Monday, May 19, 2014

Spring Lust List 2014 ... Update!

Back in late March, I posted my strategy for freshening up my spring wardrobe. So far so good, but as with even the best of plans, some strategic adjustments were warranted.

Shoes: Since my size goes fast, I got busy early and I have been lucky enough to find the requisite bargains in mid-heel ankle-strap pumps and sandals. I'm extra pleased that they work with dresses as well as they play with trousers and jeans, and help keep my closet staples from previous years looking fresh. I'm happy I took a risk and tried them in spite of the conventional wisdom about short girls with short legs and the evils of ankle straps.

I've found that two pairs of pastel shoes are plenty (pink and mint). I'm happier with more saturated colors and neutrals. Fun to be able to play a little, though. And although I was adamant when I started seeing them about this year that I wouldn't wear white shoes on a bet, I've found a pair of little white D'Orsay pumps that are delicate and flattering and summery. Sometimes being wrong can be delightful!

Still haven't found the replacement go-to plain black pumps, but have decided to wait for fall. Just not in the mood.

No dressy mules (that's a picture, isn't it?) anywhere. Only chunky ones. The quest continues, albeit halfheartedly.

The Rest of the List: Funny how things work out. The combination of my recently cropped hair and new shoes has given my old wardrobe items a better attitude. Some old favorites are looking better for the change up, and feeling relevant again. I've been sewing a little, and doing a lot of alterations for better fit, so stay tuned for the results.

I have given up my unrealistic plans about wearing long sleeved blouses this summer, and certainly any new acquisitions. What was I thinking? No matter how much I probably should be covering my old arms, the summers here are too miserable to wear an extra ounce of clothing. My money is better spent on a lot of hefty SPF sunscreen. I've found a pair of silky, sleeveless tunics that will serve me much better. Better to just go ahead and plan for summer and naked arms. Those who object must avert their gaze.

Speaking of long sleeved tops, not all old pieces are making the transition with equal success.

You can always tell when I'm in a stubborn frustrated
self defeating crappy problematic mood. 
That's when I put on this top and try one more time to make it work. Threatening, dark-gray skies, high humidity, a strapping wind and a late start made photographs difficult to plan and accomplish this Sunday. When faced obstacles guaranteed to make everything more difficult, this blouse is my go-to piece that never fails make things even worse.

This is officially the last time you'll see this shirt. I give up. I love everything about this blouse; the floaty fabric, the Asian print, the unusual cut of the shoulder, the length, everything. But I'm always unhappy with the results when I try to wear it. It's one of the most demanding pieces in my wardrobe, this little blouse. It's needy and whiny and uncooperative. So naturally, I pull it out when I'm feeling bad about any aspect of my appearance, or my weight or all the personal faults that have accrued on my Permanent Record over the decades. This defies logic, I know, but somehow it just seems to be the thing to do.

Just to be clear, I'm keeping it. And I know I'll wear it again. But this is as good as I'm ever going to look in this blouse. It's an improvement on the last time I tried it. You can see it HERE , but I don't blame you if curiosity doesn't get the better of you. Wave goodbye, because it has had as much attention on this blog as it's going to get.


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  1. Patti_NotDeadYetStyleMay 19, 2014 at 7:31 PM

    Sorry about the cranky top (I've had similar trouble-makers in the closet) but congrats on happy new shoes. Bare those arms, woman, we're not dead yet and we still look pretty fabulous. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, and hope your problematic mood vaporizes! xoxo

  2. I love this shirt, perfect with your skinny jeans because it's nice and long, a slender look. The pattern is fabulous! My opinion: wear whatever length sleeve that's comfortable.

    I've been buying shoes too and trying to part with old shabby ones that are very comfortable, but have seen better days. I'm very easy on my shoes and have some of them for decades since I don't grow out of them anymore, but eventually they do look worn.

    ♥ carmen

  3. I hate that top on you, too - although I really like it. You're right, it just doesn't fit properly and there's too much going on. You can do - and have done - better.
    I'm with you on trying new things this season. My birthday dress was MINT green! Time to be daring before it becomes too ridiculous.


  4. HappinessatmidlifeMay 19, 2014 at 10:37 PM

    Personally, I think this top is just one that's meant to be worn a little loose like a tunic and it looks great with the skinny jeans. I also liked how you wore it as open jacket the last time too. I have sleeveless version and have not given it much love because I am stuck styling it. I think I am going to try to pair with some baby blues to bring out the blues and make it more spring/summery.


