Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fixin' to Get Ready ... or Why I Love the September Issues

I come by my fascination with process honestly. My grandmother used to announce that, when she was beginning to consider the steps necessary to even begin a process and before actually taking any action, she was "fixin' to get ready to" begin the whole thing. The women in our family break down the steps this way, I guess.

That's sort of where I am with the whole fall wardrobe thing. There's a process I construct for myself regarding the decisions I make about what I'll put on my back every fall. More than practicality, it's mostly to prolong the delicious sartorial pleasures that seem to belong especially to this time of year, and it starts with the knowledge that the September magazine issues are ready for my perusal. Anticipation is such a huge part of any pleasure, and fall outfits are right up there with all the things I most enjoy anticipating . It's way too hot to wear any of the fall and winter clothes that I see in the magazines even if I owned any, and the local stores are just beginning to show some limp-looking transitional items. So I begin with an eager appraisal of the ideas the designers are selling. First, it's all about the ideas.

For those who pay attention to such things, we saw the first versions of these concepts hatch months ago at the annual-seasonal string of international Fashion Weeks held in the great capital cities of style. These events are devoted exclusively to what designers had to say and show about what they hope to sell to the stores who will, in their turn, hope to sell to us in the coming weeks. I don't pay a lot of attention then because it's just too far away in time. There's another season or two of What I'll Wear to play with and figure out before the coming fall is imminent. But now, I'm fixin' to get ready to consider what they're saying. And the people who put these magazines together know how to talk to those of us who want to listen.

The delicious juiciness of this part of the process is that it's all potential. No money beyond the price of the magazine is required at this point ... and that's good because I'm squirreling my pennies away for later, but I can give my imagination a work out. Right now, it's not just about the stuff, the goods, the acquisitions to come. In the pages of the magazine, the efforts of lots and lots of very talented and highly creative people end up in my hands, for my evaluation and appreciation. Every coherent article or editorial photo spread is a further response to the creativity of designers that began months ago. For my nickel, this seat is better than any I could have wished for at any tent at NYFW.  It's all a distillation and interpretation of what a lot of passionate people in multiple arenas of contemporary design are thinking right now, and these narratives they create and display in the magazines are wonderful to me. I love a good narrative in a book, or a film, or in a song, but especially in a great pair of shoes.

Anyone reading here knows at least a little about the relationship of politics and social realities to fashion. A familiar example is how skirt hems went up in the last century during two World Wars. We're all familiar with examples of political and social ideas that resulted in world-defining, life and culture changing, post-war responses from all the arts. Some of the most controversial and subversive ideas of  past decades have shown up illustrated in September issues of the fashion glossies.  Our own generation's relationships are likewise producing similar responses by the arts in this information-saturated era,  right now, for us to see in an abundance of ways never before imagined.  It's all another way our history is reflected.

It isn't world peace, and it's isn't a cure for cancer, but there's a place for an appreciation for this kind of beauty and these visual ideas that help define who we are as part of popular culture. There's certainly room in my somewhat isolated world.

As an example, I'm seeing a ramping up of the 60s revival that's been going on for some time now. And it's not just the sweet flirtatiousness of the mod-mini and bright prints, although they are still there, front and center. I'm interested to see a substantial dose of Clockwork Orange - dystopian bootery worn with the girly minis and floaty prints. It's gone from workman-like, construction-inspired boots worn in contrast with sheers to paramilitary lace-ups with everything in a couple of seasons. Lots of narratives implied here, and much to be inferred from them, and all of it at least a little angst ridden. "Tough, street-stomping" lug soles (that description from an editor at Bazaar, last month's issue) are hot this year. That's in line with that implied social nervousness, feeling at best assertive and at worst a little defensive, frightened and aggressive. If that isn't a strong narrative, I don't know what is. But to the broader point, what is it that we fear and need to defend ourselves against?

Like Doctor Who warned, just last week, "Don't look in that mirror ... it's furious!"

I'm charmed and invigorated by the evolution of culturally specific fabrics, patterns and ideas that, in recent decades, we have ripped whole-cloth from cultures that we may or may not be insulting when we've cheerfully co-opted their traditions. Here's a distillation I can enjoy guilt free, because in returning traditional elements back to their originating cultures, we can say a belated thank you for the loan and allow the inspiration to remain in "tribe international" wovens and bulky knits.  This year, they're often rendered in non-traditional materials, but with a hand-crafted and sophisticated beauty we see in the best of traditional indigenous expression in textile art. It's not so much "a-cultural", but multi-mixy-cultural and satisfyingly blended. In an era where a lot of our political and social divisions around the world are fueled by our differences, it does my psyche no harm to indulge in the hope that we might be ready to celebrate such a cultural collaboration and lose some of our fears of blending.  (Ahem. I know that sounds pretentious, but that's what I think.)

