Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Not a Lust List and Some Bugs

I've been threatening to publish my Fall 2014 Lust List, and I will, but I'm changing the name. I'm just not feeling a lot of sartorial lust this fall. It isn't a lack of beautiful pieces out there. And there are interesting new (or new-to-me) ideas to play with and interpret. But I also want to get better at doing what I began last year.

I'm just not done with last fall. Like a lot of you, I'm drawn deeper back into the wilds of my existing fall wardrobe this year. This time, it's about fine tuning how I wear the pieces I have. This is a pretty cool, low stress place to be, and I'm happy to have a good base to start out my season. Since I cut my hair early this spring, everything I have looks different to me, and I want to work with that, too.

I do, however, have a list of items to acquire and put to work with last year's pieces. (Did you ever doubt it? Of course not.) And here it is.  We'll just call it this:

Fall-Winter 2014 Fine Tuning List

Replacement items
(because stuff wears out ...)

Spanx Power Panties, "new and improved" version
You can stop snickering now. These sleek, cuddly, light-weight little miracles are my winter panties and they make me very happy.
And if you think you are too cool for Spanx, I envy your perfect figure (some of you really have one, or a very nearly perfect one because of youth, steely exercise and dietary discipline, good genes, or that pact you signed with the devil. Honey, have you seen our firstborn around lately?) And I send you my admiration if you practice a saintly acceptance of your aging, natural shape between waist and knee (really?) But for those of you with truly elderly contours like mine who have never tried Spanx and are only concerned about an imagined lack of comfort ... I weep for you.
More stock in-store for me.

Black "leather" pencil skirt replacement. ( Check! Done! )
My favorite and elderly Loft ponte knit and faux leather skirt began to "slough" it's leather-ish fabric finish in alarming ways. It developed big spots that looked like a peeling sunburn. (I know. Ewww.) Beyond hope, help, repair. I found a good replacement at Penny's.

Classic black pumps. A much needed replacement for my best old ones that have died, a leftover item from last year. I have my eye on a pair of shapely Bandolinos.

New, primarily black Breton striped T-shirt. 
( Replacement as mine are trashed, and I've wanted to wear one a couple of times already this fall.)

Classic LBD or deep-dark color equivalent ... updated. ( My old favorite is getting shiny and shoddy.)

( There are always a couple of items that I never find but are on my list every year anyway.)

Finally... crisp white shirt that fits shoulder and bust with curved shirt tail that can be altered.
This is another item on my list from years past. Never found one, but miracles do happen.

Good, light weight, white T-Shirt with long sleeves for tom-boy looks with jeans... not too tight, not too sloppy.
An item related to the crisp white shirt that is equally difficult to find, and so remains on my list.

Yearning to Try Items
(These ideas have been around for a while, but I'm suddenly interested in trying them.This sometime happens when they appear here after being available elsewhere for a couple of seasons. Or they're classic items that I'd like to try in new-to-me ways.)

Zipper or asymmetrical pencil skirt
I like how these look, but am in relaxed mode, waiting for the right one to turn up. It could supply a little badassery for existing pieces.

Plaid shirts or other button-down shirts that can peek out under cropped sweaters. Low bulk, please.
The LIOLI rule (Love It Or Leave It) applies here, especially. I'm set for few solid ones, but no plaid. Some floral print shirts can be too matronly on me, so use discernment.
Additional note to self ... don't be so quick to put away sleeveless summer tops with collars, 'cause these can work really well this way!

Cropped sweaters with straight or hi-low hems to wear over button-down shirts.
LIOLI again. And part of this is to figure out how to shorten knit sweaters and alter some ones I have but wish were much shorter!

Bright but tertiary-colored, very structured and lady-like bag ...wait for True Love. To be worn with solid darks.

Scarf, gloves to go with pretty pink coat (squeeee!)
Does not mean pink overload, necessarily. But it could.

Long gloves? (Take gray ones with broken zip to the cobbler ...)
TJ Maxx always has great quality leather gloves for almost nothing later in the season. Guilt free treat that is right up my alley.

"Just Looking, Thank You" Items

(The following are items that I'm just remaining open to. Just considering. Leaving to fate to throw in my path, and may or may not be purchases. I never thought I'd love skinny jeans so much, though ... they used to be in this section 
of a past list.)

Little flat-but-luxe or athletic kicks or menswear style oxfords of some kind. Looks fun, but don't fall for the really clunky, broguey, wingtippy ones. LIOLI.
Keds over Vans preferred.

