Monday, February 10, 2014

Pilotto and Target and Me

We love our personal rituals, don't we? Besides the big occasions that mark our lives - holidays, birthdays, spiritual or religious events, anniversaries - we each have our private, singular rites that we choose to do to help us get through our days with our skin intact, make life a tad more interesting and meaningful, or just improve the quality of our mundane world. Little rituals.

And those of you who are kind enough to frequent these pages know that one of mine is to get up very early on the designated Sunday and drive many miles to show up for the first hours of availability of Target collaborations with designers like Issack Mizrahi, Prabal Garung or Phillip Lim. These events happen only a couple of times a year and feature the ideas of designers whose work I will never get to wear in any other way. My husband doesn't have to participate in this rite but he does, 'cause he's just that kind of guy. I'm the only woman who has turned up recently for these events at our local Target ... there's no fanfare, no excitement, no long lines of eager customers ... just me and Dan, my sleepy chauffeur.

Very early morning me, waiting for Target to open.  As there was no line, I opted to
play on the architectural elements of the store front.  As one does.
And looking more comfortable than I was in the the cold.

We weren't going to do it this time, but we did. The weather was against the local debut ... it was very cold and gray and I understand why sensible women stayed home. We decided to show up just so someone in the area would be there to offer a little interest and at least fly the flag.

Ritual was satisfied, but that was about it, because I was underwhelmed by the collection when I actually got to touch it and try things on. This collection has lots of beautiful and interesting qualities and the pieces are going to be fabulous on some women, somewhere, but I am clearly not the woman that these designers had in mind as the customer.

Peter Pilotto, the brand (which is not just one guy, but both Mr. Pilotto and his design cohort Christopher De Vos as a team,) is famous for their bright prints. The collaboration didn't disappoint on that front. The prints were vivid and of-the-moment, and look fabulous on the very tall models wearing them in the ads. The pre-mixed prints were fun to look at, but the love wasn't coming back to me when I tried them on. The very interesting patterns were overwhelming on the racks, and just as overwhelming on my very short frame. Many of the colors were more acidic than is flattering on me. Many of the pieces had raglan sleeves, and I don't wear those well. Others had cap sleeves, and ditto on those as unflattering for me. There was quite a lot of neoprene, which can result in a sculptural coolness, but I didn't really like how it was applied to this collection. Lookbooks are neat for previewing collections, but you don't get the tactile feedback.

Three racks total for our small Target ...
 this center rack and two smaller ones on either side


I counted only 17 items out of the 70-something items in the entire collection, and only one of the items I thought I might like was available. I did like a red, blue and black summer dress, and I did try it and buy it, and you'll see it here eventually. It will require alterations, as so many items do, but I know I'll like it when I'm finished.

This completed ritual wasn't an unqualified success for me, but it was a refresher-lesson on three pretty important concepts.

The first is this: not all style ideas are suited to all women, but the part for me to remember is that it wasn't my fault the line didn't work perfectly for me. Most of the silhouettes weren't flattering for me, and the garment needs to work for the wearer and not the other way around. This I learned from Tim Gunn.

The second is that when I alter a garment to suit my figure or taste, I get to become a part of the creative process. The designer makes a template for me to finish and adapt and make my own. That applies to fit alterations, but also to styling choices that we all make when we decide how WE choose to wear an item.

And finally, when I alter an item to fit my specific frame, it ceases to be any size other than mine. Rather than a size 6, or an 8 or a 10 or a size 12, it becomes "size Jan." The item becomes really my own. And when you look at it that way, how cool that?

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  1. Patti_NotDeadYetStyleFebruary 10, 2014 at 6:11 PM

    I often hear the voice of Tim Gunn when I'm shopping! Love him. Sorry this one didn't ring all your bells, but I look forward to seeing your summer dress. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xoxo.

  2. Wise points those last three and a good reminder that it pays dividends to find a good tailor and make a store bought garment fit you as you were made rather than to fit some "standard" design template that fits 3% of the population. Sorry to hear the collaboration wasn't for you but better to keep your money in your wallet than come away with something you won't end up wearing no matter who it's by. This is actually one Target collaboration I do have access to - Net-A-Porter are offering the collection to UK shoppers. I love these guys but so far what I've seen of the collection didn't grab me either, in fact it's made me consider just putting that money towards something from the mainline collection instead.