All of the above is closely related to this year's fauve-like hand painting on luxury leathers and fabrics. To me, it translates into a beautiful iconoclasm, and I want to do some of that!

And big, hairy muppet-fur coats, this year in pastel and jewel-like tertiary colors. It's likely I won't indulge in this outerwear idea, but when I see anyone in the real world wearing one, I will think "more power to her!" and indulge in a few envious thoughts about the good time she's having wearing it. There's nothing to be understood about this idea beyond the desire for some fun while remaining cozy in the cold, and who can fault that? After the year I've had so far, I could use some fun when the winter skies inevitably turn gray.

And if those ideas don't grab you, consider the ramifications of Normcore as applied to the already presumably normal people we already are? What does all that mean? Am I the only one who is cracked up that Gap has a whole, huge ad campaign admonishing us all to "Dress Normal," with examples set for us and modeled by the celebrity-likes of Zosia Mamet (Girls) Elizabeth Moss (Mad Men) and the style-iconic Angelica Huston? 

Huh. There's a thing to ponder. But probably not for very long ...

So, as I look at the images, some of which are just so beautiful that, with or without the fashion context, they exist as their own separate pleasure, I begin to think about what I might like to say about myself this fall when I dress for the day. And what I don't want to say. It has been a year of a lot of changes for me here, and those reflect in what I'm thinking about, and that determines a lot of what I want to wear. I don't yet, can't yet make actual efforts in that direction, although I do admit to snagging a couple of pairs of serious fall shoes that were perfect bargains. 

This is the time to sit back, sip an ap├ęritif, think about my appetites, eyeball the menu and put my napkin in my lap before the meal actually arrives. All fixin' to get ready for the actual feast, which can sometimes be as much fun as the consumption of the main dish.


What? You say you want pictures illustrating those ideas above that I went on for so long about? Sorry, you will have to go look at a magazine or Google the Interwebs and see for yourself. I'd love to know if you are especially taken with any ideas for this fall.

 All you get today is a picture of me in late summer, in extra casual go-to-town togs. Too hot to dress up, too tired to think about it much, but wearing a combination of a few favorite this-summer pieces that I wanted to put on one more time.

 I haven't worn the cork clutch and shoes together before, but they hit it off pretty well, no?


  1. Spectacular shoes!

  2. Now that was a profound and beautifully written post. Thank you. I needed some depth and articulate prose after a week of grading dross. I've actually avoided the glossies due to my 90-Day Spending Fast but I shall certainly live vicariously through you. I am, however, giving myself leeway when Altuzarra comes to town. Help me decide which piece to buy?

  3. You look very good in those jeans and you can wear them forever. . .Enjoy!

  4. I do think I might like to have something fuzzy this season. But then again, I'm trying to dress as "normal" this year as I can. NOT
    I saw that Gap ad too. I just don't get it. Who are they trying to impress? I don't see it inspiring anyone to even buy their stuff. (which has always lacked imagination in my opinion).
    I haven't purchased a magazine in months though I do have a free Martha Stewart that comes monthly. I do love a fresh magazine in the Fall though.

    There's that cute cute clutch purse. It's just perfect with the shoes. That photo deserves to be framed!

  5. You look very Good in your Jeans and should wear them forever. . .

  6. Well written post Jan! I love that you see fashion as more than just clothes and the influences it has on culture. I guess I am way too shallow and just thinks about what looks good on me. Speaking of looking good, I love how you wore this scallop cropped tank without exposing any skin. Any yes those beautiful heels and cork clutch are meant to be together.


  7. What a wonderfully-written piece. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm fixin' to wear me some Clockwork Orange, multi-mixi-cultural, and Muppet fur coats. As for you, right now, I love the clutch and shoes together. And the scalloped edges on your lime ice cream, delicious. Couldn't get better than that.

  8. What a magnificent piece of writing, I could live myself into every word and absorbed it with awe. Your outfit is gorgeous, not to even mention the shoes and bag! Adorable!!!