Consider a pair of dark, dressy athletically inspired pants, low bulk that can be altered for length. Definitely LIOLI. This is a recent idea that I didn't like when they were just glorified baggy gray sweats or track pants paired with a sparkly top and stilettos, but I'm seeing a more refined version out there that I like. Don't hold your breath waiting to see me in these for OOTD, though ...

Shoes and Boots
I've been on the case for a couple of months now because my size goes fast, and I'm happy to report that I'm in pretty good shape right now with knee-high boots from past years that I still adore, last year's booties and both new and old wintry heels.
I only lack trying on a pair of strappy mid-calf booties, but haven't seen any yet that tempt. They may be problematic for my short legs, but nothing this year says badass like these booties. They remind me vaguely of Victorian high-button boots but with a mega-dose of attitude.

Will she or won't she?
Stay tuned to find out ...

                  WIW for a little shopping on Sunday.

A closeup of my amazing bug necklace!  All kinds of bugs in silvertone and bronze with a few sparkles.  


  1. I am right there with you on the Spanx - own a nice pair myself and also one of those tight dresses. They just give you a little shape with tight pencil skirts or dresses.
    Love your list and agree with you, take the pretty things from last Autumn and just add whats needed. I am currently on a similar quest.
    BTW: that necklace is awesome! Can't wait to see it in a blogpost

  2. ...'tis the most wonderful time of the year...your lists always 'put me in the mood' Jan. Yep, it's becoming a fine tradition here Chez Colourful Canvas...your lists inspire me to do the same. One of the things you are teaching me, is the why....I'm asking why more, and it's helping me to EDIT! Okay, technical question...I always wear cotton...does Spanx 'breathe'?

  3. You're so organised! I shop from the heart hence a wardrobe stuffed with feather boas, catsuits, psychedelia and improbably high heels. Love the bug necklace but hate the thought of control pants. Sit-ups and no knickers all the way! xxx

  4. I am getting rid rather than accumulating, so I can't share your enthusiasm for retail this autumn, Jan. I can, however, tell you how much I love your fabulous sense of casual chic and that amazing necklace! And your ability to observe and absorb the trends, decide what you want to try, and make such an organised list is most impressive.
    PS. I swear by big old control knickers too - not necessarily Spanx, they are too expensive, so I get cheaper, just as good versions. An old friend of mine used to call them harvest undies - all is safely gathered in! xxxx

  5. Interessting necklace.... never seen sth like that before. Have a good time. Sunny

  6. I so admire your thoughtful planning, mine is so hit and miss. Whenever I decide there is an item I must have for that season it never seems to exist so I just take it as it comes. With you on the control knickers , , thanks for the reminder, new needed. Also loving the bug necklace, Jan.

  7. What an interesting necklace, it will look great with that leather(ish) skirt, too. I have a lust list, too, or rather a "must get" list, but whatever is on the list usually does not exist. So, I give myself permission to get whatever investment buy I happen to come across, it will come in handy sooner or later....

  8. What a list! Hope you get those that you really want and find that coveted crisp white button down shirt or the t-shirt. Those are my unicorns too especially a good white tee. Though I will never buy Kanye West's plain white tee, I heard they go for $120.

    Beautiful statement necklace! It went well with the edgy look I'm getting in your outfit photo.

  9. HappinessatmidlifeOctober 2, 2014 at 12:54 AM

    Great list Jan! I have been looking for a white blouse that fits a flows nicely - I think it's become a unicorn on my list.

    How fun is that bug necklaces - it adds so much interest to your outfit.


  10. This is a great shopping outfit and you pull off the more casual look of jeans really well. I love blue denim with black. AND that bug necklace!!! I don't wear spanx because I have no bum and I figure they would just flatten it but I do use control top tights since they are much better at staying up. Spanx light? Think of the upscale track pants as a casual tuxedo pant. There seems to be a sort of cross-over thing going on there. They look great when done in dark grey with a black wide stripe down the side. I have never been comfortable in a crisp shirt and run screaming from most collars but I can really imagine this looking great on you so I hope you find the right one. Buy two when you do.

