Monday, September 15, 2014

Altuzarra, A Bigger Target and Me

Altuzarra for Target. 
  I should know better.

I had decided to lower my expectations and not even get up at 0-dark-thirty to make the 45 minute drive to to hit the Altuzarra for Target debut at our Big City store. Dan suggested that we might want to try a bigger store in a Bigger Big City and see if they had more stuff.  I'm all for a little exploration of that kind, so we got up very early and left while it was still dark to make the drive north to a Bigger Big City Target.  We left in plenty of time because I was sure there'd be at least a little bit of a line.  We chose the newer and largest of the two Targets, and it took us just under 2 hours to get there.  

No line. That was the good news.
The bad news was that out of the 50 items in the collection, we were offered fewer than 20 of them. Typical. 

We tracked back to a second Bigger Target and they had even fewer items, and I learned that I could have saved myself the whole trip north, as they were stocked just about as well as our more local-ish store. 

I did get one item that I liked from the collection, which I'll wear much later in the year.  There were only three of these at the store, one each in large, medium and small.  As I was coming out of the dressing room from trying on the one I bought, I passed a woman who must have been the second arrival.  She was carrying the remaining two sizes of the same sweater to try on.

The moral to my little tale is that the early bird might not get all the worms she wants, especially if all the prettier, dressier or more interesting worms are available only online or sent out to the much larger, urban worm habitats, but she still has to get up early to get any worms at all.

We had a decadent brunch followed by great and equally decadent hibachi grill lunch (no actual worms were consumed.)  That made the day better. But what made the day very much better was that during the shopping that occurred between brunch and lunch, I found the pink wool coat I have yearned for since last winter.  Love at first sight, and the price was right.  You will see that one later in the year, as well.  And I still have a chunk of the change I had saved to spend on the Altuzarra stuff.  

Too bad for you, Target.


Update! (9-18) Yikes ... stopped by yesterday at our little, local-ish Target, and there was no sign of any Altuzarra stuff.  None.   Not even a sign.  According to their customer service, we have an "ultra low traffic store" and will not be getting any of the collaboration pieces in future.

They might have traffic if they had product.  

Sad.  This is one of the reasons I get so discouraged living down here.  One step forward, two behind.  Wrote them a scorching letter.  Not that it will do any good.

Double rats.  No wonder I often feel bad that life is getting more difficult rather than easier.  'Cause it is.


  1. I was going to check tomorrow at lunch here in the Fort. I know it won't be picked over because no one (except me and you) really care...but now I'm concerned they won't have anything. Wah wah. Why don't they realize we like fashion here too?!

  2. I shopped at midnight PST and got the items I wanted. Then I read blogger reviews and wanted more things (the black flippy skirt and the bow tie blouses) but this was at 2pm in the afternoon PST and when I went online to grab them, they were all sold out. I called my local Target and they said they were gonna get some stock some time this week, so we'll see. I may just have to resign myself with being satisfied with the ones I managed to score at midnight. I'm only supposed to buy/keep one piece anyway because of my 90-Day Spending Fast. ;p

  3. Oh poor Jan, look at you! You look like a disappointed 1960s teenager, who wishes she were in Swinging London wearing Mary Quant instead of living in the arse end of Nowhere... Now, despite the forlorn face, I adore the photo - I think there is a secret actress inside you, Jan, and she's coming out to play!
    I have to confess I have NO idea who Altruzarra is, because I'm, you know, a bit dim... But although sweaters aren't really my thing, I do like this one. Gold cranes (if that's what they are) make a plain black jumper something a bit special.
    And you and Dan had decadent food and you found a good coat, so all was not lost. And money left over too - excellent! xxxx

  4. My lovely hubby volunteered to drive me to our local Target when he got off of work Sunday evening. I wanted the python print skirt, which they had along with about 10 other pieces. Of course, they didn't have my size. As much as I loved some of the other pieces I felt like they were either wrong for my proportions or would be a bear to have altered. If they'd had the belt I would've bought it. They didn't; I didn't. I ordered a wool plaid eShakti dress instead.
    You got your great coat in the end, too. I can't wait to see you in it ;-)


  5. OH that is to bad about the Altuzarra worms but I am looking forward to seeing the pink coat! I am on a spending fast now or at least spending on clothes. I just don't need anything so it has to be a really special worm.