  9. A beautifully written piece. 1960s clothes and fuzzy coats? Does this mean I'm in fashion? God help me! xxx

  10. Jan , such descriptive writing. those magazines need you. As we are now going into Spring a muppet coat might have to wait. Once again stunning shoes and clutch and your green scallopped edge top so pretty.

  11. lifestyleover40.comSeptember 3, 2014 at 4:56 AM

    I love the way your style is evolving... Looking fresh and lovely. Sara

  12. I'm fixing to get ready to pull the plastic cover off my September Vogue just as soon as I have a free lazy afternoon or evening. I'm hearing you! The September issues are my favorites. Enjoyed your thoughtful musings. Debbie @ ilovemylemonadelife.com

  13. Fixin to get ready is such a gorgeous phrase. You write beautifully! Is that a CORK clutch? The shoes do go well with it.
    I hope you have a wonderful Fall/Autumn and feel gorgeous. I must admit to a Muppet fur jacket. It makes me look huge but is the warmest softest thing. I get lots of hugs! Or maybe the jacket does :-)
    I don't really follow fashion so no magazines for me, but I do love a good secondhand rummage. Maybe I'll end up in this season's clothes in a couple of years! :-D xo JJ

  14. Your outfit is so fresh and fun. The purse and shoes are everything. Love your ideas on the anticipation of the upcoming fall fashion season. I want a fuzzy muppet jacket!

  15. Jan I seriously need those shoes, seriously.. and I just found a picture of my sister in a totally furry muppet coat from a " few" years ago.

  16. Wonderful piece, Jan. You look fantastic in your casual outfit and effortlessly chic. The clutch and shoes are great together! You touched on so much here but I want to respond to a couple of things. I have been thinking about the whole concept of appropriating other culture's motifs and designs and I may be wrong but I am beginning to think it is all a bunch of nonsense. Human beings are capable of thinking up and creating all forms of line and colour. Who can lay claim to blue circles or red triangles really? I know I am simplifying but in the way that all humans are artists, who create, imitate, adapt, adopt and alter, I think all visual designs belong to the human race and not just one culture.

    Now about that Gap add. It made me chuckle too. Especially when a few pages later a similar looking image from, I think it was Lucky Brand, told us to embrace our uniqueness and dare to stand out. I don't own any Gap pieces though once had a few tee shirts. I seem to have one or two Lucky Brand pieces. Hmm, I wonder if I am standing out normally.

  17. The clutch and shoes are awesome together. I haven't paid much attention to fall fashion although I did see a layout for grays/lilacs/deep purples that I loved. It's too hot to think about sweaters. The warmest months for San Diego are usually Sept/Oct .. we are basically in for our 2nd summer.

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  18. The clutch and the shoes were meant to be together! You look summer sherbert fresh.

    I don't bother with fashion mags at all anymore unless my husband gets them free from the lounge at the airport.

    If I were skinny and tall I'd totally rock a muppet coat. In purple. Give Oscar the grouch a run for his money.

    Norm core is pretty much the polar opposite of everything I stand for. So you know what I think about that.


  19. Really love your look! I'm not a big autumn fn so my wish list is very short!

  20. I'm taking a different approach this fall. I want pieces that look great on me, and I'm entertaining new or vintage, thrifted or semi-retail (never full price). I don't want to dress "normal". I want to dress the iconic me, and I'm finding her in every era and many different styles. I, too, am eyeing the Altuzarra capsule collection and seeing several possibilities.
    Favorites are favorites for a reason. They should be worn often ;-)


  21. Some serious text. Great writing. Love those shoes. Not sure about the clutch. Fall? Can I order it with a side dish of summer? Haven't thought too much about my wardrobe yet. Or read any September issue. Slacker fashion blogger. Maybe I go dig out my old posts about my favorite looks from the fashion weeks in February? That would almost be like reading a magazine ;-)

    Alex - Funky Jungle

  22. Well.... if you are serious, you are serious. I can spot your art education here. Great to hear your point of view on things. I never think of it that way. I just consume. But hey... I am just a simple girl.
    You said you saw a revival of the sixties, and I agree. I have seen boots that I wore in the sixties and they were not vintage.
    As for your outfit: you do terribly well for somebody who is just throwing things together. I love this outfit. Looks very good on you. And indeed, bag and shoes go very well together.