  3. You are so right about the alterations making an item your own. You always look at things from such a cool perspective. And I love the shot of you outside of Target...that's a pretty "citified" shot for us small town girls isn't it?! Ha! I honestly didn't care for the collection either. I didn't see anything that really caught my eye...

  4. I hear you on all points raised, Jan. Clint works on Sundays so I never get to see these collections IRL until the following Thursday. I saw several blazers that looked interesting on - but they were only available in stores!
    Now I'm wondering if you got the dress I think you would've gone for ;-)


  5. I run the other way if I see cap sleeves! You had piqued my interest when you said bright prints, but they definitely look like saturated hues, which are a little too much for me. I can see the colours would have been appealing to you. You wear them well, but I agree that the combination of busy pattern and bold would probably not suit you to a T! outing, the city, it's all good. Is it just me, or does it seem like just last month that you scored your Philip Lim treasures? GAK! Where does the time go?

  6. Glenda @ So What to TwentyFebruary 10, 2014 at 9:30 PM

    I have yet to join the scene of being the first in line for collaborations. For one thing, I loathe seeing myself coming and going. I am not interested in this line at all because Im not big on prints.

  7. Argh. It didn't post.

    What I said was that it'd be funny if the dress I bought today then promptly returned after a subsequent visit to Ross next door garnered me three dresses for the price of the Pilotto ended up being the dress that you bought for yourself.

    And how much you wanna bet that you'll feature it here and I'll want it all over again because it'll look stunning on you but I'll go back to Target and find that my size is gone then I'll go on eBay and pay double what I had paid because I'm crazy obsessed like that?


  8. Girl you make so much sense... Like how you phrased your last three points. so right.

  9. These are some great points Jan. Styling is personal in all ways. Interesting to hear your thoughts on this collection because I have not stopped at target to take a look. I was thinking the same thing as a saw the pictures, hard to wear on many levels. You did a great review here and the pictures with the Target logo is charming!

    blue hue wonderland

  10. Sara from Hello The MushroomFebruary 11, 2014 at 4:36 AM

    Love your photo in the red circle! How cool is that?
    Glad you got to see the collection and purchase something - I did tell you I thought of you when I heard of it. As I'm not going to the US anytime soon, at least one of us has the pleasure of doing so :)
    Hugs my lovely!

  11. Lovely photo of you outside Target! I'm not a fan of the prints featured here, nor am I a fan of altering to make things fit, but I do agree that the mass stuff probably needs it. I try my best to find thrifted pieces that fit beautifully. Luckily I'm an easy fit. :) Looking forward to seeing the dress on you.

  12. Jan, I LOVE that photo of you! I think it should be on your header, it's so cool!
    These collaborations between high street shops and designers are all a bit of a mystery to me (I have usually hardly heard of the designers anyway, and I don't shop high street, so it's not surprising!) From your photos, the prints and colours look OK, but I'm not convinced they are anything that special, though I am happy to be convinced otherwise by the dress you chose.
    Fit is a tricky one; I would have to like something very, very much to buy it, then pay to get it altered as well. I have done minor alterations (like taking in and shortening) on vintage clothes myself, but anything complicated is too scary, I would worry about ruining the item, so I would only buy something which fitted reasonably well. And of course standard sizes don't work for many of us, any more than all styles or trends suit everyone, so we all should pick and choose what is right for us rather than slavishly following trends. I always think you have a firm grasp of Style/Fit/Size Jan, and unfailingly choose items which suit you perfectly. Clever you!
    PS. Just saw your reply to my comment on your last post; I am intrigued and excited, but you are SUCH a tease! xxxx

  13. Powwow, the clothes one can buy there are really colorfull and flower(ly)... aren't they? But I hope you had a lot of fun at your shopping ritual.
    Have a good time.

  14. Mrs_Jack_of_all_tradesFebruary 11, 2014 at 10:57 AM

    I've seen on some other blog the pieces but nah.. not feeling it. Too busy for my taste. But if I were to live in the US, I'd camp outside Target to get the first look and my hands on those collaboration pieces definitely!