  6. I ordered a couple of items online Sunday morning and after my run I decided to check my local Target and see what they offered. They didn't have the whole line and to be honest, I was really disappointed in the shininess of a lot of the fabric and most of the items I purchased will most likely be returned. I think the only thing that may be a keeper for me is the navy floral blouse. I really liked the booties but when I saw it at the store, I didn't think the quality was worth $60. Bummer that you had to drive all that way to find such a slim selection but yay for finding your jacket.


  7. I love this picture of you. LOL! And I absolutely adore your red shoes.

  8. I tried to comment on my iPhone...doesn't look like it worked. Anyhow, this is the first time I'm participated in the big Target/ fashion house frenzy. I had no idea that at my new Target store there would actually be people there waiting at 8 am. At 8:15 they had already sold out of my size. Turns out I had to run around to 4 other stores looking and finally phoning around to get the size I needed. Pain in the butt. Normally I wouldn't be tempted, but that velvet blazer really caught my eye and I do love it. Also I found the pieces to be very classic but with a little twist. Something I really like. They didn't have the one long black dress I'd hoped for. I don't think it made it up across the border since it wasn't at any of the stores I went to. I was sold on the whole snakeskin ensemble.

    I wound up driving about 35 minutes to the furthest store, which I thought was a bit insane, but after reading your ordeal I don't feel so bad : ) Poor Jan! For what it's worth the photo is brilliant though...and so are those shoes!

    I can't wait to see your coat. Pink!


  9. You were dressed to the nines in red heels to run loose in the store. You are a true Diva and you Won after all. Getting the elusive pink coat, a top, brunch and money in your pocket. I call that an awesome day and can't wait to see your buys. . . . .

  10. I don't like the fact that you were disappointed, Jan, but you made such a great photo! And I like the sweater a lot, and the fact that you bought your dream coat and still have some money left to play. :)

  11. The photo is absolutely brilliant! Too bad about the sale. I must admit, I don't go to sales, ever... I just go browsing in shops, usually to kill time between work appointments (the advantage of living in The Big City) and if I see something I like, I get it. Don't actually buy clothes that often, so few items I like, I guess...

  12. Oh sweetie! So sad:-(
    You are one dedicated munchkin to drive for two hours!!!
    Love the sound of your coat. Colour in Winter...a big yes from me! Xo JJ

  13. What a disappointed face, every cloud has a silver lining, no doubt that pink coat is a stunner and I can see you in that black jumper . A day not lost , a decadent brunch always a joy I find.
    By the way, another pair of great shoes.

  14. Mrs_Jack_of_all_tradesSeptember 16, 2014 at 2:53 AM

    Glad that you at least found something you like, I doubt in Dubai the collection will be in the store for long if at all. The sweater is cute, like the birds on the shoulders, would be great even with just a pair of jeans. I haven't been to the malls in a while. Been doing online shopping lately and the purchases were mostly light stuff like tees for the summer. Can't wait to see the pink coat!

  15. Well at least you had a great road trip! I would have been just as disappointed. I wish these stores would live up to their advertisements, and have stock available if advertised! Although online shopping is very easy, one misses out on the tactile feel of things when you don't let a silk blouse slip through your fingers when in store.

  16. You got the coat you wanted! Fantastic! I'm thinking they are rolling out their new collections in increments after the first disaster where re-sellers swooped in and literally bought everything the first morning, you know?

  17. Can't wait to see you in that vibrant coat! I had no idea about this latest Target craze. I'll have to go and look it up. I try and stay away from my local Target. It's in a really bad neighborhood.

  18. The best disappointed photo, ever, haha! You are too cute! I got up early as well and went to the nearest Target and I left there with nothing from the collection. They had a small selection with one of each size?! I will have to pass on this designer and hope the next Target collaboration is better. BTW, I Love your red shoes! xo

  19. LOVE that picture of you. Seriously! I have to tell you, I am done with the collaborations with Target. I bought a few of the Peter Pilotto shirts earlier this year, and they are nice, but I feel like you see them everywhere, everybody's wearing them, everybody is writing about them, and they are suddenly not so special. To the back of the closet they go! So I have purposely stayed away from this Altuzarra collection and I know this is going to sound so terribly cynical but this is the second collaboration he has done (he did one with J. Crew a couple of years ago) and I have to wonder if this is going to be what he is known for, which may not be the best thing in the world for a young designer!

