Monday, February 17, 2014

Dining in My Pajamas and A Golden Blog Award from Alice

On Valentine's Day, Dan and I spend our day at our restaurant trying to make our guests' visit on this compulsorily romantic day as special as they wanted it to be. We really needed a busy weekend, and we got it. We were almost overwhelmed, but we made it through and we're both still beat. By Sunday night, we were ready to limp into the Big City and try to celebrate a little ourselves. Our favorite teppanyaki style restaurant is pretty casual and that allowed me to dress just like I wanted to: in pajamas. Grilled lobster served to me while I sit comfy and cozy in my PJs ... now that's a decadent fantasy.

To my credit, my pink, fuzzy, Hello Kitty jams were ruled out fairly quickly, although I considered trying to elevate them somehow. (Maybe with a nude heel and statement necklace? No, I was only tired and lazy, not completely devoid of decorum.) I settled for loose, silky black pants, a long georgette tunic shirt and a soft tank. Almost pajamas, and I chose my ultra-comfy-yet-saucy Michael Kors platform sandals. Not my most flattering look, but I love how the pieces rippled and flowed as I sauntered into the restaurant on Dan's arm. Made it easy to drape myself over a barstool while waiting to be seated. Yup. Dinner in my pajamas ... almost.

Not my most flattering outfit, but it sure suited my low-energy and lightly louche attitude. We had a great time.

The wonderful and lovely Alice at Happiness at Midlife (one of my petite role models and a print-mixing expert extraordinaire) has sweetly nominated me for the Golden Blog Award. It's a first for me with this particular award, and very nice thing to see in my inbox!  Thank you so much, Alice.  You are a daily inspiration and very cool girl.

Here's how it works:
1. Post a picture of the award, or create your own

2. Link to the person who nominated you
3. Give 10 random facts about yourself
4. Nominate other bloggers

In turn I'll nominate a little bunch of lovely bloggers that I wish to know better or just hear more from...

Laurie at Elusive Onions

Ten Random Facts About Me:

1. My new favorite crime drama: True Detective
     Who knew McConaughey could go so dark?
    ( Haven't seen Dallas Buyers Club ... reviews, anyone?)
2. My favorite red wine is a big, dark, peppery red zinfandel. ( Not to be confused with white zinfandel ... not the same thing at all.)
3. I can't stand licorice or anise flavors.  Ugggch.
4. My current favorite floral fragrance comes from
     the Stargazer lily ... there were some in my Valentine's Day bouquet. I'm newly and completely enchanted.
5. I never use nail polish. But this might change as products get better.
6. I collect self-winding, mechanical-skeleton wrist watches.
7. I'm convinced that all Teddy Bears are sentient. 
     Not all stuffed animals, just Teds.
8. I play the piano. Sort of. A little.
9. I refuse to name a favorite color. They're all necessary. 
    (I admit that I'm not completely in love with the ochres.)
10. Our parakeets are named after Salinger's Franny and Zooey, the two youngest members of the Glass family.

Thanks for reading, and have a great week!

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  1. Amen, sister! to #3. You sure you're not part Filipino? to #8. Congrats on the award - I love these things! So fun reading randomosity about people I like. Btw, this is now the 2nd time since I started following you that you've featured this top. I think it's the blogging gods' way of telling me I need to get on my Asian-inspired theme week, stat!

    M @

  2. Jan went for dinner in her jammies!
    As if! You look as elegant and put-together as always, love, and I am smiling at the thought of you sashaying into the restaurant with darling Dan, looking and feeling fabulous. I adore the print on that shirt, and it's good to change up the silhouette from time to time, you look relaxed and effortlessly chic.
    Yes please, a glass or two of that red Zinfandel would be delicious. No liquorice, I'm with you on that too. Pernod - the Drink of the Devil. Ditto ouzo... Likewise I play piano (badly) and refuse to have a favourite colour. We're practically twins, I tell ya! But if I was allowed to send you some in the mail, I'd get you to wear some nail varnish - go on, Jan, just try! xxxx

  3. Love the comfy look! Some times form wins over fashion! What restaurant do you run? We have that on our "someday" list. We think it would be a fun venture!