  5. You just make me smile and laugh, which is truly a great thing. Kind of glad to hear about the top becuase I actually really really like it, and when you first wore it (back in Sept?) I secretly wanted to run out and purchase one. I always thought it would looke so great with a pair of black skinny's. Now I won't feel so bad about not getting one. I'm seriously loving you new collection of shoes, especially those ankle strap sandals. Since you continue to model them so stylish with both dresses and skirts as well as jeans I must admit I just might be going out shopping tomorrow. Dang, see what influence a girlfriend can have? Too bad we can't do some shopping together, now that would be one fun day. Looking forward to seeing those new white D'Osay pumps. Have a wonderful week, my friend.

  6. As someone whose arms are getting alarmingly mushy, I want to protest this culture that makes us think we must hide our arms away. Having to hide the in summer is like some sort of imposed arm burqa, something we feel we must put on so as not to be shameful or offend others with our femaleness. Damn it, I am going to flap my floppy arms all summer for once. Just watch me!

    Now, about that blouse. I have clothes like that too. I like them in theory but when I get then on they just aren't doing me any favours. Sometimes i toss them back into the closet in despair and other times I say what the heck, I am just damn well going to wear this anyhow. If you had not said that you were frustrated with the blouse I don't think I would have looked at it and said, oh this is awful. Even after you said that I didn't think that but it did lead me to look at it more critically. What I came up with is that it's not awful but not doing anything wonderful for you. But then must everything we wear do something wonderful? I looked at you and thought, oh Jan looks cute and casual.


  7. You look great in the blouse and I think you styled it well with your jeans. I understand how you feel because we all have pieces of clothing that can be quite difficult. I do love the Eureka moment when I find a hard piece to style and effortlessly it works. I am wondering would a black or blue pencil skirt with some closed in heels or wedge in blue or black work as an alternative for the blouse? Worth a try?

  8. Hey dear Jan :)

    your blouse looks great. Just as you mentioned, the colors, the pattern, the length of the sleeves .. everything is super nice. But I can understand you very well, because I have also such a blouse. She is beautiful in itself but I never knew how to wear it best. And to what outfit. Now after already 4 years!! in my closet a few days ago I discovered how I can wear it best.
    It is this blouse

    I love her and don´t ever wanted to put her away so I gave her a chance... 4 years long! ;)))
    Actually she is down very, very wide cut and that's exactly what I somehow never liked. It may take in your case also a certain time until you will discovered the exact determination of your blouse :)

    have a wonderful day
    Dana :)

  9. That's a beautiful blouse, Jan! I absolutely LOVE your clutch!!!


  10. We all have items like that in our closet that are hard to style or we're stuck with the same way of styling them, over and over again. I sometimes see photos of myself wearing the same top with the same shorts combo so many times. It happens because I can't think of anything else to pair with the top or the shorts. And like you, I can't bear to part with them.

    You still look great and it never showed that you were feeling frustrated with this whole look! What about trying it with mustard or gold pants or light blue pants? Some color to match the other colors in the shirt?

    At least you got your pastel shoes, hooray!

    - Karen

  11. If that top is tricky just chuck it out. I think we've all got stuff like that in our wardrobes, they seem good in theory but in practice just feel wrong and make us grumpy.
    Yes, get those arms out. I don't get why we're constantly told to cover our knees and arms after we pass 40. Our faces age just the same and we're not made to wear veils just yet, are we? xxxxxxxxxx

  12. I give up... tell me why this top doesn't work? It's an easy top to wear, it hides stuff (why I wear tunics) but I don't think you have anything to hide) and it's got a fabulous pattern. That said, if you don't like, get rid of it. Just do it. You've tried and tried and like a bad boyfriend, the longer you stick with it, the harder it will be to break it off. No matter what anyone else sees, you know the heart of the relationship and it's not good, so do what you need to do. :)
    You are rockin' that haircut (and really tempting me to chop mine)!
    xo ~kim

  13. I too think the shirt is good on you, great colour and pattern. Glad you have the shoes sorted, a girl after my own heart. As your summer progresses keen to see more of your clever sewing skills.

  14. PinkCheetahVintageMay 20, 2014 at 7:43 AM

    lmao about your speech on that problematic blouse!!!