    But a pink coat you say? That is NOT Altuzarra? I can't wait to see it! XO, Jill

  20. Love your disappointed face - not that I want you to be disappointed, I'm sorry that you are.

    No idea who Altuzarra is. If that's his jumper then its very 1980s. Bet you could find something similar in the vintage section on Ebay unless the name on the label makes it more appealing.

    Love the sound of your pink coat! xxxx

  21. Cute pic, love your red shoes. Pretty sweater and glad you got the coat you wanted. I have been involved in my church and celebrating my 15th wedding anniversary so just now getting to your blog.

  22. Oh no! Well, at least all was not a complete loss. You found your coat and had a nice lunch with your sweetie! This is an awful cute pic of you too, by the way. I wish I could see the whole outfit. Love the red shoes!

  23. Well, at least the whole day sounds like a fun adventure! Love the crane sweater and can't wait to see your new pink coat. ADORE that cute pic of you pouting in the Target circle. lol! I had fun at the launch, but even at our big Target, they didn't have all the pieces. Or they had such a limited amount that even though I was there at 8 I couldn't get to them fast enough. The belts were gone before I could blink! Hee!


    Dawn Lucy

  24. Yikes, Britt! Did you get by and find that there was nothing ... nada ... zero? More than a little sick at heart. If they bothered giving us some of the good stuff, they might sell it.
    Wah wah indeed.

  25. I hate it that they reserve the best stuff online. I really need to try things on, find returns a big pain in the tuchas and really, really am better off paying cash ... no guilt, no stress, yes or no instantly.
    Our local just informed me that we're too small and crappy to ever see any of the collabs again. This is just one of the things I hate about living in nowhere.
    What did you snag? I didn't see much on the ground here that wasn't available in similar iterations at JCP, but then, python prints are not to my taste. The velvet jacket and the crane dress are different matters.

  26. I was so tired here! A set-up with tongue in cheek, but I'm really feeling it today with the news that our stupid local-ish Target won't be getting any of the collabs in the future. We can always go north with a lot of inconvenience, but I get so weary of living in a part of the country so removed from what I find interesting and personally relevant. For every step forward, there are invariably two steps back. Would be nice just to get the hell out of here, but that's not really possible. Consequently, I try very hard to exist on self-made philosophic and social lemonade, but it gets more taxing every year. Pollyanna would have gone into a decline if she had to live here.
    Little stuff like this has extended meaning for me.
    Of course you're not dim. Just not interested in Altuzarra ... he's an American-Chinese-Basque wunderkind in the contemporary design world. I really am interested in the results of the combined elements of his cultural heritage. The sweater is very elegant-casual, and will have a nice vibe with jeans and boots or a straight skirt and booties this winter. The cranes are really well done and make an interesting shoulder shape that isn't really like a pad from past decades, but it broadens the shoulder and is interestingly flattering to those of us with boobage we'd like to minimize.
    So, good to have it, and it's a good thing I really like it or I'd have been more annoyed than I am.
    In the 60's I so wanted to find myself right on Carnaby Street, and dreamed of Abby Road, and thought I might someday shed my genetic heritage and look more like Twiggy than I ever did. You have me so right, there. But I take comfort that for an American girl who grew up in California with the surf-era, then the epicenter of the various social movements of the 60s and 70s ... West Coast iteration ... it was an excellent grounding for my politics and general education. Not as cool as the British Invasion, but with it's own cachet.
    And we did have a killer brunch ... and after the whole day's debauchery, I didn't gain any pounds. Such good news!
    You're adorable to sympathize and I appreciate your always cool comments ... so much!

  27. I'm decimated to know that we won't get the collabs here again, probably ever. Makes me even gladder I went north. And it's really what I hate most about living here.
    The sizing in this collection was weird. I tried on the black tapestry-python-slit skirt as well, and my usual sizes didn't work at all ... more the shape than the size. So you know what I mean, I see. And I had plenty of room in the sweater I bought with a small ... that NEVER happens anymore with my old boobage.
    Not you. It was the design.
    Thank you! I love my coat ... just what I wanted, and it looks good, I think.
    Will look forward to seeing your eShakti plaid! Sounds grundgealicious!