  4. Great comfy look Jan. We have a lot of snow and it's hard to wear anything other than jeans right now. Super cute shoe. You are ready for spring with these beauties. I love the print on this top so rich and cool. Fun to get to know more about you!

  5. Well for sure watch Dallas Buyers Club. Matthew has blown me away with his acting chops in both that and True Detectives which I am literally hooked on like speed. Somehow growing up and having kids has turned him into a proper actor.

    Nothing beats "almost" wearing PJs out. That is why I love my onesie jumpsuit.

    Those colours are gorgeous on you.

    I hate anise too.


  6. Thats one fab outfit! I have a 1970s "lounge suit" which isn't in the least bit fitted but makes me feel all swishy and glam when i wear it. I just need a fancy dinner, like yours.
    I'm another aniseed hater. I was a barmaid in the Eighties and could never rid my hands of that Pernod stink, bleurgh!
    Yes, go on, wear some nail varnish, it'll change your life! xxx

  7. Thank you for sharing this with us Jan. I always love learning about you! I have not seen True Detectives or Dallas Buyers Club (need to wait till it comes available on demand). I am not a fan of anise or licorice either - yuck!

    As for the outfit, you don't give yourself enough credit. I love how it feels so effortless on you. And like you said, you can't beat having pajama like clothes and served lobster at the same time!


  8. I think you look great! Love the print in the top -- who designed it? The print looks vaguely familiar.
    Love all your fun facts. That is a more tolerable award/chain than some of the others.
    I thought of you while I scoped out the Temecula Target for some Peter Pilotto. I really really want the sneakers -- not available online, Temecula didn't get them. Think I'll try Pasadena tonight.

    I've only heard good things about DBC. True Dectectives I'll have to try!

  9. You look lovely in your pyjamas Jan! The loose cut and the fine fabrics give you nevertheless an elegant look.

  10. Your pajamas are lovely! The perfect attire after creating romantic celebrations for others. Comfortable and chic! Happy to hear that you had a wonderful evening of your own with the love of your life.

  11. I applaud you for simply getting up and off the couch just two days after Valentine's Day. Knowing you and Dan, as I feel I both went above and beyond accommodating your guests on the busiest night of the year. Your outfit may not have the silhouette that is your signature style, but still you wear it well. Right down to the shiny gold watch, we can see that you've taken care with putting your best self forth, while honoring the understandable desire for ease and comfort!

    I always enjoy reading these little bits about my blogging friends. I have a couple of awards to answer to, and hope to get to my list next week! Ah...stargazer lily...I had them growing in my previous garden, and there was nothing like their heady scent as dusk fell. Happy sigh. Thanks for the warm memory Jan!

  12. Congrats on the award! Always so fun to learn more about you. I think we should all go out to dinner in our jammies. But yours are extra slinky...I'm seeing 1930's film vixen.

  13. You look lovely in your sort of pyjamas, comfy but elegant. Interesting to hear a little about you.

  14. First of all, congratulation for the nomination in the Golden Blog Award!
    I like your look which is classic and suits you well. The blouse has a very nice floral pattern and goes perfect with the dark pants. Great chic outfit for an evening out!

  15. Wow, congratulations Jan on your award, well deserved. I will except the nomination and will have my post up this weekend. I think your outfit looks great, your hair is cool. That red color is fierce. Sounds like you had a great Valentine's day. I heart stargazer lilies, I had stargazer lilies in my bouquet for my wedding. How cute that you have two parakeets. I had a blue parakeet named Me Me when I was thirteen. What fun, thanks for sharing about yourself.

  16. I love your blog


  17. Sounds like a great Val Day celebration. And if I didn't read it, I would never have guessed that was your idea of dressing down! Your hair still looks great too! Congrats on your golden award.

  18. Nope, not Filipino ... so far as I know. There's a lot of genetic makeup to shift through. I only know the last 3 hundred years or so. Before that? Who knows?