  15. Mrs_Jack_of_all_tradesMay 20, 2014 at 9:54 AM

    What are you talking about? The blouse is gorgeous, I love it. Suits you perfectly especially with that colored pants. I am okay with long sleeves blouse for summer provided the fabric has to be light.. so sheer is much welcome but other than that good ole t.shirt and tunic will be my go to this season :)

  16. Well Hello!! I really like that blouse. The whole outfit is completely on trend and you look fabulous. In fact, you always look fabulous and now I know why. You THINK about your wardrobe. I am learning from you. And yeah, let's let those arms out.

  17. Hi, Jan. I think you look great and the top works very nicely with the jeans. But you had me cracking up in your post. Is she keeping it? Is she not keeping it? Oh, okay...keeping it to wear on cranky days, but we won't see it. hahaha I can relate.

  18. So why is this blouse such a tricky customer? I think it looks great, but you know what, if it annoys you and you don't feel good in it, you won't wear it, and you might as well pass it along. So there.
    That said - you always look beautifully chic, Jan. And I am loving the sandals. And the new clutch bag, of course! xxxx

  19. Don't worry about the blouse and about your arms, both look great! I love how the new bag matches to the blouse. A cute Kombination! I love your New sandals!
    Sabine xxx

  20. I think we have the right to bare arms! In the same way as these gorgeous shoes expose your beautiful feet. Summer always brings me plenty of experience with self talk!!!

    I see that you're using your new clutch. Which accessorizes your top perfectly. I can relate to the ambivalence about pieces that are difficult to love. I have plenty of items that I could let go of, if I just could.

  21. I think it works both ways, and yes, I was curious, and yes, I looked. And may I say, I LOVE your short hair. It suits you and shows off your pretty face.

  22. I can definitely relate to this, I had a cream colored crochet vest that I loved how it looked, until I saw it in a photo and hated it! Weird! But I think the blouse works and those jeans are too cute! :)

  23. Well, I think the blouse looks great on you. But I also understand about having that "problem child" in the wardrobe. I like that you had a plan to freshen up your spring wardrobe - I think I will work on that too!

  24. I remembered the blouse but I didn't remember how you styled it previously. So, I just had to go and see. You know, Jan, sometimes I think that you are just too harsh on yourself. Yeah, I like this variant better than the previous one but still both of them look good for me.

  25. VersatilestylebytraceyMay 20, 2014 at 11:51 PM

    Blouses that length on me bug me no end... i just add a belt and blouse it and sometimes that works enough to change my mind... Great job with sticking to your plans for Spring, shoes always change things up and make them more current! A good way for us all to update.. I have to carry around a sweater in Summer for places with cold AC, but too hot for long sleeves until I get in there!

  26. Jan, what's up with you and this blouse? It's beautiful on you! What's your beef, sister? I am in LOVE with your new haircut. It shows off your brilliant eyes!

  27. Jan dear, aren't you being too hard on you? Though I can related to the feeling of problematic items.The blouse is so nice and you style it very well, I went back and looked the other way and I think both look great. What I noticed was your hair, indeed the shorter style suits you better, in my opinion, we can see better your pretty face. And what's wrong with your arms.... nothing!!! Go sleveless as much as you like.
    The new cluch makes such a lovely combination in your outfit. A winner indeed.
    Oh about the shoes..... it seems we don't have enough, I feel related to that, now that my higher heels are giving me some pain.
    Can't wait for you to see my new hair style, I've been in doubts...... I need an honest opinion.
    Love and blessings your way.

  28. Ha ha! I had to laugh at your problematic blouse. I do that too - wear something I dislike just because I'm in the mood for it. I'm glad I'm not the only one. From a neutral eye, I like the blouse with this outfit, the amber colour with your hair especially, but if it makes you feel icky in a wonderful way, I'm cheering. I'm trying to cover my arms in the summer because they've had too much sun in the past.

  29. Hey Jan! So, I'm assuming that the sleeves are rolled up, not cut shorter, yes? The silhouette does look much more flattering with your skinnies and summery wedges! I know, I're not seeking approval or even I shall simply bid a fond adieu to your flowy shirt. Wear it privately when the mood strikes! Guess what I did today? Yep...another dang pair of sandals, LOL. I swear you shop with me, the shoe whisperer. Again, not sure if I'll keep them, but as you know, I have similar issues with size, and it's far wiser to buy and potentially return a pair than to think on it overnight only to find them gone. They are wedges, which isn't my favourite look, but these one are quite feminine looking and not too clunky like a few pairs I have. Yours look very, very chic!