  11. Debbie Baker BurnsOctober 2, 2014 at 4:54 PM

    I've never seen a necklace like that. It's a conversation starter and I'm wondering where you found it! I love the denim and all black look...so easy and chic. BTW, I loved and noted your additions to my thrift shopping list. Good ideas I will use, too, next time I'm out and about. I am also planning to use the sleeveless white button down shirt UNDER a sweater combination. I've been playing in my closet, too. I need a new pencil skirt and a pair of extremely comfortable black leather flat ankle boots. Those are always on my list. Debbie @ ilovemylemonadelife.com

  12. You are such a crack up Jan! Nice to know you are so educated on bugs. me? step on them. love the charming necklace they provided. lol I am back to full time blogging again and it feels great! Do come to the HOP tomorrow. You'll never know who you'll end up dancing with. lol :)


  13. Love the "just looking" section of your list :) And love your look today Jan. The necklace is amazing, all those bugs are really cute and pretty.

  14. Dear Jan,
    what a marvellous classy look and perfectly highlighted with the necklace. I love "beasty" jewellry. Yours is marvellous. On my list still are black booths with heals not too high. As I can see from you pic, black boots are indispensible for jeans.
    Have a fine week dear!
    Sabine xxx

  15. Oh yes Jan! I am going to keep it short, really short like about an inch all over. I am loving that I have more time and energy not taken up on fiddling with the blow dryer and flat iron, etc. But you know I miss my hair brush. I see it in my bathroom closet in a container of misc. items and I want to pick it up and brush my hair. nope. bit sad. But I love it short, and I am so thrilled that you are so cheering me into it. That feels great, thank you!


  16. Oksana BeadsnCraftsOctober 3, 2014 at 6:08 PM

    Jan, you look amazing! So simple, but sophisticated in this outfit. Loving your bugs necklace-- so much fun!!!

  17. Love your fashion thoughts and wish we could shop together, Dear! That bug necklace .... sooo cool and special!


    Dawn Lucy


  18. I agree with you on "never thought I would love skinny jeans so much". Your lists of things is very thought through. Tipn how to shorten knit sweaters. II think I learned this: first sew right across before you cut it. It is already "sealed" that way.
    I have found a crispy white shirt which closes properly, brand: Marina Rinaldi. You might have to look for a special curvy brand.

  19. Thank you, Anja! There are so many kinds of Spanx ... thin fabric, thicker, long, short and every length in between, high, low cut, and they really can be exquisitely comfy. It gets so hot here, and they just stay cool and smooth. I never understand why people get so up in arms about underwear choices!
    Glad you liked my necklace, and your wish is granted already ... I'm wearing it in the photo above the close up!
    Have a great week!

  20. Subjective answer to your technical question: yup. At least I perceive that they do. They offer different fabrics, and one wouldn't think the heavily elasticized stuff would feel good, but it does. There's a "cottony" feel to the obviously-not-cotton fabric, and I find it "breathes" as much as any second skin kind of garment can as it's molded right next to your body. It's counter-intuitive, but while they're warm in winter, I love how they keep me comfortable in summer especially.
    Thank Sue, for always being interested in what I blather on about ... and being so very interesting yourself!

  21. If you could see my closet, you'd take the organized compliment back in a flash. I just spend too much time thinking about my clothing-as-hobby. Kind of you to say so. I can't imagine a woman who loves clothes as much as we all do dressing from anything other than the heart ... all artfulness and beauty (even in all the variety of our personal perceptions) comes from there, I really believe.
    I really was thinking of you when I mentioned women with perfect figures ... I don't mind letting my sour-grapes envy show for the sake of effect! If I can't have a lithe and beautiful figure, I can let my admiration of yours be a credit to my great taste! Sit-ups ... nah. Not enough sit ups in the world to perfect my shape, especially at advanced age. I sure agree with you on times to go commando. I really love the sleekness and genuine comfort the Spanx lend ... but there are LOTS of different ways to be comfy (commando included!) It's really hard to describe how well they work, but no reason to wear them if you don't like them. So glad it's "à chacun son goût", right?

    I love my bugs, too . They're just right for this time of year.

  22. No surprise there, Curtise! I'm trying not to take on any new challenges, and focus on doing what I already do better, but I know I should be cleaning out and not acquiring these days. I'm weak, and there's a distinct lack of fun activities for me here. At my age, I'm confident that everything I own will live longer than I will (freaking yikes!!! but probably not an unfamiliar thought to someone who understands the longevity of vintage.) Dan gets all upset when I ask him to dispose of my things in ethical and specific ways in case I get hit by a train anytime soon. I sometimes feel the urge to purge, but not just now. Soon, though!
    I sort of save up for Spanx, but I also really like their cheaper line, Assets, when I can find them. They're not as well made, nor as nice in feel, but I have some pieces I really like ... the racer back bra just can't be beat for a bulgy shape like mine!
    Thanks for reading, and appreciating our differences ... I'm keenly aware that I'm not qualified to tell ANYONE how to dress, but I sure like to ponder my own fixations in writing for everyone to see. That's overstating the obvious, isn't it ? Sooooo like me ...

