82. Hello, Oksana! Glad to hear from one of my nearest bloggy neightbors ... just the next state, but still some distance! Thank you so much. I'm glad you like how my dress turned out. It was a tough collection for anyone who whas not tall and thin. I found items that fit, but the proportions really were for a very differently shaped woman than me. I know what you mean,
    Enjoy your springtime, kiddo!

  83. Thank you, Maria! I'm happy you think so. I believe this will be a favorite dress this summer. And the little wedges already are favorites. I'm so pleased you like my posts; I mean to entertain! You are always very welcome here.

  84. Dear Jan, well your words of understanding hit my heart.
    It seems there's a black cloud above my head.....
    At my next appointment I will ask my doctor to change my meds.
    You're so kind with your words about me, I can't related to them....
    Thank you for the love you show!

  85. Hello Jan,

    the Spring in Germany is good - not to warm, not to cold - right temperatures to wear a skirt...;-)

    It would be nice, if you look on my blog und write a comment - i would love it!


  86. You will like my new "Shopping in Amsterdam Utrechtsestraat"... haha. I know you like these posts.

  87. It rained like the dickens last night with a pretty frisky storm rolling through, and it's a little cool here this morning. I'm guessing the cousins got some precipitation last night, so that's good. The cat is looking at me earnestly, clearly asking "Why is it cool? I don't care for it cool. You know that. Why do you make it cool?"
    Ah, Seattle. I miss it like a lost child. It is a pretty cosmopolitan place, as you say. I'm originally from Southern California and Dan is from Colorado, but both of us claim Seattle as a second home-town.
    I only have a vague idea what your weather must be like, but I'm taken completely with the famous "Paris in the springtime" If it's not completely perfect, then I hope it will be very soon!

  88. I was concerned that this style of ankle strap would be difficult to wear, but I'm glad I didn't let that stop me. You are so right, the wedge is easy, and I like the way it looks. It has a very padded, rubbery sole that wraps up over the heel, a bit like a driving shoe. That's handy as well. Thank you, Rachel, for your nice words and your visit. Always happy to see you!

  89. I haven't put the shirt in the winter section of the closet, yet as it's really transitional wear.
    I probably won't get to wear it again until fall, but I can hope. Glad you like both pieces, and I'm sure I'll wear the dress all summer. So happy you stopped by. I'm very pleased when you do!

  90. If I knew how to beat the weather here, I'd be a rich woman. Coping is all that's possible. I don't know how pioneer women did it in long dresses and cooking in lean-tos over open fires. It's sometimes 115 degrees here, with very high humidity.
    Vest not withstanding, I was wearing another almost 1.5 inches of heel in the boots and overall, I feel I look less square shaped with a smaller head. Height will never change, but head to toe proportion can, and that's where I perceive the improvement. The vest does steal my neck, you're right there. Looks better in real life, though. I'd remove the epaulets, except that I snap my purse strap to my shoulder with them ... they have their uses! Glad you like the dress, and it will undoubtedly be worn a lot this summer. Let us hope for less than insane, but I fear you may be right.
    See, I'm getting old. Couldn't remember if I'd already gone on at you about Dan and his goats before. A treasured part of his life, for sure.
    Long story as short as I can make it: my folks moved our horses from California to Arkansas in 1968 when land got very expensive. I refused to go, and stayed on the west coast. We came back to be with them when they became very elderly. We're glad we did, but they're gone and here we are. That's how we got her and got stuck!
    Thanks, Val for the visit, your patience with my aging memory and all your kind words. Hope you are having a great spring!

  91. Wow! Thank you, Lana, for you kind words. Probably not gorgeous, but I try to clean up well enough to photograph! Glad you liked my pieces ... the weather is touchy here this time of year and it's hard to know what to wear.
    At 5'0", I've had to learn to alter everything I wear almost. Thank you so much for your very nice visit! You're welcome any time at all!

  92. Thank you, Olga. Glad you like my dress ... you are an authority on pretty summer dresses, so I'm pleased you think it's good. I do liked the carefully mixed prints and the long lines. It feels nice, swishing about me knees when I walk. I'm afraid I'll wear the sandals out this year. They were a practical purchase as I can work in them for hours in comfort. Wish I could justify all my purchases that way.
    Hope you are enjoying your springtime there!

  93. Hello, Che! Love the idea for someone who wears shorts! I've wanted to try city shorts in the winter with tights, but never found any that the fit was even close. Good tailored and dressy shorts haven't made it here! I'll wear sleeveless tops, but my legs are not fit for display these days. The dress shadows the knee, but a pant would just show it off too much! I can see it with a belt though, and have done, and will again. I'm just trying for that long tunic look that is so good this year, and that's how I like this shirt best.
    I'm delighted that you think I could pull your suggested look off, though! Thank you so much!
    I'm glad too, to be in company with other Weird Weather Club members! Looks like that will be the case this year.

  94. Thanks Mrs. D! Glad you like the change. It's fun learning to make it work for me. And thank you to for liking my dress. It was worth the work.

  95. Oh, Deborah, I'm so with you. I'm behind a full week. Just answering mail and getting to read my favorites. I'm especially glad you like my hair, 'cause I'm a fan of yours. Thank you so much for you kind compliments. One of the things I'm enjoying this year is that the garment shape and silhouette make the statement, as you say. I'm finding my usual accessories too much, and it's a nice change. Like that dress ... there's no need for anything extra!
    Carry on catching up, and know you're always more than welcome here!

  96. Thank you, Sabina! Glad you liked my "party dress" ... it is that. Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate the visit.

  97. Thank you, Janise! I'm pretty sure your family made sure yours was wonderful ... mine was surprisingly fun.
    Enjoy spring, because no one flatters the season like you do with your beautiful style responses!

  98. Yes! You've worn it on your blog, haven't you, or am I imagining it on you? Thank you for your comments, Linda. So happy you stopped in!

  99. Hello, Nicolene. So glad to hear from you. Most of my dresses are longer, but this one just look best a little shorter than I usual wear them. The knee is shadowed more than it appears here ... I usually don't stand like this! I'm just now thinking about summer dresses. Shoes were the first priority, but I'm into dress mode now ... easy dressing for me, at work especially. One of my two uniforms for summer!
    Hope you fall season is full of sartorial surprise that we all get to see!

  100. I'm tickled that you're tickled, Kim! I gotta' do alterations! No choice, but I often fall behind with my shirts ... not one of them wouldn't benefit with a couple of inches removed from the hems. If I'm lucky they work like tunics!
    Hope you girls are both having a great week!

  101. Hello, Karen! How's the directory going? Makes a handy way to keep track of people, doesn't it! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day as well. I'm happy you liked the changes, both in my hair, and what a few alterations can do. Get that sewing machine out, young lady! Although ... when you're little like we are, some crops work for ankle pants without any alterations necessary!
    So happy, as always, that you stopped by!

  102. You can be absolutely certain that I will! I snuck a peek, but haven't gone through it all ... looks wonderful! I will be sure to get over in the next day or two. So glad you do these!

  103. On my way over right now! Thank you for the invitation ... nice of you to think of me.

  104. Can you send me a link, please? It doesn't show on your Disqus profile (really helps people find you if you list it there!)

  105. Just catching up on your blog - I LOVE look #2! And nice to see you got some Peter Pilotto for Target after all and did some adjustments to make it work for you - it is a sweet dress and you look fab in it!

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