  23. I see what you're saying, but I don't read or look at fashion magazines. I prefer Polyvore. I like to see each individual's personal take on style (which is why I follow you!). I rarely buy new either so what's new doesn't appeal so much to me. If you care to see my own Polyvore sets you can at: http://paperesse.polyvore.com/?filter=sets

    Now, all that aside...don't you look so cute! Love this look and love the clutch and shoes together, they go perfectly!!!

    Since summers are so short for us here, I cling to every last minute of them. According to the calendar it is still summer, so I'm not thinking about Fall.

  24. Yes indeed, the clutch bag and shoes are a match made in heaven, and you look all minty fresh in that sweet scalloped top, Jan!
    I love it when you flex your intellectual muscles and talk us through your ideas. Far better to read you than those magazines! I don't buy them, so the only place I see them is at the hairdresser's or my sister's house. Year on year, I am struck by how similar the "trends" are. Military/tailoring, rich textures/luxe fabrics, metallics, embellishment, ethnic/folksy, revisiting the (insert decade here) - don't these crop up every year? Oh, I know there are very talented and creative people out there in Fashion World making beautiful things and glorious images, and it is no more frivolous to enjoy their work than to love film or painting or music, but I feel removed from it. I envy your ability to navigate and participate in that world in a way which you enjoy, Jan, and your fascination and appreciation is clear from your impassioned writing. Good for you!
    PS. And yes, get yourself and Dan over to the UK! xxx

  25. Your accessories remind me of an art piece I saw on display at Contemporary LACMA. Your entire outfit is fun and very art inspired.

    Like I have stated before, I appreciate trends, however, I don't necessarily follow them. I wore a 60s look for my blog early last year. I think it's funny that it's now considered a trend. I just wear what appeals to me, and because I often shop vintage 50s, 60s and 70s, I find that my chosen pieces are often "trends" within the industry. It is a constant recycling of great ideas and iconic eras.

    But one thing for sure, I would rather see the clothing move down the runway. There is nothing like that real, live, visual presentation.

  26. Ah...the September Issue. I have nothing else to add because you summed it up so well here. Your shoes are stunning, and you look great!

  27. First of all I like your bag and shoes very much and they seem to be born to match each other! And, second, you had a great idea to wear a short top on another one!
    I always find it a bit hard to pass from one season to another and haven't thought of my autumn's outfits yet...luckily we are having good weather and I can prolong wearing my summer clothes for a while!!

  28. Dear Jan,
    it is so nice to see you still in a summerly look. I love how the colors of your top repeat in the bag and the pumps. You look fabulous and vibrant. I still love your short hair, it is so flattering.
    Have a good time dear!
    Sabine xxx

  29. Jan, you look beautiful as always! The shoes and clutch are ideal together!
    Love your summery about this Fall trends. My obsession is jewelry -- this is what I pay attention to when I read fashion magazines :) Yellow and rose gold toned jewelry is trending this fall :) Also statement necklaces, contemporary and vintage. Pearls are in style as well. I'm too contemplating about these trends and how they'd affect me as a jeweler and consumer.

  30. Can I say that I would truly LOVE to own those shoes and clutch. GORG!

    Thrifting Diva

  31. You look fabulous and love those shoes and clutch. Reading your thoughts about fall and the anticipation just makes me anticipate it even more. As a matter of fact, I might go curl up with my September Vogue and dream of cute outfits .... ;)


    Dawn Lucy


  32. What an awesome writer you are Jan! I must admit, I'm only halfway
    through, but I must get to bed and finish reading tomorrow. I wolud
    finsih now but my eeys are getitng blrury and I mihgt make smoe typos!

    Your top is so sweet and a lovely minty shade, perfect to dress up the jeans. Shoes and clutch are gorgeous! You are beautiful!

    ♥ carmen


  33. Thank you, Susan ... they're Target from last year, and they go with almost everything. Who'd a thunk it?

  34. So nice to hear you enjoyed reading it! Thanks for saying such nice things, as well, Maricel. Makes me feel better about going on and on. I'm on a self imposed buying diet ... not so much a fast ... and it's more situational. Too many years here, I've started picking up pieces too early only to find better later on, and at better prices. The opposite is true for shoes in my size!
    Altuzarra ... the collection has your name all over it. The slit skirts might not work for school, but your figure would show them to big advantage. I love the boho dresses on everyone but me, and I think you'd look delicious in any of his dresses, especially the deep v-retro shapes, long and flowing. And your exotic beauty begs for the bird-shouldered dress. I'm just hoping to find the sweater. I'll have to do try-ons big time, and there will be alterations!