  23. Thank you, Sunny ... I agree, not many of these around! But I'm glad you stopped by. Hope you have a lovely week!

  24. Are you kidding me? If you do hit and miss, then I wish you'd write a book on how to do it. 'Cause you always look so polished, and that's not really a usual outcome of hit and miss!
    Glad you liked the bugs ... they're fun to wear in this configuration!

  25. That is the coolest necklace ever!!!

  26. what an amazing necklace and it was fun to read your shopping plans!

  27. Glad you like it, Tiina! Half the fun for me is carefully planning my purchases. It's too easy for me to go off, half-cocked and buy what charms without thought. I tend to buy too early, and feel bad when the good stuff comes out later in the fall. And I know what you mean about items that don't exist in your venue ... list must then be mutable!
    So pleased you stopped by. Thank you for all.

  28. Someday, I hope, I'll find the shirt and T. I'm sure there are some glorious ones for a great deal of money! Not in my closet, though. Never mind, it goes against my grain to blow so much on a T-shirt.
    Glad you liked my necklace. Thanks, Karen, for all your kind remarks.

  29. Thanks, Alice! I have had the bugs since last winter, and haven't worn them. They're only for fun, and were hard to imagine wearing at all. I just loved the thing. I'll wear it more now that I can see what it looks like.
    So good to hear from you!

  30. Thank you, Neti! I'm so happy that I'm finally getting my hair where I like it best. It feels so good to get up and just fix it with my fingers if I need to go out.
    Oh, yeah, the list goes with. There's a simplified list on my phone, and I keep the more detailed one on my Kindle Fire ... easy access, and I can adjust them both on the fly.
    See, another brilliant woman who knows her Spanx! My girl!!
    Thanks for all ... so glad you stopped by.

  31. I'm just ready for weather that allows a long sleeve, and I spend lots of time in jeans and a T in winter ... so I can wear my jackets. Love what they do for me, besides just keeping me warm.
    Glad you like the very casual me. Mmmm ... yes, I try not to look in the rear view mirror more than I have to. Though, the effect is exactly the same as control top tights ... just no leg and no worries about snags. And yes, there are degrees of Spanx!
    I need to get down to business and try some white shirts on, and perhaps may look at up-scaling my efforts. Petites can work, but they're few on the ground here. Focus, Jan. Then buy two for sure!
    So glad to hear from you, Shawna!

  32. I'm loving this organized list, in fact I'm now making my own from it. Can't wait to see your new replacements. I hear you on the unicorn list, finding that perfect crisp white button down to more difficult than finding the perfect pair of jeans. I bought one at Ann Taylor the other day which I'm actually liking. I also bought one of your "Just looking, thank you" items, a pair of menswear oxfords and I must admit, I'm totally loving them, who would have know?
    Thanks for your fun list, can't wait to get mine put together.

  33. You are so organized Jan! When I like something that's wearing out, I'm always on the lookout for a replacement and wish I had bought two! What a fantastic necklace! It makes a statement and a focal point for your outfit. WOW!! So unique!!

    Thank you so much for including me in your bloggers list. Wish I knew how to do that on my sidebar or is it even possible with Wordpress to do it like that? So handy how it has everyone's latest post!

    Have a wonderful Thursday!

    ♥ carmen


  34. I got it at the beginning of fall, a year ago at Penny's on sale. They only had the one, and I tried to find a picture of it with no luck. It is a fun piece ... I've noticed people I talk to keep looking at it, wondering if they're seeing what they think they're seeing.
    Glad you found a reminder item or two on my list that you could use. I'm so tickled, BTW ... Target supplied a longish and deep tailed white shirt, fitted, correct fit at the bust and the shoulders are almost a perfect fit ... just a little wide, but not really noticeable. So pleased. I may see if they have a second one in stock when I go back on Sunday. Things happen this way sometimes ... I'll go on in a blog post about an item I can't find, and then ... poof!... there it is. Magic! Manifestation 101. Now for that perfect white T-shirt ....
    So glad to see you, always!