    These little awards always come with the sweetest of kind intentions, so I'm always happy when anyone thinks of me. I do run out of people who would like them after a while, so I often just open the nominations for anyone who reads and wants to play. Voluntary participants work too! Will feature the Shine On this coming Monday ... having trouble with more random facts, though. I'm not that complicated.

    2nd time? Really? I thought it had been at least a few months. Glad you liked it ... I'm still working on ways to wear it, The look book from the collection is no help. So you may see it yet again someday when I figure that I've got it right!
    Yeaaay to the Asian Inspiration week. Lovely idea.
    Thanks for dropping in, Maricel. I'm always tickled when you do!

  19. Dan snazzed up a lot more than I did ... he doesn't half turn some heads when he dresses up.
    I was relaxed and felt like I'd done the minimum at least. I'd forgotten all style concerns mid way through the second glass of Cabernet, and dinner and company were really good.
    Ouzo ... Dan loves it. I can choke down retsina, but I don't really get the connection between the wonder that is Greek cuisine and their intense approach to wine and distilled spirits.
    For someone who doesn't wear nail polish I have an amazing collection. I'm hard on the fabric or leather that covers stiletto heels, and there's a nail color these days to match every color of shoe! So I have lots! I gave up polished fingernails in college ... fingers constantly in some thing or other that needed solvents to clean up. I used to work mostly in oil based media. My fingers are short and stubby-ish, so I just haven't. I like the idea of longer, more almond shaped nails though, and, as they're coming back, I might give it a go. Stay tuned. ( As I write, I know I'll gross you completely out with blush or beige!)
    Hope you're feeling a little perkier than last I heard. Hang in kid. We're thinking of you clear across the big pond, lots of us!

  20. Hey, Britt! Thanks so much for your kind remarks about my old-lady outfit. Comfort over speed, indeed!
    We have owned and operated Kelts Restaurant in Altus (AR not OK) for just short of 20 years. Come see us! I strongly recommend that you strike "restaurant ownership" completely off your "someday" list, though. We live just beyond and a bit more above poverty level, haven't had a vacation in 16 years. have no retirement or insurance and Dan works some 70 hours a week. If I had to choose between restaurateur and crash-test dummy, I'd consider my choice long and hard.

  21. This is fast becoming my least favorite blog posted outfit ... I started out looking for pajama-esque, but the result was much more bingo-maven. Ages me about 10 years. I will figure out a pajama-like outfit, one of these days... perhaps with jazzy sweats and a satin baseball jacket! Will not lose sleep over it, though!
    Shoes are still good though. They have a bit of a platform, though. They border on the proportionally dangerous, but work really, really well under a maxi skirt on me! Ha.
    Thanks, Ann. Just another cut, and my stylist decided to take off a bit more... and I really like it this time. Stay tuned!
    Have a great week, Ann. Hope the snow disappears for you. It's been in the high 60s here, but will be back to the 40s toward the end of the week.
    And thanks for your kind words, Ann. You are genuinely kind, and I'm always interested in what you have to say. I learn from you always, and am so glad when you stop by!

  22. I'm hoping we get to see it before too long ... thanks for the recommendation. True Detective is as relentless as the genre gets, isn't it? He and Harrelson play off each other in amazing ways. There's another actor showing some unexpected chops, yes?
    Thanks for the kind remarks about my lazy old lady outfit. Gotta do better, but not every effort a winner, at least around here. I do like the colors, too, though. Kind of you!
    Down with anise!
    Hope your snow is melting, and that you are housebound no longer!

  23. Hey, Vix! Thanks for your nice comments. The swishy part makes it worth it, I agree! Feels lovely. Only semi-fancy, this occasion, but the wine was generously poured, company was grand, lights were low and the lobster done just right. So I was happy.
    Never had to deal with Pernod, but know to avoid it now! People either love it or hate it, it seems.
    I dunno about the nail polish. Art school made it an impracticality back in the day, and I'm out of the habit. As I said to Curtise, I'd gag you kids with blush and beige! But if it would change my life ...