  35. Instead of saying that I wouldn't jump on this idea, I should have said I probably won't be able to find a fuzzy piece I can 1-afford or 2-carry off. Maybe there will be an iteration for short, old people that will work for me ... but they look like so much fun. Which is the best reason to
    spend even a little on something so unapologetically trendy. Fun clothes that you love carry their own virtue inherently. Yes.
    You would look perfect in a big fuzzy, and it gets cold enough to wear it there!
    Re: Gap ... Angelica Huston in a leather jacket is not the norm. Classic, yes. Normcore no. Who do they think they're fooling? I often whine about not having a Gap here, but I never buy anything from them on the rare visits I get to make. I agree with your assessment!
    Thank you for liking my clutch and shoes ... such kind words. I love them both, and will be sad to put them away for winter. There's still a little time to wear them, yet!

  36. Hi, Alice! Nah, not shallow I am sure. Just busy and not as pretentious as I am. You are a mom. That changes everything!
    Glad you like my crop and tank. Not so flattering on me, but I love them anyway. The shoes go with everything (almost, but surely a lot of things!) The bag is just plain summer fun, I think!

  37. Mel ... so glad you had the time to read it! See, you are so far fashion forward that the muppet-fur crowd is just catching up with you. So happy you like my sad little summer outfit ... the shoes don't get nearly enough attention and have been sulky. They'll be glad to hear you like them.
    Once, again, I died and went to heaven and came back after seeing the Vogoff. Great women, every one and perfect content. My FAVORITE September issue.

  38. Thank you, Nicolene. So glad you liked my essay, and said such nice things ... even about my slightly sad summer outfit. Boxy tops are fun to wear, but they don't do much for me. Still ... it felt good to wear some fun stuff in a different way.

  39. Hate to say it again, kid ... you are often in the height of fashion. Don't worry, it's just a label, and you know what we do with labels. We laugh them off .... hahahahahahahaha. Then slap the person who labeled us ... I'm safe way over here in NoWhere, and only the people who love you the most tell you the truth surrounding your fabulousity. You are, as always, fashion forward ( and that's a good thing. I swear it is.)
    Seriously, thank you so much for liking my essay. Hope you had some fun with it.

  40. Thanks, Jill ... but true to form, no editor-in-chief search panels or headhunters are looking my way. But glad you liked it! Thank you for your kind remarks and for liking my sad summer's end outfit. While it wasn't wildly flattering, it was fun and easy to wear.

  41. High praise, Sara. After 64 years of evolution, I'm glad it's still operational. Such nice thoughts! Thank you so much.

  42. Glad you enjoyed them, Gorgeous! I've always admired how you step out into specifically chosen "looks", Debbie. Your outfits always look considered, and for me, that's a desirable quality. You also do "effortless chic" really well, but you and I know you've thought it out, even just on an intuitive level. Enjoy the issue. I had mine already read on the Kindle a week or so before the hardcopy came out! I'm such a smarty pants!

  43. Oh, thanks Jack! High praise from you ... so much appreciated! Yes it's CORK (squeeee!) I love it, and it has real paint spattered on it. Not everyone loves it, but I do.
    I should have said I won't be *able* to get a Muppet fur this fall. I'd love some iteration of this, but probably won't see one that I can 1-afford or 2-make work for short, square me. But, who knows ... it cold happen!
    Ha! Down here, even brand-spanking-new stuff from my rural Big Box Hell outlets are two years behind, so you'll do much better your way, I know!

  44. Hey, adorable Becky! Glad you like my stuff ... and I can so see you in a Muppet fur! Dan displays the same shock at them and disapproval as he does when he sees anyone wearing Teddy-Bear Fur. He never thinks twice when ordering a good Teddy-Bear steak, does he? What a hypocrite he is. Sad, really.

  45. Mrs_Jack_of_all_tradesSeptember 7, 2014 at 2:14 AM

    As a matter of fact I was browsing the magazines at the book store yesterday and went deep into fall.. I was seeing a lot of over-sized knit, pastel and the 60s inspired shift dresses that were so cute. I for one am the kind that love fashion and always work with what suits me best and this fall is no different. Anticipating a lot of leather and patches this fall.. hope you are well, Jan and you look as stunning as always. The shoes are to die for!

  46. The shoes are keepers, I agree. They're from last year's Prabal Garung for Target thing. Thanks for reading ... glad to see you!