  35. I love how unexpected people find this buggy necklace on an old lady like me. Glad you were amused by it ! So glad you're back up and running and feeling good. So proud of you!
    I'm having problems getting around the blogs and hops and link-ups like I should ... I make it to Patti's but always late. Some day ... I'll keep trying!

  36. Thanks, Olga. I rarely photograph myself in jeans these days, but I'm in them constantly. I'll be doing it more this fall, as I'm drawn to more menswear and casual pieces this time of year. Thank you for liking my bugs! I don't wear them often, but when I do, I get a kick out of it!

  37. Oh, hi Sabine! Thank you for liking my beasty-bugs ... so much fun! Black boots with a mid-heel ... absolutely a must. These don't really show what they are in the photo; they're sling backs with a narrow wedge heel ... the vamp is like a bootie, but it's more of a shoe. Works, though, don't they?
    So good to hear from you! Hope you're having a good week, yourself!

  38. As it gets a bit longer, you'll give it a brush from time to time ... so good for your scalp! But I have this collection of brushes that still stand up like soldiers in a vase on my vanity. Gotta put them away as they're just getting dusty and taking up valuable real estate! I know what you mean!

  39. I don't photograph my jeans and tees much, but wear them often. I'm trying to figure out what length to wear my BF jeans. By the time I take up a regular length pair of tapered skinnies, I'm up so high on the calf that they are too wide! So I have to narrow the calf as well. A pain, but I'm happy once they're done. This pair needs the whole operation!
    Thanks for stopping by, Oksana. Hope the weather cools off for you and me soon!

  40. So glad you liked my buggy piece ... fun to wear and watch people try NOT to look at it.
    A shopping trip would be fun, wouldn't it?
    Thanks, DL !

  41. Thanks, Greetje! Who knew we'd become devoted to a kind of denim so long after our teens? Well, it's been a long, long time for me, anyway!
    Thank you for the tip! You're quite right, but I wonder how to get a nice stitch that still is stretchy ... I've been trying a double needle, but my machine makes a nice looking stitch with the tool, it doesn't yield much stretch. I persevere.
    I found a white shirt yesterday that fits just as it should ... long deep tails and the rest almost perfect! I should buy a second and put it away in tissue paper in a box! Sometimes it works that way when I start complaining on my blog!
    Thank you for liking my simple jeans and T-shirt ... in a lazy mood, and am trying to figure out how long to wear my BF jeans this fall. These are the eternal questions of the universe ....
    Have a great weekend coming up!

  42. Thanks, Darlene! I don't do cool especially well, but I can do startling and funny! Glad you like it and glad you stopped by.

  43. Thank you, Romy! Glad you had fun while you were visiting ... that's the whole reason I write. Glad you stopped by, Hippy Girl!

  44. I get organized for a little while ... and I change my mind mid season, sometimes. but it really helps me keep it real for my tiny budget. A bit at a time.
    And I found my white shirt yesterday! At Target ( of course) and I should have bought two, one to keep in a box, wrapped in tissue paper! Also found a Jones New York shirt in black that fits fairly well at TJ Maxx. Fun to cross off items! Now for the white T ....
    I love your broguey little oxfords! You wore them with the skirt and hat, no? Adorbs.
    I'm feeling like wearing a pair of Keds I just bought ... haven't had a pair of those in probably 45 years. This is why women my age can't avoid wearing styles the second or third time they come around!

  45. Nice to have a list when I shop ... I can get so easily fascinated by that shiny thing over there. Glad you liked my silly necklace. Fun to watch people I'm talking to try to keep paying attention to what I'm saying while they squint at the necklace! I'm awful.
    So happy to keep you on my sidebar. I don't know if Wordpress has a widget like that or not. It's easy with Blogger. Great idea, I agree, but I get behind on everyone's blogs anyway!
    Enjoy your weekend, dear Carmen!

  46. Perhaps you could ask Sue of A Colourful Canvas about a stretchy stitching? She knows all about sewing.

  47. lifestyleover40.comOctober 11, 2014 at 12:13 AM

    I am constantly on the look for "wow" items no matter how many I have in my cupboard. This may be the reason that I always lack basic pieces to mix and match...I must learn to be more organized..
    I love this bug necklace of yours. It is definitely a "wow" piece I need! Sara

  48. Elderly contouring and badassery...girlfriend, you can turn a phrase!! And seriously, why is is soooo hard to find the perfect white tee?? One of the great mysteries of our time I suppose. You look gorgeous...nary an elderly contour to be seen!

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