  30. Jan, your posts never fail to make me smile!. You and that blouse in such a standoff! lol. I've had pieces like that too. They should have worked, but just didn't for some reason. Though from the pictures you look adorable in it. Loving your new do! We're all going shorter and ready for the summer! I need to start a summer lust list. I have a couple of events that I want to shop for and not at the last minute, like my 30 year high school reunion. Take care! OXOX

  31. I actually like this on you but I know what you mean. This is why I refashion clothes, because there is something I like about the garment but all together, something is off. Maybe chopping off the sleeves and putting another color sleeves. Colorblocking works wonders.

  32. Nicolene RichardsMay 23, 2014 at 3:20 AM

    I often find humour in your posts, but yes, we need to re-invent clothes from time to time. I do however think you look pretty nice in this outfit, the print on the shirt is quite unusual. The skinnies gives it a very slim appearance, cleverly styled. Great post!

  33. Debbie StinedurfMay 23, 2014 at 5:03 AM

    You make me laugh! That poor blouse sure takes a verbal beating!! I really like it, but if you aren't diggin' it, retire it and give it another go round in a few months or so. How about I was never going to wear white shoes either and now I'm wearing them on a fairly regular basis...funny how things change...

  34. Tell me, what is wrong with the blouse? Do you think it is too long? Shorten it! Do you think it is too wide? Take it in by sewing a few wedges (is that the right word?). I cannot see anything wrong with it. I would just not have combined it with that cute clutch (too many patterns to my personal taste, but who am I?) The ankle wedges are ever so cute.
    But I can feel the way you feel. I had the same struggle with my grey boyfriend jacket. In the end I nailed it, but it took me loads of time, effort and frustration.
    Had to laugh over : "Those who object must avert their gaze." Haha. Well put.

  35. Love the blouse and how you've styled it. The purse is fantastic and I am lusting after those wedges big time!!!

  36. I can't get too far from that stance. I understand why it's such a cliche, 'cause it works pretty well to hide and show simultaneously. Will try to do better. I know it gets old. On the other hand, you always know what you'll get here. Urk.

    I'm thinking that the big problem is that elegant shoulder. I fare better always in a plain, set shoulder, and this, on me, has a 90s width, which was retro to the 40s even then. It's an odd length, too, on me. Wouldn't help much to shorten it, but it's not quite long enough and too wide. So I'll just keep it for sick-days. Or make a tea-cozy out of it. So much pressure to be creative!

    Hope you're having some fun on this Memorial Day. I'm far behind this weekend, and appreciate your patience.

  37. Thanks Patti! I didn't stay in that rotten mood long ... it got worse fast! Nah ... all is relaxed today, if not rosy. Gray skies again, but Dan's cooking late breakfast, just how I like it and I'm taking a few minutes to make the rounds and say thanks to the great women who read my drivel! So happy to see you stop by and hope you're having a lovely Memorial Day weekend.

  38. Thank you, Carmen. Sometimes I just love the idea of a piece, more than how it works for me. It really is pretty fabric, and it will be one of my few "keeps" that don't work. Otherwise, I'm as ruthless as Stalin about non-productive wardrobe items.
    My arms are not my best feature. The shoulders are good, I think, but the flaps are there. We all have them, and its not a shock to see them here ... lots of sleeveless tops all summer.
    I really do always love the next new thing in shoes. Not universally, but a flattering shape of shoe can make older, favorite clothing take on new life! ( I really don't like the Celine shower shoe thing at all. Birkies are better off relegated to the oddities of the hippy era and for use of monastics only.) I don't manage to wear all my shoes out, but my work shoes ... always a little dressy, always at least a little heel. My cobbler extends discounts because I'm a really regular customer!
    New shoes shopping is some good therapy, or at least a fine distraction!
    So happy to see you!

  39. It fits as well as it can ... it's the shoulders I think . They read really wide, and the silhouette just doesn't work easily.
    You look look good in mint! Speaking of problematic ... pastels can be that way too, but mint is a happy color for you. Happy Birthday, belatedly and again ... sorry i missed it!

  40. You're right, and I had high hopes for it. I love my peplum that's the same fabric, and I'll wear it again this summer!
    Thanks, Alice for stopping by. I'm so far behind on everyone else's blogs I know I'll never catch up. Hope to get by very soon!