  47. Oh, thanks, Shawna. Glad you enjoyed the read, and found some things to consider. Here, I wasn't trying to address the pros and cons of cultural appropriation, but just that I'm seeing some interesting fabrics this year that look less culturally specific, and using a more sophisticated visual vocabulary than in recent years. It's certainly true that basic shapes and colors can't be culturally exclusive. Clothing design is always referential, adaptive and imitative because we all share the elements of our basic visual vocabulary. I suppose we must all decide for ourselves whether or not it's "appropriate to appropriate" or not. I just think conscientiousness about direct appropriation of the work of any individual or culture should always be applied.
    I couldn't agree that all humans are artists. Our ability to make art is a human characteristic, but I can't say that all artistic endeavor results in art. What a subjective minefield! Lots of semantics , and what is or isn't art is well beyond what we're talking about here. But I'm just liking what I see as more thoughtful and interesting approach to design where multiple cultural elements are used as inspiration.
    There are a couple of specific examples I have in mind, but can't put my finger on all of them right at the moment ... Altuzurra's textiles inspired by 70's fabric art is one, though. A lot of the 70s stuff itself was inspired by native American and middle eastern motifs. It's just interesting to me to watch how these visual ideas evolve. More interesting than taking existing non-Western visual ideas and plopping them whole into Western fashion ( Western as in occidental, not cowboy.)
    Gap/Lucky Brand/ Normcore: you're definitely standing out in wonderful ways in your very own style statements. That's normal for you, I'm convinced!

  48. Hey Monica! Glad you liked the combination. Enjoy your second summer ... happy you stopped by!

  49. Yeah, me too. Muppet fur looks better on the tall skinny ones. You, proportionately, though, can wear whatever you want, so I wouldn't count it out if you run into some fuzzy purple you love!

  50. Thank you, Romy. Cold weather style suit me better, I think ... for lots of reasons. But my list isn't huge this year. So far!

  51. I would much prefer this wonderful photo of just the "real Jan" sporting this every casual chic outfit than any I would find in a magazine. Besides we don't get to see you in jeans very often and I can't imagine why because you wear them like a model. Love how you se effortlessly paired them with these striking heels and layered summer shirts.
    Now the 'fixin to get ready" is a phrase I'm quite familiar with, as my grandmother used this daily. I just loved how you brought it new life with this post. I can so relate . . . since I was just sitting with Tori (my daughter) browsing throw three different Sept. magazine issues and thinking the same exact thoughts. We're both quite satisfied with this bit of appetizer for the time being.

  52. Enjoy your plan ... I think it's a good one! I love your goal of personal iconic. A challenge for most of us, but without any BS I tell you that you are one of the people who can readily define that and happily and effectively act on it. Looking forward to seeing it bloom.
    The whole Normcore thing has me a bit perplexed, 'cause what is normal for one person, one geographic place, one profession, one lifestyle is not readily definable. So, here's to abnormal ! No. Wait. Nevermind.
    Me, too ... I'm wanting some flattering profiles. Winter always brings them for me. Some of the new fall ideas appeal, and so far they seem easier to apply this year than last. And what is jazzing me a lot is how a lot of last year's stuff looks with the short hair. So much more the way I'd like to look.
    Altuzarra on this coming Sunday. I don't think they'll have the pieces I want here, so we may try to drive north, not so much just for the collection, but Dan and I are both itching for a little out-of-our-rut day-trip. Depends. Think I'm coming down with a cold. Rats.
    So glad to hear from you, kiddo.

  53. Thanks, Alex ... so glad you liked it. The clutch is lovable and soft and just the right size IRL, and one of those rare ultimately successful purchases that I wasn't too sure about initially. And it's pretty much all biodegradable, except for the inside zip and closure ... and those can be recycled.
    I won't miss summer, but I'm always sad to see spring go. I still get a thrill about fall as I was always happy to go back to school. I'll allow old habits to surface soon with some self-assigned book reports!
    I've made old-lady-slackerism an art form. It is a habit to carry through life, indeed!

  54. Thank you for all, Greeje. I sometimes settle down and think things through. Frankly, with my size, shape, age and finances, the fact that my style-life exists primarily in my head is probably not a big surprise! But I get out and about once in a while!
    I habb a subber code id bye head dis bording. (Not typos ... please read aloud for effect.) And of course, I trail behind my plans. But I'm thrilled you had time to read, and please know I'm made very happy by your kind comments, as always!
    See you around Visible Monday, perhaps later than sooner!