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades
    Dubai, UAE

  15. Yep, I'm another fan of that photo of you, you look so cool and sassy!
    I'm always at a bit of a los with those high street/designer collaborations. Most of the time I've never heard of the designer anyway, hopeless non-fashionable person that I am - although Krista did blag me a fab Missoni jumper from Target a few years aod and I love that (I suppose I would as Missoni was massive in the 1970s!)
    Those prints look a bit busy for me and the colours a bit too 1980s for comfort. I bet they're not particularly cheap despite being a more accessible range so it seems false economy to buy something and then go to the added expense of having it professionally altered but that's just me, a notorious cheapskate! xxxx

  16. Jean at Dross into GoldFebruary 11, 2014 at 1:06 PM

    That photo was worth the trip, and i hope you stopped someplace wonderful for coffee!! As for the Target you said...meh! I've never purchased any of the collab stuff because it's never made with me in mind, i.e. fit, fabric, colors etc. as you mentioned. However, I am totally spoiled by where I live, being able to find much within a 45 minute radius AND the thrifting is pretty darn good.

    I do hope you had a good time, though, and I look forward to seeing the dress. I love how you make things Jan-size. That's one of the main reasons i returned to sewing. XXXOOO

  17. I am fascninated by your photo Jan! You look absolutely stunning.
    Concerning the three concepts I quite agree.

  18. Renae of Simple SequinsFebruary 11, 2014 at 3:18 PM

    Jan - you are hilarious. I don't go for those designers at Target or other places as a "have to have" thing. I very seldom fall for a line. I love to find great designs in and of themselves. Ya know? I always place the label name in my thrift items but I only do as to show that I got this regularly sold item from Macy's or White House | Black Market as wow, for only $1 or $5 or so. lol

    Great post!

  19. I wasn't too excited about running to Target for this collection. I thought it was nice and colorful, but it just didn't scream - go get it. Ah, well .. will look forward to the next collection, who every it may be ;-)


  20. Not a huge disappointment, Patti, but I do look forward to at little bit of excitement. I knew it wouldn't be as much fun as some of the others. There's not much to choose from here, generally, and I'm a little chagrined to have it seem even a little important. It's good for one blog post, anyway! Nice of you to drop by ... and thanks for the sympathy. Something will come along and my chimes will ring again, soon.

  21. Actually, I do almost all of my own alterations. If it takes more than I know how to easily do, it's rarely worth the second expense. That's what I meant about process ... a tenuous connection, of course! I've always done my own alternations. I am so short nothing fits otherwise. I did get the one summery dress, so it wasn't a complete fools errand.
    I love the idea of "fun with neoprene" but it was so self consciously used here that I skipped those pieces. Thin neoprene sweatshirts seem like a bad idea, and so they are, IMHO.
    Hope you find something wonderful in the real collection ... I'm impressed with the ideas, but I'm afraid they didn't downscale well.

  22. Thank you, Debbie. Kind of you to say. It was a strange looking collection. And I never know what to expect from sizing in these collections. Some are juniors, some misses, and rarely petite. Wish they'd do a petites only collaboration with someone wonderful. That would be worth getting up at 5AM for!

  23. There was ONE sweater, cardigan style. No blazers. I get so tired of living in mid-nowhere. You'll find out if it was the same dress as soon as I remake it! Ha! I sure have become a country mouse, and am not comfortable in the role.

  24. As you say, Sue. It was an outing. Sounds like an escape from "the home.". Not yet, anway, but it's not that far from how it feels. We did see "Monuments Men" on the big screen ... I've been wanting to see it. And we had a big pile of Chinese food that I'm still working on via the leftovers.
    Frankly, I'm ready for a decent evening out at a decent place in a decent part of the world.
    I'm not one to wish my life away, but I'm ready to get into our busy time of year. Fingers and toes crossed that it comes sooner than later.

  25. I'm surprised that in a place as populated as where you live that you'd ever see anyone in the same ensemble. I'm vain enough to think that I'd wear it differently enough to make it my own! In all my years I've never seen a dress I own on someone else ... in Blogland, yes, but never IRL. Yes, you do well without prints. I'd do well wearing fewer of them, I'm sure.

  26. We saw MM on Sunday. I was a teeny bit apprehensive as I do not enjoy *war* films, but we really enjoyed it!! We went with friends that had seen both the Adoration of the Lamb and the Madonna.