  28. I'm fed up with worms from Target this week ... but will enjoy my sweater a lot this winter. I'm not so much on a spending freeze as I am augmenting the things I've bought in the last couple of years for winter. On a very limited budget. Ha! Isn't that the best face on being broke during the winter!? Seriously, I'm excited to reimagine some shapes from last year, and the process won't take a huge investment. There were some pieces that I didn't have a clear idea about how to make my own, and this year I've got a fresh eye. Also, EVERYTHING looks different with short hair, and I'm pleased with the result. In fact, some things I was unsure about look lots different this year, so that's a boon.
    Like you say special worms, and I have to use the worm budget judiciously.
    But the pink coat was one of those things I really needed for my sartorial spirit.
    Congrats on having the character to relish your fast. "You are a better man than I am, Gunga Din!"

  29. Wanhhhhh! No more collaborations at our stupid, localish store, so I am all sour grapes today.
    I'm not a python fan, so there was much of the collection I didn't like. But I liked the cranes so much and really wanted to try that dress. I tried the blouse, and found the sizing strange ... for my usual medium, the waist fit but was way too low. The shoulders were unflatteringly wide on me, so I'm glad I didn't order it online. Like you, I found the booties cheap looking and overpriced for what they were. No other footwear to be found, here.
    But the pink coat was complete true love. Will wear it a lot, I know.
    Thanks for the sympathy, Alice ... can always count on you!

  30. Thank you, Sandy! I was so tired when this was taken, but definitely mugging for effect. Turns out it was prophetic ... just found out we won't have any more collabs here at our local-ish store, so my nose is seriously out of joint.
    You'll see more of the red shoes .... these little heels with substantial straps might work with your back and toe issues! Complete comfort in leather, these little beauties!

  31. Here, you put your dainty little finger right on it. If there's a big store with lots of interest, everyone but a few who got there first are happy, otherwise we're all disappointed. If there's not a good selection in a low interest area, no one bothers, and therefore no one is happy.
    It seems to me that Tar-zhay has it all wrong.
    Seems we'll never get another collaboration here at our local-ish, and that I'll always have to drive hours if I want any chance. I so wanted to get and alter that black dress with the cranes, and the red blazer ... probably would not have fit as everything was way long in torso. Sad.
    I don't like snakeskin, anyway. So there, and a raspberry to you, Target. Not to you, Suzanne! Glad you got a pretty piece, and I know it will look lovely on you. Sob.
    But ... the pink coat is pretty, just what I wanted and I didn't gain any weight from the champagne brunch or or massive lobster hibachi. Not a loss.
    I'm still pissed, though. It's so typical of living here in Bumfuzzle, Nowhere. One step forward, two back and I don't like this cha-cha-cha!

  32. Thank you, Natalia! I was mugging for the photo, but it got real when I found that our local will never get any more collaborations. Sob.
    But I do have the pink coat ... and that will be fun in the future winter. It's relatively light weight so I can wear it at the first chill! At least for a little while .... ha!
    I appreciate the sympathy, Natalia ... very nice of you, as always!

  33. Thanks, Tiina! I was mugging for the photo, and I don't often do that ... I have what is known as "resting bitch face" when I'm not grinning broadly.
    It wasn't a sale. It was a "launch" of a collaboration between a legitimate designer, Joseph Altuzarra, and a big-box retail ... the idea being to bring us lowly little people a taste of the haute. Botched, because hardly anyone gets what they want.
    I don't do many sales, either. Unless it's watches or fine jewelry ... I usually find something happy there. But clothing sales are usually never in my size or anything I want, regardless of price. I've run across some brilliant buys, but it's the exception, not the rule.

  34. Awwwh ....thank you, sweet Jack! I am an elderly munchkin, but I'm working on that ... dedicated is one of my long suits, though, so I'd best retain that quality. Dan is so cool, sometimes. I really appreciate it that he was determined that I had a good day ... things have been problematic here generally, so we both deserved one.
    Pink is often too washy-outy for me, but this one isn't dead pastel, nor hot. Just a touch of warmth, a little more than baby-pink. And since red-heads traditionally don't wear pink well, I'm delighted to feel just a little touch of anarchy. That's a lot for a pink coat to supply!
    Stay tuned, and thanks for dropping in!

  35. Pitiful, wasn't I? Sort of a bad tempered Little Match (Old) Girl look, yes?
    My pink coat was worth the trip, and I really do like my sweater a great deal, so it was all fine. You will undoubtedly see the red shoes again ... the rest of the outfit was meh.
    Brunch is always the best, but MUST include champagne, salty meats and muffins with lots of butter.
    So glad to see you, Jilly! Thanks for stopping by, adorable girl, and for all the moral support.

