Friday, October 5, 2012

Lady-Like Romantics ... Age Appropriate or Just Dowdy on Us?

The photos above come from the always fun and instructive site "Who What Wear" and the trend report "The New Romantics".

See it here:

My first thought; "Ah! A trend that we can easily fit our aging persons easily into." But the more I look at them, I'm wondering if there is a tipping point where this version of lady-like becomes matronly on women of a certain age.

Try this ... mentally replace the face of the model actually wearing the clothes with the face of Helen Mirren, Angelica Huston, Susan Sarandon or Meryl Streep. Then, if you are small and/or not reed-slim, try on the face of Kathy Bates ... or pick your own role-model from your age group.  For best effect, try using your own face and figure.

What I see is that most of these looks seem fresher and much more modern on younger faces. As older women, we are expected always to cover up and adopt lady-like behaviors and styles. The expected and predictable can look dated. And in most of these examples, a little dowdy if you dress some of the above great dames in this mode.

(Exception: I can absolutely see Ms. Mirren and Ms. Huston in the black Gucci dress the sort of stunned looking model is wearing.  I can't, however see anyone looking good in dress number 3.)

Just musing here and, of course, I hate to see anyone overexposed and trending too young. But "romantic" is absolutely appropriate for the grown woman, and I'm sure there are ways to keep it looking fresh and modern rather than predictable.

Any thoughts?

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