Saturday, October 27, 2012

Trends and Me, Part One ... Trends I'm Probably NOT going to try

Please note the quote that I keep at the bottom of my homepage. So you don't have to scroll down, here it is:

"Women always try to tame themselves as they get older, but the ones who look best are often a bit wilder. Thinking abut age all the time is the biggest prison women can make for themselves."
Miuccia Prada

It is this second half of the quote that I have kept and vowed to read, repeat, then read and repeat until internalized. That has inspired a decision to ignore age appropriateness (or at least not make it my first concern) when considering a trend. I've decided to use my own best taste (there's a concept heavily laced with landmines!) and whether I am intrigued, tickled, or completely seduced by the trend in consideration.

And since I'm bucking the force of my own habits, I'm going to start with trends I am pretty much rejecting out of hand.

Flat boots
(This applies to just about all forms of footwear except athletic and bunny-slippers)
Besides gender, this is about the only thing I have in common with Victoria Beckham, who said, "I can't concentrate in flats." I include "smoking sippers." They belong with silky pajamas, which I also will probably not opt for public wear.

Moto boots
Besides the fact that they're usually flat, this is a trend that I'm better off without. Some of you gamines out there wear them well. This look just doesn't say anything about me that I want repeated.

Cloaks, certain ponchos and capes, yes. But despite my vow not to consider age too heavily, this wrap-around-the-shoulders just screams elderly to me. Even on the 13-year-olds in the fashion mags.

(This illustrates another trend I'm avoiding ... Big Floppy Hats.)

Big Square Boxy Coats
Ew. No. Not on me, anyway. Even on tall women, these transform the wearer into a walking cereal box.

Print Pantsuits
A similar objection my rejection of the boxy coats. Perhaps not all suits with a print, but the ones like these. (This is, in part, a memory of a nightmarish, black and white plaid pantsuits that I was given in 1967. PTFashionSD flashbacks.)

Floppy Bow Blouses
Just as dowdy as ever. Never flattering on me, particularly with my very short neck and ample bust. This applies to turtlenecks, although I envy women who can look cool in them.


Thank you, Negative Jan, for your guest post. Watch this space for Part 2, Trends and Me, Wear Me Maybe ....

Have a great week.  Drop a line, if so moved!


  1. I chuckled over the "walking cereal box" comment then sobered up when I realized I had unfortunately worn a few of these over the years. sigh.

    1. Yes, well ... me too. In the 90's, when we were all wearing men's suit coats with the sleeves rolled up, I arrived at work in one, plus what I thought was an insanely cute fedora. I was told I looked like Meyer Lansky. I did. One lives, one learns. If we're lucky. Thanks for reading!


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