  36. Yes ... jeans, or a pencil skirt, perhaps. Won't need much else, since they decided to "put a bird on it"
    I am yearning after a light weight white tee this year that fits just right ... just a little more than skimming the torso, but not too sloppy. And long sleeves. And a boat neck. That should be doable, right? Seems not, from my search so far!
    Love my pink coat. Star tuned!
    So happy you're getting out and about ... thank you for dropping in!

  37. I cannot help it, although your face shows you feel miserable, this top photo is great. You look modern, edgy and fun. The composition with the fabulous red shoes and the red circle, is again.... fabulous.
    This time my raffle ticket brought me less money than what I paid for it. I will try again next month. To win lots of money to get you out of there. Can you order online? Or is that a hassle in your neck of the woods?
    The sweater, by the way, is superb. Love to see it on you. And the pink coat too (I bought an egg-shaped fuchsia one).

  38. Hey Jan, a girl wearing such a pair of stunning shoes should not be sad! The sweater is amazing and so are you.
    Sabine xxx

  39. In retrospect, what I don't understand is how Target rationalizes disappointing so many of their customers. At midnight at the start of the launch, there are certain items only available on line, and usually available for only a few hours, often just minutes. That sucks. And then they understock the stores, but they don't say which ones will participate. People like me who do not shop online ... I MUST try things on and look at them, and I don't love using a credit card on this trendy kind of wardrobe purchase ... and are in less than grand markets are out of luck. Seems like a lot of customers to treat badly, not to mention the ones that do shop online but can't get their order in as fast as everyone else.

    I'm letting it go now. I swear.

    The coat is a cutie, and I will wear it with glee all winter as often as I can. Can't wear it with everything, but I'll try! Nice to be able to get away with pink, even as an old lady. I think pink works well for little short women, completely without irony! Ha!

  40. Hey, Jill! Glad you like my goofy picture. It seems I've seen my last one, too, but for different reasons. The won't grace us with their presence next time. I know they are déclassé, I know they are vastly over-hyped, but it's a nice change from nothing here. We certainly don't see them all over, especially since one store that serves a big chunk of the whole state has only one in each size of any given item. I don't think I've ever seen a piece out and about from any collection.
    But yes, I get it. What I resent so much is that Target can't get it that we'd really appreciate some of the better pieces here, where they might be met with justifiable disdain in urban areas.
    And you might be right about a talented young guy niche-ing himself right out of a job. He does have some big design chops from recent past positions, but as Heidi says, "One day you're in ...." etc.
    Yes, my pink coat is from dumb old Tulle, but it's a cute little thing, and I'll get such a kick out of wearing it! Won't for a while as it's almost 90 here today!
    So tickled you stopped by with your nice remarks!

  41. Yeah ... lots of mugging going on. Glad you got a tickle from it. If one can't be happy, then one can always make annoying faces at a camera, I always say.

    That's kind of the thing with some of these big-box collaborators. I usually know a bit about the designers in advance because I'm interested in that. He's a young French talent with some serious successes behind him in the fashion world. His work interests me because his Chinese-American-Basque (yes, really!) heritage is part of his impetus. You see it in what I think are interesting ways. This collaboration was full of slinky, chiffon-y, hippie girl dresses, swooped and draped 1940s/1980s dresses, lots of python print ... also retro shaped. But the pieces I liked best were those with the Chinese references. Love the well-made, stiff applique cranes placed just below the collar bones. A different place for the shoulder width we know from the 80s ... seems fresher to me, and they seem bold and full of narrative. This will be one of those pieces for me that I adore but may not suit me conventionally or flatter, but that I'll wear happily anyway.

    I did some prowling around on eBay at your suggestion, and there are some pretty things there as you know! Nothing really like what I see in this piece, though, 'cause it doesn't read vintage to me at all. Nothing new under the sun, of course, but it's the innovation made of repeating themes that gets to me. These differences in how we all see things really keeps me fascinated.
    Speaking of eBay ... I did see the same sweater at over twice what I paid for it along with a lot of pieces from the collection at greatly inflated prices! There's a decidedly sit-com-esque quality to all this, isn't there?

    The pink coat was just balm to my thwarted little heart. Way too hot to even pretend it can be part of an OOTD, but soon ... very soon ...

