Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ta-daaaaa! New boots, a Caveat and Fashion-Lag Alert!

Here's Yours Truly in the new boots. I'm even more pleased with them since they are completely comfortable. So, that's a Fall Fantasy I can check off my list.

A couple of additional notes on the last step; first, Resolene Leather Finish. Do not skip this part of the process! After drying them overnight, I gave them a good soft-rag buffing. They still stained the cloth and my fingers just a little, so it was time to apply the sealer. Resolene is a clear, acrylic lacquer that lends a professional looking shine to projects like this. Most importantly, it also seals the dye so it won't stain clothing or be damaged by the elements. I was concerned that it would be too glossy, but the result was a soft shine. I just used a very soft, 1/2" flat brush to paint the boots lightly with the finish, and it was a very easy process and easy clean-up. My boots are sealed and the color is no longer rubbing off.

Heck, I may do this again sometime! I'm thinking navy blue pumps ...

A second and local issue attendant to this process; I've been looking high and low here for Kiwi Oxblood Boot Polish. Several boot and specialty shoe places told me that they did not have Oxblood, but they had Cordovan and that would work just fine.
DON'T you believe it! Cordovan is a deep purple-brown and not even close. So, in an effort to get right to the source, I called the manufacturer. They told me that Oxblood is made only once in a while ( for them, a "specialty color,") and while they still manufacture it, it is of limited availability. That translates to "never" around here. ( Or in two years when nobody wants it anymore, there will be tons of it. On sale.) This is what I think of as Fashion-Lag, and seems to happen more in rural areas.

And since every fall fashion issue and her sister has been heavily touting Oxblood leather goods, that doesn't bode well for the ease of upkeep of these often-expensive items. I'll keep looking online, but am considering the much more common color, Tan (which should just warm up the red a bit) or plain old Neutral.  

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  1. I was considering Renapur Leather Balsam 200ml from amazon, £12, as I sit here deciding if I should opt for oxblood for my boots... what do you think? it get great reviews


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