  24. Thank you again, Alice ... such a sweet thought and gesture. And it's especially nice for blog fodder! Never a small thing when in brain-lock like I've been lately. True Detectives needs to be on when your child is in bed and fast asleep ... it's creepy but really riveting! But snag a episode or two if you like the genre!

    Thanks for you so kind remarks, Alice. Knew it wasn't my best look but was too tired to care, really. Not every outfit a winner, but that's okay, too. Was fine to eat lobster in, though. Any outfit will work for that!

  25. Hi my dear!! I think you look totally amazing, very chic and looking so casually stylish all in one! I love your shirt and the trousers are very formal yet relaxed! So pleased you had a busy Valentines at the restaurant but had a great time yourselves too! xxx

  26. Hey Anne! Did you find your kicks to try on? Thanks for your sweet comment. Top was part of the Phillip Lim 3.1 for Target collab. I have several pieces, two in this print, but very different cuts.
    Yes, some of these games ( kinder, perhaps than chains) can be annoying, but I have to credit people who send them to me with at least enough well-wishing to include me, or at least enough curiousity to see what's up with me. Either way, it's a compliment. I do reserve the right to modify and open them up to anyone who wants to play. I'm guessing there are bloggers who would love the attention, or are just good sports and participation-minded who might like to play.

  27. Thank you, Sabine! Glad you think so ... they looked better in motion than in a photo, cause the soft fabrics flow when I move.
    Any chance you can come out to play on Visible Monday? Regardless, glad to see you stop by.
    I'm a big fan of yours!

  28. Howdy, Judith! It was a treat to have a nice evening after the holiday. As much as we whine about the low income and all the very hard work, we love to go out on busman's holiday.
    This is a taxing weekend, already, but hope to feel more like getting around the blogs in time for Patti's VisMon. Hope your weather there in Denver is letting you get out and about!
    Have a lovely week, Judith. I'm always happy when you stop by!

  29. It did near beat us to death, Sue! We're coming out of a very slow season and it was hard to go from not much to way too much so fast. We got through it, many folks were happy ( not all folks are happy all of the time!) and have had some good feedback.
    This is a tough Mercury Retrograde this time around for us ... lots of equipment breakdowns, miscommunications, etc., but we persevere!
    Glad you liked the I'm-to-tired-to-bother-but-I-still-wanna-go outfit! I'm looking forward to seeing what you are up to this week at Vis Mon. Thanks so much for your sweet note, Sue ... I always enjoy them so much.

  30. Ha! Been compared to a lot of things, but never a vixen! Nice thought, though ... will have to work on it, Connie. Kind of you to say such nice things! Thanks so much for dropping by.

  31. Thanks, Jill. It was fun to swish around in them. I appreciate your visit!

  32. Congrats and it's so much fun to read your answers! And I happen to think you look stunning… and comfortable. The best of both worlds!! I'm absolutely with you on the licorice/anise - yuck! Add fennel too for me.

  33. I do so know what you mean by dressing in your PJ's when going out for a meal. You don't want tight trousers or skirts, squeezing your belly when you go out for a meal. Totally agree.
    Your revelations were not shocking I have to say. Just nice.
    As for licorice... I am Dutch, almost everybody here loves licorice, especially me. (No anice.)

  34. I'm so sorry, my dear for just dropping by now.
    I've been very busy at work and also very overwhelmed that I have avoiding Internet. I think I'm depressed..... maybe my menopausal phase is doing its damages.
    It's always so good to know you better. I like the idea of not having a favourite colour. The other day I was asked what is mine and I started to think and didn't know what to answer.
    Thank you so much for nominating me, you are so very sweet!!!!! And for the shout out of the linky.
    As for your outfit, you look so fabulous. You accomplished a very difficult thing, comfort and style.
    Yes, you look relaxed and yet so chic stylish. Your shirt is amazing!!!!
    Great to know you were busy at the restaurant, but still had a moment for yourselves :)
    Big hug and blessings your way.

  35. My husband is into True Detective too and I watched an episode last night. Matthew has often been overlooked as a great actor and who knows might get the Oscar nod this Sunday.

    And your watch collection must be something! Have you done a blog post about it?


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