  55. I need to run over ASAP and check out your Polyvore collections! I've had limited fun with it because while it's easy to find things I like to put together, the proportions of the images are as problematic for me as in real life. I can put together an outfit I like very well, but they don't often work IRL. Wish I could use this tool more imaginatively ... and it is fun to prowl around there!
    Thank you so much for your very nice comments! I wish you the prolonged summer that you hope for!
    And whatever your hair costs to maintain ... it is SO worth it because it's lovely!

  56. Thank you! Such nice things to say!
    Yeah, much of my devotion really and sadly is because the mags are my best source to see how the ideas that interest me play out. Then I watch how everyone else translates.
    And oh, yes ... so right ... the repeating ideas flow from year to year, but the appeal for me is in the different slants in iterations that show up. And more frequently than many imagine, something pretty fresh appears. There is nothing completely new, and that very thing seems to makes designer work hard to do something wonderful. I just like sooo much to watch what goes on places more interesting than here, and I do get tickled sometimes ... not long ago a gushing young fashion editor announced the advent of the "knuckle ring" which quickly became the "midi" ring. Vanessa Redgrave wore them as Guinevere in the film version of "Camelot" (1967 for fuck-sakes! The wardrobe designer must have gotten them from northern early renaissance portraiture. ) The year I graduated from high school we all wore them in the hippy-ethnic-folky era with our peasanty-dresses and Jesus sandals or Navaho boots with fringe (I wrote to tell her so, but she didn't reply.) Nowadays, I'm seeing a much sleeker version, meant to go with much more tailored looks, and that seems pretty cool to me. My little "baby rings" are among the few things I've kept from my youth.
    As I think about all this stuff, I know there are some very good reasons for ignoring the glossies. They absolutely promote conspicuous consumerism, but I have a pretty good inoculation against it ... near poverty lifestyle! Exaggerating, of course, but since I can't be tempted to blow a fortune, then I can be the cat who looks at the king.
    Speaking of inoculations ... Ibe feelig like I amb comebing dowd wid a code, and I hopb thad id's dot the flu. Damnb.
    And I have to tell you how absolutely "Belle de Jour" you look on the Vogoff cover.... you have got to be insanely proud of that photo!!!!!!! And some more !!!!!!!! Gorgeous creature. So proud to know you! Will you still speak to us, I hope?

  57. Yup ... one woman's trend is another woman's big idea for the day.
    But trend to idea, you wear them all well!
    Thank you so much for your sweet remarks. Nice to hear.
    I tink Ibe cubbing dowd wid a code ... time to go make some hot tea and take a Benedryl!

  58. Awwwh ... thank you, Lana. I appreciate your kind words, and for taking the time to read my stuff!

  59. Ah.... Now I get it!! You have a summer cold in your head this morning. Please remember I am Dutch haha. It wasn't until I read a similar line in your comment to Curtise, that I got it. (A bit thick, these Dutch.)
    Oh and I have bought my raffle ticket. So if I win enough, I will let you come over to The Netherlands. Keep your fingers crossed. The drawing is the 10th. So we will soon know.

  60. Ha! I was sure you'd get it ... you're so smart, and when you caught on that it was all phonetic. I can't figure out some jokes even in my own language, and boy, am I impressed with you! As always. It doesn't do for me to get too serious, 'cause I can get that way fast!
    Fingers, toes and eyes crossed!

  61. I am in loooove! With your shoes! I cannot wear such shoes myself, but they look so adorable, fun and classy - ohhh! Yes, very striking combo with the clutch. And such a pretty pastel top! xxx

  62. Hello, Dan! You've been a busy girl this summer, yes? So happy you got to meet Greetje and have such a fine time. Good for you!
    Thanks for your very sweet comments, Dan. I wish you all the lovely summer you want, and that fall comes in gently. So happy you dropped by.

  63. Hello, Gorgeous! I'm so happy to hear from you ... we all miss you at VisMonday, you know. Thank you once again for your always sweet remarks. I'll be writing a bit more about the hair ... I love it way more than I thought I would. I've been trying on some fall things and they look completely different this year with the new hair! Stay tuned!
    Have a lovely fall, Sabine.