    Jan, I hope you and Dan engineer that getaway! Sometimes one has to take the leap, book the trip, and trust that everything else will fall into place. Having said that, your responsibilities are great, I do acknowledge that! {{hugs}}

  27. Sigh, indeed. I'm pretty sure it wasn't the same dress, 'cause even at Ross you'd be mighty hard pressed to get three others for the price of this one! It was just a little red floral sundress with black strips making a mixed print and it has a deep ruffle at the hem. Too long on me and I need to redo the arm holes. I'll enjoy it this summer, I know. Nah, won't be stunning on me, but I hope if you decide to go back for the dress you want you find it in your size!
    We are about to get a Ross in our area. Will be good as it will take some of the wind out of TJ Maxx ... they've begun thinking of themselves as upscale. I'm growing embarrassed at my excitement over these little bones the retail world throws us from time to time. I don't blame them. I wouldn't waste resources on this part of Nowhere either.
    I obsess over items, too. I'm "on quest" for skirts that don't exist here. It will pass after a long dry spell. Then the very skirts I wanted will appear two years after I want them.

  28. Thank you, Adrienne. I have to do some mental gymnastics to get to the positive place sometimes, but that's a fun challenge in itself!

  29. I had to add so much color in edit to get that photo to be other than a muddy gray-red. It was damp and cold and gray ... poor Dan was trying to take pictures from the middle of the road. That no one ran over him is testimony of how empty the lot was. Frankly, this collection made me feel very old, but at least I had the sense to not try things that are very, very much too young. At least I think I did. I'll wear sleeveless dresses in the summer as long as I live here. Too hot to do otherwise, and people can avert their gaze if my ancient arms offend.
    I need to freaking cheer up, it seems!
    Thanks for reading, Ann. I'm trying to get out there a bit.

  30. Yes ... I remember you saying, and I thought it was sweet. I get so excited about these little events. I need to broaden my horizons, it seems. There are so few places to shop, almost no vintage, and consignment shops are glorified thrift shops elsewhere. So I work with what is available. Darling Sara, you didn't miss a thing!

  31. Actually, I think many of the items might work well for you ... you're such an ace at managing prints, Alice. And you're tiny ... that matters with this collection. Hope your ordered items work for you, and I'll look forward to seeing them.
    I'm still chewing on what your huz said about prints. Wow.
    Glad you liked the post. That feels good, always.

  32. Wow. At 5' and more than a bit curvy, if I didn't alter clothing I would wear nothing but rolled up jeans, belted, and nothing but tee shirts whose arms I cold push up. Sadly, I have to rely on mass stuff. Not much lovely vintage here. none that I've seen, in fact. It's low end, big-box stores or not much else. You are lucky to be an easy fit, and you do work your resources well because you dress beautifully. I certainly admire that.
    Thanks for reading ... I appreciate it.

  33. Really? The big red round hole in the wall is kind of cool. But I'd had thee hours of sleep, real honest bedhead and was as gray as a ghost. I had to adjust the color a lot just to get the wall to read as something other than ruddy gray. Very cold, gray morning light. Nice of you, Curtise, but I think it's just the shock of seeing me off my porch! I appreciate it, seriously. It was a spur of the moment thing to show how empty the area was. I don't normally crawl up on the architectural features, honest. Kind of freaked poor Dan out, actually. He imagined security coming out to tell me to "get off the logo, lady, before you slip and crack your head and sue us!"

    By "high street" I assume you mean large retailers? I get the historical reference, but just want to clarify. Here, there is retail or nada. No, the colors and prints didn't seem like much to me, either. I hope my dress doesn't look too awful, but if it does, I'll just wear it to feed the horses. Easy. Seriously, I'll wait and see if it works before I post it, for sure!

    Fit is indeed tricky. I have to alter everything, and when I say that, I really mean drag-out-my-sewing-machine-do-it-myself. Minor is the rule here, perhaps a little more than that, but always at least that. I've had some few leather pieces done, but it was worth it! Otherwise, just me. I have at least 5 ways of redoing a dress without touching the zipper. I hate setting zippers.

    I'd really like to have a lot more diversity in ways to find clothing, and feel a little crummy to not frequent the few second hand and "consignment" stores here ... but I don't think many of you would either. Mainly baby clothes, second hand tee shirts and junior-formerly-trendy from Walmart that was crap in it's original state, lots of clothes from the closets of recently dead poor relatives, and rows and rows of jeans.