  41. Glad you got a kick out of it, Trina. I really tried for that, but not everyone is catching it. My writing is a fault, then, but I'll live and learn!
    Thanks for your kind remarks on my shoes, especially. My babies! I've actually worn the white pumps in a fairly recent post, but you'll see them again, I'm sure!
    That WOULD be a shopping trip!
    Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, lovely Trina.

  42. My arms make me alternately pleased and dismayed, The tops are good ... shoulders and musculature at least moderately defined and proportional. Then there is the landing flaps below. Really, I'm just whining to have something to write about, I think, 'cause I can show them or cover them. I like sleeveless styles just generally, so we will all show our elderly arms together.
    As much as the blouse itself, I was also writing about my urge to drag out the clothes that I'm least comfortable in when anyone else would be bringing out their most flattering pieces to cheer themselves up. I think its a reflection of a stupid urge to just dig myself in deeper!
    Thanks for the encouraging words, Shawna. I'll keep it until I decide to move it on to some woman who might wear it much more successfully!

  43. Thanks, JT, so much! Glad you like it, and I don't hate it as much as it seems. I wear it, but it looks elderly on me, and i think it's the shoulders that throws it all off for my eye. Yes, I've tried it with skirts, 'cause you know I love them. The blouse really overwhelms left un tucked, and I look all boobs and shoulders when it's tucked with my short waist ... and the bulk of the shirt is hard to find a place for around my hips! Ha!
    Hope you're having a good Memorial Day weekend!

  44. I actually like when you get behind, because when the furor of each daily post dies down, I know I can count on a lengthy ramble from you days after I post; it's like getting Christmas presents days after Christmas. :D

    And you have no reason to "do better", m'dear. That was a compliment, your pose and head tilt. I envy women who know exactly how to photograph well - all 3 of my sisters know it and they all look beautiful and elegant in every single picture while I struggle because I'm too fidgety and I never know when to teeth smile or lip smile and I forget whether to tilt my head up or down so I usually end up ruining group shots because of it. :/

    Am definitely going to enjoy my weekend. The school always gives me a birthday present because my birthday lands so close to the three-day! Woot!

  45. Debbie Baker BurnsMay 26, 2014 at 4:26 PM

    Maybe you should do a "travelling problem shirt" and see how other bloggers style it! I remember a really wild long travelling skirt I saw on a few blogs a while back! You look chic to me no matter what you say! Debbie @

  46. I had a look at your "problem child" blouse, and what a great job you did finding companions for it! You're sweet, and I'll hang on to this one, although I may never style it quite right.
    I'm so far behind ... thanks for being patient for a reply! Busy time for us with fewer results than I'd like!
    Have a great week, Dana!

  47. Thank you, Janise. I'm pleased with my clutch as well. Hope you and your crew are having a wonderful Memorial Day!

  48. You're so right, Karen. I didn't do a good job writing this post because this section was more about why, when I'm in a foul mood, I choose what I perceive as my most difficult outfit to style, and add to my already difficult situation. Thanks for your kind remarks and great suggestions. I've tried some variations, but will perhaps try more ... the project continues.

  49. Nope ... that's the problem, Vix. It's like that fella that's bad for you but you Just can't chuck them into the road. Seriously, I did a very bad job on this section of the post as it was meant to be much more about why I persist in pulling it out to try one more time on days when I ought to be dressing to improve my mood, instead of seeking out more frustration. Oh well ... win some, etc.
    Not to worry. I will be flapping my wings in public out of principle. Gotta tell you, though, that my face looks loads better than my arms, so far as I'm concerned!
    Hope you're having a fabulous week and that your weekend was all you needed it to be!
    Thanks, kiddo, for your sweet, supportive remarks!

  50. Nope, can't get rid of it yet ... it's like a dysfunctional romantic relationship, you're right. What makes me crazier than the blouse is that I go right for it to try one more time when I'm feeling lousy. That was more what the post was about and was intended to be funnier than it turned out. Oh, well. They can't all be winners.
    Glad you like the hair ... I'm having lots of fun with it still. Thanks, Kim, for all the sweet support. Hope you and your crew are enjoying this Memorial Day.