  64. Hello, Oksana! I hope you are having a nice fall down in Texas! Jewelry ... I've been confused about how I want to wear it lately. No matter how little I put on, it seems like too much. I'll figure it out, but minimalism has gone too far in my teeny tiny mind. A good thing for me to do is to stop by your blog and get some ideas!
    Thanks for your take on fall jewels. Nobody does it better!

  65. Thank you, Ayana! Comments like yours make me feel lucky to own them myself! So glad you stopped by!

  66. Thank you, Dawn Lucy! The only way I could look more your physical opposite would be to be male. I'm always extra appreciative of your nice remarks because of that! Nice of you. Short, tall, and in between, we can all dream of dresses!

  67. Thank you, Carmen! What nice things to say! Yes, I write long posts so often, I promise you a short one at Visible Monday ... up as we speak. I'm so far behind, but it's my fault. Hope you are approaching fall with your usual elegant positivity, and that you're enjoying the season's change.

  68. I probably anticipate and prepare for fall much less compared to most people to be honest. The primary reason is I'm shopping my own closet this cold season and if an outfit fits the trend, I'd be lucky. If not, then I have no choice but to wear them anyway.

    Most of the style that inspire me are from bloggers I read, including you, so I would assume the latest trends would have eventually trickled down to me in some form or the other, not as quickly though and in different interpretations.

    I love seeing you in jeans, it's relaxing and refreshing look because of the colors you chose and the boyfriend jeans you wore. The cork clutch, I agree, is nicely paired with those heels.

  69. Seriously cute!

  70. Easy to get swept away, yes? And yes ... I end up going for what I think flatters, most of the time, but this last spring I carried away with a shaped midi skirts. They don't look great on me in photographs, but I sure like how they look in real life. They swirl around your legs, and look great with a heel.
    This will be an interesting fall ... I hope my plans work out. I hope your fall turns out to be a happier time for you.
    You are so kind. Thank you for the very sweet remarks, as always.

  71. cherie james (stylenudge.com)September 12, 2014 at 9:59 AM

    Jan, Those shoes and that clutch together are brilliant! I love the whole look.

  72. Jan! To be clear...do NOT change your writing style! I love reading about the process...and I too contemplate the season before jumping in to the actual planning. I never thought of it the way you described it, but this exactly me! You've also given me concrete examples of how clothing really does allude to our vulnerabilities, our emotions, and our thoughts. All great and helpful tips for someone who enters a fabric store and has trouble with discernment. You are helping me to SEE what I really want to see! Thank you! Lots of good food for thought...and the shoes and the bag...well, lovely eye candy too!

  73. You're not just beautiful: also intelligent, very talented and so witty!! ♥

  74. Thank you, Natalia. Glad you like my go-with shoes and bag. So kind of you, and I'm always tickled with your drop by!

  75. You are so style forward, you'll be dandy and won't look at all dated this winter. I'll be doing a lot of closet shopping this year, too, as I think a lot of us will. It's our slow time of year, and I have much less to spend, but I think a lot of our fall-winter items tend to do well from year to year more than summery things do.
    So happy you stopped by, and I'm always pleased when you like anything I put together!

  76. Thank you, Cherie. You are clearly a shoe connoisseur, so I'm extra pleased you like my combination.

  77. You are such a sweetie ... invariably. I'm happy you enjoy any of what I write, and I am always and truly a fan of yours as well. Thanks, Sue.

  78. Hello, Darling Trina ... am so far behind. Dan agrees you have the most beautiful grandchild in the world. What a birthday extravaganza! I didn't see a pony. Was there a pony?
    I'm barely getting around to see anyone, although I'm managing to get blog posts out. Gotta keep writing, but need to visit as well!
    Thank you so much for your always sweet words. I wear jeans so often that they don't seem worth posting, but I will do more this winter. I'm on a roll with them. So glad you liked my end of summer outfit. It's in the high 80s here today after a couple of cooler days. We're not out of it yet!
    I have a few replacement items I need to work on for early fall ... I ruined my faux leather and ponte knit skirt on Sunday (rrrrrrrr!) and really need another. Will look for it on Wednesday.
    I'd keep a much briefer fall lust list if I wasn't going to press it into service as a blog topic!
    Keeps me on task, and I buy far less that way. Am doing a lot of tweaking last years things to look a little fresher ... so different with short hair!
    Hope you are having a wonderful end of summer!

  79. What a fascinating post! I read every word. I love when the art of fashion is explored and appreciated. Thank you for sharing your great insights!


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