    I'm so impressed with so many of the grown up women who blog about how they think about dressing, and all the ways they do it. So many ways to fit in, or assert one's individuality or creativity, or just stand out. Perhaps there's a desire act on political ideals, or evoke an aesthetic from a different era. I've dressed with all of these things in mind at one time or another in my life, but right now I just want to look like I DON"T fit in here, that I'm NOT from here, and that means paying attention to a larger world and the ideas out there. It's touchy.

    Kind of you to read this ... I know you will, and I always appreciate that. It really is the biggest compliment you can pay me, and you're an excellent bloggy pen pal. Remember pen pals? So much easier ... no stamps or envelopes.

    I'm looking forward to preparing your surprise ... not much of a much, but I think you'll have fun with it. Patience Grasshopper. Wax on, wax off ....

  34. Thank you, Kim. I'm wanting some personal growth right now, and little changes feel better than none. I was just sick of the page background and the serifed font. Serifs make me look fat, I'm sure.
    You have it quite right about the Pilotti collaboration. The neoprene was just strange in the little sweatshirt. Half-hearted, and more of a gesture at innovation than a full step. But, it was Target, and I'm probably not going to be wearing a lot of neoprene in 90% humidity and 100 degree weather. Like you, I was not quite sure what I could do with it. We'll see what I manage to do with the dress. I liked the black and white prints as well, but they were shaped like every other sleeveless top in the store. I have those already.
    Maybe there will be more fun next time. But I'm a little concerned that I may be in danger of becoming "that crazy old lady who shows up at 0'dark:30 to buy clothes too young for her." Ahem.

    Thanks for reading, KIm, I always appreciate it.

  35. Thank you, Sunny. Too colorful for me this time, but I had a good time anyway. So glad you dropped by!

  36. That's part of it ... I just want to see what's up, most of the time. It's a pretty dull world here, and it's a little piece of a few new ideas for me. I wouldn't camp out ( and I'd bet money you wouldn't, either) but I like to know if I'm missing anything fun. We'll see about the dress.
    Thanks so much for reading ... it means a lot to me, Mrs. C.

  37. What a brilliant description and discussion, you are ever the great orator! I love reading your bits, and sometimes feel as if you are speaking on my behalf. Really enjoyable read! I agree, there is something tactile about touch, which online shopping doesn't allow. Nice post Jan!

  38. I neglected to mention before that you look great, and I love the hairstyle, beautiful cut!

  39. Your photo is great! I am sure you had a nice day there! Your review is very interesting...I agree!

  40. Great post Jan , love the pictures, thank you for the lovely comment on my blog , what a wonderful blog you have , best wishes x.

  41. What a cool photo it is! At first glance I thought it was some kind of photo-montage. And isn't it nice that you are so curious and so energetic to drive all the way to see the collections. Glad that you did find something for yourself there.

  42. Love your blog and am adding it to my list of favorites for sure! I think your comments are right on. Some items that looked fab online were a disappointment up close and lots of things had a very junior feel. But all that being said, I found two great pieces that I love. Yes, we need to make the fashions fit us and not the other way around!

  43. Thanks for the review. I haven't made it to check out this collection yet. The thing that's appealing to me about it is that it's not so obvious that it's a Target collab. Some of the past collaborations have been really obvious, like Prabal Gurung and Philip Lim. You could spot the pieces from a mile away. I love the fun color and pattern play in this collection. Very springy!

  44. Beyond cool ...I was so cold when that photo was made, and Dan was standing out in a road, dampening in the mizzle while trying to take a photo. I had to edit a lot to get the red wall to read as the color it was rather than a very odd gray. And I think you all are just so surprised to see me somewhere other than on my front porch. Seriously ... thank you and I'm glad you got a kick our of it.
    This was a strange collection for more women than just me, I think. They photographed well but it didn't translate well into the real world. There was little variety .... three or four prints applied to a few shapes. And again, here in our small rural store, we got bupkas in terms of the larger collection.
    They were less expensive than past collaborations, but then, there was a reason for that. I did buy the one dress, and I will alter it, but when I talk about alteration I mean I'll do it myself. I'm not good at starting dresses from scratch (I hate pattern fitting and setting zippers) but I can do a lot to adjust, fine tune and tweak. At 5', I have to or I'd have nothing to wear but things I could roll up. I agree that adding the expense to less-than-thrilling pieces would be a waste of time and money. If we're cheap, then so be it. I prefer cash-retentive.
    Thanks for reading, and taking the time to reply.