  51. Kind of you, Jill! Glad you like it ... it will be a challenge as long as i own it. One of the things I don't care for about that blouse is that it reminds me of the kind of clothes I'd buy when I was heavier ... the whole sillhouette is good right now, and I love so much about it, but it looks like my old "fat clothes". I'm not making a good mental transition, it seems.
    I'm enjoying the shoe-sorting a lot! I've been altering a lot of pieces, but it's seriously cutting into my blogging time! Gotta do better all around.
    So happy you dropped a comment here. Thanks for all, Jill!

  52. Glad you liked it! That really is what it was about ... an attempt at comment about the irony of my own stupid behavior. Thanks for reading, Becky. I always am glad to hear from you!

  53. Awwwh. Thank you, Mrs. C. It's not a complete humiliation, and you're kind, so thank you for reading and the support! I think I may have gained some insight today in returning some mail on this topic ... it reminds me of my "fat wardrobe" (i.e. floaty tops that hide stuff). Not sure of the ramifications of that in terms of application ( I'm often long on insight and short on application!) but that makes a bit of sense, even if it is intuitive only! Ha! I also have a tendency to over-complicate .... see what I did there?
    I look to you in ways that I don't with the women I admire in the northern regions. It gets so hot here, as I know it does in Dubai. Is it humid there in summer? Miserably humid here, and that keeps me from long sleeves more than just the heat. So my go-to is jeans with sleeveless shirts or dresses. I may try a maxi dress this summer ... haven't done one in a couple of decades!

  54. Hey, Connie! If you like this, my least favorite outfit, then I need to look at it more carefully! There are elements of it that I do love, which is why I gravitate toward it, but wish I could see it as you do. Thank you for the encouragement.
    Yes, I do think a lot about what I wear, and often overthink, I know. It is time for arms to come out of hiding, yes! As I was saying to someone else ... I like the tops of my arms, the shoulder and forearms just fine. It's those wings that we all have to one degree or another at this age that get me. I made the mistake of really working the tric

  55. Thank you, Lisa! You got it! I was trying to amuse, and glad you were able to identify! For the life of me, I can't imagine why, when I'm having a crap day, I head straight for that blouse as I'm always frustrated by it. I think it reminds me of my "fat" blouses!
    BTW ... noted stripy sandals! Yeaaaay, you! So pretty and right on the money.

  56. I blew this post in lots of ways ( can't be brilliant every week, of course ... ahem.) I intended the blouse part of the post to be amusing in kind of a dark way. Not, apparently.
    I remain confounded by why, when life sucks, that I gravitate to the challenge this item presents. Recent insight: it reminds me of my "fat" tops when I was much heavier ... many of which I liked. So, I'm hoping that writing about it will release the demon! Note to self: perhaps not all self evaluation thoughts need publishing. I get it eventually.
    Kind of you to reassure, Curtise. I'm looking forward to some planned posts for the summer, and will perk up sooner than later, I promise!
    Apologies for being so behind in getting back to and around to visit all ... my world has gotten busier and less productive at the same time, but I'll persevere here, too!

  57. Thank you, Sabine. It always makes my day when you stop by. I'll be by to visit soon, I promise!

  58. Gotta get the wings out to flap when the weather heats up. I know they're not as bad as I imagine, and I really am fond of the top side of my arms and shoulders ! It's just the unders that I don't care for. As summer wears on, I feel much easier as I'm reminded that we all have them to one degree or another!
    All kidding and kvetching aside, I'm enjoying this late spring weather and am having fun pulling together and trying to improve my summer closet.
    Hope you had a lovely Memorial Day, sweet Judith. Thanks so much for stopping by. You always say just the right thing!

  59. Wow! Thank you, Shani, that was way beyond the call of blogger duty! Congratulations. You've joined the ranks of all the kind bloggers who had seen way too much of this blouse and put up with my adventures surrounding it. Thanks so much for the way too kind words. I don't think anyone has ever told me I had a pretty face, no matter what hair cut I was wearing. In the middle of a less than wonderful week, you gave me such a treat! Speaking of treats, your Mont Saint Michel card was wonderful. I'm so happy to see your work!

  60. After looking at the picture a bit, you may be right. It probably works better than I thought, so I will hang it in the closet and give it a seasonal rest ... and that will mean a rest from seeing it again for anyone reading my blog. Hard to find topics, and repeats are sometimes necessary, but I've pressed my luck with this one too far! Thanks so much, Laurie, for your nice words and and encouragement. So happy you dropped by!