  42. Sounds like you're focusing on the best parts of life, JT! Good for you, and Happy Anniversary!
    I've been slow to get around to my usual haunts because things have been a bit frantic here, generally. So I'm extra glad you got by, kiddo! Thanks for your kind remarks, as always.

  43. If you can't smile, put on a good pout! Not! So glad you got a laugh at my mugging ... I have "resting bitch face" but this is worse. My old favorite Breton strip T, and an also favored faux leather and knit skirt make up the rest of the outfit. I RUINED the skirt somehow that day ... the faux leather was all separated and peeling when I got home. Looked like I had been seated on a very rough sandpaper chair, and had been squirming around! So upset, and had trouble replacing it this week!
    Thank you for all ... the shoes will serve me well for several seasons, I hope!

  44. Yes, I saw your layout at all your brilliant bargains, and I have to tell you I was green. Oh well, they all look better on you, but I sure would have liked to have a shot at them. Food and drink and a pink coat do soothe my pique, though.
    Seriously, love how your items look ... they work so well on your long, tall gorgeousness. If I couldn't have a good spree, I'd just as soon it was you that had one! Will enjoy seeing them on you as the fall wears on.
    (Ignore me ... I can't help milking it for all it's worth.)
    Happy to hear from you, DL!

  45. Oh, good ... glad you enjoyed my mugging for the camera.
    Darling Greeje ! I know you mean it about the raffle. Our big lottery is over 170 million here ... couldn't we have fun with some of that? Dan buys a ticket once a week and we often spend the drive into the Big City daydreaming aloud about how we'd live if we won the big one. Not as sad as might be imagined ... somehow it's easier to accept and appreciate the present after coming down from the fantasy. We'd do a lot of the same things we do now ... but in better digs in another place, far away! We'd just close the restaurant and endow it as a soup-kitchen.
    On-line is difficult with our weekend cash flow, but they usually sell out so fast that I couldn't compete. Often things are gone just minutes after the on-line launch at midnight.
    Hope you're enjoying the fushia egg ... sounds perfect and will look forward to seeing it.
    Hugs to you, Sweetie!

  46. You would look so good in these shoes, Sabine! I love them, and got over my saddness pretty quickly. I should be happy to have the one piece, and I am looking forward to wearing my pink coat every chance I can this winter!
    Hope you're having a lovely fall, dear girl! Thank you so much for all.

  47. If I had millions I would help you to set up a restaurant in Seattle. Would you like that? Or is that not one of your dreams?
    And I meant my question about buying online in a broader sense, not just the special items.

  48. Nice of you to imagine that fantasy for us, Greetje! I don't think we'd do another restaurant if we could. Getting old!
    The on-line buying is tricky for me generally because our debit card is problematic to use ... our banks are not in real time here, and as a weekend business, it's always tough to figure out what's available for discretionary spending or not. We gave up credit cards years ago, but can use our debit cards, of course, but it's less than easy. And beyond that, returning things are a pain here, and I do like to try on and touch first. I really have gotten used to guilt free spending with the little savings I squirrel away just for that. Old fashioned, I know, but sort of our best option these days.

  49. What a fantastic photo Jan! You look so cute pouting about your discouraging shopping experience. I took one of my grandson when he climbed up and stood in the Target circle like the letter X. Fortunately, I got a few really nice things at Target. But cheer up - at least you're beautiful and that's something money can't buy. :-)

    ♥ carmen

  50. I am an old school shopper too. All this running back and forth to the post office...not my style.

  51. My sister works for a large clothing retail chain and they have a similar policy for stocking their stores. Someone, somewhere is rating the stores according to sales numbers and then decides what and how many wares they are getting. And should a "bigger" store be in need of a product, they are asked to send it over, even if they have been selling them as well. It boggles my mind.

    P.S. The sweater is gorgeous! And I am curious to see the pink coat.

    Alex - Funky Jungle

  52. You can sulk with the best of sullen teenagers! The sweatshirt with golden cranes looks divine, but I'm sorry about the lack of fun shopping options near you. ):

    Maybe a once-a-year out to a big city, crash with friends, and do a shopping spree?

  53. Love the picture. My biggish Target in a medium big city was out of everything by the time I got there - boo. Where did you find your pink wool coat? I've been looking for one too.

  54. So sorry to hear that Jan but you look great in this photo though!!! I didn't drive to my local Target stores but I was able to score a couple items online at Target. Glad you found your pink coat though!!!



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