  45. Thanks, darling Jean ... that photo was spur of the moment, and I know you are all just relieved to see me away from my front porch. Can't seem to stay away from brick wall backgrounds, though! We had coffee afterward, accompanied by a huge breakfast. Then went to see "Monuments Men" after a bit of restaurant shopping. An outing.
    We are opposite ends of the problematic size spectrum, aren't we? At 5' I have to take everything up, and often in, but that has to be better than missing length ... not much to do about that. Very good thing for you that you're so talented and creative. Good for all of us that get to see you, actually! Inspiring, always.
    I am out of step with so many of the women I admire most in terms of where I get my clothes, and often feel crummy about it. But it's what's here and within my reach. Whether I continue to write about it in the way I do is probably something I should think about. I need to remember, it's just clothes.

  46. Thank you, Sabine. You're always so nice. I'm probably more stunned from lack of sleep and the bitter cold than stunning, but I'm glad you liked it. I'm always pleased when you take time to read my posts. So glad to see you!

  47. Hey, Renae. Wish I didn't have to place to much importance on these big-box stores and mall shops, but that's what's here. We don't have the Macy's or WH/BM items to filter down to consignement in the first place. So I soldier on ... so glad you stopped by to read. Always happy to see you!

  48. Boy, that photo was a hit! It was so cold and damp. Gotta remember to try harder with my photos. Yep ... this post and the responses to it are reminders that I just need to do the best I can with what I've got. Thanks, Jill, for stopping by.

  49. Fun little ritual. Sorry to hear it was a bit disappointing though.

    I saw a preview of this and knew right away it wasn't for me. That said, I can't wait to see the dress you got! : )


  50. You inspire me to start shopping at Target. There is one not far from my job. I love the shot of you in the red circle. Your hair is fabulous!

  51. Hello, my dear :)
    A very well done feature of the event. Pity it was a bit disappointing to you.
    Sometimes I feel sad, because we haven't any good store here at the Island and if I want something a bit more "different" I have to shop on-line, with all the inconveniences of that or else when I travel to mainland, I try to buy something. But with our crisis and the salary cuts I can't go so many times as I used to. Moreover we used to stay at my mother in law's home, but now that she passed away we don't have any free place to stay (so more money to spend, less money to buy).
    Well, but I LOVE your picture, you look so cute.
    Thank you so much for linking with Très Chic Style Bits
    Hugs dear

  52. VersatilestylebytraceyFebruary 12, 2014 at 8:02 PM

    I have not been one to jump on the Target collaborations, but have been thinking about it. I loved the commercials for this collection, but the mixed prints seemed overwhelming to me. Looking forward to seeing your "Jan" version once the alterations are complete!

  53. Thank you, Annette. The photo worked better than I thought it would!
    When an article of clothing fits well, it just is easier to get out the door, and my day seems to go better.
    I learned a long time ago to alter my own clothes, short of remaking them completely. At 5', it's a handy skill!

  54. Struck a lot of people that way. There are always a few pieces I think I might like, and often pieces surprise me. We get so few I just have to wait and see what is in the line. I'll probably show up for the next one, perhaps not so early!

  55. I´m always wary about store collaborations with famous fashion designers because they may look promising on your computer screen but the quality is not up to it in real life. Still, I´m overwhelmed with your ¨early bird¨ rite, the last time I did that was not sleeping after a looong night shift at work and waiting with really droopy eyes at the front door of a long forgotten store on the first day of sales. ;)

  56. Wow ... glad you enjoyed it, Nicolene. There's a lot we all have in common in our advancing years, and I hope I can make come connections with the writing. I'm destined to be a fashion voyeur, but that doesn't keep me from striving for a little style. And so many women understand what I mean by that. (That might be a post in itself ... going to write that down ...
    okay, I'm back.)
    In the Phillip Lim collection from last fall, I was convinced that I really wanted a particular dress from the line. When it appeared in our little store, I was delighted, but when I tried it on; yikes!
    It fit but the fabric was stiff as sail canvas. I was glad I'd been able to actually try on the garment and feel the fabric before I bought it.
    Thank you for your support and kind comments. So happy you stopped by!