  61. Thank you, Oksana .... so nice of you to say. It does go with my hair, even I have to admit! So yes, I'll keep it and give it and all my readers a rest! Thank you for stopping by. Hope you had a lovely Memorial Day.

  62. Those lower arms-the horribly named bat wings-seem to be a problem for most of us even those who work out heavily. Some women resort to surgery. Knowing that helps me put it all back into perspective.

  63. Thank you, Lana. Glad you like it, and everyone has been kind about it ( and patient about how I've gone on about it!) I always have to have a plan! I start a list and notes at the first sign of seasonal changes, or the first big seasonal issue of the glossies. Whichever comes first. Spring planning here is really for a few minutes of mild spring weather followed by the steaming eternity that is summer.
    So happy you stopped by ... thank you for reading!

  64. Awww. Thank you, Olga ... you are a kind young lady, and if you like it I can't be that far off.
    Not to worry, it's not me I'm being harsh with ... it's that flipping blouse that just won't play nice! I'll put it away till the next season!
    I'm so happy to see you here. Hope you're having a wonderful week.

  65. Hey, Tracey! So happy you chimed in. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I've had less success with belted tunics ... boobage just makes me look like a sack of potatoes tied in the middle with twine. I think this one is problematic in part because it reminds me of my "fat" blouses from years ago.

    Shoes ... you have little feet, too, don't you? No matter where you buy them, it's hard to get display sizes as the season goes on. Clothing is much easier, it seems!
    Yup. I keep a black ponte knit blazer handy to take to the movies with me. Always like going from the oven directly to the freezer. It will be getting an outing on this coming Sunday as I want to go see the latest X-Men epic, and as it's a long one, I need to stay comfy!
    Hope you had a nice Memorial Day and weekend!

  66. I'm not sure, really, Crystal! It reminds me of a time when I wore nothing but floaty blouses to hide my shape. It's so pretty on the hanger, but the shoulders are wide and weird on me. I feel a bit better about it (thanks to you and everyone who was so nice about it) but it's time to put it away until another season, I think.
    Glad you like the hair! And such a nice complement about my peepers. So kind, and I'm glad to hear from you!
    Hope you had a nice Memorial Day!

  67. Hello, Seeker! So glad to hear from you, and I hope you're doing well and feeling good! I may have missed the mark on this post about the blouse ... I meant that part to be more about my tendency to gravitate toward my most difficult to wear outfits when I'm feeling less than thrilled with the world around me. Glad those who read my blog have been so kind and patient. I'm far behind this week from last week, and am catching up only slowly. Thanks for hanging in there!
    Thanks for your kind and considered opinions. I'm sorry to hear your heels are being difficult to wear. Have you tried insoles? So good that mid-heels are appearing and available!
    And I repeat here, you hair is lots of fun! I like you in this cut ... you've had it before and it's good on you. That said, no matter what we say, it's how you like it that counts. When I cut my hair to a bob length, I got lots of love for it, but it wasn't what I wanted.
    I've always thought asymmetrical cuts demand particular focus, so if you're wearing one have fun with it, and let it take center stage to see how you like that.
    Truly, I think it suits you and is a bit of a cool factor for you to use to your advantage!

  68. THANK YOU, MEL! Finally, somebody gets it. There's something about a foul mood that makes me want to take on difficult outfits and finally solve that problem!
    And that's the best reason to cover arms. I'm so the sunblock queen these days.
    I appreciate the empathy!

  69. Love 'ya, Sue, for always getting me! Bye-bye top, for the moment!
    More sandals! With height? Can I be your shoe shopping spirit creature? With your tiny feet you really need to get 'um when the getting is good. Everyone needs wedges, and you are right, they can look clunky but there is a new crop of more streamlined designs. If you are going to wear a summery maxi dress, there are few style that work better than a wedge for the stability and height. I think they look most modern without very noticeable platform under he toe-box. And everyone needs them for walking on grass at weddings! I'm always annoyed at brides that expect formal attire from her guests yet have us stomping through fields of freaking wildflowers or cow pastures.
    Glad you like these ... they are extremely comfy after I put stretchers in them for 48 hours ... not for length but for tight front straps. I have extra fat on the top of my big toes (how's that for being self-critical in the extreme!?) and sometimes need a little extra room in strappy sandals. And the color will work with just about everything.