  57. Awwh. Very kind, again. the hair is a work in progress.

  58. Dan! So good to hear from you. Please send me your blog address ... I've lost it. Thanks for your kind remarks, and I'm so glad you had fun with this post.

  59. Hey, Alison! I guess this post did turn out to be a review. My intent was to talk about my expereince with an aspect of the limitations of life in deeply rurual South Central. Here, the Gurung and Lim collaborations had a different effect. In both of them, there were extremely limited sizes ( only one or less frequently two only each size per piece) and given that, I got the only ones sent to the area in the pieces I wanted. I haven't seen any of them here but mine, and have had some nice comments on them. Addtionally, there are only 9 stores in Arkanasas, and 236 in California, so that makes for a lot more clothes on the streets, even with the vast population differences.

    Interesting how different experiences can be, depending on where you live. Frustrating for me, as well, but we work with what's available.

    So happy to have you stop by. A treat for me.

  60. Thanks, Suzanne. Win some, lose some. Some of my favorite pieces have come from these collaborations. We'll see how the dress works when I've got it adjusted. I got out, and with the winter blahs and so much snow, at least there was some relief from cabin fever! Hope things have eased up where you are, and that spring is headed your way.
    So glad you stopped by, kiddo.

  61. So, sweet, Zalina. You have the figure to wear some of the pieces I saw. They look well suited to tall and athletic figures. You should check them out! Thanks so much for your very kind comments. I'm always pleased when you drop in!

  62. I dressed just to get out the door at our very early hour ... we'd done just what you did. A long evening before at the restaurant, and very little sleep. Didn't intend to be photographed at all, but the empty lot and store tempted me to climb around like a kid. Dan was dismayed, but took the photo anyway. If I had foreseen it, I would have dressed better!

    The quality sure is a trade off. What you pay for with these collaborations is a little of the designer's process and mindset. Not even the mid-range, pret-a-porter experience that most brands offer, but a hint of it. And, you don't pay much after all, so the value is relative. I'm really interested in the ideas that drive designers, so these collections are a step up for me from most retail here.

    So true that the lines often look very different than in print or online ... it has to be a go-see or it's a no-go!

  63. Thank you, lovely Paula! I have to tell you that I've become a lot more conscious of the subtleties of fit and proportion since I've been photographing my own combinations. What I used to ignore, I address, and that's all for the good. Much of that requires alterations. I've always had to do it with pants, and it's extending to more of my wardrobe these days.
    There are also some killer tutorials on YouTube that have helped my skills so much. Old dogs, new tricks!

  64. Your hair is so fabulous, when did you get it cut. I have been out of the loop for a while. I love this line at Target. I just went there tonight, but not for me, but Valentine's for the rugrats, Have a great Valentine's Weekend.


  65. that architectural elements make a fabulous background for your cool outfit!, love your hairstyle!!
    And I agree with you, when I alter something to fit me it becomes My Size!, I'm being a last step on design process!

  66. You take this disappointment very well Jan. I am proud of you. I remember how excited you were (and right so) with the Phillip Lim trophees. Well, at least you have one piece. The trip was not entirely wasted. Very sweet of your husband to accompany you on your ritual trip.
    I would not have minded one of those yellow/black/white items I saw on your photos.
    The picture in the red circle is very good. Love your hair there too.

  67. I have yet to stop by Target to take a look at this collection. I'm not a big fan of bold bright prints. I'm so short that I will get lost wearing them. Thank you for sharing these photos with us and Happy Valentine's Day!

  68. my blog is

  69. Hey, lady! Come check out today’s post on my blog. I nominated you for an award. Please don't feel obligated to do much with it except bask in the fact that you're super cool. I really just wanted to recognize my peeps, and I am honored to consider you one of them.

  70. You look so cool and I love that picture with the logo. I'd love to check out Target as well ,we haven't got anything quite like it here. Just small discounters with limited offers, non with big cooperations like Target has done!! But you are right, this one isn't as pretty as the others


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