  70. First ... gotta tell you how much I like your cut. It works for you so prettily, and you look modern and chic in every way with this very popular cut. I tried and couldn't happily wear it because I thought it made me look very forced and uptight, but on you there is a very insouciant stylishness ... effortless polish and a most Frenchified attitude. Beautiful, and not just blowing smoke. Love it on your long-tall-coolness.
    Thank you for having fun with the post and getting a chuckle! I didn't make that post work as well as I might have as there were not a lot of laughs reported.
    I was watching Top Gear last night, and it occurred to me that I have Richard Hammond's hair cut. Don't care, I'm an unabashed shortie top to toe now!
    You will look like a goddess at your reunion. Just did the math, and it's my 46th this year. I can't even imagine going to my 50th! Yikes.
    Hope you had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend.

  71. You know, Nell, I've wondered what to do to modify this piece. It has the oddest sleeves. The shoulder, sleeve and the rest of the torso is all one piece, It has seams from under the arm like any menswear-usual armhole, but stops short of the tops of the shoulder, where there is kind of a flap sewn down where the shoulder seam would usually be. ... hard to describe. Not quite a raglan either. That may be why I can't get it to work on me ... I don't like raglan sleeves as they make my boobage look wider, I think. Huh.
    Thanks, Nell, for taking the time to consider this! Know you're swamped. I know you're looking forward to summer with your very cool kids. Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day and weekend!

  72. Oh, Nicolene ... if I can't get a chuckle out of most readers, I'm not getting it right. So I hope you got at least a wry smile out of the eternal Battle of the Wardrobe. Happy you like it, and I do think this is the best it will ever look.
    Thank you for reading ... I'm so far behind! This is Official Catch Up Week!

  73. Yup, it's ready to go to the back of the closet for the season.
    That phenomenon, the way the eye and taste change according to custom, is why I keep looking at runway stuff and editorial looks in magazines and couture collections that I'll never see in anything other than a photograph. I've been really interested in how the return of a much more delicate shoe shape has given us back our ability to wear white on our feet. No more automatic nurse shoe clunkiness with pointy toes, tiny-girly heels and downright flirtatious ankle straps. White color + D'Orsay cut-away shape + a stiletto heel + a strap equals a combination of four different retro style elements that look seriously modern. "Nothing new under the sun," they say, but this mix looks new to me!
    Blah blah blah ... sorry. I just get so excited at all the ideas!

  74. If I knew what was wrong with it I'd fix it. The length and width are fine. It has very strange sleeves and shoulders ... strangest construction I ever saw. ( Wedges, in terms of sewing, and in American English are "darts", at least so far as I know.)
    It's in the laundry still, waiting for a pile of other super delicates for a load. Then, it's back in the closet until next fall.
    Much more than my concerns about the blouse itself, I'm perplexed about why I look for style challenges when I'm feeling blue or anxious. It never helps. But, as G. I. Joe says "Knowing is half the battle." I take all my personal wisdom from American military action figure toys. Don't we all?
    BTW and completely off the subject ... I love your hair the color it is in your recent posts, and I especially like the higher angle in the back ... very summery!
    Sorry you don't like my very short crop, but maybe you'll get used to it? Or maybe I'll learn to style it better! As always, I'm a work in progress, and subject to change without notice.
    Thanks for being my patient friend, Greetje!

  75. When you say you like my shoes, I'm thrilled, Elsie. Don't know anyone with more elegant taste in shoes than yours! It's a pretty bag, I agree, and big enough to hold something! It has a thin strap instead of a chain that I actually use when I need my hands for shopping Doesn't bite like the chain and is much more comfortable. So happy when you stop by, so thank you for all!

  76. Hmmm .... bore everyone to tears with my complaining about this blouse, then send it around to annoy everyone in real time? I dunno, Deb!
    Seriously, you're so kind. Thank you for all the support, Debbie. Glad you stopped by and helped put it all in perspective!

  77. Hello, gorgeous. Can I borrow your shoes? And that top is so pretty to wear for the last time, wear it one more time! ;)

  78. I like that...shoe shopping spirit creature. Either that or mentor, partner in crime, enabler...My recent purchase is just like you described...very little platform under the toe-box. Thanks so much for your astute sense of shoe style! I knew I liked these ones, and now I know why.

  79. I should send you the rest of my style problems .... but that would be a full time job and I can't afford you! Thank you!
    Yeah, I know ... it was time for skinnies. Seemed like the obvious, but sometimes that's the ticket.
    Glad to see you enjoying the summer!


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